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Monday Dec 2nd Updates

Episode 290


Santosh and Bharathy want to withdraw the complaint. Devi objects. Santosh says sort out with Appa. Devi fumes. Inspector gives the withdrawal statement. Bharathy suggests to add additional clause that if and when Saku is found complaint will be re-opened. Ins agrees. Ins asks can we release Ganesh. Santosh nods after consulting Bharathy. Ganesh is released. Devi jumps sky-earth for releasing Ganesh. She scolds Ins, Ganesh, B & S. Santosh in mood to reply. He signs the withdrawal statement much against Devi's screams. Bharathy tells Devi that Santosh honour and prestige at stake if case goes to media. (Idhu complaint kudukarathukku munnadi theriyatha ! )  So please back off. Devi screams some more and drives off angrily. Ganesh thanks Bharathy for saving his life. Bharathy advises him to turn into good guy. Ganesh vouches not to do any wrong. Ganesh says your enemy is very close to you. S& B are shocked .Ganesh says enemy is very wealthy guy too.. he offered me 5 and then 7 lakhs through Saku. He is using Saku's anger on Santosh to destroy you guys. Bharathy asks how do you know that enemy is close to us. Ganesh says simple logic. How did Saku get to know that she will be caught next morning. Some is watching your movements very closely and has informed Saku. So be careful. Ins doe s a chayng chak and asks S&B to think hard and find out who their enemy could be. Ins assures that they will catch Saku soon as she is the answer to all problems at SB house.


Devi meets Badri and announces that my family is gone nuts. They have let Saku escape and even withdrew the complaint on Ganesh. Please ask them to put a board at the gate "Inge Elicha vaygal vazhranga.. You can come and easily cheat us" (Devi gagaga pongo.. Nanga ninaichom neenga sollitel) Badri too feels it is a brilliant idea. Well Devi comes to the matter . I need additional 1 crore immediately. Please arrange. Badri is shocked that Devi has spent the already given 1 crore so soon. Devi says Hero is acting mean.. Demanding more money than he originally agreed. I need to pay up for the movie to continue. Wait n see I will see him one hand after the movie releases. Badri asks her about her relationship with Madhan. Devi is all shy. She says Madhan takes very good care of me. He even loves me. But he is unable to get rid of his past love. Do you know who his kadhali is? Badri almost tells that it is bharathy but quickly change to that I am not aware. Devi says I am sure that girl is leading a happy life forgetting her love. Poor Madhan is living of guilt. I want to know about the ex-lover. Take Madhan to her and show him how she is happily living and help him get rid of his guilt. Badri in his mid wonders how Devi will take it if she gets to know that Bharathy is Madhan's ex.. He assures to talk to Madhan regarding that and asks Devi to remain clam till such time. Devi agrees and drives off.


Badri meets Chids and says give the remaining 1 crore. Chids refuses. A shocked Badri pleads, threatens, blackmails.. nothing works. Chids says I gave the money only to improve the relationship between Devi and Madhan in the name of movie making. However they two seem to strangers even now. So any amount of money given more is waste. As a business man I will nto invest in business where I don't get any returns. So find alternate source. Badri begs saying I don't have any other source please help. Illatta Devi will not spare me. Chids says if so tell Devi that only way out is to meet me and get her share of property from me. Badri is shocked.

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Tuesday 3 / 12 / 13 Episode No 291

Gonna be brief folks, Roja is tired - tired of this serial as well . Selfish Chidambaram once again proves that he does not care about his friend or friendship. Refuses to give the money to Badri who is truly scared for his life "How can I save myself from the wrath of your unruly daughter?" Chids says that Badri should tell Devi that it is high time she asked for her part of the property "let her come to me and I will take it from there " Badri promptly does that. Devi packs her bags to go to the parental home ( Was she asked to go and stay there? ) Before going Devi asks Madan to come along but he flatly refuses " I can not come there, gotcha?" Devi does some more "my purushan's project, he should win, I will do anything for that " stuff and leaves. Ram confronts Madan and Madan says that he can not face Bharathy or hurt her. Ram is brutally frank - "You know what? Bharathy is happy with Santhosh and the past is behind her. Devi, the rich dame is living in this rat hole with you just because she loves you - knowing well that you do not reciprocate. Now which love should be given the Oscar?" Devi goes home , everyone assumes that she has said good bye to Madan . She announces that she is here to get what is rightfully hers " I am married, living with my hubby happily and now what? Why do I have to wait?" Chids once again shows that he is a selfish business man. Tells whoever cares to listen that she should come with her spouse "after that, I will see what I can do " No promise of " I will dole out the money " uh huh


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Wednesday  4 / 12 / 13 Episode No 292

Again another brief update folks. Izhukkaranga ppa

Madan and Ram return home - home minus Devi. They find nothing to eat, Madan laments that he expected Devi to leave some bits and pieces - the neighbor promptly lands with a hot pack. Well, obviously Devi sent food and pestering the neighbor lady about heating the food and feeding Madan. Ram does another "true love nna ithu than athu " jalra and leaves - of course does not forget to remind Madan that he has  to play the game until Devi gets her money. Madan is thinking.

Bharathy bitches about Madan to Santhosh " just watch, first thing in the morning Madan will land here, ellam for money" blah blah. Santhosh is surprised that Bharathy looses her cool when it comes to Madan. Devi hears all this and vehemently defends her hubby " watch your words, ok? My hubby is a gem unlike yours who is a petti coat chaser "

Next morning - Madan promptly lands at Devi's door. Santhosh congratulates Bharathy for her acumen, Devi falls all over Madan , orders his kind of coffee . The rest of the clan comes to know about the neighbor who was ordered to feed hot food to Madan. Rajesh says that Devi has done a 360 - " I know that women change after wedding but this is kind of amazing " Chids says that women care only about  there hubby and kids...  Santhosh joins the group chat ...Chithi is busy taking care of mappillai...Bharathy of course sulks...


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Thursday 5th Dec Episode: 293

Part 1:
Devi continuing to order breakfast and lunch according to Madhan's taste, which Sivagami hastens to do, supervised by Devi. Devi also remembers to snidely ask for her part of property. While everyone leaves, Chids sitting and smiling.

Chids and Badri walking on some abandoned stretch of road discussing Devi's behaviour and how marriage with Madhan has changed her!! Chidambaram wishes this to continue and also the couples (B & S and M & D) should be united always. Badri assures that all his dreams will be fulfilled

Part 2:
Madhan and Bharathy met alone in the hall accidentally. Bharathy enquires Madhan abt. his film to which he stammers and replies. Santhosh happens to stumble upon them and thinks maybe Bharathy is finally getting along with Madhan. Oblivious to Santhosh's presence Bharathy starts to speak ill about Madhan and his habit of cheating gullible girls for money. Bharathy says Devi may be a stubborn headed girl but at heart she is an innocent person. Whatever Madhan tries to say falls on deaf ears. Saying all that she has to say, Bharathy leaves while Santhosh is left thinking deeply

Part 3:
Santhosh and Madhan arrive at beach alone. When Madhan enquires why Santhosh has brought him here, Santhosh replies that some things has to be spoken to him personally without anyone interfering. Madhan wondering aloud what could be between him and Santosh. Santhosh throws ice bucket in Madhan's stomach by saying that he wants to know the reason behind Bharathy's antagonism towards him. Madhan speechless and wondering whether Santhosh knows the relationship between him and Bharathy. He starts an autobiograghy about his pathetic lifestyle and how that has changed after meeting Devi. Santhosh reminds him that he wants to hear what is going on between Madhan and Bharathy. He decides to tell everything to Santhosh and Santhosh is all ears.

Dance continues Dancing   

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Janu is back... for friday update

friday update - 7/12/13


Madhan aka kathir talking to Santhosh at  the beach. He tells him that Devi is an angel with two extreme character, hot temper and soft heart. Santhosh ask him to tell about Bar. Madhan stammers to tell him and tell that from Bar perceptive he is criminal and bad guy. He is to blame to everything and Bar is pure good gal. Santhosh ask him whether he knows about Bar. Madhan shocks when Santhosh ask him. Madhan then realise that he almost to spill the beans. Santhosh tell him that they only knows him when he married Devi. Santhosh explain to him that they wanted to conduct Devi marriage very grandly as she os only gal in their family but when he came in suddenly they can't digest it. So everyone were angry with madhan . Eventually everyone start to accept him except Bar. Bar is very concern over Devi that's the reason she is very cold with him. Santhosh asks him not to mistaken his wife as Bar is 100 times better than whatever he said about Devi. Santhosh tells him that he was a Casanova and Bar is the one who change his entire life. Santhosh ask him to understand Bar who can change a person like him with her pure love. He also tells him about Saku drama. She is the one who stand behind him and chase Saku from their house.So he can imagine about her character. He stillcant understand why Bar unable to accept Madhan.  Madhan relieves to think that he never spill the truth about his past affair with Bar. Santhosh also admire Madhan who can change Devi who was the devil of the house previously. He wants him to have the same hope on Devi and Bar. Madhan has a request to Santhosh that he doesn't want Santhosh to talk anything about him to Bar. He is willing to wait until Bar acdepted him into their family. Santhosh very proud of Madhan


At dining hall


Rajesh praises Bar sambar and Devi get erichal. She ask him to taste her food as well before comment. Madhan and Santhosh cames there and Devi asks Madhan where he went and oor suturan with her bro. Santhosh reply , mama machan will have 100 matter to discuss. Nat with erichal asking mama machan so close even until wearing same design tshirt. Bar also erichal at the kitchen. Rajesh intervene and try to make situation calm. Nat is angry with Rajesh. Everyone is asking about Madhan film and both Bar and Madhan uneasy. Devi happily talks to everyone about the filsm dialogue and situation. Rajesh ask her to at least tell them about one particular scene. Devi tells them about Kathir & Bar past love scene. Again Madhan and Bar uneasy. Bar is serving idly to everyone while devi telling them about the scene. Bar forgot to put idly to madhan and devi sees that's. she is very angry and ask Bar to stop. Everyone schock.. thodarum

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Bommalaatam Episode 295, Saturday 07/12/13


Devi continues with the story. Bharathy is giving the food. (What's the word for 'parimaaru'?) Devi stops Bharathy and starts a big argument because Bharathy forgot to put idli' on his plate. Santosh tells her to give idli but she refuses. Santosh leaves after giving an angry look. Devi calls Madhan and they both leave. Rajesh too leaves. Nattu is with his evil smile. Angry


Devi continues to talk bad about Bharathy to Madhan. She says that she is angry with everyone as no-one stopped her. Madhan says that this is not a big deal and tells her to calm down. Madhan tries to make her see Bharathy's views. Madhan tells her to let go of this matter is she wants him to stay. Devi starts crying. Cry Madhan says that Devi should have given him food instead of arguing with Bharathy.  Tongue Devi tells him to change as he is too much of a good person. LOL Madhan tells Devi to change also. LOL


Santosh enters with Bharathy already present. Santosh says that he knows why she got angry; he says that she was reminded of Saku's play after hearing Madhan's story. Confused He says that he didn't get affected at all so she shouldn't have got angry and has forgiven her. Bharathy starts crying that he is not scolding her. Cry Santosh tells her to say sorry to Devi and she accepts. Bharathy rests on Santosh. Wink


Sivagami is angry and not talking to Bharathy. Nattu comes and says that the house is unusually quiet. Angry Sivagami expresses her anger by shouting at Nattu that Devi and Madhan are in their room. Nattu is sad that nothing has started by now. AngryBharathy comes up to Sivagami and tells her gag her anger out. Sivagami says that she is not happy with yesterday. Bharathy apologises. Sivagami says that she is not angry but worried. She says that she was ecstatic when she came home married to Madhan. She says that problems like this make her depressed about Devi and her marital life. She tells Bharathy to not fight with her again as she can only ask Bharathy this and not Devi. Bharathy says that this will never happen and says that she will not let her mother' cry again. Cry


The Dance Continues  DancingParty

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Updates by Nithya

Monday Dec 9th Written updates

Episode 296


Sivagami requests Bharathy not to repeat the mistake again. Bharathy agrees. Sivagami hugs her and give her juice. Nats is highly irritated that his plan of kombu seeving failed. He taunts Sivagami do you know that there is word called anger.. Sivagami coolly says I see it in you 24x7.. Nats storms out fuming.


Bharathy comes to Chids room and apologizes for the unwanted scene she created at the dining table. Chids brushes it off with warning - make sure you don't repeat it. Bharathy says I am worried for Devi. She is taken on a ride by that rogue Kathir, whose only motive is to swindle your property. Chids thiru thiru. Bharathy assures that she will be more composed next time. She wants to apologize to Devi too.  Devi walks in at the same time and taunts Bharathy .. insult my hubby in public and apologize in private that too to my dad. Chids tries to convey that Bharathy has realized her mistake and wants to apologize to Devi too. Devi in no mood to listen. Jumps sky earth.. Yen purushana yaravathu yethavadhu sonnellna.. avlo dhan.. She chases Bharathy out and sternly tells Chids all your demands met.. Married , lived at hubby place.. proved that we are a happy couple. What's stopping you now.. Better give my share and we shall walk out. Chids thinks. Santosh walks in and defends Bharathy . Bharathy reacted that way since the scene you narrated reminded her of Saku. Please don't get her wrong. She has genuine concerns for you. Devi does not care a damn. She scolds Santosh too and storms out.


Lawyer, Badri and Chids meet. Lawyer says Madhan seems to be greedy for the property. Please think over again. Do we transfer the property?  Chids and Badri vouch for Madhan good character. Chids says Madhan is 100 times better person than me. No worries. He is the best choice for my daughter. Please do the necessary paper work to hand over the property. Lawyer agrees with a disclaimer and walks off. Badri wonders if Kathir the manasathan will accept the property. Chids is confident that Devi will make him agree. Chids says by transferring the property on Madhan's name.. Madhan will stick around with Devi till he hands over the property to her. I am sure in that in that due course he will fall for Devi. Badri skeptical but Chids is confident.




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Tuesday  10 . 12 . 13 Episode No 297

The whole family is waiting for the arrival of the lawyer. The sweating happens . Bharathy sweats that Madan will benefit by all this , Nats frets as if he is doling out HIS money. Bharathy expresses her concern about Devi getting a raw deal and Santhosh consoles that his father would take care. "he wrote all my share in your name and now we are fine right? Dad knows what he is doing " Nats draws Devi aside and warns her that the moment she gets the property she should say bye bye to Madan Devi just laughs it off.

Well , the lawyer comes and  the clan comes to know that Madan is the sole beneficiary. Roja skips the details of the will - suffice to say that the will has just too many riders to take care of Devi. The whole clan is shocked , Badri is shivering and Chids announces that he only needs to know what Devi thinks. Devi is elated - says that only Madan matters to her and money means nothing " in fact I am wondering as to why I did not think about this option " Nats is fuming and openly blames darling bro for jeopardizing Devi's life "people become crazy when they see 1000 rs and now you offered that guy crores and crores? " Badri says that Chids knows what he is doing - general chaos . Madan is missing. The clan is so engrossed in money that no one notices Madan's sudden disappearance.

Madan comes out of the room - with his bag. Tells the clan that their money can not buy him. Tells devi that he does not blame her "as far as this issue is concerned, I know that you are equally surprised . This is the work of that business man. He thinks that he can buy me with money. he thinks that he is throwing a bait so that I will make you happy. Well, for once he is wrong. No one buys me with money or tries to change me for money . I will not stay here , I am going back to my palace " The clan is stunned and the selfish Chids knows that he is beaten (serves you right old man , your are incorrigible !!) Devi cries and runs behind Madan who is unstoppable ( yeah sure, you can not be insulted more, eh? ) Chids stops his daughter and tells her that only she can bring around Madan "you can do it, only you can" - leaves his daughter crying outside the house (che thoo, neeyellam Oru manushan?/ Appa? )


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