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ArHi FF: UnFaithFul ~ Love Treason THD 3 - PART 13 PG.118

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We are on Thread 3 Party Thank you so much for the support and hope to see it remain till the end of this fiction. Hug

Part 9

He lifted her in his arms and took her to their mansion which is like a dead house now days without any giggles or laughter of his wife who cherish everyone life but today her life was shattered and the smiles disappear from her beautiful face. She was no longer the same Khushi. She was totally a soul without a body. She was alive yet she was aloof. She was breathing yet she was feeling suffocated.

He enters in the mansion and yelled for Jenny their maid. She rushed to them when she saw her Mamm was unconscious. She looked at their clothes which was drenches due to the rain.

Arnav(Walking to their room): "Get some warm water.. Fast..!" He orders her.

She run and does as per his command. He walked in the room and took her in the bathroom. She was fully drenches. Her lip was trembling due to the coldness she was facing. He make her seat on the bathroom slab and was about to open her kurta to change her clothes but in sudden he stopped. He didn't know he still has the right to change her clothes and adore her body which he used to worship?

He heard a voice from behind. He turns and saw Jenny standing at the doorstep holding a small basin with a cloth. He gesture her to come in which she followed.

Arnav: "Change her clothes.." Jenny nodded hurriedly without denying him. She handed the basin and the cloth to him and he marched out from the bathroom leaving her alone with their maid.

He somewhere know she don't like his touch anymore. She won't able to tolerate if she came to know that he changed her clothes and have seen her with his dirty eyes. Even he has the right to see her but the right is no longer acceptable by her. In all this, she was still blaming herself for the lost of the baby. She was still under the trauma to accept the fact which she saw with her naked eyes.


Next morning..

He wake up early in the morning and the first he did was check his wife which were resting on the bed. For the whole night he didn't able to sleep well. His eyes and mind was pouncing on what he should do now? He couldn't find any hope for them. The way was full with darkness of his deeds. He didn't know how he should bring her back in her presence life and make everything alright between them.

He looked at her who were sleeping on the bed with the blanket covered her till her chest. He walked out from the room and went in the kitchen after getting fresh. He prepared a tea and some light breakfast for her. He told Jenny that he would feed her as she don't have to worried much for her Mamm today..


He carries the tray and went in the room to make her eat the breakfast. Once he opens the door he saw her standing near the French window with her white salwar suit. She was lost in a deep thought. Her eyes were tearful as again her heart was aching in pain.

He took few steps forward not before keeping the tray on the coffee table. He touched her shoulder and was about to utter a word but the sudden turn by her was enough to make him realize what is coming next..! She leaned her hand on his cheeks her husband for the first time in her life. She always considers him as her God but today the same God have destroyed her fully..!

His neck turn aside due to the strength she put on her hand which she used to SLAP him..! Her chest was moving up and down. Her moist eyes were ragging fire.

Khushi (Angrily): "If I had given you this SLAP long time before than this brutal day won't come in my life..!" She pushed him through his chest making him take few step backwards..

He was again standing like a statue without meeting her eyes. A eyes which seeking for numerous of question and he couldn't give any..!

Khushi: "I hate myself.. I hate myself for trusting you blindly. The truth was always before my eyes but I took to believe you because you were my husband. I never give ear to any news or any rumour. The only I know was my Arnav would never cheat me..! But I was wrong...! You have not only cheated me but you have destroyed me fully. I don't have anyone which I can call as MINE. I'm left alone and this time by the person I love a lot." She started to weep and her tear was rolling on her cheeks.

Arnav: "Khushi.. I.. I wa.." She interrupted him in between.

Khushi: "What explanation you wanted to give me..? What lie you wanted to lie to me? What else is left within me which you wanted to snatch from me..?" She looked at him with teary eyes. "Why Arnav..?? Why..??" The only question she asked him several time but yet it was left unanswerable.

She closed her face with her palm and cried her heart out. He walked towards her and touched her shoulder but again she waves off his hand from touching her.  

Khushi: "Don't touch me with your dirty hand..!" She roared. "This hand you used to bed them and at the same time you used it to touch me and make love with me. How disgusting.. DISGUSTING..!" She shouts the last word.

He looked on the ground as he doesn't have the courage to meet hers. She hold his collar and shook his body making him realizes what poison he had spread in her life. How much pain he has cost her due to his ugly deeds.

Khushi: "Do me a favour Arnav.." He lifted his gaze and meets her eye. "Please erase the memory of that NIGHT from my mind. Please Arnav.. I beg you, please ERASE the hurtful night from my mind. I can't live if that NIGHT flashes in my mind again and again. I can't.." She cried on his chest. "Please Arnav.." She pleaded him continuously.

His eyes moist and alone tear rolled on his cheeks. He was so helpless. Never in his life he was in this stage which he was facing now. His money is not useful anymore. His name power and everything which made Arnav Singh Raizada were nothing NOW. He can't even use it to repair his mistake. His lied too won't help him at this point.

She took few steps backwards and hit the wall behind. She leaned down slowly and cried on the ground. Her heart ached in pain and that pain was killing her. The compromising position of her husband and Lavanya were taking her life. Every time she closed her eyes the night flashed in her mind and stabbed her heart brutally.

Khushi(Crying on her faith): "I used to crave for intimates. I insisted you to love me during my pregnancy and now.." He looked at her whom were seating on the ground with her eyes staring those marbles. "I'm the stupidest wife in this world. I learn the truth several times but still I care to trust you. It's so hard for me to accept that I have shared my husband with everyone. There is no difference left in the physical relation which you did with me along with the hooker and you're so called models. You bed them and at the same time you did it with me. But now I will put a FULL STOP on all this.." His brows frowned not understanding what does she mean..??

She stood up with a smile on her face. A smile which he has never seen before. It was beautiful and yet it was sarcastic. She started to march towards the bed as she needs impale of rest. He hurriedly walks towards her and make her turn.

Arnav(Holding her forearms): "Asnwer me what do you mean..??" He could feel something is fishy here.

Khushi(Blinking her eyes): "I'm sleepy.. Let me sleep.." He frown his brows. He was aware she just woke up half an hour ago and still she wanted to continue her nape..??

Arnav: "What you did DAMN IT..? Answer me..!" He shouts in sudden.

Khushi(Still smiling): "It shouldn't bother you Arnav. After few hours you will be free from our marriage and ME.. You have the freedom to satisfy your needs with whomever you want. I won't stop you. You have the right to live your life but you don't have the rights to destroy me. There is nothing left which you can repair. It's true that I'm not able to hate you but that doesn't mean I will not learn to hate you. The love I has for you is enough for it turn into poison. Your deeds will be always unforgiveable by me. I will never forgive you for what you did to me." Her eyes welled up again. She started to blink her eyes which were heaving now. "Leave me.. I want to sleep.." He nodded a NO..

Arnav: "Not before you tell me..!" She smiled on his stubbornness. But she was determining she won't erupt anything from her mouth. For a moment she looked at the current spot and turn before he could catch her. But it was late. He was way too fast from her. He too turns and saw her staring at the curtain. He leaved her and walked towards the curtain. He doesn't know what was there but still he could realize her behaviour was weird. He checked the spot carefully and he didn't found anything suspicious. He turns the curtain harshly and in sudden a bottle rolled on the ground. He took the bottle and his eyes were terrifying reading it was a sleeping pills. He opens the bottle and was shocked to see the content. It was empty..! There were not even a capsule was left. He turn behind and her body were about to collapse on the ground. He run towards her and caught her. She smiled. He was always there to hold her when she was about to fall but... This phase would always remind uncompleted for her.

Khushi(Seating on the ground in her husband embrace): "I'm going to meet our daughter. I will tell her that her Papa loves her a lot but he wasn't able to love her mother. I won't blame you Arnav. I know I'm not good in physical relation which we shared and made you find for another woman to satisfy your needs. I'm good in nothing." Her tear rolled from the corner of her eyes.

Arnav(with tearful eyes): "Why you are punishing yourself Khushi. The person who should be punished is me..!" She touched his cheeks with her one hand.

Khushi: "This is your punishment Arnav. Once I'm no more you will realized that you have killed your wife with your deeds. I'm always alone in this world. But when I get you as a form of a husband I was grateful to Devi Maiyya but not I regret meeting you in my life. I regret the day where I give you're my heart. But nothing can be undo. Neither our meets nor your deeds. It will always remain there and I won't able to face the fact." Her eyes were closing and she was blinking several times. He touched her cheeks and making her stop from closing her eyes.

Arnav: "NO.. Khushi.. Don't do this.." His tear fell on her foreheads.

Khushi: "Bye.. Arnav, Muhje jah na hoga.. (I have to go..)" He denied leaving her..

Arnav: "Nahi Khushi.. Aisi saza maat do muhje.. (Please don't punish me like this..)" His tear was continuously shedding..

Khushi: "Apna khayal rakhna.. Aur yaad rakhna ke tumhari zindegi mein ek Khushi naam ki larki bhi thi.. (Take care of yourself.. And remember once there was a girl name Khushi in your life..)"

Arnav(with cracked voice): "Khushi.."

Khushi: "Bye Arnav.." She closed her eyes let the slumber took over her forever. Away from this cruel world and away from the pain which she is undergoing.. But least she knew this is not THE END of her life..

To be continued..

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Congrats for new thread... am on first page... yaahhooo

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Congoz on new thread.. 
I ll read the Update n Edit the comment BehenaEmbarrassed

Wah Behena.. I made it on the first page...LOLLOL

Ok Now.. 

My first thing About this Update

WHAT THEAngryAngry

I know this is story is like this that always when i read an update of Unfaithful



Why the hell She is Punishing her when Clearly mistake was His...

But Khushi's POV was right.. She neither could hate him nor Forgive him.. 

So What can we do?

Must say Arnav has some presence of mind that he dint Touch her.. 

But Now i really want to see what will happen to her..

U have stopped it in a crucial point BehenaAngry

Now I am Praying RAMji to give some Patient to this IMPATIENT soul

So that I can wait for ur Update

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Yahooo again first page

loved the update

ps long comments after exams

congrats on new thread wishing many more.

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awesome bahbhi
sorry can't say more 
but kushi is right in her place but societOuch
all the best for exm bhabhiHug

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So painful. ..
Why he us so stupid and what the need to chet the beautiful wife... khusi's condition is so miserable. ..
Now sleeping pills oh god dont know what conditions she will have

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Awesome.dying 2 read d nxt part.
Continue soon n pm me also.

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