Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Arshi FF Getting Stronger

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Posted: 19 December 2013 at 9:47pm | IP Logged
Hi my name is michelle you guys can call me mishu for short
I'm completely head over heels in love with Arshi/IPKKND 
Gosh ain't it just awesome to be a desi girl? I mean if I weren't desi I
wouldn't understand our beloved show.
sorry abt that
i just love to talk.
So anyways guys I have been a silent reader on IF for quite a while
but I can't stay quiet for too long. This is my very first FF and this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a long time.
Okay so enough of my talking and lets move onto the story.
Hope you like it!

This story takes place after Arnav misunderstands the conversation between Shyam and Khushi on the terrace. The news of Anjali's pregnancy is out, Payal  and Akaash get married but there is no Arnav blackmailing Khushi to marry him for six months. Instead he goes to his Di and tells her that he wants to marry Khushi.

So now to the story...
Happy Reading!

                                                                         Chapter 1
After Payal and Akaash got married all the guests had gone home and all the family members were in their respective rooms except for Arnav. He was in his sister's room.

Anjali : (gasps) Oh my gosh chote, you're in love! I'm so happy that you've finally decided to marry Khushiji!
Anjali hugged Arnav. She was so happy that she didn't realize how tightly she was hugging her brother.
Anjali : tumme pata hai chote ke aaj hum kitne khush hain? Pehle Akaash ki shaadi ki khushi phir humari pregnancy aur sabse zyada tumhare shaadi karne ke faisle se!
Arnav : Ow! di you're choking me. I never knew you were that strong.
Anjali playfully hits Arnav's arm
" chote bhagwan kare ke tume saari duniya ki khushiyan miljaein'' said Anjali while she caressed her brothers face.
Arnav  faked a smile, but deep down inside only he knew how devastated he was.


Arnav barged into his room and slammed the door shut. Only he knew how hurt he had been. This time he was successful in hiding his pain from his di. He was so anrgry that he felt like breaking something. It was true that he was deeply, madly and irrevocably in love with Khushi but now he hated her just as much. He hated her because she betrayed him and tried to ruin his beloved sister's life by stealing her husband. He hated Khushi, he wanted to hurt her and Shyam for cheating on his sister. It was hard for him to believe that Shyam and Khushi were having an affair, or maybe he was just too interested in her to even notice. But deep down somewhere he still knew he loved Khushi and if he hurt her he would hurt himself too. But when things came to Di he didn't care how much he hurt himself, only Di needed to be safe and happy.
Arnav banged his fist on the wall
Di was now pregnant, he couldn't tell her that her husband wanted to leave her for another woman. Arnav had to protect her and her baby from those two lying cheats. For him di was and always would be his first priority. If anyone tried to hurt her in any way, he wasn't going to let that person go without suffering the wrath of Arnav Singh Raizada. Khushi was going to pay for this, thought Arnav as he took his clothes and went for a shower.


(After Arnav left)

Anjali was so happy that she couldn't keep it to herself.
Nani was in her room thinking of what had happened throughout the day she was happy that her grandson had gotten married. When she heard that her daughter had a car accident she felt the ground slip from beneath her feet. The news of Anjali's pregnancy had made her begin to think of how it would feel to hold her new grandchild that would be arriving in 9 months . All of a sudden Anjali just walked into her room without even knocking the door displaying a huge smile on her face. 
Nani (mind) : What happened to Anjali now? 
Anjali : Nani Oh my gosh! chote finally decided to marry Khushiji!
It took a while for nani to comprehend that.
Nani : (with excitement and happiness) WHAT! Really Anjali bitiya
Anjali : Yes nani chote told just a few minutes ago.He LOVES her!
Nani : Anjali bitiya I can't tell you how happy I am! my chote has finally decided to marry Khushi bitiya!
Nani was so happy that she felt like getting up and start dancing right there in front of her granddaughter but that would have gotten way too awkward. So Nani had to control herself.
Nani : Anjali bitiya apko pata hai ke humra mann kar raha hai ke hum abhi ke abhi Madhumatiji ko phone laga ke unse Khushi bitiya ka haath manglein.
Anjali : (laughs) Nani you will have to see about that later. Right now we have to go talk to chote and get this confirmed.
Anjali and Nani went to Arnav's room and knocked the door


While Arnav was in the shower the pain of Khushi's betrayal started to overwhelm his once again, the moments that he had with Khushi started to flood his mind again.
Why Khushi? Why? Why did you have to do this to me? a set of hot tears slid down his cheeks. He wanted to scream and hurt her so bad that she would remember to never mess with Arnav Singh Raizada again. As he let the lukewarm water run over him he tried his best not to remember her and those moments on the terrace. He wasn't going to let Khushi go that easily she was going to have to face the wrath of Arnav Singh Raizada.
''You are going to pay for this Khushi Kumari Gupta" said Arnav as rage filled his eyes.


Arnav came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. He took his so called wife "the laptop'' and started working on it.
5 min. later he heard a knock on the door. He wondered who it might be. As he sat there thinking who it might be, he heard the knock again then it hit him
Arnav : Obviously di
Arnav went and opened the door.
Arnav : Di   Nani
Anjali : (faking anger) Chotte you took so long just to open the door
Arnav crossed his arms and said...
Arnav : What do you guys want?
Anjali : Arrey chotte aise thodi na what do we want. Hum batate hain what we want par pehle andar toh anne do.
Arnav :fine
He makes di and nani sit on his bed
Nani : chotte, I need to ask you something
Arnav knew what she was going to say but he decided to stay quiet
''Chotte, Anjali bitiya told me that you're in love with Khushi bitiya and want to marry her. Is this true?'' asked nani with eyes full of hope
Nani was quietly sending prayers to DM praying that it would be true
Arnav : Yes nani, it's true
Nani was overjoyed
Nani : (with tears in her eyes) Devi maiya ka lakh lakh shukar ho ke humare chotte ne shaadi ka faisla karliya hai. Tomorrow we will go with the shagun!
Anjali : I can't wait! Khushiji is going to be my bhabi!
Arnav just rolled his eyes


The Gupta's reached home after Payal's wedding. Khushi looked around everything felt different, she didn't like this new feeling but she knew she was going to have to get used to this place without her sister. Suddenly her trance was broken by her buaji.
Buaji : Garima, this house feels so different without Payalia
Hmm came a sad reply from Garima
Khushi thought to cheer her family up
Khushi : Oho Amma, Buaji, just because Jiji got married doesn't mean we'll never get to see her again. If you keep thinking like that then you will also go crazy just like me and make mountains of Jalebis.
Garima : Pagal
Buaji : Haayre Nandkishore! This sankadevi is going to drive me crazy
Khushi : Wahi toh!
Shashi just smiled at his daughter's crazy antics
Buaji : Thank DM that she has given us this crazy sankadevi. I really don't know what I would have done without her. I guess my life would have been so boring and colorless. She does drive me crazy but I still love her.
Garima smiled as she said, Khushi is crazy but she does bring joy and color into everyone's life


Everyone went to bed including Khushi, but sleep was far from her. She wasn't used to sleeping alone without her sister. When Khushi was little she would sleep with her mother but after she passed away Khushi always slept with her sister. Khushi was upset she didn't want to sleep alone. She couldn't try Babuji and Amma because they sleep on the same bed. Sleeping with buaji was totally NOT an option. What upset her more was that she could't tell Anjaliji that her husband was cheating on her because now she was pregnant. Khushi really wanted to hep Anjali  out of this mess but the problem was she didn't know how.
Khushi went to the kitchen and started preparing jalebi batter to make jalebis
Khushi : Ab kya karein? Humme kuch samaj mein nahi ara
Khushi started making jalebis
Khushi : Hai Devi maiya why does this always happen to me, I'm TRAPPED. I really hope that Shyamji would get right in the head and change himself if not for Anjaliji then aleast for his baby.
Khushi poured some more jalebi batter into the cloth while talking to herself
''Buaji was right this place does seem sad and different without Jiji, maybe I'm just not used to it this way'' said Khushi in a sad voice
Khushi : Leave it Khushi if you keep thinking like that then you'll go even crazier than you already are and make even more jalebis!
Khushi: Hum Jiji ko kal phone karenge aur unse apne sab gille shikwe door karenge!
Just then Khushi realized that buaji was standing right in front of her glaring at her. Khushi gulped
Khushi(mind) : Hai DM please help!
Buaji : Well look who's talking abhi kuch der pehle humko ka bata rahi thi mahrani.
Buaji quotes what Khushi said (buaji says what khushi said but in her own way)
Buaji : Payalia ki saadi hogayi iska ee matlab nahi ke hum use ab kabi dobara nahi dekh sakte.
yahi keh rahi thi na tum? Tho ab ka hua?
Khushi (mind): well umm about that umm he he
Buaji : Now what are you looking at?
Buaji noticed the jalebis that khushi made and was shocked
Buaji : Haayre Nandkishore! sankadevi has made jalebis has high as Mt. Everest now who will eat all this
Does this girl have ants in her pants or what?
Nandkishore ab toh tumko hi humra khayal rakhna padega
Khushi thought to tease buaji a bit
Khushi : waise buaji aap kehti hain to Nandkishore ke saath aki baath chalaein?
He will take very good care of you. Pakka! 
Ouch! buaji
Buaji : humra mazak urawath ho!  chalo chodo. Now go to bed young lady!
Khushi obeyed like a child
Khushi : Yes buaji


As she lay down, she couldn't help but think about everything that had happened today
Khushi : Hai DM please keep my sister happy and keep Anjaliji and her baby safe.
Khushi smiled as she finally drifted off to sleep.


How was it?
Should I continue or not?

P.S. tomatoes and chappals are welcomed
please comment!

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Superb start...Continue soon

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Loved it. It was brilliant. Continue soon and PM me.Star
shrushti24 Groupbie

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Posted: 20 December 2013 at 2:43am | IP Logged
nice start...
arnavkhushiluv Senior Member

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I love it
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simply superb
loved it/
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should I continue this?

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plz pm me nxt update..Day Dreaming

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