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Leja Leja Re

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leja leja re mehki raat mein churake saare rang leja
raati raati main bheegun saath mein tu aisi mulakaat deja

Dripping wet into rain, she twirled around once again and splashed the rain drops away from her hands. The soft grass under her feet was slippery but she was completely ignorant to it. Even she was ignorant to her self state. The maroon netted sari she was wearing was stick to her smooth untouched velvety skin. Her lips were dripping wet and a huge bright smile was gracing her pink lips. The red and white choora in her hand was producing beautiful sound. Her sindoor was washed away by rain and managsutra was adoring her neck. All she was looking up at the clouded sky which was showering his love on her.


"Kash aisi hi barsaat, unke pyaar ki bhi kabhi mujhpe ho" She wished and a lingering smile get pasted on her lips.


On the other hand, a silver Mercedes entered the garage and a well suited man get down from it. The shelter of the garage didnt let him get wet. His ignorant eyes looked up at the close door of his house when they turned and stopped at his wife, who was drenched in rain from head to toe. His heart burned with the sexual vibes, her current look was passing on him. She was looking just too sexy & desirable. Only he knew how he spend these months, he spend in her presence. Sharing a same bed, room, house, meals, silent walks and still not touching her was a torture on his self. He remembered how on there wedding reception, almost 5 months before, all of his friends congratulated him to have such a beautiful wife. But he couldn't love her. He knew she deserved all the love in the world, but who could convince his mind who was always taking precautions. He was hurt badly by a girl whom he loved immensely. He couldn't risk opening up his heart once again.


ni muiye mann maila, mann maila kya karna, hai aisa
na bhaye piya ko, tann gora kya karna, hai aisa
leja leja churake saare rang leja
raati raati main bheegun saath mein tu aisi mulakaat leja


He looked around to see the watchman taking an eyeful of his wife that agitated him to no measures.


"Geet...Geet..." But the rain was pouring with such a loud noise that she couldn't hear him.


"Ye larki bilkul pagal hai" He murmured in anger as he opened his car door and pressed the horn.


She stopped twirling on hearing the horn and looked in the garage to see her angry husband, standing with a grudge look. She instantly corrected her sari which was refusing to get straightened. He saw her and shook his head in dismissal.


She came close to him with slow soft steps and ignored to look into his eyes.


"Aap...aap kab aye?" She hesitantly asked.


"Jab app barish main nanhanay main madhosh theen..." He looked at her from head to toe.


When she was jumping and dancing in rain, she was not feeling any cold, but now as her body temperature was getting down to normal, she was shivering.


"Chalo ander...warna thand lag jaye gi" He said and went towards the main entrance of the door while she looked at his retreating back. How she wished that he would have pulled off his coat and covered her, just in that filmy style.


"Main kitni pagal hoon..." She mentally hit herself.


"Hum thori hi na kahin bahir hain, jo wo aisa karain gay...apnay ghar main hi tau hain" She told herself and followed him inside.




His eyes were constantly looking at the door, just to take a look of her while he was opening his cufflinks. She was no where in sight.


"Janay kahan reh gaye hai..." He thought as he opened his shirt button's next. No matter how much he will refuse it infront of her, but he cared for her and he cared for her alot. She was wet, she was dripping wet. Oh God!! What if she will catch cold...or get sick...or...


There were endless list of OR's running up in his mind that's why he was acting lazy today and wanted her to take a bath first.


The last button was left to open when she entered with his tea cup that she stopped to make while coming to the room. He was looking so mouth watering as his bare chest was on display. Geet bend down her lashes quickly.


"Aap abhi tak nahanay nahi gaye...?..." She asked instantly as usually, after getting back home, he straightly went to take a bath and in the meantime, she will get his tea ready.


"Nahi...Aj aik important client ka abhi phone ana hai...tau main bus usi ka wait kar raha hoon..." He made a story.


"Hmm..." She carefully placed the cup on his sidetable and get up to go out when he called her.


"Tum abhi naha kyun nahi leti...poori bheegi howi ho" She smiled as she stopped in her track. Her back was facing him so he wasn't able to see her reaction. She on purpose was walking around in wet clothes to see if he cares. That the emotion, she earlier felt in his eye i.e of jealousy and care were real but with his this statement, proved her true and nodding her head in approval, she went to take a bath after collecting her things. What he could never said her in words, his actions told her.



Geet came out from the bathroom and the lavendar smell of her shampoo filled the air. Maan, who has by now changed into a black vest and trouser turned around to look at her and left mesmerized. She was looking so different, so pure, so beautiful. Her wet hairs were possessively stick to her shoulder and was makingbher purple nighty wet. Her eyes were looking down.

Geet could deel.his stare on herself and shying, moved towards the dressing to apply cold cream on her face and hands. But as she moved. her payal that Maan gifted him on there wedding night, making numerous voices. The gift was especially choosed by Maan on his mother's request. Though there marriage was arranged and Maan just agreed to it cause of his mother, Geet soon started to make her place in his heart and life.

To distract himself from these thoughts, Maan took hold of his laptop an sit on the bed, leaning against the headboard.

"App kuch khanay ko lain gay...?" Geet asked him through the mirror.

"Nahi..." Maan avoided to look up and kept his eyes stick to the laptop.

Geet noticed his demure and decided to read a novel that she was reading from last few days but still couldn't complete it. She slipped into the bed beside him and started to read the book which was placed on the side table.

Maan peeped at her from under his eyelashes.

Deeply engrossed in the book, one hand holding the book and other playing with her hairs. A small dreamy smile on her lips which could melt any stone hearted person.

Maan leaned on his right to check what she is reading that made her smile like that but Geet caught him and closed the book instantly.

"Ye app kia kar rahay hain?" She asked raising her brow and Maan found that really cute.

He cleared his throat and straighten up himself.

"Kuch nahi..." He replied arrogantly.

Seeing that he is not going to explain anything further, Geet again took hold of the book and opened the page, she was reading.

"Agay se barish main nahanay ki koi zaroorat nahi...khaas tor pe lawn main ja k" Maan's comment startled her and she instantly look at him.

"Kyun...Lawn main kyun nahi...?" She knew his reason perfectly but decided to play innocent wife character.

"Bus kaha na nahi..." how he could tell him his reasons that seeing her dancing in rain, really make him attracted to her today. That the way her sari was hugging her body, he wanted to wrap his hands around it. That they way, her eyes were shinning, he wants to see them shinning with his love.

But he cant. He has been in love with Rashmi, wasnt he.

And how brutally she tore his heart apart by cheating on him with hia best friend.

Maan switched off the laptop and lay down in bed, keeping his back towards her.

Geet looked at him while turning the book page and smiled.

"In pe kuch tau asar ho raha hai...likin mujhe kuch or sochna paray ga ta k ye apnay maan ki baat mujhse khud keh payeen...Chalo Geet, lag jao kaam pe... In k dil k ird gird bani deewar ko tumhain hi torna parna hai kyun khud tau kuch nahi kehne walay" She mentally debated with herself and lay down to plan her next moves.


"Tumhare saath kaun reh paye ga Maan...Na tumhain larkiyon se baat karna ati unpe pyaar jatana...koi pagal hi tumse pyaar karay gi" Her voice still rang into his ears.

He was sitting in his office. All employees were about to leave. He was free so his mind divert to his sexy wife who seemed too alluring last night but right then, Rashmi words rang in his mind as if preventing him to make a move towards Geet.

"Sir, Sara staff chala gaya hai..." His secretary, Neha informed him after a while, bringing him back to reality.

" bhi jain abh...Sham kafi dhal chuki hai" She nodded after wishing him a good night an holding his bag, he too rushed to his home.

He entered to hear choas in the home. Someone was crying in pain and others were trying to pacify the person.

He threw the bag on the sofa and rushed to kitchen to find his wife having tears in her beautiful big eyes. He looked down to see her palm filled with blood and the maids were putting ice to block the flow.

"Kia howa?" He hurriedly went to her and took her good hand in his to show support.

"Sir, wo apple kat-te kat-te, madam ko knife haath pe lag gaye" His older christian maid, Samantha told him. Worry was completely visible in his eyes.

Maan look down at see Geet cry when Samantha put ice once again on her palm and her grip on his hand got tighter.

His heart felt low seeing her in so much pain.

"App ye mujhe dain or jaldi se first aid box lay ayein" Maan took hold of the ice and started to apply that on her palm, carefully as if the ice could hurt her.

Geet looked down at him from tear filled eyes to see him blowing softly on her hand and his face, filled with tension.

Samantha brought the first aid from which Maan quickly took out the anticeptic and applied that on her hand with the help of cotton. Later he wrapped that carefully with bandage,

Geet by now was not crying anymore. The cut was though deep but the affection of her husband, put all the bandages on her pain.

He brought her out and made her sit in TV lounge while he also get seated beside her. No questions asked, No answers required by him.

He switched on the TV and started to search for a channel.

Geet observed him carefully for sometime and he didn't utter a single word anymore, started to get up.

"Kahan jaa rahi hain app abh?" He took hold of her arm and pulled her back to the sofa.

Geet, for the first time, was stunned by his action. He never just pulled her close before.

"Woh...App k liye chai..." She started but Maan cut her in between.

"I think meri maids ko bhi Chai banani aati hai...Wo bana lain gay"

"Par aik patni honay k natay, ye mera farz hai k main app ki zarooriyat ka khayal rakhon" Maan looked at her with a surprized emotion. His heart did a small jump hearing her say that.

"Or mujhe appke liye Chai banana accha lagta hai" Her eyes were lowered as she said all that

Maan first hesitated but then give in and held her hands in his.

"Geet...Tumhain aik baat samjhni chahiye k tum meri maid nahi ho...Tumhain ye sab karne ki zaroorat nahi..." He started softly.

"Or app ko bhi baat samjhni chahiye k main appki biwi hoon...App ki har tarhan se fikar karna mera kaam hai" her voice held the authority that left him speechless.

"OK...OK...par jab tak tumhara ye ghao sahi nahi ho jata...Tum kitchen main enter nahi hogi..." On seeing her opening her mouth, he put a finger on her lips that made her shut up.

"And ye baat bhi final hai...No more discussion...samjh aye" And Geet had no more option to say other than a Yes.

Seeing her pouting face, he smiled and turned back to look at the TV screen but his mind and heart was still stick on that adorable face.


Next day:

Maan eyes squirmed as the sunlight hit his lashes. He put his arm on his face when his senses woke up too and made him realize about the little weight over his chest.

His eyes flew open and look down to see his wife sleeping while resting her head on his chest. Her bandaged hand was placed on his shoulder while his own was hugging her from her waist.

He was surprised. In the last months, he never woke up to this beautiful view.

Where his mind asked him to get out from the bed, his heart didnt agree.

He was loving to feel her this close to himself. Her sweet body scent was filling her nostrils. the heat of her body was providing a different kind of solace. Whenever she would nuzzle his chest with her nose in sleep, he was feeling wanted. Her hug was making him feel secure and complete in a totally different way.

He smiled a sweet smile looking down at her and placed a soft undisturbed kiss in her hairs.

She was proving herself to be the best wife one could ever have.

Only he knew how he felt seeing her bleeding a day before. Anxious. Scared.

He was in love with HER.

But now, he is in love with this amazing lady laying in her arms. He wanted to tell her but how can he do that now.

How he would explain to him the reason of his ignorance. How he will tell her that he was in love with someone else who's words still haunt him and stop him with a fear to not be a disappointment for her too.

He was in a messy situation. He so didnt want to hurt Geet by any means but telling her about his past will hurt her and so if he will keep on ignoring her.

"Please God, Koi tau rasta dekhao..."

Geet, on the cue, take a turn to the other side and Maan took a deep breath.

His fingers moved forward to hold her but he forcefully bring his hand back and get off from the bed.

She was sleeping so peacefully. Her messy hairs scattered around on the pillow.

A vision to catch for the eyes of an artist.

He kept on staring at her for sometime before he turned to ge ready for his office.


Geet was roaming in the house as she had nothing else to do Maan was already off to his office before she woke up. the alarm on her clock was switched off and she perfectly had an idea who must have did that. Maan made sure that she doesn't work overdo as per her nature and on his strict orders, even the maids Samantha and Gauri didnt let her get into the kitchen.

She was feeling bored now as all were treating like she is sick.

For God sake...That was just a cut.

"A huge cut" Aunt Samantha corrected her that made her more angry.

Hearing her mobile ringing, she get back into the room and received it after seeing Maan name flashing.


"Hi...kaisi ho?" Maan asked while checking some files, Neha brought that need to be signed.

"Boring" He chuckled at her reply that made Neha shocked.

Maan Khurrana chuckled while talking to someone. That was a news.

"Ye app apnay office main hi apnay orders chalaya kariye...Ghar main kia keh k gaye hain app gauri or aunt samantha ko?" Her voice was so irritated.

"Kyun...Kuch kaha unhoon nay?" He tried to play innocent. After such a long time, he was enjoying teasing someone.

"Ji nahi...yehi tau baat k darr ki wajha se na kuch keh rahi kehne day rahi hain...bus chup chap sara kaam kiye ja rahi hain...or mujhe kissi aik cheez ko bhi haath nahi laganay day rahin...farig bethna kitna mushkil hai, appko patah hai?" She taunted that made him laugh more.

Neha who was shockingly looking at him by now, was even more confused and curious to know with whom he is talking...but poor her had to left curious as Maan checked the file, signed it and dismissed her.

"Ghar pe chup tau main bhi rehta hoon...Tumhain mujhse tau kabhi koi gilla nahi howa" He spoke out before he could even think.

Geet was happily surprised to see him sharing his thoughts and asking his mind out.

"App ki khamoshi bhi mujhse bohut kuch kehti hai..." She replied like a helpless lover who find goodness in each thing of her lover. He tone was soft and full of love.

Oh !! Her simplicity.

Maan was falling more and more in love with her.

He cleared his throat to not let his throat get clogged.

"Chalo, office main bohut kaam hai...Tum ghar ki khamoshi enjoy karo aur apni bandage change zaroori hai" He diverted the topic

"Phir se order..." She reminded him.of there earlier discussion.

"Office k saath saath wo ghar bhi mera hai, aur ye patni bhi...jab chahy, jo chahay order day sakta hoon" Geet felt butterfly in her stomach as he referred to her with so much authority.

Things were changing for the good that made Geet smile widely.

"Ok...Jo hukam pati dev ka" Maan smiled and wishing her a good day, cut the call.

No need to mention, they both were occupied with there discussion and the newly felt feelings the whole day.


chahoon paas paas aana, koi dhoondh ke bahana, tumhe apna maana
chahe ruthe ye jamana, chahe maare jag taana, tumko hai pana

Geet was roaming into the hall, waiting for Maan when she heard a car entering the garage. She got a hug smile and rushed to her room. Taking hold of her hand, she unwrapped the bandage and started applying the anticeptic filled cotton on it.

Her face turned solemn as he entered and saw her cleaning up her wound.

"Ye kia...abhi tak bandage nahi change ki?" He asked as he put his briefcase away and came to her to help.

Geet smiled tongue in cheek as he carefully applied the bandage.

"Aunt Samantha say nahi keh sakti thi...?" He asked sternly.

"Wo aur gauri pehle ghar k kaam kar rahay thay, phir unahin kuch grocery shopping pe jana tha...Abhi tak aye nahi" She explained her made up story, as she herself send gauri and Aunt Samantha out for shopping and being Maan Khurrana wife, sternly ordered to not be back home before Maan.

Maan made a knot in the end and went to take a bath.

Later they both settled themselves on the dinning and Gauri, who was back now,  served them dinner.

Geet served herself and Maan passed her the bread but the real exam was tearing it and eating it that turns out to be an impossible task as her right hand was the injured one.

She tried to take bite from the left one but just on the way to her mouth, all the curry from the morsel will dipped down on the plate.

Maan eyes were on her and seeing her trying for the 3rd time, he pushed her plate away and start feeding her with his own hands from his own plate.

Geet did a happy jump in her mind. This wasn't her plan but seems like God was helping her too.

"Thank you God" She sent a silent prayer above as Maan pushed another morsel in her mouth and she happily ate all like a baby.

Later that night, when Maan was deep in sleep, Geet was sitting on their bed, holding up her knees and looking down, adoringly at her dear husband.

He looks such a baby in sleep.

So free of any fears, tensions. So careless. A free bird.

She perfectly got to know about his caring nature, his thoughtfulness, his soft heart, his respect level for others . She got to see his best side and his worst too.

She know, right after from their marriage that he has a past.

One day, while cleaning the closet that she started to share with him, she came across with a photograph of a girl. A girl pic, that was safely secured behind the wood of the closet and just that act explained her everything.

He was never careless from her side. He always tried to fulfill each of her wish, always took care of her needs. Without her askance, every month a fixed amount gets deposited to her account that he opened for her after there marriage.

He was associated to many charities but he never showed it off. His relationship with his mother, who was shifted to Darjeeling to stay associated with the orphanage, she started few years back after the death of his father, was just the best relation a mother and a son could have.

"I love you Maan" She whispered softly.

"Main appse bohut pyaar karti hoon...abhi keh nahi sakti, kyun k app abhi ye sun-na nahi chahtay par main intezar karoon din ka...jab app bhi mujhe aisay hi pyaar karain gay" She thought and keep on drooling over her handsome husband.


ni muiye saari raaton ki, kahani koi to hogi
jo jaage taare raaton ko, ya jaage jogi

Two weeks has passed from that blessed rain, when Maan first felt too attracted to his wife. They both started to get more comfortable with each other.

No one knew the reason of this sudden change but there relationship was taking a beautiful turn.

Maan started to take much more notice of her routine. One night she got a mild fever and he stay awake, the whole night and kept on checking her temperature in every half an hour. He took her for a long drive once on the beach where they strolled bare footed and shared there childhood stories.

She started to give him special tiffin, prepared by her ownself after he got a light stomach problem. She couldn't dare risk a thing when it comes to him and his health.

There every action spoke of that unexpressed love that was making them both alive. He was hesitant and she was shy.

This morning started off with a beautiful way for them as the sky was bright and warm. It was not too hot today. Though the weather forecast mentioned about a rainy day, a single cloud was nit in view.

The flowers out in the garden were blossom in there full respect, spreading wonderful colors around.

Geet once again was sleeping in his arms as he woke up that added an extra cherry on the top.

He took a deep breath as he welcomed the day with open arms and decided to live each moment of his life.

The day was jam packed for him. Back to back meetings with clients were frustrating but his happy mood made up for all that.

In the evening around 7, when he got free and get back to his cabin, the black dark sky and thunder graced his view from the glass window.

The moment he saw this scene, Geet's face flashed infront of his eyes and her love to rain that he had witnessed earlier.

"Kahin wo aj phir tau barish main..." Before the line gets complete, he catch hold of his things and rushed back home.

After parking his car, he looked at the lawn to find no one there. The rain was on its best right now but seeing her nowhere in sight, surly provide him relief.

He get in the house and on not finding her in the dinning, asked aunt Samantha about her.

"Madam tau sham se neeche hi nahi aaya, Sir" She told him.

"Ok, main dekhta hoon" He took long strides upstairs to get to his room.

"Geet..." He called her as he get inside but she wasnt there. He checked the bathroom too after giving a cursory knock, but no use.

Hoo ni muiye haay
ni muiye hoti hain, kucch batein hoti hain, raaton mein
jo jaage hai jogi ya taare jage hai, raaton mein

Right then he heard her giggle outside from that terrace that caught his attention. Taking slow steps he went towards the glass railing that parted the terrace from his room and saw his wife, once again dancing in the rain. She jumped, giggled, looked up into the sky to feel the raindrops directly on her cheeks.

Maan shook his head in dismissal and get out.

Geet took a twirl when a hand caught her and pushed her back to the wall. She was astonished but on finding Maan, took a sigh of relief.

"Ye app kia kar rahay hain..." She asked trying to free hia hold from her wrist

"Tum kia kar rahi hoo...Maine kaha tha na k barish main maat nahana?" He was irritated.

"Jee ne mujhe lawn main mana kia tau hamare room ka terrace hai...ird gird dekhiye...koi bhi nahi dekh sakta mujhe yahan" She looked around, forcing him to look around too but he kept staring at her face which was blushed. Rain drops were tracing her face and falling down on the ground after touching her lips, her chin, her every single part.

Lust and desire was completely arousing him seeing her current state. Last time, he could control himself, but this tine, it was slipping away seeing her, feeling her so close.

"Tumhain ye barish itni kyun acchi lagti hai?" He moved closer to her with this question as she was now sandwiched between him and the hard wall but something was telling her that this is the moment. Either she should take it or leave it.

Bracing herself, she looked up straight into hia eyes as she replied.

"Kyun k ye mujhse pyaar karti hai... Main jaisi bhi hoon, mujhse kabhi moun nahi morti...rowon main tau mere ansoo saaf karti hai...muskuraoon, tau main meri khushi ko or barhati hai... Mujhe apni agoosh main bhar k meri saari karwi yaadon ko dho dalti hai"

"Or agar magin kahoon k main bhi tumse aisa hi pyaar karta hoon, tau?" Maan said a moment later.

Geet looked back at him with wide eyes. No matter what and how she expected him to express his feelings, this was way better than that.

He took hold of both her hands and tangled there fingers together.

"Tum jaisi ho...mujhe aisay hi pasand ho...tumhare anso, mujhe b utna hi dukh detay hain jitna k tumhain...tumhari hansi..." He moved his face closer to hers so she could feel the heat of his breath on her lips.

"Tumhari hansi, mujhe bhi hansne pe majbor kar deti hai..." Geet's breath fasten up feeling him so close to herself and looked down in shyness. Her lips were shivering but her body was on fire.

Maan nuzzled her temple and kissed her softly out there.

The first contact of his lips to her skin sent shivers down her spine. Her body was against his body.

His lips traced her cheek bone and turned there attention to her ear. Her eyes got heavy with the extreme emotion of passion, he was building inside her.

She hissed in pleasure as he bit her earlobe and suckle it.

leja leja re mehki raat mein churake saare rang leja
raati raati main bheegun

"I love you Geet..." He whispered.

The world seemed to stop. The words, she so eagerly waiting to hear from him, were finally out.

He LOVES her... The magical moment was here that she was so hard trying to mesmerized. His each word, the whole atmosphere, she always want to remember and cherish.

He left her hand and hold her chin, to make her look up in his eyes. And when she did, all his answers were answered.

"I love you..." He cupped her face and hit there forehead together as he kept on repeating his confession.

"I love you too..." She whispered back and hugged him tightly.

Maan engulfed her in his arms as if holding his life. Her confession and her closeness was all he wished to have and he got it.

"Shadi k baad se hi, sirf appse pyaar kia hai...App k gussay, app ki care, app ke pyaar...App ki har ada se..." She opened her heart out that made Maan's hold tighter.

"Tau kabhi poocha kyun nahi...Kabhi haq se sawal kyun nahin kia mujhse k main is rishte ko agay kyun nahin barha raha..." He was feeling ashamed of his ownself now. She had loved him all along and all he did was, hurt her with his indifference behavior.

"Jahan Dil juda ho, wahan sawaloon ki jagha nahi hoti..."

"Geet...Main..." He was left speechless by her maturity but he has to explain her today about himself.

"Geet...Mere past main koi tha jisne..." But before he could cont, she covered his lips with her fingers.

"Mujhe appke past se koi farak nahi parta...Farak parta hai tau is baat se k aj is pal, or anay walay har aik pal, kia app sirf mere hain" The thunder voice in the background seemed to clear all the doubts from his heart as he straightly look into her eyes and replied with a determination.

"Main sirf tumhara hoon Geet...Iss janam main...Or anay walay har janam main" His words hold the promised that she required.

She put her hands around his neck as a breathtaking smile, lifted up her lips. Her happiness was truly shown on her dripped wet face.

"Tau bus...Phir ye teh howa...Aj k baad hamare guzre howay kal ki karwi baataon ki koi baat nahi hogi...balke hum milke kuch aisi yaadein banain gay, jo hamare honton pe sirf muskurahatain layein, Ankhon main ansu nahi"

Her mention of the word "Honton" divert his attention towards her lips as he moved closer to her face and replied.

"Or unh khoobsurat yaadon ki shuruwat, humain abhi is pal se karni chahiye" And with that, he captured her rose budded lips in between his.

The meeting of the lips was a completely new experience for her but she didn't back out and after letting him kiss a bit, responded in the same way.

His hands moved down on her body, tracing its shape with the fingertips. Her skin was a mixture of hot and cold right now.

His tongue made some strokes on her lips that made her moan out loud. She felt like being in heaven.

"Open them" He said on her lips and she did exactly as asked.

His tongue did its tour in the new territory of her mouth and taste the sweet taste of her.

Geet's hand were grabbing the back of his shirt tightly to hold herself steady. This pleasure was too hard to handle for her right now.

ni muiye ni muiye leja leja re
bheegun re haai
ni muiye ni muiye ni muiye
leja leja aa re

The cracking of lightning made Maan realize of there position. They were making out in the terrace, in open.

She was wet and needed to dry up so without breaking the kiss, he pushed his one hand under her knees and hold her up in his hands before he get inside his room and after placing her down on the bed carefully, stood up.

Geet's lips were pink and desire was completely visible in her big black eyes. He turned and closed the glass railing and turn off all the lights, just leaving a night blub on before e turned back to the bed.

He bend and moved up her wet sari from her perfectly waxed legs. His fingers traced the soft skin and moved down to unlock the payal, that was making noise.

He placed soft kisses on her feet and moved up her body that made Geet moaned out his name.

"Maan...Please..." But he wasn't ready to hear anything.

He will make up for the lost moments of the married life and he will make up in his own way.

His fingers, his lips, his sighs, his groans all went on to the work to make this night a exquisite one for her and for himself.

She wasnt out from the one torture of his fingers when his lips with start there assault.

Slowly, one by one, he bared her skin from the wet clothes which were now laying somewhere away, down on the floor and took her to the edge of passion.

Later, as Maan lay down on the bed, holding a sleeping Geet in his hands, he realized how relaxed and happy he was feeling. He compared his own emotions that he had for Rashmi and that he hav now for Geet and realized, the thing, he is feeling now is nothing what he used to have for Rashmi.

These feelings, he have now, are more stronger and more passionate.

He kissed Geet's shoulder as he made a promise to himself to never let her down ever. He was ready to do anything that can make her happy.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present."
Bil Keane

Do Hit like and give honest comments...
hope the ends come not better...



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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Awesome os..
loved it so much...
Maan in dilemma...
geet ..cute..
Liked her way to make him confessThumbs Up
great song selectionHeart
Amezing os...

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daredevilisback

Awesome os..
loved it so much...
Maan in dilemma...
geet ..cute..
Liked her way to make him confessThumbs Up
great song selectionHeart
Amezing os...

thank you so much dear...
glad to know that u liked geet n maan...
and this song was the whole idea behind this story... :)

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 6:54am | IP Logged
Beautiful ...

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 7:18am | IP Logged
wondeful OS
loved it very much
maan and geet are married but maan's past stoping him to take the relation to next level but he always cared for her ...she has create a place in his heart all along ...
finally both accepted thier feelings and lived happly ever after

and when u r going to update pyaar kia toh nibhana  waiting for that eagerly...plz update it soon na

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Beautiful One Shot Day DreamingHeart
The Sweet OS made my Evening Big smile ..

Loved the innocent Geet and her selfless love for Maan Embarrassed ...
And loved the Confession Part Embarrassed ..

Amazing Work Thumbs Up
Keep Writing More ..Tongue

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amreenshameem

Beautiful ...

thank you dear... :))




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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _lehar_

wondeful OS
loved it very much
maan and geet are married but maan's past stoping him to take the relation to next level but he always cared for her ...she has create a place in his heart all along ...
finally both accepted thier feelings and lived happly ever after

and when u r going to update pyaar kia toh nibhana waiting for that eagerly...plz update it soon na

thank you dear for liking the os...
yup, maan always cared for her in his own way...
i m just gonna start writing that one now...
this os was a bday dedication so had to do this earlier...
will update pktn in 2-3 days... :)

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