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Monday 23 Dec 2013 

Innikku Kallia Mattum Kandaal Serial theriyadu
Serial mattum Paarthal kalle theriyadu

Avlav than update... LOL

Saro takes challenge tries to lift up the stone.  He says will keep trying nnu.

Sarada/RS calls him and asks you forgot me va nnu. Saro narrates about Photo incident. They get scared. Saro says don't worry I am fine. They both decide to go to Tirunelveli to see all. He tells them to come. Sarada asks RS when we can go and he says will tell later.

In Meenakshi house, revathi comes and soem mokkai romance between Bro and Revathy, she also tells I need the person to liftthe stone. bro tries, BGM Maina Maina Wink

Saro works out all kinds, even he makes a car go on his hand, car goes different side and bro runs a cycle over, then tries to break bricks could not do end up throwing and breaking.

He tries and tries and tries and lifts the stone.

Meenakshi sees this gets shocked, calls her mom and tells what happen. Soundarya doens't want to listen. meenakshi pulls her and they see Saro and bro throw the stone and play catch. meenaksi shock, Soundarya laughs and points the real stone on the corner hidden. Meenakshi orey veruppu and sccolds them and the throw the fake stone and she kicks.


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Tuesday 24 Dec 2013

Soundarya gives Attukaal soup to Saro asking him to build up strength. She teases him about making and lifting a cardboard stone. She says you might as well lift the real stone for the effort he did making the fake one.

Saro asks what meenaksi said that, Soundarya says she is so mad that he cheated me. He asks that I didn't marry her by lifting real stone is that why she is upset, she says  you ask her 
She says some times you are liek my brother, and shares Saro/Soundarya child hood memories. Sakthi Saro says let me dial and tal kto him, Soundarya says no let him call when he really wants to I will wait till then. If he thinks of me he will call one day. Saro says he is only upset with Tamil but he likes you so much, and telsl everythign Soundarya likes as told by Saro. Soundarya is emotional. She cries saying it is enough for me that my brother thinks about me

In chennai, Sarada makes a drama like feeling sick and tells RS that she wants to see the grand kids. The decide to go that night.

In Tirunelveli they cal lSoundarya and inform her to coem and see them.

Soundarya says she has to go some where with Tamil, vaithi out as well. Only Meenakshi available.  But who can I send her with?

Sarada tells her to send with Saravanan.

Soundarya hesitates, but Sarada force her.

Meenakshi learns of the grand parents arrival and she wants to go. meenakshi calls her friend to accompany her but she is not well. Soundarya susggests her to go with Saravanan, Meenakshi upset, saying ithyu yenna amma, she herself helps him. no other go so she asks mom to tal kwith him, but Soundarya says it may not look good, you tal kyourself but go with out Appa knowledge. Meenakshi says ok but fumes to herself that she has to go with him.


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Wednesday 25 Dec 2013 reserve  
Is there show today???

Christmas wishes.

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Updates by Nithya

Thursday Dec 26th written updates

Episode 567


After some mokka between SS & TM, TM & SS finally set off on a bike to meet RS & Saradha at Thirunelveli. A guy sees them and promptly informs Tamil that he saw TM with a guy on bike. An angry Tamil slaps that guy, calls up Sou and checks about TM. Sou says TM went with Reva to Reva's thottam. Tamil hangs up and updates that guy. But that guy is confident about seeing TM. Tamil follows in his car to prove that to that guy Muthu that it is not TM.   


RS, S and TM meet. SS too enters and acts as a guest at TMs home. Saradha scolds Tamil for letting stranger stay at their home. TM says good guy sent by Arunachalam. Some mokka by RS, S and SS. TM asks about them if her athai payyan did not come. Saradha says he is roaming somewhere else. TM is sad. Saradha is unhappy that TM travelled with a guy on bike and drags TM away. She scolds SS. TM says SS is educated, intelligent and decent fellow. At the other end, RS checks the love status with SS. SS says bikela vara alavkku improved and soon I am going to say ILU.   


Muthu and Tamil check en-route and get no info about TM. Muthu says lasta search at temple and then will agree it is not TM.




Precap: Some guy says I saw TM with a guy on bike. Tamil angry. TM shocked. SS & TM hold hands and run.

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Friday Written Update by Visha

Meenu Appa still looking for Meenu and the paiyan. 

Meenu meet her grandparents and Sharada told Meenu to do some ritual so that she will get married to her dream boy. Meenu starts to walks step by step around temple. Semma veyil, meenu manasukkulle thinking mazhai penja nalla irukkum nu. Suddenly water pouring sound. Paartha, namma Saro pouring water on floor so that Meenu can walk easily without feel the heat. Meenu starts admiring him while Saro smiles at her. Day DreamingEmbarrassedEnd of Ritual. 

Tamil stills looking for Saro and the paiyan. The guy who told Tamil said, we can check at Sivan Temple nu. Tamil loosing his patience and told him if Meenu is not there I dunnoe what im going to do. I following you till now just to show to you that Meenu is not the one you see nu.  They going to Sivan temple now. 

Meenu and Saro praying and Saro lanjam kuduthuffying the Poosari and get the Prasadha Plate. Meenu angry at him for offering kumkum to her. 
Saro said temple le anyone can give prashad to anyone. Meenu apply the kumkum while looking at Saro .. Both of them cute ah smiling. 

Meenu bids goodbye to Saradha and RS and ready to leave and she request them to bring her " attai paiyan" in next visit. All except Meenu smiling. Before Saro and Meenu gets out from temple, Meenu spots tamil carShockedShocked and both saro and meenu run for their life. They told Saradha and RS  to hide themslef since Tamil is here nu.LOLLOL
Everyone run to hide themselves. LOL 

Conversation between that Snake Eye guy and RS so funny. All are praying for 24/7 electricity supply so that can watch Vijay TV serialsLOLLOLLOL

That Snake Eye guy search for Meenu here and there. Meenu and Saro hide behind a altar. Before that snake eye guy search there, Tamil called him and asked him to come.  Snake Eye guy got slapped by Tamil for misunderstanding. 

Saro and Meenu save ah leave from temple. Saro stops bike at some place and told Meenu to stay for a while, Tamil might be looking for them nu. 
Meenu agreed and Saro starts to having conversation.Clap Saro asked if Meenu eager to meet her atti paiyan nu. Meenu told the truth that she didnt love her attai paiyan nu. Saro shocked. ShockedOuchDead Then she follows that she will never love her attai paiyan nu. ShockedCry

Saro ku semma shock and sad. He asked for the reasons. Meenu told him that her father will be happy if she married to anyone except her attai paiyan. It was 25 years rift. 

Saro facele Iyyadavillai. Meenu say sorry for poi soldran to him.. We clearly see Meenu fallen for Saravana... Embarrassed  She smiley smiley looks at Saro Embarrassed while Saro looks so sad Cry. Both of them get ready to home. 
Saro keeps recalls what Meenu said " I dun love My attai paiyan and i will never love him nu". Meenu looks so happy riding bike with Saro.. 


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Monday December 30, 2013 

Start with preview of Tamil search for Meenakshi and tight slap to Muthu.

Tamil comes back after and Soundarya angry that e did not come on time. Tamil explains what happened and Soundarya shock. She says I will fire Muthu, tamil says no I already gave hi. 

After he leaves Soundarya tries to reach both but not reachable. 

Morning..(Appo both came back safely)

Saro sad sittign by the pump set, Bro enquire why sad, he telsl Meenakshi declared she will never marry Athai payyan athan upset.

RS calls and RS console him saying both his parent have told 1000 times that they will not marry each other but ended up marrying.  It is only one time Meenakshi told you have to wait for 999 times. Saro not convinced, But RS tells him not to worry.

Meenakshi orey feelings about Saro and how her parents accepted him and the grand parents too. In feelings she goes to revathi house who is sitting outside the house with Pattai and yellow and Veppilai(This girl sema funny - But voice change pola)

Menakshi tells she just came to see revathy as she was sick, Revathy says yes ues I believe you and come to the point.
She asks about Saravanan, revathy says nallavan than... before she finish Meenakshi says romba nallavan, same way decent and personolity etc. revathis says I don't like and Meenakshi jolts to reality and asks why. Reva says you came to ask me questions but yo uare answering yourself athan sonneen. She says 2 weeks before you said you didn't like him now what? meenaksi says Appo pidikkala ippo pidikkuthu. Reva asks then in 2 weeks Meens says that doesn't mean I will start loving him and more feelings and walks away forgetting cycle.

At Tamil house everyone there, tamil tells Vaithi to go see his mom, give money as she return from Suda house only night. Vaithi essu saying she will ask me to do lot of things. He asks Tamil to go himself, tamil says no I was angry was going to drop a flower pot on her head for seeing Saravanan so she is still upset. Saro offers to go meet her.

But here comes Tamil mother, Polambing Tamil ignore her nnu, she comes and Sees Saravanan calls Perandi and hugs him..

She hugs him calling Saravanan, everyone shock, next they show him tied on the tree.

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Tuesday 31 Dec, 2013
Episode 570

Patti comes polambing my perandi will take me away. these people have no concern over me. she directly sees Saravanana and goes and hugs him saying Perandi. Saravana seeing her tells Setheen and Bro also is scared. Sar othinks and patti hugs him. Soundarya, Vaithi and Tamill all shocked. Saro slowly whisper in her ear patti you screw up, I am here as some one else they don't know who am I I lied and some how manage. 

Patti laughs loosu attam and goes and hugs Bro calling Perandi and telling him to take her away, then she goes and hugs Vaithi saying same then she goes to hug Tamil calling perandi, he pushes her and tells her to go inside.

Once she goes Tamil says Athakku some thing got loose. Apologize to Saro, he says it is ok.. Tamil leaves. Soundarya, Saro and bro are relieved.

In Mottai madi patti question how come you didn't tell me before and Soundarya thiru Thiru. Patti says did Nadaga kaari ask you to hide. LOL 
She asks Saro why he didn't come to see her, he tells you were away.

Patti tells Soundarya to cook good non veg and feed him. Soundarya wonder where to get nattu kozhi, Patti asks her to kill one of meenakshi kozhi. Ouch

Next segment about Vaithi and a pair for him.

Vaithi goes to the thottam with friend and realize some one taking a bath using pump set. He wonders who and some girls come out calling the other girl. These girls are local and slowly they show the third girl wearing salwar. The girls say she is also from here, she studied in hostel this long just return.

Vaithi seems to have taken with that girl keep looking at her. Friend asks who she is and she tells it is Anbarasu daughter.  Shock. They tell it is Tamil thottam.

She leaves saying sorry, while walking trips and falls down and aptly held by Vaithi. She goes looking at him. Friend asks what is going on and Vaithi says don't know feel like born again, the guy wish Happy Birthday LOL

Freeze on vaithi and the girl...


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