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Ahoy! Welcome Aboard GLAD-E-ATOR |Birthday Celebration|

No2Pencil IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 July 2013
Posts: 4430

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 12:53pm | IP Logged


                Somewhere afloat on the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean.


Penny is lazing on the deck of the Glad-e-Ator sipping a glass of her favourite champagne, Shipwrecked 1907 Heidseick.

Zener:  Pennyyou need to ease up on the drinks, we can't afford to lose you to the shiny world of inebriation.

Penny smirks and replied:  Yo, I hope you will repeat the same mantra Zenny darling with equal conviction later.

Eris hands Zener a glass of eggnog.

Eris looks over at Shellywho is applying oodles of sunscreen to her never ending legs and busy chatting on the phone to her gorgeous twins.

"Where is Vanny? I have not seen her after lunch," Eris enquires dipping her hand into the stash of her hidden chocolates which she had vowed not to share with anybody.

Shelly, who has finally hung up her phone, tilts her head and gestures with her eyes. Vanny is standing at the end of the deck busy flirting unabashedly with the captain.

"Aah! The benefits of being a single teenager!" Shelly winks at Eris, who grinned shamelessly.


Suddenly, a sniffle was heard and everyone was shocked to see Zener trying to control her sobs, using a dainty hankie she had obtained from the very captain Vanny was flirting with. Everyone quickly gathered around her as Shelly was the first to offer a comforting hug, "What happened sweetie? Did you feel offended?" But before she can complete her comforting words', Zener howled, "My Srishank!!"


Penny bursted out into peals of laughter at this sudden comment by Zenny, whilst Vanny joined the gang, upon seeing the commotion and giving them a confused look.

"Relax ladies," Eris assures the worried duo, as Penny gives her signature smirk, "I just added a generous dash of the finest rum this ship has to offer to her glass of eggnog."

Penny has grown bold after her fifth glass of champagne goes for the kill, "Zenny darling, don't ever lecture me about the side effects of social drinking."  

Vanny snorts and put a comforting arm around Zener, "I will gladly take up that position Penny," as she grinned wickedly and added, "I can control my alcohol beautifully."

All of them burst out laughing at the same time and start chattering like magpies.


"So glad we decided to take this trip," Penny commented a little too enthusiastically as she drained the last of her eighth drink down her throat.

"We have been making plans to catch up since months," Eris adds, relaxing on the beach chair and adjusting her dark Maui Jim sunglasses.

"Those B@$t@rd$!! PH waley!! How could they?" Zener stands up; stabbing the air with Penny's empty glass, as if to make a point.

"Let's not go down that road," Vanny tries to calm the charged ZenerDiode. However, that appeal proved futile and stopping Zener was an impossible feat as the Gods sided with her.

"It's the same crapfest on every show," Eris adds, after all, she has to live up to her name.

Penny rolls her eyes as she knew what will come next and made an attempt to escape. Everyone knew that having such heated discussions on a private Facebook group chat is bearable; but witnessing it is a Herculean task.


    She looks at Shelly, who looks as if she has bitten into a sour lime twice.

      "Fanatics," Vanny cursed impatiently.

So the three kept exchanging looks, as Eris and Zener talk about every show they loved and how mercilessly their fragile hearts are broken every time. Cursed indeed.

Shelly used her grey matter wisely and decided to distract them, using a topic which will get them back on track, "You know guys, friendship does come before the same show which brought us all together."

They all agreed and memories were exchanged about the first thread they posted in, the fan wars, the Penny and Hashi love fights, the roothna manana, analyzing episodes, the numerous fights which strengthened their bond every time, the video mixing classes , the Photoshop tutorials, the happiness when the forum entered Top 10 and not forgetting, the newly formed Facebook Group, The Pentagon.

"I am so glad we all decided to meet up," Vanny says, pulling them all in a tight group hug.

"Yes! All thanks to Hashi's birthday," Zener adds.

Everyone agreed, looking content just as their tube light flashed, simultaneously, "Where is Hashi?" they shouted in unison.

She has been missing from the beginning and it has somehow gone unnoticed. They were momentarily shocked.


"Hashi! HashiBoo! Where are you?" Shelly screams, looking worried.

"Near the swimming pool, flirting with two," Penny giggles, "hey that rhymes yo," she adds.

 Earning a glare from Vanny, she stopped giggling, as Vanny started running around like a chicken without head, searching for her virtual mama.

Suddenly, everyone's phone beeps and the screens flash with the same text and picture.


The text read: Having the day of my life in Caledonia!!! xoxo


But the picture was enough to make everyone's jaw drop. Hashi is serenaded by gorgeous men. If Salman Khan was on her right; Kim Hyun Joong was on the left. A shirtless Tushar, tattooed Karan Singh Grover, Zohaib Siddiqui and a few more muscular men were in the back ground.


"She is with my Sallu," Eris whimpers.

"And Joongie oppa!" Vanny and Zener wailed simultaneously.

"Come on girls," Shelly comforted them, "it's her big day."

They all agreed, as Penny adds, "Yes, we had promised my wifey boo the best birthday of her life and she is having it. What more do we want?"


  They nodded knowingly and the laughter flowed freely, with Zener hesitantly adding,  "I could do with a glass of that sparkling Pink wine, YO!!!"




She is still has that little girl in her heart, who's an angel in disguise ; skin as soft as snow..Beautiful and pretty she is but prettier is her heart but don't take her for granted, for she can outsmart. With a heart of gold, she's pure , charming and shy and that's why she shines like the twinkle in her eye. I feel like protecting her, she is so like a baby but BEWARE! for she's known to be bossy..Our life is wonderful in her presence and no wonder cuz of her we all are together! Lots of love HashiBoo Heart and wish you a very veryHappy Birthday! 


                                           Let the celebration begins!!






                         Shake your Booty! Just like dat...yeah, yeah, yeah LOL



 Wohoo! am gonna go crazy Tonight..rite ? Embarrassed ...Tonight! take me to other side, sparks me like a 4th of july...


and we won't stop.. We run things, things don't run we...Don't take nothing from nobody..Dancing


                                     It's our party we can do what we want





You can run , You can hide..but you can't escape our LOVE HashiBoo Evil Smile


^We know Hashi that would be your possible rxn..*Screaming* LOL and probably you will be mad on us and maybe wanna kill us..don't ya ?! Embarrassed


Ok..ok , Let me make up for you afterall, its your Birthday..Can't see you mad...so here it is..

Let me take you to Glad-e-Ator's most famous place where Lot many people are ready to make you Feel special...



      Welcome..Hashi, Now they will serve you the best exotic food you've ever eaten.
                 Make yourself comfortable and brace for the bliss..Embarrassed


            Pouring the most delicious Wine on Board specially brought                                                                    for hashi'sBday!

               and here it is...the most tempting Buffet...Pick your choice Wink

          Serving you Hashi's Favt ..made by the world's renowned chefs Wink




Time to fill your tummy with some saccharine...r u ready for some guilty pleasures ? Wink

                                          Presenting "THE DELIGHTS"



I hope now you must be feeling satisfied and happy...It was actually nice making you feel special and to be honest you have given us best chance to tell you how much you are special..Embarrassed

Enjoy! your birthday and have a blast.


We seek good time with you! but hey Keep on scrolling, lot more to come..LOL



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No2Pencil IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 July 2013
Posts: 4430

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 12:57pm | IP Logged


Well Hashi , i still remember i met you around JDJ forum's and even admired and agreed upon your opinions , in one csse defended you too , i liked you the most there , i like your sigs , you are so talented , So its your birthday have fun , rock on Wink 


                         Wish u many moree happy returns of d day!!!!Party

                                  May ur wishes and dreams cum trueBig smile
                                                 Hope ya have a wonderful daySmile




                                           Happy birthday sweet doll. :D

                 May God bless you with full of laughter, health and Wealth. 

   U are a good friend, beautiful mother and very talented creations maker.                                                        I love your creations. 

                                 Thank you for trying to help me when I needed. 

                                               Have blast and enjoy the big day

                 P.s. I tried to make a siggie for u. It turned out crappy one sorry




                                              Happy BirthdayHashi! Party


Yay! It's your birthday! Have lots of fun and don't forget to eat an extra slice of cake on my behalf ;)
I remember the first time I talked to you and all the other times you helped me when I couldn't post the signatures and all LOL So thank you baba Smile
Really hope you have a beautiful wonderful day today

























Today is a birthday, I wonder for whom?
It must be for somebody right in this room.
So look all around you for somebody who
Is smiling and happy, my goodness, it's you!

Happy Birthdayhasiboo, from all of us to you,
Happy Birthdayhasiboo, from all of us to you.
We congratulate you, and hope all your sweet dreams come true,
Happy Birthday hasiboo, from little naughty and questioning sister soni

a very very happy birthday di 
sorry for coming empty hand 
but i am out so 
wishing you from out
i wish u get everything thing in ur life 
you remain like this lovely,beautiful, and stock of your golden heart never end 
i pray that god grant your all wishes and you have a long and long life 
your love ones been always on your side and 
enjoy the day and celebrate promotion 
and that too on eve of new yr 
so double dhamaka 
enjoy and have fun di 


Birthday Greeting Cards



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No2Pencil IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 July 2013
Posts: 4430

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

December 31st is an extremely special day, not only does it mark the end of a wonderful journey, but the beginning of a new one. However, today, the members of the elite Pentagon do not celebrate any of these reasons. Why? Because an eventso special, took precedence; it's our baby, Hashi's birthday.

Hashi boo, we want you to know that the Pentagon will be incomplete without you and thus, we'd like to stress on your importance in our lives. Lol. 

Without you dear, our days would be uneventful and our nights boring

We'd have no one to keep The Spammers and The Pentagon alive.

Without you sweetie, we'll still be clueless on how Photoshop works and all the cool things that app offers. 

Without you baby, we wouldn't realize how the small details of life are important. Sending a simple "Hi" once a day, is enough for us

. Without you honey, we'd never realize how close we've all become in this past year and how important we are to each other.

So sweetheart, we want to thank you immensely for all you've done for us. You're an amazing listener, a wise advisor, an amazing friend, a loving "wife", a wonderful "mumma", a cheerful "bhabi" and an awesome "sister". And besides, you're the only one who takes bedroom advice from virgins! LMAOO!!! You know how to make people feel special Boo.

From your virtual hubby dear, Kaizoo, behen and Nanadji. We love you so much!!!!

credits :Eris. 











My dear Hashii!!
Whenever I think of you, I think of my first IF days... I was so new, so lost.. But you accepted me as a friend on the Lauren AT. You were always there to guide me through all my silly "how do I make a siggy?", "how do I post a pic?", "how do I..." questions. Always so calm, always so peaceful. Then I got to know you better with our PMs and I realized what a gem of a person you are! I'm so lucky that I bumped into such a wonderful person whom I can always count on. I know I've said this many a times but you are SUCH a wonderful talent!! Anyone who is in your life in lucky to have you around :).
My Hashii, a BIG FAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! May you live a long, happy, healthy and peaceful life. Please stay the same always - you bring so much happiness to so many people! 
Lots and lots of love and hugs!



I would like to mention that this thread can never get completed with the help of Eris, Vanny and Zener..And i would like to specially acknowledge ERIS for putting so much into thread..From write ups to story to decoration..its all you. Thank you ..YOU ARE MY DREAM TEAM..

and last but not the least..Show hashi how much you love her...Embarrassed..Use specially made bday siggy for a day.


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-Eris- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 25 October 2011
Posts: 34537

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Happy birthday Boo Hug  Wow honestly I could never believe I can ever be such close with people I have nt met blah blah as even in real life it takes me a long time to trust people and open up .. I am someone who can be a great listener and will never tell you what s inside Ermm but the pentagon changed me .. I will come to that later ...
First when I read  your posts I would have strangled that pretty neck of yours Angry shipping a couple which I could not bear LOL actually hated .. then I dont know out of the blue I started pm ing you coz of Zener and we started talking .. looong PM s and then I was amazed how similar our personal lives were .. only Vanny knew about it then in detail ie... but talking to you was HOPE.. It was someone could understand .. so i opened up bi time to you .. sharing small details asking silly questions ...that time I dint care what you would think ...I was a stuck record and you reciprocated ... even though we were on opposing teams I would always say I have one friend on GunJeev AT ie you ...Heart as Penny was neutral and I ll not consider her part of that AT ever Stern Smile she was the bridge thta connected us...then all hell broke loose as your twino and my twino were fighting like cats and dogs so we needed to send them to a corner to sort it out ..ROFL the show thwn took a U turn and it was all  in your favour but I adapted quickly though you people loved to gloat and used every opportunity to rub it in our faces Evil Smile but chalo it s nice that we al are over that silly phase now and we became so close even though we were always on the opposite sides.

Then came our spammers we chatted day in day out lost track of sleep and kept typing and pouring our thoughts in that three inch dabba ...then came the revolution THE PS discussion .. I can confidently say you taught me from scratch and trust me i am v happy with the stuff I made for your birthday LOL even if that s a very mean thing to say but to my eyes everything is looking pretty what I did for your thread and raaz ki baat these are my fastest siggies ever ..Shocked LOL six siggies in less then two hours LOL I will tell you one quality of yours which is the best.. its  that you have no problems sharing your wealth of knowledge with others people..usually people never do that as they feel the other person will become better but you ...you have taught me how to use eraser to blending to stacking to making coloring's . how to apply brush and textures Clap  Clap if you ever try something unique you never kept it to yourself and let us improvise on that thought... wow you are one secure person indeed Hug very few people who I have met on IF I can say that about LOL
my PS skills are all courtesy you Embarrassed 

Today I wish you loads of happiness success and most important LOVE ..the rest I will be sending a pm as I don't want to say that on a public platform LOL

I dont make Salman creations for anyone s bday man coz I feel he is all mine Day Dreaming So i made an exception as its you my behna .. we can play happy family again and share him for today ..Hug

Need to say Sorry again as I kept talking shit about this man who I fell in love with later and you generously decided to share with me Cry... Just watched my bday VM a few days back and you mentioned that he is your BF and you both will come to wish me but who would have known in seven months I would be line maroing your BF .. heck its not line maroing its ishq wala love you know why coz we started with hate then it was attraction and now its love ROFL.. If I were to watch BOF again the show that helped us reconnect after the diaster of SSLK i would still not ship these two you know why ? coz am a smart cookie and dont want my heart broken again .. you know my history .. 

                    Man I had thought I will make lots of kajen siggys to butter you up LOL as I always talk nonsense about them.. but jokes apart the reason is coz I ship the other couple onscreen so obviously they dont make sense Confused.. and so I will be making more and posting ...

                                                           Happy Birthday once again Hug

                                 PS - Penny itna meherban na ho beta .. idea tera tha ROFL.. yes but we are a dream team indeed ...Tongue

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Colt.Pixy IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 August 2013
Posts: 45427

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Hope you get so  so many blessings, happiness and pleasure through out of your life. We met on sslk forum but It was you who stepped forward to be friend with me and I felt you are really big heart to offer friendship to the person who is irritating you so much. and I started to share my inner thoughts with you in pms and I must say you know very well how to keep secrets to yourself and maintaining the meaning of friendship. Embarrassed  

and it was vibz who confirmed my thoughts about you as very sweet friend among all gunjeev fans and yes as she said , penny was never gunjeev fan for me.of course she was sslk fan for me and became bridge for us so many times. LOL

I never expected that I would have such close friends on internet life who I will share with my almost all secrets . 

then came to spammer box, did lots of open chatting, we bounded to each other with different equation and tbh I love this equation .   

then It was you only who because of I started to use PS though it was loaded in my pc from year but i always hated PS but you made me fall for PS and always encouraged me from tiny tiny things like ctrl+T and how to stack pictures and avis in PS to blending, coloring, borders, brushes and all. and you never got irritated with me . honestly I can't be like you  who can tolerate so many tiny things i asked and you behaved like true guide for me  and my little efforts today for your birthday are to make you please and happy. 

Its all vibz and penny s efforts to make such dreamy and gorgeous thread . first time i am drooling over thread too much LOL  

once again happy birthday hashiboo. finally i unreserved before 12 LOLLOL     because i was confused what to write, as am too much introvert and don't feel to write all on public forum and suck in writing but still tried as it s your birthday  . Tongue

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MSN_Vanny IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 September 2012
Posts: 7633

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
Heyyy Hashi Baby!!!! Hug Hug
I know, I know. I'm FOREVER late! LOL Embarrassed

*Ahem Ahem* Big smile

Hash, what do I say about you? Everyone has already said and done everything, gave you the best wishes, loads of love and cake. LOL

But what I do want to emphasize on, is the fact that you have a very beautiful heart. Dear, you know how to turn my frown upside down with your witty humor, dry jokes and tactful comments; you know how to make my day and most importantly, you know how to make me feel loved and special. Heart Heart

When I first met you, virtually of course (I also wish this would be real), I just knew you as a huge KSG fan and a GunJeev fan. But when we did your "Dreamer of the Week", I felt as if I've known you for years! You just fit right into our circle of friends, you completed that circle baby! 

And this, your special day (yeah, I know it's gone. ROFL), I just want to wish you many happy returns of the day and may the year ahead of you be filled with lots of love, peace and happiness. May all your future endeavours be successful and you will never live life with regrets! Remember: Never regret the things that once made you smile.

Finally, you're the best mother in the world! With you, I can feel comfort and security. Love you so much Mumma!!! Hug

Edited by MSN_Vanny - 01 January 2014 at 10:23am

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I_M_SultaN IF-Addictz

Joined: 13 November 2012
Posts: 62165

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday BOO MAY GOD Bless You MAY GOD Full ALL Ur Wishes BE CHeerFUL BE Happy U R so humble person always be happy keep similing
I really really sorry Cry i cant create anything i m such a stupid Ouch i forget about ur bday in my exam gaps Dead i m sorry Unhappy

Penny vanny zener eris awesome job on thread guys Thumbs UpClap

Edited by HooLiGaN - 30 December 2013 at 1:50pm

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Kikidramagirl IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 November 2013
Posts: 7923

Posted: 30 December 2013 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Hasi! Even though I don't know you hey you're still member of the IF so many happy returns of the day and wish you all the best!!
PS I know Eris and Zener :) 

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