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Jaitser Hospital

The militants are taking Pasha with them when the commandos come there and shoot the militant's  leader . The militants are scared seeing commandos there while hospital staff is relieved. The militant's leader before breathing his last presses the button on remote activating the time bomb fixed in the hospital Pasha sees this and tells the commandos he has activated the bomb . Everyone is shocked hearing this . Pasha tells the commandos these militants have fixed a bomb in the hospital and to disable it we will have to find it because once the bomb is activated it cannot be deactivated with remote again. Pasha asks the hospital staff to leave the hospital hurriedly. The staff  and commandos help the patients to vacant the hospital . Pasha asks the commandos to let him help them as he knows very well how these militants operate that's why perhaps  he can find and deactivate the bomb before them We don't have much time , they have only given 10 minutes so we will have to rush and let me help you

The commandos agree .  Pasha and commandos search for bomb in the hospital while Jagya , Lal Singh and others are standing outside the hospital. Basant tells Jagya he has sent Ganga and Mannu to home. Jagya says I hope they find the bomb soon .

 Pasha and commandos are searching for the bomb and finally find it . Only 50 seconds are left for bomb to destroy the hospital .Pasha manages to diffuse the bomb successfully . The commandos and Pasha are relieved seeing the timer stopped and bomb diffused . Commandos team in charge too reaches the hospital. Finally Pasha and commandos come out of hospital. Jagya and others rush towards them . The commandos tell the bomb has been diffused and this man did this brave work ( pointing towards Pasha)

Jagya holds Pasha hand and thanks him saying he will never be able to pay back to him for his  this big favor. Pasha says no doctor I didn't do any favor , favor you did on me by giving me new life.  Jagya and Pasha emotionally hug each other . Jagya thanks Pasha once again . Pasha holds Jagya's hand and smiles .


Basant calls Bhairon and tells him nothing to worry now , everything is fine When you will reach home I will tell you further what happened here 

Badi Haveli


Jagya is telling Singhs  I felt for some time everything is going to be finished So many innocents will lose their lives I couldn't understand anything My breath was stuck somewhere but like it is said in God's court only justice prevails that's why we could come out of this big trouble without any damage . Dadisaa says Devi maa really did great blessing on us by removing this trouble . Sumitra says even after knowing Bhaisaa is coming with police to the hospital Shiv too informed the police therefore police reached there fast. Dadisaa says  Anandi was ready to come here but  after great difficulty I stopped her not to come here Everything is fine now nothing to worry about  When everything is alright there is no need for her to come here from so far .

Sumitra asks Jagya to go and take some rest , She has already send Ganga and Mannu to take rest When they will rest for some time they will feel better You have faced so much in the hospital Go now take some rest . Jagya goes to his room .

Kesar Bagh

Shekhars sitting together . Daddu says he cannot understand whether he should call Shiv to ask  everything is alright in Jaitser or not , till now he should have called them .Alok says he must be busy there perhaps that's why he did not call. Daddu prays May God everything is fine there .Ira says we should be worried for Shiv and Anandi They both have put themselves in this big danger without thinking about themselves for once .I tried calling to Shiv and Anandi but both's phones are out of reach .What has happened to this boy? He should be caring to himself too Who do this what he is doing ?Meenu and Alok smile seeing Ira's concern for Shiv . Just then Shiv and Anandi  return home .Ira runs to Shiv asking him  Are you both fine ? Shiv is extremely happy seeing Ira's concern for him and says yes mom. Daddu asks from AnSh you came back from Jaitser so soon? Shiv says Dadisaa called them when they were on way to Jaitser telling them everything is fine there now so we came back from mid way .Anandi says Dadisaa herself said everything is fine there now so there was no need for them to go there  Alok asks from AnSh about Jagdish , Ganga , the hospital staff , patients  . Anandi tells with Kanha jee's blessings everyone is safe . Alok is relieved hearing this  . Meenu says here they all were worried but Thank God everyone is safe there . Daddu says he should call Jaitser . Anandi asks him to call Dadisaa others must have gone to sleep by now . Daddu calls Dadisaa

Kesar Bagh &Badi Haveli:-

Dadisaa is praying to goddess to always  protect her family . Dadisaa gets Daddu's call on her mobile She attends it . Dadisaa and Daddu greet each other . Daddu says Anandi and Shiv have just returned home and they told us now everything is under control there . Dadisaa says yes all thanks to goddess These type of troubles have come many times on my family but every time goddess saved us . Daddu says yes its goddess blessing and you too worship her so heartly she will always bless you . Dadisaa asks from Daddu how is his family ? Everyone is fine and happy? Daddu says yes . Dadisaa asks about Ira how is she ? Daddu says she is fine . Dadisaa asks Daddu if Ira is around can she talk with her ?Daddu is hesitant in giving Ira the phone . Daddu says to Dadisaa I won't trouble you much at this moment Its too late at night I will ask Ira to talk with you tomorrow .Dadisaa says ok whenever she gets time she can talk with me If Anandi is around she wants to talk to Anandi before going to sleep

Daddu gives Anandi the phone . Sumitra comes to Dadisaa's room  with milk .Dadisaa says to Anandi when she asked Daddu about Ira  he became nervous Is everything alright in your home ? Anandi says yes everything is fine nothing to worry about .Actually we became late in returning home and our phones were also not reachable therefore everyone became a bit worried nothing else . Dadisaa is not convinced with Anandi's excuse but says ok she will talk to her later now go to sleep . Anandi says fine . Dadisaa ends the call

Sumitra asks from Dadisaa what did Anandi say Is everything alright there ? Dadisaa replies everything is fine but you are not letting me be fine I told you I don't like milk Children drink milk . Sumitra says milk is very good for people in your age  You will have to drink this milk otherwise I will make you drink it  afer scolding you like  Gehna makes Nandu drink. Dadisaa asks Sumitra you will scold me ? Sumitra laughs . Dadisaa too laughs and asks her keep milk on table she will drink it . Dadisaa says Anandi said everything is alright there but I felt she was hiding something . There is some tension in the family regarding Ira . Sumitra says if there would be something like this Anandi would have told them  . Dadisaa says  she has raised Anandi  She knows her very well She analyzed it from her voice she is hiding something . Sumitra says if that's the case then we should be proud of Anandi that she has not forgot their teachings to her that everything related to in laws should not be discussed outside the house. Dadisaa says she is proud of Anandi in every way and she also does not want to get a medal in knowing everything about her in laws but still she is concerned that Anandi won't be in some big tension She might be living in other house but their relationship is not broken with her The heart to heart connection is still there  . Sumitra says she will talk to Anandi tomorrow and ask her is everything alright in the house.

Kesar Bagh:-

Daddu , AnSh , Mahi , Sanchi are sitting together .  Daddu says we should talk to Ira as we can't see her suffocating like this And also Meenu is hurt as Ira is not  talking to her. Alok says Ira doesn't want to listen to anyone. Anandi says she has been  shaken to the core with the truth revelation  She needs time to overcome all this. Daddu says Anandi is right, we have to wait as the time heals every wound and  there is a deep strong relation  between Ira and Meenu , they can't stay away from each other for long.

Ira in her room recalls Meenu's concern for Shiv and thinks Meenu might have felt bad to see her son in someone else's lap but she lived all these years with patience.. She says everything is entangled but I should be thankful to Meenu for what she has done for my happiness but I punished her. Ira thinks to apologize to Meenu.

Daddu says Ira have to understand that nothing has changed ,she should love Meenu even more now. Meenu comes there  and says I came to take water. Anandi says I will bring water for you . Ira comes, Sanchi says, mom if you wanted anything, you should have called  me?  Ira comes to Meenu and   says I took long time to take this initiative but better late than never . Ira joins  her hands in front of Meenu and emotionally apologizes to her saying please forgive your elder sister. She ask  Meenu can we live like before? Meenu is emotional and  holds Ira's  hands  and says I need your love, faith and support like before. Ira Meenu emotionally hug  each other and make up. Everyone is happy except Sanchi.

Meenu sees on the news channel about Pasha. She then takes out her  husband's Anup's photo and makes beard on Anup's photo. Meenu recognizes Pasha is her husband Anup  


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Thanks for the WU.

Nice episode - Two back to back good episodes.

Pasha defusing the bomb was very filmy.But nevertheless all is well in the end.
Pasha and Jagya emotional hug was so touching.Hope to see their bond grow.Now that is clear that Pasha is none other than Anop it will be even more interesting to see what shape this bond takes.

Loved Dadisa -Sumi conversation -These two women came a long way.Gone is the Sumi who used to recoil in fear or hurt by DSa's harshness.Now she stands over DSa's head and bullies her like she DSa is small kidBig smileLOL
Dsa and her concern for Anandi and their pride over raising a child like Anandi was so touching

Even KB mob scenes were quite heartening.
Ira in her worry over Shiv's safety has forgotten all about her bruised ego and hurt.Her concern was only for her son and his wife and nothing else mattered to her.
Even Daddu and his concern over his two women whom he considers as betis was nice to see.
Ira and Meenu patch up finally with Shiv and Anandi shedding tears of joy was a relief for all

Precap - Now suspense is over.
All the scenes were well done with good performances from all.It now looks like BV of old with simple scenes which touch the viewers.

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It was warm warm episode in cold cold weather .

 Reunion of families after some tough time and warm emotions flowing  warming everyone's heartHeart Singhs reunited with their  dear son , daughter in law and grandson after the life threatening danger caused the fear in them of separation but with God's blessing everything became alright and they are together again  Heart. Ira and Meenu reunited thus reuniting the broken Shekhars family . Devil's plans failed on both sides  The devilish militants failed in their evil plans at one side and at other Sanchi failed in her evil plans The final victory is of good everywhere  Approve Salute  the  Good and black is face of bad 
Love , Love , love Pasha and Jagya's bonding just like a father and son HeartLoved their emotional hug and hands holding So Warm  so heart touching beautiful HeartPasha is Anup and his real sons may be Shiv and Mahi but Jagya made a special place in Anup's heart and Anup will never consider Jagya less than Shiv and Mahi 

Loved Jagya and Singhs scene . Jagya has become such a wonderful person . So mature , wise , noble , kind hearted , soft  HeartI loved his words to Singhs  His wisdom shining in his words everywhere How beautifully he explained how they all are saved'' In God's court justice always prevails thats how  they all could come out of this big trouble '' ClapSo true Approve

Sumitra Wow so nice She was so caring to Ganga and Mannu as well. Loving Sumi back in her sweet form 

A big tight HUG to Dadisaa HugLOVED HER for stopping AnSh from coming to Jaitser Big smileNo need please go back to your home Everything is fine here Big smileThough i still cannot understand what was the need of cvs to show the stupidity of Jaitser 's collector calling Shiv If they wanted to show Ira's concern for Shiv couldn't they find some sensible way instead of  making this blooper?Confused

Precap Almost all Balika Vadhu forum including me  predicted Pasha is Anup so no surprise Glad Meenu recognized her husband before anyone else can do . 

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Thanks much for the detailed WU dear! :D
The episode was awesome .. Star
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You have so much patience and ability and devotion to write wu in such detail.
Thanks Kikyo.

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Nice episdoe today. Thanks for the update.

BH scenes were nice. DS is one curious cat.. LOL
DS-Sumi have come a long way.. The way Sumi was reprimanding DS to drink her milk was so cute...  Hope they show Jagya and Pasha sharing a stronger bond in future.

Don't know why they made AnSh to get involved when AnSh never even reached Jeitsar... Why make Shiv make the phone call ? Confused Was it only to show the motherly concern for AnSh fromIra.. That could have been done in various ways if that realization needed to come out of Ira.

Ira finally understood Meenu's side of the story. The best part of the episode was Ira ignoring Sanchi and Sanchi becoming all black and white seeing Ira and Meenu hug.. Clap Loved when Meenu said
'I can forgive only when I have a complaint aganist you'.. Star

The scene when AnSh return and Ira runs to ask Shiv, she immmidiately looks at Meenu.. That scene was very realistic. It is these kind of things that Ira-Shiv-Meenu have to be careful till they
get used to new dynamics in their relationship. I hope Ira makes Shiv and Meenu hug. Meenu needs a hug from Shiv too..

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Thanks for a well-written update Kikyo. I didn't get a chance to watch the episode, but your written update describes it all.

I think this feels like normal BV, where sane people act sane and everyone gets the screen space.

Pasha n J were the heroes of the epsode.

Happy that AnSh didn't have to go all the way to Jaitser, but appreciate them for doing what they could in that limited time. Good they reached on time at KB to form a family re-union.

Sumi-DS scene seems to be very nice.

I am so so so happy that Ira-Meenu patched up. It was the best timing too. Ira had grief and frustration for sometime, which was only natural. But her worries for Shiv made it evident that she still loves as much as her own and finally with time, she was able to see Meenu's side too. I am happy CVs didn't make mockery of Ira's pain by making her negative or selfish. Rather allowed time for her to be angry and then allowing her to cool down.

Precap - The best part is it's Meenu who identifies her husband and not anyone else. And happy that it is moving at a fast pace. Meenu is a sane lady and I hope she will tackle this matter soon and bring her husband back to his family.


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tfs for the detailed update kikiyo...

the epi was so nice...

pasha-J scene was so good...they have nice chemistry...

ds sumi convo also was gud...ds has come a long way...just loved surekhaji acting...

daddu talked something sensible after many days..

and ira meenu scene was so realistic...loved ira..inspite of the brainwashing from her laadli..she was able to think straight...

and sachi...stpid...after daddu saying all this alos..she was trying to seperate ira and the rest...and even when ira and meenu hugged...sachi seemed to be upset...she is fool... all guessed he is anup...waiting for the familys reaction...

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