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"Every meeting led to a parting, and so it would, as long as life was mortal. In every meeting there was some of the sorrow of parting, but in everything parting there was some of the joy of meeting as well."- Cassandra Clare


It has come way too soon, this moment of parting. The love story of Raghu and Antara, which we lived, loved and dreamed of for a little over six months, is now bidding us adieu, and it is a very emotional moment for all of us here. Nikita Sharma and Ayaz Ahmed, the two vibrant, young actors who are the faces of Do Dil Ek Jaan, made us fall in love with the characters of Raghu and Antara, with their talent and sincere portrayal. We have enjoyed their fights, laughed when they laughed, cried when they cried, and our hearts fluttered when they had their romantic moments. Not just Raghu and Antara, these young actors have made us fall in love with their off-screen persona as well, with their friendship, their smiles, their cheerfulness and playfulness.

We might not have got the closure we wanted for this story, but RaNtara's love story will live in our hearts forever. We'll keep Raghu and Antara alive in ourselves. Let's not lament our loss, but let us relive all those lovely moments that made us fall in love with these innocent love birds again and again.


Share with us your wishes for the actors, what attracted you to this story and your best RaNtara/NiYaz moments.

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A King who had no crown!!

He was ruthless; he fell from the sky and beat the hell out of the devils just like an angel. He was observant, he noticed a stranger girl getting hurt amidst the battleground. He was kind, he went to that stranger girl's window to return her brother's bat though that girl bad mouthed him. He was concerned, thinking that the girl would get hurt again. He was angry, when that girl doubted his good deeds. He was shocked, when he realized that he was wrong. For the first time, his heart was questioning his mind. He was tired of bearing that hard outer shell of his. He wanted to see his real self for once. And he got that chance too. He saw himself in new light when he saved that girl and her brother. He enjoyed that feeling when someone trusted him. He found pleasure when that enemy girl rested her head on his shoulder. He became playful over a mouse. He started to smile. He gave himself the right to call her Miss Kaul'. For the first time in his entire life, he felt a desire to look at a girl's face for so long time, he cared for that girl so much that he didn't let a single raindrop fell on her. He didn't even know from when she mattered so much for him that her safety came before his own word. He kicked her off his place and he himself brought her back. He didn't think that what people would think of him. He just did what he thought was right. Basti ka raja started to change.

Then a major turn came in his life. Miss Kaul was planning to leave him and that seemed unbearable to him. A realization hit him that her mere existence had become a necessity to him. Her taunts, her egoistic behavior, her fights, her misunderstanding, her hatred had become a part of his life and he was unable to live without all of these now. He did not understand this kind of weird need of him. He was restless and confused .He brought so many lame excuses to prevent her from leaving and ultimately he succeeded. His need of Miss Kaul became so important for him that unknowingly he connected himself with her personal life. He felt the urgency to save that girl's mother just like his mother. After so many years of his lonely childhood, he began to search for that peace which he never got when her mother died. He found a new reason of his life. To protect Miss Kaul's family. His consistent fights because of the clashes between their principles continued, making him even more eager to understand her. His desire to connect himself with her sometimes resulted in to disaster but he didn't stop.

They got lost in to a jungle but wasn't it symbolic?? His mind was clueless that why he was attracted to this Miss Kaul who never failed to make him pissed off, why he forgave her so easily when she talked about his upbringing so rudely, why he always had an urge to protect her, why he was hurt when she rejected his money, why he wanted to gain Bharosa from her. He was actually lost. He got to know that his Miss Kaul liked his music and unlike any other person he hide it. He was very uncomfortable that someone liked a part of his. He was shy to admit that there was something good in him. He was not ready then to accept happiness in his life and then a huge twist came in his life. He made a mistake. He hurt her. And seeing her hurt, he was devastated.

He started to open up and he initiated it by telling her sorry in the world's cutest way. Who can forget that moment when he jumped off a cliff to rectify his mistake?? Her forgiveness became his obligatory need to live. His silent plead with his eyes in dargah, his guilt of bringing tears in her eyes-everything was indicating toward something and we all know what that was. It was their friendship. His letter reading to Mrs. Kaul was the most honest thing that could be done by him and that also without any greed of her forgiveness. Who won't melt at this gesture?? She did and she accepted his friendship unknowingly. His honesty, his emotional support to get rid of her grief was mind boggling to her. He slowly and gradually gained her trust. He became her saaya. Every problem she had, he was the magical solution. Let it be Noor Apa's Shaadi, little bro's admission or her own need to talk to her father in the middle of the night-he was always there. And then ...

Absence made their heart go fonder. A single day's separation made both of them crazy for each other and that night became so memorable for him when Miss Kaul came to him running in the middle of the road at midnight. That day something changed in Raghunath Naik. He realized that he was not alone. Someone had become completely dependent on him emotionally. He vowed to never leave her alone and he kept his promise till the end.

At this stage we all came to know another face of Raghu. A person who gave him a balcony in the name of shelter, who didn't even permit him sitting in the same level of her, who showed her false kindness only in return of his hard work for her empire, became God to him. He was a person who will return an ocean of love if any one showered a single gesture of kindness to him. He did never question why he was not given a single room in that house, why he was not sent to school where her own son was sent to abroad for higher studies. He did not want to know all of these. He was happy with his life and he never left a single chance to show his gratitude to that lady for whom he was just a pawn. A mother would do anything to get such a son and he did not even acknowledge the fact that what a wonderful man he was!!!

But that person whom he worshipped started to make mistakes and he was struggling to accept that. That time his Miss Kaul stood by his side, to pacify him, to make understand that it's ok to have different opinion with your elders. That didn't mean that you were disloyal. He opened his heart in front of her. He started to see his best friend in her. Her protection became his passion. Who won't adore that Raghu who used to watch out the car number in to which she was riding?? Who won't fall for that worried friend who sent his men behind Miss Kaul when she was shopping?? His every move, every thought and every gesture was only about her. He was completely drowning in to that girl who was slowly emerging in to him in turn. And then...

His entire life changed. He removed the last veil that was hiding his heart from his Miss Kaul. Because he realized that she had already entered there chup ke se!! He understood his own action why he was so mesmerized when she was walking toward him in nargis's wedding, why he was so worried when her dori got opened, why he was always acting over possessive about her. He realized that at last the thing for which everyone waits for their entire life had come to him. It's love. He fell for his best friend. His childlike excitement, his innocence of first love and his honesty in their confession was the most memorable thing of this show. How fantabulous was that moment when he said that he would always be there when she would see, whatever song she would be humming, he would play it, he would be always with her no matter what!!! And after that, their pyaar ki dastaan began.

Though their love phage was much shorter than their other phases, but wasn't it something?? Raghu's hatred for Sattya could not make him enough upset not to enjoy his new new love. Their dream of togetherness forever, their purity, their desire to become more intimate was so natural that, it made all of us drooling on them, feel them and live them. Who can forget Raghu's prank to make Antara scared that she was rejected, his kiss on her forehead, his wish to get the same from her, her first cheek kiss and their first intimate moment in dandiya night-wasn't Raghu dreaming a normal life here with his beloved?? He never wanted anything special in his life. Whatever he got in his life, he earned it. And if any obstacle came in his path, he fought with that force. But sometimes, even best men have to suffer the worst. The truth came out and that put his life completely upside down when happiness was just about to put its first step in his life.

He was devastated. It was eating him from inside that he was the reason of the biggest grief of his Miss Kaul. Unknowingly he was the destroyer of her life. He felt tremendous guilt. And that vulnerable moment played a strange game with him. That moment a seed was planted which would give birth of the fruit of their togetherness again. They got separated, hurt in the worst way, felt betrayed, gave pain and tried hatred but all the attempts fell flat because fate already had bound them by an unbreakable bond. That bond was their child. Neither Raghu nor his Miss Kaul could ever un-love each other, they pinned for the one day when they would be together again. They didn't know when the day would come but they had a tiny hope at the corner of their heart that the day would definitely come and that would be their day. Raghu was bruised so badly but still he never had any doubt about his Miss Kaul's intention. And his trust won. They were at last together. They had a beautiful baby boy with whom they had planned to spend their whole life. Unfortunately they could not fulfill all of their plans directly. But they will do it from heaven. They are now enjoying their eternal love and will always remain in our mind as ever green couple.

As a viewer I thoroughly enjoyed Rantara and I have no regret that I chose this show out of hundreds of shows on tv because this gave me laughter through Raghu's brilliant one liners, made me feel his pain, made me cry and smile with him and made me blush with his dangerously romantic behavior. As a character, Raghunath Naik was an epitome of imperfection but still he was perfect. His transition from a ruthless gunda to a sensible well wisher to a loyal friend to a passionate lover and to a caring father- was sheer brilliance. He was a king who didn't  have any crown but had all the qualities of being a king who stole all our hearts with his innocence, love, care and loyalty. I don't want to cry on what I didn't get in the story; but what I got-these are enough to cherish for life time.

Last but not the least, Hats off to Ayaz Ahmed for giving us this wonderful character in such a  fantastic manner. His acting, his voice, his emoting and his attitude gave the soul to Raghu's character. Raghu would not have been so enjoyable if Ayaz Ahmed didn't play it. Thank you Ayaz!!! We respect you and we wish you a very best level of luck in our life and career where may God give you all the success that you deserve. Love you!!!


A daughter, A lover and A mother

She was a Daddy's princess whose upbringing was spotless. Her life was like a fairytale surrounded by her beloved ones. She got love, support, care and a lot of principles. She was brave enough to sing in a concert despite of being threatened. She was in perfect shape in her life unless a parcel arrived in her doorstep. It snatched everything from her. She lost the person whom she loved the most, her father. She lost the person who used to nurture her, her mother. Earth's heaven brought hell on earth for Antara Kaul. She was clueless, alone and angry on her fate that why this happened to her. She didn't know who did that to her family, but one thing she definitely knew-she hated that person who destroyed her everything.


She moved to a new city to start fresh, but as soon as she arrived there she realized that life is not so easy. She fell in the middle of a battle and a stranger saved her. She even saw a glimpse of him through a broken window. He was looking straight in her eyes as if he was trying to reach her soul. She was disturbed by that look. She tried hard to avoid him but every circumstances were directing her toward HIM only. Let it be her sandel or Ishaan's bat or that broken window. To her, he was arrogant, mysterious, rude and selfish. Who said him to run behind Ishaan, didn't it appear to him that he was scaring Ishaan even more by doing that?? She was brave enough to protest against what she thought was wrong. She slapped that king of basti without caring that what would happen after that to her family. She was unable to compromise her principles which her father taught him. She trusted on one thing-if you are right, then you don't have to be punished and she thought she had done nothing wrong. But still she had to see her family suffer. She was getting angry, a fire was burning inside her to teach a lesson to that Gunda. But she was stopping herself just for her family. But one day that patience broke. She left that place with her family because she couldn't take the injustice any more. She was a free bird and that place was caging her. Then there came a major turn...


She felt danger and a savior came to her rescue. He was none other than Raghunath Naik, that king of basti whom she hated to the core. She was surprised that he saved her brother too. He ensured her family's protection. He got injured to save her. He was irritating, taunting her for being man less in her life, always trying to control her moves but in the end of the day, he was always caring for her. She was surprised that he left a samosa for her in their garage night. She doubted him of his intention when he brought her in the car when rain came but wasn't it her guilt for misunderstanding him that lead her to save his life when he was going to stabbed?? She was worried for his life and she was hesitant to say it.


He was unable to aid his injury because his hand was not reaching the wound and it made HER restless. She was pulling her hair off to understand him when he was doing everything to stop her leaving. She was relieved to see him in different light when he was helping her mother. But she was a hard nut to crack. It was very difficult to reach her heart unless something big happened. And that BIG happened. She talked bad about his upbringing unknowing the truth and that was the first break in that hard nut. She felt guilty. She tried her best to rectify her mistake and she was happy to see him melting slowly. Then BAAMMM!! He did something that made her angry again and she got lost with him again. This time-in a jungle!!!


He took care of her even if she didn't want that. He was trying his best to give her comfort, even he broke her fast without her permission. What an arrogant creature!!! First you hurt someone, then you care for her!! What kind of attitude was that?? It was becoming hard for her to resist her need to talk with him, to open a bit to him and she did it. She shared a secret with him. Her secret fantasy about an unknown mouth organ player, whose music used to make her sleep in peace since the day of her arrival in this crowded city. The passion in her voice about that stranger, the urge to know him once; was overwhelming. She acknowledged her interest to that man very clearly and she was expecting  some query from Raghu but he was surprisingly silent. Why?? She started to be easy with him just then and he snatched that ease again by hitting her in the most vulnerable point. He talked about her father's death so rudely. It broke her heart again. She tried to detach herself from him even if he said sorry numerous times. She was taking a break from this cruel world who didn't understand her need to hold her father's principles. But Raghunath Naik didn't let her get that privacy. He appeared and hurt her in a new way, by throwing her last possession of her father. She was furious, mad and completely broken. She accused him of snatching everything from her. She never imagined what would happen then...


He came and handled her sick mother in such a beautifully emotional way that she had no way other than forgiving him. He earned her friendship. She unknowingly started to open her heart to him. She shared her grief, her need to talk to someone about her loss with him. He psychologically treated her to let her pain go away, even if it was the most weirdest way, even if it was in the middle of the night-he was always there for her. And it mesmerized her. She started to smile again. She felt ok for the first time after her father's departure.


She started noticing his actions and reactions. His unexplained attention to her, his tension when her dori opened, his consistent attempts to make her relaxed was making her really happy. She was enjoying his friendship and then she realized that it was time to make him happy also. He was confused, angry on himself, restless that he could no longer able to agree with his foster mother whom he considered his God. This time she came to pacify him. She made him understand that it's ok. He would not be disloyal if he disagreed to his mother. His over possessiveness sometimes irritated her. She was not a child who could not take care of her but still she felt secured in his presence. It made her feel protected to see him always as her and her family's guardian. His every word became the last word for her. And then something happened that changed everything...


Hero hai, humara friend!! Par usse pata kaise chalta hai ke hum problem mein hai?? Kuch to lagta hai humara!!!- She realized that she had found that person whom her father used to talk. Antara had found her Mukhda. He will complete her music. And after that who can ever forget that night when Antara was blushing like hell even seeing his face, even hearing his voice, she could not even look in to his eyes. She fell in love with him. Her innocence, her happiness of being loved by a wonderful man was worth watching. She was growing each day as a lover, as an admirer and as a human being. She was emerging into that mouth organ player who was showering love on her and reversal. She was shy enough to initiate any bold move but bold enough not to disappointing him. He became her gold coin. When he was happy, she life used to smile; when he was sad, her breathing stopped. She started to dream her life with HIM only!! Her every reason of smile and cry became only HIM. And Then, a storm hit her life!!!


She came to know that he killed her father. She got heart broken. How could he hide this big fact from her?? She felt that she had done a huge mistake by loving her father's killer. She wanted to rectify her mistake, she wanted to gain her loyalty again to her father. And to do that, she made another mistake. She chose the biggest enemy of Raghu to hurt him the most. She thought that it might be the best way to punish Raghu who would never be able to be happy when she would be staying at the same house as the wife of his enemy. She tried so hard to hate him, to give him pain in the worst way, to make him feel guilty and above all to separate herself from him. Even in this situation, her only reason of living was related to Raghu only. She repeatedly reminded herself that how much love Raghu gave her so that she could never forget the gravity of deception he gave her. She did every thing that would extract  every last fiber of happiness from Raghu as well as from her, but she failed to do that. She could not stop herself to run to his rescue when he was drinking poison. She shed all of her inhibitions to make him safe. She gave him a new reason to live and that was hatred for herself. But fate could not bear their separation any more. They reunited and the reason was the most strongest thing they have ever encountered. It was their baby. It was Raghu's love that was growing in Antara's womb. And at last their urge for eternal togetherness won over evil. They are together now. And they are happy!!!


I have hardly seen such a strong female lead in Indian Tv like Antara Kaul. Her principles, her firm decisions, her boldness, her fierce loyalty to her father, her inner turmoil about accepting her love, her feelings for her new born child for whom she died-every thing was drool worthy. She never bowed her head in front of any one. She was not a typical daughter who got chance to live in the shadow of her parents ; instead she became a shadow for her family. She was not a typical lover who would shy even to come to her lover, she was damn courageous and sometimes initiator. She was not a typical bahu who would dance on her MIL's words; she was brave enough to call police so that the evil got captured. She was bold enough to say it clearly to everyone that no one could ever raise that feeling in her that was raised by Raghu even when she was in her hating spree. She was unique and marvelous!!! This character was a jewel for me and I will always remember Raghu's Miss Kaul who had no fear.


I want to thank Nikita Sharma for portraying Antara Kaul with such perfection!!! She grew as an actor everyday as Antara grew as a character everyday. Her voice, her smile, her classy look and her innocence in acting was mesmerizing. Thank you Niki!!! You are awesome and beautiful. I will miss your that style of tilting head in one side. No one can do that with such poise as you do. I hope you a lot of success in your life. You may shine and spread that fire of your awesomeness everywhere. Love you!!  


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He was the most significant person in the story, the catalyst that driven the whole family to Mumbai and the main reason why Antara was in conflict with her love. Wish this story would have explored further.

Antara's Mom, was immensely in love with her husband, so much so that she couldn't accept the truth that her husband died. I loved her interactions with Antara in the last episodes, every daughter's best friend, who didn't judge her for happened to her and accepted her love.

A loyal friend, a wonderful brother, the solid backbone that you need as a support in your life. He is soft at heart, can be a little slow at picking things up (i.e Rantara's attraction initially) but supported Rantara wholeheartedly even when they were recently at odds. I remember how he was a brother to Antara even before the Raksha bandhan, when MM felt so sorry for Antara after Raghu was shouting at her after her dance competition with Rasika. He knew Antara was a good girl and did try to look out for her. He invented Bubbly Aunty and provided good humor for DDEJ. MM could have used better later on, but alas, it was not be to. Jaskaran is seriously underrated as an actor, he is one talented guy. However, I remember reading an article on him, where he stated that sometimes you need luck and sometimes you have to come at the right time. How true he is. We will miss you as MM, Jaskaran, because surely I will not watch DDEJ after the leap, as DDEJ has ended for me with Rantara on Friday.

The small brother of Antara, the darling of Raghu, the little best friend of MM, the sweet angel in the Kaul household, such a sweet lovable character, was an indirect cupid for Rantara love story. He never believed Raghu to be bad, such little intuitives he had, he always convinced his big sister "Raghu is really nice, didi". I remember how Raghu came to help Ishaan for his maths, and got a teacher for him, he went up in the balcony and saw Antara there (rantara was learning dance from Aaji). Raghu was going to run away before Antara asked him anything and Ishaan goes "Didi!" Rofl, Raghu said "Jai ho teri behen ke bhaiya". And how can I forget, he was the one that made Antara realise that Raghu was the one made for her. Love you Ishaan!

I love this woman! She knew from the first day when she saw Raghu and Antara from her balcony, when Antara hurt her foot and Raghu helped her take out the sharp object from her foot, that there is a big attraction between these two. Instantly she wanted Antara as her DIL, because Antara was the right gal for her Chintu. Many times she brought Raghu and Antara closer together, she provided humor to our wonderful show, and many times she will tell MM "Don't use your brain too much" when it came to Rantara. My only sad thing about Aaji is that I wished she witness Rantara together, the main one who brought them together. Miss you Aaji!

The one person who knew Antara from childhood and was with her when her mom was ill, the one who didn't want to leave them even for her new relation, because things were not fine. A little ditzy but always believe in Raghu from the beginning.

Govind (Mammaji) - The one who hated Raghu, called him a loafer, I felt maybe contributed towards Antara's hatred against Raghu. But a true brother, helping his sister to recover. He was not explored very well, which was a shame, because I felt there was depth in his character related to Dr Kaul's family.

Such a sweetheart! Loved her from the beginning, always supporting her sister-in-law, taking full responsibility for Antara and Ishaan, and always spreading positivity for the welfare of others.

Ms More or less! The show was better off having just her as the vamp, she indirectly created situations for Rantara to get more closer together. I remember how she was shell shocked when Raghu went with Antara to the jungle. One good thing, she did care about Raghu, so she wasn't really that heartless, just when it came to killing, that was all DM's mind.

What to say about the character. From the moment he stepped in the dargah singing ali maula, the air around Do Dil Ek Jaan changed. Raghu and Antara's friendship began the very same day when Aman came into picture. Aman was a guy repenting for his past and he was praying to atone for his sins when his eyes caught Raghu who also happen to be there that day. Aman got the shock of his life as his past life caught up with him. no matter how hard he tried to run away from him or hide, his past always manage to catch up with him. Aman's past was entwined with Raghu and Antara's fate. Aman was the one responsible for bringing Raghu and Antara together and also who drove them away at the end. though he wanted to atone for his sins, he was captured by DayaMai herself who wanted to break raghu and make him a heartless pawn in her army. However, Aman being a trained ex-combat, ex-terrorist could not be up to match for the lady don DayaMai and was defeated time and again. he tried to escape again and again but always failed.  His end came he was threated to kill his family. He was compelled to tell the half-truth to Antara - the truth about her fathers' death. No matter how much he hated it, he did trusting DayaMai that she will spare his family. But then again he was proven wrong here. she double crossed him and stabbed him to death.

His character had great potential to give a great story. There was depth in his character but alas the makers failed to deliver it. Vineet Kumar's stint in the show is greatly appreciated no matter how small it was.

write-up: diva82 & Delena-cious

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The first time when Raghu's and Antara's eyes met across the broken window of the taxi, Raghu's hair was dripping wet and Antara, poor girl, shock after shock, coming to Mumbai, and experiencing the roughness of the city already, seeing this rugged handsome man for a brief moment before coming out of the taxi. For sure, the first time where they really saw each other was when Antara's window was broken and Raghu, his killer gaze not leaving her beautiful face, beats up a goon, mesmerized by this lovely lady. The eye lock was only broken when Antara'sMamaji called out to her. It was from here that us fans were hooked, wanting to see more, wondering how this gangster and a simple girl will fall in love, as we saw from the promos.

When Raghu returned the bat to Antara, Antara was scared out of her life because Raghu came so suddenly, but she realized he meant no harm, she took the bat tentatively, as if trying to understand the emotions that were inside of her, and wondering if she can trust him or not. She was crying that first night, the unknown city, and no father anymore as he was cruelly snatched from her, having to act in front of her mom that he is alive, tried and emotionally drained until she heard a sound, a music which soothed her fears and put her into a restful sleep. When Raghu found out she listens to his music every night, it was shocking to him because he had never expected such a compliment from Ms.Kaul. Ms.Kaul, the name he had given Antara in anger, to undermine her angrily, became his name for her in kindness, in friendship and ultimately in love.

Antara and Raghu used to hate each other bitterly, which I feel was initially driven by Antara's Mamaji. Antara is Ms Law binding, and Raghu is typical Mumbaikar, giving bribery here and there just to keep things small and being the Basti's Romeo Hood. Their intense hatred compelled Antara to call the police, making Raghu, the Bastigunda, arrested. Although Antara took her complaint back, it didn't stop there; Antara gave one tight slap to Raghu, which resounded around the whole basti. I remember, how fans were eager to see how the transition would change, we viewers were excited to see how far this hatred would go, when would it hit breaking point, and it did. With Ishaan running away, Raghu and Antara were running around fanatically looking for the small boy.

The breaking of Antara came when she realized she went too far with Raghu's upbringing. The poor girl was crying after what her Mami told her and felt so guilty. Immediately she wanted to go and apologize, make amends and just wanted to help aaji for the sake of it. Raghu knew deep down that Antara is a good girl but because his ego was badly bruised and a hurtful thing was said to him that he wasn't able to forgive her. Antara came to work for Aaji, very good scenes were played here, especially with the humorous touch of MM and Aaji. We viewers enjoyed some wonderful scenes here with very good supporting cast. The first time Raghu smiled for Antara was when he heard her sing, he was compelled to come down from his balcony and open the door of Aaji's bedroom, when Antara was singing. It was like Raghu was in a trance. And he played that very song in his Mouthorgan, after hearing it only once. How connected and in tune he was, unknowingly, to his MsKaul.


So many Mahi Tu moments when Raghu and Antara got lost in the jungle, starting from the jeep to the truck and right into the jungle! I remember how we died and went to heaven! It was such a superb week for us! That unforgettable dialogue of Raghu's "Trust me MsKaul, Trust me" and jumped off the truck! The start of the new BG song, NI NI SA SA- so exotic and intense. And that unforgettable song "nazar ke samne" in the jeep where MM was singing from the top of his throat, unknown to him that the two at the back wanted to bury themselves into the ground! Haha! And the breaking point of Raghu's finally came, when he hurt MsKaul to the core and had to do everything in his power to make things right. And he did, by getting Antara's tape recorder and making her mom happy.


The wonderful Rantara friendship! And as per Niyaz interviews it was more than just friendship, it started from Raghu giving Antara hope for her life in the Kalyan Mandap, telling her to release her emotions at the cliff, making Antara feel lighter and understand what she has in her life and how she can make it better for herself. And I remember how Antara wanted Raghu to talk about his mom, and to unblock his emotions from long ago. Antara found her friend in Raghu, and the next person whom she can rely on after her father. My favorite Maha episode was the one where Rantara were playing cupid and getting Noor appa and Arshad together. Raghu's famous poem, paankapatta, which we viewers used soo fondly and the way he said "I love u" that time to Antara! Uff! What style they had! And it was that very evening when Nikita (aka Antara) celebrated her birthday. We viewers thought, "yes we chose the right show, incredible chemistry, wonderful cast, how unique each plot was". I remember how we celebrated in the forum, the Mahitu and watching Rantara's almost hug at the end, so much positivity, and looking forward to so much more.


Their first dance sequence! How charming it was! I remember how Raghu looked at MsKaul, without taking his eyes off and dropped his car keys! How electrifying was that! We were on fire, we could feel our screens light up with heat! Someone get the fire brigade! Antara was alittle more composed, and gave him his keys, he took them without taking his eyes off. Antara, embarrassed by her dori opening, Raghu looking here and there. I still remember Nikita saying "I have got sexy back" and Ayaz looking at her as if she has gone mad! haha, but what a constrast Antara was, so shy, not wanting to show her back and Raghu not once taking his eyes of her face in the mirror opposite. It was a huge romantic moment for us then, how excited we were to see that. He used his childhood best friend to make her alittle jealous and when the jealously struck a cord with Antara, off she went flying to Raghu. We viewers were all cheering for Antara, feeling alittle jealous for her and wanting to pull Ruku's hair LOL, and what a wonderful dance sequence we saw. Nikita enjoyed pulling Ayaz's ear haha, she was getting back with all the manhandling but we could tell they were having fun and enjoying their characters. It was a start of their attraction, even if they didn't want to admit it, MrYeda and MsYedi.


MeraBhagvan!! Daya Mai!! Oh Raghu, what are you going to do now? Antara threw water at DAYAN! ROFL, haha, we loved watching that. Antara only backed down because she respected Raghu. Raghu started speaking his mind, being himself and DM couldn't stand it. DM tried her best to separate them, sent Aaji away and that too with Raghu, but what a treat we got, our first ever Rantara Hug!! How divine was that! Raghu and Antara talking to each other whilst hugging! You don't separate these two pious souls, if you try, the other will be pulled back like an elastic band. And Raghu opened up Antara finally about his mom, but before he could finish, Antara finished it for him. That's how much in tune she was to him.


Antara's realisation! How symbolic was it, with Ganeshji mandir near her whilst she was confessing to herself. I remembered how excited we all were, how Raghu walked slowly towards her and what a duffer he was!! haha. And when he realised, oh wow!! We were absolutely blown away by Raghu's confession! It was so simple, subtle, yet so beautiful. So pure and refreshing, yet so intense. This was one of the best love confession scenes ever seen on Indian TV. Each emotion, each dialogue, everything was perfect. From Raghu leading her on with the bits strewn along her way, his guiding her towards himself with his music, Antara's realization that the mouth organ was played by none other than Raghu, the man she lost her heart to! Her knowledge that it was him all along, who was there for her even without her knowing it... That he had taken it upon himself to never let her feel alone, to wash away all her pain, her loneliness in his music.

"Mere ko, in aankhon se, teri gustaakhiyon se, tere roothne manane se, tere ladne se, tere jhagadne se, tere akadne se, tere girpadke chalne se, teri gaaliyon se, teri muskurahat se, teri aansuon se... Raghunath Naik ko, pyaar ho gaya hai..."

What a beautiful line! And their smile, looking at each other, lost in each other's eyes, and then the hug! Antara was so overwhelmed and breathless by his confession. Loved how Raghu didn't hesitate before hugging her back this time. And the way he slowly closed his eyes, like he was savouring every moment he had his love in his arms! They both felt so fulfilled in each other's arms, and even we could feel their sense of completion!

They are in love! New new love!! The story in the promo has started. Antara realizing first, Raghu saying "Sabkuch" and now, both are soo happy. They want to be around each other, Raghu is no longer limit da gunda, I remember how excited we all were, when we saw that kitchen hug and how Raghu was flirting with her over the phone. That toe-ring, where he was admiring, still gives me butterflies in my stomach. And Raghu so cutely asked for a kiss. When his MsKaul so sweetly gave him a cheek kiss, Raghu was so shocked, he never expected it.

The Liplock scene. How we viewers screamed day and night to get is fully aired and finally the production house responded that they will give the extended version of the kiss. However, it was soo charming how Raghu told her after their first fight, "if you want to make it up, then do what you can't do with someone else". Antara knew what is was, and when she gave it, it was the sweetest kiss I had ever seen, and how they both were lost in their own world.

The Public Hug! I just loved how Antara jumped into Raghu's arms in front of everyone, especially after DM announced that Antara will marry Raghu. MM playing his drums! Everyone laughing, singing and clapping their hands... How Raghu won over Antara's Mamaji, telling him that Mskaul means everything to me, she is his life. And their balcony scene after that, where both were so happy and oblivious to what was going to hit them. My heart was squeezed tight, just as I am sure we all were, watching that pure innocent romance one last time. Passionate, yet so pure...

The cruel cruel fate! Raghu was so shattered! His world was turned upside down. No Raghu you didn't kill him. You really didn't. But the poor guy, he had no one in his life before, Antara was like a rare of sunshine, his love and how cruel that DAYAN was. Our heart went out to him in the engagment day. Antara was gushing, beaming and before their LM scene, Raghu begging Antara not to hate him. Antara was consoling him and gave him everything that night, because she trusted him. I remember looking at them when Antara woke up, they were lying next to eachother, and Antara was so happy and content. She trusted her gunda. Raghu wanted to tell her, but everything went out of control for him.

Antara had taken vrat for her lovable gunda, her first karwachauth. She was waiting for him, with her Puja keTaali. Poor gal was trying to call him, she thought he was upset about the night, little did she know how cruel fate was being to them. Raghu, fighting against all odds, coming after his MsKaul, saying "Your Raghu coming, don't worry" and when he did, it was a wonderful reunion. Raghu gave her the theduppatta and bangles and Antara did puja for him. And their last balcony romance, the one where Antara was shamelessly looking at her gunda, as she had every right, and Raghu promising her every kind of happiness.

Finally the special day arrived. It was Raghu and Antara's wedding. They were about to start a new journey. Everything that Antara had dreamed of was about to come true, but destiny had something else in mind... She discovers the ugly truth about her father's death. She is broken inside and out. She cannot believe that Raghu could ever be responsible for her father's death. She questions Raghu and the sudden shock leaves many things unsaid. The day that was meant to be the happiest moment turned out to be the worst. Their marriage broke. Antara married Satya to take revenge from Raghu, but her love for Raghu became an obstacle.

Everyday Raghu and Antara came face to face. They just could not hurt each other. It was as if they were punishing themselves. Antara could not forget her love. She tried many attempts to hurt Raghu, but in the process would hurt herself. She was putting up an act of marriage with Satya, but for him things were becoming serious. One day she learns that she is pregnant. Raghu and Antara both want the baby, but cannot come to terms with the fate of the baby. Finally, their love wins. Raghu and Antara both admit that they can't live without each other nor can they hate one another. Their baby was a blessing for them. They knew to keep their child safe they would have to elope as Satya and DM would come after them. The two lovebirds set out for their new life, however destiny had something else planned for them.

Antara and Raghu had been on the road, running from DM and Satya for several months. The baby was to arrive any time and they had to protect themselves from the goons. Finally the day arrives when Antara gives birth to a baby boy. Raghu walks in the door to see his baby, but the world comes crashing when he sees his beloved soul mate lay in front of him covered with blood. His heart stops beating. He slowly attempts to take steps towards her. His body has lost soul. He takes his life in his hand and hugs her tight. He remembers her last wish of getting married to Raghu. With a lot of courage, he puts a smile on his face for her as it was about to be the most special moment in her life. Raghu puts sindoor on her forehead and makes her his forever. No one can now separate them. They became Do Dil Ek Jaan.

VM by -Gaganjot- // write-up: diva82 & -Gaganjot-

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The petite, The pretty, The princess, she is. And on one below zero morning in Srinagar, she slipped on a white kurti with floral pink-tone embroidery. The idea was to doll up a Typical Kashmiri Kuri which she rapped all the way, lip syncing the kashmiri lyric "Jee Le" over a hand held mike and a guitar slung across her. Soon with sorrow veiled down under resolute, Antara was welcomed by the sultry Mumbai morning and we saw Nikky set foot on the rough. The tussle with the local muscle was full on entertainment, though the tear at Antara's imbalanced mother's side took a while. Taking on Raghunath Naik's hand, to the promise to hold on to it sent the fire alarm running, thanks to all the smoke from our Television sets which were now neatly plated sizzlers! Then again the lid was back on when a roaring villain had to enter the scene and break the winner's pot splashing holy water from the Ganges, in an act of treachery. Though there on nothing really was about the love that would kill, Antara forcing away those hands of the once divine messenger, accusing them of stain from her father's blood, was when Nikky took us to tears. The portrayal of the swaggering heart - boasting of being shattered into nullity when Antara held on to frail twigs with no morale for moral, yet livening into a tiny piece of the very petrified 'paan ka patha' which still ripped blood when sharp brushed his skin, gave us foggy days of weepy eyes. And now with an end to the out-and-out beauty you laid before us in Antara, without finding a day of soulful peace in Raghu's arms after breaking away the illusion that kept RaNtara apart, we will miss you, Nikita Sharma. Then again we do not want to miss the Bubble that would still keep the smile on, at the end of a long day at work and never fail to wish a good night's dream that will have you among the clouds and again wake us the very next morning with your Tweety pops!

This roady knows the road. And Raghunath Naik, the rowdy with a limit, was a humpy-bumpy one. Echoing the traveller in him, Ayaz eased into each sketch, the zest prevailing, and we saw growth from a rusty young lad to an actor, not the best yet, but sure on the right road. And it is all hard work and home work. From the over the top "superman without a cape" highjump to the blood spattered *shudders at the thought*, last breath of Raghu, he has indeed come a long way ahead. Raghu was an angry young man in outlook. Raghu was a blind devotee in pretence. Raghu was innocent beneath all. And the voice of the very same innocence resonated in "Maine Ms. Kaul ke baap ko maara...", and that we can still hear. At first, when Raghu pinned Antara to a wall, we jolted on our seats, but later when Raghu would pin Antara to a wall, our hearts would jolt right out of us. The transition was indeed drawn out. Ayaz painted it for us, in exuberant colours. Though I would wish everyday this canvas would never fade, it will, as time reels into a memory, with clouds that would prick, looming over it. It will, once Raghu will relinquish the life, that Antara no longer has. And with it, this man would exit another side road, the journey still on. A few of us plan to stick around and watch him through. And that's not just because he was a good sport and gave us a 0.5cm gift, or because deciphering his intentional puns has become our daily dose of Sudoku!

Once the quick witted Ayaz and the naivete, Niki come together...

"Dosth toh hai" hai...

but still we find them pulling and pushing, their candor leaving us, all smiles. Never did they pass a stone unturned in reciprocating the love, be it a little mention or huge hugs,

always making sure we are at the receiving end too. Yet what we L.O.V.E, making us squeal like a little kid who got her candy are when these BESTIES pose for SELFIES of untained cuteness!

And when The NiYaz Off screen Segments happen, and Paris takes a flight to kiss Rome, Yo Yo Honey Singh turns our all time favourite and Lahu muh lag gaya... is stuck on our throats forever!!!

Lest now that they bound us with a lucent charm, we will cherish those echoes of unbound laughter and whims of warm fellowship to no end and "aapke peeche toh kabhi chodne waale nahi hai hum!!"

Thank you toh bolna hi hai... THANK YOU!!

PS: huge hugs to you two too...

write-up/gifs/sig: mi7chimes

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Raghu and Antara, I really fell in love with this pious couple, when they first saw eachother, through their hatred, their fights, their true friendship, their realisation on how much the loved each other and finally, how they truly loved each other even when they were apart. Hardly any couple has generated so much fan support in the short space of time, and whose protrayers interacted with their fans, cared about them, giving us such fun and lively segments, Ayaz and Nikita, you two rock and will always remembered for your work as Rantara. We all love you mauhhh!!!!!


Niyaz...yaaani ki Niki and Ayaz wht to write and how to write abt these 2 staring at my lappy for a good half an hour for a nice start ...

2 names I actually don't even know 2 ppl can change someone's life like these 2 did to me ..u both came as a fresh air of breath and slowly slowly became part of our life itself ..tht 2 two diff ppl still when they r together .they made everything perfect ..

The bessst gift they gave to us is Rantara ..Never in my life I have came across such an innocent love story and tht credit for the beautiful couple of Rantara goes to U two.. U guys made us smile ,cry ,laugh ,and most importantly taught us to fall in love again . can't even belive now my 9 pm's will be sooo void without My rantara and the worst thing is I can't even think tht I will be not able to watch all those masti bara afternoon I had watching Niyaz on my TV screen in seg's...

I wish u guys ALL THE VERY LEVEL BEST OF LUCK.. for ur future .b'cos ask me u guys deserve much much more for the hardwork u guys do..never ever I have came across 2 celebs who r so down to earth and sweet to their fans ..Niki love u for wht u r ..U r the firssst actress ever I love in this Industry sooo much .and Ayaz u r a true GEM OF A ur honesty and be like this always dude..

Signing off to to my Rantara and Waiting more from My NIYaz. with alll love I have ..


Ayaz& Nikita! Thank you for breathing life into our lovely RaNtara. Will always love you both, and cherish those beautiful memories onscreen & offscreen. My journey with DDEJ shall end with yours, and I wish you the best for your future. I am sorry it had to end like this, but I do hope we'll get to see you both together onscreen on a new daily show with a better PH. Looking forward to seeing you in Yeh Hai Aashiqui episode. Wishing you both loads of success and all the happiness in the world.



Nikita - Ayaz words fail to tell me how much I appreciate you guys for giving us Raghu and Antara to love and cherish. I still remember the first time I saw the promo of a girl sitting embroidering and on the other hand, a guy was shooting. From that day on, I was hooked and booked! Like everyone else, I too fell in love with the two pious souls: raghu and antara. They are so pure and innocent that one cant just help fall in love with you. 

Thank you again for portraying them so beautifully, it feels so real and RaNtara has become such a huge part of my life in recent months that its painful to say goodbye. But no, I wont say goodbye to Raghu and Antara. Because for me, they are not really gone. Their memories will live on. Like the Eternal couple as Raghu and Antara, their memories are immortal.

Ayaz-Nikita, I wish you all the best in your future ventures. I have to admit that it's a rare thing for me to fall in love with an offscreen couple. But you guys with your adorable-ness just made me helpless in the case. Lol. Do not change ever. Your innocence and genuine care towards each other, friends, family and fans is what we love the most. Bless you both ! wishing that you reach greater heights in your career and life. And hope to see you together in more projects soon.

Lots of love

Dear Ayaz & Nikita, I am not sure where to begin, but I cannot let go of this opportunity to show my gratitude for making Raghu and Antara so memorable. Your hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, genuineness, and willing to learn always connected me with you two. Your attitude towards work always inspired many. Having the quality of being down to earth is so important. Your love towards your fans was always appreciated. Today I can say one thing, no one else could have brought Raghu and Antara alive, but you two. You really did put Jaan into Do Dil Ek Jaan! I think you two really complement each other and it is rare to see such fresh chemistry. May your friendship grow and become stronger. It is going to be painful to see Raghu and Antara go because they had become a huge part of our lives, but on the other hand a bright future waits you two. Do Dil Ek Jaan was an amazing show while it lasted. I hope to see you two back together onscreen. Please do keep in touch with your fans. We all want to see our NiYaz (as we love to call you two) back on screen possibly together. Always keep smiling. I wish you all the best for your future. I will say DDEJ gave me you two. Today I can proudly say I am a fan of Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma.

Love, Gaganjot (Gagan)

Sometimes life is all about taking the long winded path to finding what you are seeking and while DDEJ has ended on a bitter note for us, I am still happy for the initial Rantara story that made my days short and my nights longer as I dreamed about Raghu and Antara and the love that transcended monetary and cultural boundaries only to encounter a road block in the form of fate's cruel twist. But for me Raghu and Antara 's love is absolute, an unmitigated meeting of souls, that no death , no amateur production house or writer can butcher. And Ayaz and Nikita who made these characters dear to me have managed to make a space in my "oh so cynical heart" The long winded path continues, maybe with stops at certain junctures but I am sure we will see the classic enactment of ultimate love and passion from Ayaz and Nikita in long due. So will not say goodbye but "au revoir" or in English terms "Goodbye until we meet again"

Well, where do I begin? I remember watching Do Dil Ek Jaan as just another show but Raghu and Antara eventually got me hooked to the show and their story. I had lots of hope from the show, and was hoping for a long journey of Raghu and Antara, but alas... I guess whatever happened was meant to happen! :( Rantara's journey might have been short-lived but there are loads of memories to cherish. DDEJ was great while it lasted. My journey with the show ended with you guys! Ayaz and Nikita, thank you guys for giving us Rantara; thank you so much for being the person you both are! Please never change that! I hope to see you both back together onscreen once again (even after YHA) ! I know onscreen couples rarely gets repeated but i hope you guys break that record! :P ;) you guys have spoiled us so can't really blame us for wanting to see you both back together! :P lol..

All the very best in your future ventures. I wish you both all the happiness and success in the world! Keep smiling coz that always makes my day! :) Love you guys!


Ummm... Words are all wrangled up in little knots in my stomach Ermm What do I say? GeekHonestly I wasn't even watching the show until September this year. Well all thanks to Khush.Embarrassed Literally looking for a distraction from my never ending doctory books, I asked Khush if she had any new VMs. And she told me there are, but you don't even watch them, so don't bother. I was like I will watch everything you make (and that is a truth, I doApprove). So I went on to watch the Kuch Khaas hai... I was attracted. I went on to watch Thoda Thoda.. once twice thrice... And I was  definitely ATTRACTEDDay DreamingLOL I told her I wanted to watch the show. And I did... Ummm... Not exactly! I watched all of RaNtara! BlushingLOL ( oh don't gimme that look I had exams and I literally spent night outs under my blanket to finish themOuch or watch then over and over!ROFL) And I was ummm.. ADDICTED now. Then came the NiYaz off screen segs and I decided I am So in!! ROFL And then here I am after a few months of tortured fangirling between my exams... (PS: Which are not yet done OuchAngry) and trying to save the show for after exams, so I can do FULL ON FANGIRLING. NO! the Nautankis are not letting me have that pleasure. Why am I talking about them? I swore I wouldn't but oh well this was their BABY!LOL UghhhLOL! Only I wished if the two Raghu and Antara had their story told with patience rather than in rush hour.Disapprove and the story had been true to itself.Cry DUH!!! So the thing is who cares anymore.. I have got CONFESSIONS and YHA... and there will be many more... Coz TBH  Ayaz and Nikky had a long way to go... If not in this show on some other show *optimistic face*, the journey will carry on... and I will follow them. Oh No Not Stalkerish! SillyNah!ROFL PAKKA WAALA PROMISE Approve 


Raghu and Antara, two fictional characters whom we lovingly started calling Rantara. We laughed with them and we cried with them. Do dil ek jaan was their story. 
Their story...of destiny bringing them together even though they came from different backgrounds...
Their story...of falling in love and becoming soul mates even though they had nothing in common...
Their story...of immense passion yet still tender, volatile relations...

   and their story was the soul of this love story.
And this love story and the characters Rantara were made alive and close to our hearts by you both, Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma. You played the part so real, you put your souls into the characters making them more special. Time has come to say farewell, you will move on and we fans too will have to, but at one corner of our hearts we will always cherish the beautiful memories you both have given us, we will cherish the moments we smiled watching both of your off-screen interviews and most of all we will treasure the beautiful love story of Rantara which never would have been so adorable without you too.So thank you, we are proud to be your fans and we wait eagerly to see you both soon(together hopefully) on a new show. 

LOVE you NIYAZ ...aka Rantara ... love you so much ... for you two i came to this forum ...from a newbie i became a goldie ...just because of you ...the magical impact of urs made me dream on you and u made me a writer of a SS Jaan  in this forum ...who wd ever thought of this that u guys can even make a simple  person do write a story ???


its all because of you only... my life changed ...the Character Raghu influenced me so much that in real life I became a confident person n i was surprised that my confidence in me really changed my life in a way ...i can see n feel the difference ...  and i wont give u a mere thank you for this you  think that changing one's life positively is a small thing ??? no dear its not ...and for this i pray to God that u get every happyness n success of this world ...u truely deserve this ...u r in my heart n will be always in my heart ...none is like you one can compete with you ... you r the best ...NIYAZ ROCKS


my wish : plzz GOD giv us NIYAZ in a new good show with a pH which has honesty humanity and loyalty this time

n those who hv done wrong with you are gonna pay hard for this ...nobody can avoid their Karma


GOD bless you both .


Ayaz and Nikita . Thank you a lot for your beautiful love story in the show . You are together perfect . Both of you always remain in my heart . God Bless you always Ayaz and Nikita . Best wishes.



Dear Ayaz n Nikita

u guyz r the best actor ever born and the best actors i have ever seen in my whole life. loved to watch u play the roles of Raghu and  Antara it was worth watching u and worht taking our time to watch the show. u guyz created a new name of love. u will always remain im my heart and my fav all time. hope to see you in new shows together. ur on ff screen chemistry was fantastic. ur off screen masti was always fun to watch u guyz r the best actors

from ur true fan Honey





You knew take in my heart a place i didn't know empty


Forever, my ears will resound with the notes of musique that in the evening a mysterious musician played in search of verses for his chorus


As i was before, now i'm not anymore since the impetious flow of a raging river took everything


Here, i'm now caught in the turmoil of two souls trying  to unite in the chaos of this world


Thanks to have make me believe to this


Ayaz and Nikita for several months you have glued me to the Tv. Each evening I wished only to see my rantara and Niyaz. For all the happiness and same the sadness you gave me i want to thank you. I' ve never felt that for a show, you really became a part of my life (i lived wid you and for a part for you) ideal couple-world best jodi forever- i will never forget you.


You deserve a lot of love and a new good show. I hope see you soon together in a new serial where you'll rock again.


Wish you "the best level of luck"and god bless you too


Best wishes and take care


Do Dil Ek Jaan - Only Rantara/Niyaz forever


As Raghu's confession will stay for me the most beautiful declaration of love :


Us...with your eyes and for Raghu/Ayaz your haircuts, with your cheekiness, with your kindness, with your cuteness, with your tantrums, with your silly fights, with your attitudes, with your styles of walking, with your scoldings, with your egos and your smiles, with your tears, Rantarians have fallen in love ...with both of you



 I'm not very good with words, but I really wanted to write a little something for the two amazing person who gave us our beautiful RaNtara. So thank you Ayaz and Nikita for bringing Raghu and Antara to life so beautifully! You were, are and will always be the Soul of Do Dil Ek Jaan for us! Really wish we could have seen you longer in the show, will miss you as Raghu and Antara! I wish you both all the very best for the future and I hope to see you again soon in a new show. 

Rantara...Is a special couple for me...Those memories will always remain in my heart..they make us laugh,cry they gave us happiness n sadness n love n madness...the journey started n then it ends so soon..Each n every moment of this journey is so special n so close to my heart..Rantara was the reason for me to smile..whenever i became sad i was like 9pm n then my mood automatically became good...i have a special place in my heart for Rantara...though there will always remain a empty space in my life but i will live happily in my Rantara dreamland...I even don't know how much i will miss feeling for them is above love...i have never thought i will be so attached to them even i don't know when i became so attached to them...AnyHow this was the best journey and i enjoyed sooo much all i can say is i won't cry because i am happy that my Rantara married before dying and they will happily live in heaven...i know we can't see them in heaven but trust me they are happy there  
For this i would i like to thank two awesome people who gave us Rantara...Ayaz n Nikita...I pray that May they both get everything which they deserve which they want..May they get unlimited happiness and success...and I pray that they comeback together in a new show with a bang...I can say Till my last breathe m praying for them and m supporting them n i will keep loving them #Niyaz #Rantara Rocksss

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Dearest Niyaz,

Thank you so much Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma for being the perfect Rantara. You guys made Rantara you are the best.! Surely the new raw jodi which is jst perfect.

Thank ypu so much fr giving us our Rantara. You made Raghu n Antara do dil ek jaan you both are amazing actors. For us ddej was is n will be Rantara only. Hope to see you guys back soon..Wid a bang together hopefully..

All d best guys love u Niyaz. Bcoz u guys deserve best of best..

Proud to be a Niyaz/Rantara fan


Ayaz and Nikita thank you so much for playing Raghu and Antara, Rantara is a sizzling jodi that will all ways be remembered in our hearts, so thank you for being Rantara, I could write a whole essay on why I love you both, but I'll make this short and sweet. It's has been pleasure watching you both daily on tv as well as your off screen masti segments I will miss all of this, but we can't hold onto the past so I wish you both good luck for the future, as well as lots of success and happiness. Ayaz and Nikita you both are very talented actors with lots of potential, who will go very far in life, once again for being our Rantara. Smile

Hi. Ayaz, Nikita hope we both are doing well n, we all have been missing u both like anything , i'v never been so attached to any actors n my whole life , i guess its ur charm that make me drool overe u both, i never thought that i'v write something for any actor in my like,

Ayaz, Nikita, thank u soo much for giving us RANTRA  character, u both live that character so perfectly that , we start calling u RANTRA and NIYAZ, it ur charm , its ur sizzling chemistry that bound us to watch ur show no matter what it is showing ,bt we all want to watch rantara in each n every epi , i still remembered when i saw 1st promo where antara was running on bridge n hugs raghu n raghu screens antraaa , n how can i forget that promo when u shot antara name i was like .. wow seems interesting, i'm going to watch this show ..

i was nt at all a TV serials watcher bt u guys glued me to watch it .every single frame and shot of  ur's  scene make me fall in love with u both whether its was rantra fight or , tashan , friendship, there understanding , there love , there hate , there pain, there reunion gosh was un believable outstanding ,you both deserve a both thumbs up ,

u give us  reason to smile, a reason to cry, laugh  every thing ..  sometimes we feel soo angry  n upset when we were nt getting to see rantar together we caries seen rantar crying n in pain.. you both make rantra soo natural, that we never thought that we are watching any show ..  and you both become the sloe reason of this show , we guys become the actual jaan of Do Dil Ek Jaan as well as all of us and will remain are  are jaan no matter what happen.

no only ur onscreen appearance but we all have been in love with ur's off screen chemistry to .. you guys have no idea how much we all have been waiting to just watch ur off screen masti ..ayaz ur humor , the way u tease nikita , and nikita's innocence n sweetness n masti the way she tease u .. was the best time n u give us smile no matter how bad are days was bt ur segment gives us smile on our face and  your tweets make us feel so connected with u both, that we have never get a bond with any actors , so talented , yet soo grounded . we all love u soo much , n  will gonaa miss are RANTRA bt RANTRA will remain in our hearts.. n you both will remain are jaan ..when ever this show will be n talks it always recognized by the name of RANTRA and NIYAZ

I wish u both a very successful life, may god gives u what ever we wish for, i pray you both get awards in ur field,n get recognized for ur work, hope to see u both again soon in some other serial..i wish u will work with each other again soon.. plz keep us updated with ur latest projects ..,we will love to hear from you both ..


From ..



Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma you are,were n will be jaan of Do Dil Ek Jaan Smile n all your fans..
u both have sizzling chemistry both on n off screen ClapClapClap..i will miss u alot ..Wink
u too r jst fab n perfect...cant imagine u wont be dere on d fr me also show ends with rantara death...u made me fall in love with raghu n antara...
we all will miss u both..praying to God for ur sucess n bright future...
keep rocking n stay blessed always...hugsHugn lots of love Heart

Words are falling short of what I want to convey and show my appreciation...but anyway here goes...

Thank you Ayaz and Nikita for entertaining us as Raghu and Antara respectively...though it was for a very short span of time you managed to make a place in my heart and I'll always remember you as Raghu and Antara...your on-screen chemistry was hot and sizzling and was one of the reasons I became hooked to Do Dil Ek JaanEmbarrassed..your portrayal of the very much loved characters was really outstanding and it was the way you both played your characters that made us fall in love with Rantara' and in turn NiYaz'...Love your friendship and masti and we'll surely miss the off-screen segments that we used to get on the setsLOL...

I really can't believe that we only had a few months together!Cry...but in these few months you managed to make us laugh with you, cry with you and generally just share each and every emotion with you...It's a great compliment to your acting skills that you managed to evoke such strong emotions in a viewer like me who is rarely affected by whatever is shown on-screen...but you did and how!!...just as you lived the characters of Raghu and Antara we lived them with you...they were a very much part of our lives and will be sorely missed!

 I wish you both all the very best for your future really deserve the success that hopefully will come your way!...both of you are hardworking and In'sha'allah you'll both be back with a bang! are true gems and I hope somebody realises your worth soon...I hope and pray that you reach the pinnacle of success and I'm sure you'll be back to grace our TV screens once again!...

Lots and lots of love and wishesHug


You guys changed my life and I am so glad that I got to see the two of you. You guys are amazing actors and no one can change that. I will miss you guys a lot. Always remember that you guys have all of us to support you and we will always stand by your side. You guys have made a special place in my heart and no one can ever take your place. You guys are amazing people and are really sweet. I can't wait to see you guys back in another show, whether it be together or separately. I love you guys a lot and thank you so much for giving some of the best moments of my life. Raghu and Antara will forever live on in our hearts and Nikita and Ayaz will always be the faces of Do Dil Ek Jaan. I wish you guys a lot of success in your career and hope that success is always a part of your career.

Lots of love,



Raghu and Antara will be missed terribly by DDEJ fandom.  They were the reason that most of us started watching this show.  They will be the jaans of this show always.

Being oversensitive it is very difficult for me say farewells.  I have never watched a show where I got attached to not only the characters but also the actors.  Raghu the gangster from Mumbai and Antara the Kashmiri girl caught our imagination.  We were floored.  This was mainly because you did justice to your roles.  Your chemistry offscreen is natural and is always a treat to watch!  It never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

At this point, I just want to dwell on your success now.

A thought for you (Just believe)

The couple that took our hearts away

To them best wishes; We will pray

that all their dreams and wishes come true,

God knows the future we don't have a clue.

Everything good happens to those who just believe

Hope these  lines help to soothe and relieve!


Ayaz and Nikita you were the jaans of the show,

With pride now you can both take a bow! LOL


Thank you  for Rantara.

Hope the new year rings in a lot of happiness and cheer!  God bless always!


@ Smile_sujaSmile

Happiness is always in your life, May god prosper happiness, wealth and good luck forever in your life love u rantara

Antara Kaul..

The beautiful kashimiri girl who came with lot of masti,chirppy,smiley..turned her life to strong hearted,,crying girl due to her fathers sudden death.

The gradual hatred ,friendship, love,misunderstanding and reunion with her love life "Raghunath Naik"

Nikita Sharma, the one who entered our heart as Antara Kaul. Wish You all the best. See you soon as BEST ACTRESS of the year.

Raghunath Naik

The LIMIT ka gunda , who entered our life by jumping from roof top. The first day f his entry on episode itself paved his way to enter our heart. Will miss You a lot Raghu..ur smile,ur eyes ,tapori slang...

Ayaz Ahmed , wish u good luck.. Come soon back onscreen...

the chottisi family. which we all rantarians wished to

see. alas.!

Rantara-- the best couples who showed pure love will always remains in our heart..

Thanking You

"Ayaz and Nikita you both have done an awesome job as Raghu and Antara. I enjoy your on-screen chemistry and off-screen masti a lot. I watched this show from the very first episode till now just for you both. You both did justice to the characters and portrayed them to perfection. Both of yours chemistry was fabulous and we felt connected to your character. Love you both. Will miss you both a lot and I wish to see you back on tv as a pair and rock it. All the best for your future and may you both gain more happiness and success in future. Lastly, I am proud to be a Rantarian and your fan too. You both are truly the "Jaan" of Do Dil Ek...Jaan. Love you both loads!"

Do Dil Ek Jaan...!!
The title itself says it all...isn't it obvious Smile 
And now that what I type in next few lines may seem cliche but its undoubtedly true...
Many new actors n actresses have been through TV industry n worked hard... They made position n gained popularity due to their acting skills... Well this very obvious reason to give ...

We love n appreciate the Telly actors due to their efforts they put in characters n glorify them... As viewers we get entertained n amazed ... As its fiction, I never had an emotional attachment towards it... 

But DDEJ has changed everything Clap 
Everything means Everything
The Promo itself had so many shades of love ..passion...impatience to get back one's love back... 

The Characters Raghu and Antara did justice to the title more than a particular extent... 
Clap Clap 
There are many characters whose persona is being penned down to be played by the lead actors ...
So as Raghu n Antara's... But a rare kind of awesomeness these two characters posses... The way Raghu's and Antara's character has been written has magic in it.. No TV Sitcom has such kind of unusual n realistic touch to its main characters.. 
I a m proud to say that these two beautiful and divine souls were played By Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma

Mr.Ayaz Ahmed... I m proud to be ur fan... You r the most versatile actor I have seen and probably will ever see.. 
Your innocence,.hardworking attitude and witty kind of personality are all the reasons to be madly in love with ur kind of person... I duly respect you..!
Acting comes very natural to u and so it looks very real onscreen... The raw approach is very very rare in actors but I m so happy that u posses this quality... Adds cheery on ur acting n dialogue delivery... Not to forget ur deep voice for it... B-)
There is no actor to whom I m emotionally attached... 
God bless u... And wish that u achieve Greatness in near future... Stay as u r .. And ur down to earth and hardworking nature will help u to step ahead of hurdles to SHINE...!

Ms.Nikita Sharma... I adore ur bindass attitude n it kind of reflects in ur acting too which makes the scene so fresh and watchable... Glad to be ur fan.. 
There r some cute acting punches u deliver unlike others that adds realistic touch to scenes.. Keep growing ..!!
God bless u and may ur future be brighter as u r working hard towards it... 

I have always admired you two and will continue to do so... Hope to see u soon ... 
As u know.. No DDEJ Without Raghu Antara aka Ayaz-Nikita.. 

There is more to this long ranting of praises for you two but it would be very boring to keep on and on ...
So I stop here.. Waiting for ur return..
This fan wishes for the best for Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma...   Embarrassed Big smile 

"Jab Salman Bodygurd Ban Sakta Hai,Pappu Pass Ho sakta  Hai,Muni Badnam Ho Sakti Hai, Shila JAwan Ho Sakti Hai,Onion Rs 80 KG ho Sakta Hai, Sanyia Pakistan Me Shadi KAr sakti HAi, Charcter DHeela Ho Sakta HAi, 7 Khoon Maaf Ho Sakta Hai , Mallika Jalebi Bai Ho Sakti Hai,12 Mahine Me 12 TArika Se Pyaar Ho Sakta HAi"

To Mujhe Ayaz Ahmed or Nikita Sharma (Rantara) se pyar koi nahi ho sakta

Rantara make me to feel love. I Love You Guys. Hope to see you both together (Finger Crossed) very soon in new project with the same magic of Niyaz

I just want to say

"HAr gham ko bhula dega,na sochege ki kis kis ne dil dukhaya is saal mujhe as mujhe is saal mere niyaz akka rantara mile"

and hope to see in next year again you too both. Going to miss you lot .Love you guys


with love

Rachna Sinha

A wave of hand, few drops of tears,

Never thought of farewell in these months.

Smile always and stay close to my heart. Always...

Dr Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma, AKA our beloved Niyaz/Rantara,Smile
what should I call u both?. Niyaz or rantara?! Both are so precious and beloved by all of us. I never met you both personally. But I don't know why, I feel so connected with you people. You came in my life in 27th may. Just at the day I came back to my home from hostel, finishing my collage and I saw the promo of do dil ek jaan. From that day, our journey started together. In each and every night at 9 pm, whatever happens, no one could keep away me from tv as I had to switch on life ok and watch rantara magic creating in front of my eyes. Just can't help falling in love with that so innocent, cute yet so much passionate and romantic Jodi in their own way. 

At first I fell in love with raghu and antara. But when, I came to know about ayaz and nikita through the social networking sight. I fell in love with niyaz too. You both are so good and humble. Just  loved how u appreciate our fandom with your sweet gesture and massages. Your off screen masti always caused a huge grin on my face each and everyday. Your hard work, acting, cuteness and both off your awesome chemistry made rantara alive on screen. Thank you both of you, that you gave me my most favourite couple of lifetime. RANTARA. Who made me believe in love.  That 6 months journey was one of the best moments in my life. I cried in their pain, I smilled with them, I laughed looking at their bittersweet conflicts. Never felt so connected with any fictional character. But the journey came to an end so soon. *sigh*!! Whatever, don't want to be emotional at the end. I just wanna say...

As you embark upon a new path, let us wish you many moments of happiness, success and achievements. May in each moment you live your dreams. 



A crazy rantarian, aka Niyazian.

Ps: hope to see you both on screen soon!!...

What can i say now!! No words can describe me feelings!!Cry

The day i saw the First promo of Jaan!! i was like.. 'Day Dreaming ,, Thumbs Up Silly Dancing Thumbs Up  "This is Amazing.. they both looks so Cute.. n m gonna watch this!! " Daily i used to watch Life Ok just to catch the promos as they used to air it frequently... Embarrassed

n then the first scene i saw of Rantara was the window fixing scene. n from then i never missed a single epi of it...Wink
Ayaz was so Perfect in the action sequence...Clap

Nikita and Ayaz nailed it perfectly.. Clap
They made us to relate to the characters.

I will miss Niyaz as being Rantara Forever.. n will keep watching all those scenes, their Tashan,Fight,Friendship,Love everything always.

I wish to see u both back soon.  n i wish for a show where u both are the leads.. U plp have awesum chemistry..

Even though it is difficult to accept the pain, I wish you both  to have all success in your remaining life And support  from outside as you were from inside. Embarrassed  Embarrassed Embarrassed

I wish great happiness to u two.. Smile
And " All The Very Best Level Of Luck"Star..

i Love this promo a lottt

Kaun hain woh mera!!!

Sab kucchhh!!!


My Tribute to our RanTara...Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma we love you so both rock...may God Bless You Both with a Glorious future...Thumbs Up

Milan Kapoor's photo.
Rantara..I don't miss u bcoz "Rantara leave..DDEJ finish to me"..I never watch DDEJ without Rantara & Niyaz..when i will miss, I watch ur youtube ofscreen masti. :) .. will nt say u "Bye"..bcoz, u r in my mind always as a perfact Jodi of lead role..Take Care Niyaz..Love U.. :)

Far in the Valleys of Kashmir Antara is dreaming about her Dream Man...her Hero...

Oh mere sapno ke saudagar mujhe aise jagah le jaa..
pyar hi pyar oh jiss jagah mujhe aise duniya dikhaa...

Here in Mumbai tapori Raghu Bhai is busy beating the goons and helping the needy

Bachna hain Haseeno...lo mein aagaya...usunka aashique..usunka dushman...apni adaao ...yaaron se judaa...Raghu bhai don...Embarrassed

circumstances bring Antara to Mumbai face to face with Raghu 

lot of tu tu mein mein...nhok jhoks take place 

ladki nahin hain tu lakdi ka khamba hain...bak bak mat kar naak tera lamba hain..
ja re ja tu zara bada hi nikamma hain...jake chup jaa tu wahan jahan teri Amma hain....

slowly Antara realises that Raghu helps her secrelty and only means well of her Clap

slowly our Antara gets drawn towards Raghu and wonders if she is in love with Raghu 

Ban ke titli dil udda udda hain kahin dooorr...
chalke khushbu se juda juda hain kahin doorrr...

Raghu too is not his usual self and slowly the tapori happy go lucky bhai realises that he too is in love with Antara 

SubanAllah Jo ho raha hain pehli dafaa hai wallah... Aisa hua, 
Subhanallah..Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai wallah...Aisa hua

Both of them are desperate to confess their love to each other 

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera 

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kyunki tum hi ho...Ab tum hi ho...meri Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi...Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Mera Maahi tu Mera Ranjhan tu...mera maahi tu mera ranjhan tu...Rab hain razi jo tu hain razi...Tu hi mera Maula aur Kazi...


and Raghu and Antara our RanTara live happily ever after Day Dreaming with their chotu Raghu and choti Antara in Kashmir

Bekarar karke hume yu naa jayiye, aapko hamari kasam laut aayiye :( :'(

May God Bless Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma and may God Bless All of Us Always Thumbs UpHug

Lots of Love and Love
Lata Embarrassed

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By: Jasmine Creations

By: Alisha Merchant

By: Sweety Pie


By: Geet Ki Arshi

By: Chandni

By: khushix

By: Honey

By: Sapna Jaiswal

By: AsyaQH

By: Tanja

By: Rashda

By: Harshu Bennet

Alvida Na Kehna

So, this is where Do Dil Ek Jaan concludes for almost all of us. Yet, we don't say goodbye. Raghu and Antara might have bid us goodbye and traveled to a better world, of togetherness and happiness, but we keep them alive in our thoughts, VMs, FFs and other creations.


We do not say goodbye to the memories, or the friendships created in this virtual world. Thanks Jaskaran, Jayshree T, Kishori Shahane, Farooq Sheikh, little Ishaan, Vinny, Sumeet, Resham, Shilpa, Pragati, Ridheema etc. for being part of this short yet lovely journey. Thanks dear forum members, for the support and your contributions to this thread.


Thank you Nikita and Ayaz; for the lovely moments and memories, and for being the wonderful people you are. We don't part now; we wait for another beautiful story that you both will be the faces of, if only for an episode. Until we meet again, "All the very best level of luck!"  :)

Introduction/Conclusion: miss_bennet
Character Sketches : goodstorywins, Diva82, Delena-cious
Rantara's Journey: Diva82 & -Gaganjot-
Ayaz & Nikita: mi7chimes
Texts/Layout: khushix &

Collecting of Sigs/VMs/Messages/Avis: Delena-cious, miss_bennet, sari26
Other Siggy's/Avis used - taken from the DDEJ Creation Gallery

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