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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

rishbala ff: NASHA CH 29 UPDTD PG 137

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Hi friends,

               After reading so many stories in the forum, I would also like to try my hand in entertaining  all the forum people with my story. please like and comment if you really like the story. Your valuable comments about this story will make me decide whether I should continue or not.    This is how it goes.




RISHAB MOHAN KUNDRA aka RK aka Rishu : 28 year old handsome, dashing man. Only son of late Mohan Kundra and late Radha Kundra. Owner of Kundra Group of Construction Companies KG(having mutiple branches across in India and abroad). His arrogant, rude and attitude make him even more dashing and one of the most elibile bachelor of India . Doesn't stick to a particular girlfriend( means every week new girlfriend and after xyz throws them) .

MADHUBALA VISHWANATH SWAMINATHAN aka Madhu : 21 year old cute, bubbly and beautiful lady. Daughter of  late Vishwanath Swaminathan and late Geetha Swaminathan. Loves her family very much(family comes first). 

MOHAN NISHANTH KUNDRA : Father of RK. Loves his wife very much. Could not tolerate his wifes death hence depended on alcohol which killed his life. Owner of KG which was later extended by RK.

RADHA MOHAN KUNDRA : Mother of RK. Loved her family very much. She had only one wish to see her husband and son happy.

VISHWANATH SWAMINATHAN : Father of Madhu. Very sensible and intelligent man. He had only one wish to see his children happy and also to marry Madhu to a caring man who loves her dearly.

GEETHA SWAMINATHAN : Mother of Madhu. She was very caring. Loved her family very much. She is very much like Madhu.

DEVENDER SHIRISH MEHRA aka DEV aka DE : Rival of RK. He wants the contract by hook or by crook. Character typically same as that of RK.

SANTHOSH SWAMINATHAN : Brother of Madhu and her only support. He is responsible and extremely talented. He used to top all the exams and make his sister proud.


This is how the story goes:

Mohan Kundra and Shirish Mehra are rivals. Mohan Kundra bangged an important contract which was very crucial for both the companies. In a rage he hired a person to make a car accident. Mohan and Kuku bhatia are friends. The car in which Mohan and Radha were supposed to travel due to some reason Radha along with Kuku bhatia and Komal bhatia travelled in the car thus killing the three. Mohan filed a case against Shirish. He was sentenced to death. Mohan also died after few years. This is how RK and Dev happened to be rivals and RK and Sikki happened to be friends and they live in the same mansion RK mansion.

Chapter 1 - Below

Chapter 2 - Page 2

Chapter 3 - Page 3

Chapter 4 - Page 5

Chapter 5 - Page 7

Chapter 6 - Page 7

Chapter 7 - Page 10

Chapter 8 - Page 13

Chapter 9 - Page 14

Chapter 10 - Page 16

Chapter 11 - Page 18

Chapter 12 - Page 20

Chapter 13 - Page 24

Chapter 14 - Page 26

Chapter 15 - Page 28

Chapter 16 - Page 31

Chapter 17 - Page 33

Chapter 18 - Page 36

Chapter 19 - Page 39

Chapter 20 - Page 42

Teaser - Page 47

Chapter 21 - Page 50

Teaser - Page 55

Chapter 22 - Page 59

Teaser - Page 66

Chapter 23 -  Page 70

Chapter 24 - Page 74

Teaser - Page 82

Chapter 25 - Page 87

Teaser  - Page 96

Chapter 26 - Page 101

Chapter 27 - Page 113

Chapter 28 - Page 128

Chapter 29 - Page 137

Chapter 30 - Coming Soon




The employees in the KG are very scared. They made sure for the arrangements as it was the arrival of RK after a week from US. They made sure they don't disapoint their boss.


The flight was delayed by 3 hrs due to the bad weather. Irritated RK stepped out of the plane with his angry look. After the proceedings and the collecting their bags they stepped out to find it was heavily raining. This irritated RK even more and he quickly stepped into the car making sure he doesn't get wet.

"I hate the weather." RK

"RK its just the rain." Sikki

"Bloody hell rain Sikki" RK

"BTW it brings luck" Sikki

"Really" RK

"Yes it was a rainy day when I first met her and it was the another rainy day when I proposed her and she accepted me and it was a rainy day when our engagement took place and ..." Sikki

"Did you call Trish?" RK

"NO lemme call her now itself" Sikki

"Better for you" RK

 Sikki called Trishna meanwhile RK took out his ipad and started working on it. They reached RK mansion and they took shower immediately and they came out and they headed for the office. On the way to the office

"RK Bittu ji found out the spy." Sikki

"Who is it Sikki?" RK

"Your personal assistant Maya" Sikki

"Ahaan" RK

"RK its high time that we fire her" Sikki

"I l deal her in my own way" RK

They reached the office and RK straight away called Maya.

"May I come in chief?" Maya

"Yes of course I was waiting eagerly for you" RK

"What????" Maya

"Why did you give the statistics to Dev?" RK

"c...c...chief I...I didn't give that..." Maya


"chief" Maya

"Why????" RK

"chief" Maya

"Answer me Maya" RK

"My mother had brain tumor and I asked for loan and the money was not enough for the operation and at that time Dev" Maya

"So you gave the statistics to Dev" RK

"I am sorry chief" vesaid Maya Crying

"There were better options you had" RK

"pardon chief" Maya

"Instead of landing into his bed if you have landed straight on my bed then I would have considered you" RK

Maya was shocked by his comment.

"Anyways now you have no option you are fired" RK

"chief please I have a big family and I am the earning member" Maya

"In that case I l consider ok I give you an option I have to fire you for sure coz you did a job like that but I can give a guarentee that I can find a job for you. For that you have do a job for me." RK

"I will do that" Maya

"Once again you have to spend a night with Dev and you will wear the dress that I give and disclose the new contract statistics" RK

She had no other option but to agree.


"Santhosh Wake up. Look at the time its 7:00." Came a voice from Kitchen.

"Akka please lemme sleep. I am tired" Santhosh

"So you slept late yesterday?" Madhu

"Akka its not like that" Santhosh

"Santhosh its not good" Madhu                                      

"Akka I know and please wake me up after you finish the breakfast and lunch" Santhosh

"ok" Madhu

After about 45 minutes.

"Santhosh wake up its 7:45" Madhu

"Ayyo Akka its too late today I have a important test" Santhosh

"Ayyo you didn't say that to me otherwise I would have" Madhu

"Its ok akka" Sathosh

He immediately rushed to the bathroom and meanwhile Madhu packed the lunch for both of them. He came within 15 minutes and they did the breakfast together.

"Have you prepared for the test?" Madhu

"Yes akka and I am sure I l excel this test" said Santhosh confidently

"That you l and I am sure of that" Madhu said approvingly

"Thanks akka and you said you have presentation" Santhosh

"Yes and I am prepared" Madhu

"I know you will akka" Santhosh

"Now finish the breakfast quickly" Madhu

"Yes akka" Santhosh

After finishing the breakfast he rushed to the door and took his cycle and left for school and meanwhile she got ready for the office. She locked the door and she was on the way then Shanthi stopped her.

"Madhu you are nervous today why dear?" Shanthi

"Yes Shanthi aunty today I have presentation and I am nervous" Madhu

"Don't worry dear I know you will present it and don't worry my blessing is with you" Shanthi

"Thanks aunty and you are my only support aunty" Madhu

"I will pray for you dear don't worry" Shanthi

"Thanks aunty" Madhu

"You better run its getting late" Shanthi

"Yes aunty" Madhu and she left for office

Shanti immediately rushed to the temple for praying. She was playing when the preist came.

"Shanti today also the prayer for your daughter Madhu" Preist

"Yes ofcourse and do some extra prayers also and take this 500 rs" Shanthi

"Today you are happy I think" preist

"Yes swamy I am its coz today madhu has crucial presentation and I know she will win this contract." Shanthi

"When she came yesterday for prayers she just told that her brother has exams but didn't pray for her" Preist

"She wont pray anything for her for her it is always Santhosh. I know her very she was very young. Her father used to come here along with her. They were satisfied with the small income they used to get from their Catering business. As Madhu grew big he was worried for her. So he wanted to  expand their business for that he took loan and before he could even expand the business both Vishwa and Geetha got killed in an accident. Then the bank took their house and the catering shop. They were kids Madhu was 9 and santhosh was 4.We took her home as our own kids but she was determined that she l work. She earned her first salary 3000 at the age of 13 as a receptionist in the KK construction company and she stayed in a separate rented house with her brother. Now she is earning 10,000/month and after this presentation she will get 15,000/month. Please swamy pray special prayers today for my child" She had tears in her eyes after saying this.


Mehra Mansion

"Dev RK found out that I gave you the statistics so I have resigned the job" Maya

"WHAT?" Dev

"Yes Dev. Now I don't have a job" Maya

"What am I supposed to do now??" Dev

"Dev I am thankful to you because of the money today my mother is doing good hence I stole the statistic details of the new contract for you" Maya

"Very good Maya" and he came close to her and kissed her on the cheeks.

He took the papers from her and kept that on his shelf and he he came to her

"Dev why you wanted this statistics I mean why this old contract statistic details I would have brought the new statistics if you want but why this old one?" Maya

"Maya you wont understand the statistic you have taken is one of the strongest and oldest clients of RK. If he lose new clients that wont affect him but if he lose the old one then.." Dev

"That will break RK" Maya

"Yes and I want your help for the two new contract details." Dev

"I l help you though I don't know the statistic" Maya

"Thank you" Dev

 They discussed the two new contract statistics. After finishing the task he sexily looked at her. Using his fingers he rubbed on her cheeks and slowly on her neck and on her breast. He came closer to her and took her lips on his and kissed her slowly. He immediately took her to his bed and removed his shirt and opened her gown. As he removed the gown he could see the visible bare back. He started kissing her back. She started breathing heavily. He slowly removed her gown and threw it and he started gnjoying her completely. The sound was being heard by someone else.

RK Mansion

"Bas***d enjoying her. Little did he know that all this is my plan. I have already kept a transmitter in her gown. Without knowing that you have told all your secret details. He is enjoying a property that is only RK's but any ways Dev you l pay heavily for this."  RK thought

Precap :-

"Madhu you heard that" Gayathri

"What Gayu?" Madhu

"Our boss Mr.Muthu has sold this Company" Gayathri

"What?" Madhu

"Also it is believed that he is firing few of our staffs" Gayathri

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christobelle IF-Rockerz

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nice start dear
this ff seems dark
rk n dev fight
madhu is inocent with her brother
hope rk doesnt misuse madhu in future
do pm me when u update

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Posted: 23 December 2013 at 4:39am | IP Logged
nice  beginning. jus hope that rk wont misuse madhu. she is very innocent.
plz continue soon dear.Thumbs UpClap
nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2013 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Continue Soon
Pls Add Me To Your PM List
Prettyliars Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2013 at 5:30am | IP Logged
Awesme story continue soon
lwrimaforever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2013 at 5:45am | IP Logged
awesome start dear!pls continue soon!& pls can u send me a friend request?
-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 23 December 2013 at 6:16am | IP Logged
rocking start
please continue
uma88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2013 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Nice start dear, waiting for next part, I guess you are from chennai , because the names you used and words such as akka, firmly states that, am also from chennai, so only asked

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