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AsYa story--UNRECOGNIZED EMOTIONS- Thread 1-ch1 to ch 3

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Hello everyone. This is my first attempt to write something. At first I thought to make it an OS but it became too lengthy . Will post the next parts later. and i must mention, for me, AsYa is always KaBhi...




"Zoya... Zoya... Zoya wake up..."

This was the voice of Zoya's mother, trying to wake her up from a deep sleep...

"Zoya...this is the last time I am calling you...wake up baby or else you will be late for College"

The very name of College woke her up and she jumped up from the bed...

"Ammi, why didn't you wake me up before?  This is my first day in college and I didn't wanted to be late... ", said Zoya, who was not sleepy anymore and was running around in her room, trying to  grab her clothes to go for a shower.

Zoya's mother, Zeenat knew her daughter very well. She was saying everything in her nervousness and she was showing this kind of a behavior only because she was too afraid of being late on the first day of College.

"Don't worry , you still have enough time. Your father will drop you to college and also make sure that you reach in time.", said Zeenat in a very soft voice which calmed down Zoya.


Getting ready, she came down for breakfast and saw her father already sitting at the dining table and reading a newspaper. She was happy to see him ready. She ran to her father and hugged him from behind. Her father immediately recognized those hands as his daughter's and hugged her back.

"Good morning Abbu"

"Good morning Zoya", both wished each other , still hugging.

This was a regular scenario in the Farooqui House and Zeenat was the only spectator of it. Everyday she sent a silent prayer to the almighty for keeping her family safe  from all hurdles.

Zoya's father, Dr. Anwar Farooqui is an Orthopedic Surgeon and her mother , Zeenat Farooqui was the principal of a well known College. Hence , having strict parents at home, Zoya too grew up being disciplined. But last night she had the weirdest fears which did not let her sleep all night. She was too afraid thinking about her first day in college. Sleep came to her after dawn and hence she woke up  late.

Zoya ate from her mother's hands as she was too busy arranging all her belongings. She finally took her bag and bid her mother a good bye with a quick hug. She sat in the front seat whereas her father took the driving seat.

Zoya quickly checked the time and took out her Diary'.

Anwar and Zeenat were great parents and they tried to give Zoya as much time as they could. But being a single daughter of her parents, she always missed a companion.  With time, she started writing in her diary where she poured out all her feelings. During her solitary hours, her Diary was always her friend. She wrote about all her thoughts, needs, disappointments, success, failure in it.

And today was a big day. She was stepping into a new life.

Dear Diary,

Today is my first day in college and I almost got late. Thankfully Ammi woke me up before it was too late and Abbu is dropping me to college. Today will be my first  step towards fulfilling my dreams. Please wish me luck so that I can become a successful Engineer. I wish Humeira could have been with me. I miss her. Anyway,  will get back to you later after I return home. Bye...


"Zoya, what do you always keep scribbling in your diary?", asked Anwar hoping that may be Zoya will share something about it. But as always, she kept the diary in her bag, gave a big smile to her father in return and said, "It's  a secret between me and my diary Abbu."

Anwar and Zeenat knew that Zoya always shares each and every small or big thing with her diary. They asked her once about it when she was just 15 years old. But Zoya did not tell them anything. She always had one answer to it"It's a Secret! With time, her parents understood the bonding between Zoya and her Diary  and they also stopped asking her much about it. Neither did they try reading it nor did they poke her with their never-ending questions. They had a beautiful bond and Zoya's Diary soon became an integral part of the family.

The car came to a halt outside the College. Zoya finally reached her destination. Anwar wished her a good day and drove back to his clinic.


Zoya took the first step towards the College building. Several emotions were playing in her mind. She has always been excited to hear from her cousins about their experience in college. She loved everything what they said, but deep inside, she had a fear too. The fear of facing her Seniors...

"How will they be? Will they accept me as one of them? Will I be ragged? How will be my batch-mates?..." several questions came to her mind when suddenly her phone rang. She took it out from her pocket and saw the name"Humeira calling'.

"Hey Zoya, how are you? Are you excited? Did you reach college? I hope you are not nervous like you were yesterday", Humeira flooded her with hundreds of questions. When she finally stopped, Zoya told her that she is still scared for some unknown reasons.

Humeira has been Zoya's friend since her childhood. They have spent 16 years of their lives together. But after High School, Humeira decided to pursue medicine and become a surgeon like Zoya's father. She had lost her mother at a very young age and had lost her father 5 years back. She has always been very close to her best friend's  family and considered them as her own family.

After talking to Humeira she felt much confident now. Humeira was always her stressbuster and her best friend in true sense. She started taking small steps and finally reached her class. There she found only three more girls sitting and chatting about something. She went near them and introduced herself. They too did the same.

"Hi Zoya,  I am Najma, and they are Nikhat and Nuzhat", Najma said pointing towards the other two girls.

Zoya took a seat beside Najma and asked them what they were talking about. It did not take them long to start a conversation. Zoya felt relieved after having seen them. Now she was more confident and was looking forward to the day.

Being First Year students, the teachers also showed a very friendly approach towards them. Zoya realized that  there was nothing to be worried about.

Same day, at night, Zoya's room

Dear Diary,

College was not at all horrifying as I thought it would be. It was good. Made three new friends today, Najma, Nikhat and Nuzhat. But I was missing Humeira a lot.

 You know, I also came to know that Najma is a trained dancer. Isn't that good? I would love to see her dance someday. Bye for now. Feeling very tired today. Will get back to you tomorrow. Good night.


The next few days were gone swiftly. Zoya started enjoying  Najma, Nikhat and Nuzhat's company. She was also loving her subjects.

A week passed by and she never met any senior who would scare her for anything.

The three girls were engrossed in some conversation in which Zoya was not finding her interest. She took out her diary and started writing in it.

Dear Diary,

It's already been two weeks of my college and I am loving every bit of it. I must tell you, Najma is totally crazy about her dancing. She wanted to pursue her career in dancing but her parents did not allow it. I wish they would have allowed her...

I am seeing some people entering the classroom. Will get back to you later. Bye.


Later that day, in Zoya's room

Dear Diary,

You know what, some seniors came to our class at that time. I got really scared. But they were good. They introduced them to us and we did the same to them. One of them was Aafreen.. They came to make an announcement for the Freshers' welcome which will be held after 2 weeks. In this time they will select  some good dancers and singers for the cultural event. Nikhat  at once gave Najma's  name for the dancing category.  I am so thankful to myself for not telling them that I am a singer too and have been practicing since many years. Otherwise Nikhat would have taken my name too. It's not like I am afraid, I just don't want to participate. Am I being foolish ,Diary? Hope you understand me.

I didn't know that my batch-mates had so much hidden talent within them. Looking forward to the programme. Good night. Bye for now.


Next day in college

"Zoya...Zoyaa...Zoyaaa...", came Najma's voice as soon as I entered the class.

"What happened? Why are you shouting? I hope you know that I am in the same room?", said Zoya, joking a bit.

"You know the seniors have asked me to give an audition today and I am too afraid"

"But I thought you love to dance? So why are you afraid?"

"Yes I love dancing but I am afraid too. There will be so many senior students judging me. Will you please come along with me? I will feel better then". She said, almost pleading.

"okay fine, I will come. When and where is it?", asked Zoya.

"It will be held in the auditorium at 2 p.m. sharp. Please don't be late. I will wait for you"

Saying so,  they settled down for their classes.


Dear Diary,

Today Najma seemed to be really scared. I don't know why? May be because she will be performing for the first time in college. Now I am wondering, did I do something wrong by not giving my name? I think I should ask Humeira about it. Bye. Will let you know what she said.

Zoya quickly took out her phone and called Humeira...

"Hello Zoya! Are you not in college? How come you are calling now? Is everything alright? Are you ill?..."

Zoya didn't let her finish her questions this time...she interrupted in between...

"SShhh... Will you ever let me speak first?", said Zoya getting a bit annoyed.

Zoya narrated her everything and was waiting for her answer.

"Do what you want and not what others want you to do. I am sure that your heart won't give you wrong directions."

After having finished her talk with Humeira, Zoya felt a little better. Afterall it was her decision of not participating..

She was going to keep back her phone when she suddenly saw her screen---5 missed calls'

Najma had been calling her since so long but got her call engaged. Zoya checked the time. It was already 2.15p.m. She almost ran off to the auditorium and when she reached there it was almost 2.23pm. She saw Najma standing outside, and glaring at her.

"I am so Sorry Najma.. I  was not going to be late. .I just got busy with a phone call and didn't realize the time at all.. I am so sorry dear. .Let's go in now...", Zoya said feeling extremely guilty.

"You don't need to go in now. I have already given my audition and I have been selected", said Najma without looking at her.

"Is it? Congratulations!!  I was sure that you would make it. I am so happy for you". Saying so Zoya gave her a tight hug. Najma could never be angry with someone for a long time, and with Zoya, it was something impossible to do. She too reciprocated the hug.

Suddenly Zoya noticed Najma looking at something, rather someone.

Zoya looked into the direction in which Najma was looking at. There was a guy, rather a very handsome guy who was talking to someone who seemed to be his friend. She recognized that girl to be Aafreen, the one who came to make an announcement last day.

Zoya could not move her eyes from him. His appearance was something that any girl would drool at...Zoya mentally scolded herself for being so shameless. That guy came near them , but he too had his eyes only on Zoya.

"Hi, you are Najma right?", he asked Najma who was still shamelessly staring at him. Zoya pinched her on her left arm to which Najma responded immediately.

"Ouch Zoya!! what are you doing? Why are you pinching me?", Najma screamed making that guy laugh at them. But he ignored it and proceeded with what he came to say.

"Najma, you have been selected for the classical dance event so please be there for the rehearsals tomorrow in time." Najma simply nodded a yes. Saying so he left  the place and entered the auditorium once again.

Later that day, Zoya's thoughts were stuck to only that guy whom she saw today but she washed them off thinking that he was just another senior student. Humeira had come for a visit at Zoya's place. She had dinner together with her parents and Humeira  and almost forgot about the whole day's events.

Later that night,

Dear Diary,

I am so happy that Najma got selected. I wish I could see her dance. But never mind, I will see it some day.

But I was wondering, why did I keep staring at that guy? I don't even know his name? In which year is he? Why was he so much associated with the Freshers' event? Why did... I think I should sleep now. I will feel better tomorrow. Moreover it's a weekend. Abbu had promised me that he would take me for shopping with him. It's nice to be a daddy's girl, isn't it?

Good night. Have sweet dreams. Bye.


Next week, Monday, 11am

Zoya had no morning classes that day but still she came early in order to spend some time  with her friends. She entered her class and saw Najma was missing. Nuzhat told her that she has been called for the rehearsals. Just then her phone vibrated---Najma calling'

"Hello Najma. Are you in the rehearsals?"

"Yes. I am. Now come fast to the auditorium. I am sure that you would not  like to miss what I have been seeing since morning"

"what do you mean by that? I thought you have been practising since morning?"

"Yes, I am. Now come fast, will you?"


She hanged up her phone and went to the auditorium. Many seniors as well as juniors surrounded two people who were dancing. They were enjoying their dance and cheering for them. Zoya saw Najma in the corner and went to her.

"What is going on here?"

"Just wait and watch", said Najma winking at her.

What Zoya saw next was a sight to behold. She saw the same guy dancing with his friend Aafreen.

"Was she his girlfriend?", mumbled Zoya in her mind.

After he finished his dance everyone clapped for him, so did Zoya. The guy saw Zoya and came towards her and said, " What are you doing here?"

"I just came here for my friend Najma"

"Okay. I thought you will be performing too."

"What's your name?", asked Zoya not being able to control herself. She silently scolded herself for asking this but felt a relief when she saw him smiling.

"Hi, I am Asad. I am your senior, third year. And you are?", he asked forwarding his hand towards her.

"I am Zoya, first year, your junior". Saying so she shook her hand with him and saw him smiling once again. "Why are you laughing at me?", she asked.

"I am not laughing at you, I was just smiling".

To avoid further questions, Asad just turned  his back towards her and once again started with his rehearsals.

Later that week she tried to attend Najma's rehearsals whenever she was free. She forced herself to believe that she was doing it only for Najma. Being in the hall for such long hours , she gradually came to know that he is Asad Ahmed Khan, the son of a rich businessman, he is  a trained dancer and knows various dance forms and is the one who will choreograph others. She also came to know that he is the topper of his batch. Hearing all this about Asad made Zoya more restless. She went out to get water from the canteen. As soon as she came back, she saw Asad coming towards her.

"So you are here for Najma right?", he asked her. Zoya felt as if he was smirking a bit.

"Yes, I am here for Najma only", she replied in the same way.

"May I have this?' he asked pointing towards the water bottle in Zoya's hand.

"Yah, sure!'. She gave him the bottle and he took it with a smile. Till now Zoya never looked directly towards him. Now that she saw him, she felt something weird'. Sweat dripping from his face and body made him look more sexy...

"Wait, what????? Did I say sexy????", she thought in her mind. Asad saw some change in her behavior and thought of asking her about it.But before he could ask anything, Zoya took the bottle from his hand and said, "I think I will leave now... please tell Najma that I have already left..Bye!" And she ran from there. Asad stood there with his mouth wide open. He wondered what was wrong with this girl. He drived away his thoughts and and resumed his rehearsals.

At night,

Dear Diary,

What was wrong with me? Why was I staring at him like this? Have I gone mad? And why on Earth did I call him sexy? It's not like he is not sexy, but why did I think so? Wait a minute, did I call him sexy again? What is happening to me?? I think I should just stop going to the rehearsals now. The final event  is just in two days and everything is almost done. I don't need to be there anymore. Good night. Sweet dreams. Bye.

The next two days zoya avoided going to the rehearsals with Najma. But after a lot of persuasion, Najma finally succeeded to take Zoya for the last and final rehearsals. Asad and Aafreen's duet performance on Salsa was breathtaking. It proved how great dancers they are. Najma's was a classical dance on Bharatnatyam dance form and it was equally good. Keeping aside all unusual thoughts, Zoya was already very excited for the main event.


A/N:  I hope you liked it.. those who did, please do comment..I will be really happy reading them... and if you did not like it, then let me know that too. Anyone who wants PM, please buddy me and drop a comment saying so...

Happy New Year to all of you...Smile



Part 1- Page-1

Part 2-  Page-15

Part 3-  Page-78







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loved it ankita  HeartLOLLOL

tamater kamini tu apne imran par nazar rakh Angry ROFLROFLROFL

awww it seems cute how zoya shares everything with her diary LOLLOLLOL

mr khan a dancer ShockedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming LOLLOLLOL


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Im first LOL

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res till later

Asya = Kabhi

Thank you for the new work

unrecognized emotions

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" />

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M 3rd...

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