Arjun FF.. The Lady in Red T3 New Link added in Index.. 29/3 (Page 32)

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Originally posted by Sumu4JayD

Hey di.. i read this part A and i m taking a few minutes to process this in my head...
meanwhile fr the pm part..
i'll coment on it as soon i get to read it..
like u mera bhi schedule bohot tight hai..
time milte hi mai coment karungi..

as for the restriction of access to this beautiful and poignant piece of your imagination...

i would literally beg u not to block me out...

will edit this same coment after i read A n B

and thanks for taking out some time for us and writing this..Heart

Haww.. no worries.. 

I'll res my reply until then.. 

And btw, I should be the one thanking you guys coz you put up with the torture week after week.. LOL

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Originally posted by nakshatra92

awesome updates as usual Clap
arohi , arjun's miss A deep buried inside rosanna d casta...  perfect woman...

mario trying all his dirty tricks and lastly spiked her drink...

must say he will be a perfect opponent for mr A...

ro drunk and called arjun instead of karan... funny... karela... LOL

yash -- still a mystery...  his relation with ro is a forced one i think...

bahut kuch reveal hona baaki hai...

waiting for it...

update soon and thanks for the PM...

about following the story ... count me in ...Smile

Thank you so much.. 
The revelations begin with the next one.. Wink
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Originally posted by indiantvlove

After many days I am here. My apologies, Mohabbatgirl. Life is being too tedious. Very less chance to get online and read this beautiful piece.

So Rosy and Arjun finally come face to face. I was holding my breath the time when he saw her, she was stunned to see him there, she ran away and he keep thinking if it was an allusion or its for real. But later they both come face to face. What happened after it was expected, the thing made me totally awe struck was how you described the piece where Arjun fighting in boxing ring and Rosy's helplessness. You always caught me by surprise by your sheer brilliance of writing. Cudos to you !

Next come the part where the big revelation happened. Arohi had a baby girl too. Now that was unexpected. Maybe I was not too good reader to get the hints. It was quite depressing to know she even lost her child, the mourning that followed after her breakdown was enough to make me depress for an entire day. Your style of descripting tiny things left such an impact...its disturbing. I felt I have lost something precious and about to mourn.

Arjun Arohi scenes in that room was brilliant. Some things came out, some things still hidden. I am dying to know what exactly happened that led Arjun to leave her forever. I guess she had pushed him with all her might sensing the other one is in danger. While Arjun lost his wife, Arohi lost everything.

The one thing I could not help but admire Arohi's determination. How she always push her sorrows behind and get ready for challenges is a thing to learn.the latest update, that sick parasite periera, his lusting over her and her escape, another one, then the last bit , Karela Rawte, was funny.

Update soon. And thanks for sending pm.


Thanks! So you finally caught up with all.. 
Sorry that depresses you, but that's the main plot of my fic and the entire story revolves around Arohi's fight against the wrong meted out to her and her loved ones.. So those depressing moments will always be around to remind her of her loss.. 

Yeah.. the truth will be out in bits and pieces for Arjun and Ayesha to put it together very soon.. She did push him away but only half-heartedly and he wasn't strong enough to have resisted it back then, coz he only wanted her to be happy.. 
Alas! Both were mistaken.. 

Yup.. More on Rosy's mission in the next one. 
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Originally posted by IshaniSinghh

Thanx for pm. Part b was too cute. She only behaving like a child how would one guess that she had a child.
Wish she could have said something more.
But its ok, want her to share everything in full conscious state not in drunk mode...

I have a very strong feeling that yash is d mising son of dat criminal whom her dad caught. But is this guy dead or still alive due to which Ro is always sacred... Ouch

Lol.. yeah.. she's still got that childlike innocence and mischief left in her.. LOL
Aha.. watch out for the next one for answers then.. Wink

Originally posted by ...1234

wow..wonderful update dear..loved it..plz.continue soon n pm me

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by srividhya68

outstanding post..
loved it .. 
continue soon..

Thank you.. Big smile
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Okay ladies.. I'm here.. And soon, you'll wish I wasn't.. LOL 
Have replied to all of you on the previous pages.. Do take a look, if you please.. I've tried to answer a few queries there, but you might have to wait for the complete picture.. Tongue
I know I'm kinda testing your patience and probably even endurance levels, but trust me, it's going to be worth it, soon enough.. Tongue

So, the next one is about many revelations and I would insist that you keep your Sherlock hats on.. Let's see how many you can catch.. Cool

And again, this one's about many dedications too.. 

B3, A biiig Karan-ilicious update for you.. I'm trying to justify his role in the story and hope you like it.. Wink
Laila and other ArNi lovers, a tiny convo between ArNi.. I know it may feel as though Roshni has been wronged, but that's all I could manage between them.. Embarrassed

B1, Kunchu and my lollipop girl, Farheen.. (Oopsie woh toh main hoon na.. Chal koi nahi, dono baant lenge..) Tongue  That tiny little flashback is handpicked out of a bigger one for u guys.. 
Don't be tricked ladies.. There's a lot more than what meets the eye.. Let's see what you're able to make of it.. Wink

Phew.. enough of my rant.. 
And yeah my customary warning stays.. *Long update ahead

                                                                   Chapter 45

"When its gone, you'll know what a gift love was. you'll suffer like this. So go back and fight to keep it." 
                                                                                                                                            Ian McEwan.



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I am here!Tongue

Emm...I know I have made a promise to a certain Gundi, but that doesn't mean you get to tadpofy me for Lady, SYS?LOL

Woah...we get some more insights into my other favorite, Karan. I kept wondering how Karan and Rosy are going to infiltrate Mario's empire, never thought that it would be Suzy to rescue.

Loved Karan's interactions with his team and his fellow officers and I am glad they were able to pull Suzy out of no win situation.

But there is still more that even Karan is unaware of as far as Rosy's mission goes, its just a feeling I have. And I don't think this is over yet. I mean not just dealing with Mario, but I get the feeling that there is someone above Mario also, let's wait and see.

Hmm...more clues for Arjun's sharp mind to figure out and put together what exactly happened to his Miss A after he left the Gupte house, and soon he will have some things figured out but not all because I am sure whatever happened, Rosy is going to guarded with her life.

But I expect Arjun, nor Karan is one to give up easily either.

Behna I am amazed at Roshni and her selflessness, any other woman would have crumbled when coming face to face with the fact that man she loved had loved someone else, but not Roshni.

Not only did she still love him but continued to devote herself to Arjun and kept being loyal to the girl whom her husband loved. I guess that is what love is all about.

All four of them had that amazing bond of friendship and each relationship had its own special bond and dynamics, it is amazing and heartwarming for sure.

I couldn't help but feel Roshni's pain. I could also understand her dilemma in sharing the secrets of the past, on one hand there is the promise to one of her best friend and on other wanting to ease the pain of the only man she have ever loved.

I guess she is waiting for everything to settle in the lives of her loved ones before she crosses over to the other side. we finally get a  verbal confirmation of Arjun's feelings for his miss A from the man himself. Thank god for this, at least now he won't give up on her, ever. Like Rosh said, he needs to have faith in his love and he is going to need lots of patience to deal with his Miss A who is now Rosy, the lady in red.

And Roshni is smart to get the gulab promise from him, now he will have to do whatever it takes to get Rosy to open up and to heal her broken heart.

I have already told you the FB was too short, but I guess that is all that was needed to set Arjun on the right track, although he hasn't realized it yet, that small memory is going to unravel lot of things in his mind.

So I gather that that small scene was just before he left her forever, but he did ask her to marry him and she refused because she thought he was in love with her best friend, god what confusions.

She not only misread his emotions, but her silence at her question confirmed everything wrong for her so she asked him to leave.Ouch

So the clues and facts are out, are they reaching the same conclusion I have.

Apparently Arhohi had found out somethings even before her house was set on fire, and she got the confirmation of the person behind it after her family's death, but by then it was too late to ask for help from anyone so she dealt with it on her own.

Whatever happened had to do with what Arjun and her father had been working on secretly I am sure of this and Rosy/Arohi was caught in it without a way out.

Errr...I am not getting a good feeling about this Amit Desai aka Yash. Darn...things were worse off then anyone has caught on yet, but Arjun is starting to put things together quickly.

Phew..behana, another one that left me speechless. And we haven't even got to heart of things yet. I think I will keep a strong drink next to me at the next set of revelations.

As always loved, loved the update, please update soon.

Forgive me if I left something out, but you already know about my state of mind after one of Lady's update, it always leaves me speechless and then I want to say so much, but I have to keep it to myself or else it would all be over.LOL

Update soon!Tongue

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First thing first:

Karan. A friend, who will always be there for you no matter what happens. We all knew how great he is as a friend. But today we got to see ACP KARAN. A dedicated officer, who does his work diligently.
His scene was written brilliantly. 

Arni part: This is my personal favorite.Thank you for writing it. I didn't like it. I loved it. The way you writes Roshi's love & dedication touches my heart. Roshni is not just a soul of a dead wife, She is a guardian angel. Though she never got deserved love from her husband, but she is adamant to return his love to him. And as she said she knew what she was getting into so no one can be blamed here. 

 "It did. It hurt me a lot back then when I couldn't get you to love me. Every single day I used to think about the girl who ruled over your heart and wished to be like her, just so I could mean something to you too."

On a second thought, I blame Arjun. don't get me wrong, but If he decided to marry Roshni, then he should have let Ro's memories go.  Or if he knew that he could not let go of Ro then he should not have married Roshni.OuchWacko

Flashback: they both knew how incomplete, they will be without each other yet they chose to leave for each other's sake. I can not blame Ro, she sacrificed her love for Arni. But Arjun, only if he had been strong enough to confess his feeling, things would have been different. But then again, I don't blame him either, knowing the state he was in.

I already guessed the revelation, so it didn't come to me as a shocker. But, how Karan knows about Rosy's investigation & past? 

I know Ro cannot behave like "ABLA NARII". She must have done something to teach a well deserved lesson to yash. Ouch

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