Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year


Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year
Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year

|| ** Say Goodbye to Suvreen Guggal ** ||

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The show *Suvreen Guggal - Topper Of The Year* has started on 19th March 2012.
It was full of fun, love, emotions, drama and most of them was DOSTI!
And now the wonderful show is ending on 22nd November 2013.
384 Episodes with full of Masti!
A big Thank you to the cv's for giving us this wonderful show and story of Suvreen.
Thank you to the team of SG-TOTY for giving us alot of great episodes.
Thank you to Smiriti Kalra and Shivin Narang for being the lead in the show.
And thank you Channel V for showing us Suvreen Guggal.
Thank you to the team for giving us talented Actors/Actresses.
We all had a lot of fun to watch SG. It was amazing to watch it.
All of the episodes were magical. Specially Yuvraj & Suvreen's lovestory.!
Loved their feelings turning from hate to love.!
We will miss Suvreen Guggal - Topper Of The Year a lot.
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**Best Moments**
Suvreen Guggal
Yuvraj Singh
YuvReen's Fights
I loved all Yuvreen fights from season 1 all were so cute and amazing from the first time they met in Nainital, Yuvi thought Suvreen couldnt speak and Suvreen thought the same, then when both did speak their expressions were so funny and their epic fight started. It was so cute when Yuvi catched Suvreen when she was about to fall, and then the pepper spray scene how cleverly he took the pepper spray from her.
Yuvreen met in pool party again he threw her in the water, then Yuvreen fight, on the same day he also saved her from Gyanesh. Loved the part where both Yuvreen smile at each other then India Gate comes Suvi gets up to salute it, everyone else joins her too. Then Suvi vomits and Yuvi makes fun of her. The next day DPSC admission Suvi is finding Yuvraj Bhai its so funny when she asls everyone where is Yuvraj Bhai, then they show Yuvi playing carom he says the queen will come to Yuvi only, Suvi comes there, she says has anyone seen Yuvraj Bhai, Yuvraj says what work you have? Suvi says to him I dont want to tell you faltu yuvi shuvi like you, Yuvi says who you calling faltu, Suvi says F.A.L.T.U, she asks other where is Yuvraj Bhai who can do anyone admission, Rathi points to Yuvraj, Suvi says I didnt ask where loser is I asked where Yuvraj Bhai is, Everyone points to Yuvraj. Suvi says Yuvi, Yuvraj, Yuvraj, Yuvi so funny it is awww... then she makes a sad face. Then we see Suvi point of view she says what is this Ganuji yahaan peh mere liye pehele seh he no entry ka signboard laga hua hai (something like that) then she runs after Yuvi calling him Yuvraj Bhai, Yuvraj Bhai Yuvi says not to call him Bhai he is not Bhai... Manu Rathi come shouting Bhai Bhai he says I am not Bhai they run off seeing his angry face. Both Naro Suvi request Yuvi to help them with admission, yuvi says I will show easy way he gives them directions to go to train station, Suvi says she will not go Naro starts to cry. Suvi bribes Yuvi with money Yuvi says he wants 1 lakh then he will help them, Suvi says she doesnt need his help she is topper of kathgodam she will get admission herself.
Suvi does hunger strike, sings a song college mein nahiye hai toh life mein top karoghi, she gets media attention, Princi calls police, Suvi decides to go back she cries, Yuvi comes to console Suvi, Yuvreen first date so cute, in the end he gives jacket to Suvi and leaves smiling so cute. Yuvi helps Suvi get admission.
I loved all the ragging scenes also they were to funny, Yuvreen expressions were amazing. Then when Yuvi shows all the juniors around DPSC, Suvi asks Yuvi what is Cheetha in english he says Lion everyone laughs. Suvi put red mirch on top of her eyes she challenges Yuvi to put mirch inside his eyes. Yuvreen Paper dance was so nice, both Yuvreen were so amazing loved their chemistry. I loved Yuvreen cute fights at the romeo and juilet rehearsal Yuvi called Suvi bakri so funny I loved their cute fights.
Romeo and Juilet play was amazing both Yuvreen were so magical. Loved their perforamce and dance baaho keh darmiyaa. Yuvreen stay in DPSC when its raining with their friends Annie, Naro, Manu and Rathi, all make chai, pakoreh together. Yuvreen scenes were too cute. Suvreen gets locked in Library Yuvraj saves her she hugs him such a cute scene it was. Yuvreen roadtrip, Yuvi stares at Suvi threw the rear mirror, both Yuvreen smile at each other, Yuvi and friends go to the shop to buy a few things, Rathi accidently tells everyone Yuvi nickname Ladoo. Suvreen teases Yuvi about his nickname. Yuvi is embrassed, love his expressions.
Friendship in SG At the very beginning of Suvreen Guggal we were shown Suvreen and Tultuli friendship, they were best friends from school, such a beauitful friendship. When Suvi went Delhi Tultuli also went to meet her, she always tried her best to give good advice to Suvreen. When Suvreen went to Delhi she made friends with Annie at first she thought Annie was making fun of her, but when Annie got Yuvi to help Suvreen she realised Annie was her true friend, so since that day they became best friends. Then in hostel she met Naro, all three Annie, Suvi and Naro became best friends, they were always there for one another always helping each other thats what true friends do. Suvreen became friends with Yuvraj they were enemies at first always fighting, Yuvraj was always their for Suvreen he helped her from day 1 to get admission in DPSC , he was always there for Suvreen even when they weren't friends he helped Suvreen in the fashion show by modeling for her on the ramp. Yuvraj famous line he will do anything for his topper's happiness. so cute love Yuvreen friendship. Yuvraj, Manu and Rathi also have amazing friendship all have been friends from ages, they are always there for each other. Love the way Manu Rathi call Yuvraj Bhai. Suvreen goes to Mumbai meets Soni becomes friends with her, both share problems and be there for each other. Suvreen also becomes friends with her Pagal Podasi (Maddy) Samar Raghvanshi, in the beginning they always had problems, hated each other, they gradually became friends, Samar helped Yuvreen in their problems, also helped Suvreen with her problems. Yuvreen Love Story Yuvreen have such cute magical love story, they were best friends first, then gradually fell in love, at first Yuvraj had denied his feelings for Suvreen because he was confused. As time went on Yuvraj realised he loves Suvreen so Yuvraj proposed Suvreen she accepted, loved Yuvreen confession. Yuvreen valentines beach date was really magical also. Love the beauitful bond that Yuvreen share buth are perfect for each other match made in heaven.
Paper Dance
YuvReen as Romeo & Juliet
Best Friends Forever

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**Season 1**

Topper of the Year, is an inspiring, rousing coming of age tale of an entire generation of youngsters studying at DPSC (Dhirendra Pratap Singh College), a prestigious college in Delhi.

After a long series of events in Suvreen's life including her joining the fashion course followed by her father's disapproval towards it, her earning the fashion course fee and followed by her father's realization of her dreams and situations that brought Suvreen and Yuvraj close together and the problem of winning her father's approval for this, Alisha creating bad circumstances leading to Suvreen getting into a major fight with her papa when he gets to know of Suvreen's Valentine escapade with Yuvraj. Her father refuses to listen to anything that Suvreen has to say and even ends up slapping her. He asks her to go out of his life, and Suvreen does so by walking out of her house. The girl also ends up getting into an argument with Yuvraj after which Yuvraj and Suvreen choose different paths for their future.

Meanwhile, tension builds up when Suvreen's parents start to search for their daughter. Yuvraj too is cross at himself for allowing Suvreen to walk away from his life. Nobody knows where Suvreen has gone. Suvreen is seen walking on a busy highway. And then a dramatic accident is shown on the highway, wherein a young girl has succumbed to her injuries and has lost her life. Yuvraj gets to know of this, and wants to know if it is Suvreen. Everyone thinks the dead body to be that of Suvreen's and takes her to be dead.

The Season One of the show had a fitting and dramatic climax wherein Suvreen (Smriti Kalra) has a showdown with almost everyone and decides to move on in pursuit of her dreams. The season 2 of the show will focus on Suvreen's journey to success and fame in Mumbai, in the fashion world.

**Season 2**

Season 2 of Suvreen Guggal ' Topper of the Year (4 Lions Films) on Channel [V] went on air from 8 April 2013. Well, this is the major buildup that viewers can look forward to before the refreshing Season 2 kick-starts. As for Season 2, the makers have so far retained the central characters, Suvreen, Yuvraj, Alisha (Heli Daruwala), Rehaan Charles (Mohit Malik) and Ira (Simple Kaul) have been retained. The new casting for Season 2 is in progress.

The second season featured Suvreen running away from Delhi to Mumbai with Tannu. They both go to a party where she meets a crazy boy who asks her to go back to Delhi. Soon they find a house, but to Suvreen's dismay, she is thrown out of the house and has to live in the office for a few days. After that a photoshoot takes place where Suvi is the assistant of RC. A dress that she prepared leads to a wardrobe malfunction planned by Alisha. This puts Suvi into a lot of problems. Then Suvi finds a house, also a crazy roommate, Soni Chaddha who gives her a mobile phone. Suvi's life is back on track but she finds out that the crazy boy of the party is her neighbour. Suvi's mistake makes him spend a night in lockup and then he turns out to be her new boss, Samar Raghuvanshi, a famous photographer who tortures Suvi a lot. During a video chat, Yuvraj notices how Suvi only talks about Samar a.k.a. Maddy. Then he sees how Maddy comes to Suvi and Soni's house wearing just a pair of boxers. He feels very jealous and asks Alisha about him who tries to make him feel more jealous. Yuvi plans to go to Mumbai.When yuvraj reaches Mumbai he reveals to suvreen that he is the new model for the calender shoot of her company it is also revealed that alisha was the one who recommended yuvraj to ira, rehan and jolly.Yuvraj stays in an apartment of his friend that is nearby suvreen's flat,which makes alisha jealous.Meanwhile samar drops suvreen home which makes yuvraj jealous.While samar drops suvreen home yuvraj is seen walking on the road thinking that suvreen has totally changed she has become very busy.On the other hand suvreen is in a bad mood and so to cheer her mood samar talks with her and eventually jokes making suvreen laugh. To which she responds saying that there is type only in blood group not in humans or relationship,then they reach their floor and suvreen thanks samar for the lift.Next day everyone in office are busy preparing the golden feathers when suvreen gets a call from RC saying her to come to his home in the noon. On the other hand soni and jatin are having food where jatin tells soni that he will pay but finds his wallet missing he tells her that his wallet contained a lot of money for some work she tells him that he can borrow money from her, he hesitates at first but then accepts saying that he will return the money.At suvreen's office samar is angry because suvreen is not there and has not done the work he told her to do, ira calls preeti(receptionist and suvreen's friend)and asks her about suvreen, preeti tells ira that RC is working from his home and he has called suvreen home for help ira becomes shocked.Later when suvreen is going o her flat she meets yuvraj and both apologize to each other, then suvreen asks yuvraj to share everything with her and then she asks him if the dinner offer is still available to which yuvraj responds saying that offers in life are always open they can go now and suvreen tells that she will take him to the best place where they get burji pav dhaba.Later in the dhaba yuvraj is feeding suvreen and she is happy then she notices the bracelet alisha and geeti were talking about and gives a stunned look and she asks him about the bracelet and he tells her that alisha gifted him the bracelet.Suvreen gets anfry and asks yuvraj to drop her when she comes to her society and angrily leaves samar is sanding near his car and sees suvreen he goes near suvreen who is waiting for the lift and talks with her an then the lift comes and they both go in the lift leaving yuvraj furious.When suvreen reaches home she tells about the bracelet to soni and then soni tells her that the landlord wants the rent and she tells her that she knows that she promised to pay for the month from her(suvreen) side also but due to situation her savings are finished.Suvreen gets tensed and tells her that she will talk to RC about the advance payment.Next day, soni is with jatin she wants to tell him about the rent thing but just coludn't tell him.Yuvraj gets even more confused and asks why are girls like this and then thinks about the answer in hand thing and then realizes that she was talking about the bracelet and has a flashback of suvreen asking about the bracelet and then she suddenly getting angry.He goes to suvreen's office and doesn't wears the bracelet and gifts her a rose.When ira sees this she scolds suvreen and then jolly tels her that she is in love with RC that is why she is angry because suvreen went to RC's home.Ira realizes that she is love with RC and has a flashback of her sweet moments with RC. Later suvreen comes back home soni asks her if she talked to RC about the rent, she says that she couldn't talk to him about the advance payment.Soni tells her that she(soni)convinced the landlord to give some more time.Next day alisha is seeing hers and yuvraj's photo and sudenly both samar and suvreen are coming and alisha open a file and acts as if she is working.When samar sees this he asks if sun rose from west in the morning alisha is being so efficient and suvreen gives an expression whih makes alisha furious.She then makes a plan so that she can be the model. Next day samar comes in the office very early and his mood is at the worst suvreen comes in running before others could tell her about samar's mood she goes, she comes in samar's office and gives him coffee he goes, she sees that the room is at a mess she cleans and sees that there some photos on the table she puts them together and goes, later suvreen is talking with geeti about samar's mood just then samar shouts out suvreen's name he asks her why did she mix the photos she tells him that she thought that those were just kept to which samar gets super angry and holds suvreen's arm and tells her that he had arranged the photos accordingly for the calender and now she has to create a pattern he calls all the interns and says that suvreen is going to put all the pictures in order,suvreen starts just then RC,ira and jolly come in and ask what is happening and samar signals that suvreen is arranging the pictures. Preeti takes suvreen side and discusses about what outfit is she going to wear for the party she says that she has nothing to wear for the evening and then they go while samar listens all this and later calls geeti.When suvreen reaches home she finds few gifts she thinks that yuvraj she finds a pretty dress and shoes,on the other hand alisha questions geeti and asks her why samar called her she tells that samar wanted to gift a dress to suvreen, alisha thinks what will happen when yuvraj comes to know about this.

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**Season 1**

Suvreen's Entry
Yuvraj's Entry
YuvReen first meet and fight
YuvReen second meet and second fight
Yuvraj saves Suvreen from the police
YuvReen are friends
YuvReen played paper dance at Freshers Night
Suvreen's bodygouard Yuvraj! He saved her from the goons
Yuvraj's fight ith Gyanesh
Yuvraj saves Suvreen from falling down he stairs
YuvReen Romeo & Juliet
YuvReen HUG
Road Trip
Suvreen is drunk and kisses Yuvraj. + Yuvraj shirtless
YuvReen basketball match
YuvReen KISS
Yuvraj gets hurt by the goons
YuvReen in hospital
Yuvraj confesses his love for Suvreen
YuvReen are together
YuvReen are dating in Mumbai
YuvReen brake up
Suvreen had fight with her puppa and she left her house and went to Mumbai without telling anyone about it. Everybody thought she is dead and then the police showed them a dead body. (but it's not suvreen)
Season 1 ends!

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**Season 2**
Suvreen in Mumbai
She meets Maddy in a party
Suvreen in office
Yuvraj's Video massage for Suvreen
Suvreen house and her new roommate: Soni
Suvreen's new neighbour: Maddy/Samar/PP
Samar makes party at home and Suvreen gets irritating
Yuvraj comes to Mumbai and YuvReen are again together
Pagal Padosi is now Suvreen's Boss Samar Raghuvanshi
Alisha's plan
Ira and Suvreen gets out the truth of Rehan's love for Suvreen

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Now in india TODAY is the last episodeCry

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lovely Thead Naz, I Saw A Few Episodes Of This Show.
Its Good.

So Good Bye Suvreen Guggal.

Good Luck To The Cast, Hope They Will Be Seen In Different Shows.

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Good bye. Missed a few episode towards the end. But loved it Embarrassed

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