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Poetry Contest | Wings Of Ink | Voting Round|READ Note on Page 8 .

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Poetry Contest | Wings Of Ink |
Voting Round | Details & Information .

To all those who love some rhyme and rhythm, and frequently enjoy getting lost in the magic of words, we wanted  to HEAR YOU OUT! We understand the magic of poetry, and we wished to nurture and share it. All that we had asked you to do is to pick up a pen, shed inhibitions and pen down a line or two. In that way, we now have alot of new Poems to read as well with new forms.
The response received by us is extremely good and HUGE .

So before we start our Voting Round , let us give a Huge Round of Applause to All the Participants of the contest. Our  Gratitude  to them . Clap

After Discussing with the Judges panel of our Contest , we have decided to have Themetical Votings in our Contest. 
You must feel lucky , because this themetical voting and rules are made for your appreciation only. We want to appreciate people for their work , hence we wanted to have a system of Voting in which we can appreciate more people . So, there will be two kinds of Votings :
1. Themetical Voting [This is Themetical Voting]
2. Judges Voting. [In which 3 Judges will Vote for Each Entry and give marks out of 10 .]
so there will be two kind of Results also, one is Results from your Votes and second will be Results from Judges Round.Big smile

Now , Kindly Read ALL Rules of Voting for Each Section very clearly and you must conform by them while voting. Also, After presenting Entries, We have given Example also ,that will guide you upon How to Vote?! .


Section A - Love And Hate.
Section B -  Story Of Firsts.
Section C - Love And Sacrifice.
Section D - Shades Of Life.
Section E - A Little Moment Captured In Time.

LAST DAY to Vote is 10th January 2014 .

General Rules for A , B , C , D & E Sections :
(a) You MUST Vote For Each Section/Theme , then only your Vote will get counted.
(b) You must Read Rules of each section and must conform by them , individually.

RULES For Section A [Love And Hate] B [Story Of Firsts]& C [Love And Sacrifice] :
Under Each Theme/Section (A , B or C) , You must Vote for onlyONE [1] Entry Per Theme. That means , choose one entry from each theme .

RULES For Section D [Shades Of Life] and E [A Little Moment Captured In Time] :
Under Each Theme/Section(D or E) , You must Vote for onlyThree[3] Entries Each , per theme. That means , choose Three entries from each theme.


Remember that given Entry Numbers are Unique Numbers so to avoid confusion while reading & Voting.
 Now Presenting Entries for Section A , B & C :

SECTION A - Love And Hate 


Form: Limericks
Love and hate on a ride
fall away their path when collide
love is about to help
hate is  not ready to melt
still standing midway one in guilt other in pride


Title: I hate you 

In a world full of dishonesty and deceit 
With animosity and abhorrence all over replete 
You entered my life proving otherwise 
I hate you for removing my veil of despise 

My tears had dried, my heart had hardened 
No news affected me, joyful or saddened 
You melted my heart and released the fears 
I hate you for giving me many happy tears 

It seemed innocence was an age old thing 
Everybody's actions calculated and conspiring 
Your innocent eyes brought back my smile 
I hate you for making me feel alive 

You taught me to love and see the good side 
You brought out the human in me that was trapped inside 
Confess my love, shouts my inner voice 
I hate you for leaving me with no other choice 

Poetic Form : Free Verse

Born to the world were love and hate
They stood apart and never crossed the other's way
Love was pure and knew no fears
And hate was cruel and pulled the tears.

Love called out to embrace himself
Lest comes a day when hate would beg
But he stood proud for those who embraced
Little did he know a time would come; he would be debased.

There's beauty in the hands of love
As he praised the Lord above
Masked was the one , known as hate
A hunger he possessed  that nothing could satiate

They had their homes ; heaven and hell
It lied upon the heart to choose to dwell
In heaven he reaped a soul of peace
And that for hate , there was only pain to receive.

SECTION B - Story Of Firsts



Hard work and perseverance
Dedication to dream and reverence
Acting only on their dreams,
Work hard, however simple the task seems

Grit and focus in their path
To achieve their dreams and plans
Withstanding the darts that are hurled 
Making their name known to the world!

Every unforgiving minute, they filled
They filled it with their undying effort
The prize of their every blood drop
Made them reach the top

No other notion wavering,
Eyeing just their one main goal.
That set their lives in motion
That made them work with devotion

Meticulously planned work
No trace of fear for failure
Even on the tiniest idea working
Even if, for it, failure spread its wing

Not though a smooth journey it maybe
Infested with thorns, pitfalls and gins
They rose up to quench their thirst
Trying to win their battle first

Even through raging storms, undeterred
Firmly planting their feet through every gale
Toiling even in the wintry December
Later their name, the world will remember

Undaunted bu countless failures,
Their will will say to them ,"Hold on"
Only on their dream they did dwell
Saying to themselves "All is Well"

Self-acceptance and confidence
And with mind all on their path
To the weariness of body, their mind did not yield
That made them soar high in their field

When success will finally knock
The globe with praise it bursts
Hard work, perseverance and determination
All these lie behind the story of the firsts! 



My Fairytale...

I liked him,

He liked me,

I loved him,

He loved me,

Life was easy,

Waiting for him to say it to me,

We talked, laughed, shared,

Love was in the air!


I saw myself in the mirror happy, loved, pretty and flawless..

Love was still in the air.

He never  told me he loved me,

But I knew it from deep inside my heart that he did,

Day by day was getting lost in his thoughts,

Actually was lost in a fairy tale.


Then I woke up from my dreams!

Life was never easy,

He never loved me,

He never liked me,

Love was never in the air,

It was just me and my one-sided love!

I was used when needed,

Played with and then,

Left lonely.


Then I saw myself in the real mirror :

I was just a normal, ugly, unattractive girl,

Lost in tears.

Never wanted to see the mirror again.

My life was shattered,

No love. No happiness.

The ending was painful..


I was a girl who could never be loved or liked,

I cried, cursed, thought of taking revenge,

But it was of no use,

Because life would not be the same!


He was happy,

Living, cheerful. No regrets!

My life was full of regrets

Just left everything on God,

Time was my best friend,

Because time was the best healer than anyone else.

And I thankful to God because my life was getting better day by day.

Now my life was something else.


My life was just family, friends and the world except him,

But behind everything happening there was a reason.

It was my fault that I was lost in my Dream world,

I fell down but again I was standing,

My life was again the same!

I was happy without him

No regrets!


But Again the cupid did its work,

I again started liking him,

But this time not like before.

I was never madly, deeply in Love again.


Then I knew that life was a Tangle and will always be!

We can't get rid of it.

The folly human nature.

But I was thankful to God that I was never in my Dream world again.


SECTION C - Love And Sacrifice

Poem Name - Bandhishein

Baarish me tanha khadi yu bhig rahi thi
In aansuo ko baarish ke bundo me chupa rahi thi...
Socha na tha yu badal jayegi meri zindagi
Apne hi chin lenge mujhse meri aazadi...
Jee rahe the soch ke ki apne mujhse pyaar karte the
par galat thi mein kyu ki wo pyaar unki bandhishein the...
Apne aap ko fir bhi samjhaya ki wo unka pyaar tha
unki har harkat ne humari samajh ko jhuta saabit kiya tha...
Ek had tak humne wo bandhishein haskar maan li
har pal ghut te rahe par muh se uff tak nahi nikali...
Laga tha shayad mera pyaar unke bandhisho ko tod dega
par fir galat huye jab hume humari sachayi ka ehsaas hua...

Khulke jeena chahte the hum is duniya ke sang
Aasman ko chuna chahte the un parindo ke sang...

Na samajh paye wo hume aur humare pyaar ko
Ya hum hi kahi kam padgaye unhe pyaar dene ko...
Ek din aisa aaya jab tod diya unhone humari bandhisho ko
Kyu ki hum khud duniya chodkar tod gaye the in bandhisho ko...
Ye na sochna ki jaan dekar kuch galat kiya tha humne
pyaar na sahi in bandhishon ko maan liya tha humne...
Par ye bandhishein hi mujhe is maut ke or khich rahi thi
Ghut ke bandhisho me marne se acha meine hi jaan de di thi...

English Translation

Poem Name - Restrictions
I was standing alone getting wet in the rain
Hiding tears in those drops of rain
Never thought my life would change suddenly
My freedom would be snatched by my people only
Was living thinking that they love me
Was wrong as their love was there restrictions for me
Yet I made myself believe that it is there love
But there every moment proved my belief was false
Up to some limits smilingly I agreed to their restrictions
Was dying each moment but never voiced a sigh also
I felt like my love will make them reduce those restrictions
But I was again wrong when I realized my truth
I wanted to live freely and openly with this world
Wanted to touch height with those birds
They never understood me or my love
Or is it I lacked somewhere to give that love
One day came when they removed all the restriction off me
As I only left the world breaking those restrictions off me
Don't think I was wrong in giving my life
As not love but had accepted there restrictions in life
But these restrictions were only pushing me towards death
So instead of dyeing each moment in those restrictions I only hugged the death




Theme: Love and sacrifice

Form : Diamonte Poem

Flawless , exotic
Caring , loving , painstaking
Fabulous , dynamic , sweet , strict
Understanding , sacrificing , inspiring
Indescribable , kind-hearted



    Love and Sacrifice.


Love - the word speaks of bliss 

Love - the word carry of dreams

Love - the word every human crave of

Love - the word awakens passionate desire


These are the words I have been listening

When I came to know the word called love


I didn't thought ones I could ever cherish

This blissful feeling in my life until I met you



Making me drown in carpet of passionate dreams

Making me to fly over clouds with your ones smile

Making me dance on our passion rhythm with

Your one warm embrace



You're the most beautiful girl I met till date

Confided with innocent fragrance

I felt like dream when you accepted my love


It is indeed a dream now as I lost my love

I lost my life


I am nothing today


You can proudly say it was sacrifice

But is it??



Answer my love why your voiced tamed out today

It was my heart bleeding with your sacrifice

You crushed my dreams with your sacrifice

My tears dried long back these are pearls of your eyes

All will say another name of love is sacrifice

But who will do that when it comes a question of them



You did that as a proof of our love as honor

I cont even curse you nor my fate as you are living in me

Your every breathe is making me feel alive

I am proud of you my love I can scream out saying


You are my love who is living in my heart

Who sacrificed her love  



Theme : Love and Sacrifice 
Poetic Form : Quatrain

They say love is about sacrifice
Devoid of hate and every other vice
A mother giving away her bread to her child
The heart has earned itself to be divine



jab bhi haath uthya duwa ke liye 
dua mai sirf tujhe mang dala aapne liye 
teri ek nazar ke liye dua magi hai 
lekin jab bhi tune nazar utha k dekha teri ek muskaan k liye dua magi hai 

when ever i prayed ,
i just wished you should be mine , 
i just prayed that, once you look at me ,
but when ever you glance ,
i prayed for your smile  .

Kindly see Below also.

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RULES For Section D [Shades Of Life] and E [A Little Moment Captured In Time] :

Under Each Theme/Section(D or E) , You must Vote for only Three[3] Entries Each , per theme. That means , choose Three entries from each theme.

SECTION D - Shades Of Life

Poem Name - Naqaab

Us din ek ladki se mulakat huyi
Jaise zindagi se meri pehchan huyi...

Kuch dard tha uski aankho main
Kuch rukhapan tha uski muskurahat main...
Shayad kuch rishto se use thech pahauchi thi
Tabhi wo rishto ko itna samajh pa rahi thi...
Itna sara dard wo akele seh rahi thi
Itna sab hoke bhi kaise uski himmat barkar thi...
Kya tha jo use jeene ki umid de raha tha
Un andhero main bhi thodi roshni de raha tha...

Iska jawab mujhe aajtak nahi mila
Kyu ki us ladki ki jagah meine aayine ko paya...
Khud ko hi dekhkar mein hairan reh gayi
Aisa laga dard bhari zindagi se fir mulakat ho gayi...
Jo khushi ka naqab itne salo se pehna tha
Do pal ke liye wo bikhar gaya tha...
Jab khud ke rone ki aawaz suni
Dard bhare khayalo se mein bahar aayi...
Fir se ek nayi zindagi ki shurvat huyi
Khushi ka naqaab pehne wo fir zindagi ki raah chal padi...

English Translation

Poem Name - Mask
That day I meet a girl
And felt like I was introduced to a real life
There was some pain in her eyes
There was sadness in her smile
She was badly hurt by some relations
And that's why she understand better of relations
All the pain she was bearing alone
Then also her strength never discouraged
What was it that gave her hope to live a life?
In darkness that gave her light
I never got answers to these questions
As instead of that girl I found mirror in front of myself
Was shocked to found myself in front of mirror
Felt like I meet again  my painful life
The  mask of happiness I was wearing
For a minute it landed on ground
When heard my sobs
I came back from those painful thoughts
Again  then started  a new life
Wearing the mask of happiness started to walk further in life


Theme : Shades of Life

What can I complain ??
To whom shall I ??
Should I share my pain ??
Or should I bury it with a sigh ??

Things come and go ,
Life has it's high and low.
Knew not what to wonder,
feels like everything is to hinder !

To be talent-less,
feels like to be worthless !
lost in the rush of life,
left with only strife !!

But heart says "Don't give up , Yet!
Lot more to face,In this rat race ;
Fight it out with all the grit,
You will be crowned the best "

Theme :  Shades of Life

 What to do ? I knew not, what is to live, I forgot !
Gleaming path of life lost . Err... I did at my faith's cost !!

My fate was sealed long ago , the seeds were sown for sure ;
Selfish egos were fettered, my steps in life stuttered !

Life played a dirty game! Cowardice it is, if life is blamed ;
Seeds of deceit long sown, to reap the harvest in ways unknown!

I knew not my sin, nor who actually won;
was it really a win? the one who lost was a son!

Gentle and caring , should be a mother.
Trust was in fact sharing, making soul a feather!

Father is the one, who stands with you;
when you are alone, in the dark next to you; 

A Mother I never had, got hatred from my Dad;
life was so unfair, felt like no one cared.

She came out of nowhere, godsend as it were!
raised me from my woe, life at it's abysmal low.


One life but so many different shades! 

Sweet little moments...
Happiness and laughter...
Attitude and rudeness..
Dignity and respect...
Exploring and learning...
Sharing and loving...

One day we laugh, one day we cry...
Falling and failing...

Losing and lying...
In this small world everything can be felt and seen...
Forever together in our dreams...
Eternity shall stay and so shall the different shades of life and their unique everlasting themes! 


Meri khata?? (A tribute to delhi rape case victim)

Kya ye meri khata hai?? Kya ye mera kusur hai??
Ladki hun koi cheez nai...!!!!
Aae ho tm mujh me se hi kahin..
Yun na khelo yun na todo.. Jism nai jasbaat bhi hain!!
Haalaat ne majboor kr dia.. Meri kismet ne mujhe khokla kr dia..
Aisi bhi kya khata kar di??
Mera zor nai tha!! Mera haath nai tha!!
Main ladki hun khilona nai..
Mujhe poojoge, meri archana kroge har devi ke sath meri vandana kroge..
Pr mera dukh na smjha!! Na smjhi meri peer..
 Chodh dia..
Yun marne ke lie!!
Is dunia me rehne k lie!!!
Insaan ho ya haiwaan???
Itni berehmi, itna apmaan...!!!
Dard hota hai.. Bht dard hota hai..
Har karwant har siski me tujhe kosa hai..
Meri nai to kisi ki lgegi..
Dua nai badd dua milegi..
Maine na bigada tha tera kuch fir kyo sazzaa di??
Bs ek br.. Ek baat hai bs..
Main rahun ya nai.. Ehsaas dena..!! Jis dard se main guzri unhe vo dard dena...
Ja rahi hun.. Is dard se door..
Is peer, is zindagi se door..
Jaane nai lautne k lie.. Ye dard peeche chodhna hai...
Ab mujhe ek br or jeena hai..


Is it that I m wrong..??? Is it that I m at fault..???

I m a girl not some thing

You have also come from my womb

Don't play with me, don't break me, Not only body but I have feelings also..

I m helpless, My destiny made me weak from inside

What did I do wrong

I had no hand in it

U will worship, U will do pooja , U will pray infront of goddess

But u never felt my pain and sadness

U left me to die

And to live like helpless in this life

Are u a human or Devil..???

Why this much insult of me..??

It pains, It pains a lot

Every time I change a side on bed, Every time crying I have cursed u..

If not of me then whom..???

Instead of Blessings u will get cursed..

I never did anything to u then why u punished me..??

Only once, there is something

I m alive or not, make them realize..

The pain I gone through should be given to them..

I m going.. Away from this pain

Going only to come back again.. I have to leave this pain back

So that I will live this life once again...


Title: Life 

Is the glass half full or is it half empty? 
From person to person, the answer will vary 
Just so is life and your life's story 
Either it's very sad or full of glory 

Moments are those that glorify your life 
Happy or sad or the ones filled with strife 
Never does one stay for more than a given time 
It's a cycle that repeats all your life time. 

Feel blessed for the good and prepare for the bad 
Accept the challenges without feeling sad 
Another path will open, if one is closed 
Challenges should never be left unprobed 

Shades of life are such, they will always change 
Sometimes long, sometimes short, will be the range 
Those who accept with a smile, will take the crown 
One can never attain their goals with a frown 



Life after Life



I ran towards the lifts,

 Leaving my known ward,

Lub Dub Lub Dup heartbeat rages

The corridor was full of people

Lub Dup Lub Dup heartbeat irks

I try to identify my own.


They say I am dead.


I still wander the paths,

 Where I used to roam.

I still knock the gate

Of my house to get in.


But nobody opens now,

Don't they hear I am knocking?

For the first some days

I saw mother mourning,

But today she don't.


 Am I truly dead?

But I feel the same pain at chest.

Though can't hear the heart beats.

Am I fading?

 From their mind?

From the nature? From the atmosphere? 

But I still can feel myself?

If I am fading then

Who is this whom I am borrowing?


SECTION E - A Little Moment Captured In Time


Little moments captured in Time

To see that happy smile on your face
when your  eyes crinkle with delight
to see the happy tears welling in your eyes
when you see me coming towards you full of spright

To hear how much you prayed for me 
when you came to know I was unwell
to see you overwhelmed with joy
when proudly to everyone you tell 

To listen to you telling me how much you wait for summers to come
just so that you could spend time with me
to inhale the delicious smells coming from the kitchen
when I see you've cooked all my favourite meals 

To watching your favourite shows
when evening 6 pm strikes
to those various card sessions we had
when your happiness knew no bounds every time we thought alike

To always being there for me
when there were times I felt low
To all those times
when I used to look forward to your special hot cocoa

To think of all those moments captured in time
when every moment with you spent was like a dream
to feel tears splashing on the pages as I write this
when I thank the Lord for having a grandfather such as you in my team.


 Category - A lil moment captured in time.

Poem Name- AJNABEE

Suraj ki wo pehli kiran aankhon me roshni de gayi
Saamne khadi ajnabee se mujhe rubaru kara gayi...

Zulfo ke saaye tale chehra uska chup raha tha
Hawa me lehrata uska aachal Jaise unchayio ko chuna chahta tha..

Bheed ke bich wo khud ko sambhal rahi thi
Uski ek jhalak ke liye ye nazar bechain ho rahi thi...
Yuh usne jab muda to saasein ruk si gayi
Uski wo halki muskaan waqt ko ek thehraav de gayi...
Aasman se koi pari jaise mere liye utar aayi ho
Use dekh ke laga jaise ye sirf mere liye hi bani ho...
Dur jaate dekh usko bechaini si hone lagi
Dil me basa liya uski tasvir ko AJNABEE se na jaane fir kab mulakat hogi...


English Translation

Poem Name- Stranger

The morning first ray of sun made my eyes to look towards light
And made me aware of the presence of that stranger

Her hairs were coming on her face and were hiding her face
The flowing dupatta was telling that she wanted to reach a height of success

She was trying to manage herself in that crowd
For her one look I was being restless

When she turned around I stopped breathing for a second
And then her smile made time to stop there

I felt that some angel came on earth just for me
Seeing her felt like she is the one made only for me

When she started to go away I felt restless
Not knowing when I will meet again the stranger whose image my heart had captured



Our Vivid Imagination

Let me penetrate your 

mind with words of love. 

There's nothing 

to see for darkness 

overwhelms the night. 

Let's not give in to 

the seductive feelings 

Of lust, so we can let 

our minds unite in 

the truth in love. 

Without  touching or kissing 

you'll find a delicate 

whisper of love within 

your vivid imagination. 

Whispers in the dark 

have meanings more 

than love. 

I want to make love 

to you with poetic words . 

Have you shiver from 

every syllable spoken. 

While you lie back in your 


With our imagination we 

can journey across the horizons of the world. 

Make love in different 

languages, while we 

swing from chandeliers. 

sip words of champagne. 

swallow lyric of screaming pleasure.

Because there's more as 

we journey to the core 

with succulent desires 

as we baptize our souls 

by fire in the heat of 

verbal passion dripping 

with flavour ever lasting. 

Before we take flight 

and leave the night to 

bring in a new day. 

We open our eyes and 

Sanctify out thoughts 

with a kiss as we part 


We needed no explanation. 

Because we only wanted to 

Enjoy love in our imagination.


Pausing special little moments!

When we sat together as a family,
When we ate together very happily,
Laughter and smiles came our way,
I love my family and that's all I want to say! 

I paused that moment because it means a lot to me,
I feel blessed because what unfortunate people can't feel, I get to see!
I love my family, I love my relationships,
All I pray to God for is a sweet little smile on their lips! 

When I laugh or when I cry,
They're always with me searching for joy in my eye,
I have no words left to express,
How much I love my family and my love for them and their love for me will never get less! 



Theme: A little moment captured in time

I was walking in the street
thinking about the time
to get little moments captured in life
so I can  shine again with a smile
that faded ages ago with time
I wish a day to come back in my life
to walk with my father who put me this high
I wish to sleep with no regrets about life 
which is full of tensions with passing time
I wish I was again a baby
crying in my crib
my mom making me cheer and smile
tears were just mean only to cry
which nowadays have lots of emotions trashing every time
give me a moment to recount the memories with time
when I am sitting and gossiping aloud
now time has fallen so dark 
I have no time to check people around
give me some space to share
for the people I care
I miss the day  I grown up
vanishing all the memories which made me  to cheer up
now I have all  to have fun 
still missing a moment in time when my heart is ready to spun
running with the pace of time
leaving all to win the race of life
lacking the love of people who make me alive
getting alone as far I run
looking for things which now I  care
Meaning to which I have lost
the moment no one  chased me across
i am enjoying my life
still waiting for a moment 
to capture in life as I was still a child.


Poem theme: A little moment captured in time 

Language: Hindi /English

Title: Badal (Clouds)

Yun chalte chalte jab nazar upar uthi 
Ek alag hi duniya mujhko dikhi 
Vipreet aur vibhinn, swachch aur nirmal 
Neela ambar tha ya nadi ka sheetal jal 

Chote bade badal yahan wahan failey huye 
Neele farsh par jaise rui ke gole rengte huye 
Niraakaar, nirbadh, shwet aur shuddh 
Drushya aisa ke kho jaaye sudh budh 

Aise mein kshitij par dekha kala dhuan 
Achanak vaastavikta ka abhaas hua 
Wah re insaan, tu kitna ooncha utha 
Dharti to maili ho chuki, ab aasmaan bhi kala hua 


While walking when I looked up 
I saw a different world 
Contrast and varied, clean and pure 
It's the blue sky or the river's cool water 

Small and big clouds spread here and there 
As if cotton balls are rolling on the blue floor 
Shapeless, loose, white and clean 
A scene that would make you lose your presence of mind 

Then I saw a black smoke at the horizon 
Suddenly realized the reality 
Wow O human, how high you've risen   
The Earth is already dirty, the sky too is now black 

Theme : A little moment captured in time
Poetic Form : Free Verse

I lay on the ground , eyes to the sky
Picked on the grass as another tear slipped by
There were reasons i had that broke me apart
Engulfing every inch of my bereaved heart
 Dawn had unprecendentedly belied

Night had fell and i continued to cry
Screamed for the one who spoke his last goodbye
Then i looked closely at the heaven and awoke with a  start
He had became a star that would never depart
A reason i now had for an infallible smile


Regards Dev

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Example for Themetical Voting 

Just Copy & Paste this and add your Details and number of your favourite poems from Number 1 to number 24.

Section A - Love And Hate.
Entry No.  : 

Section B -  Story Of Firsts.
Entry No. :

Section C - Love And Sacrifice.
Entry No. :

Section D - Shades Of Life.
Entry Numbers :

Section E - A Little Moment Captured In Time.
Entry Numbers :

Hope All is clear. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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LoveToLaugh Goldie

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Yay! This is up! Hug
I extend a HUGE thanks to all those who participated.
*Virtually gives a standing ovation to all the participants* Clap
The response was great! I hope you all had fun and you'll all keep writing poetry, whatever be the result!
Readers - please vote for your favourite entries!

A Happy New Year to all of you! Smile

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_Padfoot_ IF-Rockerz

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This is cool!Star

I'll read everything and comment!Tongue

Between nice job done by both the participants and the thread makers!Thumbs Up

Keep goingTongue

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LoveToLaugh Goldie

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I forgot to mention. Wonderful thread, Dev! Clap

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Section A - Love And Hate.
Entry No.  :  3

Section B -  Story Of Firsts.
Entry No. : 4

Section C - Love And Sacrifice.
Entry No. : 8

Section D - Shades Of Life.
Entry Numbers : 13,16,17

Section E - A Little Moment Captured In Time.
Entry Numbers : 21,22,24

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Wow, so many poems. This is a treat. Smile Beautiful thread, Dev. I liked the pattern of voting and judging.  

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