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SS: Bad Boy and His Nerd. Updt:Ch.3:Pg.19: 20/1/14 (Page 19)

sumera_sulaiman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2013 at 4:16am | IP Logged
their pov's were amazingLOLLOL
omg taylor is slowly falling for her aww!! that eye 2 eye scene was cute indeedHeart
two best bas***ds hahahaLOLLOL loved their friendship!!!
 their bike ride and after effectEmbarrassed was cutey cute..
and he atlast came to d point which he wanted to ask.. her singing
overall it was a lovely update!!
i kno i kno i m late par kya karun xams chal rahi hein na..Ermm
isiliye iss baar maaf karna late cmmnt ke liye..Smile
do update d nxt chap sooonBig smileBig smile

divi_divyana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 6:41am | IP Logged
Awesome update..
Update soon
navk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2013 at 6:31am | IP Logged
nice update Smile
cuppypie121 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2013 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
superub story
do continue soon
ZiyaGautamholic Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
When are u updating????
Please update soon...!
.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 12:02am | IP Logged

Thanks a lot aditi, I am glad u liked. Well, you are on first position.. Congo! ;-) Your comment is wonderful. Thank u so so so much. I will update soon. <3

Thanks a lot sweetie, Thanks for reading it. :D

Hola! ;D Thanks a lot gal...Thank u so much! I am glad you gave a chance to this story. Thank u so much. Will update soon! ;-)

Heya, Thanks a lot...Thank u so much, I am glad u liked those scenes... Those scenes came unexpectedly in my mind, I was not sure, if they are fine with the story or not. But, I am glad to know that you liked it. Thanks again. :*

Thanks a lot dear...And thank you for your wishes on X'mas..I was kind of occupied..so couldn't reply. Thanks a lot. :D

Oh my my, Now your goldie..Congo-shongo, gal! Keep rocking! ;-)
Thanks a lot for reading, love you! <3

Thank u dear...Thank u so much! Such a sweet comment! :-)

Thank u dear..I am glad u liked that bike ride. well, in next chapt, you will come to know, Kayala's reaction. :D

Thank u di..Thanks a lot. Hmm..TaaRey in this story. Kind of dfrnt. But, still... it's your way! No prob...I am glad you are enjoying it..I will try my best to make it enjoyable for you till end. Thanks again. Love you! <3 :*

Di, Haawww... Thank u so much! I can only say that...Thanks a lot! Lolz... I will update soon! Luv u a lotz.. :D


Thanks a lot dear...I am glad u liked...Thank u so so so so much! :* :* ^-^

Hihahahiiihaaa...Lolz! Finally, comment from you account. Thank u so so so much. :D I will pakka update very soon! :D 

Thank u so much dips..I know... You told me yesterday. I will update soon! Thank u again..Love you! :-)

Thanks sweetie... Thank u so much! :-)
PS. I love your DP.

Unres it soon! :'( :P :D

Asha...:D Thanks gal... Thank u so much!! :*

Hey, thank u so much dear. I think, I send you a request?? No?? Umm..I will send it soon.Pakka! Thanks for reading... :-)

Thank u dear...Thank u so much! Will update soon... :)

Thanks dear...Thank u so much!! :D 

Nats, hola! :D I ma glad u liked it...As always,...wonderful comment. Thank u so so so so so much! Love you! :* hugs.. >D<


Unres..reminding!! :P :P :P :D


Thanks sweetie...Thank u so much!!! Thanks a lot.. :)


Aww...Thanks sweetheart, Thank u so much!!! :D :*

Thanks a lot dear... I have no words! A tight hug! :D

Thanks sweetie..Thank u so much! :*


Thanks dear... Thank u!!! :D

Hola, how's you??? Thanks for the comment... Muhaazz!! ;-) :*

Thank u so much guyz. I was kind of down. still, little bit. I didn't write a single chapter for a long time. But after reading your sweet, wonderful response..I am feeling better. I will surely write and post it. Thank u so much all of you! :)

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.StarDust. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2013 at 12:03am | IP Logged
Chapter 3:

A Secret between Me And Bad Boy

Kayala's POV.


I wish, if some miracle will happen and this ground will gulp me. I don't want to be here. Nope. I don't. I shook my head. My mouth was still open. Taylor snapped his fingers in front of my eyes, and by one finger, he closed my mouth. I took a sharp breath, and looked at him with wide eyes. This is a dream. No, This is a nightmare. Holy, someone barge in and wake me up..please.. wake me up! I beg you. But, I am begging a nonsense thing. Because, It's not my imagination, it's not a sleepy nightmare. It's freaking live nightmare. I gulped. Taylor was observing me. I looked away. I just waited for him to say something. The only my ears were able to hear the sound of leaves which were jiggling due to a cold strong wind. The silence was killing me. I saw Taylor in corner of my eyes.  His eyes were still set on me. Shit!

I was started to getting nervous under his gaze. You can say, Intense gaze. My heart was pounding rapidly.

"Stop being nervous." His voice was commanding. I snapped my eyes to him and quickly looked away. He was still looking at me with his dangerous blue oceanic eyes.

"Why are you so much weird?" He asked. I frowned and turned my head, "What??" I asked.

He narrowed his piercing blues eyes on me. The glow of the moon was perfect for those perfect eyes. I bite my lips. His eyes followed my lips, but quickly bore into my eyes.

He smirked. God, my heart actually sqeezed and relaxed. I could feel, blood was running through my vines with a rush. What the hell?? He leaned back on grass on one elbow, his eyes hadn't left me for a minute second. I sat there numb. My throat was dry, I needed water.

"You sing amazing, Kayala." His voice was smooth but there was a some type of aura of danger. I narrowed my eyes on him. His eyes were glistening. I don't know, should I take this as a compliment or a threat? If your bully is giving you a compliment, never take it as it seems. It always has an agenda. I looked at Taylor. The smirk was still on his face.

"What do you want, Taylor?" I don't know from where I get so much confidence and asked him. He raised an eyebrow and sighted. "Well...You have talent." He sat up and leaned towards me. " You know Kayala, Hiding talent is not good. This amazing talent should come in front of all people." He said it in such a calm way, I shivered.

"No.." Panic was staring to rise in my body. This is not going to happen. "Why??" He asked, leaning more closer for my liking. I stared at his perfect gorgeous face. Cut it Kayala, come back on the track!

He leaned back and stood up. I also stood up and wrapped my hands around me. "You are not going to reveal it to anyone and anywhere..." I asked it more than stating it. He looked at me weirdly.

Taylor's POV.

I was kind of playing with her. But, she became so much serious and kind of scared when I said, her talent should come in front of people. What's wrong with her?

I stared at her.

 1. She is socially awkward, I find it typically weird.

2. She will not say what she wants to say, she will follow what people will do.

 3. She is always scared.

 4. She smiles awkwardly.

5. She is piece of lack of confidence.

And the list goes on...

I don't get it..what's her real problem? She was looking at me with those, puppy pleading eyes. Gosh, I hate, when people beg. Ugh!

I don't know why, I kind of feel angered towards Kayala's awkward, weird behavior. I stepped towards her, and she took a step back. As if I am going to eat her.

"I want you tomorrow at Tinker Cafe, at 8:oo am." Her eyes went wide. Like, she is shocked. Well, it's kind of cute. But, hey.. She is still weird. I raised an eyebrow and cleared my throat, she gulped and looked up at me and nodded weakly. I rolled my eyes and left her there.

Kayala's POV.

Taylor stepped towards me. I feel short in front of him. " I want you tomorrow at Tinker Cafe. At 8:00am. " He commanded me. My eyes went wide. What he is upto? I prayed to god and cursed him also. I heard, Taylor cleared his throat. I merely nodded and then he left.

I left a sigh of relief. Oh my god!

What is he going to do? I heard my name being called. In instance, Jenny was standing in front me.

"Where were you? Come on..It's late. We have to go home now." She grabbed my hand and we walked towards the boys.

"Did Taylor do something??" Beth whispered to me. I shook my head in affirmation. She eyed me suspiciously.

"Are we ready to leave??" Ryan asked eyeing  Jenny. She nodded, I raised my eyebrow at her. But, she ignored it with a nervous smile. I spotted Beth talking to Liam and then she climbed on his bike. Jenny left my side and climbed on Ryan's bike.

And, I. A big sigh. I turned to Taylor, He looked at back sit and put his helmet. I supposed, it was my cue to climb. I somehow sat on that dangerous thing. I remembered, at what speed he was driving. I gulped and tapped on his shoulder, her moved his face a side.

"Cann...umm... You plessee..drive it slow?" I stammered. In reality, I have a phobia of high speed. He shrugged his shoulder. The front bikers started their bikes, Taylor started also. He looked back at me. I nervously put my hands around his waist. He looked straight and accelerated. The wind blew from my hair. Taylor was driving double the speed that last time. The panic was rising in me. I quickly buried my face in his back and tightened my grip around his waist.

Taylor's POV.

Such a kitten. I like speeding. But, Kayala is scared of speed. She buried her face in my back and tightened her grip on my waist. I smirked. I kept that speed till we were at Beth's house. I nudged her, She popped her head up. Her eyes were sleepy, she left her grip from my waist and climbed off my bike. She was about to turn, I grabbed her wrist and pulled back.

I think, I disturbed her sleepy mode. She looked at me again with wide eyes. " You are coming alone and make sure no one knows about it." I hinted her about our meet. She nodded. She looked at down and then at me. Then, I realized I was holding her wrist, I let it go. Till than, Beth and Jenny came with Liam and Ryan. Jenny quickly came towards her and glared at me. I rolled my eyes and started my engine. I sped off with my bike with Ryan and Liam.


Kayala's POV.

The alarm was buzzing. I looked at it and kept it off. I don't need you little thing. Ha!Because, I couldn't sleep. Damn!!

I am still at Beth's house. Today is no school. Thank god. It's 6:30 in the morning. I sat up and stretched. My stomach growled. I eat an orange last night for dinner. Beth's mom pursued me to eat an entire plate of pasta. So, Today...No breakfast. I ignored my stomach who was growling for food.

I showered and chose a pink shirt with a brown baggy pant. I let my hair free. It's only 7:15. Cafe is at some 20 mins from Beth's house. I did some timepass for more 20 mins. I dashed out from guest room and walked towards living room. Beth's mom was sitting there, sipping coffee and reading a magzing. She was still in her night dress. I think, she felt my presense.

"Good morning, sweetheart."

"Good morning." I replied. "I didn't know, you wake up early..wait let me make some breakfast." She said.

"No-no.. It's fine.. I am going to cafe, I will eat there." I half-lied. Of course, I am going there but not going to eat. Beth's mom nodded and added, " Make sure you eat, hun you eat less these days. Take care and take your mobile with you. Go safely." I nodded at her instruction. She is replica of my mom. I chuckled and walked out of the house.

I reached at cafe on time. It's perfect 8:00am. I entered cafe and a fresh smell of coffee hit my nose. I huffed and ignored it. I looked around, I spotted Taylor on one of the table. I took a deep breath and walked towards him. He looked up and nodded. I sat opposite to him.

He was wearing White shirt and blue jeans. A waitress came and served a coffee to him. "Do you want something??" I shook my head, in no. "One more coffee please!" He ordered. Waitress didn't even look at me and left.

" I don't want it." I hissed at him. Taylor raised an eyebrow. I backed off. I hissed at him. Uh-oh!

From where this bloody confidence was coming into me? Soon, waitress came with a mug of coffee. She placed it on table and left. Taylor waited for me. I finally, took a sip from the mug. WOW! I seriously needed it.

"So." Taylor was sipping his coffee but his eyes were set on me. we are BACK! I tried to make myself comfortable in my sit. Well, I was nervous!

Taylor's POV.

Okay, This is getting boring. I am gonna come on the point. She is nervous, I can read her face.

"Stop it and sit the way you want!" I snapped at her. She looked shocked but then she stopped her nervous attack. She sat steadily.

I cocked my head to the side and studied her. " Look..I will come to the point." She nodded.

"Actually, what do you think... should I reveal your talent?" she quickly whispered cum shouted. "NO."

I nodded and added, "or?" She looked at me with scare.

"What do you want, Taylor??" She asked me. I smirked. "Well...something that I like is straight conversation." I sipped from my mug. She was still looking at me with a hope of an answer.

"See... If you want, that your talent should not come out then you have to listen me." I told her. She looked confused, " What? I didn't get you?"

I nodded. "Well... You have to do and act as I say! Simple!" I rolled my eyes at her.

"Like a slave??" She whispered. I chuckled. She is WEIRD.

"Don't tell me you are a vampire stories freak!" I snapped at her. In those stories only, they have slaves and all.

She sat straight in her sit. "I didn't mean that way!" She whispered. Her cheeks were flaming. I chuckled. I heard that they have intimate relationship with slave and blah! But, right now..I am enjoying Kayla's state.

"really??" I chuckled and asked. She looked at me with her wide innocent eyes, "I said, I didn't mean it in that way!" Her cheeks were more flaming now. I chuckled and throw my head back. She looks cute when she is embarrassed!

I looked at her. She is still looked flushed but as well as serious. Okay, I take my words back! She is still weird!

"You don't have a choice, Kayala!" I reminded her. She remained silent. "I am taking your silence as no. Hmm??" I asked her. But, she only started at me.

Kayala's POV.

I don't have a choice! Ya.. right! I seriously don't have. I don't want people to know my talent. But, I don't want to puppy of Taylor also. The both situations are HELL. I looked at him and exhaled a deep breath. 

"What will you do exactly If I agree?" I asked him in my small voice. He raised an eyebrow and nodded.

" You don't have choice, Kayala. Well.. That you will come to know. But, If I order you to do a thing, you have to do it without asking question." He said as he sipped from his mug.

I bite my lips. This is a bit complicated and dangerous. I am getting what he is saying. But, what if make me do something which will embarrass me. I sighted. This is kind of bullying also. I am feeling like, I will at his service. Like a servant. 

Why are you thinking so much, Kayala? This is not the first time, he is bullying you. So, just face it. You don't have choice, also!

But, how long it will be? He can't take me as his servant for the whole year. Actually, he can. But, I hope, he is not going to.

"How long?" I asked. He looked at me confused. " How long you want me to..to..." He looked at me with amused smirk, " to be your servant?"I finally asked. He tapped his fingers on table and shrugged.

" As long as I want.." He said. He looked at his watch and then at me. 

"Look Kayala, I don't have an entire day. And, I am again reminding you, You Don't Have A Choice. Either you say Yes. Or I will click this send button and then everyone will get to know about your so called 'secret talent'. He said while showing me the his cell. Just one click and it will be on school site.

I groaned. God, How much I wanted to tell him that dancing on his fingers will be last thing I will do. But, I don't have choice. If I say, NO. He will... He will.. He will reveal my singing secret to everyone. It's not like, I am ashamed, I know, I sing well. Whatever, I like I do it by my heart. But, people.

Already, They judge me by my body. More than half of the school don't talk to me. I won't be able to listen their comments on my singing. This is the only thing, I do it by my heart, my soul. I just love singing. I want it to be as a secret. I am scared. I don't want my singing to be misjudged because of my looks. I have attended some Drama Classes. 

I don't know about any other school. But, in my school. If popular people states that someone is ugly, then entire school will agree on that. They don't give a chance to people who are "ugly" according to them. They will just show thumbs down in the air. They call the names. This is the reason, I don't want to reveal it.

"Fine. I will be your servant as long as you want." I sighted. I uttered those words with so much difficulty. He nodded.

"But," I got alerted. " You will not tell anyone." He said and crossed his arms. I frowned at him. " Why?" I asked. Oh-Oh.

" Because I am telling you. I don't want anyone to know about this. Specially, your friends." He said to me.

" But, what if they ask me? I mean, what I supposed to tell them? If you want me to be your servant, I have to be around you." I said sarcastically. He narrowed his eyes on me. I gulped.

"I am assuming that you little brain will make an excuse. And, If it won't..." He showed me his cell. 

Okay, I get it. I gulped and nodded. He smirked. He forwarded his hand to shake hand. WTH, You are forcing me you bad boy! There is no need of this. Ugh! I forwarded my hand and did shake hand. His hand was large from mine. Yeah, I am big. (Sigh). But, he taller and bigger than me. He is in shape, muscles and all.

CUT IT Kayala! Worry about tomorrow. 

He stood up and placed the money on table. "Meet you tomorrow at school." With that he left me.

He walked out and I also stood up. He paid for my coffee also. I shook my head and started heading towards Beth's house.

Taylor's POV. 

Well, whatever I did kind of sounds stupid. Making her my servant. I didn't plan it in first place. But, hiding your talent is something weird to me. I mean, How much she is weird,she sing amazing. No doubt in that. The way she was panicking when I threatened her to reveal it. It got my interest. I mean, she was near to Panic attack. I don't know, her weird behaviour make me curious about her. So, let's see.

What's wrong with this little Nerd.? And, in this, I am going to enjoy. I smirked to myself. 

Kayla's POV.

I sighted and settled on couch. Beth and Jenny were watching some movie. But, my mind was not into it. I am wondering what the hell Taylor is planning for me. In past, Taylor had bullied me enough. I mean, he is still going to. I bite my lips. 

The one thing I know, it is a staring of Hell For me. And, addition to that I have to lie to my besties. Wow. Great.

A secret between Me and Bad Boy.



How's the update?

Let me know.


So so much Late, I know. My exams and blah!

I apologize.

Thanks for waiting patiently.

Next update will be probably on Thus.

Thank you.

Let me know, your feedback.

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Thanks dear update soon

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