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Stunning and Amazing..Happy Birthday Toral.

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Toral many many happy returns of the day & Happy wishing you all great things in life hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest hope you have a wonderful time I am sure you will as you have your Loved ones  by your side ,I wish that your life blossoms into many of your most cherished desires come true ,may god bless you and hope you  scale gr8 heights of success  &
happiness may god shower his choicest blessings on the most beautiful & gorgeous lady, you have special place in our heart and it will always be reserved,I can't begin to tell you how much I adore & Love you  to an extent that any kind of accolades or appreciation that comes your way make me immensely proud & happy ,seriously proud to be your lover & wish you guys remain the same all your lives & remember there is  someone out there who is always praying for your well being ,success & happiness.Wishing you a happy and prosperous Birthday from bottom of my Heart. You always be in my HEART
Heart, in MY THOUGHTSDay Dreaming, AND in MY PRAYERSSmile

Toral my SUPPORT will always be with youBig smile


With love Mina.



Toral Rasputra is an Indian television actress. She was born on 26th Decemaber, 1987 at Anjar.  , She is a very graceful and amazing dancer with super acting skill. She is presently doing fabulous job as Anandi in Balika Vadhu.  Yes friends we are talking about  our Anandi, i.e. Toral Rasputra as 26th December,is the day when she came into this world to rule our hearts.This   is a very special day  for us as it is her 26th birthday.So come join us  to celebrate the day when God blessed this world with this wonderful person Lets celebrate her big day in grand way because its  big for us too Big smile   

Photo: my 2nd creation


 A tribute to Toral Rasputra on her 26th birthday 

There is something very special about Toral Rasputra.- something that merely words

can't express.

Her eyes ... hazel in some light, green in others, they light up her face and express her emotions more than any words can do. If eyes are the window to the soul, then Toral has a beautiful soul, as clear and transparent as her eyes. When her eyes light up with laughter, everyone around laughs with her. When they cloud with tears, they wrench viewers' guts and make one want to kill whoever hurt her. And when they sparkle with mischief, they make everyone feel that all's right with the world. She conveys a myriad of emotions through her eyes, they change with her every mood, every expression. No words are needed when Toral's eyes speak, for her eyes say it all. 

Her smile ... lights up the surroundings. Effervescent and sparkling, it draws the world in and invites all to smile with her. 'The world is beautiful,' it seems to say, so enjoy life, be happy and keep smiling.' Her smile is infectious and all-encompassing. Smile and the world smiles with you' seems to have been written for Toral.

Her face ... Toral doesn't have the most perfect features, nor the most beautiful face in the world. But when you see her, it's difficult to remember that. She's a natural screen stealer - when she's on screen, it's difficult to look at anyone else. Her beauty lies in the perfection with which she portrays emotions, the way she draws in her audience to share every single feeling she expresses on screen. Her flawless skin and porcelain complexion, a heritage of her Iranian ancestry, makes her face glow on screen, and add to her natural beauty. And off screen or in real life, with no makeup, she looks gorgeous, young and simply beautiful, her straightforward nature and sparkling effervescence is far more attractive than any simple criterion for beauty. 

Her nature ... Toral's true beauty and compelling draw is in her nature. At first look, she seems loud and ebullient and simply bindaas. Then one looks deeper, and sees the person beneath - a girl who is simple, honest to the core, to herself and her loved ones, talented, dedicated, extremely hard working and completely professional, a girl who gives whatever she does, her 100 percent, and is fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones. A girl who makes friends and gets along with everyone, from the spot boys on the sets to the backstage crew, to even the dogs and homeless kittens on the sets ... and of course, with all her co-actors and co-workers. A girl who is bold, beautiful, brash, outspoken, honest ... a girl who says what she feels, and doesn't worry what anyone will think of her. Take her or leave her - but don't try to change her. She is what she is, and unless she feels the need to change, she will not. And what you see is pretty much what you get, no hidden messages or playing games for

Confident in herself and in her own skin, Toral is truly a new age woman. No wonder Toral is so loved and admired in her field, by all those close to her, those she has worked with, and by her legions of lovers, the ones who watch her on screen, and simply admire her as an actress, and even more by those who follow her off screen and love her for the person she is.


Here's Wishing You  All the love and Prosperity and here's Also hoping You Soar to great heights of success 

On this occasion here's a wish for u..

I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
That I really want to say
I'm very glad I know you;
I think of you each day.
I hope you enjoy your birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you,I hope you have many more!

So a message filled with love and best wishes from all your fans, whose hearts you rule - Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Toral Rasputra. Have a wonderful day, a wonderful year and a wonderful life. May you always face the sunshine and all your shadows fall behind you. May your life be filled with love, smiles and laughter, and all happiness and success come your way, for there is no one who deserves it more. God bless you!


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   Toral Rasputra is an Indian TV actress,presently working in a super hit serial Balika Vadhu as Anandi. She replaced as new Anandi in that show and started working since 4th March,2013. She is doing fabulous job as Anandi Shivraj Shekhar at present by her hard work and dedicated efforts.She is a super actor in every role but She is even more excellent specially in romantic scenes and looks very pretty with smiling face.Toral Rasputra as Anandi in Balika Vadhu show with her onscreen husband Shiv.

Before Balika Vadhu she used to work in some other TV serial too like Dhoom
Machaao Dhoom at  Disney Channel India's super hit show,  in which, she was casted in the lead role of the witty and good-heated schoolgirl, Priyanka. While she was in that serial.


                         While Toral Rasputra played as  Isha in Zee TV's Chhoti Si Zindagi. She also won an award at Zee Rishtey Awards for the role.


    Toral played the role of Rasal in Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des on Sahara One.

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                                                            By Radhika.

Toral Rasputra was the youth icon when she played the role pf Priyanka Shety in Dhoom Machao Dhoom.then she played the role of raima and rasal which din't get well.she gained popularity when she played the role of Isha in Choti Si Zindagi but her career changed when she played the role of Anandi in Balika Vadhu but people had already accepted pratyusha and loved her has anandi.Toral had a tough time to make place in million's of hearts as anandi but she din't give up and fought until she reached her goal and today many of us accepted her as anandi and proudly can tell she is ANANDI SHIVRAJ SHEKHAR.
Life is full of problems and until you don't face it and get scared you will ever reach your goal and Toral is a big example for this.she tried until she reached her goal and faced all the problems came along 
Way to go Toral!!
                                        By Sunshine.

Happy Birthday Toral!! Wishes u HSVE a amazing birthday!

I REMEBER when I first started watching you when you are on Ek Nayi Chhoti Si Zindagi played Adult Isha and I couldn't accept you as Isha because I missing Young Isha but then I accept you since July 30 because you did wonderful job!! You make me laughs smiles the funniest part that you were pretending to be dead but the super really funny that u slapped at Realthy is cracked me up!!LOL Then the ghost was SOOO cute and funny!! With Vipul Gupta. You are the great actor ever!! Then I started India Forums since Oct 2011 then I was was "OMG Toral and I having same birthday!! But when Chhoti Si Zindagi ended I was sad and beggin you to come back so I decided to watch to watch other show called "Choti Bahu" and others shows. But August 10,2012 you were on Star Plus but I still you were not on soo since February 27, 2013 I was like jumped soo happy you gonna be on the show Balika Vadhu replacing Pratyusha I was SOOO happy you gonna be on show My wish came true!! But I still upset because the hater!! But I ignore them they are dumb :) I loves you Toral!! Best wishes to you!! 

By Hema5

Toral Rasputra we wish you a very happy birthday. We commend you for maintaining the equlibrium between personal & profesional life moreso for being in the showbiz where there is immense pressure to look good also deliver good performance.
Friends not many of us are blessed with talents but with continued perseverance, dedication & determination, we can achieve perfection in the desired fields. Toral your dancing skill is an example iin this regard. 
Your well composed behaviour & the commitment towards your work is worth mentioning.
After working for long hours in BV you never exasperate and continue working with same zeal. Your devotion for the work received acknowledgement & you were selected as the brand ambassador of Delhi elections. Your role in Balika Vadhu as Anandi the lead protagonist gives you an opportunity to associate yourself with the plight of rural woman. You work for their betterment by showcasing your character undergoing the transformation from an ordinary village bellie to Sarpanch of the village.
Toral we wish you a very happy birthday. May the lord bless you with a happy & secured life with all the materialistic gains as your possession.Smile,

  By Sushma

25 years back a heavy rainfall in december 26th 1987 because stars are crying to lose one of their star to earth.till few months back toral is unjaan for me but now she is my jaan .her smile is like sunshine to me her cry made me cry /this birthday is very special and beautiful for toral .this year all wishings are flowers for her birthday all fans are gift for her birthday .i wil pray to god that give  all colors to her life like rainbow.may god bless toral with happiness fame .

   By Toral Sid

toral ! Wooo!!!! Girl I am so happy! Its your birthday!!! 
 you are one of the biggest TV actresses right now! Yeah you are.. I am jealous! But more than being jealous I am proud to be a fan of you and your amazing acting! Heart I really wanna take this opportunity to wish you of course but also say a few words about you!
toral  here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday! I hope all your dreams, desires and wishes come true and your life is filled with success, love and happiness. You have blown us away from your acting as Anandi Shivraj Shekhar and I just cant wait for more! On this birthday I want you to relax, have fun and be with the people you love most and of course read all our messages here.. I really hope my message and infact your birthday thread on the 26th brings the biggest smile on your lips and here's hoping that your smile is forever on your lips!
toral  at such a young age you have grabbed oppurtunities and changed your world completely for the better.. you have shown determination, confidence and of course bought the best out of you and showcased your talents to millions across the world. You are an inspiration to many young girls to chase their dreams and make it true.. you sure have inspired me to remain determined, strong and confident.
I feel blessed to be wishing you here and I would feel more blessed if you smiled at this message! On a final note...I love you a lot and you are one of the finest actresses on Indian Television! 
              Love From,Sara


By Laura

       Wow, Toral, what a year it was!!! Star

When you entered BV,at the beginning of March, audience's response was as if you were an intruder.Ouch You're the only one who knows how it was to face angry fans, rude words, falling TRPs, rumors... and to work hard as if everything was perfect! And I admire you for thatClap 

That's why I took part in this celebration, and made an effort to learn how to make "something" - I still can't call it creationLOL 

It took me quite a time and patience to make that "something". However, I really enjoyed while I was collecting your images. 

You expressed beautifully Anandi'

    By DeathNote

Happy Birthday Toral.

Enjoy the moment of your life.Hope your special day,bring you all your heart desires.May Birthday be filled with sunshine,happiness,smile,love and laughter.
I Wish you simple
Pleasures in Life.
Evergreen happiness.
A  truly bright future.
Most of all i wish a 
Birthday of smiles and cheer.
May this birthday bring a smile on your face,happiness to your heart and blessings to your life.

By HemaG

Hey...Toral...Wishing u a very happy birthday...

Hope u get many happy returns today...

U r doing a great job...and was looking so beautiful...

Ofcourse a very graceful and amazing dancer...with a superb acting skill...

BV is a turning point in ur carrer...and...

hope to see another high point in ur carrer soon after BV...

Be happy always...and have a blast with ur family and close friends...

All the Best...!!


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By anjali_pi

By Priya

Birthday should be a special time,
as everyone should konw,
it means living another year,
another year to grow,

Birthday should be a special time,
for each to then reflect,
on the past and on the present,
and what the future might expect,

Birthday should be a special time,
for you to start anew,
setting goals and working to make,
each and every dream come true

By Geet

Life is something you can not fake
you live and learn from each mistake
Sunny days or cloudy skies 
Happy Greetings or Sad Goodbyes
So don't sit by and let time pass
For live each day like your last

This is something that you must do
if you expect to grow and stick it through
All the sadness all the pain wash 
it away like the rain.
Fast or slow whatever your pace
take your time life is not a race.

Happy Birthday Toral

By Pari

May Your Special Day...
Surrounded wid Happiness,
Filled wid Laughter,
Brightened wid Fun,
Blessed wid Love,
Remembered wid Joy,
Enriched wid Hopes,
Happy Birthday

By red- bird


Happy Birthday Toral.

Enjoy the moment of your life.Hope your special day,bring you all your heart desires.May Birthday be filled with sunshine,happiness,smile,love and laughter.
I Wish you simple
Pleasures in Life.
Evergreen happiness.
A  truly bright future.
Most of all i wish a 
Birthday of smiles and cheer.
May this birthday bring a smile on your face,happiness to your heart and blessings to your life.

Instead of counting candles,

Or tallying the years,

Contemplate your blessings now,

As your birthday nears.

Consider special people

Who love you, and who care,

And others who've enriched your life

Just by being there.

Think about the memories

Passing years can never mar,

Experiences great and small

That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,

So cut your cake, and say,

"Instead of counting birthdays,

We count blessings every day!"



So, here you are, at the end of the 2013. year, standing up-straight, getting recognition for your work Star

Is there a better way to celebrate your birthday!?

Enjoy the moment Toral, you really deserved it!!!Clap 

I wish you would fulfill your dreams, one by one. Be brave, be strong, be YOU! 

Happy birthday Toral!!! Party

Here's something for you

By Sushma

birthday is a special day for everyone this year is special for your birthday because you made lot of people cry when you cried your smile lightens our mood your expressions brightens our day have a long blessful happy life forever toral rasputra stay blessed keep rocking

By nena28

A Birthday wish:
"Wishing you a Birthday that's bright and sunny too, 
Filled with love and happiness in every way for you."

By onlinebuddy75


Wish you a Happy Birthday.

May you have a nice year ahead. I love Ansh scene they make my heart melt and unknown to me I start smiling.


By Tulasi14


to you Toral.

By Hema(G)

By Mithi_vani

May the sun shine all year long,
Everything go right and nothing wrong,
May your beloved bring love back to you,
And may all the dreams you dream come true!

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By Mina

Photo: n

Photo: c                               
By Pari


                                                    By Sushma

 By Mithi_vani

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                                           By Geet

                                             By radhika

                                                     By Priya


By Aakanksha_7

                                                  By TORAL-SID


By Laura




shining light of love in her eyes...

By red-bird

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                  Funny creation by LauraM

Some sweets for you, too!


I wish you a colorful year  

I wish you to enjoy company of your friends 

I wish you to blow away bitter memories as they were light dandelion


or baloons       

P.S. I made "a bonus track", just for fun. Let's enjoy the partyParty

                               Funny OS by Sushma

meenu :- hi friends welcome. all are present?y 

nena :-  geet hema radhi nazar nahi aaraha hei LOL

meenu:-  ok before i informed you na all should  

         follow song code where is toralsid

toralsid :-aage aage tum piche piche mei musukrati

         hun na mei dekha nahi tum

priu:-   tu muskura jaha bhi he to muskura ab party ka arrangements dekh jara.

redbird:-jabse meenu ne mujhe invite kiya tabse yaha aaya sare arrangements kiya thoda bacha hua

magicalpari:-behti hawasa thavo udati patang sathao kaha gaya hemu geet radhi use dhoondo radhi hemu geet online ;

hema:- chand chupa badal me lane ke hum gaya.

geet:-darathise kuch dur kayi sath samundar pass    

red bird :- sushma tumne kya kiya                                                                        sushma:-ratna meine kya kiya                                                                             redbird :-tumne sara chocolates kaya ek hi ko nahi


sushma:-jaane dona chodiyena ye bat chidiyena

meenu:-dil kyoun he mera ghabara gayi koi batao

        arrangements kaise lagi  

toralsid:-bade ache lagte hei ye cake vo ballons aur coke  

meenu:- roses kaha hei meito bataya koi to nahi laya

sunshine :-mera dil garden hua roses ki kami nahi

hema geet radhi online and all:-luka chupi bahut hua jaldi avo koi to na clue batao aap kyoun gaya

radhi:-chehare jo dekho sareki pyari hum kya batayenge kuch din me dikhavun all;aa koi to batao vo aane wale

hema:-dil ke  titli dil uda uda hei thodi der me          after sometime radhi hema geet;socho socho all;kya hum socho geet; dekho dekho dekho ek bar aaa                                  all are faintedShocked

hema geet radhi sprinkles coke on all and woke up all 

toral:-hi everyone

sushma:-aap toral hena

toral:-nahi uski identical twin houn Big smilearey mei aapko toral hounsunshine ;itnisi khushi itnisi surpriseDay Dreaming

toral:- aap sab chup hei kyo priu bolo meenu bolo ratna bole sara bolo bolo bole januna all;dil hi chotasa humari chotisi aasha aaj pura hogaya

toral:-thanks everyone for arranging my birthdayClap so aapka song code hote to hum ab dance code shuru karenge  toral birthday thread members and toral started dancing ;dhintanak dhintanak  pairose bhidi jara  gaad sange dhol baja dhol bajenaina  Dancing Dancing


                                                  By anjali_pi

(i)A VM for Toral Rasputra( Anandi of BV) birthday celebrations.The link is

(ii)Link to toral as anandi dance- added it with nagada song for her fan.This is the link.

                By nena28

Album creation,, the links

( i )

( ii )



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     A huge and special thanks to all my friends for their dedicated efforts and hardwork in achieving this success without which this special post would not have been possible.

Thanks to all creation makers who made  avi, siggies, etc for our Anandi, i.e . Toral Rasputra to make this thread look more beautiful.

Thanks to everybody who prepared write ups, poems etc to make this celebration a 
grand success.  

Thanks to every one who sent their beautiful Vms, sweet OS, lovely wishes,gits, flower, cakes etc for this celebration to make this thread more FantasticEmbarrassed..

It is really a happy moment now for all of us.

 It's party time friendsPartyParty  Party  and enjoy.


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