Arakshi FF: Ajeeb si daastan.. Chapter 18C - Pg.101 27/4 (Page 27)

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A drive in to their lonely life.
Nice part ..

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Finallyyy unreserved my comment on page 23 Embarrassed
Soo sorry for the late comment!
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My comment edited on page 23.Tongue

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So, Sakshi has been working undercover to find out what's going on in the academy and to prove her father's innocence.Why has she hidden about the mission from her uncle? Who's the person she was talking on the phone and asking to investigate about Arjun? Will they find out why he's there at the academy? How both of them are related and how much Arjun is affected by the death of his mentor? Sakshi has also become friend with Ayesha but can't get herself to use her to get into the academy? How will she get there now? And who's the person over hearing the conversation? Oh My God!! How much questions??You need to answer all them soon..
The morning time among Arjun, Ayesha and Sameer was pretty goody.So, Arjun too had dreamed of a happy married life but the twists and turns in his life didn't let him think about it again & here Sakshi too has given up her dreams of a Prince Charming and marriage.Hope that their long forgotten dream comes true some day even if that won't be so easy..
Now their another encounter's up..what's in store for them now?
Looking forward to it.
That was a great update.
Loved it..<3

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Res 1
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Hello.. Phir se late..Ouch I've been bogged down with work and conferences all of last week.. 

But I'm here now and lets hope I don't disappear again.. *Fingers crossed* 

This one's a hatke one.. And a build up towards the actual plot.. Tongue  Do let me know how you find it.. Smile


The story revolves around a fictional Police force and Institutions associated with it. I do not intend to criticise or malign any individual or organisation. It's fiction and hence I guess, I can be a bit liberal with creative freedom here.. Big smile

Besides, it's me.. So you should know by now, when to keep your logic aside.. LOLWink

Also, the previous warning stays.. It's going to be suuper filmy, so please take it with a pinch of salt.. 

                                                            Chapter 4

"Sakshi..". Her name left his lips in a light whisper.

Her eyes widened upon hearing him call out to her. Now that she stood before him with her wrist held by him, she figured hiding from him hadn't been a very wise decision she'd made.

What was she supposed to tell him now? That she hid behind the tree to keep an eye on him because she had already branded him as suspicious in her head? But before she could, he had spotted her. No.. She had to find an escape.

Sakshi looked up with a straight face, not giving away any of her self-doubts or anxiety.

"ACP Rawte.", she said merely, glancing at his hold on her hand.


Arjun blinked and stepped back, releasing her hand. His sharp eyes scanned the area quickly and rested on her. He was just about to question her when she turned around to face the flowing river.

He followed her gaze and saw her drape her soft dupatta around her neck. The long flowing fabric of her kurta fluttered around her knees; about a dozen pink and gold coloured bangles adorned her wrist. Her fingernails were painted magenta pink he noticed when she lifted her hand to tuck a few playful strands of hair behind her ear.

"Aap yahan?", she asked, still facing away from him.


Her soft voice snapped him out and he blinked his eyes when he realised that he had been staring at her. He squared his shoulders and stepped forward to stand beside her.

"Haan, kissi ke saath aaya tha. Usse aarti mein shaamil hona tha..", he answered and paused when she looked at him and nodded.

"Par tum wahan kya kar rahi thi?", he asked motioning towards the spot where he had found her a little while back.


Sakshi didn't falter. But smiled instead and looked around, "Unn shaitan bacchon se chup rahi thi." She lied and her eyes darted off towards the temple. She would ask for forgiveness later.

Arjun wasn't convinced but didn't let it show. He looked around and found the area deserted except for a few women who stood at a distance offering their prayers at the river bank.

He looked at her and couldn't contain his curiosity, "Tum pooja mein nahi gayi?"

Sakshi turned to him and shook her head, "Ussi ke liye aayi thi. Lekin yahan se jaane ka mann nahi kar raha."

He had to agree. The sight of floating lamps and the serenity that the place had to offer was unparalleled. Maybe it was the very reason why he hadn't returned to the temple as well. Standing under the moonlit sky, staring at nothing in particular, gave him an odd sense of peace.

Isn't that why people prayed; for a moment of peace so they could connect with the Almighty.


They stood in silence for a few minutes, not knowing how to strike a conversation. The thank-you's had already been done with last night and there was nothing in particular that they could talk about.

Though Sakshi had a few doubts running through her calculative mind, she couldn't put them forth just as yet.

But this time, Arjun eased it for both of them. He looked at her and the words left him before he could realise it. "Do you believe in God?"

She was taken aback by that question, especially since it came from him. They barely even knew each other and for him to ask her something, that abstract and personal truly surprised her.

"Well. Sure. I do.", she replied.

He didn't respond to that but let out a deep breath.


It is only now that he realised that he had voiced out his thoughts aloud. He hadn't meant to question her but when he sensed that she had no intentions of returning to the temple, he couldn't contain his curiosity.

Maybe it was just a way to begin a conversation but now as he looked at her, he figured maybe this was going to end up being something else.

"What about you? Do you believe in God?", she asked curiously looking at his stern face and fixed gaze.


Arjun shrugged and crossed his arms, "The things I believe in don't quite put me on the same page as God."

She interrupted him, "Like what?"

His lips curved a bit at that. "I believe in logic, science and facts. And most of the times, my belief is in conflict with everyone's perception of God. But that doesn't mean I don't believe in him."


Sakshi remained silent, staring at her hands. She looked up and crooked her brow, "Or her."

He saw her eyes twinkling as she pointed towards the temple behind them.

"A feminist?", he grinned.

She chuckled and shook her head, "No. Not really. I think there's something, some power that watches over us.. Something that will make things right when the time comes. In one way or the other."


"And that gives you hope?", he asked half-convinced.

"Yes it does. It makes me think that there's someone I can trust. Someone who won't let me down, no matter what happens", she said absently.


Arjun's head snapped up and he looked at her. Didn't he too feel the same?

On the darkest of nights when he thought back upon the short, troubled life that he had lived, he often wondered what it was that kept him going.

He had lost his parents when he was only 8 and since then he had struggled to make a place for himself in the big world. He studied part-time, did menial part-time jobs to fend for himself and later when the time had come for him to pick a career, he decided to follow his heart rather than be lured by fat pay cheques.

His peers and people around him respected him and held him in high regard, but there were times when even the supercop ACP Arjun would sink into shadows from his past, ponder over his equally desolate present and a murkier future.

He hadn't understood what it was that gave him hope. But now he did.


He too had placed his faith in the mystic powers, presuming that his diligent efforts and commitment towards his work and his responsibilities would always be rewarded with a satisfactory sleep at night, knowing that he did his bit to make the world a better place.

However, things had changed over the last six years. His faith was faltering. And so was he..


Her eyes reflected a similar loneliness he would witness each time he looked into the mirror. Arjun didn't quite understand why, but it bothered him gravely.

Sakshi turned to look at him that exact moment and smiled faintly, "Maybe you should try it too. Life is full of surprises, ACP Rawte."


Arjun stared at her intently for a moment, holding her captive under his intense gaze. The feeling that there was something more hidden beneath those artfully lined dark eyes kept growing within him.

There was nothing romantic about what he felt then; but for the first time ever, he felt as though someone had shown him the mirror and offered a peek of his inner self.

He wished he could get to know her better. He wished to spend some time with her.


He had just parted his lips to speak, when his phone buzzed in his shirt pocket breaking the trance that he was in.

Sakshi stepped back smiling faintly when he turned around to answer the phone call. He stood before her a minute later and pursed his lips, "I have to go. Tum?", his voice trailed off..

She shook her head, "Nahi. Main kuch aur der yahan rukungi."

He nodded and walked away after giving her a last glance.


She sighed and shook her head when he was out of sight. Something told her she was mistaken when she asked Jay to dig up information on him.

The next moment she shrugged aside her thoughts. They still needed to know why he was here and what he was hiding..

She made a mental note to check on the progress of their investigations later in the night and went back to gazing at the earthen lamps floating on the leaf boats.

Hope, is what they signified and Sakshi turned to the skies. She renewed her promise made to her father and to herself, yet again.

She would do whatever it takes her to prove her father's innocence. She wasn't going to give up.


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*Edited* the rate you go you will never get cupcakes, only tamatars and jhootis for you behna.LOL

Anyhow, loved the update but I am going to have to join our good friend and come after you with all sorts of ideas of revenge if you keep this up.

Warn kiya karo yaar or else I will have to resort to threats too.

So Sakshi had spotted Arjun and was hiding from him but his sharp gaze couldn't hide her for a long.

That was nice philosophical conversation on god between them. They each have reasons to have doubts on their faith and god, but they both hang on to that tiny hope that there is someone up there watching over them and they have reason to go on each day.

It seems they have lot more in common than they have realized yet, but I am sure with you behind this story we will get there, slowly but surely I am sure about this.Wink

And it seems Arjun's interest in her has started showing too, what more could we ask for at this time, lot more but like I said slowly but surely.ROFL

And so the action begins too, there is so much going around the police academy that they are unaware of our pretending to be unaware of, and ha even the driver is crook, hope nothing happens to Ayesha and Rathore while they are away.

And why did Ayesha want to see Sakshi so badly? Hmm...I am sure there is something there besides just wanting to see her friend before she left for a week or else you would have made them meet.

And what is this? Why was Sakshi stopped? And being arrested by police with Shree and Chotu looking on.

I am not sure what you are up to, but please meri maa don't make us wait for long. Update ASAP.Tongue

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