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Thread Three

Chapter 30: Oops! Confession Time!

Chapter 31: Joining The Ties That Bind

Chapter 32: What?When?Where?How?

Chapter 33: Repairing The Damages Done!

Chapter 34: Trouble Time!

Chapter 35: Settling Scores

Chapter 36: The Passion That Keeps On Heightening! 

Chapter 37: The Proposal And The Problems!

Chapter 38: Nocturnal Rendezvous!

Chapter 39: Not So Best Friends!

Chapter 40: Solving Family Matters!

Thread Four

Chapter 41: The Unexpected Revelation

Chapter 42: My Perfect! Suitor

Chapter 43: Those Four Days!

Chapter 44: Beauty And The Prankster

Chapter 45: A Snappy Ending!

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(Thank you so much Sandy for gifting me this beautiful banner!Embarrassed)

Chapter Forty One: The Unexpected Revelation!

"Now why did Shanaya call me to RM???" wondered Khushi, "Devi Maiyya, I just don't know what to do of Arnavji???!!!!! Here I have to go to Singapore for four whole months & he is s cool about it as if Singapore is in India itself!!!!! I guess when he was at school, he had given a royal ignore to a subject called Geography' & that is why he has no clue of how the world map looks like!!!!! Now who will make him understand that Singapore is not in India & I CANNOT stay away from him!!!!!!!!!!!"


Just then her phone rang. She frowned seeing the name.


"What??!!!" she snapped, answering the call.


"Aww...I guess your nose is still hot!" Arnav remarked mischievously, "Don't worry, I will play lots of pranks on you once you get back after four months!!"


Khushi pouted angrily hearing that.


"Devi Maiyya!! I am sure you're enjoying all this!!! It's high time you start a popcorn stall to get entertained even more because Arnavji is not gonna mend his ways!!!!!" she cribbed under her breath!


Arnav smirked as he heard all that.


"Khushi, your Devi Maiyya will have to soon set up a call centre to take up your complaints regarding me!"


Her mouth opened in a big O hearing his rougish words. Indeed she was very angry!


"I don't want to talk to you, samjhe aap??!!!" she snorted & rang off!




Khushi felt her jaw drop when she walked in Raizada Mansion. She was attacked with nervousness when she saw her family present there along with the Raizadas.  She cleared her vision & blinked her eyes numerous times to confirm what she saw was true. She even pinched herself for that matter. All pairs of raise eyebrows from both families peered at Khushi as did those antics. She gulped her saliva in confusion. She could also see Arnav smirking from the corner of his eye. There was something black in the dal instead of the entire dal being black!


"Devi Maiyya, hamein aisa kyun lag raha hai ki kuch toh gadbad hai...??" Khushi wondered unsurely.



"Sorry Buaji..."



Everyone sighed as she mouthed her standard statement. On boy!



"Khushi bitiya, we didn't expect this from you!"



That alarmed Khushi, "Sorry Buaji..."



"Why didn't you tell us you are in Top 10 of your college in your course??" asked Shashi, elated!



"Sorry Bauji..." Khushi admitted innocently.



"I fainted when I saw my mark sheet so I thought everyone will faint. Padhai karte karte pata hi nahi chale kab padhai ka over-dose ho gaya!"



"And not only that, you are the 1st ranker!!!!!!!!" Garima chirped excitedly.



Yeah! That's why Shanaya had a reason to sulk because she was the  2nd ranker, just one mark less than Khushi!



"I kept my fingers crossed very tightly, may be that's why I topped..." Khushi  thought modestly.



Before she could voice her standard statement again, Madhumati spoke,


"Khushi bitiya, we are very happy that you got a chance to go to Singapore! You should definitely go!"



"Sorry Buaji..."



"Now why are you saying sorry?" Shanaya was a bit irritated.



Khushi glanced sideways at Arnav who had that mystery glint in his eyes. Then her eyes turned downcast...



"I am saying sorry because...because I don't want to be Singapore for four months."


Khushi closed her eyes tightly announcing that, not knowing how everyone will react.



There was dead silence. Khushi grew scared. Arnav smirked knowing what was gonna happen next!



"Who told you that you have to stay in Singapore for four months??"asked Shashi, surprised.



Khushi was shocked. She didn't in the least expect such a reaction! Arnav smirked inwardly.



"Khushi bitiya, you are going to Singapore for only 4 days to attend to one the biggest fashion week which would be a boost to your future career." Nani smiled.



Now Khushi didn't expect that coming. She looked blank but at the same time joy & relief surged within her heart! But when she saw Arnav smirking heavily, she knew what the matter was!



"That means...That means  Arnavji knew this!!! Still he was fooling around!!!!!! He played another prank on me!!!!!!" she frowned inwardly!



Arnav was staring at Khushi. When Buaji cast her suspicious eyes on him , he spoke immediately.



"Today's generation! They never bother to confirm any news!" he remarked indirectly teasing Khushi.



"For your kind information, even you belong to this generation!!!" Khushi snapped abruptly! But she grew nervous when everyone looked at her! Jeez!



Somewhere, Shashi & Madhumati doubted about something going on between Arnav & Khushi...





Khushi sauntered along the corridors



"Devi Maiyya, is my mind shockproof that you always bless Arnavji with ideas that shock me so many times in a day?????...Arnavji will never ever change!!!!!...But Khushi, this is good right?!  I won't have to stay away from Arnavji for many days" she blushed but then smacked her head.



" Khushi, he leaves no stone unturned to trouble you are thinking about him????... I'm are angry with Arnavji, that's it!!!"



She told her reluctant self!








"Khushi listen! What did I do? I just took advantage of the situation!" Arnav said innocently.



"I don't want to hear anything!!" she snapped.



Khushi was walking ahead ahead while Arnav was followed her.


"Aww...I think a refrigerator will give wonderful cooling to your red nose!" he said mischievously.



She pouted angrily!



"Very funny! HA HA!!" she snorted sarcastically.



But Khushi was stunned to the roots when Arnav passionately suddenly pulled her in his arms & made her sit inside his car.



"W-Where are you taking me???" she asked in shock when he took the driver seat next to her.



Arnav didn't reply but zoomed the car off.






"Why...Why did you bring me here...?"


Khushi felt the crease of her skin burn in sensuality when he wrapped his hands around her from behind. His fingers tentatively moved over her tummy causing hysterical ripples to throng every pore of her being. She squirmed when he dug his face in the veil of her hair carnally smooching the back of her ear. Her heart wobbled when his raw teeth sucked & nibbled her soft earlobe causing her ear-ring to fall off. The softness of her skin & her aroma mutinied his senses. She rasped when he passionately bit her neck. She wriggled in his arms as his stubble rubbed against her milky skin. Her brain was cloudy as he had over-powered her senses. His tempting lips glided over her shoulders, dropping feathered kisses that cause a great deal of havoc inside her.  He squeezed her waist making her pant heavily while his lips enticingly nipped her nape...She gasped feeling his lips all over her exposed skin...


Yeah! They were in Arnav's cozy farmhouse. And Khushi failed miserably to monitor her heavy breaths with the way he was provoking a myriad of sensations within her. Damn! It was so so hard to be angry with him knowing that he had crossed all realms of sanity to love her. But then she told her dazed mind to not give in so easily.


Khushi released herself from his grip but Arnav clasped her wrist & yanked her back to him. Her hands clutched his biceps as she dashed against his steel torso. The way his dilated pupils intensely stared at her, smothered even her smallest breath. His thirsty lips inched closer to capture her rosy ones but she turned her face sideways, making him know she was cross with him!


"Khushi, I'm trying to figure out how to live without you for 4 days." he whispered fervently.


That struck her like hard rock. A chill ran down her spine & she looked at him. Her eyes locked with his dense dark ones. She clutched him tighter. The last time he had gone to Dubai, she was painfully enduring his absence.  And for Arnav, every breath without her was suffocating him. And now again, they have to move apart for a brief period.


"I-I don't want to go..." she chocked.


"Don't say that." he warned.


And the next second, he crashed his lips onto hers. She gasped as he gnawed & sucked her luscious lips zealously. He was so wild & aggressive that it was difficult for her to match pace with him. He knees weakened when he pulled her lower lip into his mouth, caressing it erotically. She began salivating when his tongue probed into her mouth to devour her sweetness. He stroked her tongue in a manner that drove her insides into an untamed frenzy. She moaned limitlessly as he voraciously continued to taste her. His tongue flickered over her raw lips making her whimper.


They parted when they had gone beyond breathlessness.





Gupta Villa



"Jiji, where were you since so long???" Payal popped the question up seeing Khushi walk in.


"Yes! And why are your lips so swollen???" asked Garima, surprised.


That alarmed Khushi.


"Woh..." Khushi rocked her brains to say something logical.


"Okay forget that!" Garima interrupted, "Apply some ointment & get ready because we have thrown a party for you!" she exclaimed excited.



So Yes! Arjun & Shashi organized a grand party in a resort to celebrate the success of Khushi & Shanaya.



Arnav was mesmerized beyond sanity when Khushi descended the spiral staircase in a beautiful maroon anarkali suit. His veins hardened & his orbs blazed in molten fire wanting to cage her in his arms.



"You're mine Khushi & I will make sure everyone comes to know that tonight!!!!!!!!"  he clenched his fists possessively.



Shashi was startled when he noticed Arnav staring at his daughter as though she belonged to him!. Arnav looked at Khushi with such fervid & vigor that Shashi didn't know how to question him on that...He was grave...



Arnav & Khushi sneaked outside the party ballroom separately to spend some private moments.



On reaching the terrace, Khushi hugged Arnav tightly.


"Thank you Arnavji...My family is happy at my choice of career & it has been possible all because of you!!!" she purred.


"Don't thank me Khushi. Your will power & determination has got you what you truly derserve." He caressed her hair.



She snuggled in his arms while her hand moved across his back to feel him...He held her possessively.



"Waise Mera dil toh garden garden ho gaya with your Private Display of Affection!" he crooned huskily in her ears & she squirmed against his him.



They broke the hug but he held her close & stared at her. The way he stared at her turned her eyes downcast in shyness.



"Khushi, you're looking much more beautiful than the moon today!"


She blushed as he finally said something romantic! He continued, "I noticed because the moon told me you stole his/her beauty secret!"


Yeah! As usual, he ended with mischief.  Khushi frowned & shoved him away!



"Devi Maiyya!! You saw na how he is!!! He behaves as if he is allergic to romantic lines!!!! " she mumbled under her breath.


Arnav smirked hearing her.



"I am going from here!!!!" she announced,"You chit-chat with the moon!!"


"No Khushi wait!"



He ardently clutched her wrist & pulled her back to him. His hand went around her waist & shook her closer. She once again blushed as he intensely gazed at her


"When you're angry, you look even more gorgeous!" he spoke in a velvety voice.



"Are you...Are you complimenting me or teasing me?" she asked shyly.



"Ofcourse I am teasing you, Any doubt?"



His roguish voice made her pout angrily & she shoved him away from her!



"Devi Maiyya, do you want soft drinks along with your popcorn so that you can enjoy more???!!!"



"I don't want to talk with you, samjhe aap???!!!"


And she walked ahead ahead blabbering crossly & he followed her to manofy her! Oh boy!



They didn't know when they reached the party entrance that way & came face to face with Buaji! Both were startled!



Madhumati looked suspiciously at both Khushi & Arnav.



"Why do I have a gut feeling that both of you were together in the terrace???"


Khushi was petrified seeing Buaji's stern eyes!


Before Arnav could give a witty reply, Khushi spoke blunder,



"N-N-Nahi Buaji...Aisi koi baat nahi hai...woh I was counting the moons & Arnav was singing twinkle twinkle little stars!"



Khushi bit her tongue hard. Arnav sighed inwardly as he covered for her,



"She means to say that she was wondering the moon was circle or oval & I was nostalgic about my nursery days!"



Arnav thought that it was the most foolish answer he could ever give in his life!! Sheesh!


Madhumati was even more suspicious now. But Arnav  & Khushi were saved when a guest came up to speak to Buaji!



"Is your Buaji a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes?" Arnav whispered, amused.


"Not really! I never saw her with a magnifying glass!" Khushi replied back.




All said & done, it was time for dinner. All the guests had gone & it was only the Raizadas & the Guptas who sat around the long dinner table.



The meal was proceeding normally. Just when Arnav was about to open up about the relationship between him & Khushi to her family, Khushi stood up firmly from her seat, out of the blue! All were startled seeing her suddenness.


"Enough is Enough !I want to tell something to all of you!!" she said out loud


Each & every human soul including Arnav & Buaji were looking blankly at Khushi wondering what had come on her suddenly!



"What has happened to this chui-mui chick?" wondered Shanaya.


After having gained all the attention, Khushi looked straight at Arnav,



"I love you Arnavji & you love me too."

Was that the wrong place to stop?ShockedLOL

But no bothers, I will continue soon!Wink

Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2014. May this new year brings lots of success, health, wealth & happiness in you life!Big smile

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awesome update..

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omg i m first..

balle balle

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awsmmm  <3

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Got d 1st pg Smile
Awesome update LOL
Khushi has to go for 4 days oly LOL
Arnav again played a prank Smile
Poor khushi LOL
And sashi and buaji r suspicious of arshi Wink
And wat was dat n d end Shocked
Now wats going to happen Smile
D arshi part was cuteee Embarrassed
Loved itt Heart
Waiting for the next part Smile
And congozzz for d thread and a happy new year n advance Party

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Congrats on new thread...superb update...just loved the ArShi moments...may that be teasing wala ya phir romantic...they both are just awesome...and now her family's gonna react...cant wait...

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