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CC 155 #Nautanki Queens# strictly IO

.shinchan. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 December 2013 at 6:07am | IP Logged


TONMOY-- BNK(Bina name ki) /TRV ( Toni  Rode  Vyas )


SANA-- Pooaati/BABA


NOORI-- Rotlu/Sweet Angel

MINAL-- Minswa

Iruni-- Dongo

Chaitalee-- Snakewa/ Shatir ladki

Humera-- Vijay Deena nath Chauhan/Dee dee/guttersundari

Sharaya-- Tharki

Kavita-- James Bond ki Amma/ex 000

Medha-- 8 ki mari

Mili-- Naukrani / aga bai

Nabii-- Absentwa

tiashaa-- ringa ringa roses

Monika-- Nanhi munhi singer

Veera25 / Veee Cool


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.shinchan. IF-Addictz

Joined: 18 March 2012
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Posted: 21 December 2013 at 6:08am | IP Logged

1.This is a INVITES ONLY Chat ClubEmbarrassed mind it

2. If You're Interested In Joining Our CC, Send admin of this CC a PM.Star We will add u then if u will be regularStar

3. New Members Please Provide An Introduction Of Yourselves so that we can get to know you better.Wink

4. Don't Take Anything Seriously In This CC, especially us!
5. Having fun is a must.Clown

6. You should brace yourself for a roller coaster ride of friendships, chats, paagalpantis, masti, kushti and more importantly...happiness! Big smile

7. Well If your Coming Be Ready to be Mad...Silly

8. The latest one is added--
This CC wont entertain any You hv to glued urself on d CC by Fevicol *yaad rakhna*
9. Whatever goes around or outside this cc stays there .

10.All Cc members should sign their attendance sheet atleast once everydayEmbarrassed
11. Make sure your batti is green when you enter hereTongue
12. Revise n read all rules again.


stalkers stay away from dis CC
Stalkers dur raho iss CC se
Crazy Rabbit Icons

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.shinchan. IF-Addictz

Joined: 18 March 2012
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Posted: 21 December 2013 at 6:09am | IP Logged
Introduction of Nautanki Queens:


1.UR NAME: Aditi 
3.UR BIRTHDAY:14 nov
5.GUD THINGS ABOUT U:m cool,chirpy n bunny pankhi ROFL 
6.SOME BAD ONE 2(BE HONEST): short temper n over possessive fr closed ones
7.SWEET RECOLLECTIONS: there r many 
8.EMBARASSING MOMENTS: Again..there are many
9.CANDID CONFESSIONS:tu sari.poll khulvayegi Ermm i had a crush on my English teacher in 9th std.. Blushing
10.WILDEST DREAMS:Suhaagraat with Barun or Salman khan ROFL 
11.SPECIAL FANTASIES:Want to go to Grand Canyon Embarrassed
12.HEARTFELT DESIRE:Click a picture in London in front of buckingham palace 
13.U LUV 2 LUV:parents,sister n
14.U LUV 2 HATE:Daal n lizards ROFL 
15.U'R DARN CRAZY ABOUT:teddy bears Embarrassed
16.MUSIC,BOOKS,MOVIES U LIKE:My list is too long to get fit here ROFL 
17.U'D DO ANYTHING FOR:my parents
18.UR ATTITUDE IN LIFE:Live n let live 
1.HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER U?:Remember me in all good memories We all hv shared in our 'I' posts to NQ CC


1.UR NAME: Keshni
3.UR BIRTHDAY: 15 March
4.PLACE LIVIN:Mauritius
5.GUD THINGS ABOUT U: I'm crazy and a little bit ishmartCool
6.SOME BAD ONE 2(BE HONEST) : I get irritated quickly, i do not get angry quickly but when i do, its pretty bad!
7.SWEET RECOLLECTIONS: The nights i've spent with this cc's membersEmbarrassed
8.EMBARASSING MOMENTS: When Humi reminds me of my cousin crushCensored
9.CANDID CONFESSIONS: I no longer crush on my cousin for god's sake, i tie rakhi on his hand nowApprove
10.WILDEST DREAMS: To go on a world tour wid my IF buddiesEmbarrassed
11.SPECIAL FANTASIES: To go in the wedding of all the CC membersROFL
12.HEARTFELT DESIRE: That this CC goes on forever and ever and that someday our grand grand children manages this ccCry
13.U LUV 2 LUV: IPK/Arshi...ASRBlushing
14.U LUV 2 HATE: Basherz, Stalkers, superstious persons, witch/witch doctersCensored
15.U'R DARN CRAZY ABOUT: HR, BS, SherryHeart
16.MUSIC,BOOKS,MOVIES U LIKE: All Atif's songs, God of small things, Wuthering Heights, 3 idiotsEmbarrassed
17.U'D DO ANYTHING FOR: Family, Friends!
18.UR ATTITUDE IN LIFE: Very very positive and optimist...
1.HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER U?:By remembering my UNEmbarrassed and if u dare forget me this nightingale will haunt you every night from thenEmbarrassed


1.UR NAME: Monika Sobti! Cool
2.lOVINGLY CALLED: Moni, Montu, Monty, Kiddo, Kamini, Choti, Pagal,etc ROFL
3.UR BIRTHDAY: 30th November
5.GUD THINGS ABOUT U: Yeh koi puchne wai baat? The best here! Cool
Mujhe khud ki tarif nahi karne aati! 
6.SOME BAD ONE 2(BE HONEST): I'm bulakar, I do things at the last moment, I'm moody! ROFL
I've loads, most of them are showing off and failing! ROFL
10.WILDEST DREAMS: BS se shaadi karna, enemies se shadi karna, sabko maardena! LOL
11.SPECIAL FANTASIES:  BS Weds Monika, BS ki koi relative, Be a superstar
12.HEARTFELT DESIRE: A succesful Dancer
13.U LUV 2 LUV:  I love to love me! :P 
14.U LUV 2 HATE: I love to hate gamandhi people! 
About IPKKND and BS! :P 
16.MUSIC,BOOKS,MOVIES U LIKE:  Pop and Bollywood Music, Chetan Bhagat' series, Ravinder Singh Series, etc. I live movies with a message or with suspense...
17.U'D DO ANYTHING FOR:  For my family and friends! Embarrassed
Be who you are, focuse on your goal and enjoy life! Wink
1.HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER U?: How dare you to forget me? Angry


1.UR NAME: Humera
2.LOVINGLY CALLED: Kuch bhi bulalo, ki fark padhta hai as long as it is out of love.
3.UR BIRTHDAY: 15th oct.
5.GUD THINGS ABOUT U: My patience and I'm very understanding.
6.SOME BAD ONE 2(BE HONEST) : Bitch Please! I'm perfect Cool
7.SWEET RECOLLECTIONS: Uhmm there are many! It would eat up whole lot of this place if I go on recollecting them LOL , but  let me share one, it was the day when I met you awesome peeps!

 There are manyyy such moments which I would like to forget and become a Ghajini.LOL
But since I've to share one... so, I remember this time back in highschool, when I took part in a quiz competition. 
I had thought it was a general knowledge based one but turns out it was totally on studies  which I had little knowledge about. We were divided into teams.
So I basically sat there like a dead weight through out the competition without giving any single answer staring blankly at the faces of those who knew the answers, ( while my brain was screaming out of syllabus on every question thrown at me) but luckily or unluckily I don't know, my team had some very brainy bas***ds. (Ahh, how I envied them)
So we won despite my zero participance Woohooo!! LOL
And soon the day came when we had to collect the prizes, my team mates were like, "Were you really in our team?" And I meekly nodded a "Yeah",  was so freaking embarrassed at myself.D'oh

9.CANDID CONFESSIONS: I'd make many but what would I get in return, dude you gotta up the ante. Cool
10.WILDEST DREAMS: Is of becoming a MOD somedayCool
11.SPECIAL FANTASIES: Special Fantasies are better left undiscussed Wink
12.HEARTFELT DESIRE: Is of banishing VB out of IF. Approve
13.U LUV 2 LUV: Sleeping in the day.
14.U LUV 2 HATE: Sleeping at night.
15.U'R DARN CRAZY ABOUT: Nothing is worth my craziness.Cool
Books: I don't read books, since I loose interest very easily and I leave them half read like I do with my FFs LOL.
Music: Anything that goes with my current mood.
Movies: Well nothing in particular, I just watch and forget them.

17.U'D DO ANYTHING FOR: Let's put it like this, I'd anything for the ones who'd do anything for me. 
18.UR ATTITUDE IN LIFE: Hakuna Matata!! Don't worry be happy.
19.HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER U?: With lots of smiles and laughter for that is how I will remember you all. Just remember me like that.Wink


1.UR NAME: jo parents ne rakha
2.lOVINGLY CALLED: nodu/nidu/rofl queenROFL
3.UR BIRTHDAY: fifth day of second month of d yearROFL
4.PLACE LIVIN mera bharath mahanBig smile
5.GUD THINGS ABOUT U: u guys shud knw better wo kya hai na i dont like doing khudka tareefEmbarrassed
6.SOME BAD ONE 2(BE HONEST) short temperedOuch
7.SWEET RECOLLECTIONS: starting days on IF so much fun Embarrassed
8.EMBARASSING MOMENTS: hhhmmm ...??? i dont remember
9.CANDID CONFESSIONS: hain??Confused
10.WILDEST DREAMS: if i share i vl b tagged as most besharam so let it b.. im too innoceentEmbarrassedROFL
melody khao khud jaan jaoEmbarrassed
13.U LUV 2 LUV: i luv to luv wat i luvROFL
14.U LUV 2 HATE: i luv to hate wat i hateROFL
15.U'R DARN CRAZY ABOUT: no one but special someoneROFL
16.MUSIC,BOOKS,MOVIES U LIKE: many to mention page bas nahi hogaROFL
17.U'D DO ANYTHING FOR: y shud i do anything fr anyoneROFL free ka time nhi hai mere passLOL
18.UR ATTITUDE IN LIFE: live n let live  n kabhi na chodo kaminapantiROFL 
1.HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER U?:rof ling queen
note : dont expect a sida sada intro frm meROFL


1.UR NAME: Chaitalee
3.UR BIRTHDAY: 20th October, 1990
5.GUD THINGS ABOUT U: Honest, harwoking, straightforward
6.SOME BAD ONE 2(BE HONEST) Introvert, low tolerance
8.EMBARASSING MOMENTS: None that I can say aloudWink
9.CANDID CONFESSIONS: Never thought I would be making this many friedns through an online portal
10.WILDEST DREAMS: To ride a wild tigerTongue
11.SPECIAL FANTASIES: bahut R rated hai...Vijay bhaiya ban karega
12.HEARTFELT DESIRE: to convince Mr. Eccentrico that I'm his eccentricaHeart
13.U LUV 2 LUV: Mr. EccentricoBlushing
14.U LUV 2 HATE: All the girls who lay their eyes on Mr. EccentricoAngry
15.U'R DARN CRAZY ABOUT: Adventurous things, Mr. EccentricoEmbarrassed
16.MUSIC,BOOKS,MOVIES U LIKE: music mein soulful songs from bollywood, books mein Pride and Prejudice followed by the Mahabharat, movies mein none
17.U'D DO ANYTHING FOR: no one. Individuality is held in high regard by meSmile
18.UR ATTITUDE IN LIFE: honesty is the best policy
1.HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER U?: As someone who means the best for others and who never steps down from a stand she takes

#Disclaimer: Certain sections of the intro are not to be taken seriouslyTongue


1.UR NAME: Noorie
2.lOVINGLY CALLED: noori jo sb bolte heinEmbarrassed zani calls me noori express i love dat nameEmbarrassed
3.UR BIRTHDAY:   30th Feb Wink
4.PLACE LIVIN : Your heart
5.GUD THINGS ABOUT U: ab mou sa kya tareeef karo ROFL.. bina kisi reason kisi ko hurt nahi karti,, sb ky saath frndly rahti hon...i, m simple fun loveing girl
 6.SOME BAD ONE 2(BE HONEST) ... jaldi gussa ho jati hon but just tode  tym ky liyeLOL
7.SWEET RECOLLECTIONS: Each and every moment that I spend with you people.
8.EMBARASSING MOMENTS: None! I'm too perfect to embarrass myself Cool
9.CANDID CONFESSIONS: It's very hard to get confessions out of me.
10.WILDEST DREAMS: Meeting Barun Sobti someday
12.HEARTFELT DESIRE: Same meeting BS someday
13.U LUV 2 LUV: Friends and family
14.U LUV 2 HATE: I don't hate anybody.
15.U'R DARN CRAZY ABOUT: carzy 4 barun sobti love him alot,,,,, Embarrassed
16.MUSIC,BOOKS,MOVIES U LIKE:books i like islamic books or poetry books,,moives boht c hein LOL list mein hum saath saath hein 1 of my fav moiveTongue hum aapp ky hein kon,,  etc,, new moive mein chenni express etc,,
17.U'D DO ANYTHING FOR: My dearest ones.
18.UR ATTITUDE IN LIFE: Live, Love, Laugh and Prosper
19.HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER U?: To remember me, you will have to forget me first and I don't think my friends will ever forget me.Embarrassed
(or) If you insist then, remember me as a caring friend who valued all her friends and their friendship dearly.Embarrassed

Still more introductions are to be added...contd.

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.shinchan. IF-Addictz

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Sana- 3rd
khushi- 9th

Aparna- 5th
Medha- 8th
Iruni- 19th

Minal- 7th
Keshni- 15th

Kavita- 7th

Sharaya- 14th

Mili- 12th

Leena- 3rd
Sarada- 30th


Humera- 15th
Chaitalee- 20th



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Eccentrica IF-Sizzlerz

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Adi no. 151 kar

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.shinchan. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 December 2013 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Eccentrica

Adi no. 151 kar
humare 5 CCs bina no. k gae ye 155 ROFL

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lLoveYouHrithik IF-Addictz

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chaitu bas bekaar twiiter par baja rae ho on ki

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Eccentrica IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by .shinchan.

Originally posted by Eccentrica

Adi no. 151 kar
humare 5 CCs bina no. k gae ye 155 ROFL
chal theek haiLOL

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