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OCT 16TH - OCT 31TH 2013

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scene 1
Roli finds the managal suttar, she is taken aback. She remembers how janvi was rude to her and how she was hiding this dupatta from her. She syas how can janvi do this how can she marry without telling anyone. She is going to simar to tell her.

Scene 2
Janvi is in hospital she sees attul there she asks where is shaureya? She says he is not receiving my call please ask him to talk to me. He says control yourself, she says how can i make him meet me. He says it better for you to forgive him. He says and don't annoy me nothing is in my hand.

Scene 3
Roli goes to simar's room. Simar asks her what wrong why is she so scared and worried? She is about to tell when they hear pari screaming mata ji, they both go down. Mata ji asks what wrong? Pari says mummy ji is no opening the door. She is not saying anything. Mata ji don't worry we will see it. They all go upstairs outside his room. They are all knocking her door and asking her to open the door. Simar says there must be something wrong we should open this door. Pari starts crying. Simar and roli are hitting the door when Prem comes in simar tells him that achna has locked herself inside. He is about to hit the door when achna says you all leave me alone. Pari says open the door, simar says that we will find out the solution of whatever is wrong. Achna opens the door, she is crying pari asks her why is he crying? She syas novbody needs me pari i am like tissue paper everyone uses me. Pari akss who said this? She says your brother. My son said there is no place in his house for me. I am so unlucky. We have 4 flats and 2 ban-glows but all on his name. I should not have trusted him. Now you mom has no home where will i go i am all alone in this world.

Scene 4
Attul says that janvi was really so sad. She was looking broken up. Sahureya says that's all i wanted. I wanted her to break. She has to cry. She will regret coming in my way. Mistake of a moment and punish of whole life. Attul says i have to go. He leaves.
Meghan asks attul is shaureya over that janvi or not? Sttul says no madam and leaves. Meghna says i know my brother so well he can't conceal anything form me.

Scene 5
Achna is crying and says the daughter in law like my pari are so rare. pari says mamma don't worry you will live here with me. This startles everyone. Peri says to mata ji that rest of my family is in village to see some relative until they don't come back can my mamma live here? Mata ji allows achna to stay here. she says thanks to her. Achna and pari makes fun of all of them when thney leave. Pari is so happy.

Scene 6
Mausi ji says that her daughter in law is more intelligent than mata ji. She will eemolish this house. Its all crocodile tears. Mata ji says she was so worried don't says like that.

Scene 7
Roli is again about to tell simar when sujata comes in and says that take the saaris to dry clean. Sim ar gets it that she wanna talk about janvi.
Janvi comes home. Sujata asks why is she back earlier? She says i was not feeling well.
Janvi goes to her room, she is crying she remembers what her mate said and how attul asks her to forget him. she is crying really hard. She says shaureya can't do this. He is just angry with me i will make him agree.

Scene 8
Meghna is in shaureya's room who is in washroom. His phone is ringing. She receives the call. Its janvi, she sys please don't disconnect the call why are you doing this to me. I am your janvi. Why are you neglecting our relation talk to me please. Simar enters in her room.

Precap-Simar goes to shuareya's home and is shouting. Sahureya says you better ask janvi and aks her if she miss my arms.


episode starts when Jhanvi calls Shaurya but Meghna receives the calls.

Jhanvi requests not to disconnect the call and argues with her but suddenly Meghna cuts the call. Simar hears this and she asks Jhanvi.

Simar shouts at Shaurya but Shaurya tells her this is his house and warns her. She tells her to ask Jhanvi about this.

Simar scolds Jhanvi and says her that she knows all the truth about her and Shaurya's.

Simar slaps her but Roli stops Simar and says that Jhanvi and Shaurya got married. Jhanvi and Simar get shocked to hear this and she shows Jhanvi's mangle sutra.

Roli asks Jhanvi if she got married and Shaurya she tells yes. She reveals all the truth to them and starts crying.

Precap Sasural Simar Ka on 18th October 2013
Simar asks Meghna if she knows about Jhanvi and Shaurya's truth.


Scene 1
Meghna asks why was simar here ? Attul says athat she came to warn him and .. meghna asks and what else ? He says that and i want you to look you to look up to this matter yourself. She says no he has to help himself. I will not help him but you just have to make the situation under control.

Scene 2
Janvi is crying she says that i was blind in love of shaureya nd now he is even not recognizing me. Roli says don't worry you are not alone i am with you. Simar says that yes we are all with you. Simars ays that we haev to tell this to our family i can't conceal this time. Just imagine what will happen if they get to know from someone else. Janvi begs her not to tell, she says no i have to. She goes down roli runs after her. When she gets down she finds everyone so happy talking about janvi's proposals she stops on the stairs and doesn't tell anyone.

Scene 3
Everyone is busy talking about the religious even coming forward. Mata ji and all her family will be the chief guests there.
Simar says to janvi that she will take revenge from him i know you loved him but but what he has done to you is not forgivable. Roli says that we should talk to his sister meghna. Simar says she is the same woman who rated janvi in our own house. Roli says but she is woman herself she will understand the pain of janvi. Simar says okay if you says so then i will talk to her but i don't think its gonna work.

Scene 4
When janvi simar and roli reach meghna's home they find a lot of people outside there. Police stop them roli says we are the guests of shuareya if you want then i will calm him but what he will do to you i won't be responsible for it. The cop let them in. Meghna comes home. Simar and janvi get in, simar calls out her name. She turns back. Simar moves to her meghna aks swho let you in here ? She calls the security. simar says that you must know what shaureya has done top janvi. He made fun of janvi's love and played with her life. we hacve heard about you, you help people, serve them with justice so we are here for your help. Just forget for a moment that there was some quarrel happened between us and that you are shaureya's sister. just imagine her pain you will feel what she has been through. What your brother has done to her. Meghna is quietly listening to them. Simar says to her that you have to help us you have to give janvi her right. He secretary says that everything is ready for the press conference. Meghna says that i have to go we will talk later.

scene 5
Everyone is on the lunch table. Mausi ji says that this is really good having time with your family. Sujata says that it'd be good if simar, roli and janvi were here. Mata ji asks where is achna and pari? Uma says that she is sad and says that she won't eat. Mata ji says make a plate i will make her eat. Where achna is eating in the room already.

Scene 6
Meghna says this is my favorite festival because it showed win of a woman over man for her rights and respect. she says in the press conference that everyone woman has to fight for her rights and respects. I on behalf of this society will says that i am with every girl who has been victim of any injustice. We wi serve them, every girl have to become strong to protect and fight for her self. We will help them. Janvi and simar are happy to hear this.

Precap- megha say to siamr and janvi that you are talking to a sister and the one who doesn't even consider her brother the culprit. Shaureya comes and says to janv you are such a fool still think that shaureya will come back in your life.


Meghna says that she is with women with whom injustice is done. Simar and Janvi are happy. Simar says hearing this seems like she will help us. They look for Roli, but she is not there anywhere.

Pari and her mum are gossiping in their room and eating secretly. Mataji, Mausiji, Sujata knock their door. Pari hides all leftover food and opens the door. Mataji and others came there with food as well. Pari's mum says in her mind she is already full and can't eat anything more. Mataji says its not solution to stay hungry. Pari's mum makes excuse that she kept fast today. Mausiji says you can eat fruit at least. Pari's mum doesn't want to eat, but Mausiji feeds her forcefully.. and with that she teases her too saying they are imported.. came from business class.

Janvi and Simar meet Meghna. She says, we are very confident that you will help us and do justice. Meghna says, whose speech you heard.. was Meghna Singhania.. a public figure.. and whom you are asking for help is a sister. How can a sister get his brother punished.. especially when he didn't do any mistake. He asks Janvi if Sourya ever forced her. She says she went to Sourya with her choice. Janvi tries to explain herself but Meghna asks her to say in yes or no. Janvi says no. Meghna says when a girl goes to someone with her choice.. there is nothing much you can do. Sourya must have realized that she is not of his class.. so he broke up with her. and a person has choice to pick what he wants. Simar says she can't believe this is same Meghna who was talking about women's rights and freedom in front of media. Simar says it was just to make your impression.. in reality you're something else. Simar continues, I agree Janvi went to Sourya but that's because he kept coming to her again and again.. making her realise his love for her by writing love letters.. and even threatening to give up his life. Any girl would melt down after all this. Simar says love is not a toy that you break anyone's heart just like that. Meghna says, my brother is not a statue either that you slap him whenever you wish and then love him. She blames Janvi for everything and says you talk about sanskaar.. where her values were when she spent a night with a person whom she hated so much 2 days ago. Simar raises her voice, but Meghna tells her to keep her voice down. Meghna suggests them to forget everything and end this matter right here. She is leaving, but stops as she hears Sourya's laugh. Sourya comes there with his friends. He tells Janvi, I found out today how silly you are.. you're still hoping that Sourya will come back in your life. He says sorry.. some dreams remain as dreams. Simar takes Janvi's side and tells Sourya he will get punished for what he did.. they won't spare him easily. They will go to police. Sourya says what will you say to them? I didn't do any crime.. Janvi came to me herself.. I have many proofs to prove that.. and there is no proof for our marriage. Meghna is shocked. Sourya continues, if you still want to go to police.. then you can. Whatever I did was right.. she deserves this. Sourya and his friends leave. Meghna says in her mind, Sourya married Janvi? She seems angry now.. and leaves from there.

Roli finally comes there. She sees tears in Janvi's and Simar's eyes and asked them what happened. Janvi falls down on her knees. Roli tells Janvi you won't cry anymore.. its time to teach him a lesson and break his ego.. we will teach him such a lesson that he won't even think about doing this to anyone else. Janvi wipes her tears and joins hands with Roli and Simar.

Bharadwajs return home from dusera function. Prem asks for Simar. Pari says they still didn't return. Mataji asks Prem to call Simar and right then Simar, Janvi, and Roli enter. Simar says, due to dusera, there was too much traffic and crowd in stores. They have nothing in their hands.. Mausiji asks where all stuff is. Roli says Janvi didn't like anything from any store so we had to come with empty hands. Janvi, Roli, Simar all go to rest now. Mausiji says in her mind, there is something for sure.. they all look tensed. Will have to find it out.

Meghna comes to Sourya's room and slaps him. Sourya is shocked! He says, you may be my elder sister, but I didn't give anyone right to slap me. Meghna says I didn't expect this from you... you married that Janvi? If you wanted to take revenge, you could.. it's fine, but what is this? Janvi came to our house with others.. you didn't learn anything from me. If you start any work, then you finish it. That random nurse came to our door with her family members..and asked for justice in front of media.. do you have a clue what would happen if media had found out about it? All these luxuries that you're getting would have been gone.. I want you to clear all this mess before they come here again because there is no guarantee that we will be lucky once again. She leaves.

Precap: Roli says she can't think of any way to teach a lesson to Sourya and Meghna. Simar says they will have to do something so Janvi gets justice and no harm come on their family. Roli asks how they will do that. Mausiji comes there and says she can help them.


Scene 1
Simar gives water to janvi. She remembers how meghna said that she can't punished her brother. And how shaureya bragged about all this. Roli says what they think of themselves we have to teach them now that they are not God. Simar says that we have be very careful. We have to do something that gives janvi justice. mausi ji comes in and asks whats wrong? Simar says nothing we were just talking. Roli says like big boss. Mausi ji says that our big boss has called you on dinner. I mean ji ji has. Roli says that he should be punished for what her has done to janvi. Simar says but we have to be careful.

Scene 2
Everyone is talking happily about the event. Mausi ji thinks that thre is something wrong. She says i have to know. Mata ji asks how is achna and has she talked in her family? Pari says that she is not fine and i have not talked to them. Mata ji says bring food from here to her. Pari says that she is having pain in her tummy. Mausi ji syas there are two reasons either she has ate something bad or eaten too much. Pari says no its like that she ate few fruits after a long time that caused the problem.

Scene 3
Simar is parying to God to bless her with triumph because its the fight of all the women. Roli thinks that we have to tell you shaureya that woman is not a puopet. We will teach you what your sister should have. Sid comes in and sits besides her. He places his head on her shoulder and asks whats wrong? Roli says no there is nothing. Sid says then why is sid not felling roli sid? Just sid sid. i mean i am feeling alone. He says i was just joking. Its just you i can be funny with. I love you roli. HE opens his arms and says someone is waiting for you, she hugs him and says i love you too. She wishes all the men were like him. she thinks that i am breaking your trust by concealing this from you but what should i tell you.

Scene 4
Simar asks janvi to eat something. she starts but is in tears. Roli comes in and says that i can't figure out what can we do. Simar says its not that easy we should do something that will serve janvi with justice and without harming our family name. Roli says you are right but how can we do this? Simar says that we have to teach meghna and shaureya. Mausi ji syas that i can help you if you want this kills them. she says that your mausi has four eyes i came to know that there is some problem now tell me from the beginning whats the problem. Simar says you are wrong there is nothing like that. Mausi ji says that lying is and art and you are flop in it. Consider me a friend not your mausi. I have solution of all men you can test me. Roli says that mausi ji you are super hit. She says yes i know that too then tell me your secret. Simar starts telling her from the day shayreya was in there home and what happened in the temple to janvi and how he took her to the hotel room. Mausi ji is taken aback. And how meghna said she won't give them justice. The lady doing press conference was a public figure And the lady they are talking to is a siter. And how shaureya said that janvi deserves what he did to her. Janvi says please forgive me mausi ji i made a blunder i loved him i never thought he would do this to me. I broke trust of all family. I am so repatnat. Please forgive me mausi ji hugs and says that you made mistake but shaureya decieted you mistake can be forgiven but not deciet. They have to pay what he has caused you go throgh. He will have to pay. I will flop him. roli asks how will this be possible they are so rich and powerful? Simar says is there anything in your mind? Mausi ji says that we will do the same what he did to us.

Precap- mausi ji is doing make over of roli. Meghna goes to a party where the servant asks her to come in she says you don'y know what you are saying. The servant says there are already ladies of big families present in. When she goes in she finds roli in a whole new dress up.

OCT 22ND 2013

Scene 1
Meghna is talking to someone about the orphan kids. Attul tells her that all the stuff has been placed in the car. She says are you being careful in that bharatwaj girls? I don't want you to be irresponsible. Where is shaureya? He says she is sleeping.

Scene 2
Roli says i can't do this. Simar says this is so daring. Mausi ji says we have t be daring. Mausi ji says you are the only one shaureya and meghna have not seen. This is the best plan other wise we are flop. hRoli is being reluctant.Roli says we can asks anyone else to do this. Mausi ji says i will not let spoil my ji ji's name. This will take our family problem out and i don't want that. Mausi ji says don't you remember how you taught that street bot his worth i want the same thing from you now, Simar says i think mausi ji is right., Roli says okay then i am ready to do this, mausi ji hugs her and says i expected this from you. They all vow. Janvi is in tears mausi ji says your bhabhi is taking risk for you shake hand now. she does.

Scene 3
Pari brings breakfast for achna she says i am feeling this bad because of food. Pari says okay i am placing it on side. Shalu says how are you mummy ji now? He tells pari that its the opening of the nw shop. Achna says i wanna go to my aarav's shop too. Shalu says but you are not feeling well you should stay home.

Scene 4
Mata ji and everyone is getting ready to go to shop. Everyone asks where is simar? Prem says let me see her. Roli says no i am staying here to take care of all this. Then sid is worried about roli. Mausi ji says i am staying for anjali. Janvi says can i stay too? to look for food of everyone. Sujata allows her. Pari says thats good janvi will take care of mamma too. They all leave. Prem though is so worried about simar. Simar asks roli to wear the dress and get ready. She syas don't you worry we are all with you and we trust you. Roli takes the dress. Mausi ji asks janvi to saty happy she says roli is the great actress she will make everything alright.
Mausi ji and simar are applying make up on roli while janvi is sitting and wiating for her to get ready. Simar says that now i believe its not that hard to beat shaureya nd meghna. Mausi ji says now see how we get them in our cyclone now.

Scene 5
Meghan goes to the function of orphan where the servant lady say that i am so sorry you have to wait a little. SHe says you don't know what you are saying. The servant says but there is a lady of a rich family already there. She is giving gifts to children and she has given a big donation. Meghna says i will like t meet her. She says nobody is allowed to meet her right now. The stewardess says you can wait in the cabnit madam, Meghna says people wait for me not i wait for the people. She is leaving in anger. Roli stops her. Simar and Mausi ji are looking from behind the plants.
There janvi is so worried about roli. She says its not that hard to make shaureya and fool what if bhabhi gets caught? I wish everything is alright.
Roli asks a waiter to call her. He goes to meghna and says that she is calling you i guess she wants to meet you. Roli says she is my elder i she should not wait i will give the gifts later. Meghna says if you don't mind can we gift them together. Roli says why not. Come gift them i like people who save time. She shakes hand and says I am Soniya Obroye and meghna introduces herself. She start gifting children. Press comes out side and they wanna go in. Roli is worried. Meghna wonders why are they not allowing media to come in? Simar asks roli to stay calm. Meghna calls the stewardess on the gate. Roli is worried if they capture her photo and name her soniya.

Precap- Roli calls attul and says that i am the secretary of soniya meeting with her is not possible yet. She tells mausi ji and simar that attul wanna meet the secretary of soniya what should we do now?


Scene 1
Roli is worried about the press wanting to come in. Meghna wonders why are they not allowing them to come in. Meghan calls the stewardess. Mausi ji and simar are worried as well she asks everyone that press should not come in. Stewardess tells her that soniya madam like media at all. She tells her that soniya is a very rich and respected figure she is not married.

Scene 2
There the is opened. Mata ji asks shalu if he want to do the interiors by himself? He says that i don't know much about it. Prem and sid will help me. Prem gives some ideas for the decoration of the shop.

Scene 3
Meghna says okay tell media that i will meet them after this function. roli says that i don't like media at all so i will go from the backward door. Shaureya calls meghna when she turns to see soniya she can't find her. Attul tells her that she has left and press in waiting for her. She goes outside and talks to media. Meghna asks attul to learn all about soniya.

Scene 4
Janvi is about them. She wonders what if everyone come before them and all the family enters in. Sujata asks her how is simar now? Pari says how is mammy now? Janvi says she is fine. She tells sujata that simar is alright she is sleeping. Prem says that no she is not fine she never sleeps so late. He is going to see her in the room. He finds simar coming down from the stairs. Prem asks her that how is she now? Simar says that i am fine now. Mata ji asks her to sit along them. Simar asks them how was the pooja? Sujata tells her that everthing was fine. Pari says i am going to se mamma. Simar is guilty about lying to everyone.

Scene 5
Mausi ji says thank God we are safe. Roli says that yes we saw their car and entered from the back door. Mausi ji says we don't have to work on this much longer. Roli says i wish so.

Scene 6
Pari says to her mom that shalu ji is very innocent. This business is not of his kind. Achna says that he should learn that he should take advantage of what he gets. Go in the battle field only you can do this.

Scene 7
Janvi gives water to mausi jia dn roli. Roli tells her that it all happened as we planned lets see if she remembers soniya or not. She gets a call from attul. She tells her that i am the Secretary of soniya ji. She says soniya is not here she can't meet here. Attul says that okay then meet me we will work out on agenda of the meeting. She sasy okay. Roli tells janvi that meghna wanna meet soniya but how attul got my number? Mausi ji say that from orphanage. Mausi ji says why you took name of this secretary. Where will we get thi secretary from ? Asks janvi.

Scene 8
Attul tells meghan that he has planned a meeting with secretary of soniya. I will get her information as much as i can. Whose information? Asks shaureya. Meghna tells her that she is a girl so rich in this ypung age i wanna met her. Shaureya wonders who is this di is trying to meet

Scene 9
Mausi ji is angry at roli because of this secretary scene. She says we need someone good to do this. Sijmar says that don't worry soniya's secretary will go along her. I know someone who can go? Mausi ji asks who is that? Simar says you, who else. Simar says that you ahev tha cting talent. Roli says yes you will also potent me. Mausi ji says that ovbviously ia m talented and classy but this is serious matter what if she recognizes me? Our family will have to jail ti help us out. Roli says i will change you the way you won't even recognize yourself.

Precap- Roli asks janvi thats he saw her room's light on when she woke up to fast for sid. Simar asks her why is she fasting for shaureya after knowing all this? Janvi says he is my husband and as a wife this is my responsibility.


cene 1
Pari says that you are right mamma i have to look for the shop my self now. But how will i do this i won't get time for make up and yoga? Achna says that i am here for aarav. and the uma, sujata, roli and simar will be her to work. Just think about the future of your son. PAri says u am doing this for him.

Scene 2
Roli comes in the room she looks at sid who is pretending to sleep. She sya i didn't talk to you whole day i thought i will do it enough now. She is about to go when prem reaches for her hand he get her over her. Sid says that you wanted to talk right? do. Roli smiles and says you wanted to sleep, now do. He says you are my cheese butter and chocolate. She sats don't talk about food it will be hard to fas tomorrow. She tell him that she has to wake up in the morning. Sid says that i will fast with you too for love of my life. Roli hugs her and says i love you he syas that i haven't spent a single day without thanking God for a life partner like you. He says i just want my sister to ahev a good husband too. He asks roli why is janvi's name startling her ? Roli says no its not like that. He asks if shaureya is annoying her ? She sys no just sleep we have to wakje up.

Scene 3
Next morning sujata gives her daughter in laws the sargi of karwachod. Mata ji gives the sargi to her daughter in laws and to mausi ji and achna. Mausi ji syas that now don't put price tag on it, it is priceless it just has the love of my mata ji. Achna says my mom in law used to give me sweets of 400 KG ghee. Prem, shalu, prem and papa comes in ad says where is our sargi mata ji ?Sid says We are fasting this time because we also need a partner to bore us all the time and i am happy with the way roli bores me. They all eat up their sargi.
There in the room janvi is also eating for the fast she remembers how shaureya sais that they will be with each other to eternity and next morning he broke he wedding locket. Tears are slipping of her cheeks. She says why you did this to me shaureya it must be a joke for you, but for m its a truth that i lived and felt. I am obligated to be loyal with this relationship. I may not be nothing for you but you are my husband for me and i will live this reality.

Scene 4
ext morning simar comes to janvi's room. She says that we are fasting so we thought to give you your tea here in your room. Janvi is quiet. Roli says that when i was going to my room after sargi i saw your room's light open you woke up for sargi? Simar says why after knowing the reality you are fasting for shaureya. Janvi says because this is my responsibility. She cries. Simar says that they will take vengeance of what shaureya has done to you. He will ahve to pay.

Scene 5
Everyone in the living room is laughing at pari who is hungry in the day time. Mata ji asks mausi ji, roli and simar where are they going? Mausi ji says that they are going to temple.Mata ji says that simar has to stay home mar is worried. Pari says that we need help in selecting colors of decor. Pari says that let her go she has know how of all new fashion colors. Sujata says that simar always selects the colors and she will do today. simar says okay i will stay. Roli and mausi leave. Simar prays for their luck.

Precap- Roli has changed the out look of mausi ji but she is talking the same way she does. She is about to fall in the pool owing to the heels she is wearing..


Attul is waiting for the secretary of soniya. Mausi ji is all changed. She says to roli that your mausi is looking so good. Roli asks her to give her trailer. She says her typical sentences. Roli asks her to control. Mausi ji says that its habitual. She says i will be flop in front of him. roli says that you are so talented mausi ji you can teach him. Mausi ji says i will go now. Roli is smiling. Mausi ji is about o fall in water owing to heels.

Scene 2
There simar is selecting colors for the shop. pari says that simar doesn't know about the shop. Mata ji says that okay you should go for yellow and black. everyone laughs and says its not a taxi. Simar says what about selecting the color when the interior is done. Pari leaves in anger. Sujata asks jaanvi to eat something simar says that i will make janvi eat something. When sujata leaves janvi says i am sorry bhabhi you have to lie because of me. Simar says no worries we have a few more days to go. Our plan is on right track.

Scene 3
Mausi ji goes to attul is trying to act normal. Attul says have a seat she says no i have coffee. She says i am so busy as i am soniya's secretary she is so young and rich. He business is all set in many countries. She has bought many factories she is so proud. These girls are flop types. Soniya don't do anything without my consent. Roli is worried what is this mausi ji is continuously speaking.

Scene 4
Roli says to achna that she has rejected all the colors simar selected. Achna says that it wsa all i wanted but just make shalu happy all the time. Pari says don't worry i will work on your ideas.

Scene 5
There meghna reaches and is about to see roli. She sees her and roli is oblivious of that. Roli pretends that she is talking to micheal on phone. Meghna asks her what is she doing here? She says i am here to bring my secretary. She says lets go for a coffee. Roli is reluctant. Meghna says come on its not a big deal its just a matter of 10 minutes. Roli says actually the meeting is so important. Meghna insists her. Mausi ji comes and says that she can't drink coffee because she is fasting. Roli says meet her she is my secretary. Meghna says that i thought you are not married? Roli says that actually she is my family member like lady. She asked me to fast so i will gt a better husband in future. Meghna says thats so sweet. They both leave. Meghna says you have to meet me soniya obroye.

Scene 6
Mausi ji is calling uma pari and simar. She asks all of them to get ready like a bride. Mausi ji asks uma to get ready well as moon will come with attitude. Roli's phone is ringing and its attul. She looks at mausi ji? she asks is it meghna's PA? Mausi ji takes phone from her hand and goes out. attul asks her when will made come i am asking about the time? She says her time is not conform i will let you know. Attul says whats wrong with your voice? She gets worried and says that she will be coming for dinner tonight.
Attul tells meghna that she is coming over for dinner. Meghna ask him to do the best arrangements. She asks sahureya that i want to introduce you to him be at home. He says whatever.

Scene 7
Roli tells simar that she was caught my meghna when she was waiting at the corner. Masui ji comes and says that attul has asked for a dinner. Roli says and you denied? Mausi ji says no i said yes. Roli says how could you do this its my fast tonight.

Precap- All of them are breaking their fasts. Attul tells meghna that they are not receiving phone. She shouts at him that you can't even confirm a dinner. attul says that if she is so rude in the beginning what will she do onward.


Everyone asks Mausiji what happened. Mausiji says they invited Sonia for dinner. Roli asks she said no, right? Mausiji says no, without asking you, I said yes. Roli says how is it possible because today its karva chauth and they can't give this excuse to Meghna to cancel dinner as she thinks Sonia is unmarried and can break her fast anywhere.. even at her house. Mausji says we will just call and say that we have got an important meeting so can't go for dinner. Simar and Roli are not sure about it. Mausji says things like this happen with big people.. they get work any time and they have to cancel other things like dinner. Mausji says it will work in their advantage as this will prove to Meghna that they are also busy with work. Mausiji tries to call Meghna's PA, Atul, but his number is unreachable. Roli and Simar are called on terrace for Karva Chauth rituals. Mausiji says she will handle everything and send everyone to get themselves ready.

Meghna guides a cook to prepare dinner well for tonight as a special guest, Sonia Oberoi is coming who is very important for their business. She then asks her PA, Atul to call and ask Sonia's secretary when they are coming. Atul tries to call, but there is no network. Other side, Mausiji is trying to call as well. Atul goes outside to call. Mausiji receives a call, but she can't talk as Mataji comes there. Mataji takes Mausiji with her saying some surprise.

All Bharadwaj bahus do Karva Chauth rituals. Pari is anxiously waiting for moon to come out. Shelu teases her by giving her a candy bar, but Pari refuses to take it. This makes Shelu very happy and he is confident that Pari won't break mataji's trust. For Mataji, all their bahus are her pride.

Sid is looking in the sky. Roli goes to him and asks he cant stay hungry? sid says he is looking in the sky for moon because he can't wait to ask for his wish. Roli says i know what your wish is.. that Roli and Sid always stay together. Sid brings a thaal and asks her if she wants to see moon. Roli says yes. Sid shows her face to her and says she is moon for him. They share a romantic moment.

Moon finally comes out. All bahus do rituals together and all guys stand behind them. Janvi is hiding and watching them. She also does rituals on a side seeing other bahus. All bahus look at their husbands, while Janvi looks at Sourya's photo. She cries remembering her marriage and everything that Sourya did to her after that.

Atul informs Meghna that no one is picking up call. Meghna asks him, can't you arrange one dinner appointment? Atul says if she is behaving like this from now.. then how she will behave later? He suggests Meghna that she should change her decision to do business with Sonia.

Back to Bharadwaj house, Mataji prays the Goddess to keep all couples together like this forever. Mausiji comes to Mataji and asks her if she can drink water. Mausiji breaks her fast by herself. All husbands make their wives drink water and break their fast. Mausji then tells all bahus to break their husbands' fastng too as they all did fast too. Bahus feed their husbands. While Janvi is busy with breaking her fast, Sourya's photo flies and Sid notices it, but he can't see whose photo is that as its upside down. He goes to look at it, and is shocked to see Janvi doing Karva chauth rituals and breaking the fast. He takes Janvi's name and everyone goes to see what happened. Sid asks Janvi what she was doing. All Bharadwajs are shocked! Prem asks her for whom she kept the Karva Chauth fast. Janvi is quiet. Mausiji sees Sourya's photo and quietly picks it up and hides it. Sid tells Janvi, we are your brothers.. so it's our right to know for whom you're doing all this. Now Sujata asks same question to Janvi. Episode ends on Janvi's face.

No Precap


scene 1
Sujata is asking janvi who is the one she is fasting for? Roli says thats he done fasting today to get a good husband in future. She was hesitating to tell you all. Simar says yes she was worried about all what happened before. Mausi ji says that she is like me i used to fast too with you jiji to get a good husband. Mata ji says always be happy my daughter.

Scene 2
Pari says on the table that i was dying of hunger. Mata ji says that i want you all to be bonded like this always. Sujata says that she is i wish janvi will also be part of us on this day with her husband. Simar looks at mausi ji who is bewildered. she thinks i forgot to talk to meghna's PA. I have made the mess. Simar is worried what will happen now.

Scene 3
Mausi ji, simar, janvi and roli go in the room. Mausi ji says that i called him but he didn't receive. She syas but i will call him now and tell him that we were in meeting. Attul receives the calls. He is so angry he says that you should respect time. What kind of people like yopu. Meghna takes the phone and says its okay. We will do the dinner tomorrow tell her that we will talk about business. Mausi ji when tells everyone they are dazed.

Scene 4
Achna asks pari to visit the shop daily. Sujata asks about roli is lunch tiffens of all men are ready? She says yes.
Roli goes to sujata and tells her that she will give the food to everyone at the lunch time. Sujata says that you will leave aarav? Achna says that when men are working so hard then pari can at least do this. Achna asks simar anf roli that they don't have to worry about food. Pari will handle all this. Achna asks pari to think of her future.
Simar asks roli not to talk about business in front of meghna. Roli ssays but what will i say in the house. Mausi ji intrude and says that i am so sorry types. Simar says that's alright. Mausi ji says that i don't wanna be flop in teaching them. I will tell mata ji that i am going to meet my sister in law. Simar asks roli to get prepared for this meeting. Roli says yes.

scene 5
When roli goes to her room she finds roses then sid hold her hand. She says that these are so beautiful. He says i know. This is romance. He asks her to be statue and keep quiet. He hold her from back. He syas that i have such a beautiful wife. Roli says that you have a lot of responsibilities like work. Sid says that this is my last say in this work. I will be joining Prem's friend's company. May be your sid don't have time for you then. That's why i was thinking to spend time with my cheese butter chocolate. We will be going out this evening. And i don't want any excuses.
Roli is so worried now who will she go to meghna's house.

Scene 6
Prem is talking about sid's new job to shalu. Sid is telling them that they will call some celebrity on the inauguration of shop. Pari comes in and says that she has brought the food. Pari says are these all your plans ? he sys yes. Pari says you should involve all the people in it. Prem says that they always rely on each other.

Scene 7
Roli tells simar that sid has decided a dinner for them. Simar says that you can't go but mausi ji can. Simar says i know you can mausi ji. Mausi ji is so worried.

Precap- shaureya says where are your guests? I don't like waiting. Mausi ji comes in and sayys i don't either. Meghna asks her where is soniya?


Scene 1
Sujata says to mata ji that janvi should get marries. Suddenly mausi ji starts screaming because of pain. She asks sujata to make her tea. Simar understands that she is just pretending. Simar says lets go mausi ji i will take you to your room. Mata ji says i will go with you. simar syas no i will handle her alone. You will get tired.

Scene 2
There meghna is really happy because of the arrangments attul has made. She asks shaureya where is he going? I told you that soniya is coming on dinner. Sahureya says that i am not interested in these boring gatherings. She says that i am telling you not asking. He says alright call me when your guests are here

Scene 3
Roli has made sweets for sid she goes to her room and finds a box which a saari is present. She finds a car that says that i wanna fall in the love which is between a husband and wife. Wear this saari and come to terrace. Moon is waiting love you. she s.

Scene 4
When roli goes up she finds sid there he comes closer and the lights get open she finds all the decoration there with roses, candles and ballons. She says this is so beautiful. Sid says not more than you. She asks how much you love me? He syas much more than you. He says that you are so beautiful that you make everything around so beautiful. He says i wanna love you again. She syas i love again, he says forever. He presents her a ring. she accepts he says that this is waiting for you since so long. I bought it as an anniversary gift but on that say i wasn't with you. She says we have waited so long. He makes her wear the ring. They both stand up. She tells him that this is all so beautiful.

Roli and Sid are dancing and enjoying thei moments together on the song, Main rang sharbatoon ka tu methay ghaat ka paani'.
Sid's phone is ringing he calls him somewhere. sid tells roli that prem called me to meet new boss. He sys is it okay to go ? She says yes. We will do dinner some other day.

Scene 5
Mausi ji calls simar and tells her that she is outside of meghna's home. She is in her own accents still. Mausi ji says that i will make them believe that soniya is so busy in a meeting.
Meghna and shaurey are sitting on sofa. shuareya says that i hate witing. Mausi ji comes in and says that same, i don't like going late too. Attul welcomes her. Shaureya asks her have we met before? I fell like i have seen you somewhere. Mausi ji says no. Maybe i attend so many functions maybe you have seen me there. I am meeting you first time. Meghna asks where is soniya? Roli says from the back good evening meghna ji. Meghna welcomes her. she says meet him he is m y bother shaureya. Shaureya offered a hand to shake. Roli is just looking at him and remembering janvi's tears. She shakes hand with him. Tine says that we have made them wait too long already lets go on the table. Meghna says to soniya that this all your favorite food. Roli asks what you do shaureya ? Shaureya says that it was joke or question? I handle my family business like meghna di. Meghna says taht i wanted to talk about business. I want to show you a proposal to merge our business. Roli is worried. Meghna says that you can your time. Mausi ji says that ma'am would like to merge business with some relatives. Meghna says i thought you have no relatives.

Precap- sid enters a home with all lights off then he sees a lady. He is dazed,.


scene 1
Meghna is asking Roli about merging the business. She says that you can take your time. Mausi ji says that madam prefer merging business with realtives. MEghans asy that i thought you have no relatives. Mausi ji say that we can make new relatives. Dewaan group has proposed madam for wedding along with business deal . Roli say tina is right. Mausi ji says that she think before finalizing any deal.

Scene 2
Sid goes to a house which is all in dark he opens the dorr he finds it strange. H can't find anyone there he asks is there anyone one here? He finds a woman whose back is on his side. He says is this obroye manson? He says that i am being worried since so long is this a house or dead house. Tell soniya madam that sid has come to meet her. Sudeenly lights turn on and she turns towards sid.

Scene 3
Meghna says that i hope you liked the dinner attul gives them drink soniya says no thanks. Meghna says that we should do this more often. Roli says one meeting is nought to know a person. she asks mausi ji to go. Meghna says what is this way to talk to guests? He says you just asked me to stay. I did all acting i could. Now i am done with you business deals. he leaves.

Scene 4
Sid says sorry to her and says i thought someone is doing this deliberately. She says its okay. this wheel chair is not my permanent partner. I had an accident so my doctor gave it to me for a limited time she says you know this all happens. sid says i like your spirit.

Simar says to janvi that you should not spend your tears on someone who doesn't care about you. simar says that you have to forget this all. janvi says how? sh shows her wedding locket to simar and says this my permanent relation with him.

Attul says to meghna that our plan has failed. she says that i get whan i want my hook or by crook.

janvi and simara re worried about mausi ji. suddenly she comes in along with roli. they are really startled to see roli with her. she says that i went with her too. they tell them all what happened at the dinner in short.

Scene 5
Meghna is thinking about what tina said she says no matter what happens i will make her daughter in law of this house.
Roli is waiting for sid. She says its 11 o'clock he should have comes he is not even receiving the call.
The lady says to sid that i have always got deceiving from others thats why i stay wawy from media. Sid says that its strange no one knows ypu face when you so rich. She says yes the silence of this house must have told you that i don't like meeting anyone. She says i don't trust anyone. I have a lot of haters one did a lot of fatal atacks on me 2 times i was safe and third time this happened. she is sitting on wheel chair. Sid asks didn't police find anyone? She says search is still on. She says that i want someone trustworthy and prem is my old friend. He suggested me your name. Then i thought i can trust you too. Sid says that i hope i won't disappoint you.

Scene 6
Meghna tells attul thats he is planning to get shaureya and soniya married they will become partners automatically. She says i want to meetu her tomorrow. i will asks shaureya he won't syas no to me. I will make him agree.

Precap- Sid says to roli that his new boss is bit interseing character. She is just a simple girl in looks but she is weird. Roli asks her name? He is about to tell when his phone rings. He says yes soniya madam.


Scene 1
Roli is waiting for sid she is angry. Said comes and she says its 3 o'clock. Sid says sorry it was meeting i know i am late.

Sid says to soniya why didn't you ask police to find him. She says that its hard to be safe from your own relatives and the reason for that is this property. They can't bear that a girl is having a property like this. Soniya says that injustice is more than justice always. I want you to manage this company. I am giving you all the authority of my company. He says that it was first meeting the boss's character is so suspicious. she is so strong. By looks she is just a girl next door. roli asks what her name ? He is about to tell when his phone rings. H receives the call and says yes soniya madam. he disconnects. Roli asks him again but he has slept already. She smiles looking at him.She pats his head and turns the light off.

Next morning mata ji blesses sid that for his new job. Roli gives him lunch box and wishes him luck. Prem and rest of the men are leaving too. sujata asks simar to give them the lunch. Pari says no i will take the lunch. Achna says that i will go along you too. Mata ji and sujata says that there is nothing ready on the shop what will you do. She says okay. Shalu says pari not to come they will eat something. They leave.

Scene 2
Roli gets a call from attul on her phone. She goes to mausi ji's room who is sleeping. she is not waking. She shows her attul's phone mausi ji receives his call. attul is asking for soniya's appointment. She says that madam is so busy call me tomorrow. Attul says no it will be so late. He says meghna ji has something important. Mausi ji syas to him that she is going to coffee shop to meet the family about her wedding.
Attul is forcing Mausi ji for the meeting. She says no its not possible and cuts the call. She says to roli the they have hit the nail on head.
Attul tells Meghna that he couldn't get appointment. She is going to meet her proposal at coffee shop.

Scene 3
Prem and shalu are telling interior decorators how to decorate the shop. Shalu says that prem my brain isn't working now.

Scene 4
Meghna goes to coffee shop. Roli and mausi ji pretends like they are startled to see her. Roli says we are so busy you know meghna ji. Have the coffee. Meghna says place and things are not important. The important thing is the value 0f those words.Meghna gives roli her proposal. Roli stands up and says you know what yop are saying? Meghna says that we have to get shaureya married this year.So whats wrong in this. Meghna says that this will be so beneficial for you and me. Attul says you can't get a better family than singhaniys. Meghna says that this sis just a genuine request i assure you that you won't regret. She says why are you guys so dazed have i said something wrong? Mausi ji says no don't worry about soniya's apponitment. roli says tine please handle this matter. Meghna says to her that it won't be your loss. Roli asks what about shuareya ? Is he agreed? Meghna says that he is all happy in this. Roli syas meghna that i count the benefits and loses of all before taking any decision.
Meghna leaves and mausi ji is celebrating that.

Precap- Mausi ji asks where will we bring that family form? Simar says that we will get some way like before i am just waiting for the day when shaureya will be repanatant over what he did.

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