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Sasural Simar Ka

NOV 1ST - 15TH NOV 2013

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Scene 1
Shaureya says no way di this impossible. How can i marry some i don't know well. she says impossible was for me to live without parents but i did just for you. I gave you all you wanted. I never compelled you to do something but i will today just for your future. I have decide this fro your good future. She will do a lot for her family. At this stage is hard to find a girl like soniya,. It is beneficia for our business too. He loyalty and business will be merged with singhaniya's. I want you to think with cool mind.

Scene 2
Roli says to simar that we have almost successful in our plan. Mausi ji says but it is so far. Where will we bring this Mr. india family from. Simar says i am just waiting for the days shaureya will be standing in the wedding hall and soniya will deny. He will have to accept that janvi is his wife. Once he accepts this we will ask for divorce. So janvi will live happily in her lifel. Janvi over hears them. Her eyes are wet. Roli asks are you oaky? Janvi says i never thought this will happen. Roli asks don't you like our plan ? Are you ready to divorce him. janvi says if it was just about me i would never have asked for divorce. it was just a joke for him but for me a life long relation but what will i be having with a guy who get embarrassed in calling me his wife. Mausi ji says that your crying time has ended. Its their time to cry now.

Scene 3
Sid is with Soniya. She says hope you like the new strategy. Sid says that we can do a little changes to make it right.we can make it life time policy. I will profits us of 10 years in 6 years. But I forgot the file home. I can ask my wife for it if you want? She says yeah sure. He calls roli and asks her if she can drop the file ? She says yes she can do this little favor to her husband and will get to meet his new boss as well.

Scene 4
Shaureya says that i accept that marrying soniya is the best thing for me but i will not change my life style and way for her. This wed lockw on't be lock of my feet. I will stay whatever i am. Meghna says my sweet little brother you don't have to change you will stay like what you want. Soniya will be so busy that she won't be having time for all this. Shaureya says that okay then i don't have any problem. Meghna says i can't tell you how happy i am. i just have to make her agree now.

Scene 5
Pari is in office. Prem is discussing the colors with the interior. Shalu says yes i am convinced with the color. Pari says but i am not. I think bright red will suit here.m Prem says that it won't with our theme. We can change it with brown. Pari says that we can change this design in which all interiors are pink. We can change the whole team. She talks so rudely. Prem says that you should not have talked to him like this. It is not about clothes or housse. It is about what makes the shop more beneficial. Pari sasy so you mean that only you can do business i am just a dumb that can do household only. Prem says i never meant this. Pari says this is my son's shop and i have a ll the rights. I will decide the interiors. Prem says when did this your and mine cam between members of our family. Pari says i will do whatever we i want. Prem says shalu i can't stay here for a moment i will leave now. Shalu says to pari look what your stubbornness has done.

Scene 6
soniya is really happy to see his work. soniya says that we have a very important meeting it will take half an hour. sod says my wife is coming here she wants to meet you. Soniya says i would love to meet her. i will ask my staff to take care of her till we are not back. They are leaving. Soniya says i will give you the brief of meeting in the car. They leave.
Roli arrives there after that. She is going in. She goes in the staff is treating so well. They ask her to have a seat. He tells her taht they have gone in a meeting what would you like? Roli says coffe. Suddenly a phone rings and the servant says soniya obroye residence. Roli is startled.

Precap-Roi plan to run away from there. She says i don't wanna face real soniya. When she is leaving she sees meghna and shaureya coming there. 


Roli is surprised finding herself in Sonia's house. She sees a photo and asks the servant if that's Sonia. The servant says yes. He goes to get coffee for her. Roli says to herself this is so strange whose name they are using.. she will meet her now. She decides to tell this to Simar.

Simar tells Mausiji and Janvi that they used Sonia's name after researching a lot. Sonia is the only person who is successful and whom media doesn't know. She says but we didn't know that she will come in front of us being Prem's friend and Sid's boss. Mausiji says now they will have to hide truth from Sonia as well along with Meghna. Janvi blames herself for all the troubles. Simar and Mausiji calm her down and say they will win in the end. Mausiji says they will have execute their plans with more pace now.

Mausiji, Sujata, Uma, Pari's mum are in the living room. Prem comes there upset. Mataji and Sujata ask him if everything is okay. Prem is not sure what to say. Pari and Shelu come there. Pari says, I will tell you why he's upset. Shelu tries to stop her, but Pari still says it that Prem thinks women are only good to stay in the house. Prem says it's not that.. I have no doubt on your talent, but the way you talked was not proper. Pari argues with him. Mataji says Pari shouldn't have behaved rudely. Pari's mum argues with Mataji saying store is on her son's name, then can't she give suggestions? Mataji says she surely can give suggestions but like how women know more about housework, men know about their outside work and we should trust them and let them take final decision. Mataji tries to explain to Pari. Pari says she doesn't want any problem in the family because of her either.. and for that she wants to be in charge of her son's store. Everyone is shocked.

Roli is worried and decides that she will have to leave from there very soon. She first waits till Sid comes so she can give the file to him, but then says Sonia will be coming with Sid and she can't face Sonia. She is about to leave, but then sees Meghna and Sourya coming to Sonia's house. She doesn't know what to do now.

Pari says she also wants to settle and she will run the store. Shelu asks her what are you saying? Mausiji teases Pari saying it's running store, not doing make up. And if she really wants to do decoration, then she can change all curtains and do decorations in the house.. that way house will be decorated for diwali as well. Sujata explains to Pari that Aarav is very small and he needs his mother. Pari argues why all rules for her only? Simar also worked when Anjali was small. Mataji says circumstances were different back then. Pari's mum says she will look after Aarav and there are other family members too. Mataji says he can't stay without his mother entire day. Family is against Pari's decision, but Pari wants to handle her son's store herself. Pari's mum tells Prem what's wrong if she helps you in setting up the store? Prem says for her, that store is only hers. Pari and Prem argue. Pari compares herself with Simar and asks why they can't give her chance to prove herself like they gave to Simar. Family tries to make her understand, but she doesn't listen to anyone. In end, Mataji gets angry and tells her to go to her room and cool down her mind, then they will talk. Pari leaves.

Roli is very worried. She then thinks of something and quickly changes her avatar by removing mangal sutra. Right then Meghna and Sourya enter. They are surprised seeing Roli in saree. Roli says what a pleasant surprise. Meghna says we are surprised seeing you like this. Roli says I was going to mandir for a deal. Meghana says, you're not respecting your words. Roli says, meaning? Meghna says you're doing deal with someone else now.. Sourya has got ready for the marriage now. Episode ends.

Precap: Roli says she is getting late and has to leave now. She suggests they keep a meeting tomorrow, but Meghna says as they are already there, why not talk about it? Roli receives a call from Sid who tells her that they are reaching Sonia's house in 2 minutes. Roli is shocked.


Scene 1
Meghna says to roli that we came here to tell you that sahureya has decided to marry. Roli says that i am running out of time. I actually have to go to temple. We can arrange this meeting tomorrow at coffee shop. Meghna says you can go and come back we will wait for you here no problem.

Scene 2
Achna says to pari that i am so proud of you today. Why are you so angry. Sahlu comes and says what was that Pari ? Why you did that. Pari says do you also think that i can't handle business. Shalu says no its not like that. Pari says loudly that i will get what my right is. shalu says this will never be possible.

Scene 3
Meghan and shaureya er looking around the house. roli fears that if they see the picture of real soniya then they won't be able teach shaureya. She takes a picture down. she again says to meghna that she has to go mandir. They can meet up later on. Meghna says that i also came here after cancelling my important deal. Meghna says that it'd be better if you talk to shuareya about yourself. Its the matter of life. Shaureya says that i am a playboy and i don't want any interference in my life. I hope you understand.

Scene 4
There everyone is discussing the behavior of pari. Mausi ji says that she is doing this on behalf of her mom. Prem says this breach the trust of our family. simar says that she has all rights of doing what she wants if she wants to work then she can. She is mom after all.
Roli says that i want a partner that can understand my status and standard. Meghna says then you have a perfect boy in shaureya. Roli says still i have to go there at least to say no. Meghna says that we have your answer now. they are about to leave when the butler comes back. Roli is startled. she says these are my guests bring them some coffee. He is looking at her with bewilderment. she says go, coffee please. The butler goes.
Mata ji calls pari in the living room. She says all that happened wsa not good. It should never happen again. I just want to tell you that we own aarav as much as you. You can go to the shop however.
Roli's thinks that she made a mistake by asking them to stop. sid calls her and asks is he there at soniya's house? Roli says yes. He says stay there we are coming in a few moments. Roli is worried how to ask shaureya and Meghna to go from there.
Roli says that i am sorry that i have to go. Meghna says we just want to hear from you ? Roli says yes i am ready to marry him. Meghna says this is all i wanted to hear. thank you so much.
There Soniya says that you should not be worried sid my staff must be taking care of your wife.
Meghna says lets decide the other things as well. Roli says tina and that family must be waiting for me. Meghna says okay i can understand. We should go now they are leaving. She sees them off and real soniya;s car is stopped by a truck. Meghna sits in the car and they leave. Roli is so happy that she is safe.

Scene 5
Prem remembers how Pari insulted him and mata ji allows her to be the shop incharge. Simar says to him that he should not sad about what mata ji said. We should appreciate pari. Prem says i am never again working of women but this is just about stubbornness. I worry that the shop will fail beacuse of the behavior of Pari. Simar says its not like that she won't do anything that hurts this family. Prem says i hope this is all wrong. Roli tries to get back to her original style. She sees soniya and id coming to them. Sid asks roli why is she out ? roli says i have to go home. sid introduces her to soniya. soniya says i am so sorry to keep you waiting. Soniya says that now i know your secret of success. Sid says this is beauty with brain. Sid says whatever i say i less fro her she's amazing. Soniya says i am impressed. You have to come in with me and hav a coffee. Roli says i can't i have something important to do. sid says yes next time she will.

. Precap- Meghna calls roli and says her that i am planning to do roka at your house tomorrow.


Scene 1
Uma is so happy. chachi ji asks her why is she glad today ? She says because mata ji has allowed pari to manage the shop. She will surely add my sweets in her menu. Chachi ji says get the dinner ready it can be demanded anytime.

Scene 2
Simar asks roli what happened there ? Why are you so late? Sid comes and says that i will tell. she impressed my boss in first meeting. When he leaves she tells mausi jia d simar that meghna and shaureya arrived there. And i said yes for wedding. Mausi ji says don't worry this was all our plan. She did our help all we need now is to be careful.
There shaureya and Meghna are celebrating this wedding approval from soniya.
Simar says that now janvi will tell all the people in wedding place that what shaureya did to her.
Mausi ji says that i ma so worried after listening about this real soniya. Who knows whe will meghna go there.
Roli gets a call from meghna mausi ji receives the call. Meghna says i wanna talk to soniya. It is urgent. She gives her phone to Roli. Meghna says that we have to do all the rituals i am planning about roka. Tomorrow at your house. Roli is out of her mind after listening this. Meghna says that you don't have to be worried i have done all the things ready. I know you are a traditional woman. We are coming your home tomorrow along with my brother for Roka.
Roli says what will we do now. Roli says i can't do this anymore i can't cheat on siddhanth anymore. We planned that we won't be in some wedding rituals. Mausi ji says we are all with you don't worry. Mausi ji says we want just a place to enter soniya's house. simar will plan the rest. Simar says how will I.

Scene 3
Sid is looking for Roli in his room. Roli comes in and she hugs sid. Sid asks are you worried about something ? She says no. Roli remembers mausi ji telling her to ask his and soniya's schedule. Roli asks how is the new job? He says hectic. We have three meeting tomorrow. With a lawyer and that one is most important. We will be leaving for it early. roli thinks her mind that sorry sid ji i have to tell you a lie once agian but i know how much you love janvi. you won't bear what happened to her.

Scene 4
Next morning everyone is on breakfast table ? Sujata asks Roli why is she looking worried ? Roli says no nothing is like that i just woke up earlier. mata ji asks where is pari ? Paro comes up and says to mata ji that its her first day she needs her blessings for it. Pari says i have searched on internet all night about my work. Uma says wow you are talking like professionals on the very first day. She says i have made your favorite bread. She says i am getting late. She takes one and is about to leave but achna stops her and says have this lunch for your day.

Scene 5
Sid says to Soniya that they have to talk to the previous project head who is his your uncle. She says no we won't talk to him. Sid says we should be professional in this matter. We will never talk to him, says she. Sid says but we have to think fro mind not from heart in these dealings in order to minimise the loses.
Butler gives the phone to soniya and says that here is a call from lawyer's offices. its actually mausi ji she says that they have a meeting today at 8 o'clock. Soniya says that the meeting was cancelled. mausi ji says yeah but now his other meeting is cancelled so you have the chance i mean he wants to meet you now. Soniya telss sid that they have to leave now they just have half an hour.

Scene 6
Uma is waiting for pari to get back home so she can talk about her recipes. Pari comes and uma asks how was your day ? Pari says working there was hard.Uma says i can help you by making different sweets for your shop. Pari says can we talk about this later i am so tires. Uma says okay go i will make you a tea.

Scene 7
Soniya and siddhanth leave and Mausi ji, janvi, simar and roli enter there. Mausi ji asks roli why is she so worried? Roli says that i lied to sid last night and i don't feel good in this. Mausi ji says that we are doing this all for janvi and her future. he will understand and appreciate if he gets to know that.

Precap - Mausi ji and janvi hide behind a bush and janvi and simar are on drive way when they see Soniya obroye's car coming towards them.


Scene 1

Sid sits back in the car and soniya says him thanks.
There janvi and mausi ji are hiding together and simar and roli are on the drive way. Suddenly a car is coming towards them. Roli is dazed she says this is soniya obroye and siddhanth ji what should we do now. They also hide behind a bush. But soniya sees something there behind the plants. Sid asks whats wrongs ? She says i felt like there was someone here. Sid says let me see. He checks behind the plants simar and roli sit sown so he can't see them. Mausi ji and janvi are so worried. He says to soniya that there was no one here. Roli says thank god we are safe. Simar says that we should know how long they will be here. Roli says let me call siddhanth ji, i will try to know from him.
Soniya says to sid that i like your idea a lot. Sid says yes transparency is so important it makes your case strong.
Roli calls Sid and asks when will he be coming home ? He says that they have a meeting with a lawyer it will take 2 to 3 hours. Roli tells this to simar.

Scene 2
Uma gives tea to pari. Sujata asks how was your first day at the shop ? Pari says it was good but there was a lot of work. Shalu listens this and remembers how she treated the workers. Prem pats at hi back. Shalu says i need your help prem. You know pari knows nothing about business. Prem says we just need to give her a little time he will be all right.

Scene 3
Sid along with soniya leave the house. Janvi and simar enter their. Roli tells her that i wanna meet soniya madam ? Butler says she didn't tell me anythin g about your arrival ? Roli says she didn't know herself. Actually the coffee was due so i thought to give her surprise. I thought i should bring my sister along too. butler says sorry you just missed her you have to come some other day now.Roli says i should call sid ji. She pretends to call him in front of butler. She says to the butler that he asked me to wait here. Butler says okay ma'am no probe you can come in. He says what should i bring for you tea ? Coffee? Simar says coffee. roli says and sandwiches too. Roli calls mausi ji she says that open the door don't let her ring the door bell. Simar says that i will handle the butler you should go on the door.
Meghna along with shaureya and Attul arrive their. mausi ji welcomes them and says that what is the purpose of bringing this all. You know i am on diet. Meghna says that he is my only brother i should make his special moments more special. Mausi ji is on the door with the guest, roli open the door. Meghna says what a timing. Simar is looking fro the main switch board of the house. Roli welcome them in. simar hides from the butler who is going towards the hall. She thinks how to stop him now.
Roli is worried why the light is still not turned off. Simar gets to the switch the butler goes to see what has happened to the light. Meghna says that we should not spoil our mood just because of this light. Meghna says i have a solution we can do the ritual in candles. Mausi ji says no it has never been like this in obroye house its a bad day. Roka should not be done on this day. Meghna says that who believes in all this good or bad things. roli says that tina has been like my mom since childhood. shouldn't we plan this roka some other day ? Meghna says that would be waste of time. Mausi ji says then why shouldn't go to marriage directly. Meghna says okay lets wait for five more minutes.

precap- Simar is trying to stop the butler but he goes into the hall and is really dazed.


Simar is screaming she says to butler i was looking for you and got hit by a table. He says let me get the first aid box.
There mausi ji says that i have talked to electrician. It will take time. Roli says that i am so sorry Meghna ji you have to sit in dark. Meghna says that you should have some patience.
Butler gives simar the spray. he asks Simar to rest and he will get back after turning on the main switch. He goes and turns it on. Simar says bring me some ice i will feel better. He says i am getting you ice and roli madam both. When butler goes to the hall he sees just roli there. Singhaniya are gone. Roli says to butler where were you ? I was sitting alone here in dark, di went to see you too. Simar is not walking rightly. Butler tells roli that she had a brusie there on her foot.
Mausi ji sees off meghna on the main gate. She says i am sorry about all that meghna ji but i believe that all good things should happen at good time. Meghna says i understand. I will let you know about the date of wedding.
Butler gives ice to roli and simar. simar says i wanna go home. Roli says don't tell anything to soniya madam. She will feel sorry. Butler says but you called her yourself. Roli says i called Sid ji actually. Butler says okay i understand madam iwon't tell her about anything.
Roli and simar get out. Mausi ji says we are the real player of danger. Lets go now before someone comes. Janvi says i was so worried about you all.

Scene 2
Pari tells achna that i have the hold of the shop now. Achna says now you just have to make it through. Take me with you now. pari says mata ji will ask us both to sit home for arrav.
Uma comes and says pari don't worry i will take care of raghav. She says just enter my special sweets in your menu. Pari says that i am planning to place some international sweets in the menu these sweets of your won't work out with them. Achna says the menu will be made for the betterment of the shop. Uma leaves. Achna says we don't want our shop to be closed.
Uma goes out in sadness. chachi ji asks her whats wrong? She says that me and pari were so good friends now i want her to place my sweets in her menu so she said me no.Chachi says some times i feel like mata ji made a mistake by allowing pari to go to the shop.

Scene 3
Soniya comes in the house along with siddhanth in anger. She says who made that fake call and sent us there to the lawyers house. Sid says that this must the plan by media
so they can capture your face. She says that's why i don't like these juornalists. You should go back home now.

Scene 4
everyone is on table. Mausi ji says that we went for window shopping. Sujata says diwali is about ton come and we have started no arrangements. Pari says i won't be able to provide my hand in the household this diwali. Actually i want to open our shop on this diwali. Prem says but diwali is so near how will all the work be done? Pari says you should not be worried about that. I will do all the arrangements to s make the show ready by diwali. Everyone is startled listening to this.
Roli gets a call from meghna she gets confused and disconnects the call.
She gets back to her room and calls her. meghan says that wedding will be done after one day of diwali. Roli says wow that is such a good news.
They are all so happy that they are so near to the accomplishment of their plan now.

Precap- Sid sees a photo of real soniya being printed in the news paper. He asks roli to get him his lunch box he has to go. Roli asks why are you going so early today ? Sid shows her the news paper and tells her that media printed soniya madam's photo. Roli and simar are so worried about this.


Scene 1
A man is looking at the pictures of soniya obroye. He thinks that these moments come very seldom in a reporter's life. Sorry soniya ji i have to brea the promise.
Next morning sid sees the photo of soniya obroye in the news paper he is really angry at the reporter who broke his promise. He thinks ths Soniya ji must be tensed i should go to see her.
Roli and simar are standing out side discussing that we ahve hide the real face of soniya from meghna. Sid comes and says roli that pack my lunch i have to go to office. Roli asks but why so early ? sid shows her the paper and tells her that last night a journalist caught her photo. He promised that he won't print it. But he did. She is not just my boss but prem's good friend too thats why i nedd to go to her after this all.
When he leaves roli and simar are lloking at each other in tension. Roli says what will happen if meghna gets to see it ? The news will spread like a wild fire. What can we do now ?

Scene 2
Meghna is calling someone for the arrangements of the wedding. She is so happy. She has contacted the best wedding planner of the country. She tells her that its sahureya's wedding with Soniya obroye. Her butler brings her the tea along with news paper.
There simar and roli shows the paper to mausi ji. Mausi ji says we are failed now. Simar says there is still one way that we have. Mausi ji yes all i can see is that go meghna and says that we were just joking. Simar says no, this is morning time we can change our fear from turning into reality ? Mausi ji says i get your point. We have time. roli says but what will we do? Mausi ji says i have the plan lets go now. They go down stairs and see everyone there enjoying tea. mata ji asks sujata how is the arrangements of diwali ? mausi ji says that pari and uma will take care of the food. Pari says i don't have time for the shop. Simar says that we should go for the shopping otherwise there will be a lot of people in the shop. Pari gets a call from a worker. She shout at him that there can be no holiday for any worker i want the shop to be ready by tomorrow. Pari says that i am leaving for the shop. The worker then calls prem and says that we can't do this anymore. We are leaving the work, Prem says don't worry i will meet you all there. He tells shalu and says that we will manage this.

Scene 3
Soniya is really angry at the journalist who has printed her photo. She shows it to sid. She is bit crying. She says i can't fight this anymore. I am already facing so much problems. Sid says i am responsible for all this. Soniya says that this is not your fault at all. i will sue them i will punish them. Sid says pleaes calm down your not mere my boss but my brother's friend too. I will solve this problem. I am going to the office of this news agency.

Scene 4
Meghna seems really happy she is calling all her relatives and people in her circle, inviting them on the dinner. she is about to take the news paper when her butler tells her that soniya and her secretary have come to meet you. Meghna is really happy. She goes down. Meghna comes and hugs Roli and says what a pleasant surprise. Tina says that we came to talk about the wedding. Meghna says that we have talked to best wedding palnner of the city. That it should be classy. The butler somes with the news paper and tea. Meghna says that have i talked wight soniya ? She says yes. Tina says i will give tea to everyone. She takes the newspaper but shaureya gets it form her hand and says i have to check the business news. Shuareya is reading the business part of the news paper. Roli and mausi ji are so scared. The butler serves the tea. Shaureya places the paper on table. Meghna leaves and says i will arrange the breakfast you guys enjoy tea. Tina says shaureya ji won't you show ma'am your house ? Shaureya says sure. Roli goes with him.
mausi ji says to meghna that its better that they've time to spend together.
shaureya is showing roli his room and says this will be our room after wedding. He says you didn't tell me you like this room or not? Even you didn't tell me whether you like me or not? Shaureya touches her. She throws his hand away and says i am bit conservative in somethings. He says i respect you thought.
Mausi ji intentionally throws tea on her dress. She cleans it with the newspaper. Meghna says i was asking for the tissues. She says it was emergency tissue. Mausi ji places the news paper in her pocket. Roli and shaureya come downward. Roli says that meghna ji we have to go. Meghna says that breakfast is ready you should stay. Mausi ji says some other time.
Meghna says i was thinking to do wedding at your place.

Precap - shaureya sees the real picture of soniya and shows it to meghna. They are both out of their minds. Shaureya says that i want details of this girl and her secretary.


It begins with Manoranjan mausi agreeing to keep the wedding at Sonia Oberoi mansion.

Shaurya is shocked to see the real Sonia Oberoi's photo in the newspaper and shows it to Meghna and asks Atul to find the truth.

Meghna tells Roli (Sonia Oberoi) to meet her at the coffee shop.

Everyone at home praises Uma for the sweets, but Pari rebukes her again.

Prem convinces workers to work for Pari's shop.

Meghna meets Roli and Manoranjan to tell them that police will investigate their identity as Sonia Oberoi.

But Atul tells her that a person (Siddharth) claimed the photo to be his wife's and not Sonia Oberoi's.

Meghna decides to keep wedding at her ancestral mansion.

Siddharth is shocked to see Roli and Manoranjan Mausi in completely different modern attire.

Mataji and everyone is shocked to see Siddharth showing Roli and Manoranjan Mausi in modern outfits .


Scene 1
Roli and mausi ji are in coffee shop to meet meghna. sid is also there with soniya. Roli says i will call di to tell her that the problem of soniya's house is solved. mausi ji takes her on the side and shows her sid and soniya. Roli says if he sees us he won't leave. Mausi ji asks a waiter that sid is calling him. When sid is busy in talking with the waiter roli and mausi ji leave.
Roli and mausi ji are ignoring sid and soniya together. Meghna is leaving too. She sees them and asks what are you doing here ? Mausi ji says driver has parked the car far. We were just leaving. Sujata is calling roli.
She asks simar to tell truth where are roli and mausi ji. Simar says there is so much crowd in shops. We had a lot of stuff so they had to bring it. sujata says si will ask roli myself. I you people have hided something from us then it will hurt me. It will break my trust. Simar thinks that i will tell you all once i am done with this all.
Meghna asks roli are you okay ? Mausi ji says she is just not feeling good. Meghna asks her to sit and have juice. Roli is so much feared she drinks the juice and says we should leave now. Meghna asks roli to take care of her self. Roli says that all the wedding arrangements will be done at your house and i will get ready there.
Mausi ji says lets go driver is ready. Roli says thank God sid didn't see us in these clothes. Sid is standing right in front of them. He asks roli what is all this ? what are you both doing here in these outfits tell me roli whats going on? I saw you both in the coffee shop and i saw that you were trying to hide from me. I could have come to you but i was with my boss. You both have to tell me what were you doing with meghna singhaniya in there. Tell me roli. I am asking you something. His tone is loud. Roli is so quiet. Roli sees meghna and attul coming. Roli says please leave from here i will tell you everything. Mausi ji asks sid to leave and she will tell him everything when they reach home.

Scene 2
There sujata is calling roli and mausi ji. Mata ji asks whats wrong ? Sujata says simar and janvi have the answer. Sid shouts saying i have the answer. Roli and mausi ji enter the house in the same clothes they went to coffee shop. Janvi wipes her tears away. Sid comes closer to janvo and asks her that you know shaureya and meghna so well then you must know what is all this ? Answer me janvi. Mata ji says why did you both wen to meet meghna and in these clothes. sujata says and you mausi ji you should have stopped the instead you helped them in all this. Prem asks simar whats wrong ? Sujata says to simar that i told you that you will break my heart if you don't tell me and now it will break my trust. janvi says its not her fault maa. I am responsible for all this.

Precap- Janvi is telling the whole family that they all have been doing this for her. She told them about her wedding with shaureya.


scene 1
Sujata says to simar that i won't ever talk to you again. Jhanvi says i am responsible for all this. Simar tries to stop her. Jahnvi goes to mata ji and says that they were doing this all for me. So i can get justice. She tells them everything how shaureya betrayed her. They wed and he left her Mata ji slaps her. And says you were so blind in his love that you married him. You strained our family name and we were so proud of you. Mata ji is so loud. Sujata says i used to be proud on you. do you know you made your life a joke. jhanvi says i know all this and i am repentant over that. I apologize you all for this. I am so remorseful. Jhanvi says i loved him and he made me realize that he loves me too. I never thought that will be a joke. Sid and prem says we won't leave him Rajinder stops them and says don't be emotional and make mistake again. We have to talk o them . Simar says i talked to them i went to meghna's house with jhanvi. She said plain no. And shaureya said he never married her. roli says so we have a way to teach him. simar says we have to break the rules to break their pride. Mausi ji says meghna i so proud of her wealth so we pretend to be soniya obroye. perm says she is my friend. Sid says she is my boss. Roli said i become soniya and i became her secretary. Simar says roli won the heart of shaureya and meghna. Meghna now wants to get shaureya married withh roli i mean soniya. Everyone is dazed. Mausi ji says yes this is our plan.We will insult them in front of their guests.
Chachi ji says you know what will happen if they get to know. Prem says meghna can sue you for cheating. Roli says no now she can't be talking about this in public. It about her name. Sujata says that is this a game ? this is about my daughter's life and truth is that Jhanvi has married shaureya and now she is his life partner. Mata ji says sujata what are you talking about ? That wedding was just a joke. i am not in favor of divorce but jhanvi has her life in front of her. Would you like her to be with this relation whole of her life. In front of the same society he will accept that he married her. He doesn't deserve jhanvi.. I know roli simar and choti you always do better for this house. Mata ji says that if you thinks their is no other way then okay i am with you and since this problem is related to the respect of our family that's why i would like to have your consent. Rajinder says yes i am with you mata ji and so does everyone. Sujata leaves in anger. Rajinder says don't worry about her she is taking all this as a mom. She will understand..
Mata ji says to janvi that you are not alone we are all with you, you will get justice. your family will be with you.

Scene 2
SId is thinking something in his room. roli hugs him from back and asks are you angry ? Sid says no i am not. It is proved that you can go to anything for my family. Thankyou for all you are doing for my sister.
There simar says to prem that the way of truth is not easy. men like shaureya should get the punishment. A woman's respectis her pride.
Sid says to roli that i am with you in this plan. Sid says but my roli will sit in wedding hall with someone else in bridal suit. Roli hugs him and says we have no other way. Sid says maybe you are right.

Precap- Everyone says to roli that this is our las t day we have to give our best, sujata says to jhanvi that you still have time think you want divorce or not


Scene 1
Jhanvi is in her bed remembering all what shaureya did to her. Sujata comes in. Jhanvi asks haven't you sleep ? Sujata says how can i sleep when my daughter is in tears. Sujata says a woman is so strong. Every woman can walk in whatever comes in her way. Wedding is a permanent relation you should give your relationship another chance. Maybe these tears will end without ending you relation with shaureya. Jhanvi says my heart says something and mind something else. Sujata says heart is related to your soul in these situations you should listen to your heart.

Scene 2
Mata ji is giving gifts to everyone on diwali. Mata ji says to mausi ji won't you ask for your gift this time ? Mausi ji hugs her and says i know you can't be angry with me for long time. Mata ji gives her the biggest gift. Mata ji kisses jhanvi's forehead and says i wish you all the justice and happiness in this world. She gives her the gift. Mata ji hugs her.

Scene 3
Simar says to roli that finally that day has come tomorrow singhaniya's will get the punishment for what they did to jhanvi. Roli says yes its the final day tomorrow.
Everyone is in front of their good. Simar says that its the day of good over bad, givbe us power to fight with the Evil. Roli says that will happen. Simar says give us strength to give jhani her right. The pooja starts. Roli says that its the day of lightness for us. My God write the darkness in their fate that they have been doing all of their life.

Scene 4
Everyone is outside meghna's house. Simar says its our last day just have strenght. Mausi ji says i will be with you.
Inside Attul and Meghna are busy in doing the arrangements. Meghna says to attul i thank you for all this attul. Finally the day has come that my brother is getting married. CM is our special guests i want no shortcoming in his reception.
Simar says to jhnavi that you will go in shaureya's room and will record shaureya's confession. We will play that at the time of wedding in front of all their guests. Then shaureya won't be able to deny what he did to you. They will get reward of what they did. Simar says jhanvi you will get the justica in front of whole society. Sujata says what if something goes wrong. Sid says nothing will go wrong. He holds roli's hand and says i am with you. He hugs roli. He asks mausi ji to take care of roli. Mausi ji says lets go before meghna comes here. Mata ji says good luck. Roli and mausi ji leave to go in.
Roli and mausi ji enter the singhaniya's house. All arrangements are done. Meghna welcomes them. She says we have been waiting for you. Mausi ji says wow such a beautiful arrangement looks like its a prince's wedding. Meghna says get reday soniya. I have bought you the dress and jewelery. Butler brings the tea. Mausi ji says how do you know that madam have not taken tea since morning. Meghna says in that case you should relax and have the tea first. Roli says thanks for all this. Meghna says i have to go guests must be coming and i have to receive them personally. In case you need something feel free to ask attul. Mausi ji locks the room.

Scene 5
Outside mata ji is so worried about roli and mausi ji. Sid says don't worry we won't let anything happen to them. Jhanvi is feeling pain for all this. Sujata says i know that you are thinking about the breaking of your relation with shaureya. The most powerful bond is of wedding. It isn't easy to break that promise. I want nothing then your happiness i won't force you. If you have love for shaureya in your heart then take the right decision. He will regert what he did. Sontemplate what you want a hopeful marriage or divorce. Jhanvi looks at the family then shaureya's house .

Precap- Roli says to mausi ji that once jhanvi records the confession of shureya it won't be hard for us to defeat him. Mausi i ji says these brother and sister are so clever. Once jhanvi records his confession only then his game will be over. Meghna asks whose game are you talking about ?


Scene 1
Sujata asks jhanvi to contemplate what she wants. Wedding or divorce. Jhanvi is in tears.
Shaureya is standing in front of mirror and says wow you are lucky shaureya you are getting married to soniya obroye. Oh no actually she is lucky to marry me. I am the most eligible bachelor here. She is so lucky to have me. You are too good shaureya.

Scene 2
Roli and mausi ji are worried where have jhanvi reached.
Jhnavi has covered her face wit dupatta. She enters the house. She looks at the mandap' and thinks about the promise shaureya made to her there. She remembers their wedding. She moves forward trying to concede from meghna. A waiter asks her if she wants water. She gets feared.Scene
jhanvi in veil ask servant the direction of shaurya's room, in room shaurya think meghna has come in room and says life changes after marriage, he turns back and sees jhanvi standing in tears, roli says to mausi that jhanvi can take out truth from shaurya easily but mausi says it will difficult if she do so then their game will be over, meghna ask what game? Mausi says that shaurya has got such a beautiful wife, such talented that he will be clean bowled, meghna says soniya is talented but shaurya is no less, she ask soniya to get ready.
Shaurya ask jhanvi why you are here, he closes the door, jhanvi start recording, he says today is very big day for me, dont spoil my mood by doing anything, just go from here, he says you are here to destroy my marriage, jhanvi hold his hand and ask how you can do this marriage without any guilt, shaurya says he is shaurya singhaniya and can do anything, jhanvi says we did marriage, shaurya says it was not marriage but a lesson for you, jhanvi says that means that sindoor, manglsutra had no meaning, you didnt love me once, shaurya exactly thats what i want to tell you,
Shaureya says that slap was just my vengeance from you. You slapped me that is why i did this to you. You look pretty i must have been in your love but you made a small mistake of slapping me that made you stand here. You waken up the animal inside me. Jhanvi says please shaureya. Shaureya says i don't wanna hear a single word from you. Are you going or should i call guards.

Scene 3
Simar says that we should go in. They all start entering from the left. Simar thinks that i should text jhanvi and tell her that we are going in from the entrance. She looks at a window that opens in the hall.
Roli says to mausi ji that i am so worried where is jhnavi. Will she be successful in knowing shaureya's confession. Jhanvi enters the room. Mausi ji asks have you recorded his confession? Jhanvi nods her head. Roli says i should get ready now. Jhnavi says that i know what you people have done for me i will never forget these favors but can't we change our plan a little. Jhanvi says that i wanna give a second chance to my relationship with shaureya. Roli and mausi ji are startle. Roli says what's wrong with you ? How can you forget what he did to you and his sister insulted our family. Jhanvi says yes this is all right i agreed to all this because he insulted our family. I saw a new ray of hope in his words today. MAybe this is a test from God. Maybe he wants me to change him with love. I will regret all my life if i don't give him a chance. Roli says try to understand marriage is a bond of love that you both don't have. Jhnavi says that we should live in today if i lose this chance then i will never forgive my self. please let me do thus. Mausi ji says he is doing second marriage without even thinking of you. He used you like a tissue paper. What he did to you was just for his lust. Are you getting what i am saying ? He has no love in his heart. Jhanvi shaureya is not from the one that change. Do you wanna live sad whole of your life. We have this last chance to punish him. We will regret if we lose this. Roli says i should get ready now. Roli says that we have to bring his real face in front of everyone today.

Precap- Wedding is ongoing and sid is worried why roli isn't stopping and why jhanvi haven't turned the recording on. Suddenly roli comes running in and says this wedding can't be done.


Scene 1
Police has arrived and the CM with them. Attul and Meghan receive him. Meghna thanks him for being there. She welcomes him in.
Simar also enter the house from the left corridor. Meghna while is entering from right. Prem hauls her back and they hide behind a pillar. He tells her that they all hided when they saw car of CM. Simar says that i thought i could see in from this window. I am just so worried about roli so i couldn't stop my self. Prem says everything will be all right.
Meghna introduces shaureya to CM. Cm says i am so impressed by the way you work for oppressed woman. We want you to participate in elections. Meghna says look shaureya what a blessing your wedding is, for us. Tina intrudes and says yes this will change the fate of Singhaniya's . Meghna says let me get soniya. Tina says no i will bring her in. Meghna nods. Tina goes in. Mausi ji sees the bride in corridor with her face hidden. Mausi ji says roli thank God you are ready but why are you here by your self? Is all the stuff ready. Did you tell her that she have to play the recording.

Scene 2
The wedlock starts. Mausi ji brings the bride. Meghna introduces her to CM. Pandit ji says they are getting late. Mata ji, sujata and everyone is also in the hall. Mausi ji worried where is jhanvi ? Simar says this is last part of our plan. Roli will stop the wedding and we will go in to ask our questions. Sujata says what kind of mom am i. I will be seeing my daughter's house devastating. Pandit ji gives the war mala ( Wedding garland ) to shaureya and the bride and they make each other wear it. Everyone is so worried why isn't roli stopping. Meghna binds the clothes of both. She is so happy that she has been waiting for this since so long this will be beneficial to not only her brother but her career. Sid asks where is jhanvi ? Simar says she will be coming. Pandit ji asks them to stand for pheray. They stand and start it. Mausi ji and everyone especially sid why is roli not stopping. Mata ji asks simar why isn't roli stopping. Chachi ji asks have they changed the plan ? Mausi ji is so worried. They complete the first and start the second phera. The wedding is ongoing and sid is so worried. Sid asks simar where is jhanvi why haven't they start the recording? They are doing the fourth phera. Mausi ji is so worried. She plans to do something. Prem asks simar what is happening ? Everyone is so tensed about roli's silence. Mausi ji says my head is spinning round and round. Are you in sleep roli ? Pandit ji asks to starts the fifth one in which the bride will lead. Everyone's having their jaws down. Prem looks in fear at simar. The sixth one starts and sid can't take it anymore. Pandit ji says that in this one they promise each other that they will always be together no matter what. They comsider each other husband and wife for all lives. The whole bharatwaj family is shocked over the silence of roli. Mata ji says stop him. Sid says i can't put up with this anymore. I can't see that happening with my roli. Simar says there must be something wrong otherwise roli must have said something. Maybe meghna knows about our plan now and she has threaten roli to be quiet. sid says this so too much noe he goes in the hall. prem and mata ji follow him. mausi ji sees them coming in. Sid and prem stop the wedding. meghna is dazed looking at bharatwaj family there. sid says yes this seeding can't be done. shaureya says who are you to stop ? roli comes in too.

Precap- meghna says to soniya if you are here then who is in that bridal dress? Shaureya takes the ghonghat up and its jhanvi there.

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thanks dear

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