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UPDATE FF:Mujhe Pyaar Karr-The Story Of The Second Lover CH.7P20 3/15

xoxoJasminexoxo Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2013 at 3:36pm | IP Logged

Hey,everybody.How are you guys?This is actually my first FF in this forum and I am so excited.This story is quite different and not the typical love story because I just wanted to try a different storyline.In no way, am I promoting extra-marital affairs or anything,but this story just is different and I believe you all will be entertained and will,possibly, like it.Anyways,here it goes...


                                   Chapter 1

The stars burned out in silence as I watched the night turn into day.Candles had burned out as wax melted away into the sand that surrounded me. Sadly, a beautiful night had come to an end and now all that awaited me was the deep blue ocean that I faced as I sat in the middle of the sand valley as I felt the ocean water reach my feet.

     I was mesmerized by this silent beauty until I felt a large and warm hug around me. A kiss touched my ear as I smiled and closed my eyes. The kiss dripped down to my neck to my shoulder as it began to expand and I began to feel little,butterfly kisses all around the side of my neck. The hands moved slowly,up and down on the side of my waist.

    Suddenly they stopped.

I began to search for the face that touched my body as I turned my head around and saw a dark figure running away. I wanted to yell stop,but I just couldn't,so I ran. I felt my gray dress struggling against the wind as I held it up and began to run against the sand under my feet.My hair blinded me as they went across my face as I ran. I didn't stop as I ran after the dark figure.Waiting to grasp it...


"Astha!Astha!Wake up!Astha beta!" I heard a voice yell into my year as I placed a pillow on my head. I felt the pillow move away as I felt drops of water on my face. Where was my dark figure? Where am I? I felt a conflict of two worlds as I struggled to find the dark figure and stop the person from ruining my dream.Yet,I lost.

  My eyes opened wide as I noticed an older lady in a light pink suit,greyed by life as her hair lost color. I turned around and wiped my eyes.

  "What happened mummy?What's all the rukus about?"I mumbled as I took the bed sheet off and got up.

    "Aree, Astha you forgot?Astha!Today's your first day of residency!" Ma yelled. My eyes widened as the cloud of confusion cleared and I jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom down the hallway.

     I turned the shower on,not waiting for warm water to come as I grabbed the soap and began to move it across my neck and arms. God...all the hard work is finally going to pay off. First day of residency in neurology. The last 20 years have been painful from elementary school to all the way into medical school. The pressure to pass the MCAT to the pressure of getting into medical school had taken a personal toll on me. I had even begun to lose hair.But, now everything is fine. My new life is almost ready to begin. I will be Dr. Astha Ahulwalia. I smiled as I felt the water touch my face.


 "Astha! Hurry up beta!" Mummy yelled as I sighed and quickly pulled my black leggings up and slipped on my crme sweater as I grabbed a black cardigan and scarf.

     "Mummy!I am coming!Just wait!" I yelled as I grabbed my hospital bag and purse and walked into the kitchen. The smell of parathas surrounded the apartment complex as I noticed dad sitting on the small coffee table eating paratha.His eyes were as dark as an owl's as his face portrayed wrinkles of old age. I noticed his hard,calloused hands that were weakened from lifting heavy alcohol cases at the Indian Market where he is a cashier at. I smiled as I walked up to dad and bended down to take his blessings.

          "Bless you beta. Today is the day you made me feel truly proud to be your father.I am so happy for you"Dad said as he hugged me.

           "I know that dad.You are proud of me since I am so amazing" I announced as I pretended to be snobby and then bursted out laughing.

           "Ok,hurry up Dad!You have work!"I said as I smiled and hugged mummy.

           "I hope you have a great day beta.Hope you do well and make us more proud

            of you."I kissed her cheek as I grabbed my paratha and wrapped it up in foil.

           "Aree,beta,this is not a good way to eat your breakfast.You should sit down and eat your paratha"Mummy said as I rolled my eyes.

           "Ok...mummy.Now I have to go.I have to get to the hospital in half an hour and beat the rush hour traffic.Okay,bye everybody!" I yelled as I grabbed my car keys, shut the door and ran down the apartment stairs to the car garage.

             Mercedes,BMW and Toyotas filled the car garage. They are were beautiful and perfect,but then there stood my car. It was an old,silver 1996 Honda with only three doors of it working as the fourth one was jammed and could not be opened no matter how hard you pulled on it.But,still it was great. The car worked perfectly fine and filled my necessities of driving to and from work. I pulled open the driver side door and sat inside. It was freezing cold yet I could not even attempt to turn on the heat as the Honda would possibly get overheated again and stop in the middle of the road with everyone honking at it.

            I placed my key into the ignition and reversed back before roaring into the street lane.


"Ananya!Ananya!Ananya beta where are you?"Anjali yelled as she grabbed her puja plate and frowned as she noticed the prasad was missing again.


 "Oh God!Not again.Ananya is too much!"Anjali exclaimed as she shook her head and walked into the living area.

"Now what happened Anjali?"Her husband asked he took off his headphones and walked after her.

"Why do you care?You go on with your stupid exercise!"Anjali said as she shook her head.

"Ma.Why are you yelling so much again?You disturbed my sleep for the seventh time this week!"Veera yelled as she plopped herself on the sofa and placed on her sleeping mask.

"Don't sleep on sofa Veera!"Ma yelled.

"Oh please ma!Don't irritate me!If you wake me up so early in the morning then I have the right to sleep on your sofa.And by the way,you didn't buy this,Shlok bhai did" Veera announced.

"What happened ma?Are you ok?"Sojal worriedly asked as she walked out of the kitchen with dough filled hands.

"Nothing,beta.The usual. Ananya again stole the mandhir's prasad"Ma announced as she began to give aarti to her.



"Ma,don't worry.I know where she is,"Sojal said as she smiled and walked up to the large wooden drawer under her grandfather-in-law's photo. She put a finger on her mouth and told everyone to be quiet as she opened the door.

      Sojal opened the door silently and there sat a chubby, 3-year-old little girl whose hands were filled with ladoos. Her curly hair felt down to her cheeks as she still sat wearing her bright pink night suit.

     "Oh no!Chachi it's you!"Ananya said timidly as she placed her hand on her mouth.Before a thought,Ananya ran out of the drawer as Sojal ran after her.

      "Get her!"Veera yelled as she ran after her.

      "What's happening?"Varad yelled as he grabbed his towel and wiped his sweat off of his face.

       "Husband ji,please be quiet and catch your niece!Look she has the whole Prasad!"Sojal yelled as she ran after Ananya.

        Varad,Sojal,Veera rushed after Ananya as she ran around the living room sofas. Ma stood there in shock as she placed her foot in front of her to stop Ananya,but unfortunately,she was too fast and ran into Ma.Ma fell flat on the floor as Ananya fell right besides her. Sojal,Varad and Veera stopped in their tracks as they looked at each other shell-shocked. A sudden,hidden laughter arose as Papa tried to control himself as he hid his mouth behind his hand.Ma threw a glare at him as she got up.

         "Shut up!Don't you dare laugh at me!And you...Ananya!This is what your mother taught you?!"Ma yelled as she grabbed Ananya and pulled on her ear.

         "Ma,stop it.She's just a little girl!"Varad yelled as he grabbed her mother's hand.

         "You stay out of this Varad!This girl needs discipline and your mom isn't giving it to her!What can we say?!Her mother is a loafer and a drunkard just like her husband is too!This girl needs discipline and she is not getting it!"Ma yelled and she took her hand and slapped it right across Ananya's face.

         "Stop it!Right there!Ma!"The voice rumbled across the floor and the room as ma looked up.

          There stood a dark figure in the shadows.His eyes were dark brown like the sky and had a strong jaw like a Greek God's. His dark,brown hair fell down to his neck and forehead as his eyebrows were furrowed.You could clearly tell he was angry as his jaw was clenched really hard against his tounge while his hands were tightly wrapped into fists as their veins reached his large,strong biceps connected to his broad shoulders and narrowed waist.

         "How dare you hit my daughter?!"He yelled as he snatched Ananya's hands from Ma's hands and held her arm.

        "Shlok!Your daughter needs discipline!Look at her!She is so filthy,chubby and has no manners at all!"Ma exclaimed as glared at Shlok.

        "Please!Please!Please don't tell me what to do?You get that?Do you understand that Mrs.Gayatri Ahuja?!"Shlok yelled as he pointed his finger directly at her.

        "Shlok!Don't you dare point your finger at your ma like that!Do you understand?!"Papa yelled as he walked up right up to his face.

         "Oh please Papa!Don't you dare tell me what to do!Ok,Alright?!You are always going to side this women because you are her hen-pecked husband who's going to take all her crap!I on the other hand won't from this women!She is not even my mother!She's just a women with whom you slept with,got humiliated in public because of her and had to remarry her and ditch my mom and divorce her!"Shlok exclaimed as his eyes darkened with anger and resent from the past.

          "Shlok!You shut up now!And apologize to your mother now!"Papa yelled as he raised his hand to slap him.

          "Don't you dare do that!Don't you dare touch me and do that in front of my daughter!Do you get that Papa?!And I will not given a God damn apology to this women or anybody for what I have done!I...Shlok Ahuja doesn't apologize to anyone for my mistakes!Do you get that?!"Shlok yelled as he grabbed Ananya.

          "Come on Ananya!Let's go,"Shlok mumbled as he picked up a crying Ananya and walked up the stairs.


"Nanu,Don't cry beta ok?"Shlok whispered into Ananya's ear as he carried her up into his bedroom.

"Mmm...Me sorry daddy.Me so sorry.Me very sorry..."Ananya hiccupped as she grabbed on to her father's tie and pulled on it.

"Nanu...I am not mad at you beta.Ok?Just be a little more careful and don not take your grandmother's Prasad ok?"Shlok said as he placed her forehead against hers'.

"Promise take dadi's Prasad,"Ananya mumbled as she tugged on her dad's tie and played with it.

                    Shlok smiled as he went up to the closet and began to take out Ananya's clothes.He noticed his bed was still occupied by the dark figure that had demonized herself with alcohol like last night.The room seemed too big to him as the dark maroon walls felt as they were moving in towards him while the round wooden bed felt that it was growing in size and the white canopy above it felt like it would kill you.The worst were the glass windows that were spread everywhere across the room and were left wide open 24/7. This is how he felt when the demon slept right next to him and his daughter.

                    "Shlok...what happened?"A voice whispered as Shlok pulled out a light pink dress for Ananya.Shlok rolled his eyes as he closed the closet door.

                   " awake!Mama is awake!Mama is awake!"Ananya repeated over and over again non-stop until Shlok placed her down and let her run towards her mom,the demon.

                   Shlok turned around in furious anger as she noticed his "wife" sitting straight up as she threw her daughter a smile.Her short,highlight brown and red hair fell into a mess as she tried to pull them back up.Her oddly colored blue eyes signaled death as she wore her thigh length,red,see-through night dress that hugged her slim,size-zero figure. She stretched her arms seductively towards him.Yeah right,as if he was going to fall for that demon.

                 "Nothing happened Sanjana,alright?"Shlok firmly said as he grabbed Ananya's light blue towel from the dresser.

                "Oh really Prem?Did my little princess steal her Dadi's Prasad again?" Sanjana said as she smiled and kissed Ananya's forhead as she pulled her night dress a little bit down to show a part of her chest to Shlok.

              "Nanu,how about you go to the bathroom and start brushing your teeth ok?"Shlok asked sweetly as he kneeled down to Ananya.

               "No."Ananya announced firmly as she shook her head.

               "Ananya.Bathroom.Now.Please,"Shlok said sternly and gave her the death glare before Ananya jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

               "Awww...did my little Shloku get mad today again?"Sanjana said as she grabbed his cheeks.Shlok grabbed her hands and held it in his.

               "Don't.Touch me,"Shlok said as he looked into her eyes as Sanjana giggled and released her hands from his and opened the side drawer of her table stand and took out a small bottle of whisky and took a large gulp from it.

               "Whatever...As if I give a damn about your and your daughter's problems,"Sanjana announced as she rolled her eyes.

               "Excuse me?My daughter?"Shlok questioned as he got back up on his feet.

               "Yes...yours',"Sanjana announced.

               "Shut up Sanjana!You and I both know that you have to at least pretend to give a damn about my family...atleast my father.You and I both know what goes down in this room and about Ananya.The only reason we are together is because of my father.And because of dad,I have to bear you.So,shut up.Pretend to look pretty and atleast dress classy,not trashy.Do you get that or sort of understand that?Now shut up and get out of bed"Shlok hissed before pushing Sanjana back on to the bed and walking away.


I felt a sudden bump behind my shoulder and suddenly I felt my feet slip on the marble floor as I tried to grab something to support myself on,but I couldn't.I was ready to feel the fall before two arms wrapped right around my chest.I suddenly turned by face around to only see another one.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1-Page 1
Chapter 2-Page 2
Chapter 3-Page 4
Chapter 4-Page 7
Chapter 5-Page 7















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rbb1 IF-Addictz

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Wow really interesting story thank you for posting it can't wait to read more updates

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AlbusDumbeldore IF-Dazzler

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Good story.i loved shlok's character .waiting for further updates

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Originally posted by anjipankaj

Good story.i loved shlok's character .waiting for further updates

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xoxoJasminexoxo Goldie

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Thank you everybody for your comments!I will be updating by today/tomorrow according to India's time!But,I will update soon!:)

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rbb1 IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by xoxoJasminexoxo

Thank you everybody for your comments!I will be updating by today/tomorrow according to India's time!But,I will update soon!:)
thank you can't wait to read the next part 

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unres latter
pt311288 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2013 at 8:25am | IP Logged
hm kinda interesting concept
update soon

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