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Mayur FF-Dil Ke Naazuk Dhaage#3 Pt-73/Pg-142

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2013 at 12:08pm | IP Logged

Hello Friends...

God..I can't believe I had opened the third thread of my FF...

Thank you so much for all your love and support..
I literally want to thank each of my reader ,silent reader for loving me and this ff..I will try my best o give my best to you thanks a lot guys.

Banner Credit goes to :Meee

Credit of the story goes to -MohanKiMeera-(person behind the main concept of this story)
who is my in

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Dil Ke Naazuk Dhaage

Part 48

Gunjan :Hy Nupsie kya haal hain..saying she grabbed a chair infront of  her table sitting in her cabin..but Nupur wasn't in mood to be in very  much jolly...she just said,"Thik hoon Gunjan.."

Gunjan teased her,"Kya baat hain..pati ke bina biwi ke haal behaal jaan you missing jiju..".She just simply nodded her head while Gunjan got up from her chair and went upto her, and said while hugging her " darling...Jiju to bass kuch dino ke liye gaye  hain..but lagta hain meri dost ko unki pal bhar ki judaai bhi pasand nahi  hain.."

Nupur:Aisa kuch nahi hain Gnjie...

Gunjan:Kisse jhoot keh rahi hain mujhe ya apne app ko saaf saaf chehre per dikh raha hain tere...chal ab...

Nupur:Nahi yaar mujhe kahin nahi jana...mann nahi hain...

Gunjan:Niche waale restraunt mein lunch kerne bhi nahi janaa...

Nupur:Gunjieie... and makes a puppy dog face but Gunjan wasn't ready to hear anything and said,"Bas..bahut hua.thoda sa to chehra apna bright ker verna jab jiju wapis aayenge mujhe kahenge ki tumne do din mein meri biwi ki kya halat bana di..ab chal..." saying she took her hand  and grabbed her out of the cabin.

Later,Nupur was working in her office when she received a phone call.After attending the call she felt more dispersed..and thought Why god does always do this to me  why ..Kya bigada hain mene aapka...Oh no...ab mein Mayank se kese mill paungi...I am feeling ki mere aur Mayank ek beech mein koi bahut badi saazish kari jaa rahi hain that is why not even God is ready to make us meet..Ab Chandigarh ki meeting ke liye jana hoga vo bhi do din..aur Mayank kal wapis aa rahe hain...Kya kismat hain meri...uff.!! Mein mill bhi nahi paaungi unse...

She came home and packed her bags informing abut her meeting to Shipa ji and said,"Maa mein do din mein aa jaungi aap apna khayal rakhna..aur kal Mayank aa hi".

Shilpa Ji:Haan uski chinta na ker..uska khayal mein rakh lungi..lekin agar ye meeting postpone ho jaati to kam s kam tu Mayank se mill leti..

Nupur:Mein bhi yahi chahti hoon Maa but meeting bahut important hain..postpone nahi ho sakti..

Shilpa ji:Don't worry beta tumne suna hoga hi sabr karo sabr ka phal meetha hota hain..paitence my child...

Nupur taking her blessings from her drove to airport to catch the flight
to Delhi and than from there she have to grab taxi for Chandigarh...She was sitting on the plane..seeing outside but with sad expression she wishes to be the first person to greet him when he'll be returning from his work..will be the first person to hug him and welcome him back home..but alas..!! her destiny...!!! She sighed a high breath and closes her eyes to relax a bit as in three hours she will be landing down .She land down on Delhi airport and came out A cab was already waiting forher to escort her to Chandigarh..coming out of airport she felt someone is watching her..she turn her head around to glance but found noone and plus there was much crowd so she even can't detect who was watching her was it was just her illusion.She took her seat inside the car and soon she was drove to Chandigarh..

She sighed her breath thinking another five hours journey..and than two days and again few hours journey and after that she will get chance to see her Mayank..she mentally calculated how much time will it take for her to see Mayank..and more she count more she got depressed as now it was getting very difficult for her to stay a second without him ,for the first time after marriage he is away from her and now this universe is playing games with her ..

It was alomost evening when she reached at the hotel.Her room was
already booked..she departed into her room had placed her luggage when she received the message that a introductory meeting is there in half an hour.not giving her chance to even glance at the room.She quickly changes herself took some refreshments and headed towards the conference room where meeting to started in no sooner time.As she reached there she probably gussesd she is the last one to arrive as first of all everyone were looking at her making her a nervous a bit and secondly there was only a seat empty left and rest were filled indicating that it was left empty for she should grab it without making more second waste...

She sat on her chair..not able to see the person who was standing there to give the presentation...she was flipping pages of her file when she heard a very familiar voice stating,"Ladies and Gentlemen without delaying we should tsart the meeting...".

She instantly raised her head seeing the face of person delivering this speech confirming what her ears had analysed is true what her eyes her seeing and yes she was right..she was absolutely right...A smile touched her lips...when she saw him delivering speech not meeting her eyes as he knew if by mistake he saw her than would probably forget about the meeting and will lost himself on her...where Nupur was very much effected with this surprise and wondered was all this was his 
plan if so..than she was pleasently very happy...she was thinking she won't able to see him for more two days and here he is standing infront of her delivering the presentation the man of her life..her
husband her Mayank.Her all attention was on him rather on her heart was saying,"Bhaad mein jaaye meeting first check-out your handsome hunk husband "

Here he purposely didn't let his eyes travels to hers in order to irritate  her.And he was actually getting successfull in it.He loves to irriatate her,she makes such a cute face and since they are in meeting she had keep all this within herself and this was certainly highly difficult for her
to bear his on-purpose ignorance,was muttering to herself,"Samjhta kya hain apne aap ko..mujhe pata hain jaan-boojh ker mujhe nahi dekh
raha pata nahi kya mazaa ataa hain isse biwi ko aise sataane mein...Sadu
kahin ka..".She was cursing him but still adoring him,"Aisa kyu lag raha
hain he changed a bit in these two days...ya fir mein kuch alag view se
aaj Mayank ko dekh rahi hoon...Uski smile...he never knows jab vo
smile kerta hain to uske cheek per small small se dimple padd jaate hain
making more cute than before and made me compell to fall on to smile bhi keso killer de rahe hain aaj..thankfully
meeting mein bas mein hoon in terms of females baaki sab budhhue
gents hain...verna pata nahi kon si maharani mere pati per dore daalti...God ye meeting kab khatam hogi aur kab mein Mayank se 
milungi..kya isko koi farak nahi padd raha ,busy giving the presentation.."She was making faces and eagarly waiting for the meeting to get over..may be god was listening to her each demand today as soon within few minutes the meeting got wrap up...She purposely kept on sitting over there so that let everyone move out the 
room and she could greet her sadu husband properly and with that she made an attempt saying,"Mr.Sharma I need to discuss few clause with you..".

Mayank smirks to her and said,"Sure Mrs.Sharma.."

Gradually the room gets emptied leaving Mayank standing near the board and Nupur sitting on the chair,they were hardly 8 steps away from each other...but still it seems like it would take ages from them to cover that,both of them were still at there position no one taking any step to move forward infact Mayank was glancing her intimately where Nupur was playing with her fingers lowering her eyes not taking an effort to put them aboove and make an attempt to see the man tanding infront of her watching her...she took a large breath when she found the footsteps coming near to her..and no sooner a breath was falling on her hair in shyness she lowered her face more..but still that breath falls on her..slowly two hands came up and encircle around her chair blocking her to move furthur,she could sense his smile but still couldn't able to gather up courage to look at him don't know what was restricting her,where a sly smile appears on his face..and he lowers his face more so that could get glimse of her eyes...he raised his one hand and put two of his finger's below her chin pushing them upwards so that his eyes could contact with hers.

The touch of his skin on her chin had already brought goosebumps on her body making her lips to quiver a bit..she close her eyes in anticipation when she felt his breath to fall on her face and few whispering words escaped from his mouth,"Haan to kya baat kerni aapko mujhse Mrs.Sharma".His voice half filled with intense whisper half filled teasing...But her condition was in shivering her lips were trembling and her eyes were closed she stammer a bit,"Vo...vo..Mu..muj..mujhe...".He neared more to her and whispered almost audible to her heart,"Open your eyes Nupur.."She felt as she is listening her name from his mouth after ages and felt so good to her ears,she opened her eyes but he saw some moistness in them and realized that she is being emotional and soon this moistness will fill her eyes making water droplets to fall from them and to prevent all this he instantly hold her shoulder making her stand and asked in concerned filled voice,"Kya hua Nupur...???".After hearing her name from his mouth she couldn't control herself and all her emotions which she had hold back started forming in her eyes.She negatively nodded her head  and touched his hands which were resting on her cheek and asked in emotional filled voice,"Kese ho tum ...!!!".

He knew how she  must be feeling infact he too is going through the same..he thought of answering  her in much better way and thus without waiting for any permission and time he immediately pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly making a firm grip on her waist which partly touching her skin and partly resting on her hair..whereshe also clutched him tightly to feel that he is here...she closed her eyes to reliaze his presence with her...they hugged each other to realize that they are actually being with each other after seperation of around 60 hours and that to hav just seen but through virtual layers of window and now they can feel the touch the presence of each other.

Mayank's heart was pouncing very loudly...he broke the hugg seeing the face of
that person who has taken his night sleep ,who though soundly sleep besides him putting her hand around him making him enable to even blink his eyes and sometimes his heart compell him to watch her like this whole also his heart was just in wait to see her to take
her in his arms...he want to follow his heart today want to cross every boundaries with her ,for her...he cupped her face with one hand while
other was still resting on her waist...she felt goosbumps in her body...when with slight pull he made her to look at him...he intently was looking at her...brining himself close to her...his eyes drops on her trembling lips making him go in desire to touch those petals and 
feels them on his...he went very near to her..such his nose was almost brushing to her where his breath was falling on her trembling lips making them to tremble more ...she clutched her pallu in her fist as guessing what is coming next and moreover she didn't want to stop him neither was doing any attempt of it.

Hope you like it
I am still updating as didn't get reply from MODs

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Originally posted by sreevijayan


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Awsime. Continue sion. Beautiful

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Originally posted by mayuloveu

Awsime. Continue sion. Beautiful

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shafffyyy..who stops right here... ur such a... gandi bachi...

wonderful update

congrats for new thread u deserved it

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