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Devon ke Dev Mahadev

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2nd, 3rd post: DKDM Cast & Crew

4th post: Member's messages

Let the Celebratiosn begin Smile

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By Nikhila[Nikki_Titli]

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev aka DKDM - Two years back when this show came on air on a new channel(tht time)-Life OK,evn the makers themselves wudn hv expected ki one day this show would ACTUALLY bcome one of the historic iconic shows Indian TV have ever seen..Their vision to do something different,something very special have given the Indian television a cult show in the form of DKDM..The two MAIN PPL who r THE CREATORS of DKDM are Nikhil Sinha Sir & Anirudh Pathak Sir.. Nikhil Sir is the producer-cum-director of this show and Anirudh Sir is the one who had the concept & conceived this show.. These two gentleman deserve a huge round of applause for coming up with something unique lik DKDM and having a FIRM BELEIF on it to make it work with their sheer dedication and hardwork..To support these two,theres one big big team and this show hv reached its success today is solely coz of the wonderful team effort from ALL of them esp Life OK Channel General Manager-Ajit Thakur Sir,the Executive Producers-Nitin Shukla Sir,Animesh Verma Sir,the creative team headed by Angira Vats Ma'm,the wonderful writers team - Utkarsh Naithani Sir,Subrat Sinha Sir,the Stunning Visual effects team headed by Hardik Gajjar Sir,the Project Head of DKDM from PH side-Amish Vasani Sir ,the Project Head of DKDM from channel side-Hiten Ganatra Sir the amazing costume department headed by Neerusha Ma'm,the brilliant promos making team headed by Abhishek Chauhan Sir etc..

The efforts of DKDM crew team behind the screens were made succesful by the talented DKDM cast team onscreen.. So heres the sneak peak to the amazing cast of this cult show-DKDM..

By Sucheta[kaatayani]

18th December 2011, time approximately 8:50 pm, first day, first show.. the haze rises, a sturdy silhouette appears, the onlookers and the audience are mesmerized..!! Then the light shines upon his face, and there we see the first glimpse of the Most Handsome God that the Small screen has ever seen.. MOHIT RAINA as Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev...!! As Mahadev, Mohit Raina not only explored himself as an actor, but also treated the audience with some of his awe inspiring performances..!! Shiva the God, the Lover, the Husband, the Father and many more.. Mohit Raina put his heart and soul into portraying each of Lord Shiva's attributes..!!
As the audience gaped in awe... Mohit as Mahadev with every passing day managed to amaze us... His yearning for Sati and His rejection to her at the same time... the sublime expression of the approaching doom when Sati goes to her father's house... the painful cry on her self immolation, it looked as if the very soul of the epic grief of Shiva had found face in Mohit..!! And then comes the Rudraavtaar Veerbhadra.. which not only plummeted the show to the top.. it also paved DKDM's way in becoming the pathbreaking mythological show of it's time...

And from there.. it was no looking back for Mohit.. his brilliant display of emotions when Parvati's tapasya was fulfilled to his cute innocence when he comes all smeared with ash to Parvati's house as a groom.. to his concern for his son Kartikeya, to Shiv;'s  agony and turmoil and rage on beheading Ganesh..all emotions mingled in one, yet easily discernable...!! Mohit in each track outshined himself..!!

The Pinnacle of his prowess and progress was visible when, Raina got a chance to play a negative character of Shivansh Jalandhar, which was diametrically opposite to that of Mahadev and involved not only rigorous action sequences, but also the display of far more complex emotions, and Mohit Raina proved his ability once again by doing justice to both the roles of Mahadev and Jalandhar simultaneously. He had a mould to break.. a point to prove.. and he proved..!!!

As Mahadev completes its successful 2 years, the show has set high standards in terms of acting... and Mohit Raina definitely rose up to the challenges and shined and lit up the hearts of the audience..!!

--REST Of The Star Cast Is Described In The Next Post Below--

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Mouni Roy portrayed the role of the petite Princess Sati..but having the spirit of the formidable Aadishakti..Mouni had that perfect blend of sweet innocence & attitude and ethnic beauty which is what SATI was all about..The different layers of character which Sati had-be it the innocence in not knowing her SHIV initially in the story or  her blind devotion to her father ..& then once she realises the importance of her in Madev's life...her Turmoil of loving a larger than UNIVERSE personality "MAHADEV, her ability to make Mahadev come out of his deepest of deepest Samadhi's with her PURE Innocent & Demanding ways of Love...evrything was portrayed so effortlessly by  Mouni and
every emotion portrayed by her  was so understated, yet so screamingly awesome..!! And who can ever forget  that last scene of hers ,where in Sati turns into her original form of Adishakti & shows her MIGHT to her arrogant father Daksh , finally destroying his Yagya & calling for a wrath of the world with a angry Shiva ready to destroy the world..-tht entire scene bought out the BEST in Mouni as an actress in this show..MOUNI brought SATI  Alive!! She still lives in millions & million hearts even today as SATI & will remain so forever..!!

By Shruti[-ShrNi-]

Amidst lots of speculation & confusion as to who will get the coveted role of Parvati-Sonarika Bhadoria clinched the role & joined DKDM as Parvati in June 2012. Sonarika through her journey not only grew as an actress but also on her way justified each & every aspect of Devi Parvati's life.From being daughter to king Himavan & Maina to being the "Uma" & "Aparna" who fought all odds to get her Shiva.From the Fierce Kaali & Durga to the loving mother of Kathikeya Ganesha & AshokSundari.From being Jagat Maata Adi Shakti to being a loving wife to Lord Shiva.Sonarika through her potrayal touched the hearts of one & all,giving form to what many of us would have imagined our Maata Parvati to be.Even though Sonarika's Journey in Mahadev lasted only a year,she still holds a special place in our hearts & plays a special part in DKDM's Journey over the past 2 years.

By Sucheta[kaatayani]

Having joined the show midway[July 2013],and also DKDM being her comeback to the small screen, Pooja had a daunting task in fitting into the character of Goddess Parvati and her various shades.. But she was surprisingly quick to grasp her role and went on to portray Mahakali with elan within 2 months of her entry. She with equal beauty portrayed the character of warrior Goddess Mhalsa and is now doing a brilliant job in depicting various aspects of the Universal mother Aadishakti Parvati..!!

By Nikhila[Nikki_Titli]

Its a CLEAR CUT fact tht NOT JUST the leads of this show-Mohit,Puja[current] and Mouni,Sonarika[both in past],but the rest of the star cast too in the form of all the permanent/temporary positive supportive characters and also some grey shaded/negative characters,played a HUGE role in making DKDM njoy its current ICONIC STATUS.. DKDM Star Cast is very huge..So its not possible to name all..But STILL a HUGE shoutout to all the actors,actresses who gave their best to this show irrespective of being their roles permanent or not and irrespective how much aspect their respective role had to do story wise..Among this wonderful ensembe cast,there IS a lis of ppl who DO DESERVE a Special Mention for their outstanding contribution to DKDM with their wonderful acting talent & hardwork like Saurabh Raj Jain [Lord Vishnu],RadhaKrishna Dutt [ Lord Brahma], Ragini Dubey [Devi Lakshmi],Salina Prakash [Devi Saraswati],Kumar Hegde [Nandi],Rushiraj Pawar [Karthikeya],Sadhil Kapoor [chota Ganesh],Eshan Bhatia [bada Ganesh in the past],Alpesh Dhakan [current bada Ganesh],Ashnoor Kaur [choti Asoksundari],Ahsaas Channa [badi Asoksundari],Shailesh Dattar [Narad],Jiten Lalwani [Indra],Manoj Kolhatakar [Rishi Dadichi],Rajeev Bharadwaj [Rishi Kashyap],Romanch Mehta [Rishi Atri],Surendra Pal [Daksh],Shalini Kapoor [Prasooti],Pankaj Dheer [Himavan],Shilpa Tulaskar [Menavati],Piyush Sahdev [Ram],Rubina Dilak [Sita],Vishal Kotian [Hanuman],Raj Premi [Tarkasur],Akhilendra Mishra [Bali],Manav Gohil [Andhak],Tarun Khanna [Ravan], Sudhesh Berry [Malla-Mani] and Rahul Dev [Arunasur]..

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Member's Messages 

Flowers mini graphics

2 years of excellence and education..!! this is what makes Devon Ke Dev Mahadev on Life OK stand apart from other contemporary shows on Indian TV today..!! 

DKDM started with a slow note.. but then as the saying goes - "slow and steady, wins the race" so is the case with this show.. It was slow, but steady, it had clarity in it's perception... and now today Mahadev is a landmark show that has brought back a long forgotten genre back into the race..!!

Apart from commercial success, what makes DKDM different is the heart touching rendition of Shiva's story that the makers created with a slight touch of romance and philosophy.. and this formula drove the show straight into the hearts of the audience..!!

Undoubtedly, DKDM simplified the complex puranic philosophies with it's new approach of involving contemporary issues, which made the audience to connect with the God..!!

In it's 2 yr's journey Devon Ke Dev Mahadev changed the perception that the general audience had towards Shiva..!! The once most feared Lord of Lords, suddenly emerged to the most enigmatic God..! A God who perfectly balences the two extremes in His personality, thus imparting a great knowledge that is not difficult to achieve...!!

DKDM gave to the television industry some wonderful actors in form of Mohit Raina, Mouni Roy Sonarika Bhadoria and Puja Bose, Saurabh Raj Jain and DKDM brought out the best in the seasoned actors like  Surendra Pal and Sudesh Berry and Shaliesh Dattar and Kumar Hegde and Manav Gohil !!

and as expected DKDM had it's own share of controversies and downs.. but with each downward trend, DKDM rise up to the challenge and the growing competition and carved it's own niche..!!

A long Journey of 2 yrs for a Mytho show is indeed commendable.. in this journey we discovered a new Lord Shiva.. the one who is close to our personality.. the Lord Shiva who is as humane as we are, but then with His trademark calmness and ability to understand the situation with controlled emotions, He becums...  Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev..!!!

A happy 2 yr of DKDM..!! 

Flowers mini graphics

Happy 2nd Birthday DKDM..ClapClapClap...Super happy and proud to c this show succesfully completing 2 years and hv completed more than 550+ epis..StarStarStar...This show started on 18th Dec 2011..But i started watching this show around mid Jan 2012..Tabse leke ab tak i hv been a LOYAL fan of this show...SmileSmile..I truly SALUTE and wanna congratuale entire DKDM cast n crew for makin such a cult trendsettin show lik DKDM and MAINTAINING its glory till date..ClapClapClap..This show holds a spl place in my life..i owe so many wonderful onscreen,offscreen memories to this show..This show changed me as a person on religious background..This show helped me in gettin connected to God in a good manner...

Also i hv to say i will be forever grateful to this show as it gave one of my most fav actors-Mohit Raina..I hvnt seen Mohit's shows before DKDM.. But Mohit made me fan of him with his portrayal of Mahadev and his various avtars...And MR fan se MR's forever fanatic i bcame when he played the character of Jalandhar..!! Jalandhar track is the BEST TRACK in DKDM for me and i will alwz be grateful to makers esp Utkarsh Sir and ofcourse MR too for givin this most amazing unique char of DKDM-Jalandhar..!! 

Nywz i wish this show evn more success and fame..
Always proud to be DKDM-ian...Big smileBig smile...

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Happy 2nd bday my beloved DKDM..HugHugHug... I hv already my heart out for DKDM just above in the "members messages" part,so wnt repeat again..Tongue...

Also i wanna say list of thnx to the following...

1)Minaxi for lettin me a part of this anniversary spl thread...HugHug..

2)Hema-my gal thnx a ton dear for all the AWESOMET 5 banners[intro,MR,Mouni,Sona,Puja] u made on my req...truly truly CLASSIC they r..HugHugHugHug...

3)Suchi-lik alwz MY SAVIOUR when it comes to DKDM..thnx for all the help n esp the fabulous writings u did on Mohit as Mahadev and Puja as Parvati..HugHugHugHugHugHug...

4)Shruti-my MC-i wanted ONLY u to do write up on Sona and i'm so glad u did tht on my req..lovely writeup it ws u did on Sona as Parvati...thank uuu...HugHugHugHug...

5)Hema di- lik i told u,u r the No:1 Mouni fan for me and i wanted ONLY u to do write up on Mouni as Sati...Thnx so much for the beautiful writeup and doing this on my req...HugHugHugHug...

6)Google... Thnx my constant partner..LOLWink

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I can't believe that My first and last fav show... DKDM is 2 yr old now...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

i remember myself getting skeptical of the show... bt then the 1 st episode happened... and i was sucked in to the world of Devon ke Dev... Mahadev...!!!ClapClapClapClapClap

such a long journey... so many things I ahve come across.. this one post will be too small to describe all of it...!!  but then how can  remain away..!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

this show brought the fan in me.. I became a fan of Mohit Raina... but then gradually the deeper meanings of the show like dawned before me... I became a fan of Shiva Himself.. His personality soo beautifully portrayed by Mohit...!!

I do believe that the Higher power wanted me to watch DKDM... and thus be assured tht He is Always with me, whatever the cas be...!!!

and Last but not the least... Minaxi Mam and NIKKI...  such a lovely thread..!! power to you ladies..!!

Happy Birthday DKDM...!!ClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Happy Happy Birthday DKDM yes you're 2 years old now how fantastic this journey has been an unexpected journey for gave me so much memories to cherish and things to explore..thank you is a too little word but i have nothing else with me to repay "Thank you so much"
Big smile

@Nikki its my pleasure to give my contributionEmbarrassed

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cant beleive that dkdm turned two years old.
Happy Happy Birthday to Dkdm and lifeo
many shows came and gone, but dkdm has always been my most fav show in this two years...
i can miss other shows but cant afford to miss even a single epi of dkdm.

i loved all the promos, and had decided to watch dkdm from the very first epi...
but unfortunately was unable to watch this show...

once i was at my cousins place, and they switched life ok @8
and the epi was...
wen mahadev rescues Sati from satbeej and gives boon to rishi dadichi that his bones will turn vajra...

and i was surprised, shocked amazed and was feeling bad for missing this master piece...

from that day i decided to watch all the past epis...
i finished watching all the epis in just ten days
and that to in my chotusa phone...

and then the rest is historyLOLLOLLOL

i fell in love with Mohit Raina...
(everyone knows thatEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

i loved Mouni as SatiEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sonarika as ParvatiClap
Puja as ParvatiClap

and i loved all the actors who portrayed their characters so well...who have been part of Dkdm from the very first day and who joined dkdm later... big round of applause to each oneClapClapClapClap of them.

there are so many tracks which i loved...
i got so many expereinces and memories to cherish forever...
so many leasons learntSmile

becoz of dkdm, i got so many friends here...

some are still my friends some left...
but i want to thank them all...Big smile

there is so much to write... but
as its said.. some things cant be written...

i want to thank
producer, director, writers, and each member assocaited onscreen and offscreen with dkdm for this Epic called
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Thank youSmile

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