Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

what went wrong in ssn 2 ?

Adinash IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2014 at 8:33am | IP Logged

after season one the channel and the producers hoped that they could create the same magic as the first season but that was never possible due to some reasons . the audience was also waiting for the sizzling chemistry of kunal karan kapoor and akansha singh but what went wrong ?


. Story line of ssn 1 and ssn 2 a major difference 

the ssn 1 story was fresh for the indian audience and as the show had went off air the audience and the fans wanted a ssn 2 but ssn 2 not came up to the expectations . ssn 1 was a fresh story really fresh for the indian viewers but  ssn 2 story seemed like the old story line of the old daily indian soaps . the show lost its major audience and  the love of the viewers for their show. A fresh story would have attracted more viewers and increased the trp also and the show wouldn't needed to be axed later .


. the new bottle old wine theory

The new bottle old wine story did not work for the viewers  and did not attract more rather  the show lost the viewers it already had  and the audience rejected the story . the 12 year leap and making mohan and megha into their forty was the major reason why the audience left the interest as they wanted to see the young talented actors as young and not as old people .


. parallel lead track


There was no need to introduce the parallel lead track in the story o nanhi and beera . the viewers wanted to see mohan and megha love story and not of nanhi and beera . mohan and megha were made parents of such old children and sometimes I doubted who is the mother and who is the daughter .



. casting of actors


For such a strong character like nanhi in the story a strong actress needed to be chosen who could emote her

feelings  and  be strong at times . I do not want to offend the actress jayshree as she did her best  but everyone cannot fit into everything . another actress would have been taken for this role .


. less mm romantic tracks more nb tracks .


The viewers wanted the love story of mohan and megha and the producers were giving the love story of nanhi aqnd beera which was not needed at all and it did not look good . jayshree and siddharth chemistry was not liked by the audiences and they rejected it . sometimes these tracks would be very frustrating.


.  the leap track

There was need of doing a leap track and I still wonder why this track was introduced as this track totally killed the characters of mohan and megha and it was only because of kkk  and as who did not let the characters down through their exceptional acting

. hatred

Basically ssn 1 was loved because it had no negativity in it but after the introduction of hatred track and revenge track in ssn 2 the viewers lost their unique show with a fresh storyline .

. leaving mm no character shaped

In ssn 1 the characters were shaped very nicely and each character was given importance . but in ssn 2 each character was not shaped properly leaving mohan and megha  . nanhi such a strong character was totally ruined .

. nanhi mohan relation

Have you ever seen a father jumping through houses to meet his future daughter . that's why ssn 1 worked so well due to the bonding of nanhi and mohan  a totally different relation and that was the major factor ssn 1 went so hit . ssn 2 nanhi mohan relation first ruined by hatred where audiences lost interest and then the  relation was not given much importance as ssn 1 and also due to  jayshree  the character went down .

. guru- mohan relation

Mohan and his friend guru had also had a special bonding between them and really that was also so different from other shows in ssn 1 . the viewers loved guru jokes and also emotional moments , his stories and also he was called as mohan first wife . but ssn 2 lost the guru character completely as it was not given importance anytime and only importance given to nanhi beera relation .

. renu jiji and all other

Ssn 1 was a hit due to such good side characters  which played a major role in its popularity . renu and jijibua character were loved  but in ssn 2 the characters were not given importance and that was a major problem .

. no new characters introduced

No new characters were introduced for pacing up the story before the revamp and the show lost its interest .   the characters were introduced much later when the ship had gone down

.  removing of the golden cast

After the leap it was really not possible to keep ashnoor kaur and some of the golden cast and dushyant character guru was not given much importance . after the removal of the golden cast the show lost the audience again

. stretching of some useless

Stretching of some useless tracks took place in ssn 2 and that was not in ssn 1 that why ssn 2 not worked and cannot give up to expectations .

. golden characters shown less

The golden characters of mohan and megha were reduced to just father and mother and nothing else and there much romantic scenes were also not shown  but thanks to kkk and as who never made us lost the interest in their character due to the phenomenol acting  .

. writers changed

The old writers which created the magic before were changed in the beginning of season two and that was also one of the reasons  .

. small things given no importance

Ssn 1 was also a hit because small things like hanky and knot  and the  bell were given very much importance but in ssn 2 before the revamp they were not given importance at all

. too much sadness

Before the revamp too much sadness was there in the serial and the tracks were stretched very much . in ssn one the tracks were not stretched and not much sadness was there

. finding of addu

Finding of addu was too long and so tiresome and also the feeling of revenge totally made the show ruined   and the major characters of mohan as he was shown killed and sacrificed his life . though after revamp he came but the new avatar never created the magic like first character

.late understanding time gone

when the crew realize  their  mistake then much time had gone and the channel had decided to make the show go off air . the revamp gained trp in the end but could not impress the channel

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Ani_La_Iam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2014 at 1:32pm | IP Logged

Maybe the show lost some fans, but the show also gains many new fans...specially KKK fans.SmileSmile

Maybe the 12 years leap was not the best idea or the idea about the love story between Nanni and Beera should run the show...there was too much of it. Ouch

But hey...I loved Mohan as the mature man Day DreamingAbout the love story between the two young couple, the makers found out there mistake and Mohan and Megha was soon back in the front again.

I think the "Fans" just never gave the second season any chance. I sometime do not get it Confused you fight for a show to be back, and then when it is back, instead of appreciating and supporting..."they" criticize and stop watching???

Then when the show is cancelled, "they" are upset about it...then why not show support in the first place, leave many feedbacks, asks for more screen space for your favorites actors and so on and on.

The show could not go on as the same story in seasons one, you only relate or get attach to a character if it change. After everything Mohan went through with Megha and Viyas family...he would not be able to stay as this confident, sarcastic and free spirit boy. 

Maybe season one of NBT was different...but season 2 of NBT was more professional. Smile

I think Season 2 was very different and much more deep...I loved the whole step father issue Thumbs Up how you deal with lost, how it is to carry around with guilt, how you try to redeem or make up for your mistake. How self destructing it can be if you do not move on, or if you invest more in a relationship that you can afford to loose.

There was this side story about kidnap kids...different and very interesting Thumbs Up Munna as not all normal was a very great idea. Smile

And we all should remember, that had it not been for this story line, we would not have seen so many memorable moment and mind blowing performance by KKK. Clap

I think that the actress who played Nanni was good. It did take her a little time to get into the skin of her character, but when she came face to face with KKK as Mohan then there where chemistry, understanding, connection and they had some memorable and amazing scenes together. Big smile

Beera was a great actor too, again the makers just used him, instead of giving the actor more depth. 

Munna was a talented actor and him and Mohan had great chemistry too. I think Munna should have been the real Addu. 

About Addu, they should have kept him as a character that is not redeemable. The actor was not able to show vulnerability.

If you ask me where they when wrong...

They thought they could replace Mohan and Mohan's love for Megha with some new young actors. The makers just forgot that it was Mohan's journey, his struggle and his love for Megha and her kids that was one of the big reason people was watching the show. If people start relating and get attract to a character...the character or the actor just con not be replace.

The other problem the makers had was not trusting or giving KKK the full opportunity to run the show. 

In the end I would just say that season 1 was great entertainment, there were some cute scenes, funny scenes, a story but not so heavy. KKK was then able to show that he could do more than just support Megha in telling her story. His character got more heavy and new audience wanted more. Then the show became more mature and a hollywood tv show...old times. Now a days hollywood tv show are just shallow.

For me season two of NBT will always be the best and special, KKK grow as an actor doing NBT and he was able to show his talent and challenge himself. Big smile

There was something beautiful over season 2...the scenery...the director did a great job. Clap 

I also feel that the director in season 2 of NBT understood KKK more, his talent and his strength. Smile

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PavaniShiny IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 October 2010
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Posted: 04 January 2014 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Im nt sure abt show losing fans bt i can say nbt n KKK got many fans frm ssn2..

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shivangi838 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2014 at 8:24am | IP Logged
true whatever u have written is 100% correct  and all these reasons are the reasons why ssn 2 was nt  lovedOuchCry
LonelyGlider Senior Member

Joined: 12 August 2013
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Posted: 04 January 2014 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Was it really all wrong in season 2?Disapprove

SEASON 2 was not as bad as people say, in my opinion...
Sure, it was way too different from season1...
SEASON 1 was a new beginning - the crisp story had us bound to it...

The young Nanhi - Beera romance didn't entertain me as the Megha - Mohan encounters..
But Jayasree and Siddharth were not bad actors at all.
It's just that Megha looked more gorgeous than her daughterTongue and Beera's character kept fluctuating from good to bad Confused

Also, d writers had no conviction about Addu..
i felt like they were not sure whether to make him good or bad...Ouch
and for me, Munna wil be the "Addu" i envisionSmile...wish they too had left it like that ...Day Dreaming

and i accept it was depressing in ssn2 to watch Mohan suffer all that sadness...Unhappy
but we have to realise that it is through that portrayal of emotions that Kunal gained more appreciation and many new admirers...
his acting overshadowed everything else-even the weak storylineTongue
he did have a no. of notable and praiseworthy scenes in season1, but in season2, he was the king.Star
I may sound shallow, but I didn't care that the story was getting a bit too sad or repetitive for my taste - i just waited to watch Mohan and Megha on screen, whatever be the scene...

i was sceptical about the leap at first...
and even checked a few scenes of Kunal in Pratigya to predict how he would be as Vasu
but, didn't he stun us all by his talent?
there was 0% similarity between Vasu n Angad n Mohan..
Kunal succeeded in creating a shiver of fear with a single look, an ominous stance and a haughty wave of his handBlushing
and the story picked up from there...Approve

little nanhi and vyas family were not there in ssn2, but didn't we get rimjhim, bala n rukku?
i tried resisting rimjhim's charm at first thinking "how could they replace nanhi with just another little girl?"
but she made me fall for her eventually during the "munna " trackSmile
bala cannot be compared to Guru, i agree..
but he did his job quite neatly along with rukku
but unfortunately, the journey had to stop soonOuch

if the leap story was introduced first instead of addu's revenge story, i guess it would've gained more TRP's and hearts.Stern Smile

at the end, I think we should accept the fact that everything can't be perfect always.
You can't expect a TV serial to be completely logical or drama-free...
it was good sometimes and bad sometimes...
NBT had flaws - but for me, its beauty was never tarnished...
and for that, i guess we should thank Kunal and Aakanksha...
They stayed loyal til the end and didn't quit the show or something...
And even the cracks and leaks in the story were healed and sealed by their acting skill...

The show's unique story made me love the actors during the first season
And the actors' superior acting skill made me watch the show during the second season 

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Doremon_Selfie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 February 2013
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Posted: 04 January 2014 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
The story was fab
the casting was good
but time slot ditched us
A channel expects a primetime show to get 2 trp but nbt2 only got it twice...
Ssn1 was slotted at 10:30pm which was again dominated by pratigyas vivahs bade aches..
Now look except veera no show is doing well
the slot is now an easy nut to crack...
Ssn 2 got 9:30pm slot which was dominated by qh and yrkkh
both at one time got trps of 3.5 and 4.4 respectively...
But to our dismay now RangRasiya will come at 9:30pm and will get good trps because qh is doomed now
kunakshafan26 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2014 at 4:08am | IP Logged
all you wrote is true but time has gone we can do nothing now
Doremon_Selfie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2014 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Sanskar is ending soon
cant we ask for nbt3 at 7pm

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