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FF: In Love with NRI -- Epilogue- 26th May, 2013 (Page 3)

.Shree. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 December 2013 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Beautiful Update Tongue
Hmm so Madhu is attracted towards Rishu Embarrassed

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lovely update Smile pls continue soon Embarrassed

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I am sorry for not updating chapter1 from my end and thanks to Kg15 for doing it on my behalf..

Love you all for the winderful support and wishes...will kep posted with intrsting twists and reveleationsLOLWinkTongue

Chapter 2: The First encounter


Madhu was astonished to see such tall building, the people, surroundings and MK was explaining and felt happy that he is taking that someone person, the last hope of his friendship to his house.. 

They reached to an independent house, with a huge garden and MK got down from the car and sked madhu to come with him. 

As Madhu entered the house, she got shocked to see, a lady probably in her 40's , holding an aarti plate and welcome her warmly. 

After that, Madhu immediately touched her feet as she know who she is (From the photo).

" I am glad to see you Madhu, I as praying to Bappa for ur wellness and I am thankful to him that you are equally beautiful like your Mother" said Radha.

Tears started flowing down from Madhu's eyes as she felt, she was meeting someone very close to her parents and they are thinking about her whole these years.

"Thank You, Aunty" said Madhu.

"Arey, beta not Aunty call me "Ma" " told Radhaji. 

Madhu gave a happy smile and told her "Oke Ma". 

Then they showed Madhu her room, and asked her to get freshup and come for Breajkfast.

She nodded and Pail followed her by holding her Luggage. 

Madhu was happy to see her room, which was colored in Peach and orange. Her bed sheet is in Baby pink color, and her wash room was in white suddenly one thing that caught her attention was a big picture, mounted to the wall of her parents, she and Radha, Mohan and their Family. 

Madhu hat skipped, watching her parents photo and she went ahead and was about to touch the pic, when a noise interrupted her... 

"Hey Madu...Good Morning"... It was a male voice, Madhu got startled and slowly turned to see who was it.. 

A man, with loose hair, not so handsome but warm face with a white shirt and grey pants, holding  a blazer in one hand was looking at her with a huge smile.


"Good Morning, Sikanderji" told Madhu. 

"Oh Call me Sikky, and Ma tld me that you are coming today, so thought of meting you before I leave to office. I hope you like your room" said Sikky warmly. 

Madhu nodded her head with a smile. Then Sikky bid bye and left from there. 

Madhu went to the pic, touched her parents photo with teary eyes and went to washroom to get ready. 

She left her curly hair loose, and wore a white and pink Salwar kameez and came down was about to ask , then Radhaji came with a Puja Thali, and Madhu followed her.


After the Puja, all the three sat for Breakfast, when they heard a female voice, shouting on Patil. 

"You are the servant, don't teach me what to do, get out" , Mary came out of the room with Teary eyes and went to the Kitchen. 

Mk and Radhaji were lil embarrassed , and then Madhu saw a female figure, in he Animal print night wear, loose hair  was coming down and glaring at Madhu with her excess Kajal smudged eyes. 

" Deepali, come meet Madhu" told Radhaji in a firm Voice. 

"Good Morning Mummyji and Dad, and hi Madhu" said Deepali while checking out Madhu. 

Madhu told "hello Babhi".

"Ohh Pls, don't call me babhi, call me dips "told Deepali, while pulling out a chair to sit. 

Everybody completed their breakfast in silence, meanwhile Madhu from the corner of her eyes was checking the tantrums of Deepali about the fatty foods, the saloon appointments, blah blah. 

She rolled her eyes, figuring out the vamp characters from Daily soaps, sitting right next to her... 

Radha told Madhu to take rest in her room , madhu nodded her head, smiled at everyone, left to her room.

 She went to up and was confused to find her room, as it is a big house...she went to a room  thinking it's her room. 

She entered into the room, and saw everything in black in that room, she was surprised, saw big big nude posters of femals, guitar, big big speakers, a very big TV and felt lil weird and unknowingly started exploring the room and got lost in her thoughts. 

Suddenly, the washroom door got opened, she came to her senses and was abt to leave, felt a wet towel fell on her face and immediately she tried to remove it from her head and got tangled , in that process she bumped into something and fell on it. 

She closed her eyes tight and when she felt the towel is moved from her face, she wide opened her big brown eyes...aaah she got awestruck... 

She was looking in to dark brown eyes, with lot of intensity and then saw the most handsome face ever, to her astonishment she saw a small smile creeping from his face, and fell for that cute dimple that showing her the heaven...


"Rishu, come down" called Radhaji.. 

Then suddenly reality hit her, she was about to leave and felt his arms around her waist were getting tightened, she gave a curious look to him. He giggled, pulled her closer and whispered "Who are you..angel"... 

She felt Goosebumps all her body, a lil pink creeping on her cheek and then suddenly she came to reality, 

"I-A-m...Ma...dhu..." in a whisper, with that word he loosened his grip and she ran from that place 

Rishab gave a smirk, was lying on bed thinking abt the familiarity of the name, when his mother called him again for breakfast.  

At College... 

RK, was sitting with his friends suddenly someone hugged him from behind, she tols..."Hey baby" 

"Hey sweet Heart" told rk by hugging her " wassup" guys asked Ria and her friends.

 They have some assignment to be completed, so planned to complete it first and then go for a movie. 

They all sat in the theater, ria glued to RK and RK kept a hand on her shoulder and both smiled at each other. 

Their other friends, who are couples involvd in juicy encounters, but RK was watching the movi with lot on interest, Ria wanted to kiss RK but he was no way bothered. Ria seductively kept her hand his lap and tried  his head, she with a witty smirk tried to kiss him, suddenly RK moved her head to the other side to wtch the action sequence of the movie.


She stood up, stamped her foot and left from there, RK, continued watching the movie without any expression. 

After movi is completed, Rk watched Ria giggling with a stranger(inoreder to make RK feel Jealous) and waved at RK and exchanged number with him , and came to RK. 

RK and Ria sat in his car and he strated playing the music...Ria in her mind was very happy as she felt her plan was working, suddenly RK got a call form his mother, he was speaking to her and told her he is coming home now and disconnected the call and had a cute smile on his fce


Ria's eyes got popped out, and she anted to brak the silence so, told to RK.. 

"u know baby.. That guy was so funny...I couldn't believe I was talking to him for more than an hour" said Ria. 

"mmhhh" told RK,by giving a casual smile. 

Now Ria was on her nerves, "What the F$%^ RK, I am talking to some stranger and you are not at all bothered, and smiling happily...god damn...I am ur F%%&^ Girlfriend damn it"  she was shouting. 

RK stopped the car and turned to her side with a smirk.. 

" Shut up u F%%^ bitch, what do you think you were trying to do...U think you are god damn my lover, we started dating lst week and you bi&^7 thinking u own me...I am least bothered about u, just need on to kiss and F5%^^& up so started dating you...and you think I LOVE YOU, so will feel Jealous..." Smirk continues


" Get the hell out u Sl^&, I am throwing one more out of Sh%^ from my list" told RK in a  stern voice, while carrying the smirk. 

Ria was looking at RK in shock and seeing her staring at him like that, RK got irritated and told her again 

"Don't think RK likes someone so easily, its been a week and u started being possessive and dominating ur dreamz, get out of my car  NOW" shouted RK. 

Ria with teary eyes got down from the car, still in shock and unable to realize how her plan to  make him J, turned out to be their Breakup... 

RK drove back home...normally...

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And also pleas let me know,u are finding it interesting or not, or else I willl drop off the plan 

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Chapter 3- Nok-Jhok


As rishab ntered the house, he went directly to Kitchen to meet her mother... but he saw Madhu standing ion a stool, and trying to pic something from the upper shelf, whil entering the kitchen, he shouted, MOM... 

Madhu got startled and was about to fall down, and suddenly realized someone caught her from falling, opened her eyes and again got lost in those beautiful eyes and  trying to free herslf from his grip..she said 

" Chodiyena.." (Lave me) 

" Ahaan...Chodiyena..i like that " said RK with a smirk.. 

Radhaji entered into the Kitchen to check what happened and saw rishab putting madhu on the ground.. She askd madhu wat happnd, then Madhu told her , she patted RK and said.. 

"My Rishu is a good boy" 

"MOM" said RK , hiding his embarrassment. 

They had lunch together, and went to their rooms, suddenly Radha came to Rishab's room and told

"Rishu, u remember Madhu, arey Madhubala whom you used to tease her as Madhubala Ahaan" RK was lost in thoughts 

"You both used to go to school together, and used to fight like rat and cat" told Radha, RK nodded his head with a smile , as childhood memories flashed in front of him, he wanted to meet her. 

Madhu was about to omb her hair, when she heard a knock on her door, she got shocked to see RK standing there. 

"JI" asked Madhu with a  ? face. 

"Wat ji Madhu, u don't remember me I am Rishu" said RK with a big smile. 

As she know about this already, she gave him a smile and in childish tone said. 

"Right Kameena" with a giggle. 

"Haan,my dear Witch" Told RK in sarcastic tone. 

"I am not witch but as I say you have become more Kameena" Said Madhu with a straight face. 

"Ohh Yeah, look at you Miss. Behenji" told Rishab with a chuckle.


" Whatever,who asked you to bang my door and irritate me at this time, get a life" told Madhu and was about to leave , suddenly RK pulled her towards him, she bumped into his chest, they both are inches away...


He tugged a curl behind her ear and whispered in her ear..


"Making ur life hell is my only business...Madhubala Ahaan" with a wink..


She pushed him hard, with that sudden push he fell on the floor, Madhu giggled and told..


"All the Best R Kameena ahaan.." and dud she closed the door.


Rishab got up and gave a death glare to Madhu's door and left from there in anger.


In the evening, MK came to Madhu's room and they both filled her admission papers and told her that she may miss few classes, as she is joining in the middle and told her not to worry as RK an help her with the notes. Madhu felt so irritated to study in the same college and class of RK again, she closed her eyes and signed on the papers.


After Dinner, MK informed Rishab that, from tomorrow onward he should accompany Madhu to the college and take good care of her, RK nodded with a smile ( with evil plans running in his Mind)...

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Loved both the updates Tongue
So Madhu and RK are childhood friends Embarrassed
Waiting to see her first day in the college  Tongue
Next time when u update please do PM me also 

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nice concept..pls continue and add me to ur pm list

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lovely updates Asha!so they r childhood friends huh!!!i like it!waiting for madhubala's first day at college!good that rk broke upwith that ria!pls continue soon!

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