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UPDATE FF:Mujhe Pyaar Karr-The Story Of The Second Lover CH.7P20 3/15 (Page 3)

rbb1 IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 1:06am | IP Logged
Another great update omg poor Astha getting in trouble on the first day, can't wait to read the next update

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Anusha16 Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 1:53am | IP Logged
shlok.. a first class neurosurgen???
now that's finesse... waiting to read more of ur work... lovely update dear!!!Wink

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rbb1 IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anusha16

shlok.. a first class neurosurgen???
now that's finesse... waiting to read more of ur work... lovely update dear!!!Wink
I agree both in different profession that's good, same here I can't wait for the next update 

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lively_roshani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 2:31am | IP Logged

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Jasmine457 Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Hey everybody!Thank you for all your comments!And due to pt311288's for the suggestion of pm as I totally forgot!I will be making a pm list!So please do tell me if you want to be included in the list!Smile
And thank you rbb1,pt311288,aathafaith,anusha16,roshanii,ruhakhan,
arunsunita_gm,anjipankaj and everybody who read for all your likes,comments and support for a new ff!I promise the ff is going to get more vulgar and romantic and intense as it proceeds!Wink

I will be updating today again and it will be full of Astha and Shlok moments!The past chapters were just setting up the story!Smile


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ruhakhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 10:31am | IP Logged
quite an interesting meeting of shlok and astha 
do update soon

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MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Wooow awesomeee stooory

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Jasmine457 Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2013 at 8:25pm | IP Logged

Hey everybody!I hope you are liking the story so far.I'm really not sure if this story is going on a good track or not since I am writing an FF after such a long time.I just hope you all like it and please do comment,so I can know if I'm doing a good job!Thank you for all your support,comments, and views so far!Embarrassed

                                                Chapter 3

        I held my head in my hands as I took a sip of the hot coffee that sat in front of me.I still felt saddened by what had happened yesterday with Mr.Ahuja.I could not even take the thought out of my mind no matter how much I tried.I had completely embrassed myself in front of him.God,why do I make such stupid mistakes?And now,guess what?He has turned out to be my boss and now I will encounter him each and everyday until my residency ends which is in five years.Luckily,he's not leading my group in the neurology department or else I would've been dead.

        I remember how last night I had bursted into tears at home as I had buried myself in my pillow.The words"I know girls like you" just emphasized more tears and anger towards Mr.Ahuja's blame of considering me a cheap girl who was trying to make a pass at him.Mummy and dad had questioned me all night about how my first day was and I couldn't even express my feelings because if I did then they would get more worried as the tension about their jobs isn't enough.Sadly,my lfie was like this.I often felt confined when it came to expressing my feelings and felt that I had to put on a mask of being happy and making everyone else happy.No balance was ever struck in my life.

       I sighed as I took another drink from my coffee.I was to be officially on duty at 6:00 A.M. and mummy had forcibly made me wake up so early in the morning at 5:00 A.M. just in the fear that I would get late and now here I was early and bored to death.

    "Can I get a decaffed cappacino please?"I heard a voice say.The voice seemed very familiar and I could tell I had just recently heard it.I quickly turned my head up to see Mr.Ahuja in front of the hospital clerk as he took out a crisp ten dollar bill to hand to the cashier.

       Oh God,why is he here again?Great,now my whole day will go horrible.I thought as I grabbed a magazine on the table I sat at and hid my face into the magazine.I looked through the side of my eyes and noticed Mr.Ahuja grabbing his cup of coffee as he stood opposite of me looking at the aisle of new magazines that were stacked in the hospital cafeteria.Why did I choose a table right next to the magazine aisle?I thought.

       Good timing Astha,I thought as I noticed his back turned towards me.Get out before he realizes you're here and you make an another stupid mistake like you always do. I grabbed my coffee and slid out of my chair slowly to avoid any noise.

       I grabbed the magazine and decided to just put it on the magazine desk as Mr.Ahuja's back was already turned towards me and I was just opposite of the shelf.So,I walked up to the desk and placed the magazine as I put my head down to hide it from him.But,before I could turn around and walk away,I felt a sudden push on my back and I tripped over the desk just in time for Mr.Ahuja to turn around and face me.

        I felt small strands of my French braid fall on my cheeks as I placed both of my hands on the shelf.I looked up only to see Mr.Ahuja with furrowed eyebrows as he looked at me.

        "Sorry ma'am,"I heard the guy say as I gulped and pushed myself up.

        "It's ok,"I said as I noticed my coffee spilt on the shelf.

        "You!What are doing you here?"Mr.Ahuja said coldly as he looked at me as he placed his hands in his white doctor coat.

        "Um...I'm here because I have my residency here in this hospital,"I mumbled as I fidgeted with my fingers and bit my lip.God,Astha trouble always finds you.This is not good.

        "What?You have a residency in this hospital?God,so I have to see more of your troubles,"Mr.Ahuja noted as he sighed and took a sip of his coffee. I felt a mix of sadness and anger inside of me as I rolled my eyes.I heard a cell phone ring right before I could apologize again for my mistake.

         "Hello...yes Dr.Lynn"Mr.Ahuja said and he walked away before I could say anything. I sighed and grabbed a paper towel before cleaning the shelf.

        "Hey,Astha!"I heard a familiar voice and I turned around to see Ellie walking with an another girl.

        "Hey,Ellie.How are you?"I asked as I smiled and walked up to her.

        "Hey!Here meet Helia.She's part of our group of residents here.I brought here since she was a bit confused where we're meeting up our group's head,so I helped to bring her down,"Ellie said as Helia smiled as I shook her hand.

        "Hi,nice to meet you Helia,"I said as I smiled and looked at her.Helia gave a slight smile before letting go of my hand.

        "Hi,Astha...Anyways,so you are practicing neurology huh?"Helia questioned as she raised her eyebrow while looking at me.

        "Of course Helia,she is.Astha wanted to be in neurology since middle school.Plus,she's too smart nah?She was valedictorian in medical school,"Ellie exclaimed as I shook my head and felt my cheeks redden with embarrassment.Ellie loves putting me on the spot.

       "Oh...that's nice,but we have valedictorians everywhere Ellie dear.This is the Kavanaugh Hospital after all.My parents were valedictorians in medical school too,so was my older brother.But,good job Astha.You at least have the smarts,"Helia noted as she looked at me up and down.

        I felt my cheeks redden as I realized Helia was giving a taunt rather than a compliment,but I guess she was right.I mean when it comes to looking good physically I was awful at it. I felt Helia checking out my plaid blue jeans,plain white sweater and of course my black coat was full of little cotton balls.Helia on the other side was wearing a nice tight black skirt and a beautiful royal purple blouse to match it up with a blazer.

       The half-an hour dragged as Helia and Ellie bonded while I felt extremely anxious as I looked through my clipboard that had the day's whole schedule and the patients our group was going to meet today and diagnose. I was nervous.What is I made the wrong diagnosis?What if I say something stupid again?What if I prescribe the wrong medication?I felt my head dizzy as I noticed our group filling up with different people who seemed friendly,but were all too fixtated on their smart phones and clipboards.

          "What's taking so long?"I asked Ellie as I noticed that it was 9:30 already and the head doctor was supposed to meet up at 9.

          "I don't kn-"

          "Hello everybody,"I heard a voice say and I turned around only to see the worst.It was Mr.Ahuja.I felt my face turn pale as my eyes widened.Wait,what is he doing here?Isn't he supposed to be in his office running the whole hospital?I thought as our group got up from our chairs and said good morning.

         "What's he doing here?Isn't our head Dr.Mckay,"I whispered to Ellie as I stared at Mr.Ahuja.

         "You all must be thinking where did Dr.Mckay go?Well, unfortunately,Dr.Mckay had a family emergency,so he had to go abroad to address it.But,he did note that your guys' residencies should not be postponed due to his own personal problems and I agree with him.So,there was no other doctor on call in the neurology department to take up this responsibility as they all have their own residency groups.So,as a trained neurosurgeon, I believe it is my responsibility to take up your residencies as the Kavanaugh Hospital does not take back its words and promises to train future doctors,"Mr.Ahuja said as he looked at our group and suddenly his eyes stopped on me.

     Mr.Ahuja's eyes widened as he stared back at me.I looked down to avoid his deathly stare,but I couldn't.I could still feel his eyes on me.

        "So,I will be leading your group fro the next two weeks.And please don't call me Mr.Ahuja or Dr.Ahuja.I hate that.Just call me Shlok.And also,we will be not schedule today and not meeting up any of the patients until tomorrow.Since you all are under my control,I will decide the way your trainings will go.Today,I would like to give you a hint of reality.We are leaving for the bart station nearby,so please take your belongings with you,"Shlok announced.

       "Oh of course, I agree we should have a hint of realities as doctors to further our professions,"Helia said as she battled her eyelashes at Shlok.

      "Good thought,Helia.By the way you should also put some thought to your make-up.If we were not working off campus today,I would've made you wash your face,"Shlok noted.I could tell he had gotten the flirtous message from Helia as his mouth seemed to be clenched and his eyebrows furrowed like yesterday.

      " did you know my name?"Helia questioned as she smiled.

      "I can read your badge Helia,"Shlok noted as people in my group snickered.

     Shlok began to walk as we followed him down the hallway to the elevator.


    The walk to the bart station was short as it was only on the opposite street at which the hospital was built. I noticed how flawlessly Shlok walked without a stop. The new female residents did try to grab Shlok's attention while the male residents tried to show off their smarts to him,but I could tell Shlok was not interested. In fact, I felt Shlok was just forced to lead our group since no other doctor wanted to handle the case.

    The bart station was huge when it came to it. Trains left every minute to many unknown destinations. The station was full of ticket sensors through which we had to walk with our ticket cards.

    Ellie and I felt the most pushes as the bart station was full of commuters. I felt very suffocated actually and really wanted to get out of the station as soon as possible. After, getting our cards checked in, our group began to rush towards the platform where I our train was due to come.

     I could feel a push behind me as I felt the crowd pushing me towards the train and didn't even feel my feet move against the hard cement ground.Ellie was right with Helia as they marched towards the train while I felt drowned in the crowd of businessmen,engineers,and business associates all rushing to get the train to San Francisco.

     The doors opened and I began to push through the crowd to catch up with the group and finally I made it.

      The inner train was pretty much medium sized,but seemed too small for all the commuters it carried. Two long rows of gray seats were sent against the glass windows as they all face each other on the left and the right side of the train.The middle was full of hand chains for standing commuters to hold.God,I hated those ones.They were scary and I sucked with standing while a vehicle was in motion.It just makes me dizzy and nauseous.

       I noticed my group sitting by the main bart doors and I quickly followed them. I noticed Ellie and Helia sitting next to each other and decided to take a seat next to them.

      "Oops,there's no empty seat here.Sorry,I took your seat.Let me just get up,"Helia noted as she got up.

      "No,it's ok Helia.You can sit there.I am ok,"I said and I turned around to find a new seat,but there were none in sight.They all were taken.

       Great,now I have to stand and commute.I thought as I grabbed the hand rail and held on to it tight.I felt hot and sweaty as commuters overcrowded the bart and surrounded me with holding the hand rails.The bart began to move and I felt nauseous as my feet got wobbly and I knew I couldn't handle it anymore.

        I felt the bart go up a rail and felt myself move towards the right and almost fall.My hand instinctively went up as I placed my hand on the black coat of the person who stood in front of me.The person turned around and my eyes widened as I noticed it was Shlok.

        I lowered my eyes as I felt his eyes stare down at me with anger.I could see his fists clench and I waited to be yelled at.But,before I could here a word,the bart went dark as it went through a tunnel.I felt myself being pushed back to the left.

       The hot breath of air could be felt against my face as I noticed someone's chest was touching mine.The light suddenly appeared as the bart vanished out of the tunnel and I noticed Shlok's face right in front of mines.I could feel him breathing on my cheeks and making them turn pink.I could feel his chest against mines as I felt people pushing more up against use as we got crowded and closed the space between us.

      We felt a push and before we knew it our hands let go of the hand rails as other people took hold of it.I furrowed my eyebrows in anger as I stared at the tall guy holding my hand rail. I sighed and shooked my head as I grabbed on to the long hand pole to support my body.

        A sudden hand was placed above mines.It was warm and I felt its heat being transferred to mines.I tried to free my grip,but I couldn't and I felt my hand sweat under the other. I looked up and noticed it was Shlok who had placed his hand on mines.God,his hand is too strong.I thought as I looked up and stared at Shlok.He looked down at me as I looked up at him. I dragged my eyes to my hand indicating to him to move it as the bart was too loud and as if he could hear me in it. Shlok looked at me confused as he raised his eyebrows.I bit my lip and used my free hand to point on our hands.Immediately,Shlok removed his hand and placed it a little bit above mines.

       I felt his long stare at me as I looked down and stared at our feet.Our bodies swayed in silences as we moved back and forth towards each other as the bart moved along.I felt my breath get heavier and heavier against his as the time passed.I grabbed my phone and tried to interrupt my anxiousness in the crowd as I focused on reading my emails,but it didn't work.Was I nervous because of the crowd or how close Shlok and I were standing together. I had never stood so close to a guy before and it felt awkward.I could feel myself getting sweaty as my cheeks turned bright red.

        Finally,the bart made a stop and the seats emptied. I sighed a breath of relief before grabbing a seat.Shlok stared at me as he held on to the hand rail. I looked up at him as I took a drink from my water bottle.

        I noticed that the only vacant seat was the one next to me and I could tell Shlok would probably not want to sit in it as I he does have a certain dislike for me.I felt a bit angry as I remembered how Shlok had talked to me yesterday and my tongue slipped.

         "You know you can sit here.I don't bite,"I said as I looked up at Shlok.He looked back at me and then walked up to me.I looked at him nervously,waiting for a critical comment,but then something else happened.He sat right next to me as he placed his bag besides him.

         "Are you castrophobic?"Shlok questioned the minute he sat next to me.I looked up at him a bit taken back.How did he know this?
         "How do you know that?"I questioned as I raised my eyebrow.

         "I'm a doctor Astha.I'm supposed to know about this,"Shlok answered.

     Astha.That was the first time he had spoken my name and it sounded nice from him.Especially,I loved the way he emphasized the letter A-Hold up Astha!What are you thinking?You're supposed to dislike this guy for the way he speaks to you and embarrassed you yesterday.

       The bart began to move again as the commuters rushed in and held on to the hand rails.I felt Shlok's arm against mines as the bart rattled through the tunnel.His arm was warm and very strong as I felt it press against mine and hurt it.

        Shlok tried to wiggle some space between us,but the passenger besides him didn't budge or move,so Shlok can move away from me.I felt my stomach grumble and I realized I hadn't eaten my aloo paratha yet. Great, I hate missing breakfast.

        I quickly grabbed my bag and opened it and pulled out my foiled paratha. I felt Shlok stare at me as I smelled mummy's paratha and smiled as I unwrapped it.

       "Do you know how much chloestrol is in that?"Shlok said as he turned around and looked at me.I looked up at him and noticed his face seemed too close to mines.

       "Yes, I know,but it's tasty.Do you want a bite?"I answered as I smiled and looked up at him.

       "No,thanks.As a doctor you are promoting ill health to yourself and probably to your future patients.You should take care of your health,"Shlok answered back before turning his head around.

       "I know I'm a doctor,but I cannot be a strict doctor and limit my patients from tasty food.Of course, such tasty food can be limited,but not banned.Life is made to eat good food.Besides,you should take a bite of this.It's fresh and homecooked,"I noted.

       "Fine,let's see how it really is,"Shlok said and grabbed my paratha and ripped a piece of it.He placed the whole piece in his mouth and slowly began to chew on it.

       I stared at him to see his reaction.First,his eyes widened and then relaxed as he swallowed the paratha slowly down his throat.Then,he cleared his throat and looked back at me.I smiled knowing his answer.

       "Ok,fine.Whatever,"Shlok said and turned his head around.I suppressed a giggle as I began to eat my paratha.

         Wow,I once had a normal conversation with Shlok without saying the words"I'm sorry".Maybe,something was changing.Yeah right...I doubt I wouldn't say the words "I'm sorry" till the end of this day.


I felt tears fill up in my eyes as I looked down and gripped on to my purse.

"Wow,she does look hot and alone.Don't you have anybody with you?"The man questioned as he stood in front of me and smirked at me.

I quickly got up and grabbed my purse to walk away as soon as possible.I noticed the man about to grab my arm,but before that could happen I noticed a figure stand in front of me.

"She's with me"


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