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The Bad Boy is Possessive | The Bad Boy Isn't My Type #3 |

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The Bad Boy Is Possessive!


Previously in this Series- 

Bad Boy Isn't My Type #1 

Becoming The Bad Boy - Bad Boy Isn't my Type #2


"Yeah mom, I was inside the time that fight was on" she said as he cuddled into her lap.

"No Mom, I will definitely take care of myself" she spoke "ouch!" she called out loud as he pinched her, winking.

"Nothing mom, just a evil bug" she spoke "Okay, take care, bye"

He winked again trying to tickle her "Yeah mom I'll give the project," she said trying hard not to laugh.

"Yup, I'm alone, no ones with me" she said sealing her lips as his fingers tickled her tummy.

She disconnected the call and yelled "YOU'RE SUCH A bas***d!"

"Language, Lady" he spoke

"Get off me!" she said pushing him away.

"Whyyy?" he asked stretching the word for too long.

"Because" she rose up, closer to him "I Hate you"

"But I love you" he said with a little peck on her nose.

Just then his cellphone vibrated.

She groaned.

"Don't worry woman, it'll take just a second" he winked

She sat on the floor helplessly, scratching her scalp aimlessly, as he went out in the porch to talk, she took the cell phone she had thrown on the couch and started to listen to her voicemails.

"Hey Kri ! where are you? I've been trying calling you"

"Kriiiyyyaa, Helen the ghost is backkk! When you coming back to college?" the male voice said. It was one of her best friends, Aiden. The fun loving lad, she clicked on the reply button and recorded the message

"Sorry people, No calls right now text if need to reach me. and if its Aiden calling, I swear I'll shred you to death if you leave me another voicemail, Spamming my inbox is so not funny"

She clicked on the save option and just then her cell phone clinked, she took it out and heard the message:

"Kriyyyaaa.." she smiled thinking he won't ever spell out her name properly "Oooh! I'm scared, well zombies are attacking, come back to College soon.." then there was a shriek at the last "ARGHGHHH!!"

She laughed, recording another message "First Aid, Stop goofing around, you have a girl to handle"

She just clicked on the send option when heard him "Kriya?" she looked up to find Rey.

"Rey! Who was it?" she asked

"No, Who was it?" he pointed towards her Iphone.

"Ah, It was Aiden. I told you about my best friend didn't I?" she asked with a ever growing smile on her face.

He smiled "Okay, well, Mark has his show at 3:30, just fifteen minutes are left so lets get going?"

"I'm not going to ride your death trap" she said

"Come on, it's not that bad," he pleaded.

"Am I even going to survive that thing alive?" she asked

"Ofcourse yes, how can I ever let anything happen to you?" he smiled.

"Now you have apparently one minute and the countdown begins now" he spoke setting his watch.

"Nooo!" she shrieked

"59 seconds"

He wasn't going to spare her, she knew It, she jumped on the bed finding her rubber, she tied her brown strands in a quick ponytail, then pulling her shorts down and keeping her Iphone back in the pocket.






"Ready!" she yelled coming out. Panting.

"Good Princess" He spoke.

"f**k off. That was so not funny" she said

"You love me" he winked

"I still don't know why" she shook her head "and aren't you getting late now?"

"yeah yeah, lets get going"


"Bitch!" Mark greeted Kriya

"Asshole" she rolled her eyes

"Parked the Death Trap?" he turned to Rey.

"Yupp. Just out there" He replied.

"Kriya, I'll be right back in five" he said "Stay with Mark"

Kriya nodded.

Mark smirked at Kriya, thinking for a plan to irritate her.

"You know Kriya, I had this amazing girl last night," Kriya made a face.

"And as she stripped off I travelled my hands up her theigh..." Mark said but was cut off.

"Uhhh.. let it be I don't wanna know" she said pushing him away

"and then her cute little.."

"Shut up Mark" she yelled

"and as she touched me.." he continued

"Mark I'm going to kill you"

"She just snitched at my..."

"SHUT UP MARK" She started running, with him at her back, she ran forward and forward, running with a great pace, yet he was faster than her.

Then she suddenly saw a sigh. The washroom! She let out a sigh and ran in thinking he won't be able to catch her in a women washroom.

Only when she barged in she sighed with relief, Gawd! That was close, she turned around only to find a guy peeing in the commode, she screamed, closing her eyes and running not at any particular direction. She turned away and she found Mark in front with his evil smile and wicked eyes "Gotcha Lady" she closed her eyes and screamed louder, the guys around just feasted their eyes on her creamy white legs.

Only to find herself caught by shoulders she screamed again "No Mark No!"

"Princess!" she heard Rey's warm voice.

"Rey?" she opened her eyes.

"What you doing here?" he asked

"Mark, he's behind all this"

"What crawled up his ass and died?" Rey asked while making a face.

"Get me outta here" she said frightened.

"Fine, come on" he said taking her arm and walking out.

"Mark!" he yelled

"Yeah Master?" he came with his head bowed.

"You bas***d! You know I was getting into male washroom, yet you didn't stop me"

"How can I ever stop my mistress from going somewhere she wants to?" he bowed his head again in a servant way.

"Fine! Continue the drama, I'll take revenge, I swear I will !"  she said and moved up the stairs with Rey by the side.

"What now Princess?"

She stopped and turned to him "Rey, when the kids get lost, there mothers do a shout out, where is the mike in this stadium?"

"Up there" he pointed at a green room.

"Come on then" she smirked.

He walked up with her unaware if the plan cooking in her head.

She walked into the room with him by the side and asked the man "can I have that for a minute?"

The man just nodded. "here"

She moved to the mike and said "Oh, My dearest son Mark, who had his show at 3:30 today has been lost amist the crowd. He didn't even take money from me. If anyone from you finds him kindly call me up at this number *******" she spelled out Marks number.

She gave back the shout out Mike and let out a wicked laugh, "See, Kriya's K effect"

Rey shook his head "Why are you so immature at times?"

"Ouch!" she held her chest "Me? Me?"

She pointed at herself innocently. "yeah you. miss Melodramatic, now get going, we'll miss the show"

She nodded smilingly.

Mark was filled with agony, he looked at Kriya pretending to be normal, yet she knew he was pissed this time. "I received 4 calls in fifteen minutes, I have a reputation if you realize?"

"No I don't realize" she shook her head.

"Now Now Princess. Mark- the amazingly and devastatingly fast sped Racer. You spoiled his image. A huge black dot it has because of you" Rey said.

"Yeah Miss Princess. That was so not funny" he said

"Making me go into the Male Washroom wasn't funny either." She said

"Where's Tiana by the way?" Rey asked

"Right there," Mark pointed at the popcorn stall.

She waved at them with a bright smile, with her curls moving. Rey smiled, he had spent endless days preparing Tiana for exams, while he had to leave the college due to the gang affairs, and finally seeing his sister all grown up somewhere pricked him, he could still see the little pink frilled dress on little T as he called her. She was so grown up, he looked at Mark and found a far away look on his face. He smiled looking at Tiana again.

Tiana walked back to them, hugging Mark tightly. "Do your best! All the very best! I love these shows!"

"And here I thought you loved your Fashion shows more Sistah?" Rey smirked while Mark was still under the effect of her hugging him.

Kriya beamed "You heard the announcement Marks mum made?"

"Yeah and I was rofling!" she giggled "Poor Markie"

She pulled one of his cheeks and smiled brightly at him.

"Now can we please go to the beach after this? Pretty please?" She pleaded like that of a kid.

Mark looked smitten still he said "We'll see miss Sunshine, now can you guys get to your seats? I need to go right away"

"All the best Rival" Kriya said

"Best of Luck buddy! Kill it!" Rey patted his chest and Tiana who had wished him before just smiled.

Everyone knew Mark was going to win, there were loud, loud hoots, with girls barely dressed shouting his name, and jumping up and down, wearing almost nothing and displaying the "women's gift" no doubt, he could get those hookers so easy.

"Markie's looking effing hawt!" Tiana said

"Oooh! Falling aren't we? Touching, hugging and stuff?" Kriya asked Tia with a brow raised.

Tia Flushed "Nah! It's just that I'm kind of over-enthusiastic when it comes to such shows."

"I can see that very well" Kriya nodded in agreement.

Mark won, just as usual. Tiana Jumped hooting on the front seats while Rey just proudly said "See there? Its my friend" Kriya smiled, it was quite usual. Again Mark won 200 pounds, and he was going to win another some pounds tomorrow as well.

Mark took off his helmet and walked over to Tiana, Tia, Kriya and Rey just watched him while he held her face in his hands and kissed her gently. Kriya "Aww'ed" while Rey's fists clenched, she was his sister after all. he did nothing at the moment as the crowd "Oooh'ed"


"Is there a problem Rey?" Kriya asked Rey.

"She's my sister, how could she do that? Without asking me! She is.. small.. pretty young" he spoke

"Rey, Tiana is twenty, how much older does she need to be to kiss a guy she wants?" Kriya asked resting her hand firmly on his shoulder.

"No! she's young, she doesn't even know what such stuff is!"

"You are just getting the usual Brother-mania, she likes him Rey, when I asked her she blushed and.." Rey turned to her fiercely with Bloodshot eyes and said

"I know she likes him, she is my sister, I can understand who she likes and what she does, but." He said "Does he like her? We both know Mark is much of a Hooker guy, does he want her? Love her?"

"Yes" she said "I've talked to him, he loves her alot, ever since he first met her. Why don't u understand? Cant u see it in his eyes?"

"U knew it!" his eyes flashed hurt' suddenly.

"Rey I heard him talking to her, but he made me swear not to tell you, u understand right?" she was suddenly scared, Rey wanted to hold her tight and ask why, he won't harm her, why was she scared? Yet he could sense Kriya shivering, the disappointment in her eyes visible. And he wanted to die right that time.

"Kriya" he spoke holding her shoulders, And a chill ran through her spine, she looked at him with huge rounded eyes. She was frightened at the moment,

"Yes?" was all she could get out of her mouth.

He looked in her eyes and he could sense her tensed, he looked at her and said "Why are u scared?"

"I'm just.. u know.. you're so angry, I just.. don't know" she suffered word diarrhoea  again.

"I won't harm you Princess, I'm just afraid, that Tiana might get hurt" he said "I don't trust Mark"

"Take a break" she whispered.

And then as she kissed him, he continued it roughly, venting out all his frustration on her, he bit her lip, and pulled her closer almost crashing her against him, it was hurting her, he was hard on her, but she didn't speak, she knew all he needed now was to vent out his frustration and anger, be it in any form. He actually was hard on her, he hadn't realize when Kriya was panting and running out of breath, he just kept his eyelids glued and kissed her roughly. He could sense her hand clutching the piece of collar tighter but he didn't give up, when he broke away, he could see blood on her lower lip. Had he nibbled on it that bad? Was he hurting her so bad? Was he so much into her that he hadn't realized when she was not feeling pleasured but forced? He rubbed the drop of blood using his thumb and then fell weakly to the ground sitting with her by the side, he could not look her in the eye, his eyes flashed a pinch of guilt inside him, he regretted it, though it made him feel better.

"I'm really sorry" he shook his head. "I didn't realize when I started hurting you, I am such a.."

"Shh.." she said "How dare you speak something against yourself? And this? This is because the flesh of lip is light, it isn't because of you dumbass"

He smiled, as Kriya held his head and hugged him slightly, "Why do you have to make everything sound so perfect? Why aren't you upset? I have been hurting after all"

She smiled "Because I'm with you, and as long as you're with me, I don't care about whatever you do, and I know this anger isn't exactly because of Tiana, it's because of Blue Spears"

He looked at her in amazement, how could she read his mind? "How do you know?"

"I read your messages, I know Blue Spears are losing from Black Sparrow, and that is why you are always so tensed and stressed, stop hurting yourself Rey" she said

"Am not!" he said defensively breaking away from her embrace. "it's just that.. it's my duty.. after dad.. I'm just supposed to do this"

"Okay, but can this Gang Leader take atleast four days off from his dearest of all Gang?"

"Why four days?" he asked

"Because" she said "We're going for a holiday to Maldives,"

"Does that mean we're gonna share a suit?" he asked

"Curse your perverted mind!" she spoke "And no"

"Kri we're 25, you can let me touch you now!" he said

"No no no!" she said with a victorious smile adoring her face,

"Fine then" he sighed.

As Rey moved out, Kriya followed him holding his hand, he saw Mark with Tiana but went straightaway without sparing a word to them.


"Rey does this look fine on me?" She asked moving out of the bathroom, seeing her in the swim suit which highlighted her curves, something pricked inside him, his lustful desires were ignited.

"Yes it looks good, but, err, I don't want other men eyeing you" he said

Her face flushed with embarrassment, how could she not think of this before? Was she that naive? "Um, okay, I could get something else maybe?"

He shook his head, "No, come on, that's what you'll wear for your dip" he winked.

Kriya Smiled and then she found herself being carried away to the pool.


"Don't you think it's a lovely evening Kri?" he asked while having his dinner.

The idea of him being alone with her rose several unnamed desires, he couldn't help but think what would happen when the night falls and here they were right in the dining hall having their dinner together.

"What do you want?" she asked not looking up at him. at all.

He glanced at the little brown box then said "Nothing, I just thought the two of us could spend sometime together maybe?"

"If its make out sessions you're talking about then no" she said "You're sleeping on the bed today"

He smiled haughtily until she continued. "..And am sleeping on the couch."

He frowned "Its your duty to please me"

She banged the knife on the table and said "Really Rey?"

And all he could was shake his head, while his lips formed a no'

"Okay Princess, I won't touch you, as you say" he said

She smiled and nodded.

The thing she didn't knew was that he had some other ideas in mind once they get back to the suit, he took her arm and turned her around, snaking his hand at her back, while she eyed him, "Rey, this is corridor for gods sake"

"Let it be" he spoke huskily turning her around again which made her tumble into the room, once in he sandwiched her between the wall and him, Kriya glared, his right leg closed the door behind them, as he fished something from his pocket.

Kriya just looked at him in anguish, "I wanted to speak something" he said

"Speak" she allowed

He took out the little brown box and opened it slightly. Then he sat up on his knees and smiled charming her "Kriya Ghai, would you like to get married to such a idiotic gang leader and risk your whole life getting pampered by me?"

Kriya couldn't help but smile, she looked at him with amazement filled eyes,

"come on, speak now"

She giggled. "Obviously dumbo! But.." she said

"What But?" he asked

"But you will have to promise me to agree to Mark and Tiana? And you would have to promise me never create problems with Aiden, you know jealousy and stuff" she said

"I have been loving you for thousand years and I can love you for thousand more" he said

"Too Shakespeare lately mister Singhania?" she said

"Yeah, though I don't agree to that Aiden thing, god know when he casts a spell on you and make you run away with him?" he said

"Ah! The Bad Boy is Possessive now" she grinned

"Of course yes"

And then both didn't remember who made the first move, all they remembered was that soon the two of them were undressing each other hastily,

As the lovers rocked each other in the rhythm of Love


Mark and Tiana had drifted apart just like Kriya and Reyaansh had come way closer. Mark didn't want to lose his best friend just like Tiana didn't want her brother to stay miffed with her for long, she couldn't handle it anymore, that kiss had felt so right, still when she touched her lips she could feel his there, yet Rey made it come out as a crime, and if he didn't like it, surely, there had to be something wrong? As she declined to believe that her brother could stop her from having something she wanted without any reason.

Mark on the other hand, stopped going out, he raced with agony and pride, those four days were the hardest, neither could he talk to his love nor could he turn to his best friend for consolation, he felt ruined and devastated, being the one who messed things up entirely. And hookers? No more, his thoughts were haunted by Tiana, all he could think about were her blonde curls and cute adorable smile, but *sigh* how he wished he could everything back to normal.

He smiled thinking about the memories he had spent with Rey and times when Tiana had hugged him and that day when he had kissed her, why oh why? It was all because of him, he kept on blaming herself. He was hurting Rey as well as Tiana, what a sinful man he was!

It was that moment, when he heard the doorbell ring, he got up cursing himself, only to find smiling Tiana at the door, she was wearing a yellow summer dress and her hair was slightly braided, with a few strands peeking out, she stared at him with her bright blue eyes,

"Why are you here Tiana?" he asked

"Why can't I be?" she asked

"Tiana, see, we can't do this, Rey doesn't like it, though I so want you in my life but still we can't just.." he started

"And that was Deep thoughts with Mark" Kriya peeped in like a news reporter.

"Kriya?" he asked

"Oh Shut up" Tiana said pushing him inside.

"Whats happening in here?" Asked baffled Mark.

"Grow a pair" Kriya rolled her eyes

"I already have one wanna see?" he asked happy to get back.

Rey entered the scene "Hey Buddy"

Mark couldn't meet his eyes. He slowly said "I'm sorry Rey, falling for your sister wasn't the wisest thing to do"

Rey patted his chest "Be a man" he grinned

"Rey is fine with you guys," Kriya announced, "Just keep the kissing on a pause with him around"

"And if ever you try to hurt my precious sibling, I'm gonna knock your head off"

Mark still faced the ground.

"Hey Mark? What crawled up your ass and died?" Asked Tiana.

And before he could reply Tiana hugged him firmly, he just held her slender waist. While Kriya Aww'ed' catching hold of Rey's arm with the diamond ring that shone in her finger.



*Sigh* End of the Bad Boy Series.. 

I dnt know how it is.. 

since Madhu di asked i wrote it in a go and posted it.. 

couldnt even proof read.. 

gawd! hell tired.. back aches. neck aches.. 

And Shenz Di another Senseless and Plotless OS by me ! Wink

Madhu di.. are u happy now? hope that u are.. 

do tell me how it was... 

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SheLooks18ToMe Goldie

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Resd for Madhu di..
and Shenz di.. 

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2013 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Lesh.. Lesh n lesh...
Yuuppiiieee finaaalllyyy
Roxxy47 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 December 2013 at 11:07am | IP Logged
#3 - mere liye #2 pe hai Tongue...
Teeno mein se mereko #2 wala ziyda acha laga tha...
No doubt this one is Great as well Approve...
Rey the same Naughty types...
But Kria is turning out to be a Bad girl now , Language kesi use karing LOL...

Jab mai ne naam parha toh i had a thought k Rey will be possessive 'bout Kria but yeh toh dimaag mein toh aya he nai that he can be possessive 'bout his Sista too Smile...

Ah!! The famous Mark - The A**hole is back ROFL
N saath he saath uski aur Kria ki pagalpanti bhi shuru LOL...
Acha revenge liya Kria ne bhi...
Brother-Mania wala part acha tha...
Chalo usko Kria k ilava kissi aur ki bhi fikar hoto hai Wink...
Hmm..Kria ne acha plan kiya Rey ka dhyaan yahan se haatane ka...

Magar idhar bechare Mark ki vat lag gai LOL...
Mark inna serious and No hookers , k baare mein parh k mereko sachi wala shock laga Ouch ROFL

Rey's proposal , Pehle se he Kria ko dara raha hai ROFL...

Falling for your BFF's sister sachi mein isn't the wisest thing But when the Bro is 'Rey' , toh phir kuch ho sakta hai Wink...

Sweet ending it was Big smile...
Loved this one as well Heart

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ok..sabse pehle sorry for reading it late..i was having exams so ekdumm time ni milaa..

nywaz..coming to it..

i toh just lovedd this Bad boy 2nd thoughts over that :D

this one was effing awesome..from start to end...

Loved how Rey adressed her as Princess.. and How Kriya understood him every way...

even when he was all rough with her..

Mark n looked veryy innocent .

and that Prank over Mark..ahahahaaa..that was awesomee..hahahaa...

Finally all 4 living happy lives :D

i lovedd it...

awesome..fantasticc series.. :D

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kya bolun...???? I m totallyy speechless rght now...!!! U r truelly amazing babe... Nd this series of urs is more thn beautifulll ... Fantstic... In simple wrds it's flawless... Loved it... <3 would lov to read more on this series... I agree wid madhu this is indeeed a beautifulll concept...:)
shalini_arsha IF-Rockerz

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btw thnxx 4 ur mistaken tag... :p nd u got a new reader now.,. Bt a lazy 1... Busy wid xams...

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Nyce chappy... saari energy tune shayad issi ko likhne me laga di thi...LOL

Lolzz... rey irritating her.. while she's on call... no wonder aise tyme pe bande ko peetne ka dil karta hai...ROFL

Arrggghh... mark... hahaha pagalpanti... itna kyun pakata h kriya ko..??  Pinch

Ewww.. boys waahroom... well kriya ne bhi achha badla liya...LOL

Awww... rey is a possesive brother... haha...kriya ka isse samjhana hi itna mushkil ho raha hai...Embarrassed

He proposed her... wow... lol itni shartein manani padi kriya ki...Tongue

Mark really loves tiana... nice... even this bad boy became gud boy...Wink

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