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TS : Zindagi - Part 3 - Final updated -Sequel to ISHQ Nahin Aasaan (Page 12)

DevikaRavish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Gudduluvs


Thank you !! Smile

DevikaRavish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neenabinu

so their family is complete
Well ... Yes.. but more to come...
Applef IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 9:08am | IP Logged
that was so sweet..

zoya delivered to a baby girl...Big smile

love their family tima..

update soon..

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nahsjdnusksmsj IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Loved it
Plz update soon

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mariam1368 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Very nice update. Thanks for
the pm n please pm me if u
update further.

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DevikaRavish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Apologies everybody could not reply back on all your comments.. but did read them and thanks a lot for that.. Smile
DevikaRavish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 9:23pm | IP Logged

Part 3 - Final Part

The journey of next 2 years was very memorable one to the entire family... Adya, Asad and Zoya's daughter had become darling of not only her parents but also of her grandparents...

It was Adya's second birthday.. Now that Adya was understanding things , Asad wanted to make it extra special for her.. He woke up early and decorated the whole room with lots of balloons.. and there were lots of animal soft toys on the bed around Adya.. and Asad along with the entire family were waiting for their baby doll to wake up.. He had his handycam ready to capture her each and every reaction and expressions as soon as she woke up...

Adya opened her eyes slowly.. to find her abbu smiling and looking lovingly at her.. .. and the moment she opened her eyes.. everybody started singing.. " Happy Birthday.. To Adya !! "

Adya was very happy looking at all the dolls around her and the lovely balloons in her room...She jumped with joy clapping her hands and looking at her family... She held out her hands to Zoya.. "Ammi !!"

Zoya took her baby in her hands and kissed her and wished her again.. " Love you baby !! Happy Birthday darling"

Adya's focus next went to her abbu : " abbu !! "

Asad : Patha hain muje apko apki ammi hi zyada pyari hain na ??... hamesha unhe hi aap Good morning phele bolthi ho...


Adya : Abbu please.. and she very well knew how to melt her dad .. she pulled him so that he bent down to her.. and she kissed him on his nose... which brought a smile on Asad's face...

Asad : Love you my baby.. ab batao.. Adya ko kaun nahane lekejayega aaj ?? ammi ya abbu ??

Adya looked at both Zoya and Asad and she jumped on her dad hugging him.. : abbu...She always preferred her dad to take her for bath since he allowed her to play in the bath tub the way she liked.. Asad had got her a small bath tub as another surprise for her and had filled it with bubbles for her to play with ...and he enjoyed doing all these small things to his daughter...He would take care of not letting either soap or shampoo get into her eyes.. and by any chance it did .. instead of Adya, there would be tears in his eyes which made his daughter laugh at him...

Zoya and Asad would daily finish their baby's morning tasks and hand over Adya to Dilshad for the rest of the day before going to their respective offices.. Zoya would manage to finish maximum of her work during the first part of the day and would make sure she would be with her daughter by evening to spend time either playing with her in their garden or sometimes she would take her out for a walk... and also to near by play ground to play with other children...Though Zoya had taken over her responsibilities at ASYA software Services, Asad would still have a discussion with her and go through the details regularly to keep himself aware of what was going on in that company and he would take over whenever Zoya had to stay back at home for Adya..or for Dilshad...

Inspite of repeated requests, Gaffur and Zainab had not opted to shift to Mumbai... They were happy to stay back in Bhopal...Ayaan and Ronak would visit them every Saturday along with their wives to see to that Zoya's parents were happy and comfortable...and once in 2 or 3 months, when Zoya and Asad visited Bhopal, friends would make it a point to meet up similar to their college days...

Since 5 Yrs had passed by, Tanveer was released from jail... She went to her parents house first but she got to know that they had shifted out of Bhopal and none of them knew about their whereabouts... She did have little money for her work in the jail .. so she decided to go and look out for her brother.. in Mumbai... Tanveer had gone through lot of pain staying in jail with different sorts of culprits.. She did not have much hope from her brother as well but she wanted to check out...

Tanveer went to the City Hospital and enquired about Tansir and found out that he had resigned and may be he had travelled abroad.. Dr. Salim was still working with the same hospital but he was married again with Dr. Shabnam .. She also go to know that Dr. Shruti had also quit.. The way her family and friends had given up on her and none of them had made an attempt to either meet her  during the last 5 Yrs hurt her the most.. She did not know what to do or how to continue with her life and so she started walking aimlessly... thinking and planning for her future...

To make Adya's day special, Asad and Zoya had taken her out to Essel World.. She enjoyed most of the rides ..

Adya : Abbu.. muje ice-cream chahiye.. !!

Zoya : No Baby.. !!

Adya looked at her dad with a puppy face.. which melted Asad's heart..

Asad : Zoya.. Kya mera phone car se leke ayegi please ?? Muje ek zaroori call karna hain !!

Zoya : Chaliye chalte hain.. ghar hi to jana hain na ??

Asad : Actually.. Adya ko ek aur ride pe leke jana chatha hoon.. hum do no yahi bait kar apka intezaar karthe hain... !! and he looked at his daughter and winked at her without letting Zoya know...for which Adya started giggling...

Zoya : Kya hua Adya ?? Aise kyun hus rahi ho ??

Asad : Wo mein dekhta hoon Zoya.. chaliye aap...

Once Zoya was out of sight, Asad took Adya to the ice-cream stall and got Adya's favourite strawberry .. On the other hand, Zoya had to take a long walk since their car was parked on the opposite road.. She crossed the road and quickly picked up both Asad and Zoya's phones and checked for any miss calls and started walking back... As she was walking back, she sensed somebody following her and so she looked back immediately but could not find anybody..

When Zoya came back, she saw her always Mr. clean and Tidy wiping Adya's mouth with his hanky which was full of ice-cream.. and as soon as Adya noticed Zoya she jumped on Asad make his shirt also dirty but he did not mind it ...He enjoyed everything about his daughter and also his wife...

Zoya : Kya ho raha hain ?? Ab samji kyun apki phone ki zaroorat pad gayi !! aur haan ab agar raath mein Adya ko cough hoga to apko hi puri raat sambhal na padega !! and she continued in English so that Adya could not understand.. You are spoiling her Asad.. by agreeing for all her demands...

Asad : Sorry Sweety.. is baar maaf kardo.. please..

Adya : Ammi sorry and she was still hugging her dad fearing if her ammi's anger was still on but as a smile spread across Zoya's face, Adya jumped on her and kissed her mother..while Asad wiped his shirt and hugged both of them ...

Asad: There is a surprise for you also !!

Zoya : Wow.. Batayiye.. kya hain ??

Asad : Patience my dear.. Will let you know at night and winked at her...

Adya was happy and  walking along with her parents holding Asad's hands...and as they came out to cross the road, in a fraction of a second, Adya had ran after the balloon which had got out of her hand and there was a car coming in the opposite direction.. but luckily a lady caught of hold of Adya and hugged her tightly so that Adya was safe and in the process, she herself got hurt badly and lay unconscious ..

Asad and Zoya were both in a state of shock to realize what happened in those few seconds and rushed towards Adya...

Zoya and Asad immediately took Adya in their arms and kissed her.. and noticed that there was not even a single scratch on her...Now their focus went to the lady who had saved their princess and were shocked to see that it was Tanveer...Asad immediately took help of people around and they shifted her to near by hospital.. Zoya left Adya at home with Dilshad and came back to the hospital to join Asad..

After another hour or so, Tanveer gained consciousness.. Doctor had informed Asad and Zoya that Tanveer was weak and needed rest for few days...

Tanveer's room

Asad and Zoya walked slowly to meet Tanveer... Looking at both of them, Tanveer just looked down since she did not have the courage to meet their eyes...

Tanveer : I am sorry.. Mein aapke samne ana nahin chati thi.. lekin..

Asad : Tanveer.. tumne humari Zindagi bachayi hain.. Humari beti Adya hum do no ki dhadkan hain.. Tumhara bahut bahut shukriya.. !!

Tanveer was still bending down .. Zoya went and sat next to her... and took Tanveer's hands in hers...

Zoya : Tanveer.. jo bhi hua uske liye tum saza pachuki ho.. aur tumne humareliye aaj jo bhi kiya hum wo kabhi bhool nahin saktein hain... Tum kya kar rahi ho ab ? Kaha ho tum ??

Tanveer started crying.. Zoya forgiving her friend went ahead and hugged her..

Zoya : Tanveer.. sab teek ho jayega... Relax...

During the 1 week stay of Tanveer in the hospital, Zoya got to know that Tanveer's parents and brother had deserted her.. Asad and Zoya being good souls wanted to forgive all the past deeds of Tanveer and give her a new hope and chance to lead her life on a fresh note... They had met the committee members of an Orphanage for which regular funds would go from their organization and had arranged so that Tanveer could join them as a Teacher in the Orphanage and also had made arrangements for her stay as well...Tanveer did get to meet Adya again and she was now happy for her friends and also for Adya...and also very grateful for them to show her the path to lead a new life...and she did promise herself that she would work sincerely and lead life accordingly..

It was now 2 weeks after Adya's birthday...Adya was sleeping with Dilshad...

Asad's room...

After finishing work on his laptop, Asad looked up to find Zoya standing in the balcony admiring the moon.. A smile spread across his face.. She had not changed in this matter.. Whenever she would get the opportunity, she enjoyed the peaceful time admiring nature's beauty... She had indeed worked out after Adya's birth and she was back to how she looked earlier may be much more beautiful now... Asad went and hugged his wife from behind and kissed her on her cheek...

Asad : Zoya.. yaad hain Adya ke birthday pe maine surprise ke barein me kahan tha ??

Zoya turned around fully excited and put her arms around his neck.. : oh yes.. boliye... !!

He handed over an envelope to her.. She was very excited to open it and found Tickets for both of them to Mauritius..

Zoya : Asad.. yeh !!

Asad: Hum next week Mauritius ja rahein hain.. Ek hafte keliye..

Zoya : Lekin Adya ??

Asad smiled and looked at his Wife : Adya ammi ke saath yahi rahegi... Akhir Adya keliye hi hum ja rahein hain na ??

Zoya was confused now : Matlab samji nahin ??

Asad : Zoya.. Mein chatha hoon ki ab hum Adya ko next birthday par ek bhai ya behen de...

Zoya started blushing now looking at her husband...and hid her face in his chest...

Asad : Zoya.. hum do no Adya ko miss karenge.. lekin ammi ke saath wo safe hain.. aur bas ek hafte ki baat hain.. Apne aap ko bhi kuch waqt dena hain na ?? aur mein nahin chath ki Adya meri tarah akeli rahein..

Zoya : Love you.. for being a Wonderful husband !! and she hugged him ...

Asad : I love you too sweety for being a Wonderful Wife.. !!

End of PART 3 and Final Part...


Thanks again for all the readers of Ishq Nahin Aasaan and Zindagi !! As mentioned earlier, Zindagi was not planned in the first place, I hope you all enjoyed reading it...Do key in your comments

I have started writing a new Short Story.. Dil aur Dhadkan .. Will be posting it soon...

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awesome ending

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