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ArHi SS: Against All Odds (Chapter 16(A), PG 128) 28th Dec, 2013

Pearl_Oyster IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 10:35am | IP Logged
A/N : Hello to all people present here. Right here and right now, I am starting my 'First FF'. Yes, I can see the surprised expression on your faces. 
How come my first? Is that your question? So here is my reply to it.

I wrote this fiction long back, when the show was on-air, right after the episode where Arnav leaves for Scotland leaving behind a crying and shattered Khushi. 

As of then, I didn't knew there was going to be a kidnapping track and all else which followed. So I had written this in my own version. 

Now when the show is over, I don't know how many of you can relate to it and not find it 'ridiculous'. 

This wouldn't be perfect because this was my first attempt at writing ever, (if I don't count the essays and the compositions I wrote in my ISC days).

I know this is turning out to be very long and boring note, but I have this little thing to inform you guys with. 

Earlier this story was called 'Immortal Love' but now I find the title a little inappropriate so I am changing this to "Against All Odds' [AAO], the title has been borrowed from one of a very dear friend of mine and she was generous enough to allow me to use it. Thanks La. Heart

So here I present to you all, The chapter 1 & 2 of 'Against All Odds'. Initially the chapters will be small, but they lengthen as story will continue.



Chapter 10 : Never Too Late 
Chapter 12 : Too Late?

Chapter 13 : Facing the Situation

Chapter 14 : Hopeless Heart

Chapter 15 : A True Apology?

Chapter 16(A) : Strings Of Apprehension

Note for PMs

Please buddy my PM account  to receive PMs for the further updates. I do not accept requests on this account.

Thank you  Embarrassed

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Pearl_Oyster IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Chapter 1:  In your Absence

Khushi walked back to her room completely drained, emotionally as well as physically.

There was an ache in her heart.

The ache because she hadn't been able to make him believe of her innocence.

As she stepped in the room, she could still feel his presence everywhere.

Breathing in his scent, she walked aimlessly, to and fro in the room.

As she turned her gaze to the poolside, she noticed a silhouette in there.

 "Arnavji" She rushed to the pool.

She knew that Arnav wouldn't leave her and go. Not like this. How can he? The little hope in her heart danced as she reached the man.

"Arnavji, I knew you would come back, for me" She exclaimed in joy.

Hearing her voice, the man turned to face her with a leering smile on his face.

 The smile from her face faded.

"Aap ki himmat kaise hui yaha aane ki?" (How dare you step in here?) She said, in a stern voice.

The outburst from Khushi broadened that smile on Shyam's face.

"Khushiji ham jaante hai ki aap khud ko akela mahsoos kar rahi hai. Par aap ko darne ki jarurat nahi hai hum aapka khayal rakhenge." (Khushiji, I know you are feeling lonely, but you don't need to. I am here to take care of you)

 He moved towards her and caught her by the wrist.

"Leave me" She said helplessly, trying to free her hand but Shyam was stronger.

"Relax Khushiji, I won't hurt you" He said, using his other hand to caress her cheek.

"Hum aapko har wo khushi denge jo aapko saale sahab se nahi mili. Khushiji ham aapse bahot pyaar karte hai..." (I'll provide you with all the happiness which Arnav couldn't. I love you so much"

Hearing those cheap words from him, Khushi doubled her attempts and with a sudden power, pushed him back, which landed Shyam right inside the pool.

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Pearl_Oyster IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 2 :  It Hurts

Shyam fell into the pool with a splashing sound.

"If you ever tried to touch me again I will make a hell out of you" Khushi hissed out and left the room.

Shyam stepped out of the pool, fire blazing out of his eyes.

He walked in the room took out a towel from Arnav's wardrobe.

Towel drying himself, all he could think was his insult and revenge.

"Khushiji, this was not right. You will have to be mine, either by hook or by crook. Even Saale Sahab is not here to save you from me" He said to himself, that leering smile back to his face.


Khushi was in kitchen, busy frying a mountain of jalebis.

Her mind was of full of turmoil and she was scared.

"What if Shyam again tries to get close to her? What will she do? How will she deal with him? Should she talk to Payal? Or Anjali?" Her mind raced.

Chal maiya ke bhavan bhavan, chal maiya ke bhavan' her loud ringtone broke her chain of thoughts.
She took the phone in her hands and checked the caller identity.

"Arnavji" She couldn't believe what her screen said.

Arnav is calling her? Pure, unadulterated happiness broke loose on her face as she received the call.

"Hell Arnavji. How are you? Did you reach Scotland? When are you coming back? I.."  She talked rapidly, her heart swelling with joy.

"Cut the crap Khushi" Arnav's cold voice rang in her ears; through the phone making the reality hit her, hard. He was still angry on her; in fact he still hated her.

"I haven't called you to hear your drama. I only want to warn you that in my absence you dont even dare to hurt Di. If you and Shyam tried to play some of your cheap games on her I will not spare you and neither him.  So don't mess with Di. I don't want you anywhere around her until I get back there. Do you understand?" He asked his voice devoid of any emotion.

 "You called me to warn? Really Arnavji? How can you even think that I'll harm Di? I thought you'll ask whether I am fine or not, If I am okay or not, but all you have to say is this?" She asked, tears brimming her eyes, all hopes crashing right there.

"What made you think I'll ask those things to you? You still think you deserve my care, or anyone's that? You slayed the trust Di had upon you.  You killed everything. And now you expect me to ask how are you? I don't care Khushi.  So let's not waste my time anymore.  Even though it's silly to expect this from you but yet, please show some humanity for Di and do not hurt her with any of your dramas" He finished, his words and her expectations of being forgiven.

Yet she couldn't come to terms with it. But she will try, till her last breath. So she went on,
"Arnavji please listen to me. You'll have to. Please come back. I can't live here alone. Shyamji is trying to..."

And the line went dead. He had disconnected.

She broke into tears. He called her inhuman? Why can't he trust her? Is she really that bad?

There were no answers to her questions. So she cried, more and more.

She was hurting.


"Shyamji is trying to..." The words haunted him. What was she talking about? Is he trying to plan something against his Di? Or Khushi?

It was just him who knew how badly he wanted to believe her. But how could he? He had seen it all with his own eyes. They were hugging each other. Shyam's hands were around her shoulder.  And then she pushed him away in anger, asking him to leave Anjali. And be with her? Wasn't this what she had meant?

Shyam had told him. He loved Khushi. His Khushi. And his Khushi loved Shyam. So now why she wants him to come back? She should be happy joyful about his absence.

But she didn't sound happy. Her voice was like she was breaking. What does it means?
Why this has to be so complex? Why for once he can't be happy? Why can't Khushi love him?

Why can't he hate her? Why can't he get over his love for her?

Damn! He was trapped for ever in this struggle of hate and love.

He was hurting.


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Chapter 3 :  The catastrophe


Dressed in red, she was pulling his soul to herself. Her eyes seemed to call him. So he went after her. Everything was heavenly. She was sitting on the bench and he was making her wear the payal. Her eyes were transfixed on his face, never leaving them. It was as though both of them were led into a trance, devoid of reality. A trance where only two of them existed and existed their unspoken love, and passion.


He got up finishing his job and stepped back. She too stood up, looking at him with numerous questions in her eyes.


He wanted to walk away, escape before the trance gets too thick to penetrate out. But he was already late. He couldn't back out. So he walked towards her, his eyes holding so much passion that it was sinful for Khushi to look away.


But that passion was unnerving, so she stepped back. His every step towards her went in sync with her stepping back. But for how long? Her back hit the wall indicating there was no escaping.


Rest on the events passed in daze. All he could remember was her eyes, the way they looked at him, flooding with myriad emotions. There was hesitancy, shyness, confusion and something which he couldn't comprehend. She had given into his desires, without any objection. She trusted him.


 Then why did she break his trust? Why did she walk away from him like that? To hug his sister's husband?


Could he believe her now? For so long she hid the things from him. And she explained only when he told her everything he had witnessed on the terrace.


Why will he? It was her sins she was trying to hide. She was trying to cover up her doings. That is why she concocted that story of her engagement with Shyam. He lived with them for such a long time and she didn't even get to know he was married?


How was that possible? Numerous times she had been to his house. She thinks he's a fool to believe her? Who will?


This was not some Ekta Kapoor show where people are blind to things.


And she didn't had any proof to prove herself.


If she was speaking truth then...




He muttered as something clicked inside his brain.


If she was engaged to Shyam her family will know. Payal would be knowing. He'll have to investigate. He has to go into the bottom of the things.




"Di you should take rest. I will manage the dinner" Khushi said smilingly as they stood in kitchen.


 "Okay Khushiji,  I'll just go and call everyone" Anjali replied, returning back a smile and exited out.


Khushi served the dinner on table and HP assisted.


Khushi was feeling strange seeing Shyam pouring extra love on Anjali. Is he up to something? She wondered.


 After the dinner everyone retired to their rooms.




"Raani sahiba here are your medicines and your juice" Shyam brought the glass as Anjali and Khushi stood in the hall, discussing something.


"Aap ne takleef kyon li? Hum khud le lete" Anjali smiled and took the glass, swallowing the pills with it.


"It's okay Raani Sahiba. It's my duty to take care of you. Come, let's leave now. You shouldn't walk too much around the house" He replied with a sick smile and holding her by shoulders, led away.


You should sleep early Raani Sahiba, the sleeping pills will help you' he mentally continued on his way to their room.




Khushi was in bathroom taking a shower after spending the whole evening in kitchen.


After a hot shower she stepped out of the bathroom in her one of the robes gifted by Anjali, feeling immensely relieved. The day been too much for her.  After the mind-numbing scene at the airport where she literally begged Arnav to stay and believe her, the encounter with Shyam had really shook her within. The hot water had indeed helped her by washing away the physical fatigue


 She locked the room from inside and walked to the cupboard to take out a simple kurta to wear to the.


As she was removing out a Kurta from the neatly piled stack she felt a hand slide up to her shoulder making her insides twist in fear.


She quickly turned to face a smiling Shyam who withdrew his hand as she stared him with burning eyes.


 "How dare you enter my room at this time? Get out right now otherwise I will shout" She said in a loud voice, pretending to be strong when she actually felt too weak to stand at the spot.


"Come on Khushiji" He laughed a maniac laugh and inched closer to her.


"Do you really think I'd leave from here? Especially when I have been waiting for this night since a long time? Never Khushiji" He said in his grim voice making and hugged her forcefully making Khushi writhe in disgust.


 "Today no one is going to disturb us. Raani sahiba had taken sleeping pills. She won't come here to interfere. Saale Sahab is in London, too far to reach you and rest of the family wouldn't get to know as you are not allowed to scream" He mouthed in her ears, letting his lips touch the skin there.


"Leave me" Khushi screamed, pushing him back with all the raw force and ran towards to door.


She was mid-way when Shyam caught her wrist and pulled her to him, crashing her to his chest.


"Let me go Shyamji. Arnavji will never forgive you for this. He will kill you" She said, tears pooling her eyes as she continued struggling in his arms.


Hearing her words Shyam laughed again.


"He doesn't even cares about you Khushiji. That's why he left you here, for me. Seems like even he wants me to have you Khushiji. So forget him. Saale Sahab doesn't deserves your beauty and love. It's me who can pleasure you, love you" He said and grabbing her one hand brought it to his lips to kiss.


"I hate you" She cried.


"We'll see that Khushiji. You'll love after tonight" He said and dragging her to the bed, pushed upon it.


Before she could get up, he pushed himself upon her, pressing her body under his, blocking all the movements she was making.


As he made her captive under him, he held her face with both his hands and brought down his lips to meet hers. His lips were millimetres apart from hers when the knocks on the door brought hopes to Khushi.


She opened her mouth to scream but Shyam covered it with his palm.


"Khushi?" came the voice from the other side of the door.


"Arnavji?" Khushi's eyes reflected joy while Shyam's went dark in anger.


How can he be here? He was in Scotland? His mind asked but there was no time. He'll have to something. While Shyam panicked, Khushi accelerated her attempts to get out from under him.


"Khushi? Open the door" Arnav's voice came again and the knocks doubled.


Arnavji, please help me' She mentally screamed to him as Shyam's palm had still covered her moth.


Chapter 4 :

P.S. I decided to continue the story on IF as well as I got a few scraps and PMs from readers who aren't comfortable and used to Blog means. So the story will be updated in both places. Embarrassed

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AnjuRish IF-Rockerz

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omg not another MU seening them together
arnav pls pls save her

excellent chapter name and excellent chapter ..i could almost visualize it 

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Aisha1996 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome updates

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Roshni_M IF-Rockerz

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Yay...!! Arnav is come on time to save khushi from dat shyam...
I just hope he dsnt misunderstand the situation and listens to khushi and beats shyam... LOL

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wonderful updates
loved them
thanks for the pm

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