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ArHi SS|| It is not always about Love||CH 10 PG 42||

MrMrsChiping. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 November 2013 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
This os is inspred by Meenay mera oyar but a big difference...! infact both a poles a part:)..and this is deicated to my dear countigstaxx(Vani muah love you thankx for coming into my life)

and she is one who proof read and filled in my update making it actually a story..muah vani i am officially in love with youHugBlushingHeart

Broken, she entered her house with a million thoughts clouding her mind.

"Mom! Here comes your darling princes.."

Khushi was broken out of her reverie when she heard her elder sister, Lavanya's voice..filled with sarcasm.

Garima moved towards Khushi and took her bag

"Go! Khushi change your uniform.Your jiju is coming to see Lavanya.."

Kushi just looked at Garima and blinked softly. Her mind started moving in circles.

 Jiju! Ha.. jiju..only he can help me..

Turning around she left her house leaving her shocked and confused  mother and sister behind. Quickly getting a cab she went to her jiju's house.


Wearing his tie , he simpered at his 8 year old daughter.

Vani came and stood beside him"Dad! So now Lavanya masi will be my mother?"

Bending down he picked her up and looked intently in her deep eyes.

"Yeah, now she will be your mother. She is coming in this house to be your mother. Now you will also go with your mother to baby".

"Excuse me, sir. Khushi mam has come to see you. She wants to talk to you urgently" Marie, their maid interrupted them.

Hearing this name he felt his heart beating loudly. He turned towards Maria and said sternly,"Take Vani and get her ready".

Vani intruded "But dad I want to meet Kushi masi"

Smiling at her cute pout he says, "You will for sure, sweet-Munchkin. But first get ready".

Saying this he walked out.


Entangling her fingers again and again Kushi wait for her jiju, Arnav, to come down.

As  soon as he came down she hurriedly got up, her breath harsh.

"Hi jiju .How are you?"

He just nodded, and told her to sit.

Kushi: "Jiju there is something very important I want to discuss with you" 

Arnav: "What is it, Kushi ? Is everything alright? "He asked looking at his 19 year old sister in law.

Tears were continuously streaming down her eyes as Khushi explained to Arnav about her problem. He clenched his fist and stood up, his hands in his pockets.

"So you want me to help you"  He asked huskily.

Kushi nodded with hope surfacing in her heart. He came closer to her and told softly, "Now you will have do what I want you to do. Or else the consequences.. you know very well of. Your father will kill you."

Kushi looked at him with confusion written in her eyes. 

What does he want from her?

"Marie! Take care of Vani. I'll be back soon" He commanded strenuously and grabbed Kushi's wrist before taking her out.


Reaching Gupta's mention both came out of Arnav's spacious car.

When thy both entered into Khushi's home ,they saw Kushi's parents and sister sitting with worried expressions fanning their faces.

Arnav did not utter a word..he gazed at Khushi who was standing beside him with lowered eyes, making him break the silence himself,  "Mr.Gupta I want to talk to you about something. Will you please talk to me in private?"

Shashi nodded humbly and everyone left Arnav and Shashi alone for their talk.

Telling Shashi everything, Arnav just stood quietly letting Mr. Gupta soak the words that Arnav just said.

"See Mr.Gupta we have committed a mistake but I am not sorry for it .The only solution for me is to marry Khushi .And that too..soon" Arnav trailed off, emphasizing on the word 'soon' making Shashi nod fervently.

Both didn't say anything for a while .When he heard Mr. Gupta taking a deep sigh, he looked at him.

"I want this marriage to happen as soon as possible, Mr. Raizada and it shall be a simple marriage. I don't want many people to know of this."

Nodding his head, Arnav replied, "Tomorrow at 10 we will meet in court and I'll marry her"

Shashi nods and saw his 39 year old son-in-law walking away.


Garima came in Shashi's room to find him in daze.

"What happened, ji? "Garima asked worriedly.

Looking at her he replied with rage "Tomorrow kushi is getting married to Mr. Raizada" 

Garima looked shell-shocked at him and tears flowed down her eyes "How can you do this ji? He was getting married to Lavanya
! Kushi is just a child..she is only 19! I am sorry, I'll stand with you in your ever decision but never this! I can't!"

Shashi broke down and told Garima everything.


Entering into the bride's room he saw Lavanya and Mrs. Gupta sitting with Kushi.

"I want to to talk to kushi. Alone."Garima just glared at him and lavanya left in anger and devastation..

Butt it didn't hurt him. He cared too less about Lavanya when he had Khushi.

"Kushi I want to make something clear. Listen me very need a father for your unborn baby which I am ready to be .Heck, I already .But in turn I want you to be the mother of my child and act as a proper wife for me."

Kushi looked at him with hatred "I asked you to help me and here you are thinking of your own good! What do you want from me?"

Shrugging, he says"Don't act like you're an angel. I am not the one who slept with her boyfriend and became pregnant with his baby.And that boyfriend of yours is not ready to accept it. I helped you. By telling all that this is my ba-"

"You told them..what?" Kushi cut him in.

Smirking at her, he replied"I told them that the baby is mine.That you love me and little bit more lie about how we slept and our little fake story.Oh! don't look so shocked.. do you think your father will let you live if he knows that your baby is not mine? He would have killed you. So be thankful to me that I saved you"

Kushi fell on the chair.Tears flows down her eyes before she felt a warm hand wiping her tears and his face too close to her.
He pulled her close by the back of her waist and whispered against her lips"You want a father of this baby and I want a wife to keep my food and bed warm..don't think so much and just let things get by."


Arnav and Khushi entered into Raizada's mantion as husband and wife.

Kushi looked around ,she was feeling glum and guilty because first, her parents didn't talk to her and clearly told her not to enter into their home again and then Lavanya called her a witch , Lavanya now hates her even more. And now looking at her she felt that she did snatch her home. 

Her chain of thought broke by a sweet voice, "Kushi Maasi!" Vani smiled sweetly and tugged at Khushi's hand which was graced with beautiful, colored bangles.

"She is not your, she is you mother now. Call her mom from now on and now it is go to sleep, princess"

Vani smiled at her father and ran towards Khushi , she leaned down and Vani placed a soft kiss on Khushi's cheek before running to her room.


As Marie and Vani left, Arnav looked at Khushi before picking her up ignoring Kushi's protest and took her to their room.


Making her stand on her feet he turned and locked the door, Khushi's breath becoming faster and faster with his every move.

Kushi look at the was decorated with red flowers and candles. She felt 
Arnav's hands encircle around her waist. Softly caressing her stomach he asked, "How many months?"

She replied meekly. 

He moved his hand upwards towards his softness slowly steadily making tears flows down her eyes.She felt helpless as he kissed her neck and bit the skin.

Suddenly she felt a jerk and she faced him.He held her by her neck.Bunching the hair at the back of her head he kept his lips upon her without moving them, savoring their taste and then started kissing her. He nibbled on her lips,bit them roughly..eating them almost.

She just kept standing there helplessly and when he moved his lips down her throat ,she felt disgusted. And a muffled cry escaped her lips "Please, ji.."

He bit her lips hard and tightened his hold on her ."Arnav. Call me Arnav, woman"

Slowly he softened his grip and left her.

"Go and change your clothes and lie down" 
He says  while moving his hands over his hairs and then again coming closer to her he says dangerously "You are 3 months pregnant .It will take me more few months to take you"

Moving the tips of her finger from her lips to her throat and then to her exposed cleavage he says huskily"I want you so much. But Khushi, you and your baby will not be able to take me.."



Part 4 PG 15
 Part 5 PG 19

Part 6 PG 20
Part 7 PG 24,25
Part 8 PG 32
Part 9 PG 39
Part 10

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Part 2: Life's a mess

Holding the sheets tightly in her hands, she felt him get off her body, lying beside her, panting badly, Arnav moved over her naked form again, deeply kissing her lips.. he let his lips trail down the path of her tender skin.

Kushi took deep sighs and soft moans as she felt him kissing, nibbling and biting her body. A lone tear escaped down her eyes as she heard him whispering, "I can never get enough of you, Kushi"


Kushi's POV

Getting off the bed and wearing his shirt which was too big for her, Kushi walked numbly towards the window and stared at the calmness of outside. Life shows you different facts, different situations and you have to mold yourself according to it. Its  flow is not in your hand that's what I have just have to change your view towards the things that happen to you. I am now 20, mother of two. One who was a gift to me and one whom I give birth to. Vani, my charming Doll and Ryan..the son I gave birth to you..and my life is being spent with husband, Arnav.

I don't know what we share. We never talk to each other like a couple but we both are a source of satisfaction and pleasure to each other. That is it. No more, no less.

I loved a guy named 'NK' and he left me when I needed him the most. And I don't need love from him now 'cos my need of love is already  fulfilled. *Bitter smile*.

I am satisfied with what I have.

 Narrator's POV

"Thinking about me?" Arnav inhaled her fragrance,  followed by a nibble on her ear making her lean on to his form forgetting everything...


Making Vani and Ryan sleep ,she moves to her room , tired before she heard a loud sound and turned towards the door to find him standing there.

"Arnavji?"  She thought.. but he went to a party and was going to come late tonight, then?

She saw Arnav throwing things, he was in so much anger.

Scared, she moves towards him. Keeping her hand over his shoulder she asked, "Arnav what happened?".

But he didn't answer and instead he picked her up and threw her over the bed. Coming over her,  he removed her clothes in a haste...His hands caressed her like a hungry  man. His touch held so much possessiveness and aggression that the intercourse which had always been leaving her in pleasure , was now making her helpless.

Finally when his body fell down over hers, she took  a sigh.
After few moments of silence she felt her shoulder becoming wet, making her realize that he is crying, like seriously. Making him face her she heard him say"I am sorry".
Kushi confusedly asked him, "what happened M.Rhaizada?"

But what she heard from him made her body went numb..

Arnav: "Me and lavanya..we ...we almost had sex."

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Part 3

She was playing with her doll when she heard voices  coming from downstairs. Running down and sitting behind the railing  of stairs she saw her dida slapping lavanya di.For the first time she ever saw her dida angry.Why she is crying?A 14 year old kushi thought.

How dare you go near him knowing I love him.He is my husband lavanya"

So what if he is your husband .If he loves you so much why he came near to me" Lavanya shouted back.

Silence engulfed  the room.Siddhi dida was about to move out of room when she heard lav di says"You r not able to give him baby.At least let him go  and marry me..!"

Lav di's statement left siddhi dida in tears.She so much hate lavanya di.Cos of her  dida cried"


Tightening her hold over the sheath Kushi took deep sigh as she felt arnav hugging her from behind.Both were lying in silence.Tears were continuously following down her eyes.

Caressing her bare waist all arnav could think about her reaction.She did not react much just lay down.She didnt even stop him from hugging her.Her silence is some how killing him. May be because her silence is just like siddhi's silence.When she saw him with lavanya.

No she cant think like siddhi.She can't leave me, A sudden thought came into his mind.

Moving his hands to her arms arnav make her face him.Seeing the tears in her eyes ,he removes those tears.

"Trust me Kushi It was not my fault.She came into my cabin with coffee.I didn't know she could do something like this.Kushi I was not fully in my senses.I know I shouldn't have trust her again.But time changes people changes.I thought she.."

"Change??You think she changed??"Kushi cut him in.Arnav nods.Kushi gave him a bitter smile and whispers sarcastically"She changes??Yeah she do change after killing my siddhi di"

Moving away from him sitting with her back towards him Kushi says"Arnav just tell me one reason to believe you.You hide her working in your office even knowing she was the one behind siddhi di's  decision.Because of her siddhi di is not with us"

Still laying arnav took a deep sigh.Closing his eyes all he could remember was Siddhi death...Her leaving him and Vani alone.

"You know what arnav I was happy few hours ago.But I should have know my happiness is too good to be true..too good!!!!!!.."
She says as she lay back on his arm.

Facing him she asked in a low voice"Arnav I most of the time think about one thing.Why??.Why do you marry me"

As her question filled in his senses he opened  his eyes and  just stare into her questioning and tired orbs.Engulfing her in his arms,he close his eyes.


Kissing his forehead ,She move away from his sleepy form.Moving out the house she thought of her next step.


Clutching her mobile tightly in her hands she stare at the building.She knocked at  door and took a deep sigh as the front door opened..

Tears flows down of garima eyes as she saw her daughter almost two years."Kushi"?

Kushi just stare at her mother.Right now she knows she is a emotional wreck.She control herself before coming here.But seeing her mother the child inside her invoke ,all the wall of self control was away.And she just hug her mother tight.

Garima took her in.Kushi just stare at her house.She has spend 19 years of her life here.

"What the hell is she doing here??"


Kushi was staring at her home,remembering her life.Garima didn't speak letting her remember all those beautiful memories.When a voice suck in the calm environment breaking that emotional feeling away.

Kushi felt her heart tighten.Turning around she face her sister.Her jaw clenched.


Lavanya saw kushi clenched jaw.She smirk inwardly.
Seeing kushi's state she can guess ,why she came here. History repeating!!!..once on the same place Siddhi was standing.And now kushi.Life is really unpredictable.She looked at her sister who somehow is the replica of  siddhi.
May be the last barrier between her and arnav will be finished today.She had waited so long for this.
With these thoughts she move towards her.


Garima felt the air between her two daughters.Something is wrong here.Something big.!!!!!!!

Tada tomorrow have two test..bare with this update please..On Sunday I'll update coz I have no test on monday:)..Okay guys My  Collages starts I have two test every day except for monday.4 books of each subject(Botany,zoology Computer,English,Islamic studies) 18 months for them.You can guess what I am bearing:(

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nanor IF-Stunnerz

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sounds amazing
PinkPenguinxo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2013 at 12:41am | IP Logged
It is SO darn awesome!
And so intriguing!

EEEP his daughter's name is Vanhi! :P My name is Vani btw ;) LOL thanks anyways, Blossom! You're so sweet and I'm so lucky to have you as my friend. <3

Thanks again and update soon! :) x

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Arshi.Sugi.IPK IF-Stunnerz

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Interesting...khushi's boyfriend ?
Ria_PM_Acount Groupbie

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Posted: 25 November 2013 at 12:01am | IP Logged
-Pm Sent add this acount for updates:)
rkapoor1382 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 November 2013 at 12:12am | IP Logged
Omggg this is sounding sooo awesome
He married her
He always liked khushi
Waitinggg for the nxt part
Update soon

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