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Friends i am dedicating this to the people who like and comment my work...

I am dedicating specially to

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Chapter -21



RK Mansion out house 9:30pm


Madhu was very much disturbed by the incident which happened a few hours ago. Still now she was not able to believe her ears that RK proposed her. Madhu was walking to and fro in her room when suddenly she hears the creak of door opening. She turns and notices rishika near the door. Madhu runs towards rishika and hugs her harshly.


Rishika(shocked) :" what happened, mady? Why are you upset?"

Madhu :" chiky, your brother proposed me for marriage. I don't know what to do."

Rishika :" mady, plz don't be upset. I know my brother must have scared you by his behavior. But plzzz you don't worry, I am there with you. My brother told me everything. That's why I came to meet you. If you don't want to marry him, then you don't. It's not compulsory that you must say a yes' to him. But one thing is for sure, he really loves you. I want both of your happiness. But I really think you must at least think once about him before saying anything. I know your impressions about my dada are not good. But he is not bad at heart. I am not saying this because he is my dada, but because he can really keep you happy."


Madhu (a little saddened):" I am sorry chiky. But I can never say a yes to your dada. Because( a little pause) I am already engaged."

Rishika (shocked) :" what!!!! Mady? Engaged? How? When?"


Then madhu explained to her how she got engaged to rohit as per her dad's last wish and why she kept it a secret and how her brother reacted when she said a no' to him. After saying this madhu hugged rishika tightly and asked her to help her out. Rishika was thoroughly shocked to hear about her brother's behavior and about madhu's engagement. But she decided to help madhu as she had done nothing wrong in this.


Rishika (after much thinking):" I don't know what to say? I have never seen dada behave so weirdly for a girl. I knew dada was in love with you. But plz mady don't utter a word about rohit to dada. He is so mad about you and I don't know how he will take this. But it's good that you asked for some time for your answer. I will surely think of a way out but till then don't utter a word to anyone.( cupping madhu's face) don't worry everything will be alright."

Madhu (slightly relaxed) :" thank you chiky. Thank you so much."

Rishika :" ok mady go to bed and leave the headache to me. I will deal with it."


With this rishika left the place and on her way to the mansion she was thinking about the problem in front of her. She reached her room and closed the door. She came on her knees and balanced her forehead and cried her heart out to god.


Rishika (angry and crying) :" why bappa why? Why did you do this to dada? This is not the first time you are punishing him. This is the third time you are playing with his emotions. Now what will I do. How will I convince him? This time consoling him is not going to be easy. He is madly, truly and deeply in love with madhu. But bappa take care of my dada. If anything happens to him then I will never forgive you."(Still weeping)


On the other hand madhu was trying hard to sleep. Whenever she closed her eyes, the farm house incident came before her eyes and she tossed in bed. Eventhough rishika told her that she will deal with this problem, she was not convinced fully.  She was shivering due to RK's weird behavior. She was not able to sleep even for a moment and in the morning her body could take no more stress and she was tossing in her bed due to pain and uneasiness in her body.


Madhu(in a whisper) :" manno, what is the time now, darling?"

Manno(softly) :" thai , you are still in the bed. The time is beyond 8:30 and you are not still ready for your work.( suddenly gazing at her) you look pale. Are you ill?(keeping her hands over her forhead) thai, you are burning.

Let me check your temperature(runs towards the table drawer and takes out the thermometer and places it on Madhu's mouth)

Thai, its 104*F how did your health get so affected in just a night?"

Madhu: "Manno, I was not feeling well right from yesterday maybe, the after effects of work tension."

Manno: "Anyways thai, no need to work today. You take rest, I will get the medicines and inform your work people also. Do you want me to stay with you? If you want I will take a leave today from college."

Madhu: "No no need for that Manno. Just keep everything near the table and you go to college. Anyways you have an important exam today right."

Manno: "Nothing is important to me than you thai"

Madhu: "Plz jaan I am alright. I will rest today and tomorrow I will be fine. Its just a fever."


With this Manno gets ready to leave college after keeping all her sister's necessities in the table. She decides to go to college but only half heartedly. After sometime RK, Chikki and Radhaji comes rushing towards the out-house and Madhu was semi consciously lying on the bed. Madhu could clearly see fear and pain in RK's face for her.


Radhaji: "What happened beta? How did you suddenly fall so ill?"

Madhu: "Nothing like that mamma its just a fever. Tomorrow I will be fine. Anyways I was trying to get up and take my food and medicines."

RK(threateningly): "How can you be so careless about your health Madhu? Did you consult any doctor for your food and medicines?"

Madhu: "No coz I know what to take.. so I didn't find the need to consult a doctor"

RK: "How stupid of you? (fishes out his mobile from the pocket and calls Bittuji) Bittuji I want a doctor in RK mansion now... nothing like that Bittuji its just that Madhu is down with fever... she is burning Bittuji I have got no time get the doctor immediately(both Radhaji and chikki were jawdropped on seeing RK's behavior and care towards Madhu)"


After sometime the doctor arrives and checks Madhu.


Doc: "Nothing to worry Mr.Kundra, she is just having high fever may be due to some unwanted stress but anyways fever is good for health only. Just follow my diet and medicines correctly and if the fever persists for more than a day then contact me."


The doc leaves after prescribing the medicines and hands the prescription to RK. RK asks Bittuji to get the medicines immediately.


Madhu : "Chiky, just do my work. We have to hand over the designs today itself. We have to complete it."

Chiky : "Madhu, pls don't worry about the designs. I will look after. You just take rest. Your body needs rest. If you want anything just give me  a call Madhu I will be here."

Madhu: "Its not that Chikki its that..."

RK(glaring at Madhu): "SHUT UP MADHU. Just once in a life listen to us. Why are so stubborn? You are not doing any work and that's final. You are completely taking rest."


With this Radhaji goes to Mansion, RK and Rishika leaves for work. After sometime Madhu gets bored lying in the bed. She tries to get up and walk towards the table. She was just a few steps away from the table, her feet buckles and she was about to fall when RK catches her from behind. She was so surprised to see RK and was unknowingly staring at him. RK places her on the bed once more. Still madhu is staring at him.


RK: "I knew that you are not going to take my words seriously so I came back. Don't look at me like that Madhu."

Madhu: "That's ok but what about your shooting? "

RK: "it can wait Madhu(suddenly the phone buzzes and RK picks the phone) What is it Bittuji?... Cancel my schedules for today (Madhu was about to say something but RK gestures her to stop talking and Madhu obeys)... I don't care Bittuji... Anyways I don't want the producer to suffer whatever may be the loss it will be settled from my account."

Madhu: "Why did you do this? I am perfectly alright. Just carry on with your work."

RK(angrily): "Now if you don't mind can you plz shut up your nonsense for a while(Madhu is heart broken by his sudden comment and she stares down at her knotted fingers. RK understands it and his subconscious snaps at him for behaving so rude. He takes a chair from the table nearby, puts it near her bed, sits on it and takes her hands into his and brushes her knuckles with his thumbs smoothly.) Listen Madhu, I am sorry if I have been harsh on you. I am just afraid that you take your health too lightly than required. I knew that you are not going to listen to me and will do exactly the opposite of what I ask for. So I was not able to concentrate on my work. I was worried for you. So I came here. I cannot take any risks with you. The fear of losing you sends a shiver of pain down in my heart. Pls try and understand and let me attend to you. Don't worry I wont do anything awkward before you say a yes' to me. Just consider me as a nurse for you."  


 Madhu was so touched by his concern for her that she couldn't object him. She did exactly as he asked her to. He fed her both food and medicines at the correct time and made her sleep. By now he was also tired and he also fell asleep on the chair itself. Even during the sleep also he was holding Madhu's hands so protectively. After the nap, Madhu was the first one to get up and she was surprised by the way RK was holding her hands. She never expected such a behavior from the stubborn, arrogant, the superstar RK. She felt a cool relief somewhere deep down the heart thinking that RK really cares for her. She was new to such feeling. She expected such behavior from rohit but not even in her wildest dreams she expected this form THE RK'. In fact, she felt that the RK who was sleeping before her was no more the RK she knew before.

Please do Comment and like my Update.Wink

PMs will be sent tomorrowLOL

Love you guys and have a nice sleepless night after reading my updateHugLOL

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nice update dear
rk's fear of losing madhu wud lead to prologue scene

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Superb n i think the prologue part is coming soon n the reason vl b rk's fear for losing madhu

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lovely updateEmbarrassedThumbs Up
so sweet of u rk!! u r a gem at heart & madhu pls try to understand rk's true feeling!! u deserve a sweetheart like rkEmbarrassed not that idiot rohit!Angry he never cares a damn abt u! he is such a loserAngry 
madhu pls dont stick to ur dad's wish & engagement!! if ur dad is alive now even he would not like to give his daughter's hand to someone like rohit! even he would hav preferred rk than rohit & only rk can keep u happy for everBig smile
rk holding madhu's hand protectively was so adorableEmbarrassed 
u made my day dear with updating ur storiesHug
keep rockingStarHug

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Lovely update Dear!So now Rishika knows about Madhubala's engagement with Rohit!Loved RK's caring nature towards Madhubala!Madhubala expected this kind of behaviour frm Rohit but got it frm RK frm whom She never expected This kind of behaviour frm!Waiting for next!Pls continue soon!

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Aww rk is such a sweetheart
Lovely updt
Loved it

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vrrry nice dear pllzzz continu sooon

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Awesome Update

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