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NOV 16TH - NOV 30TH 2013 WU

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Sourya asks Bharadwajs to leave and wedding will surely happen. Sonia comes rushing there and says this marriage can't happen. Everyone is shocked. Sourya and Meghna seeing Sonia and Bharadwajs seeing new Roli's avatar. Sourya checks the bride and is shocked to find Janvi. He tells her, I had warned you not to come closer to me, then what did you come to take? Meghna is too surprised and asks Janvi how she can marry Sourya like this by taking advantage of Sonia. She goes on saying that Janvi and her family are no match to her and Sonia's status. She asks Janvi to apologise and leave. Janvi says, I won't go anywhere today. Meghna says until now I was talking politely because of all the guests here, but seems like you and your family don't deserve it. Meghna tells Sonia, I am sure she threatened you and took your place and came to the mandap. Your one statement and she will be arrested. Sourya says not only her, her whole family is involved in this plan. Meghna tells Sonia not to be afraid from Bharadwajs as they have no status in front of them.

Roli recalls her and Mausiji's conversation with Janvi when they asked her to concentrate on their plan and Janvi agreeing to that. Later when Roli goes out to clean her dress, Janvi is shown getting ready as the bride and saying, sorry Roli bhabhi but I will have to listen to my heart. She then locks the room and leaves. Roli screams for the help, but no one is around. Outside, marriage is going on. Inside, Roli says she won't let Janvi do this mistake and tries to open the door. Sourya and Janvi start the 5th phera and Roli somehow manages to open the door and rushes out.

Meghna is disgusted at Janvi and her family's act. Prem shouts at her, but Meghna shuts him up. She then tells Sonia that Janvi was behind Sourya and he refused for the marriage, but she still didn't go away from his life. Janvi says, don't lie.. I have married Sourya already and that too with his choice, and today, here I am here to ask my rights. Sourya says Janvi is lying and asks her why she is blaming him for no reason. He grabs her hand and drags her outside. Sid and Prem come in their way and ask him to leave Janvi's hand. Sonia/Roli says Janvi won't go anywhere. Meghna is surprised.

She tells Sonia not to stop Janvi and says bad about Janvi. Before she says more, Sonia says, I know everything very well. Meghan says, some people can go to any level for money and wealth and Bharadwajs is one of those families. Meghna continues insulting Bharadwajs. Roli can't take it anymore and she shouts, enough! You won't say a single word more now because I am also part of this family. Meghna and Sourya are shocked! Roli continues, I am not Sonia Oberoi, I am Roli Bharadwaj, Janvi's bhabhi. We did this drama so your truth can come out in front of everyone. The world should know as well what your Sourya did with Janvi. He first pretended to be loving her, then married her, and then left her alone to cry for rest of her life. I wanted Sourya to confess all these, but on last moment, Janvi changed her mind and came to the mandap.

Meghna says, what a plan! But you forgot that you're up against Meghna. And whose name you used? Sonia Oberoi? Now watch, you all will have to spend rest of your lives in jail. Sid says, Sonia Oberoi is not like you. She has got a good heart and she is my boss. Prem continues, and my friend. Minister asks Meghna whats going on? Meghna calls Janvi characterless and puts blame on her. Sid gets angry. Sourya grabs his collar and asks how dare you? Sid also grabs his collar. Prem tries to stop their fight. Meghna calls the security, but Mataji screams and says don't dare to touch any of us. Security moves back.

Mataji tells the minister that they always choose the right away and its Meghna and Sourya who choose the wrong way. She then says whatever they did today was wrong, but it was only option for Janvi to get justice. Sourya says, what crap? and asks them to leave. Janvi plays the recorded confession of Sourya. The minister says that means Bharadwajs are right and he never expected this from Meghna. The minister and all guests start lecturing Sourya. Sourya says they are lying.. they are trying to trap me. The minister says, how much more you will lie? We are not that foolish. He then says, you can get money in heritage, but not respect. You have to earn respect with hard work, honesty. You tried to do bad with this girl and family.. but what happened in end? Sourya says, but CM sir..Before he says anything more, Meghna slaps him.

Precap: Simar demands for Janvi and Sourya's divorce in front of everyone so Janvi can forget the past and move on in her life. Howeve, Janvi seems sad.


Scene 1
CM says to shaureya that you wanted to sopil life of that girl and look it has all come to you. Shaureya says but CM sir.. Meghna slaps him on the face and says now to concede your sin you will argue with CM sir. I thought it was mistake of this bharatwaj family but they aren't wrong. Its all your fault. You made me embarrassed in front of whole world. Meghna goes to mata ji and apologizes. She says i thought you people did this to get money from us but i know this is all my brother's fault. I was blind in love of my brother. Meghna says to jhanvi that i am so sorry for not listening to you. Pleases forgive me, i ask for pardon on behalf of my brother. She says to shaureya that i fought for all the women and my brother in my house is playing with the feelings of women. You did this to jhanvi. It took me years to make this name and you rot all that in hell. Meghna says to mata ji that i am apologizing you but i give all the authority to you to take the decision. Simar says that we want shaureya to give jhanvi divorce in front of everyone. The relationship they made in concede will break in public. So jhanvi can live her life with all the respect and confidence. Shaureya is in tears looking for a last ray of hope in jhanvi's eyes. Mata ji says this is all we wanted we have to leave. They are leaving. Shaureya remembers all what happened between them. From Their first meeting to their wedding. Shaureya says please stop jhanvi. Jhanvi and whole family turn around. He sits on his knees in front of jhanvi He says i am so sorry jhanvi. I don't know why i never realized my mistake. I just wanted to punish you but today after listening to di i realize my mistakes please don't leave me. I am so remorseful over what i did. If you give me one last chance i will rectify all this. Simar says what you want to say ? Shaureya stands up and says today i want to complete the seventh round around fire in front of whole world. Please marry me jhanvi. Everyone is startled. Meghna is in tears. Shaureya offers his hand and says i want to own you for whole of my life. Please be by my side. What happened can't be changed but i promise you that i will never let tears fall from your eyes. We will both begin a new life. Jhanvi is about to give her hand in shaureya's. Sid intrudes and says he is impersonating again. You wanted to thorw her out of her a moment ago and now you wanna marry her. Prem says how can you even think that we will let her marry you. You are a liar and cheat. Sujata says what are you saying prem. Mata ji syas he is right. Shaureya you are not worth being related too. What we decided here will happen. We will sned you divorce papers in a few days. Shaureya says divorce must be the easiest solution for me but i don't want that. please give me second chance i will never hurt her. Simar says the pain you gave us isn't hard for us to fill. ANd where does this all love came from ? Mausi ji says he is just trying to hide his real face. He is a demon. Meghna intrudes and says I am sorry for interference. I have made the mistake of not understanding my brother once. My brother was lying first and i believed him. Now he is saying truth and you all are considering it a lie. His lowered eyes are the proof that he is repentant over what he did to jhanvi. I know him so well. Meghna says to mata ji that you know how easy it is to break a relationship but how hard to keep it intact. Now tell me without a second chance should we asks jhanvi and shaureya to divorce. Sujata says to Mata ji that the biggest pnishmeny of any mistake is the repentance. And this is about life of our jhanvi. Befoere taking such a big decision we should contemplate. Prem says what are you saying maa, sid says what are you saying. Rajhinder says i don't agree with this suujata ji. Mata ji says to Meghna that this is a really complicated problem we need to talk over this we need some time. Meghna asks Atuul to take the bharatwaj family to the guest room. Attul leads them there.

Scene 2
In the guest room, Rajhinder says to mata ji what is in it to contemplate over ? He made fun of this relationship once now there is no chance of being with him again. Sujata says this about jhanvi's life we should give them a second chance. SId says how will we leave our sister in this hell. Rajhinder says she has a all her life in front of her. We will find a good guy for him. Roli says that meghna and shaureya are the people that only think about their money and status. Sujata says why can't we assume that he must have changed. Mausi ji says that if the juice is extraordinary sweet then it must have poison in it. Mata ji says i don't care about shaureya and meghna but jhanvi. We should not forget that the kmost important thing to know is the opinion of jhanvi. Sujata says this is not the time to be quiet tell everyone what you want.

Precap- Jhanvi says to mata ji that once i took a decision of marring shaureya without taking my family in confidence about it, and because of that we are all standing here. I leave this all on you mata ji whatever you decide will be acceptable to me. outside shaureya says to meghna that i don't deserve a second chance.


Scene 1
Mata ji asks jhanvi what is her opinion Sujata says this is not the time to be quiet jhanvi say what you want. Sujata says to everyone that i know you love jhanvi. Maybe shaureya is really remorseful over what he did. I beg you all to think once again.
Outside Meghna apologizes CM for the rude behavior of shaureya. CM says that you showed shaureya that anyone can apologize and be great. This saved the career of your sister. Shaureya says i realized my mistake. All i want now is just a second chance.
Mata ji says to sujata that you have confused me. We are here talking about a guy like shaureya he is apologizing in front of whole society but i don't want to believe him. jhanvi says i want to say something. Mata ji says yes we are listening. Jhanvi says i have lost the right to give my opinion much before. I took a decision of getting married to shaureya without telling my family. I am so remorseful over that i did. But a truth is that i always considered him my husband. And now i won't be able to consider anyone else my husband. Don't take me wrong but except shaureya i can't marry anyone now.
Mata ji and whole family come out. Shaureya and meghna are tensed. Mata ji tells them that they are ready to allow shaureya marry jhanvi. Everyone is happy. But roli says to simar tht i still think there is something wrong. Meghna says thanks to them. Rajhinder says there is no need of that.

Scene 2
Shaureya and jhanvi take the seventh phera and they bow down to meghna. Sujata says to meghna that we are sad that we couldn't accomplish all the wedding rituals. Meghna says when we will send her back to bharatwaj house you will accomplish all the rituals. Meghna says to mata ji that they will take jhanvi home for some rituals. Mata ji says as you wish.

Scene 3
Pari says to Achna that i am so worried about the shop i just have two days left. Shalu says you still care about the shop i am worried about them. Everone enters the house. Shalu asks mata ji why it took so long for you guys to come back. Where is jhanvi? Sujata says i will tell you everything. Sujata tells her all what happened there. Pari says all this happened and you people didn't inform us ? We would have attended her wedding too. Sujata says that there is much less time how will i do all the arrangements. Mata ji says relax they will all be with you. Simar says we are with you Mata ji says everone must be tired. Do some rest.

Scene 4
Roli says to simar that jhanvi didn't do good by wedding him. Simar says i don't know there is some doubt in my heart too. Roli says all we can do is prayer. I wish shaureya keeps her happy. simar says she has seen so much grieves in her life. Now she should be happy.

Precap- Prem opens the door and jhanvi in tears is standing on the door. Everyone asks her why is she crying ? Shaureya comes and says maybe she was missing you all. Mata ji invites him in. He says no he will go now. He says he will never come back to get jhanvi from here. She will live here by now.


Sujat and everyone is so busy in doing the arrangemnets and packing of jhanvi's stuff. Everyone is so happy.
Prem opens the door and jhanvi is standing in tears. Sujata asks her is she all right? Everone gets worried. Shuareaya come in too. Mata ji asks him to be in. He says no i won't.
Shaureya says no i just came to drop jhanvi. Sujata asks when will you be back to take her ? Sahureya says i will not come jhanvi will live here by now. I won't ever take her from here. Everyone is so startled. He says please don't take me wrong i don't have a place where i can take jhanvi. I cn't arrange a house in one day we have left singhaniya house forever. Sujata says but why ? Shaureya says i am really sorry its just one day after wedding but i couldn't fulfill my promise and couldn't take care of jhanvi as well. Jhanvi is in tears he swipes them away. I will change these tears in smile soon but till then you have to help me. Until i can't arrange the house you have to keep jhanvi. I will leave now. Mata ji says you can't leave like this. I mean you are the sone of this family come in and tell us the problem in details we will sort it out. Jhanvi and shaureaya come in.
Mata ji says what happened that forced you to take this decision i mean meghna accepted this wedding in front of CM and everyone. Shaureya says no Mata ji di wasn't happy with this marriage all she did was just a drama, she doesn't like jhanvi she was saying all that to save her reputation. When everone left she treated jhanvi so bad and even said that she can't be the part of singhaniya's. I tried to convince her but she said i have two options jhanvi or the name of singhaniya. She gave me the condition that i will have to leave jhanvi if i want the property and business. Along wih jhanvi he sent me out of our house. Rajhinder says that you are the son of that family you have all the rights on that business and property. Shaureaya says its not like that the name of singhaniya is due to di. I don't want the property or the business i am just sad because i had to leave di. But don't worry i will find some job but until i don't get one please take care of jhanvi i will take my life seriously by now. He says to jhanvi that i won't let the tears come in your eyes. Jhanvi says i will come with you wherever you go. Shaureya says you have done a lot for me i will be back soon you take care.,
Sujata says you don't have to look for a house this is your house too you can live here until you don't get a job. Shaureya says you accepted me that is enough for me.
Sid says we will help you in finding your job.
Mata ji says you will live here until you don't get your job. Mata ji asks jhanvi not to be worried. Mata ji asks shalu to show them their room. Sujata says this is the first time he will be eating with us. I want simar and roli to make something special. I will help you both. Simar says no we will do it.
Roli says i am trying hard but i can't believe shaureya. Simar says how can he be like this with jhanvi and left his home for her. This is some new game of these siblings. Roli says it won't hidden longer he will be here and the best thing is that jhanvi will be in front of our eyes.

Scene 2
Shaureya says i haven't eaten so much in my life. Pari says you will have to eat the sweets as well. Pari says have some other dish shaureya tries to stop her and it falls on jhanvi's hand leaving it burnt. Shaureya asks pari to bring some tube and applies it on jhanvi's hand. Shureya says i must have eaten Jahnvi says this isn't your fault. He says don't say anything.

Scene 3
Jhanvi is in her decorated room Simar says you are looking so good we will pray fro your happy life. Shaureya comes in the room in the room. Roli thinks i wish Simar is right and jhanvi has all happiness in her life.

Precap- Shureay says thanks to roli for maing hima and jhanvi one. She says you just have to make her happy. Shureaya says i will make her that happy that even the meaning of happiness will change for her. roli is startled over his words.


Scene 1
Shaureya comes in the room smiling. Pari brings him the milk. Shaureya says no i don't want it. Uma says this all decoration is done by four of us so this night will be memorable for you. Shaureya says we will try to make it of use. Pari says good luck for you new life. Shaureya locks the door and goes to jhanvi. He sasy finally i got time to talk to you alone he says jhanvi you are so lucky that you a such a lovely family. But no i will take care of you, love you. When ever you will think about me you'll smile. They get closer.

Scene 2
Simar says to roli i think shaureya has changed really. Roli says maybe you are right. He took care of jhanvi a lot today. She says you should go now i will manage all this. Anjali must be waiting for you. Simar leaves. Roli feels someone behind him. She turns around and shaureya is standing there. Roli get scared. She says do you want something? He says yes i came to get jhanvi water. He says sorry i couldn't thank you fro getting jhanvi back in my life. Roli says yes now you are part of us you just have to keep jhanvi happy. He says yes i will make her that happy that even meaning of happiness will change for her. She will be so happy that she will regret marrying a man like me. He has some fierce look on his face. He says she will forget what happiness is. Roli says are you joking shaureya ? He says i will joke to you ? No way. Roli says that repentance was that all a lie ? He says are you gonna listen the happiness of jhanvi from me or you will go and see by yourself. Roli goes running to jhanvi's room. Jhanvi comes out of the bathroom. She asks are you okay ? Jhanvi says yes i am fine and so happy. She says shaureya came in the kitchen and said.. Jhanvi asks what did he say ? Shaureya comes from back and i will tell you. Shaureya says actually she doesn't believe me that's why she came here to see you. Roli says yeah i just came to see you. Roli wonders what is going on in shaureya's mind. Shaureya makes jhanvi drink water from his hands in front of roli. Roli leaves.

Scene 3
Sid says to jhanvi that in my whole professional life no storm like this came the way they come in my house. He says to roli that don't be a dangerous player next time you are in some problem. Just ask your big boss. He says i love you can you imagine what i was going through when i was looking at you with someone else in the marriage hall. Sid says why aren't you saying something. Roli thinks its useless to say something to him before i am sure about something. Roli says life plays games. We went to get jhanvi divorce and what happened. Sid says i hope whatever what shaureya is doing is from all his heart. Roli says i pray the same. Roli says i am so tired. He gets her up in his arm and take her to bed and asks her to sleep.

Scene 4
Sujata says wow you people have done such a good arrangements let me make chatni for jhanvi. Pari asks jhanvi could you sleep well last night ?Did he take care of you. Jhanvi is smiling. Sujata says how much will you annoy my daugher. Mata ji says to mausi ji that our house is happy after a long time. Mausi ji says jhanvi happy we all happy. Sujata says but it would have been doubled if she had been in her house. Simar says that we came do some rituals. Jhanvi will make something sweet for shaureya. Jhanvi says but i don't know how to make it. MAusi ji says your bhabhis will make it for you. Jahnvi says but i will be happy if i make it myself. Roli hopes that the man jhanvi is making sweet for doesn't spoil her life

Precap- Shaureya comes to roli and says the cylinder was empty so re installed one. My friend's new wife was making sweet as well and the knob left open she flamed and it all boomed. Go look jhanvi. Roli goes running and jhanvi is about to burn the flame.


Scene 1
Jhanvi asks simar to tell her the secret recipe of her sweet. Simar is telling her the recipe. Shaureya comes in and says uma bhabhi told me about this ritual and the smell of jhanvi's sweet attracted me here. Simar and jhanvi luagh he asks why are you laughing ? Jhanvi says i haven't started yet and you smelled it shuareya says because i know there is so much taste in you hand. Jhanvi says shaurey ai don' t know how to make sweet. He says i will teach you. Simar says this is a ritual you can't help jhanvi shaureya says but i can boost her moral support by standing here. Jhanvi says of you will stay here then i will do something surely wrong.

Scene 2
Achna comes to pari's room and asks her why her mood is off. Pari says i am tired of these shop workers i can't understand why the take it so long to make the design i want. Pari says i have to go to the shop i will ask simar to take care of aarav. Achna says don't make that blunder. Take arrav with you. Pari says how will i work when aarav will be with me. Achna says i will come along with you i will take care of aarava and you will handle the shop.

Scene 3
Mata ji says why is jhanvi taking so long to make the sweet, mausi ji says she is making it for the first time. Lets start eating we have the eat the food warm. Prem says no mausi ji first time jhanvi is making something o eat we will begin breakfast with that sweet. Sid says he is right. Pari comes and says i am taking aarav and mamma to the shop. Sujata says aarav in the shop? Its no even completed yet there is so uch dust there. Pari syas why are you worried maa. Mata ji syas its better that the child should be with mom.
Sujata asks where is jhanvi she must have completed it twice by now.

Scene 4
SHaureya says to roli actually the cylinder was empty so i refilled a new one. You know a few days ago a wife of my firend was making the same sweet and the knob was left open as she burned the match the whole kitchen boomed. Jhanvi is making the same sweet no ? roli goes running to kitchen and doesn't let jhanvi burn the flame.

Roli says maybe the knob was on before you started cooking. Jhanvi says you must have some misunderstand bhabhi there nothing like that. The cylinder was empty before started cooking and shaureya re installed it. Roli says i actually smelled gas and this is the first time you are making something so i was worried.

Scene 5
Shaureya thinks that roli will be wondering all her life. Sid whispers in the ear of prem groom is so worried about the sweet. Sid says i ahev never seen man waiting too much for a risk. Shaureya says yes we have to nod in yes of our wives. Rajhinder says you have a bright future if you stay like that. Shaureya laughs. Sid says what is the similarities in Hitler and ladies. Mausi ji says i can tell the difference he had a mustache and a uniform and we don't have either. Everone laughs. Shuareya syas the joke is heavy now. He looks at roli and says this worry of yours is the piece of my mind. Mausi ji says hey are calling us hitler roli show the real hitler part of yours to sid todya. Jhanvi bings in the sweet and serves it to everyone. Shaureya starts eating. Jhanvi looks tensed. MAusi ji syas let us taste too so we can tell which grade you have got in this exam. Jhanvi serves everyone. Mata ji says very good. Jhanvi says did you like it mata ji > Mata ji says yes. Jhanvi is delighted. Mausi ji says i can't eat it much i am on diet. Jhanvi says i forgot to taste shaureya stops her as it isn't that good but she already have taken. Her smile vanishes after eating it. Jhanvi says none of you said anything its so bad. You all lied for my happiness. Its tasteless. Shuareya stands up holds her hand and says the sweetness is in you and you made it how can it be not sweet ? Everyone is delighted.
Sid gets a call from soniya. He receives the calls and looks worried he says yes i will go for the meeting. Sid says i hope she didn't get to know about that drama of ours. Rajhinder says don't worry i know everything will be alright. Mata ji says that drama has given new life to a relationship i don't thinks soniya would be much angry after listening to the full story behind. Shureya stands beside jhanvi and give fierce looks to roli.

Precap- Shaureya calls meghna and says sorrydi i couldn't call you before these middle class people stick around me all the time. Meghna sasy shaureya i want vengeance from bharatwaj family too but what can i do.Shaureya says i will finish it my way. Sim ar and roli listen to him.Roli syas look he can't ever change di.

NO telecast today due to Boss movie special telecast.


Scene 1
A man says tp pari that this design is expensive they have to increase the budget. Pari syas than increase it. I want the counter like this. Pari is finalizing the boards design as well. Pari says that the name of her shop will same as of the rest of shops of their family. Years ago mata ji and dadu ji started this business and the name of shop will be on his name.

Scene 2
The doctor says to soniya that she has recovered more from the injury. Sid asks why is there too much security outside the house. She says this press has annoyed me so much just to get a photo. Someone calls her and she starts saying no i am not soniya obroye stop annoying me. They have been calling me whole day/. Sid says everything will be alright. She says that's why i have called you here. If it doesn't solve i will get mad.

Scene 2
Sujata says that we have not given jhanvi and shaureay any gift on their wedlock. Shaureya comes and says i want to say somethin g important. I want jhanvi to live in her own house. I have ti be responsible for that. Mata ji says this is your house yoyu can stay here untik you don't get your own.
Shaureya calls meghna and says i have got time after a so long to call you. I will take revenge from roli. Bharatwaj family deserves vengeance but i will start from roli bharatwaj. I will finish it from my way.
Roli and simar start hearing him. Shaureya says look i am doing it right for you now i'm clearing my own mess.
Simar says we have to tell this all to jhanvi before family. They go to jhanvi's room simar says she looks so happy. Simar says to jhanvi that we have to talk about something so important. Simar says the thing we are going to tell you, ypu have to make you heart strong for it. Jhanvi says please tell me. Roli says do you remember i came to your room at the wedding night. She tells what shaureya says her in the kitchen. jhanvi stands up in distress. She tells what he said when she was making sweet. Simar says that they have to keep am eye on him. Roli says he is just taking revenge from us. He is justv doing drama he made you fool yesterday and so today. Jahnvi says i can't believe this that you are still doubtful about shuareya he has changed he takes care of me in all ways. Simar says that he's just winning our trust. Shureya comes in and says what have i done ? Why are you telling lies about me ti mt jhanvi i left my home and di for jhanvi. Roli says you can majke anyone fool but us. Give me your phone. She shpws jhanvi that he was talking to his sister. Shaureya says yes i was talking to her i was missing her. She has brought me up like her child i was just telling her that please accept our relation. She didn't agree. I don't think she will forgive us. Simar says why you said that you will take revenge from bjaratwaj family?

Precap-Shaurea says meghna that he has met the real soniya obroye and she is girl you will love to make part of our family.


Scene 1
Shuareya says to simar and roli that i was saying to di i have hurt many people because of me. I was promising her that i will never leave jhanvi and di's dream to join politics. They are both my life. Jhanvi says i know you both care about me and we are together because of you. Shaureya has really changed. I beg you please trust him he's my husband and i have all the trust in him.
Roli and Simar leave in anger. Jahnvi says i apologize you. Shaureya says there is no mistake of you jhanvi in this. He remembers that he already saw them.
Shaureya is determine about teaching roli and simar.

Scene 2
Everone is planning the honeymoon of jhanvi and shaureya.
Roli says we can't do anything. We have to stop them, Simar says how ? They have planned all this. We have only one way. He have to find a proof.

Scene 3
Soniya has made coffee for sid. She says i like to make it. Sid says i have sent an emails to all the leading news papers. I have asked them to remove all your pictures and not to offend you with this anymore. She says thanks to him. Sid says you are my boss and my brother's friend too. Why don't you come to our house someday. You will enjoy the meal my roli and simar.

Scene 4
Everyone is in the room and mata ji ask where are jahnvi and shuareya ? Sujata tells her that they have gone outside. Pari comes in and says i have a god news ? Mata ji asks what's that? She that all the interior work is doen in the shop. Everyone congratulates her. Uma asks her about her sweets. PAri ignores her.
Later uma is sad that pari ignored her but pari says why are you taking the business things personal bhabhi.

Scene 5
Shaureya says hi to soniya. She says hi i am soniya.. He says soniya obroye. How can i forget the name that changed my life. Its because of your name that me and jhanvi are together. She says what you mean ? Shaureya tells her the whole story.
The way roli proclaimed herself to be soniya and the way they got wed. Soniya says what is this sid how can your family use my name ? She says prem you know using some's name with their consent is a crime. Simar says i know what we did was a crime. I ask your pardon. But we didn't use it for a bad purpose we just wanted shaureay to understand and get jhanvi her right believe us. We have no lust behind it. Soniya is really angry. Then she smiles and says look at your face i was just joking relax if my name has made two lives one then my name is so lucky in fact i am so happy that my is of some use at least. Prem says we were all so scared. Sujata says you are such a nice girl. She asks simar to get the lunch ready. Shaureya goes upstairs. Jhanvi sees her. He goes in his room. He is angry that eh planned that she will fire case against him. Jhanvi follows him. Shaureya calls Meghna and tells her that he met the real soniya. He says her that it couldn't work. It doesn't annoy her at all. Shaureya says she is the girl you wanted me to marry. Soniya is a perfect girl for.. He sees jhanvi standing on the door. He is quiet. He disconnects the call.

Precap-Roli is asking jhanvi to wake up. Shaureya says i have done what i wanted to do. Roli takes everyone in the room. Jahnvi isn't openning her eyes.


Scene 1
Roli goes to shaureaya he says it was my friend's cal. Jhanvi smiles and says that why are you so worried you did better for all of us. Shureya says i was scared to see such a serious face. He hugs jhanvi and says we are together because of soniya. Jhanvi leaves and shaureya smiles looking at medicine in his hands.

Scene 2
Uma says to karuna i am the eldest bahu in this house. She asks whats wrong ? Uma says everyone is impressed with my sweets and this pari she said that shop can only contain sweets by chef. I will ask sattu ji that i want my own shop and i'll compete with pari then.

Scene 3
Jahnvi says to shuareya that soniya ji is such a nice girl Shureya says yes there is so much class in that girl. She is the most wanted single like me in the city which i am not now. Me and soniya could make a perfect couple. Jhanvi smiles and hits him. He hugs her.

Scene 4
sid is asking roli to sleep she says she asks sid to pat her head. Roli thinks is jhanvi okay. Roli says let me go to drink water. Roli thinks that she can't sleep without confirming whether jahnvi is okay or not. Roli knocks the door of jhanvi's room but she isn't opening the door. shaureya opens the door and says that jhanvi is sleeping. Roli says i will talk to her tomorrow. Shuareya says maybe that would be so late. Roli wakes jhanvi but she is not waking. Roli is in tears asking jhanvi to open her eyes. She goes in the living room crying and screaming the name of everyone. everyone asks whats wrong. Roli tells everyone that shaureya has done something to jhanvi. She isn'y opening her eyes. Mata ji sasy you must have some misunderstanding. Roli says no i am sure about it.
Everyone goes to the room of jhanvi trying to wake her up but she isn't opening her eyes. Everyone is worried and in tears. They all asks jhanvi to open her eyes but she isn't.
Jahnvi opens her eyes and says that i was so tired so shaureya gave me pill so i can sleep. That's why i couldn't wake up. Shaureya says how can you think that i can do something to my jhanvi. Mata ji says roli you should have confirmed before saying anything. Roli says to sid that you are seeing a thing which is wrong. Mata ji says shaureya we all have trust in you. I apologize for any inconvenience to you. Shuareya says no there must be something wrong with me so i couldn't win the trust of roli bhabhi.
Karuna and everyone is angry at roli for saying anything without confirmation. Sid says lets go to sleep roli. Roli is in tears. Everyone has already left the living room. Sid says even i wasn't happy with their wedding but shaureya is changing now. Simar says sid can i talk to roli for moment. Sid says ofcourse she's your sister you can.
Roli says to simar that no one is believing me why would i put wrong accusation on shuareya. Simar says i know i have all my trust on you but roli you need to understand that he's the son in law of this house. We have to find a solid proof against him.

Precap- Jahnvi's hand is bleeding. Roli comes and sess it and says oh God what shaureya has done to you. Jhanvi says but bhabhi listen to me shaureya hasn't done anything. Roli takes her in the living room and tells everyone that look shuareya wanted to take jhanvi' life.


Scene 1
Pari says that the opening of my shop should be like the film of Salman khan. Achna says why don't you call all your friends. She says okay let me call evreyoene She starts calling her friends and says yes i have done so hardwork. I have handled evreything single handed. Pari gets a call from and says him that your sweets are all ready we work in a professional way. Uma is listening to all this.

Scene 2
Jhanvi comes down and to roli and simar and says i wanna talk to you both i know you both are my well wisher i can't pay for what you have done but why don't you believe that shaureya has changed. I have felt that change. Its his goodness that he listens to all this and ignores. Roli says that he's impersonating it so good that no one can doubt him. Jhanvi says please roli bhabhi. She leaves in anger.

scene 3
Next morning mata ji, simar and mausi ji ar looking at the clothes. Pari comes angry on the call mata ji asks whats wrong ? She says that cook i hired for the order is leaving. He disconnected the call. I don't know what should i do. Simar says that uma bhabhi can help you. Pari asks uma to make her the sweets. Uma says that i only make the food for house like you worked alone for all you can make the sweets as well. You don't need anyone. Simar says that pari is repentant over all this. Uma says you don't know she has hurt me a lot. Pari says okay i will ask the client that we couldn't fulfill their order. Simar says that the name of daddu ji attached with this order. Uma says okay simar i will help pari but i am just saysing yes for the name of our family. Pari says thank you bhabhi.

Scene 4
Roli is in the room of jhanvi looking in their closet for some proof that can show that shaureya is here deceiving them, Shaureya comes in the room.He says to her that he's got jhanvi hand cut. She won't tell anyone he'll kill her.
Roli goes running in the kitchen to jhanvi the cut is bleeding. Roli says oh God what shaureya did to you. Jahnvi says but bhabhi shaureya didn't do this. Roli says stop lying to protect him jhanvi. She takes her in the living room .
Roli shows everyone the cut on jhanvi's hand saying that shaureya wanted to kill her. Sujata comes in saying what are you saying ? You know how she got this cut. Roli says shaureya told me that he cut her hand. Sujata says she was working with me in the kitchen that's when she got this bruise. Why are you putting wrong accusations on him over and over again. Sujata says think before you speak. Why will he says this to you when he even doesn't know about this. Shaureya comes running from the stairs and says what happened to you jhanvi please give a first aid box. He dresses her bruise. Shaureya says you act like a kid. Jahnvi says don't worry its just a small cut. Shuareya says this isn't small you won't work onwards. Sujata says look roli he loves her a lot still you think he'd hurt jhanvi. Shaureya says why are you all so quiet. Mata ji says it was a little misunderstanding. Roli says no it wasn't a missunderstanding. Sujata asks her to be quiet and asks simar to take her. Mata ji says to uma lets go and make the sweets we don't have much time.
Roli says in the rom why isn't anyone believing me. Sid says because of all his everyone is considering you wrong. Roli says di tell sid the real face of shaureya. Mausi ji comes in and says i trust you but digesting the changed shaureya was hard for me. Simar thinks that she has to differentiate between what is truth and what isn't

Precap- Shaureya asks to play antakshiri. Roli and shaureya are singing sarcastic songs for each other.


Scene 1
Everyone is making the sweets. Shaureya says this is so boring there should be some music. Mausi ji says lets start ladies vs. gents. Simar and Roli are singing sarcastic songs looking at Shaureya. Shaureay sings the song, Aa daikhain zara kia main kitna hai dam', Simar and Roli understand the real meaning of the song. Everyone clamps after he sings except for roli and simar. They are all done with sweets. Men have done 100 and so have the ladies. MAusi ji says ladies and gents both have made the equal sweets. Mausi ji says men have won because of love they showed in making the sweets. Mata ji says the main thing is about the unity of our family.
Roli says to Simar why you asked to stop when i was telling his reality. Simar says we need a proof against him. Simar says we need to find a proof as soon as possible. He can't hurt our family jhanvi until we are here.

Scene 2
Next morning the tempo man is not coming. Pari is so worried. Prem says lets me call other tempo service. Prem says it will take an hour. Shaureya comes in the room and says that what is the need of tempo we can deliver by car. Rajhinder says but we have to be at the opening of shop. Shaureya says i will deliver the oder with jahnvi and we will get there at the shop before the opening. Roli and Simar are shocked.
Everyone puts the sweets in the car and prem gives key to shaureya. Mata ji asks roli to take the stuff of pooja so they can leave too. Shaureay goes in the house too. He says how can bharatwaj family send me and jhanvi out there are so much accidents. Roli says stop playing the same game over and over again. Shaureya says okay as you wish see your jahnvi last time. Roli thinks that she should tells this to simar.

Scene 3
The whole family arrives at the shop and seems so happy. Uma wonders that pari has not even said her thanks. She goes to pari and says your happiness must be at the sky right now ? Pari says yes this is the result of my hardwork. Uma is sad that she is not even talking to her after she has got the order done. Mata ji is being called for pooja she says that our daughter and her husband have not come. Sid calls Jahnvi and shaureya and they're not receiving. Roli asks pari to ask the client. She calls and they say that they have left since so long.
Shuareya is sitting outside the car. jhanvi is worried. He says think roli this time you have to speak against me otherwise how will you sopil your image. My phone is off and jhanvi's at home. How long will you keep quiet Roli.
Roli says to Simar there can't be any traffic on the road at this time. I am so worried let em call jhanvi. Shaureya is enjoying everyone's tension. He says there is no one in the house except for simar that will believe roli . This is my talent my dear wife. Jahnvi is so worried in the car about getting there at the shop. Mata ji and Everyone are looking for them.
Shaureya pulls out the rim of the car and says i am done with my part Mrs. Roli Bharatwaj. Now its your turn.

Preacap- Roli says to mata ji that i wanna says something important she is about to began when mausi ji says they have arrived. Mata ji ask him where is jhanvi why is he alone?


here is no Sasural Simar Ka telecast this Saturday.

Due to some special programming on Colors TV.

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