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Bani's Love Story-THE END, it's finished!

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Part 1:


Bani woke up as sunlight hit her face. She didn't want to wake up. She was dreaming that she was lying down spending all her time with Jai while they cuddled.She was enjoying this. When she opened her eyes, she realized that it wasn't a dream, but the reality.  She smiled to herself, as she realized Jai's hand was draped over her, hugging her tightly, therefore making it impossible to get up. She didn't want to wake Jai up nor did she want to leave this position, as she felt safe and warm in Jai's arms. Smiling to herself, she lay back down, and turned her face away from jai, leaving him to hug her up and sleep. Suddenly Jai stirred, realized that he was holding on to Bani, and slowly moved his hand; trying not to wake his sleeping beauty (he thought she was still asleep). He looked at her, smiling to himself as he gently tried to remove his hand from over her. Bani felt Jai's movement and turned to face him. "Good morning, Mr. Walia" she said, as she was face to face with him. Both were inches from each others faces. "Good morning Bani" Jai said. He smiled at her, and looked at his hands. Bani looked too, realizing she was holding on to them still. She blushed and released his hands. Jai got up and walked to the bathroom, he had to get to work and was already making late.
 Bani got up and got Jai's clothes out of the closet for him and laid it out on the bed, he picked it up, thanking her very much, and made his way to the bathroom. Bani then got his other important stuff and laid it out on the bed and dresser for him. As Jai walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready for work, he asked "Bani, my watch?" he asked, looking about for his watch. He looked at Bani. She smiled and pointed to the dresser. Laughing, he went and got the watch. He would be so lost without Bani in his life. "And my fi--" he looked at Bani; she had already pointed on the bed. Laughing again and thanking her, he picked up the files and made his way over to Bani; who was sitting on her side of the bed, watching him. She got up as he approached. "Thank you very much Bani, without you, I'd be..."  "Yes yes Mr. Walia, please don't thank me so much, it is my duty to take care of you" Bani said looking down and blushing. "No, I will always thank you Bani, without you my life would be a complete mess" he said with a smile, looking down at her she looked up, saw him looking and blushed and looked down again.
 "Ahem, morning munna, Bani beti." said masi standing by the door. She had come to see if Jai had woken as it was getting late for him to arrive at work. Bani and Jai looked up, "Namaste masi" said Jai and Bani in unison. They looked at each other and was about to have a staring moment when they heard masi's giggles. They broke out of their trance and looked to masi. Jai blushed and said goodbye to bani and masi, and left for work. Bani bent her head, blushing, and masi came into the room. "Bani beti, how are you?" said masi sitting next to her. "Mai teekh hoon masi, aur tum?" she asked masi. "I'm fine beti, would you please get dressed I would like to go for a walk with you" said masi to Bani. Bani nodded and went to the bathroom as masi left, to get ready.
Jai's Office:
Jai kept picking up his phone, dialing Bani's number, and hanging up. He wanted to take her out for lunch, as he was missing her a lot lately. He wasn't concentrating on his work at all that day. His mind kept running off to his wife. He pictured her, smiling and merry, working about the house, trying to do at least 500 hundred things before the day ended. There was a knock on the door and Aditya, Jai's best friend walked into the room. "Hey Jai, what's on your mind?" asked Adi, seeing Jai with a funny smile on his face, staring into wonderland, his phone in his hand. "Ahh, Aditya mere dost. "Kuch nahi, kuch nahi." Jai said, breaking out of his trance and looking at Adi. "Jai old buddy, it's me, your best friend! I know you, you're thinking about Bani bhabi aren't you?" he asked. He guessed he was correct, as a wide smile spread across Jai's face at the mention of his wife's name. "Yes Adi, you know me too well. I want to take Bani to lunch, but I don't know how to call and ask" Jai confessed. Adi looked at him and laughed, "Jai, jai, jai. She's tumhara patni!! Just call and ask! I'll leave you alone now. Call her!" Adi said laughing, and walked out of the office. Jai laughed, thinking of how wonderful a friend Aditya was. He built up his courage again and dialed Bani's mobile number.

Walia Mansion
 "Sare jahan se acha, Hindu sitar hamara hamara sare jahan se acha" Bani's phone started ringing while she and masi made their way down the front steps,(they were headed out for their walk) "Ek minute masi" Bani asked, and she looked down at her mobile. She saw Jai's cell number and, with a smile on her face, answered. "Namaste Mr. Walia!" said a happy Bani. Masi noted the happiness in her voice and turned to give Bani some privacy. "Hello Bani. Uhh Bani…?" "Haan, Mr Walia? What is it?" Bani asked. "Bani...are you busy around 11:30-ish?"  "I'm not sure Mr. Walia… It's 10:30, I'm going for a walk with masi now, but I will try to be available for you. What would you like me to do?" Bani asked shyly. "Bani, I'd like to take you to lunch, can you be ready for 11:30?" "Ji Mr. walia, I'll be ready. Shall I meet you at the office?" she enquired. "Nahi Bani, I'll pick you up" "Ji Mr Walia" she hung up the phone and smiled. Then she cheerily made her way down the stairs to meet masi. "Masi, Mr Walia has asked me to lunch, is it alright if we cancel the walk. He'll be coming in about an hour" Bani told masi. "Haan beti, you go get ready! I'll ask dadi to go for a walk" said masi, and they both made their way back into the house.
Bani went straight up to her room to get ready. With an extra burst of energy, Bani opened her closet and took out one of her best saris. She chose a beautiful light pink sari, with silver embroidery. She then got all of her jewelry out and picked out the best she had. She really wanted to impress Mr. Walia. Smiling, she put on her bangles and then the pair Jai had given her. She looked gorgeous!




Part 2: 

Hour later, at a 7 star restaurant:

 "Bani did I tell you how beautiful you look?" said Jai to Bani as they sat opposite each other at the restaurant, awaiting their lunch. Bani blushed, "Yes Mr. Walia, five times" Bani replied blushing and looking away. Jai giggled at his childish behavior and Bani just sat there bushing. They were seated at the back of the restaurant. They had the perfect view of the large garden setting behind the restaurant and the beautiful sea not too far away. Bani stared at the sea and beautiful garden in awe. Jai just looked at her and smiled, amazed at how the simple things in life caught his wife's attention. "Your food is served" said a waiter, dressed in a black tux. "Thank you" both said to the waiter and took their lunch. They ate in dead silence. Jai wanted to talk to Bani, but couldn't find his voice, as every time he thought of talking to her, or even thought about her, he would get nervous and fidgety, not a usual for JAI WALIA. Bani also noticed the silence, and so she decided to break it. "How was work today, Mr Walia?" she asked, looking at him. As Jai looked up to reply, he saw her face glowing like the sun itself. He noticed her beautiful smile, her silky hair, the way she spoke, and was lost in one of his day dreams of his wife's beauty. "Mr Walia… Mr Walia…Mr Waaaliiaa?" Bani called out softly. She had looked up when Jai didn't reply, and realized he was staring at her, with a huge smile and a dazed expression. Jai had known his wife had asked him something about work, but was too lost in Bani- Wonderland to answer. Bani tried calling out to him, but he wouldn't respond. Finally she placed her hand on top of his, to nudge him. As their hands met, Bani felt a warm sensation in her body, and felt tingly inside. It seemed Jai had felt it too, as he jumped and shook his head. "Um, it was alright I guess." Jai responded, glancing at the table where Bani held his hand. Bani noticed his glance and made to move her hand. However Jai didn't want her to move her hand. As she lifted her hand, he grabbed it back and put it back the way it was. Bani looked into Jai's eyes as he did this. She felt a surge of love shoot out to him. However she was a bit scared, and so she said "Mr Walia, if you don't give me my hand, then how can we eat this delicious lunch you brought me for? And if we don't hurry, won't you be late for work?" Bani said, making an excuse to let go of his grip. Nodding he released and they ate their lunch, occasionally looking up at each other and smiling.

Half an hour later, they were done. As they got up to leave, Jai looked at Bani, "Bani that was one of the best lunches ever. I'm so glad you decided to come with me." Jai told her, looking down on her from his great height. "Mr Walia, it was my pleasure coming here with you. But um- you, you got a little--" Bani replied, pointing to his face where a little bit of curry sauce had stuck. Jai swiped at his face but missed every time. "Here, let me…" Bani said. She got up, took a napkin, and wiped gently at the curry spot. Jai held her hand at his face enjoying that moment. Without thinking, he leaned down and hugged Bani. Bani, shocked by his action, did the first thing that came to mind, she hugged back, resting her head on his chest and hugging him round his waist!(Jiya dhadak dhadak starts playing) They stood there hugging for what seemed like an eternity, both feeling safe, warm and loved in each other's arms. Finally, Bani returned to reality and, a bit scared, she released Jai. She did not like to be "lovey- dovey" in public much. "Shall we leave now?" Bani asked timidly. Jai nodded and made to lead out of the restaurant. However, someone else had a different plan, someone who hated the thought and site of Jai Walia being married to Bani (Dixit) Walia. That someone decided to make a move to disturb the JB peace.




Part 3:


 Roshni Chopra, Jai's ex "flame" made her way out from behind a table in the corner and blocked Jai's path. "Hello, Jai" said Roshni, touching Jai's chest. "Bani" she screwed her face up and flipped her hair in typical Roshni Chopra style. Jai got angry immediately and held on to Bani's hand. Bani had already bent her head, her happiness fading away instantly. "Ji Roshni?" snarled Jai.

"Oh Jai, can't I just say hi to a friend?" asked Roshni, flirtatiously. "Look I don't have time for your stupidness" retorted Jai, gripping on to Bani's hand and slightly dragging her away from Roshni's path. Roshni, not taking a hint as always, followed the couple. "Don't you have to get back to work Jai?" enquired Roshni with mock interest. "Nahi Roshni, nahi. I'm going home with Bani, mere PATNI, to spend time with her!" Jai informed her. He spoke in a venomous whisper, as he was grinding his teeth and biting his tongue from shouting and screaming at Roshni. Both Roshni and Bani were shocked to hear his response. Both were taken aback and stared at him disbelievingly. "Teekh hai" Roshni snapped and she turned, flicked her hair, and walked off with some man.
 "Challo Bani" said Jai, holding on to his wife's hand and carrying her to the car. He opened the door for her and buckled her in. Then got into the driver's seat and took off. He decided that he needed to cool down a bit before going home as masi and dadi would worry why he looked hot tempered. "Bani, I need to cool down before we go home, do you mind if we take a drive along the sea?" asked Jai kindly. Bani nodded, as she knew even the mention of Roshni sky-rocketed Jai's very short temper. "Thank you Bani" he said turning the car in the direction of the sea. As Jai cooled down, he realized Bani was looking troubled. "What is it Bani? Kyaa hoo aan?" he asked gently. Bani jumped, as she didn't realize Mr Walia was paying attention to her. "Kuch nahi Mr Walia…It's nothing" she mumbled. "What is it Bani? There must be something to keep you from smiling!" he laughed. Bani smiled at his concern. "Well, actually Mr Walia, I don't really feel comfortable around Roshniji and she is always popping up wherever you are." Bani said, looking at him through the corner of her eyes. "Bani please don't let Roshni bother you. She really has nothing to do with herself. I have no feelings and intentions for her. Please don't let Roshni be the cause of your unhappiness…" Jai pleaded, then looked at Bani and whispered, "When you're sad, I'm sad. Please Bani, don't be sad" Bani looked up at him, smiling brightly. "Ji Mr. Walia" Bani agreed.

A half hour later, the Walias pulled up into their home and made to go inside. "You're really staying home Mr Walia? Weren't you just saying that to stop Roshni?" Bani asked puzzled. "Nahi Bani, I meant it. I'm staying home with you today" Jai winked. Bani smiled, very pleased with today's events. Both got out of the car and went into the house.
 "Bani beti, is that you?" asked masi as she made her way downstairs. "Jai, what are you doing home? Is something wrong?!" asked masi, growing quite concerned. "Nahi masi, I've just decided to spend the rest of my day with Bani," Jai answered. He giggled and then added, in a very audible whisper, "I missed her too much today" and then winked at masi. Bani blushed and bent her head. "Ahh, I see munna. Well, go on. Call if you need anything beti" masi said and she walked off into the kitchen, probably running off to tell dadi what she just heard. Jai laughed and took Bani up to their room.
 "Would you like to watch a movie Bani?" asked Jai. They had changed into casual clothes and were lying on their bed. "Ji Mr Walia, can we see something good? Like, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna?" Bani suggested. Jai nodded and put on the movie. They lay down watching the movie together, but in their own sides of the bed.

An hour later, a tired Bani fell asleep and unconsciously rolled onto Jai's side of the bed. She draped herself over him in her sleep and squeezed him tightly. Jai noticed this, and didn't bother to move her. He quite enjoyed Bani's hugs. A while later Jai dozed off and left the movie playing. Both were now sleeping and wrapped around each other. Jai of course, knew he was gonna hug Bani before he fell asleep, however Bani had no idea what was going on!




Part 4:

Bani woke up at 5:30 am. She felt herself pressed into something warm and comfy, and felt two strong arms caressing her back. She looked up and saw Jai's sleeping face. She took note of everything going on. Jai was hugging her into his chest and her hands were around him and his head was slightly resting on top of hers. "Mr Walia, good morning Mr Walia" Bani cooed softly into his ear. Jai groaned and blinked his eyes open. "Good morning Bani" he replied sleepily. It had not caught his attention that he and Bani were entwined with each. "Mr Walia, you have to get up! You have a very important meeting today, with DreamWorks Associates." Bani reminded him. She was in no place to indicate that Jai was holding on to her, in fact she secretly liked it! "Oh shit! What time is it Bani?" Jai groaned. He shook his head and looked at the clock on Bani's night table. Then he acknowledged him and Bani. Awkwardly he released her and got up to stretch. With a little sad expression, Bani to arose and got Jai's work suit for him, and got all of his other little stuff for him.

At the office:

Jai sat in a meeting with the heads of DreamWorks associates. He was disturbed a lot because he didn't want to leave Bani's arms this morning. He was having a lot of trouble paying attention to these people but he had to try. Finally the meeting was over. The Walia Group of Companies had just got another promising work plan. I t was lunch time. Jai was about to call for take out lunch when his cell rang. It was Bani. "Hello Mr Walia!" said a very peppy Bani "Hello Baneee!" said Jai, stretching her name till he was completely satisfied. Bani giggled and told him she was bringing home made lunch for him. Jai agreed and hung up. Humming happily he sat waiting for Bani. He called up his secretary and told her not to let anyone in and informed her that Bani was coming to have lunch. While waiting, his door banged open. In came a huffy Roshni. "What the---" Jai yelled out loud. Startled he jumped off his chair. Roshni marched over to his desk. "Jai Walia, How dare you insult me in public like that? How dare you walk out on Roshni Chopra?! Especially for that, that, that little girl?!" screeched Roshni. She was livid. "I was with my wife. I have no reason to spend time with you. You are of no use to me!" replied Jai coolly. Roshni fumed! Then as if she had just encountered and epiphany, she smiled and said "Jai Jai Jai, I know you don't really want to be with Bani. We all know you are just with her because she is not as educated as we business women are. And you don't want someone who is equally smart to get involved with your work affairs. Come on Jai, just admit it. What would Jai Walia want with an ordinary girl? Huh? Tell me Jai." She taunted.
At that same moment, Bani had reached the office door, which was left slightly open. She stopped dead when she heard a woman's voice, more so when she heard what was being said about her.

"Roshni, it's not that. I really do care for Bani. I have no need to explain to you" retorted Jai. However that just fueled Roshni's rage and she started insulting Bani. Jai was not saying a thing to defend Bani's honor! Shocked and hurt, bani dropped the parcel in her hand and raced out of the office and to her car waiting in front. Jai who had just realized someone was at the door, shut Roshni up and made his way over to the door. He saw a parcel with food spilling out and immediately Bani came to mind! "Shit shit shit! Harray Bhagvan! My Baneee!!!" he screamed. He had completely forgotten that Bani was on her way to the office. Then it struck him that Bani had probably over heard the entire conversation. He started yelling at Roshni, who now seemed pleased. With that she just walked out of the office, leaving Jai in the mess she created. Fuming Jai raced out of the office and into his car and followed Bani to their house.



Part 5:

Walia Mansion:

Bani, tears in her eyes, burst into the house and ran up to her room and headed straight to the huge glass windows in their room. She hugged herself as she heard everything Roshni had said echoing over and over in her head. She clasped her ears and cried, thinking that just yesterday Mr Walia was defending her and today he was just letting Roshni insult her left right and centre. Weeping so loudly, she had not noticed when Jai came into the room. He saw Bani standing and trembling by the windows. Slowly he walked to her, everything that had happened replaying in his head. Slowly and quietly he approached Bani's frail body. "Bani" he whispered. Bani tilted her head a bit, not facing Jai. "Bani" he called out again. She still didn't respond. He reached her now, and placed his hands on her shoulders. Bani nudged them off. "Bani please, please tell me what's wrong!" pleaded Jai. Bani turned to him in one swift movement. How did he dare ask her that?! "Nothing Mr Walia, just- just leave me- leave me alone!" she shouted at him. Shocked at Bani's behavior, Jai tried holding her but again she shook him off. She swiped at the tears in her eyes. With the bit of courage anger brought her she yelled at Jai, "Go Mr Walia, go back to her!" Jai stopped completely, Bani's words echoing loudly in his ears! Shocked out of his wits Jai tried to hold her and talk to her. He tried once more to hold her. "Mr Walia!" she screamed and cried as Jai tried to hold her he tried again to hold her and again she started screaming his name until "JAI!" she shouted ( jai's name is now echoing). With that, both became still and quiet. Jai held her wrists and stared at her. This was the first time she EVER called him by his first name, ever! With that, he felt such a sudden guilt for not defending her when Roshni was insulting her, he realized how much he hurt her by allowing Roshni to say such things and he also realized there and then how much he loved her. Staring into her eyes as she cried openly he pulled her into his arms. There they stood hugging tightly, Bani crying into Jai's chest, realizing how she over-reacted, but how much she loved this man, who was letting another woman insult her, whereas Jai was thinking of how sorry he was. (Jiya dhadak dhadak slowly starts up as they are hugging) Masi and Dadi heard the shouting and yelling and raced up to the room to see what was happening. Before they could say anything, they heard Bani finally say Jai's name, and saw the pair hugging. Neither bani nor Jai had noticed Masi and Dadi by the door. (Tujhe dekh dekh sona, tujhe dekh kar hain jagna) Jai however still lost in his love for his wife, kissed her forehead. (Maine yeh zindagani sang tere bitaani tujhmein basi hain meri jaan haai)Then he kissed her cheek. (Jiya dhadak dhadak-3 jaaye)  Slowly moving down her neck, then her lingered by her lips. (kabse hai dil mein mere armaan kai ankahe-2)Bani, who felt a burning passion inside of her, tilted her head forward and kissed Jai passionately on the lips, letting him know how much she loved and cared for him. (Inko tu sunle aaja chaahat ke rang chadha jaa-2)Jai returned this passionate kiss. He had wanted to do this so badly! (Kehna Kabhi to mera maan haai)Squeezing her closely into his chest he fueled her passion. (Jiya dhadak dhadak – 3 jaayen)With a bit of a force, he pushed her back onto the closet and jammed her against it, still kissing her mind you but caressing her back waist etc all the while. He refused to let her leave him. Bani also felt his passion; his yearning to be with her. She wanted to please him so badly. This is her husband after all *wink*. However, fate didn't think this was just the right moment for too much pleasure.




Part 6:

JB room:

Bani and Jai suddenly sprang apart. They heard some squeals and whispers and giggles coming from the doorway. Looking up, they saw masi, dadi Rano and Sahil looking on. All were shushed to silence at what they had seen. When masi and dadi had reached the door, they were about to stop Jai and Bani's fight until they heard Bani scream his first name. Rano and Sahil had apparently heard the commotion too, and came to see what was happening. All however were stopped in their tracks when they witnessed Jai and Bani's first "connection" as pati patni. Then when they saw Jai push Bani back against the closet and kiss her continuously the group couldn't help their squeals of delight! Jai and Bani looked at the doorway. There they saw the four family members looking at them with huge sheepish grins on their face. Bani looked down, slightly ashamed of herself for getting carried away and leaving the door open, but blushing like mad all the same. Her face was as red as a tomato! Jai however looked straight into everyone face with an expression saying something like "OMG-why-did-you-have-to-stay-and-watch-but-oh-well-she-is-m y-wife-and-we-are-allowed-but-I'm-still-embarassed" "Um, yes?" asked Jai innocently, pulling Bani into a hug as she hid her face in his chest, and looking at the others at the door. "Did you all happen to want something at the same time?" he tried to ask in a cool manner, however there was a faint blush creeping into his cheeks. Both he and Bani knew they were caught! Laughing loudly Sahil and Rano shook their heads and left whereas masi and dadi replied "It took you long enough Bani beti" and left laughing their old little heads off. (Hehehehe, aaaaaawww!!)  Now fate had decided it was a good enough time for pleasure.

 As everyone left, Bani looked up shyly to Mr Walia. Blushing a lot but smiling broadly, she traced her lips where Jai had kissed her. Jai looked down at her, saw her touching the spots where his lips had touched her, and he couldn't help himself! He swooped in on her and, like a lion being unleashed; he kissed his wife ever so passionately. (Jiya dhadak dhadak-3 jaaye) Bani were a bit taken a back as she was caught off guard. She also wasn't expecting Jai to try anything with her after they were caught the first time! However all her troubles worries and doubts aside she held Jai's face and kissed him back. Bani felt Jai lean a bit and not wanting to stop him from doing whatever he wished at that moment, Bani let him lift her up and rest her down on the bed. Looking at him, she slightly nodded, indicating in some lover's way that she was ready if he was. ------------------

I'll leave your happy little minds to carry on with what happened next, I'm sure you're all happy to see your precious Bani happy! *wink*



Part 7:

Jai awoke first this morning. He had called in at the office last night and left a message informing his secretary that he would not be attending work today. He watched Bani stir awake and saw her smile at him. He was thinking of how sexy she was looking right at that moment, wearing his white shirt, which looked huge on her but sexy all the same. He was propped on one hand admiring her. It was 5:45. Bani sat upright and looked at Jai. Before she could say a word, he held his hand out to her. Bani looked at it quizzically but jai nudged his hand toward her and trusting him she took it. He led her out to their balcony and stood behind her, hugging her from behind and swaying from side to side, resting his head on her shoulders. Bani leant back a bit on him. "How sweet" she thought. Jai had brought Bani out to watch the sunrise with her. They stood like this till the sun had completely risen in the sky and then went back to their room. Bani sat on Jai's side of the bed while Jai sat on Bani's side of the bed. Both were reliving last night in their minds. "For that moment, I was one, mind and body, with my husband. I felt his love and returned it" Bani thought. She looked up at him, wondering what he was going to say. They had to talk about it eventually. "Bani?" Jai called uncertainly. "Ji Mr Walia?" said Bani, looking directly into his muddy brown eyes. "Bani, last night, that was…Wow" he whispered as he went into flashback mode. Smiling brightly and blushing, Bani replied "Wow to you too Mr Walia". He smiled at her. He knew this was her first time. He was a bit shocked that this was her first time, as she seemed a bit experienced, but was re-assured it was her first time. Both blushed a lot, and then Bani got out Jai's belongings and her stuff and set it out on the bed. She couldn't talk about that anymore. She thought enough was said and understood. Jai, taking a hint, took his stuff and went to the bathroom to shower and dress.

 As Bani sat patiently waiting for Jai to finish, there was a bang on the door and in burst a drunken looking Roshni.



Part 8:


"Roshni?!" a startled Bani cried out loud. What the bloody hell was Roshni doing in their bedroom this early in the morning?! "Bani, Bani, Bani, Bani! Where's Jai?" she asked, looking around drunkenly for Jai. Jai heard Roshni's voice as he finished dressing. He stormed out of the bathroom and saw Bani (still wearing white shirt alone) standing up in front of Roshni who was looking tipsy, her eyes bloodshot. Jai marched over to Bani's side. He snarled and was about to say something when--
 "Get the bloody hell out!" yelled Bani in a new found rage. "Who the hell do you think you are coming into our room like this at this time of day…or any time at all?!" Bani yelled at Roshni. This time it was Roshni and Jai who were taken aback. Both were shocked to hear tiny timid Bani yelling at anyone, except Jai maybe. "Kyaa?" asked Roshni. "Hello Jai, hmm what went on here?" she said, looking at the messy bed, Bani in Jai's white shirt and Jai standing behind Bani and holding on to her from the back. "You heard her Roshni, get the hell out! Security! Tony! Tony, get the guards to take Ms. Chopra out of this compound!" demanded Jai. Roshni screwed up her face at the noise. She waved her hand to dismiss the noise and made to sit on the bed. However, Jai put out his hand and stopped her from moving any further into the room. "What's wrong Jai? Can't see me in your bed anymore?" she said slyly, eyeing Bani with an evil grin on her face. Bani looked up at Jai when Roshni said this. "Can't see me in your bed AGAIN Jai?" "We NEVER went to bed with each other Roshni" growled Jai. "hmmm… well even so, why is she dressed like that? Shameless bi--"
SLAP! Bani knew what Roshni was about to say, so did Jai. Both raised their hands automatically  and hit Roshni one solid slap. A slap she deserved! Roshni turned flaming red! She touched her face where Bani's and Jai's hands had made contact with it. Screaming Roshni charged at Bani. Bani ducked into Jai's arms, her only safe place. Jai raised his hand as Roshni approached. She watched as Jai prepared to slap her for Bani. This raised her anger to above control level. "AAAAHHHH how dare you defend that, that.." she screamed, lost for what to call Bani. "CHUP! Bas Roshni! This is my WIFE! How dare you talk like this to her, and raise your hand for her in her own house?!" roared Jai. Bani glanced at Jai, her eyes glittering with tears after being referred to as a degrading woman, yet she was thankful that Jai cared for her so much. His words lingered in the air "her house". "Roshni should be the last person calling someone a bi***" she thought bitterly. Then she shook her head, reminding herself that this was not Bani. She closed her eyes and prayed to God that Roshni could control herself before things got out of hand. She let go of Jai. Turning towards Roshni, she said, trying to control her voice from rising "Roshniji, please, please get out of my house! Leave my husband alone! Don't you dare ever, EVER, come back here! Please Roshni, stop embarrassing yourself. You're not in your right mind. Let Mr. Mehta take you home. Get some rest."
 Jai looked at Bani in amazement at how quickly she controlled herself. Just then, Tony and the security ran up the stairs and masi, dadi, Rano, Sahil, Jiggy Jigs, Aditya and Ranveer came to the room door. They all saw Roshni being taken away by the security, cursing and swearing to take revenge on Bani and Jai, Jai hugging Bani, Bani in a jai's shirt alone instead of her usual sari and the pillows and the bed sheets ruffled and unusually messy. They all looked questioningly at Roshni and then turned to Jai and Bani for an explanation. Bani ran to the bathroom as she realized she was only wearing a shirt, white at that too, and she knew that would raise a lot of questions she was unwilling to answer. Jai then led everyone downstairs and explained what had just happened.



Part 9:


 Bani came down a while later. She was dressed in a red and yellow sari, looking simple but cute. Jai watched her come downstairs. As she arrived and said her good mornings the family made their way to the dining table to have breakfast together. Jai sat at the head of the table and Bani sat on his right. He lovingly took out her food for her, looking at her with a smile on his face, more of a childish grin. Bani returned the smile, blushing a bit. The family noticed the communication between the two. Masi, Dadi and Adi smiled approvingly, jigs and Ranveer exchanged looks of disgust, Rano and Sahil smiled at each other. "So…" said masi, looking at Jai and Bani. They looked up at her. "How are you now Bani beti?" asked masi. She was concerned about Bani, due to the early morning happenings. "I'm fine masi, don't worry" Bani reassured. Masi nodded. Everyone was exchanging all of these funny looks. Bani knew they all wanted to know why she was in Jai's shirt instead of her usual sari. She knew masi and dadi and Rano were dying to ask her, and maybe Aditya was shooting that questioning look at Jai too. Bani decided there and then to avoid them today. As they finished breakfast, Bani followed the servants into the kitchen. She was already looking for something to do for the day. Jai followed her into the kitchen. "Baneee! What are you doing?!" whined Jai. He hadn't stayed at home to watch his wife run around the house and do a million and one things. "I'm helping them Mr Walia, I always do." She indicated to the helpers. They all nodded in agreement with her. "Well, not today ok? Today, we can go on a picnic or a visit to the beach or something other than stay in the house" begged Jai. Bani looked at him. Somehow she seemed a bit flushed today. And yet she was a little more energetic. He was begging like a kid. "What is it Mr Walia?" she asked, when she saw Jai staring at her. "Bani, are you feeling alright? You look a bit flushed" Jai asked. He was really concerned about her. She put her hand up to her forehead. Her skin felt a bit clammy, but she knew she was feeling great! She had an extra pep in her step somehow. Something had triggered a new part of Bani, and I think we all do as well as Bani and Jai knew what that was. Jai walked up to her and felt her head. "Hmm Mrs. Walia, I think you need some bed rest!" Jai said, winking at her. She looked up at him, and saw a naughty grin on his face. Jai came from behind her, and swept her up into his arms. "Mr Walia…" she breathed. "Haan Bani?" replied Jai, acting like if nothing was going on. He made his way back to the stairs. "Waiiiit!" Bani giggled. Jai looked down at his wife inquisitively. "Check and see if anyone is in there" she said jerking her thumb to the dinging room. Jai signaled to one of the kitchen staff to peep and see if the coast was clear. Getting the thumbs up, Jai carried Bani up the stairs and in their room. He tossed her onto the bed and then rolled in next to her. He stretched out and looked at her. She had pulled the covers over her head, probably hiding her blushes. Jai, before going under the covers to find tiny Bani, got up and locked their door, just in case. Then he crawled back in next to Bani. He lifted the covers and saw Bani. He started tickling her and the poor girl screamed with delight. She had tickles everywhere! They laughed and laughed until they rolled up into each other. Bani looked to see where she was, as she got confused after laughing so hard and rolling about. She saw Jai's chest. Slowly looking up, she realized that she was on top of Mr Walia! (no not what you pervs are thinking) She got quiet, so did Jai. They stared into each other's eyes. Bani was thanking God for blessing her with this man, whom she loved so much, and who loved her back, Jai thanking God for showing him that not everything was wrong in this world, and not everyone was evil and ill-minded. Bani, out of breath, stopped staring at Jai and rest her head down on his chest, listening to his heart beat. It had increased and was beating very fast. Jai was stroking Bani's hair, enjoying their new hugging position. "Bani?"  Jai said, huskily. She lifted her head to look at him. "Haan Mr Walia?" she asked concernedly. "I love you" he said. (Jiya dhadak dhadak jaaye) The world seemed to stop, as Bani took in these words. She stared into his eyes; saw that he looked a bit scared, but she could tell her meant it. She stretched herself up a bit, and------



Part 10:



Stretching herself up a bit, Bani kissed Mr Walia. She kissed him from her heart. Letting all her emotions run through this kiss. When she pulled away, "I love you too…Jai" she said. She closed her eyes and absorbed the moment. She rested her head back onto Jai's chest. Listening to his hyper heart beat. What Bani did, and said, hit Jai like a train. Not only did she kiss him with raw passion, she confirmed her love for him and called him by his first name, something she could not do since they got married, except for that time in her anger. Jai wrapped his arms tightly around Bani, kissing the top of her head, enjoying this beautiful moment. Bani knew that this would change something, if not everything between them. She knew she was not going to call Mr Walia by his first name in public; however she's probably think about it when they were alone. She wondered how much things were gonna change, and if things would be easier between them. After an eternity, she looked into Jai's eyes. "Bani, I love you so much! I've been wanting to tell you this for ages! But I couldn't find the right moment. And I wasn't sure if you loved me too" confessed Jai. Bani smiled and in turn told him how badly she wanted to tell him the same thing and she wasn't sure how he felt about her, what with Roshni back in their lives.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Jai's Office:

Jai sat thinking of the last few days he had spent with his wife. He had flashbacks of everything that had happened and now he was concerned about his wife. He wasn't sure how much damage he caused her. Jai didn't have the guts to talk to Bani about it, he was too afraid. Jai sat in amazement at how much impact this "little girl" (using this term widely) had on him. She was like a new life, a new chance to make things different for him. He laughed as he thought about the many times he saw her happily singing and working about the house, doing little funny things to make herself and everyone laugh and stay entertained. She was so free around everyone, yet so very shy and reserved near him. He had never quite met someone like her, and was grateful that he got this blessing from God. He was very thankful for all the unfortunate events which led to this great experience in his life. He was truly sorry he treated Bani badly at the beginning of their marriage. He decided that he would make up for it. He called up Aditya and told him what he had on his mind. Adi congratulated Jai on his switch-over and agreed to assist him in carrying out his plans. Jai, however, couldn't get started on his miraculous plan just yet, as he had missed a few days of work and had a lot to do! He made a mental note to catch up with Aditya, Pia, Rano and Pushkar later that evening to fully run through the plans.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~'



Part 11:

Walia's Guest House:



 "Hello Pia didi? Rano here, we need you to come over to the mansion ASAP! Don't let Bani di know, ok? Be sneaky, don't get caught! We're all meeting in the Walia's guest house!" Rano told a confused Pia. The most Pia had time to do was to say, "what?!" and then she and Pushkar

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wow read the all the parts
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please continue soon
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THANKS! lol, i'm working on the rest presently.. lol trying to make it as entertaining as possible, because the beginning was a bit, lame lol
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too much to read at once should post parts one by one loll it's too overwhelming to read that much at once!!! and what's a turn off is most FF's are all same or have same base so yea.....
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plz cont soon,its awesome part.
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Clap   Clap.
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wait if they r already married so y is he going to propase...am so confused Confused Confused
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