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~*Happy 10th Birthday India-Forums!*~

Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

I-F Crazy Creatives Head, BC Special Effects Supervisor
Joined: 24 March 2008
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Posted: 27 November 2013 at 11:51am | IP Logged

The No.1 Indian Entertainment Portal, that recently celebrated 50 K members on Diwali, celebrates its 10th birthday this year. Join us in this grand celebration! We have the story of IF below this, along with testimonials from different groups of IF and finally, a message from the genius behind this website, Vijay himself!
Here at India-Forums, we the members are provided many opportunities to get involved and the various services also keep us aware and knowledgeable! Here are a few of the many:
The team that keeps members up to date when it comes to the small screen! The articles and interviews are featured at the homepage of the website!
The team consisting of members from India-Forums itself, who write on Bollywood, and all the hot and happening stories! The articles from this team are also posted at the homepage of the website along with Tellybuzz.

This is yet another team on IF that is all of members of the website! This team brings the whole of IF contests, games, discussions and festival posts (any more more!).
A webseries (episodes) that recently began. Each episode comprises of fun interviews of many tellywood celebrities.
^Click the link

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vijayAahaana*Shruti*Jaiprithanaletcumihimanshuap84129849517648compartmentbhanivirama1Chaapa93khushi398adiluvuCHAVI5050adeena_89iluvrainaartiminzuuuuAsherkibiwiPallanguzhimunnihyderabadvidya0906_Nancy_Aurora.Arooj.MgothopeApoorvaFanshehjarAlishaxxMissKaifPhoenixSnitch49Krilovadtimi2000AurinMishutheezy-lovelyHumnaAfaq_Sunshiine_mnx12souro-RD-Yuvika_15Athenehopper_oceanSaalaDonkey-Hanaa-_Ashy_-sayeed-*mystic.moon*LavleenaSNarutoFan.Kore.CHOCOSWATHI-Maryam.K-MDTharunKayAziwadakshumhatreAisha1996JustMySelf..Asya..adyluvskatkaatayaniYaGunnersYa.LuvArTi4ever--Iqra---JujuKeshi.nlAmeera.starsanjana-RanDeep-.HookandHybrid.preethi18twinkle-starmaankigeet4everbr200910kavyasamBhatakti_atmaP.Srinivasmaheen55mysterieuxMs.Chandni-Demi-madmadonaRoxxy47hira_arnieprateek.007stg1...Mallu...abjbdishiuwempusal-NiklausFan-ljmoyee200.Mandy.nithya..VishaD.gk_09supercool3.StarryPhoenixPreternaturalPutijaChalhovMyInspirationzmythili2Bobbi.faria86ananya2000debasree04|Persephone|ronshaanshalirainydays.sanwlipshaa.FemmeFatale.beautiful.Radhikeraniincandescentmoon_cupcakeashdgr8xxAqeelahxxReshh16crazyskysherdilaliatominissiva2901-Sandy-TyropoojahandaRitu-Duggukede-FrozenRain--Drama_Queen-.LilGreenRobot.sreelu094.SobtiLicious.Preet.Kceeeeeeeee.Brooke.aartipartyy.Tanmaya.-himu--Lakk-LittleDhampir.Proud-IndiadivsarunfanAnnika_Ishqbaaz-Cutyee-Ishqbaaaz-Nithiya95rishabgosaviEarlyYoungTimes_saumya__Nish_cheesemadAmanat.Spring-DewclementinaAfiChanAC_CA--VS--BriyanikidaigVmaaGuruvishvaawida_Pikachu_.Khamosh.CrazyDollAnandi.PixieBunnie.patieAngel_Luv--Isabella---Red-Rose-.HandsomeBananaDEEPZzzz.MyriadOfHues.ArnieBoyBarun.SalmanDeewani.*Dev.*Arshi.Sugi.IPK-Koeli_Appy--Araina--Ursh-BubblyRsomergasm.Madhuri53NestleToulouseRoses-khushi-PuNiTh-...navina...sonia_1HallyHEnduranceAmor.LimitLessFanSue101Cutiepie RaniSiyapaaQueenilluminated.riti4uNandiniRaizadaa_BlackPearl_SilentSilvercharmee_sammyAASUS-Ocean.eyes-relentless.shibzSilverBellNikki_Titli-Swetha-.hayaat.-.SapnokiRani-.BabajiKaThulluminuuSupernatural_10spvdNichussthala.Killer.-Mr.CooL-

Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

I-F Crazy Creatives Head, BC Special Effects Supervisor
Joined: 24 March 2008
Posts: 22066

Posted: 27 November 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged

The website began as a blog that Admin, Vijay created for the show Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin 10 years ago on December 9. Eventually, the India-Forums expanded and from a blog, it became a full fledged website as members began to join. Followed by that, was the creation of separate forums for different shows. After that, as many say, the rest is history. The quote on the logo of the website speaks for itself - the No.1 Indian Entertainment Portal.
Important Note: The people chosen for these testimonials were asked to provide it before their promotions.
"Newbie to DT, joined BC and CC. Done it all"
Adventurous unpredictable roller-coaster journey filled with friendship, responsibility, self-exploration, & challenges.
"My journey on India-Forums has been abstract, cordial and exceptional!"
nostalgia , joy , sorrow , curiosity , suspense , addiction , friendships , heartbreak , dedication and loyalty Big smile
Fun, Exciting, Exhilarating, Incredible, Interesting, Inspiring, Pleasant, Enriching, Memorable, Adventurous 
"It's a memorable, adventurous and great experience to cherish always."
"It's been a self-exploring, confident, team-spirited, friendly and cherished journey."
"It's NOT a journey, but a place to make friends"

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vijayAahaana*Shruti*ap84129849517648Chaapa93adiluvuCHAVI5050minzuuuumunnihyderabadAurora.PhoenixSnitch49shehjarAlishaxxtheezy-lovelyKrilovadtimi2000_Sunshiine_souro-RD-mnx12AtheneYuvika_15BilliCat.*mystic.moon*_Ashy_arabian_loveKayAziwaLavleenaSMDTharunadyluvskatkamalini123preethi18starsanjana-RanDeep-.HookandHybrid.Aisha1996twinkle-starhira_arnieTeriGalliyan.--Iqra--Ameera.kaatayaniYaGunnersYa.LuvArTi4evermaheen55mysterieuxbr200910...Mallu...abjbdishiuwsujana9jmoyee200Ms.Chandni.Mandy.nithya..supercool3.StarryPhoenixVishaD.-Anarkali.gk_09OodlesDoodles|Persephone|Ritu-ananya2000debasree04xxAqeelahxxbeautiful.Reshh16atominissiva2901Tyromoon_cupcakeRadhikeraniincandescentrainydays.sanwlipshaaIshan.MyInspirationzmythili2Bobbi.PreternaturalEarlyYoungTimes_saumya_Amanat.sreelu094.Brooke.Duggukede-FrozenRain--Drama_Queen-.FairyDust..LilGreenRobot.aartipartyy.Tanmaya.eeeeeeeee-Lakk-clementina-CutyeeLittleDhampir.Proud-India_Nish_Spring-Dew--VS----Isabella--Guruvishva-Red-Rose-.HandsomeBanana.SalmanDeewani.*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy-Angel_Luvpatie_Pikachu_CrazyDollAnandirelentless.SilverBellAASUSSiyapaaQueenLimitLessFan-Ocean.eyes-charmee_sammyAmor.Cutiepie Raniilluminated.NestleToulousesonia_1somergasm.Enduranceriti4uNandiniRaizadaa_BlackPearl_-Araina-Madhuri53-Ursh-BubblyR.hayaat.-.SapnokiRani-.minuuSupernatural_10spvd-Swetha-Nikki_Titli-Mr.CooL-Nichuss.Killer.

Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

I-F Crazy Creatives Head, BC Special Effects Supervisor
Joined: 24 March 2008
Posts: 22066

Posted: 27 November 2013 at 11:54am | IP Logged is going to complete 10 YEARS... Wow.. Memory of its journey is still so fresh that its hard to believe that such a long period of time has passed.

When I started the site I never in my dream thought that it will grow so big. Rather it was more of a fun thing something I used to do apart from handling software projects. I truly believe that I have been really fortunate that India-Forums happened through me.

The credit for our success surely goes to all the members who logs on to the site everyday and participate in various discussions and have been around for years and also to my entire Dev Team (including the Crazy Creatives and Bolly Curry) for their relentless support in managing the forums and making it such a fun place. I would also like to thank the entire TV industry for their continued support, encouragement and appreciation and without which this would not have been possible.

My personal thanks to all my friends who have always been there when I needed them the most and have become part of my life. Few I might have lost contact but I will never forget their contribution and I am forever indebted to all of them.

I don't know about others but I truly learnt a lot of things through India-Forums and it has made me a better person in so many ways.

Personally I still feel we are just getting started and we have miles to go...and I hope we will continue to enjoy the same love and support from our members in our journey forward.

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Aahaana*Shruti*9849517648Chaapa93adiluvuminzuuuuvidya0906munnihyderabadAlishaxxAurora.PhoenixSnitch49_Sunshiine_AurinMishuKrilovadtimi2000theezy-lovelymnx12souro-RD-BilliCat.AtheneYuvika_15SaalaDonkey*mystic.moon*MDTharunKayAziwaLavleenaSMrsSSOAmeera.starsanjana-RanDeep-.HookandHybrid.br200910kamalini123kaatayaniYaGunnersYa.preethi18adyluvskattwinkle-starmysterieux...Mallu...jmoyee200abjbdishiuwempusahira_arnieTeriGalliyan.Ms.Chandni.Mandy.nithya...StarryPhoenixVishaD.supercool3-Anarkali.gk_09OodlesDoodlesMyInspirationzananya2000debasree04mythili2Bobbi.rainydays.lipshaaIshan.sanwDuggukede.FairyDust.-FrozenRain--Drama_Queen-Radhikeraniincandescentmoon_cupcakexxAqeelahxxbeautiful.Reshh16atominissiva2901OtakuGirl-DeboRitu-Amanat.clementinaSpring-DewLittleDhampir.Proud-India-Lakk-Preet.Kc.LilGreenRobot.aartipartyy.Tanmaya.-CutyeeEarlyYoungTimes_Pikachu_--Isabella--Angel_Luv.HandsomeBananaCrazyDollAnandi-Red-Rose--Araina--Ursh-BubblyRMadhuri53somergasm.Endurance...navina...sonia_1*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy-NestleToulouse.SalmanDeewani.ArnieBoyBarunilluminated.Amor.Cutiepie RaniLimitLessFanrelentless.shibzAASUSriti4uNandiniRaizadaa_BlackPearl_charmee_sammySiyapaaQueen-Swetha--.SapnokiRani-.Nikki_TitliminuuSupernatural_10spvdNichuss.Killer.-Mr.CooL-

Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

I-F Crazy Creatives Head, BC Special Effects Supervisor
Joined: 24 March 2008
Posts: 22066

Posted: 27 November 2013 at 11:54am | IP Logged

18shabbo (graphics)
Yuvika_15 (PMs)

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vijayAahaana*Shruti*9849517648Chaapa93minzuuuuadiluvuCHAVI5050munnihyderabadPhoenixSnitch49AlishaxxshehjarKrilovadtimi2000theezy-lovely_Sunshiine_mnx12souro-RD-BilliCat.Yuvika_15Athene*mystic.moon*SaalaDonkeyLavleenaSkamalini123kaatayaniYaGunnersYa.starsanjana-RanDeep-.HookandHybrid.Ameera.flirtatious.TeriGalliyan.hira_arniejmoyee200abjbdishiuwempusabr200910Ms.Chandnimysterieuxtwinkle-starAisha1996adyluvskat.Mandy.nithya...StarryPhoenixgk_09OodlesDoodles-Anarkali.supercool3mythili2Bobbi.MyInspirationzRitu-debasree04Radhikeraniincandescentmoon_cupcakeOtakuGirl-DeboxxAqeelahxxbeautiful.Reshh16atominissiva2901DuggukedePreet.Kc-Drama_Queen-.LilGreenRobot.aartipartyy.Tanmaya.EarlyYoungTimessreelu094-CutyeeLittleDhampir.Proud-Indiarainydays.lipshaaIshan.sanwclementinaAmanat.Spring-Dew-Lakk--Red-Rose-GuruvishvaCutiepie Raniilluminated.Amor.LimitLessFanrelentless.shibzAASUSSiyapaaQueenCrazyDollAnandiAngel_Luv_Pikachu_.HandsomeBananaArnieBoyBarun.SalmanDeewani.*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy-somergasm.Madhuri53sonia_1NestleToulouseEnduranceriti4uNandiniRaizadaa_BlackPearl_-Araina--Ursh-BubblyRcharmee_sammy-Swetha--.SapnokiRani-.Nichuss.Killer.-Mr.CooL-Supernatural_10minuuspvd

gk_09 IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 10 May 2005
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Posted: 08 December 2013 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Happy 10th Birthday I-F! Party

Thank you Vijay and team for giving us a platform like such. Moreover, I-F has given me some of my most dearest friends today, which I truly am grateful for. 

May you have many more successful years to come! 

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ApoorvaFan Goldie

Joined: 16 December 2010
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Posted: 08 December 2013 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Happy 10th Birthday IF...  Wishes and congrats to Vijay for consistently keeping this site up and creating a good platform for Desi viewers across the world to share their common love and interest.

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CandyCrushh IF-Stunnerz

Book Talk Forum Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 08 December 2013 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
Woww.. Congo.. Clap

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Ishan. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 08 December 2013 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Happy 10th Birthday India-Forums ! :)

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