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UPDATE FF:Mujhe Pyaar Karr-The Story Of The Second Lover CH.7P20 3/15 (Page 6)

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update soon m waiting

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Originally posted by pt311288

update soon m waiting
same here

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Originally posted by pt311288

wow awsm update
loved it u are fab
you do write in very impressive way like a writer explaining every singl thing
whether its the character, situtation or the surrounding
when i read ur wrk i almost visualize every thing in person
keep it up

grt going
continue soon
agree with you everything is described really well

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Just read all 3 chapters...interesting story...looking forward to more

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Awsome story plzz update soon

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Hope to read an update sometime soon. Smile

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This chapter is full of Astha-Shlok Moments!EmbarrassedHey everybody!Thank you so much for all your great comments and liking this ff so much.You all have been amazing an dso far I've gotten more than 1,000 views which is great!Thumbs Up

-Sorry I couldn't send any pms for the last and this chapter because I'm really not sure who to pm and who wants to be pmed,so I was wondering if you all can just tell me,so I wouldn;t uneccessarily spam you guys!Wink

                                             Chapter 4

The minute my group landed on the terminal,we all began to walk.And the walk was unbearable.San Francisco was still filled with frost as the tall gray,dark buildings seemed to haunts us as we past them.People bustled throughout the streets with mugs full of hot coffee and hot chocolate.It seemed like everyone was smoking as we released our breaths into the air.The bustling city seemed to carry a lot of noise as honks of cars and taxis disrupted thought.But,it was beautiful on this Christmas Eve Day as the buildings seemed to light up with colors to overshadow the darkness of the city.

       Shlok loved walking fast and it was so hard to keep up with him.I could walk fast to,but I just realized the winter's cold had made me lazy and I just couldn't move my feet on the frozen pavement.I realized how Helia and Ellie had become super close as they both were arm in arm while I lagged behind them struggling to carry my heavy bag.I tried to make conversation,but it never seemed to end quite well.Like for example,when Helia said,

       "So,don't you guys like my new make-up today.It's Revlon and so nice.Just recently,they released their new winter collection with such good lipstick.I love this maroon one,"Helia announced proudly as we walked across the crosswalk.

       "It's look nice Helia,"I complimented her,wishing to befriend her,but it didn't work out quite well.

       "I know!I can get you some as it seems.You seem to lighten up on your make up,"Helia noted as she stared back at my chapsticked lips and my light black eyeliner that were the only remnants of make-up on my face.

       "Oh,sorry.I can't use to much make up.I'm somehow allergic of it.So,I can only wear organic make-up,"I mumbled a bit embarrassed as I felt my cheeks flush against the cold weather.

    I noticed Helia make a look towards Ellie before biting her lip from smiling.

        " sad.Make-up is a really good thing for women.Espcially,those who don't have natural,nice physical features,"Helia noted as she glanced at me. I knew that look and I could tell it was a kick at me.And I did feel anger boil up in me,but I didn't say anything afterall she was Ellie's acquaintance and I shouldn't disrespect her. So,I decided to ignore Helia and walk silently.

    After an half-an hour walk,our destination was finally reached.We stood in silence as a large gray building awaited us.It was a bricked buildings with a steel shed held above it."Homeless Shelter"I noticed that I had been here before.Of course,stupid Astha!I've been volunteering here since my freshman year in college.How can I forget,this is the place I came to decide to be a doctor!I really felt the need to be it rather than just a consideration!But,wait...what are we doing here?I thought as I turned my head around and looked at Shlok who seemed to look up at the shelter too.

         "What are we doing here?"Helia asked as she threw her nose up in the air and looked at the shelter as if it was on a foreign land.I could tell immediately that she was not familiar with working in the community.

         "What do you think we're doing here Helia?I'm not dumb.I know the exact reasons why we're here today.Come let's go and just wait and watch,"Shlok noted and soon he began to glide across the the small parking lot as we followed him.

      We walked up to await a warm greeting from Mr.Edwards who ran the shelter.He was a nice,elderly looking man at the age of 77 and old age was getting to him.I remember how much his hunched back irritated him and how often he had a short-term memory loss and tended to forget the person to him he was talking in front of.But,he was a great man when it came to helping people and the community.

         "Hello,Mr.Ahuja.So,nice to meet you again,"Mr.Edwards said as he smiled and shooked Shlok's hand.

         "Nice to meet you too Mr.Edwards.And everybody,this is Mr.Edwards.He currently manages this shelter and is an excellent man to work with.You all must be wondering what we're doing here as Helia noted.Well,we are here to treat some ill patients in the shelter as well.As you all know it's the holidays and winter.A lot, of people here have begun to become ill and as our mission is to help the community,we will help them by diagnosis.So,please get your stethoscopes ready and let's g-" Shlok got cut off as we heard a sudden scream from behind.

       I turned around and noticed a small young girl.Her light brown hair flew up in the air as her light blue eyes twinkled in the frost.She wore a light blue dress to match her eyes and held a jump rope in one hand as she began to run towards me.Diya.

           "Astha!Is it really you!"Diya screamed as she ran towards me.I felt a smile light up on my face as I opened my arms before she could run in to them.

           "Oh My God Diya!It's you!How are you?"I asked as I swirled her around in my arms before putting her down.

           "I'm good Astha.You know this year,I'm doing fantastic in school.All A's,but only one B,"Diya said as she announced proudly before I pulled on her cute,little chubby cheeks.

       By now, all eyes were on us as I felt my cheeks turn pink again as Diya grabbed on to my hand and held on to it.

          "My God Astha,it is really you.I never thought you would become a doctor.But,you really did become a doctor.Wow,I thought you were just joking.No wonder,you didn't come to volunteer this year.You were too busy with getting this residency,"Mr.Edwards said as he smiled. I felt people in my group snicker on the just joking on becoming a doctor part. I ignored them as I walked up to him and stood besides Shlok.

         "You got a good and a bright one here Mr.Ahuja.She's just like you when you used to volunteer here too,"Mr.Edwards noted.My eyes widened.Wait,Shlok volunteered here before too?I guess, every dark person has a bright side.I thought as I stared at my feet.I felt Shlok look back at me with a slightly widened mouth in shock.

        "Well,how about we all start our day guys?"Shlok said diverting the topic and soon the group proceeded as I felt look being thrown at me. God,I never knew doctors were this competitive. They all apparently felt that I had come in Shlok's good books since he himself promotes so much self-righteousness and community service.


         We surrounded the small bed in the shelter's nurse's office where Diya's mom laid.She was a fragile 38-year-old woman who seemed to be broken by her own home's violence.She and Diya had been abused for the past few years by Diya's father and the only way they escaped was by leaving.Sadly,Diya and her mom had been struggling for the last two years in the homeless shelter. Her past reminded me of mines.

          My family had become homeless at one point and I remembered how much we had struggled for three straight years to get a place to live at.And now,it was my turn to help like the way we had received help at one point in our lives.

          "Just a case of a terminal flu virus which can easily be healed with a few annual doses of Tyenol.But,for now I will be giving you this small shot just to heal the symptoms and decrease the flue,"Shlok said as he grabbed a shot and applied it to her arm.

         "Thank you doctor,but I just am getting such pain recently on this bump here,"Diya's mother said as she touched a medium sized bump on the left side of her head.

         Shlok looked at the bump as he took out the mini flashlight and eyed it at the bump.We stared at him and carefully observed his each and every movement.

          "So,what can be this bump everybody?"Shlok asked as he looked up at us. It could be a benign cyst?After all it seems to be moved on the surface.

          "Helia,what do you think she has?"Shlok asked catching Helia off guard as she put her cell phone away.

         "Um...a tumor?"Helia said as she raised her eyebrow and looked at Shlok.

         "Incorrect.How about Helia next time you focus more on what is going on in the physical world rather than the virtual world of your cell phone,"Shlok said.

         Absolute silence ran through the room as everybody looked at Shlok confused as they were at complete loss.Maybe it is a cyst.Could be,but what if I'm wrong.Then I would make a complete,total utter fool of myself in front of Shlok once again.

            "You mean to say that you all went to great medical schools,but never actually learned.Am I correct?I cannot even believe how you all were chosen for residencies here...Astha,what do you think the bump is?"Shlok asked as he looked up at me.

          My eyes widened as I bit my lip nervously.God,why me?Am I always on Shlok's target?

          "Um...well...I believe it is a cyst.After all,the bump seems movable on the surface and isn't embedded into her skin.Moreover, a cyst is just a benign extra growth of fatty tissue,"I mumbled as I stared at Diya's mom avoiding eye contact with Shlok and embarrassing myself again.

          "Correct,Astha,"Shlok said and I looked up at him as I felt a smile playing on my face.I'm correct?For once I didn't make a fool of myself in front of him!

          "So,we have to just remove this from a small surgery,"Shlok said as he looked at Diya's mom.

          "Surgery?!I don't have money to pay for a surgery and I don't even have insurance,"Diya's mom exclaimed as she moved her head a little bit up as she looked at Shlok.Shlok looked back at Diya's mom and pursed his lips together.

          "Don't worry.The fees will be covered.For now,I will tell the nurse to get all of your information transferred to the hospital,so the surgery procedure can move forward.Just hang on tight and contact will be made to you,"Shlok said as he consoled Diya's mom.

          I bit my lip as Shlok continued on about talking about hospital paperwork with Divya's mom and moved on to the next set of patients.Suffering was seen everywhere as diseases seemed to haunt the shelter's hallways.At times, I did feel my eyes well up in tears,but I felt that I had to control myself,but I couldn't.I couldn't even understand how other people in my group handled it,but I couldn't. The day ended soon and Shlok decided to dismiss the group. He decided to stay back in the shelter for last minute paperwork concerning about some appointment made with the people of the shelter.

          I grabbed my bag and bid goodbye to everyone in the shelter. I was quite happy with meeting up with old acquaintances and even meeting the younger kids I tutored.They all seemed to do well and I was quite happy with it.

          My hands reached for the front door before I heard a muffled cry behind me. I turned around and there I saw Diya sitting on a small bench besides the main office. My eyes widened before I quickly walked up to her. I noticed my group disappear out of the doors and realized that they ignored Diya's cry as they walked out from a tired day.

          "What happened Diya?"I asked as I sat down besides her and wrapped my arm around.

          "M-m-mummy is g-g-going to h-h-have a surgery,"Diya hiccupped as I placed her on my lap.I felt my eyes well up as I wiped her tears away.God,I hate it when somebody cries.

          "Diya,your mummy is going to be fine.It is just a small surgery,"I said quietly as I placed my head against hers.

          "What if something happens to her?"Divya asked as I hugged her tightly.

          "Nothing will happen to your mom,"I heard a voice say. I turned my head around to see Shlok standing across from us. He slowly walked up and sat down on the opposite side of Divya.

          "Promise,"Divya said as she turned her head around and looked at Shlok.

          "Promise.By the way why are you so worried at such a young age?"Shlok asked and then I noticed the corner of his lips.They corners were perked up and his mouth was a little bit open.He was smiling.This is the first time I've seen him smile and does seem to suit him.His smile does seem to be rare and I believe not all of people saw it.

         "I'm the only one my mom has and she is the only one I have,so I have to worry for her,"Divya mumbled as I wiped her tears.Shlok's smile dropped as he pulled his bottom lip in before placed his hand on Divya's head.

        "Don't worry Divya.I'm so proud of you for worrying at such a young age.That's a good trait.You will get somewhere in life and I know it.Just don't cry please.Tears don't look nice on a beautiful girl's face,"Shlok said.I looked at Shlok as he said those words.They seemed nice and genuine.I could tell by the look on his eyes. I felt a warm touch on my hand that was placed on Divya's back.I looked down and noticed it was Shlok's hand.

          My cheeks flushed red as I looked up at Shlok as he kissed Divya's cheek.His smile widened and I could clearly see his straight,white marble teeth.I gulped as I looked back at him.Shlok looked at me with a questioning eyebrow.I dragged my eyes down to our hands as I tried to loosen my grip.Shlok looked back at his hand and then realized his hand was on top of mines. Shlok's hand dropped quickly and got up.

            "You should get going Divya.It's almost your bed time and Astha has to leave to,"Shlok announced as he placed on his laptop bag.

            "Yeah,he's right Divya.Your mom must be looking for you.I will see you later ok,"I said as I smiled and patted her cheek.

            "Awww...I'll miss you Astha.Please come soon ok,"Divya said before hugging me tight.

           "Of course Divya.I promise.Ok...bye.See you later,"I said and I smiled as I kissed her cheek and watched her leave towards the hallway.

            I turned around and realized Shlok was waiting for me by the front door as he was holding it with one hand. I raised my eyebrow as I held on to my bag and walked up to him.

            "Thank you,"I said as I smiled and walked up to him. He seemed even more taller when you approached him.Shlok looked down at me as he placed his hands in his pocket.

           "It's called manners Astha and your welcome,"Shlok commented before I walked out and he followed.


         I began to walk in silence on sidewalk as I felt my footsteps hard against the pavement. I felt footsteps behind me and noticed Shlok was right behind me as he walked in silences with both hands in his pockets.God,he's so annoying.He could walk with me,but is acting as if I might do something with him.I thought.

           "You know you can walk with me.I won't bite,"I said as I stopped and looked back at Shlok. Shlok looked up at me from his phone and stopped. I smiled as I looked up at him.

          "I know.I just thought that somebody from your residency group might be lurking around and suspect that something is going on here,"Shlok said as he came up to my side. I raised my eyebrow as I shook my head and turned around.Very direct and frank I see. As if anybody would think somebody's going on here. He's older than me by more than five years. I thought as I rolled my eyes and began walking.

        "I don't think anything's going on here,"I said as I looked back at him before pressing the crosswalk button to cross the street.

       "Still,these days a lot people think that women can do anything with their boss to get a promotion,"Shlok said as I felt a small light flame up inside of me.What the hell is he thinking?!Why does he always think that I'm some characterless girl?God, there are always people like him in this world.I thought as I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

       "Listen,I'm not those type of women.And,I apologize for what has happened in the past. I didn't mean to touch you or anything.It just happens,you know.So,sorry,"I said before I began to walk fast on the sidewalk.I could feel my inner sassiness and anger showing up,but what could I do?There's one thing I cannot bear in life which is when one questions my character.

       I felt Shlok running after me trying to match his footsteps with mine as I felt the sky darken above us as the street lights turned on.

        "Listen Astha!I didn't mean to say it that way,"Shlok said as he panted and caught up to me. I rolled my eyes as we walked up the curved hill leading to the bart station.

        "Yeah,whatever Shlok...,"I mumbled as I felt my legs weaken as we walked up the hill.God,why is this walk so long?!I thought as Shlok walked next to me in silence. I could hear his deep,husky breath against the silent night which was clouded with cold air.

       It was just me and him here in the silent night as San Francisco went to sleep and all the shops soon began to close.Shlok and I didn't speak at all,but walked in silence as I concentrated on the gray sidewalk with my hands in my pockets while Shlok kept on texting on his phone.

       I heard his phone ring as Shlok stopped and looked at it.

         "Listen,Astha,I'll get this phone call and you just wait here.It's not good for you to walking on the street alone at night,"Shlok said as he looked at me.What does he thing he is?!Does he think that I need his protection?!I thought as I looked up at him.

        "I'm fine.The bart station is only five minutes away and I can make it Shlok.I don't need anybody's protection,"I said as I began to walk. Shlok sighed before he picked up his phone and began to talk on it.

      I began to walk quickly as I noticed the bart station quite near.My footsteps quickened as I hurried down the sidewalk in the cold weather. I noticed a group of guys standing near the end of the road and decided to just move across the street and walk away quickly.

        "Hey, who are you?!"I heard a yell as I crossed the street. I quickly ignored them and quickened my steps as I bit my lip.My heart began to thump as I quickly made a jog and looked back only to bump into somebody.I quickly turned around only to see a short,stout man.His arms were covered with tattoos as his large mouth widened and gave me a crooked smile.

       "Hey,baby.Nice way you walk.What's your name?"He asked as he began to walk towards me as I stumbled backwards and held on to a water pipe behind me.

       "Look,sir,what do you want?Do you want my watch,phone,money?I'll give you anything,just don't hurt me,"I said trying to act brave,but in reality my voice quivered as I felt blood rush through my temples.

       I heard laughter as I realized,four more people had joined him.All seemed to be short and stout besides one who seemed tall,lean and particularly fragile.They all seemed to be a part of a gang as they had parked their motorcycles in the middle of the street.

       "Silly,girl!We can already get that by stealing,but we can't do that with you.We want you.Oh,you turn me on with that scared face of yours,"One of the men said as he took his shirt off. My eyes widened as my heart began to pound against my chest and I swear I could hear its beat in my ears.Oh God,please help me!I thought as I prayed and tried to think of something to do.God,I shouldn't have showed attitude to Shlok!He was right!Stupid,Astha.Stop thinking that you are brave and so strong.

      I held on to my bag and then realized my solution.The station was only five minutes away.I could see it just right there. I looked at the men laughing at me as they eyed my body with their perverted eyes. God,Astha you have to take this risk.I thought and I grabbed my bag and slammed it against the stout man's face.

     And I began to run as I heard the men running after me.My feet ran against the wind and I tried to run with my heavy bag,but I soon began to weaken in my legs and my energy began to run out.Soon, I felt a sudden pull on my bag and I felt myself fall down on the cement floor.

     I was a broken soul.My hands were covered by the cold frost as I felt a rip in my jeans.I felt my French braid loosen against me as strands of hair fell on to my face.I felt weakened.Was this the way those women felt when they knew that they were weak against the strong,physical force that eyed their bodies demonly?At once,I felt my world turn black and white as I noticed some people walk by on the street,but nobody seem to come and stop by.Perhaps,they didn't want to get involved.Perhaps, they feared for their own lives.Perhaps,they didn't have daughters.

     For the first time in my life,I felt vulnerable.Sure,everybody tells me that girls should be more brave in the world and face their fears,yet nobody tells their sons to control themselves in public and respect women.Not all men are bad,it's just some that ruin their reputation. Water fell down my cheeks as  my eyes stood still on the sidewalk.Life felt to leave and depart from my soul as my tears became frozen against the frost of the sidewalk.

     I folded my hands in front of them and pleaded to let me go,but they didn't.I felt my hands tied as two of them dragged me down the alley in the street and slammed my body against the wall.

         "Please just let me go!!!Please!Please!"I screamed as I felt one of the men taking off my bag while I other began to unbutton my coat's buttons.

        "No!!!Let me go!!!Help!!!"I screamed as I pushed against the stout man who was taking off my coat.I felt a slap on my cheek as tears ran down like marbles on my red,hot cheeks.

        "Wow!Fiesty!She does look hot and alone,"The man mumbled to the others as they laughed and high-fived each other.I felt like a fallen butterfly as I corned myself against the edge of the wall.

        My lungs got tired from screaming as the men began to take off their shirts as they laughed.

         "Tonight,we will have fun,"One of men said as he grabbed my ponytail from the back and pulled my head up. And,then I suddenly felt a small slobbery kiss on the side of my neck as I began to push against him.

        "Leave me!"I screamed as I felt weakened and overpowered by him as I felt him tightening his grip on my chest as he began to kiss my jawline. I began to punch his chest as I felt tears overpower me.

        Suddenly it stopped.

          My eyes opened and I noticed that the man's neck was held.Dark,angry eyes appeared as a strong hand appeared on the man's neck.My eyes widened as the moon's light lit on his face.Shlok.

        His jaw was clenched as his face was wipe red in anger.Suddenly Shlok slammed the man against the wall.

          "She's with me.How dare you?"Shlok said in a husky whisper as his breath blew out into the air. Shlok slammed his fist against the man's jaw.My mouth widened as I noticed anger taking over Shlok's mind.He wasn't calm and quiet anymore. Two of the men ran and held Shlok's arm,but he wasn't weak.

          Shlok pushed the men back and began to push his feet against their chests and threw them against the cement ground. The other were punched in their stomachs as Shlok slammed them against the brick wall. I sat there in anger as I realized the degree to which Shlok's anger could reach.He was overtaken by it,but it was needed. It was needed for these type of men.

         The men laid on the cement ground as I sat near the edge of wall as tears continued to slip down my cheeks. My blouse's buttons were left undone as my pony tail feel apart into pieces.I could feel blood on my knee as my arms were left scraped.My eyes were lowered as I felt myself exposed and vulnerable to the world. Silence approached us as I heard footsteps crackle against the ground.

        Shlok stared at my broken self.My black bra was completely exposed to him as my make up was left streaming down my cheeks.He could do anything,but he didn't. I heard Shlok gulp as he took a sigh and picked up my black coat from the ground.

        My bag had laid on the floor as its contents had fallen out.Shlok kneeled down right next to me. I squeezed my knees together as I distanced away from him as my lips quivered against the cold. I could feel Shlok's hot gaze at me as he quickly turned his head around and placed my stuff back into my bag.

        Shlok's hand fell down on my black chiffon scarf that laid on the ground.I noticed him grabbing it and him coming towards me. My eyes looked up at him and he stared back at me. His face was slow close to mines and I felt it's hot breath against my face. His dark,brown eyes stared into mines as they seemed to observe each and every movement of my eyes.

        His arms slowly went around me as I felt my heart thump. My eyes lowered as I felt his perfume reach my nose and awaken me as I felt his head only an inch away from my right side as I felt my scarf wrapped around my shoulders. Shlok wrapped one end over the other as he looked away from undone blouse and only in to my eyes.

       I felt his hand stay still on the overlapped surface of scarf as he stared into my eyes and tried to read them as I tried to read his.For, the first time I felt genuity in him as he didn't seem the same, strict and yet calm Shlok Ahuja who was my boss.

        My eyes raised up and widened as a brown rod was held above Shlok's head.

          "Shlok!"I yelled and Shlok turned his head around as the rod made it to his face. Shlok grabbed the rod and pushed the man against the wall. I gulped as I noticed the men beginning to get up.

         I felt a sudden grip on my hand.The hand was warm and strong and soon its fingers interwined strongly into mines. Shlok grabbed my bag as I grabbed my coat and soon my weakened legs began to be dragged across the sidewalk as Shlok began to run towards the bart station.

          My feet began to be felt like the wind as they began to speed as Shlok sped through the street. I heard screams behind me as the men grabbed the motorcycles and began to speed up behind us. I felt a strong tug on my hand as Shlok pulled on it more harder.

               "Come on!"Shlok yelled as I felt my hand letting go of Shlok's,but he tightened his grip as I caught up to him on his right side.For a second, I felt the coldness disappear as adrenaline rushed throughout my body and pumped in every inch of my body.

          Shlok was panting as I noticed his chest going up and down as I began to increase my speed and literally began to drag me down the sidewalk. We began to rush up the stairs to the bart's entrance as I heard the men behind us yelling.

                "Get them!"I heard on of the men scream as I felt fear run over me and weaken me. Shlok,however, was overtaken by anger as he tightened his grip on my hand as I felt it throb under his hand's strong pulse that could be directly felt through mines.

          My feet began to slip on the newly mopped floor marble floor and soon my foot slipped. I felt myself fall directly on the side of my head. Suddenly, I heard screams as my head seemed to be numbed by the sudden fall. I noticed the men running towards me as Shlok yelled my name.

           One of the men gripped on to my hand and Shlok's hand was gripped on my left hand.

                  "Let go of her!"Shlok yelled as he tightened his grip on my hand as I felt tears beginning to fall again down my cheeks.

                  "I'm not going to let go of her easily,"The man mumbled as he stared directly into Shlok's eyes.

                  "Oh really?"Shlok challeneged as he smirked and with one strong pull I flew up and my feet slew up in the air as Shlok began to run fast. I noticed a set of esclators going down to the terminal.Oh no!God,not esclators!I thought as I suddenly stopped.

                  "What happened?!What are you doing Astha?!"Shlok screamed as he noticed the men approaching us.

                 "!I can't!I'm scared!"I yelled as Shlok tugged on my hand.

                 "Are you stupid Astha?!Just trust me ok!"Shlok said as he looked into my eyes.I could tell his eyes were pleading to cooperate.I gulped as I looked back and noticed the men reaching closer and closer towards us.I turned around and looked back at hism.No,I have to cooperate. Not,only is my life in danger,but so is his. I cannot do this to him. I quickly shook my head as Shlok turned and made a dash for the esclators.

                Shlok placed his foot on the moving step of the escalator as I gulped and quickly placed my feet on the moving stairs. Shlok quickly began to run down the moving stairs as I quickly followed him and suddenly I felt my fear vanishing as I looked up at Shlok.He was fearless and I could tell the clear determination in his face. Not once did he look back like I did. He was focused and clear about what he was going to do. I felt myself safe.

                The minute we got off the stairs, we began to dash towards the our train that awaited at the terminal. I could hear the men far away from us,but they were coming and reaching closer to us.

                Shlok slammed his bart card into the machine and we dashed to the open doors of the bart.Before the doors could close Shlok pulled me up into the train.

                His strong grip pulled me into him as my hands flew up in the air. Shlok quickly unbuttoned his black coats and placed it on my shoulders and before I knew it he pulled on to my wrists and pulled me into his chest.

               My eyes closed shut as my head fell into his hard,yet, warm chest. I inhaled his nice,strong perfume trying to calm myself and my tears down,but I couldn't.My hands instantly wrapped around his narrow waist as his arms wrapped around my cold body. I felt myself shiver as I tried to warm my body against his.

             His face buried into the nap of my neck and felt his warm breath against my neck.I goosebumps arise on the side of my neck as I felt his lips like rose petals against my ear.

                   "Shhh...just stay like this.The men are outside of the train right now...They're looking through each and every window.One more minute left before this train leaves,"Shlok whispered into my ear as he edged me towards the metal wall of the train in the far right corner of the train.

             My feet began to move back as Shlok's hands spread farther apart on my back as I felt his fingers against my black scarf.His hands left a trail of desire on my back as I tightened my grip around his waist as I felt myself shake in fear against him.

                    "'s ok,"Shlok whispered as his fingers trailed down my goosebumped spine that instantly curved inside as Shlok tried to calm me down.

              I felt dazed as I seemed to get lost in the Calvin Klein perfume that had taken over his body.My nose nuzzled against his chest as I felt the train beginning to move forward as Shlok fell back on to the metal wall.

              My daze fell apart as Shlok loosened his grip on my waist. My eyes widened as I had realized what I had done. What was I doing?How could I just let myself caress and be caressed by somebody?How could I?I thought as I felt tears running down my cheeks.


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