CID Written Update :Parchai Bani Maut (7/12/2013)

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Parchai Bani Maut: 7/12/2013

Scene : A flat

A man is sitting and reading someting when he gets a call asking him if the work is done. This man argues with the other man over payment etc and disconnects.

The bell rings and his wife Kavita comes in frightened. She says that she had seen Suraj downstairs.

They show a flashback of an injured Suraj walking past Kavita.

Kavita's husband tells her that she has been hallicinating, because Suraj is dead.

Kavita points towards a flat in the building opposite to theirs and tells her husband that Suraj would appear there. The husband gets irritated, yet agrees to wait for 5 minutes. But there is no sign of Suraj. Kavita insists that they wait for a few more minutes. The husband gets annoyed and goes inside. After he leaves, Kavita sees the balcony door opening and Suraj jumping over the balcony railings and falling down.

Kavita shouts to her husband Amar and goes to the opposite building where she had seen Suraj fall.

Kavita and Aman go to the opposite building but there's no one there. The watchman says that there's no person by name Suraj in the building.

Aman decides to prove to Kavita that there's no Suraj in the flat. He takes her to the flat and shows the big lock on the door. The watchman also adds that the flat has been vacant for a year. Kavita says that she would inform CID.


Next day ACP, Daya and Shreya arrive. Kavita explains to them that she had seen Suraj commiting suicide.


ACP asks the building secretary to open the flat. CId team checks the flat and find that some of the dust on the balcony railing had been wiped off meaning someone was there the previous day.

Aman asks CID team as to where was the body of the man and blood stains on the ground if someone had indeed jumped off the balcony.


CID team checks the ground floor for blood stains, but find none.


ACP asks the watchman if any unknown person had entered the building, but he says only the residents of the building had entered.


Kavita insits that her husband and the others were trying to prove her wrong. Aman tells ACP that Kavita was under treatment for hallucinations and that Suraj had died a year ago.

ACP asks the neighbours as to how Suraj had died. Suraj's cousin Prateek and his wife Natasha tell CID team that Suraj was depressed after his father's death and so killed himself by jumping off the balcony.

ACP asks Kavita if she had seen Suraj die a year ago. Kavita says that she was out of town when this happened. Kavita says that he had not really died a year ago and that the others were making it up.

Prateek says that Kavita considered Suraj as her own son as she didn't have kids of her own.

ACP asks them as to who had taken Prateek to the hospital. Prateek and Natasha say that they had taken him to the hospital. An elderly man Shekhar says that he was there too. He says that he was Suraj's father's childhood friend.


ACP asks Daya to find the cop who had handled this case and go to the hospital with him and make enquiries.

Scene : Hospital

Abhijeet, Sachin and Freddie make enquiries. A guy at the hospital tells them that Suraj was not dead when he was brought to the hospital and the doctors had managed to save his life. 3 days after his operation he escaped from the hospital and jumped to his death from Horala bridge.


Abhijeet finds it fishy that Suraj's relatives had lied to them about when exactly Suraj had died. Meanwhile Abhijeet decides to meet the doctor who had saved Suraj's life.

A nurse tells CID team that Dr Renuka had saved Suraj's life but Dr Renuka had vanished on the day when Suraj had escaped from the hospital.

Sachin asssumes that Renuka might have helped Suraj escape. Abhijeet asks the nurse to give information abour Renuka.


Abhijeet asks Sachin to go to Horala bridge and check the point where Suraj had jumped to his death. (Wonder why Abhijeet addressed Sachin as 'aap' here Confused - at 14:11 on Sony's video)


Freddie brings the watchman who was on duty the day Suraj had escaped. He tells Abhijeet that Suraj was very badly injured and covered in bandages. But Suraj had atacked him with a knife, so he couldn't stop Suraj.


Scene: Kavita's house

Kavita is surprised to know that Suraj had died after falling from Horala bridge and not from the building. Aman tells Daya that he had concealed this from Kavita so that she doesn't live with the false hopes of Suraj being alive.

Daya asks Suraj's cousin as to how they had assumed that Suraj was dead when his body was not recovered at all. Kavita becomes hopeful that Suraj might be alive. Aman says that this was the very reason he didn't want to tell Kavita that Suraj might be alive. Kavita attacks Aman saying that he's jealous about her happiness.

Daya says that it's important to now find out if Suraj was really alive or not and who was playing the false Suraj.


Scene : Bureau

ACP examines the photo of Dr Renuka. Shreya tells him that a week after Suraj's operation she had left for Singapore. Nikhil says that after that she had never phoned or contacted her housekeepers to know the state of her house. The salary for the housekeepers and servants was directly transferred to their bank accounts. ACP finds it suspicious.


Sachin comes in with Dheeraj, the man who had seen Suraj jump of Horala bridge. ACP asks Dheeraj why he had not tried to stop Suraj from jumping off the bridge. Dheeraj says that he didn't realise that Suraj was going to jump off and die.

ACP asks him what he was doing at 1 in the night there. He says that he's a writer and he keeps going for late night walks when he encounters a writer's block. ACP asks him to leave.


CID team discuss the possibility of Suraj being alive.


Scene : Kavita's house

Kavita is about to have some medicines when the bell rings. Kavita peeps through the keyhole and sees Suraj. She opens the door excitedly but doesn't find anyone. She goes up the staircase calling for Suraj. A lady on an upper floor talks to her, but Kavita doesn't hear her. Kavita goes to the terrace and looks for him.

(I felt she was behaving as if Suraj was a 5 year old boy playing hide and seek while Suraj seemed to be a teenager)

she turns around, seems shocked and the scene changes.


Next day morning CID team is seen around Kavita's dead body. She had fallen off the terrance.

Shreya finds injuries on Kavita's hands, indicating that someone had pushed her off the terrace.


The lady who had seen Kavita go up the starcase tell CID team that Kavita was calling out to Suraj while she was going up. Abhijeet notices that Kavita's husband Aman wasn't seen there. The neighbours tell Abhijeet that they had tried his number but couldn't reach him. Abhijeet asks Nikhil to call up at Aman's office and find out.

Abhijeet asks the watchman as to how someone had managed to reach the terrace. The watchman says that he's surprised too, as the terrace is always locked and they keys are with him. Abhijeet examines the watchman's key and finds te perfume of soap on it, meaning someone had taken an impression of the key on a soap.

Abhijeet and Sachin check the terrace and find pieces of broken bangles. Sachin also finds shoe prints of size 11.


Nikhil calls and finds that Aman was supposed to go to Delhi to attend a conference but he had not reached Delhi. In fact Aman had not even reached Mumbai airport.

Suraj's cousin and wife voice their suspicion about Aman.


CID team go out of the building to ask people whether they had seen Aman  or Suraj lurking around at night. They talk to a paan shop guy who tells them that he had indeed seen Suraj. (He recognises the photo shown by Shreya) CID team presume that either Suraj could have murdered Kavita or Aman and Suraj could have conspired together to kill Kavita.

The paan shop guy listens to their conversation and adds that Suraj had parked his car at the wrong place and the traffic police had towed away the car.  CID team check the place where Suraj's car had been parked and find a mark on the ground left by the traffic police with the car's registration number. Abhijeet decides to find out who the owner of the car is.


Scene : A house

CID team (ACP, Sachin, Nikhil, Shreya) reach the address of the owner of the car which was towed away. The house belonged to an NRI who never visited his house and this was being used by Suraj to hide.

On entering the house CID team is welcomed by a bad smell, which they were familiar with - the smell of a dead body.

Shreya opens the cupboard and finds the body of Dr Renuka! Renuka had been strangled to death. ACP assumes that she might have been killed 3 days back.  CID team check the room for the murder weapon - a string or rope.

ACP finds a dummy, harness and rope. (gear used to perform stunt scenes). ACP realises that the dust which had been wiped off at one particular point on he balcony was caused by the same rope.

CID team conclude that Suraj and Renuka were trying to trick Kavita by throwing the dummy off the balcony and making her believe that it was Suraj who had jumped to his death.

ACP asks his team to get hold of the phone records of Renuka nad and also find out where the stunt gear was purchased.


Scene : Bureau

Nikhil enters with the phone records and shows that Renuka had received maximum calls from Aman - Kavita's husband.


Sachin says that Aman might have done this to kill Kavita and get hold of her property.

ACP gets a call from Daya that the shop from where the stunt gear and dummy  were purchase is traced.


Scene : shop


Abhijeet shows the photos of Renuka, Aman and Suraj and asks if any one of them had come to his shop. The shopkeeper says that none of them had come. Then Sachin shows the dummy and asks who had come to buy it.

The shopkeeper says that someone had rented out the dummy but hadn't returned it. He checks his register and tells that one 'Dheeraj' had rented out the dummy. (Dheeraj was the writer who had gone on a late night walk to Horala bridge - witness to Suraj's death)


Abhijeet asks Freddie to trace Dheeraj's mobile.


Scene : Streetside coffee shop.

CID team find Dheeraj chatting with his friends. On seeing CID team, Dheeraj runs off, but is caught.

Dheeraj tells CID team that someone had paid him 1 lakh rupees for this. He reveals the name but the scene is cut there.


Scene : A hideout

Aman is seen tied to a chair and a 'false' Suraj is seen rejoicing.

The false Suraj (Jatin) is about to shoot at Aman when Shekhar (the elderly man in the building - Suraj's dad's friend) comes in and reveals himself.

Aman is shocked that Shekhar is behind all this.

The false Suraj (Jatin) says that after Kavita's and Aman's death he would go to the court and prove that he's the real Suraj and would get hold of Suraj's property.

Jatin raises his gun to shoot Aman when CID team arrives and stops him.

Shekhar tries to run away but Abhijeet catches and slaps Shekhar.

Shekar says that after Suraj's dad died, Suraj had lost all interest in property and life in general. Shekhar thought that this was a good chance to get hold of Suraj's property. That's why he had rushed Suraj to the hospital. Renuka saved Suraj but when she came to know how Shekhar was going to benefit from this, she started asking for a share.

When Suraj escaped from the hospital Shekhar and Renuka had tried to stop him. Suraj threatened to shoot himself with a gun. Shekhar tried to stop him and by mistake the gun went off, killing Suraj. Shekhar and Renuka disposed off the body in a jungle.

Later, they met Jatin - who bore a close resemblance to Suraj. They decided to make use of him to get hold of Suraj's unclaimed property.

Abhijeet says that they would get phaansi for this.

 *** THE END ***




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Well presented..

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Lovely update

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thanks for the update visrom Smile

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