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Part 18

The whole night wasn't a pleasant one for Khushi. She was flaring her nose most of the time. She still couldn't believe that he had trapped her in such way that she don't even have a chance to backfire his plan. She was pacing in the room trying to find the solution to get out from his den. She didn't want to see him for the next 24/7. She already sharing a same mansion with him and their room was attached with the same pool which made a chili run through her spine. She touched her lips which already attempted by him. He has kissed her many times in fact their first met also started with a KISS..! Even it was an accidentally kissed but still she could felt him all over her. Yet again she was puzzle..?? Why she was thinking about him and his touch..? Is it important now..?? She wonder.. She sat on the couch and looked at the file. It was the same file given by him for her to study her new role in AR. She took the file in her hand with an evil smile.

Khushi: "You want me to study the file right..?? Now lets see what you will do if I didn't study it.. I want to see what Arnav Singh Raizada able to do..? It's not a easy task to get me bend before you.. The time will come one day where you will be bending in front of me.. And that won't be that far.." She torn off the paper file along with the description which he instructed her to read before she step in with her new job. There were a lot of important description written regarding her Chief and what work she has to when she is in her Secretary role. But she didn't care to read it. She just wants to make him regret on his choice for forcing her to join AR. She wants him to regret for every single misbehaved that he did with her.

She threw the papers in the dustbin and marched towards her bed. She leaned on the bed and covers herself with the duvet.

Khushi (To herself): "Time to rest fully before stepping in the Rakshah den tomorrow. I need a lot of energy to face him after this.." She closed her eyes and lost in some beautiful dreams far from the Monster which she recently start hating.


Next Morning..

Arnav was ready for his office. He took his laptop bag and some importance files along with him. He returns home late last night and he didn't saw her anywhere. Probably he thought she might be in her room and he didn't want to disturb her as she already looked disturb when he declared her his new employee. He gives her some space and let her come out from the shocks that are going to be a wonderful journey for him.

He still wonders what he would do to her? He made her choose between HELL and HEAVEN which made her choose HELL as she think there is no HEAVEN with him. But he would prove her wrong. HELL and HEAVEN is just a part of the games. He only want her beside him so he would able to see her most of the time. He knew she would hide herself and that was the reason he have given her the priority when she chosen HELL instant of HEAVEN. He gives her nearly one week before he started to react on his plan and the correct time was when his family member won't be around. He didn't want anyone interruption between them. As he though the game should be only between two of them. Khushi and Arnav..!! But deep in his heart he do felt that he was being tough with her but he won't admit..! He just wants her and loves her. But seeing her rejection again and again he felt challenged. He has never met a girl like her before. A girl can do anything to get him in their life but Khushi was way too different from them. She has the courage to slap him and she did it twice. She is the only girl who has given him several pains but still he wants her. He thought of giving her the same pain which she caused his heart but he still wondering would he able too? He can hurt himself if the pain was caused by him but making her suffer was way too far.

Day passed and he started to fall for her but she wasn't that easy for him to fish. He don't mind to force her if that can make her stay beside him forever. It sound like an obsess lover but he don't give damn..! He was what he is today. The biggest and Famous Business Tycoon in the world.. His name is enough to make the world upside down.

He walked down the stairs and went towards the dining room. He found it vacant. His eyes scanned the entire room. He only saw his breakfast on the table and HP standing at the corner waiting for his new order.

Arnav: "Where is she..??" He asked while taking a seat so he could start having his meal.

HP: "Who..??" He asked stupidly..

Arnav(Angrily): "Is there any other Female in this Mansion except Khushi..??" HP nodded a NO with fear in his eyes. "Then answer me..! Where is she..??"

HP: "She already left early in the morning.. She was in hurry.." He said in one breath without letting him roared again on him.

A winning smirked appeared on his face knowing she started her work quite well. He didn't expect her to be this engrossed but seeing her starting early to office was something unbelievable for him. He thought she would show her attitude by disobeying him but it doesn't seem like that..

He hurriedly had his breakfast and leave to AR to see her new progress from near. After all she is his Secretary.


He reached at his office by driving his SUV. He has checked how she reached here and he was glad that she took the driver along with her. He walked towards his cabin which was on the first floor. The staffs greeted him with a smile on their face and he didn't care to reply to any of them not even with a single gesture.

He opens the glass door of his cabin and anger rose on his face. He clenched the glass door holder tightly stormy his anger.

Arnav: "Aman...!" He shouts on top of his lungs making the entire AR aware of his voice. Aman hurriedly run to his cabin and saw him standing at the doorstep of his cabin and his eyes were raging fire.

Aman: "Now what happen..??" He asked..

Arnav: "What the bloody hell is this..??" He pointed to the cabin condition. His files are all over his desk and some papers were lying lifeless on the floor. He knew his cabin was in mess last night when he left but he didn't thought on the next morning he would see the same condition before his eyes. Even it looked more horrible than previous night as it have been done by someone.

Aman: "Oh... I guessed your secretary might forgot to clean her boss's desk.."

Arnav: "Let me handle her than..! You can leave now.." He closed the glass door of the cabin and walked to her cabin which was opposite him.

He storms in the cabin without signing her, his presence as he knew she already aware when he shouts for Aman.

Arnav: "Ms.Malhotra.." She lifted her gaze and crept a cynical smile to him.

Khushi: "Yes.. Sir.. What can I help you SIR..?" He bangs his fist on her desk making her jerk for a moment.

Arnav: "I'm not in a playing mode Khushi.. So you better aware with what you are playing with.." He could see she was all ready to back fire his word but he won't let that happen anytime soon. "What suppose you do early in the morning..??"

Khushi: "Ermm.. Brush my teeth.." He closed his eyes in frustration knowing her made jokes was only making things worst. While, she tried to hide her smile before him..

Arnav: "I don't give damn to your teeth Khushi.."

Khushi: "Really..?? Then what made you so engrossed in my lips which you kissed several times.." It was too direct as she too didn't realize that she have spoken something shouldn't. He narrowed his eyes and tried to define why she was remembering their kisses if she only hates it..?? But least they knew it been heard by one of the employee who always work to find solid news to create havoc among the staff. She hurriedly runs from there before she has been caught. This little news was enough for her to spread around. It was indeed a mind-blowing news.

Arnav: "So it do effected you somewhere..??" with raising brows.

Khushi(after realizing what she have spoken): "NO.. It was just a slipped of tongue nothing else. It meant nothing.. Now would to care to tell me what made you storm in my cabin..??" She tried to divert the topic..

Arnav: "My cabin..!"

Khushi: "What happen to your cabin..??" She asked confusedly.

Arnav: "You suppose to clean it neatly before I walked in.. [PAUSE] Wait a minute..! Did you study the file..??" She started to think what answer she should give him..?? Should she..

Khushi: "NO.. I didn't read the file in fact I torn it.." His eyes popped out..

Arnav: "Are you out of your mind..??" He shouts.. "You are working under me Khushi and still you has the guts to say that you have torn the file which was a description of your role..!!" He couldn't believe how she can be so irresponsible.

Khushi: "I told you.. I will make you regret on your decision. Mark my word Arnav Singh Raizada.." without any fear she snapped out..

Arnav(Angrily): "Then mark my words too Khushi.. If within 10 minutes I found my cabin still in that terrible condition than I won't hesitate to minus your performance marks which would only decide you would Pass or fail your internship."

Khushi: "You can't play dirty again..!" She erupt angrily..

Arnav: "I'm just reminding you your path and I'm doing mine.. 10 minutes.." He reminded her.

Khushi: "I'm not your cleaner. Its your cabin so learn to clean by your own..!" She wasn't giving in. He walked towards her and she took few steps backwards.

Arnav: "You made my office condition like that right? So now.. Go and clean.. Next time remember before messing with me. I don't like to repeat my words. But today I'm reminding you again. You are here to work for me and stay in your role rather than provoking me always. It will only benefits you if you obey all your boss's order..!" Looking at the wall clock.. "You only have 8 minutes to get my cabin in usual condition or else I will start deducting your marks based on your progress..!" He stare her eyes before he disappear from her view.

Khushi: "I hate you.. Arrogant brat..!" She fumes in anger and started to react on his order before he started to minus her performance marks.

To be continued..

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loved the update wicked my bad sugar saw you update and could not wait to rest loved their fight already arnav can't take it he has to use her credit against her loved how she tore up his contract awesome update thanks for the pm

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^ Coffeeji..!! Why you res before me..??
Now dont be sorry.. Let it be there. I will use main spot as my indexSmile

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nice update!...why do they always fight..*sighs*..anyways awesome update

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res k beech aya gap

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Confrts on new thread

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Originally posted by heckwidif

nice update!...why do they always fight..*sighs*..anyways awesome update

dey r nt as smart as u na dear

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i lv d update
tom n jerry fyts always fascinate me

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