Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

**NautankiTimes #75: Double Dhamaka.. Double Dhamal**

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Dimple *entry music* - *dancing with a rumal* 

Dimple ji ki chal dekho ... Kare ye dhamal dekho .. Dil ko tum sambhal dkeho ..

Shivu - umm ..hello? 

Dimpu ..what is this? Dimpu - Aare ee humra naya ishtyle hai *puts the gogs on Dabang Salman style* 

Shivu - ?? Duh.. if ur done with ur styling shall we get to working? 

Dimpu - Uff kamal karte ho Pandey ji.. Madhubala me aya hai naya bhuchal ... badal gai hai RK ki chal .. n abhi KRK banke hum karenge dhamal 

Shivu - Hey Bhagwan ..aab ye KRK kaun hai? 

Dimpu -- KEVAL hum hain 

Shivu - *banging head on the wall*

Dimpu - ROFL .. jokes apart.. well guess whats special this week? 

Shivu- What? Dimpu & Shivu - MBians its the 75th Edition of Nautanki Times .. *fireworks* *dance*

And friends this great milestone has been reached all coz of the love and support of all u readers .. and the contribution of our reporters and guidance of our wonderful moderators..!

Thank you all of u... ! And now.. *doing the snake dance* lets do a lil LUNGI DANCE .. and catch up on the 75 th Newsletter edition!

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Tuesday,17th December

The episode starts with RK spending time with Riya and she asks about Madhu, so RK gets angry.Madhu and Bittuji search for RK and they finally find RK being spending time with Riya. Madhu sees RK dancing with Riya and gets angry with him. Madhu asks RK why he came here but he doesn't respond to her and supports Ria. Madhu tells him that he should not talk with Ria but RK says she is his friend and refuses to talk further about the issue. RK sees some news published in news paper about Madhu's popularity and fights with Madhu. Sometime later,Madhu asks Bittuji where RK is going and asks him to tell her the details about RK's program. When RK comes back home awhile later,he sees Madhu drunk.

Wednesday,18th December

The episode starts with Rk asking Bittuji why the producer has come and RK calls Madhu. Madhu drinks and behaves badly in front of everyone in her family so RK reprimands her for her behaviour. Madhu enacts and explains to RK he used to drink in front of all. Madhu tells her situation admits that she loves RK only and that he is only for her and not for another person. Deepali and Pabho feel very happy on seeing RK and Madhu fight with  each other. Bittuji advices RK and Madhu apologises  to Radha. Radha forgives her by saying that she hasn't done any mistakes. RK apologises to Madhu. Ria calls RK but he switches it off so Ria gets tensed. Rk tells her that he also loves her a lot and asks Madhu to forgive him.

Thursday,19th December

The episode starts with Ria coming to RK mansion but his securities doesn't allow her inside. Ria tells that she is RK's best friend and she asks securities to allow her. Ria hugs RK. RK tells Ria that they are having problem because of Ria so Ria cries. RK tries to console her. Ria intensionally marks her lipstick in RK's shirt to create problem between Madhu and him. RK tells Ria that he got married and he asks Ria to get out from his home. Madhu sees that lipstick mark.RK promises Madhu that Ria is his friend only. Later he talks with Ria again while Madhu notices that. RK tries to convince Madhu and Ria apologises once again to him.

Friday,20th December

The episode starts with Madhu asking Rk if he is true to her or not. RK tells that he is very truthful to her. Madhu tells Ria to not to interfere in husband and wife's relationship but Ria teases Madhu. Madhu talks about RK with Ria and warns her to move away from RK's life. Ria talks to her as if she is so close with RK so Madhu gets angry. Madhu tries to explain to her but she tells Madhu that she will take Rk to her side but Madhu tells her that she cannot take Rk from her because she loves Rk and so does he. Meanwhile,Deepali and Pabho plan to do something to kill Madhu and on the other hand, Ria tries to hurt herself. RK's family arrange for a puja so Madhu participates in that puja.

Saturday,21st December

The episode begins with Madhu beginning the night long prayers. Pabho realises Madhu is not under the chandelier when Pabho goes upstairs to cut the rope. Pabho gets Radha away from Madhu which some excuse. Pabho cuts the rope while Madhu escapes as the diyas go off. RK gets Riya in his arms to the house and everyone gets shocked so the prayer session ends. Riya taunts Madhu that she did what she challenged her and has come in her place in the house. RK blames Madhu for Riya attempting suicide. He shows Madhu's bangle and accuses Madhu of bribing Ria to go out of his life. He refuses to believe whatever Madhu is telling about Ria. Ria gives statement to police that she committed suicide because of struggling in her life. Ria accuses Madhu before RK of giving her spoilt tea. RK tells Madhu to stay away from Ria and warns others too from troubling Ria. Madhu is shocked to see Ria in her bedroom wearing her clothes. RK tells Ria that it is okay to wear them but asks her not to wear any of Madhu's yellow coloured clothes.

Monday,23rd December

The episode starts with Riya planning to spoil Madhu and Rk's relationship in Rk's home while Pabho and Deepali fight with each other. Madhu prays to god to give strength to fight with Riya to save her relationship and meanwhile Riya wears Madhu's sari. Riya hug Rk and RK's servant sees that so RK scolds him and Radha tries to console Rk trying to make him talk about his problems. Ria talks closely with Rk, so he tells her that he is already married and still she is behaving closely with him. Riya acts like Rk trying to behave badly with RK in front of Madhu and she tells Madhu that RK behaved badly with her. Ria begs Madhu to understand her so Madhu gets doubt about Rk and she asks Rk why he did like that. Rk tries to convince Madhu but Madhu doesn't accept RKs words  

Tuesday,24th December

the episode starts with Rk consoling Madhu for Ria's issues. Just then Sikki informs that Ria has reported to media about Rk. Madhu realizes that RK was telling the truth and Rk gets angry with Ria because she acted like a goody goody girl in front of media. Media asks many questions to Rk and Madhu tells Rk that she will trust him. Madhu gets angry with Ria and she calls her lawyer to discuss about Rk's issues. RK's servant tells that he has seen RK behaving closely with Ria, so all gets shocked. Rk's fans gets angry for RK and they try to get him released from jail so Radha feels very bad. Ria speaks badly about RK so Bittuji shows the video of this, which he recorded in secret. Madhu tells her that her game will get over so Ria gets shocked and everyone sees the video.

Wednesday,25th December

The episode starts with Ria misbehaving with Rk so everyone scolds Ria and Madhu takes her to the jail. Rk is released from the jail so Ria gets angry with Madhu and Madhu tells her she cannot split Rk and her's relationship. Ater some time,back in RK mansion,Sikki teases Deepali and Rk jokingly makes Madhu scared so Madhu scolds Rk. Rk tells Madhu that he wants a baby like Madhu. Rk and Madhu romance with each other and Sikki also tries to romance with Deepali. Madhu gets shocked when some man enters into Rk's home but it turns out to be Bittuji. Madhu and Rk go for an outing and someone watches RK and Madhu. Some of them see RK and Madhu's photo and Radha is very happy for RK.

Thursday,26th December

The episode starts with Rk asking Madhu that she has to act in films but Madhu doesn't accept to act. Rk and Madhu romance with each other and RK takes care of Madhu's health. Rk informs the director that he will come late but another Rk comes to the shooting spot and he acts like original RK. KRK (RK's duplicate) dances indecently, so all the media people surround and take video of him and ask for autograph thinking him as original RK. Sikki takes KRKto the local Canteen to take food and he acts like original RK. Sikki sees KRK drinking the local alcohol and is confused. Meanwhile KRK gets shocked because he lost his chain. RK comes to the shooting spot but director leaves that place and another KRK searches his chain.

Friday,27th December

The episode begins with RK's enemy Bhujang asking KRK to act like the original RK and they give alcohol to him. Madhu teases RK and she askshim to participate in puja but RK tells that he will not come. Sikki tells about what happened with RK. Everyone is confused. RK tells that Sikki has gone mad because Deepali went to London so all tease Sikki. RK's family go to the temple and they think that is original RK but actually it is the duplicate RK. Radha tries to tie a rope on RK's hand and she thinks that RK will not show his hand but KRK does so.KRK is stunned by seeing Madhu's beauty and she talks to him thinking him as original Rk. Radha is very happy because she thinks that original RK is talking with her.

Week 16th December-21st December

For me Ishqian moment for this week was a very very little moment where RK swears on Madhu that there is nothing between Ria and him and for him Madhu is the most important person in his life even important then his own life.

Week 23rd December-27th December

Ahhh after like ages we got a proper Ishqian moment of the week. Finally the misunderstandings were cleared and they spent a moment together when they both were alone.

It was like almost a full episode we got of Rishbala.  All the little ched chaads between Rishbala was something to be watched for. Loved Vivian and Drashti's performance and how they executed the whole scene.

Both the weeks had some really good scenes after a long time. We had RishBala sequences after I don't know how many ages, so to pick up one scene was definitely tricky.

Madhu going to the studio to talk to Ria and to make her understand to stay away from RK, as he was the fire which could destroy anything in proximity was one of the best scenes of the fortnight. As a well-wisher, Madhu tried to advise Ria to concentrate on her career rather than RK and then making her aware of the fact that RK was, is and always will remain hers. He could love no one else but Madhu. This was their junoon and their passion. This is why we love them. Madhu unveiling Ria's truth before the media and the woman's association was also one of the best scenes of the fortnight. Madhu's presence of mind making two copies of the CD which Ria tried to steal was commendable. With Ria going to Jail and RishBala getting back finally together, viewers got back to watching the show.

The first week was a utterly bakwaas episode...because the CVs tried to show how RK found solace in a girl...apart from his wife...which is something everyone felt disgusted with...but the end of the week and the beginning of the Christmas week brought new hopes, with Ria's plan's ka PARDAPHAASH and then the entry of RK's lookalike KRK!  

Alright, so KRK brought in light-hearted comedy...on his very first it his NAAGIN dance...or his love for milk...OR his bhakti for bajrangbali... Naive KRK won all attention...and he looked completely adorable...

Secondly, KRK meeting Mrs. Rishabh Kundra for the first time...and his heart singing "Haule Haule Ho Jayega Pyaar..." That was completely hilarious...NOT to forget, VD's yummilicious expressions...god! 

Pics: BeautyForAshes

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There are actually TWO moments that make it to my list this week ...  

> Ria ka drama .

Oh man.. that was one real shocker moment when RK was trapped by Ria ..who accused him of molesting her.. ala Aitraz  style..! Seriously i almost broke down thinking RK will again be chakki peesing but boy.. Madhu saved the day in style! Still Ria made me totally hold my head in despair! Angry

> KRK ka hungama

Holy OMG Shocked my jaw hit the floor seeing my RK .. my Right Kameena dance on the band tone.! In fact i thot this was some dream.. n well sadly it was not..! But then.. when i found out this was some gaon ka chora.. here to help Bhujang in his sinister plans..i was even more shocked.. coz KRK looks exactly like RK..!God help Rishbala!

Week 16th December-21st December

Yeh meri nahi, tumhari nahi, hamari zindagi ka sawal hai, hamare rishte ka sawal hai...Dyan se kahin hum haar na jayein

woot woot again
Madhubala Rishabh kundra. Honestly I hated when RK said to Madhu to live his own life and let him live his own, I was like now where this came from, how can this be possible when we and they also know that they are ONE. and Madhu reminded him for the same.

Aapki zindagi mein sabse oocha stardam nahi hai cheif, aapke superstar ka status, sabse keemti cheej hai, aapki zindagi mein bhabhi ji. 

Bhabhi ji ko kho denge aap, kangaal ho jayenge

OMG Bittuji never fails to amaze me. Lagta hai RK made him perfect for delivering dialoguesLOL So true seems that RK forgot this. RK was always jealous seeing Madhu's sucess and we all saw that, so we cant deny. But bittu ji showed him the mirror that for RK the stardom is not at all important, for RK only one thing is important in his life and that is Madhubala.

Meri zindagi mein tumse badkar aur kuch bhi nahi...Mein khud bhi nahi

Well whatever RK does, but this will be always the truth that for RK no one is more important then his Madhu. Loved the honesty which he showed while saying this dialogue.

Week 23rd December-27th December

Parde se bahut sundar lagti ho, asal zindagi mein

ROFL KRK baaji maar gaya...Hayeee the way he was getting lattoo on RK's BIWI was to watch, his expressions and in the last this dialogue which can make you have a smile on your faceEmbarrassed

Guess even the PH knew that it was the 75th edition of the NL and hence decided to shower on us the most beautiful color of love... pink ..aka the color of Rishbala! Embarrassed 

A passionate start..

A bit of chasing around ...

Thode se golgappe..

A bit of chuski ..

& hatho me hath ..chale Rishbala sath ..

EPICNESS! Day Dreaming

Well ...jab punchlines ki ho baat to well...RK ka hi to ayega naam. 

'Anarkali, humari mohabbat ke pagl-e-azam aa gaye hain' -RK

LMAO hilarious as usual LOL the way RK taunted Bittu for always interrupting Rishbala was super fun to watch!


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(For  16th-20th Dec Episodes not including maha episode for Star of the week section)Has to be Madhu she's back in her jungle billi avatar after a long time,love how she pretend to be drunk in order to teach rk a lesson.RK too,he understood Madhu this time and agreed that he's wrong,after the MC track first time RK has shown truly how he only cares for madhu and no one else is more important to him than her and her love.Happy with rishabala's re-union as they both are taking steps ahead to amend their mistakes and want to keep their relation safe.


Well who can be?any guesses I don't think there's a need to guess we all know our KRK,love love love him,what a refreshing change he has brought to MB,love KRK.

Week 16th December-21st December

Madhu she looked good in Saree during Jagrata. 

Week 23rd December-27th December

Ermm.. There is none for this section particular I feel all were kinds dressed okayish!Ermm

Aur kaun Ouch mera cute kameena .. u know na.. my RIGHT KAMEENA Wink RK ..! 

First getting trapped by Ria in her devious plans...and then ending up in prison again..! And now with the re-entry of Bhujang.. a new rival called KRK has emerged and is ready to once again eclipse my RKs life..! Cry Cry  These CVs.. jab dekho tab.. RK ke peeche pade rehte hain! Unhappy

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Week 16th December-21st December

Not a single episodes were watchable from 16th- 20th Dec I feel. Ria's stupid drama was extremely torturous Dead her character crossed all limits of stopping low same goes for RK he behaved like a jerk he didn't trust his wife he was so confident on his new found friendship Wacko . So 16th-20th Dec ratings would be 0/5 . 

Week 23rd December-27th December

Again the beginning of the week was worst! Horrible! CRAP! Riya's stupid drama of  claiming that RK molesting her Dead Again asusal RK just said sorry & Madhu forgaved him? Cv's totally degraded Madhu's character since a month almost the way behaved with her for his so-called friend & she forgived him so easily. This is totally not done Cv's Angry Only Wednesday i.e 25th December episode was good after ages we had a good RishBala moment, 26th-27th were a little funny episode we viewers sincerely need a break from negativity. Only for Gulabi song sequence I would give 2/5 .

   I predict that Bhujang's men might kidnap RK & replace him with KRK in RK Mansion . This will happen as soon as RK realises that someone is doing something wrong using his name . 

  So KRK will replace RK in RK Mansion . in beginning Madhu will not realise . But soon she will realise that he is behaving viered . Madhu will catch KRK's truth . KRK might help Madhu in searching RK . KRK also might fight with Bhujang . In the end KRK will turn positive for Rishabala . 

    I also predict that Pabbo might be behind all this . May be she might have give supari to Bhujang to separate Madhu - RK . So after this Track we might see Pabbo's truth coming out . So it might be pack up time for Pabbo . 

      After this track Madhu's question of RK believing her will also get solved . So Trust will win when Madhu's character will come under question . 

Week 16th December-21st December 

"I want to do a film like Fashion" - Drashti Dhami

Bubbly and talented Drashti Dhami talks about her Bollywood dreams and what kind of roles she wants to play in films...


The very talented actress Drashti Dhamifamously known as the Madhubala of the small screen has lot of dreams on making it big into the Bollywood.

Drashti is very much keen on acting in films as she says, "Yes, I want to work in movies and I hope it happens soon."

Comments 561 Comments  |  20062 Views User Ratings : Rating(432 Votes)


 Week 23rd December-27th December  

Sorry guys no new Article for this week


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From 17-21 December

by saher_90 (40 Likes)

From 22-29 December

by rishbalalover (43 Likes)

From 17-21 December

From 22-29 December

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 7:28am | IP Logged


Thanks for bringing our jungle billi back and thanks for making rk realize his mistakes.


Thanks for ending ria's track so soon and I request that she must not come back and may the KRK track last long and very long BUT!!!!! Please don't spoil rishabala or their romance ,small fights and rifts are acceptable but no extreme humiliation or anything senseless please cvs,last two krk episodes were super rocking hope the whole track remain like that.


16th-20th December

by rg0782

by bookworm

by book.worm

by kg15

23rd - 27th Dec



by VinuRox

by book.worm


by -Ronnie-

by book.worm

16th-20th December

Madhu -Riya scene the way both challenged , I didn't understand why suddenly Madhu gave her bangles to Riya when she asking for something else. How did RK came to know about Ria's injury ? 

23rd - 27th Dec

CCTV footage  Man does RK Mansion have CCTV cameras in every single room of their houseROFL No wonder why RK got shy on SR & took her to studioROFL
Bhujang was Sultan's enemy but suddenly how he became RK's enemy Shocked . 

KRK drooling on madhu , sorry but eyeing a married woman seriously Stern Smile

I think all of KRK scenes were full of blooper LOL

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