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Balika Vadhu Written Update 19th November 2013

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Shiv's office :-

 Episode begins with Shiv colliding with  Durga Devi hospital's superintendent in his office . Shiv is pleasantly surprised to see him there and asks him how come he is here ? The Superintendent tells him he came here for some work related to opening a new unit of heart surgery in the hospital. Shiv asks the superintendent to have a cup of tea with him in his cabin . The superintendent agrees

In Shiv's cabin Shiv and the superintendent are having tea together and the superintendent is also telling Shiv about the new unit of heart surgery in the hospital . Shiv likes the project and praises the superintendent for keeping in view the needs of patients and introducing new treatments and advanced  techniques for all the treatments in the hospital. The superintendent thanks him and says its all because of trustee's support with us . We are trying our best to serve people but we are humen too sometimes errors happen from us too That day i apologized to your wife for that child but still please do  say sorry to her from me Shiv is confused hearing it .The superintendent continues whatever happened we didn't do it deliberately with any purpose , it was only an attempt to follow rules. Confused Shiv asks the superintendent i did not understand  You are talking about what ? The superintendent tells Shiv everything in flashbacks Him saying to Anandi i refused to admit this child in hospital because the parents don't have discharge papers . Anandi saying to him just because of few papers you are refusing to treat this child i'll bring discharge papers to you then you will treat this child . End of flashbacks

The superintendent tells Shiv that day i realized rules are not more important than a patient's life . Shiv is happy hearing it .The superintendent continues then i immediately asked forgiveness from your wife and then whatever records she wanted to see i got them for her I hope whatever she wanted to see or know that would  have been done. Shiv is confused hearing it . Shiv recalls in flashbacks Anandi saying to him in hospital Sarla jee was talking to another nurse about you.  End of flashbacks . Shiv thinks to himself which records Anandi wanted to check ? whether its related to Sarla talking to that nurse that Anandi had heard ?

Badi Haveli:-


Ganga and Gehna are doing their work preparing for dinner. Dadisaa is sitting with them . Dadisaa is looking at Ganga and smiling lost in her thoughts. Ganga sees Dadisaa looking at her and smiling . Ganga asks from dadisaa. Dadisaa  what are you thinking and smiling on it ? Dadisaa smiles and nods her head saying nothing. Ganga smiles 

Basant and Bhairon return home from work . Dadisaa is happy seeing them back home . Basant and Bhairon sit with them . Ganga says she will bring water for them . Ganga gets up to go to kitchen but sees Sumitra coming with water . Sumitra gives water to Basant and Bhairon . Sumitra asks Ganga to call Jagya and ask him when he will come back home ? Ganga says ok but before Ganga can call Jagya Jagya returns home. Dadisaa says to everyone my grandson will live a long life We just took his name and he came . All are happy seeing Jagya but Jagya is very sad . Jagya sadly looks at Ganga but Ganga smiles  Sumitra asks Jagya to come sit . Jagya sits with Basant and Bhairon . Jagya is very much disturbed . Sumitra says to  Jagya you must be hungry There is still time in dinner i will make something for you for now  . Jagya says  no maa i am not hungry. Everyone is confused what happened to him ? Sumitra asks from Jagya today you were going to get Ganga's reports Did you get them ?  Jagya says yes . Jagya opens his bag and takes the reports out  . Jagya is sadly seeing reports lost in thoughts . Dadisaa asks him what is written in them ? When Jagya does not reply everyone is worried . Dadisaa again asks him what is written in them is everything alright ?. Jagya replies yes Ganga is alright . All become happy hearing it  . Jagya says but from these tests one thing came forward . Bhairon asks him what ? Jagya says The Gynecologist did ultra sound of Ganga and from that it come forward  Ganga's uterus is very weak Perhaps during Mannu's birth whatever wrong has been done to her because of that this happened Now Ganga is not strong enough to carry another child . Ganga is shocked hearing it . All are shocked . Jagya says Ganga cannot become mother again . Ganga is shocked and hurt hearing it . All are shocked .The plate drops down from Ganga's hands . Ganga is very much emotional .Jagya says if Ganga became pregnant again it can be dangerous to her life .Tears starts flowing down from Ganga's eyes hearing this  and she runs to her room . 

Jagya says to everyone We have to be normal in front of Ganga like before these reports came so that she can accept this truth She can hold herself . Dadisaa is emotional . Jagya says to everyone we will have to make Ganga believe this if she cannot become mother again Its not painful for this family.  Whatever happened she is not at fault in this . Are you all understanding ?Seeing Dadisaa lost in thoughts Jagya calls her dadisaa . Dadisaa emotionally nods her head in yes . Dadisaa asks Jagya to go and console Ganga She needs you right now . Jagya goes to his room . Singhs are emotional 

Ganga is crying in the room sitting on floor . Jagya comes there and sits with her . Jagya wipes her tears . Ganga holds Jagya hand tightly and cries putting her forehead on his hands . Jagya is emotional but controls his emotions . He says to Ganga . Ganga there are million women in the world who could not get the blessing of becoming  mother even for once but God has given you this happiness once  After that your crying like this means you are disrespecting God , insulting his gift to you in the form of Mannu. You know when Mannu first time called me Bapusaa then i had got the same feeling that every father in the world gets when his child first time calls him dad .and Ganga for me this is enough and if we could not have our second child it won't affect our lives in anyway Ganga look at me .Mannu is our son and whole family sees him with same eyes like us he is our son .It does not affect our lives if you cannot become mother again

Ganga says it does affect , it hugely affects  I know you love Mannu, whole family loves Mannu and i have no doubt on this love  I am a lot grateful to you all i will always be all my life but this is also a truth everyone has been waiting for your child That child who has your blood  Keeping this hope and expectation is not wrong Everyone does so . i have only taken from this family so far only taken i could not give them anything   Ganga cries more . Jagya asks her what you are saying ? Ganga says only this was the hope i can pay you all back for your love for me Giving you all same love Giving this house its  next generation but no  Have you seen Dadisaa's eyes  She was dreaming of climbing the gold ladder but now this dream will never be fulfilled  and i am responsible for this . Ganga  is crying 

 Jagya says to Ganga Even after being educated you are talking like this ? Is any gold ,silver ladder more important than your life ? Ganga is crying . Jagya says ok if these things really matter a lot to you then i will myself go and talk to dadisaa and ask from her Does she want to climb the gold ladder by risking your life ?. Jagya gets up to go talk with Dadisaa but Ganga stops him holding his hand saying No . Ganga says to Jagya no doctor sahab you won't say anything to her  Already i have become responsible for shattering her dream now if you said anything to her then i will be responsible for breaking her heart too and i dont want that . Ganga cries  Jagya consoles Ganga . Ganga hugs him and cries  Jagya is consoling her asking her to try to understand him  Your body cannot bear the pain of giving birth to another child . Ganga says if it cannot bear then i will make it able to bear Whats the use of such body which cannot give any happiness to own family i will try my best and you  will see even God will support me in my this effort because i want the child For Dadisaa , for this family , for you and you  will see with goddess blessing nothing will happen to me  Jagya strictly tells Ganga enough  Jagya says to Ganga if you really want to do something for me then you will have to remove this thinking from you that you want to be mother again for me and my family  and you will have to promise you will never think about this ever neither will talk about this ever . Ganga i don't want another child If i want anyone its you as my life partner and i cannot lose you . Jagya is emotional . Ganga is crying . Jagya takes out some tablets from his pocket and tells Ganga these are tablets to avoid pregnancy The gynecologist recommended them you will have to take them everyday . Jagya explains to Ganga rest in muted voice 

Ganga recalls in flashbacks Dadisaa saying to Sumitra I wish to become great grand mother I want to see Jagdish's child in my life . Sumitra saying to Dadisaa my heart feels Ganga will fulfill your this wish soon  Jagya puts the tablets in Ganga's hand and asks her did you understand .? Ganga is still crying . Jagya consoles her and asks her to get fresh up now I will change too . He wipes her tears and leaves . Ganga is still emotional

Kesar Bagh:-

Anandi in her room gets Ganga's call . Anandi attends the call asking Ganga how she is and how is everyone in home ?

Kesar Bagh and Badi Haveli:-

Ganga says to Anandi no one in home is letting their pain come on their faces but i know that i shattered everyone's hopes . Anandi is shocked hearing it and asks her why are you saying this Ganga What happened there ? Ganga tells Anandi everything  Anandi is shocked hearing it  Anandi asks Ganga not to cry what is not in your hands for that don't give yourself pain for that . Ganga says i will hold myself but who will hold others ? What about Dadisaa who was dreaming of becoming great grandmother  She was talking about climbing on gold ladder i have shattered her dream . Anandi says to Ganga you didnt do anything deliberately  This was written in destiny which no one can change even if one wants to . Ganga says i know i have no fault in this but whenever i see everyone's faces in the house then my heart bleeds My heart wants to fulfill Dadisaa's dream without caring for anything else at least i will be relieved what i could do i did . Anandi asks Ganga don't be silly You yourself is a nurse and you know what this will lead to .Perhaps for you your life has less value than family's happiness but Jagya ? think about him If in your attempt to become a mother if anything happened to you will he be able to tolerate this ?Not only he will anyone from family be able to tolerate this ? Ganga says doctor sahab has already said he don't want me to take this risk . Anandi says Jagya took the right decision Now you don't take such risks I know Jagya loves Mannu like his own son Other family members too see Mannu with these eyes Thats why you don't think about this ever you could never give the happiness of Jagya's child  to the family . Ganga thanks Anandi and tells her she felt better by talking to her i really needed someone at this moment . Anandi tells Ganga whenever she feels like talking to her she can talk to her anytime about anything  She is always with her  They then end the call 

Kesar Bagh:-

After the call Anandi is very sad thinking about JaGan . Shiv comes from behind and hugs Anandi . Anandi says to Shiv today you came back right on time . Shiv leaves Anandi and says to her but the happiness i wanted to see on your face i cannot see that What happened ? Anandi tells Shiv Ganga called . Anandi tells Shiv everything .Shiv is upset hearing it and says to Anandi this is indeed a very painful but good you stopped Ganga from doing any such thing and they have Mannu to love them That will make them come out of this grief. Anandi smiles but her smile vanishes soon . Shiv asks from her is there anything more too that is disturbing you  Anandi says No Shiv nothing more . Shiv asks her perhaps you saw something that is worrying you? Anandi says i told you Shiv ..Shiv says perhaps in Durga Devi Hospital  . Anandi is shocked . Shiv tells her from which doctor you asked permission to check records i met  him today in my office and he told me you wanted to see some records  Why you wanted to see them ? Anandi i am noticing you are being sad for so many days If there is something tell me Why hiding things among us ? You can share with me 

Anandi tells Shiv everything in Flashbacks what she saw in hospital in records Ira gave birth to a still born female child Shiv is shocked hearing it  . Screen freezes on Shiv


AnSh in Durga Devi hospital . Anandi sees Alok leaving in hurry from hospital and is confused . Shiv does not see Alok

On other side in Jaitser the new character entry of Avinash Wadhavan He is running in fields covering himself in a shawl and suddenly comes in front of Singhs jeep . Seeing Singhs he hides his face so they won't recognize him  Seems like he knows Singhs 

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^ Thanks much for the detailed WU, Hina! Big smile 
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Thanks for the update.
At last an episode just focusing on the leads and their troubles and travails.

Good performances from all four of them.Smile

Wish they had taken care while writing Ganga's lines.

She is shattered to know that she may not be able to become a mother again.
She must have looked forward to having a child of the man she loves so much and also wanted to have a child out of an act of love and not of force.Also very disappointed at the thought of not being able to give pleasure to the family that she has come to care so much.

But why make her say that her body and her is useless because she cannot have a safe pregnancy?
Is that all a woman is meant for?Agreed that's how Ratan Singh and family has treated her- just a body to be used and to get a child out of that body.But why is Ganga echoing the same sentiments?That too after she rebelled against Ratan Singh and his family an everything they stood for and made a new life for herself?

It was very careless on the part of the dialogue writers.She must have been devastated when all these things are happening to her and may be frustrated with herself for not being able to give the family what she wanted to but those lines are way too regressive.

As for AnSh - scene it was beautiful.Liked the way Shiv got it out of her.Liked the way he peiced things together and come to the conclusion that what his wife found in the records is what worrying her.Good that they are in this together and they will be there for each other.Time for Anandi has come for Anandi to be there by his side when he needs her.Hope to see this aspect of their relationship.

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Thanks for update.
Why do creatives want to show that women are there just to give birth to family heir, is it only thing that make a woman worthy of being a bahu, a wife? 

Another thing why did the current wife called the ex-wife to discuss such things? It is different to talk about any other family matter, but to talk about their family planning with ex-wife is ridiculous. Ganga should have shared such things with Lal Singh's wife- who supported Ganga when the family was against her. 

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Thanks for the update.

Feel bad for Ganga. For all that she has gone through why again put her in so much pain/trouble.
I really liked Sargun's acting today. This is the first time in all these weeks I have liked her acting as Ganga. The emotions of not being able to give a waris to BH and not being able to fulfil DS's was very well done by Sargun. JaGan can take the surrogacy route and still get a child of their own. Hope the CVs will show something positive out of this.

AnSh scene was nice too. Sid and Toral good expressions. Anandi was so afraid to share the records detail not wanting to see Shiv hurt and Shiv in his own way made his wife spill the secret.

I liked An-Ga scene too.. Ganga sees Anandi as a friend with whom she could share her feelings. That was nicely shown.

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Thanks for the update. Nice episode.

 Why cant they ever show Anandi as a normal wife? Any husband even if he is an ideal man like Shiv would get frustrated if he gets back from work to hear his wife's problem about her sasural or maid or maika. She is always frowning about something Ouch
Except for those expression-less dialogs about his being her sahara/zindagi etc she never is happy being with him
And shiv looked rather cute when he was telling her about why the need to hide Smile 

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Thanks for update Hina Hug 

Poor JaGanCry feel really bad for them . Very good performance by Shanky and Sargun . Jagya is the nicest husband . i am glad  Ganga  got such a husband who cares for her so much 

I think Ganga only said about useless body words in frustration when Jagya said to her her body cannot bear the pain of giving birth to another child . In frustration we always end up saying such things which sound strange other way  I don't think cvs meant it  i won't call them writing poor dialogues It was only said in anger  . Quite natural to say such things in anger and moreover its her mentality . She has been conditioned like this to think like this which won't change so soon no matter how much she gets educated . Village women often think like this . Her thinking needs to be shown the new light and she will slowly understand  so cvs were fine here 

So Ganga can become pregnant it is only complicated . She will definitely break the promise with Jagya and go ahead with pregnancy and will get herself in trouble CryO Ganga why don't you listen Cry

Dadisaa i believe understood but Sumitra seems trouble for Ganga again 

I absolutely hated the scene of Ganga calling Anandi and Anandi giving Ganga lecture DeadO come on Cvs is it important to show Anandi mata 's lectures in everything ? You never show Anandi calling Singhs or Ganga and telling them her problems then why don' t you at least keep Anandi away from one thing related to JaGan? . Ganga sees her as a friend or not but till yesterday Jagya's words were everything for Ganga now all of a sudden she needs Anandi mata's lectures the most  Dead Anandi has to remind Ganga she is a nurse like Ganga herself does not know ,  Anandi mata  has to tell Ganga to think about the man she loves and not to take risks for her life thinking about him  , Anandi mata has to approve what Jagya is saying is correct Even if he does his family planning with his wife he wants second child or not His wife must call Anandi mata and take her approval your husband took the right decision DeadNonsense DeadCvs are day by day becoming big idiots in their attempt to give Anandi light in everything  .Angry

and sorry to say but i found Toral's performance really poor when she was talking to Ganga on phone. Looked like she needed some good sleep 

Precap so finally Avinash entered . Looking forward to his track how it proceeds  He is a good actor . Cvs select good actors but hoping they will utilize his talent not waste it and of course Anandi mata will deal with this new villain Can't expect one separate track for JaGan because cvs think Anandi will become less great if she is not forced in every track and every track is ruined because her unnecessary interference in it Sleepy Get a life cvs 

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