Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

:~ 11.17.13 - Happy Birthday, Fariha! ~:

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Ritchelle: Phoolon ka taaron ka, sab ka kehna hai, ek hazaaron main meri behna hai. Day Dreaming

Yo! You okay? Geek

Woh Humsafar tha..magar uss sey humnawai nah thi.. Day Dreaming

YOU TOO?! Shocked

*ignores everyone* So, Aapi I was stalking Baji and you know what..

Baji who? Aapi who? Ermm

Sonia: Ritchelle, you're spending too much time away from the Cool Crew. You're like living under a rock and you have no idea about what's going on.

Ritchelle: Oh yeah? Well if I had no idea about what's going on, I wouldn't be singing the title track to EHMMBH here!

Alina: Ritchelle! Why are you and Sonia fighting?!

Gunia: The question is more like why are you and Saraa singing?

Saraa: Don't you know, you're in a place where it's all about singing..dancing?! Dancing

Ritchelle: Yeah! This is the IF Singing and Dancing competition, like the one Anjali and Anjali had in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.. *starts laughing along with Saraa.* ROFL

Saraa: And man, Shahrukh Khan..he was so hot! Day Dreaming

Ritchelle: But you know, I think Salman Khan looked better..he was so cute back then. Blushing

Sonia: And we're completely off topic! Stern Smile

Kriti: Yeah, what does Kuch Kuch Hota Hai have to do with this?!

Alina: Okay, guys! So, let's get to the mudda which is that

Ritchelle: NO! NO! Absolutely not! This is supposed to be dramatic. Don't you dare destroy it, Alina. Pinch

Gunia: But what is the "mudda?" and what does that even mean?!

Sonia: I think, that's like point? Like you know when we say "what's your point?", yeah?

Kriti: Let's get to the mudda then. Before we start boring people!

Alina: So, like I was saying. I was stalking FARIHA Baji and found some stuff that I think we should all unveil now.

Saraa: Oh, I have been waiting for this since October 16th! Cool Bring it on, just bring it.

Kriti: Starting with when Fariha was not OnlyHope but was rosemehek. Our not-so-little birthday girl had a want to get to the higher rank, when she achieved that, this is how she celebrated:

Gunia: And then came her passion to post poetry, in other words, sher-o-shayari ka bhoot.

Ritchelle: If the above erm..shayari wasn't enough to showcase Fariha's passionate..writing skills, the following shots surely will! She composed lyrics for a specific scene of Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai and also conveyed through her feelings if she had been Kripa (the female protagonist of KYPH)

: Lo and Behold! The funniest part is yet to come! Fariha had made a Fan club. No, not just any fan club. But it was for Dadi lovers of KYPH. (yeah, she was super excited about KYPH back then)

Alina: And our Fariha is dramatic too! Wanna see how? Look below for just a crop out of this super old post, believe me when I say, that it was a LONG list:

Why did you guys leave all the boring stuff for me?! Hmph. But yeah, Fariha made VMs too. Hmph. So? I wanted to do the embarrassing stuff.

Amna: ALWAYS THE LAST ONE! Ufff, exams are killing me, but I made it right in time to announce the next embarrassing thing... *reads what's next on the list* but this is not embarrassing either! I know how you feel, Saraa! It's the first ever shop that Fariha made. Nothing like Blooming Hope!

Kriti: Back to me, is it? Oh well, our lovingly fantastically sober Fariha is quite the comedian, check this stuff out in red below:

Gunia: And clearly the comedy continues through. Jen would be so proud of her, the editorial skills were always present in Fariha. Jen just brought 'em out. Tongue

: So, have we embarrassed Fariha enough or what? I think we have.

Saraa: HAHA. No, we haven't. I wanted this to go on and on but then..I can torture her anyday but I wouldn't want the members running away. SleepyLOL

Amna: Yeah, Saraa we don't want that. Because we all know that you can continue on and on.

Sonia: so we're leaving the good stuff out about when she joined and what all went down with her being promoted and then re-promoted because, what's the mudda? LOL

Gunia: If you still don't know who we're talking about then..you should maybe hang your head in shame.

Ritchelle: Yeah, you can't not know who we're talking about.

Alina: Cutting to the chase, it's Fariha aka OnlyHope we're talking about.

So, get on with it, below are the messages and gifts followed by the special question/opinion of Fariha's friends.

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Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai! Ek Hazaaron Mein, Humari Fairy Hai! 

Happy Happy Birthday Fairy jiii Heart You are one of the sweetest and most amazing people I've had the honor to meet on the DT and I am SO glad we got to work together [be it briefly] on the Cool Crew! Like ofc we all are doing diff stuff now, but we're all a part of the Cool Crew. Nothing changes that. Hmph. Approve

Anywhoo I know you'll have an amazing day and all that, so I won't waste time on menial and trivial stuff. Hehe. I pray you you're blessed with all the happiness in the world, and may God always listen to your wishes. 

Me lubbs ju a lot. Like legit a lot.

My gift is like somewhere below, so yeah. I hope you like it; all credits to the amazing Shikha AKA starry.phoenix!



PS: Ofc if we do manage to work together again [and acc to you it is like this close to happening], its gonna be one MEGA reunion :D

*Check the gift below*

Fariha L(forgot the rest of your last name, as usual) aka B1 aka TZE aka Jeevika didi aka meri zindagi ki fairy,
Where to start? Probably from the time when I was unusually formal with you asking you whether I could help make EHM celebration threads. Or from the time when I liked all the posts you made despite the fact all they said was 'reserved.' Or the time when I continuously commented first on all your posts. Let's just say the beginning was Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - this show and that forum made us Jeevika and Maanvi (aka B1 and B2). And then after that oh lord we scrapped so much it kind of became unbelievable. Do you remember those times when we had two PM convos and a scrap convo going at the same time? And my nonstop complaining sessions about that one person who drove us nuts but we found her ever so dramatic and funny (oh, that's still going btw ;)) I am so glad I came to know you because you are beautiful in everything you do and everything you say and I love you, aakhir behen hai hum, IF ka rishtaa hai humaara. Heart And then I watched all the episodes of HS and ZGH overnight because I fell in love with the shows after your recommendation. Let's just say what Fairy loves, I love. We are bound together by this irreplaceable friendship and sisterly love which will always be within my heart. You've turned 24 today and I am so damn excited you've no idea (actually maybe you do Ermm). You are a big sister to me and honestly, there is no other way to put it. I'm not spectacular with words like you so I just want you to know that I love you, like Mannu loves didi. I would be nowhere without you. You are like an inspiration, the most gorgeous person inside out and someone who I can always look up to... and, in your own words, I demand you to stay this way Cool Happy birthday Jeevika didi! I love you, hamesha kiliye and even after that. Thank you for being that one person who I can share everything with without thinking twice.
I love you,
From Kriti aka Mannu

*Check the gifts below*

Phoolon ka taaron ka, sab ka kehna he.. Ek hazaaron mein meri behna he. Hug 

Today is THE 17th: a date to remember always, a day to celebrate because my behna was born, an Angel was born, a dear friend was born, a Typical Fariha was born. Blushing

10, 20, 30? I don't even remember since when we became  good behnas. D'ohBut it's all because of Aapi. Big smile I always saw you around as a VB and then always in Pakistani Serials Forum in all dramas thread. Tongue But everything changed when we started planning Aapi's birthday..Day Dreaming

What can I say about you? Be the typical Fariha ALWAYS and I'll keep loving you! Hug Continue to give us your typical Fariha's reply. TongueLOL and Thanks for helping me in Spanish hun! Hug I got a good mark.. Once in a blue moon. LOL

On your birthday, I don't wish you anything except your happy married life. LOLLOL I wish you to get marry very very soon. ROFLROFL and become Mrs. LB. Blushing

Jokes apart - marriage part wasn't a joke hunStern Smile- wish you a really really happy birthday and may you live your life happily ahead with lots of happiness, success and a handsome larka like Fawad, Fahad, Iqbal and the list continues. Tongue

I made something for you.. they aren't that good as others but umm yah.. I tried. Confused and mene bola tha na? You are anyhow getting those sigs..Wink BINGO! I know you got what I mean to say. Blushing 

LOVE YOU Typical Fariha! HugHug

*Check the gifts below*

Baar baar din ye aaye, 
Baar baar dil ye gaaye,
Tu jiye hazaaron saal saal, yehi hai meri arzoo,

H a p p y    B i r t h d a y    to    y  o  u

Hug Hug Hug Hug (x inifinity)

Done with the formal wish, now to the message. Honestly, I don't know where to start from. How did we become friends in the EHM forum? Ermm There's just so much there that I can't think where to pick from. It's been about almost three good years since I've known you, and there's never come a time where you failed to awe me. Honestly, you're one friend I'd never ever like to lose out on. I hope our boats keep sailing the same way, and that I do actually really get the chance to meet you somewhere in a corner of this world! Blushing Okay, I'm failing with words. I tried really hard to write a shayari, specially for this day, but all my efforts were such an epic fail. Not promising, but there's something coming along the lines. It's not as good as your oh-so-touchy ones, but I have tried. I'll send it you. Anyway, here's wishing you a very happy birthday once again, may Allah always shower his blessings on you and may you succeed in everything you step in to. Aameen! Love you so soo sooo much. Heart 
Hugs and kisses,

Hey baby!
Happy Birthday to you :*
You are the most amazing person I've come across, I can't imagine my life without you! I sound like your premi but it really is true!! Our endless gossip and chats our the best thing ever. I hope and pray that we stay like this till we become buddha!
I couldn't make something for you, you already know why. I'm sorry for that, will definitely make it up to you.
I love you my fariboo, stay like this forever and I wish you gain some weight this year muhahahaha *evillaugh* and you become like me. Kyunke Mera skinny hona toh mushkil hai  :p
Oh and I also wish you get married in the very near future and then I become an angel for your kids :p
We'll celebrate your birthday when you come here!
Love you !
Have a VERY nice day, thank God it's gonna be sunday, do take an off! Please?
Happy birthday again :*


Wohoo It's your 24th BirthdayPartyDancingDude you are OldStern Smile Just kiddingLOL...What should i say about you Cutie pieEmbarrassed
You are sweet, cute, adorable and down to earth Lil GirlHeart
I love talking to you so much and all our mere humrahi discusisons are hilariousLOL
On your Birthday I wish for you that May all your wishes come true and May Allah bless you with Many more BirthdaysBig smile
Keep SmilingSmile
And Most of all Keep Loving meEmbarrassed
I love you FairyHug

Here's you Birthday Cake

Yeah You are like Hello KittyStern SmileLOL

Heyyaa, we probably don't talk to each other much. But would love to wish u a veryyy happy birthday!! May god bless you! Party hard! Enjoyyy! xx

Hey Fariha Di! Hug
Wish you a very Happy Birthday! party
I pray that all your dreams come true and may god bless you with all the happiness and success in life. big hug   
Love you loads,Heart

Fariha! Nah, I like Fairy better. So, My fairy-sister, happy birthday! Wishing you tons of happiness this day and for the life ahead! You're a wonderful person and a great friend to have. Hope you get all the wishes you wish for. Have loads of fun!


Many happy returns of the day sweetsHug may ALLAH PAK showers his blessings always on you : AMEENHug You are really a sweet personEmbarrassed Wish you have a blast todayStar

*Check the gift below*

Farihaaa/Bakri/Budhi! Your getting old now! Jawaani ke din gaye!Shocked OMG time flies, I still remember when I was writing my message for your birthday last year. Feels like it was just yesterday. Stern Smile We have known each other for years now, yeah we lost contact in between but then destiny reunited us thanks to Humsafar.ROFL It has been a long journey full of adventures (okay, I don't know what I'm talking about here so I'll just stop). I have enjoyed every moment spent with you because I have learnt so much from you and I feel if you weren't in my life I would never be where I am today! You have been a big influence to me so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for always being there for me whenever I needed you whether it was because I was sad, because I needed guidance, because I wanted to share my happiness or just because I wanted a friend to talk to. You were always there and ready to tolerate all my nonsense and silliness. I love you so much and pray to Allah to give every a girl a friend and sister like you!Hug From the bottom of my heart I pray you get all the happiness in the world! Happy birthday! <3

You know you are always in my prayers (yes I even pray for your marriage as I want to become a Khala real soon) but here is just a small gift from me to you as an appreciation for always being here for meEmbarrassed I hope you like it!

*Check the gift below*

Lots of love
Hinnu <3

Happy Birthday Fariha

Wish you an awesome year ahead and may you be blessed with happiness always Smile

*Check the gift below*

Hey FarihaHug
Happy Birthday Hun! Hope u have a lovely day full of pleasant surprises!
Best Wishes

I think I first met you around last summer in the EHM CC! It was absolutely fabulous talking to you and you're just a sweetheart<3 Unfort. we lost contact but hit me up on scraps anytime bb EmbarrassedHug anywaysss happy birthdayyy! I hope you have a great day filled with love and joy<3

Happy Birthday Fairy!

Wish you loads of happiness on your special day! Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy it to the fullest! Eat lots of cookies (which i don't think you like so you can give them to me) and party it up!

- Hershi

Happy Birthday Fari Party

May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you happiness, success and prosperity. You are a pleasure to work with in the Newsroom. I made you a little something:

*Check the gift below*

Have a blast and keep smiling!


Hey Fari,

Many Many Happy Return's of the day buddy.
Lots of hugs and best wishes. May you enjoy to the hilt :)
Love Appy

*Check the gift below*

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Fariha Hug Hug Though we might have interacted only few timesEmbarrassed but then its your BirthdayBig smile so here's wishing you all the joy, success and luck in the upcoming years. Have a Wonderful day aheadBig smile

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heylooo fari!
remember me? :P
it's been quite a while since i last chatted with you and interacted with you :(
anywaysss.. wishing you a very very happy birthday!
have a fabulous one and hope you get whatever u want <3
take care :*
stay in-touch

Farihaaa!! Wishing you a very Happy BirthdayHug  ur one of my fav ppl here on IF...such a sweet and helpful friend you areEmbarrassed  and i Love you for making the Kamchor CC...thanks for making a common room where we can relax whenever we want to LOL May Allah bless you with loads of happiness, love and successHeart  and yea hope u find ur Prince soonLOL
Have an Amazing day and stay blessed always :)

Happy Birthday, Fairy jiHug

 Life is a journey, so enjoy every mile of it.

Happy Birthday Fairy

A birthday is the most special day in one's life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

The sun is shining more brightly today as a way to wish you happy birthday.

I wish you an outstanding and fabulous birthday.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful person on earth!

Let this day be full of joy and celebration.

I hope that today is the beginning of another wonderful year for you.

A Very Very Happy birthday Fairy Hug

May you have a blast PartyDancing

Happy Birthday Images

*Check the gift below*

Fariha many many happy reutrns of the day .. May all your wishes come true on this day and may u get all happiness love and success in your life and also blessing from your elders  and may you continue to climb greater heights of success in your life and career HugHug...Enjoy this spl day to the fullest Party...

I dunno you much but will love to work with u in future since from whatever I hv seen of u on IF , u come across as a wonderful friendly and warm person at heart .. Hug

Happy Birthday Fareee!!!!
Lotsa jhappiezzz for you...

My dearest Beta, since the day i joined BC (actually the only beta I've had)
I hope you have a great time ahead...
Make sure you enjoy your vacation, I am so not gonna miss you :P
See I love you so much I made an effort to make something...
So you better like it, samjhi?
Once again, party hard and kick 'em all


*Check the gift below*


I'm Seriously short of words on how to explain your goodness,You are such an amaing person <3 so mature and loved ,Always there for me you have always been just so so sweet !! and amazing friend+sis I jus can talk to you abt everything !! <3 and you always listen to me <3 I'm jus so so glad to have a friend like you <3 thanks to allah!!Love you so much <3

May allah bless you with all happiness <3
may this year bring you more happiness <3
Love you <3

*Check the gifts below*

Well, you are another year older and you haven't changed a bit. That's great because you are perfect just the way you are. Happy birthday. 

*Check the gifts below*

Fari!! Party First of all..Happy Birthday! Hug I honestly don't know where to begin. You are the friendliest, calmest, and most considerate person! You're so relatable, creative and so easy to get a long with. Day Dreaming Thank you for being such an amazing friend and introducing me to many amazing people and the Kamchor CC. May Allah bless you with loads of success and happiness! Have an awesome year! <3 Happy Birthday! Hug
Love, Iqra <3

Yayy it's Fairy's birthday !!

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Jaaneman HugHug 
May you have all the happiness, success, prosperity, friendship, love, peace and health in life. May all your dreams be fulfilled, may all your wishes come true <3 <3 
ab formal msg ho gayaLOL, let me tell you how she is as a person., Fairy, is an angel, like her name,... she is such a warm and friendly person, very understanding, lovely and adorably cute<3  she is  total fun to be with Embarrassed
So what made us friends in the first place...,I think we can credit it to ZGH, Zaroon and Kashaf Day Dreaming.. and we literally turned EHM CnV thread into ZGH thread LOL LOL because of her, I am introduced to whole new world of  TV shows.. <3
 I got to know her when I joined the DT...and voila ... she has become one of the best buddy and of course we and our cool crew are awesome [Fairy, Gun, Deeps, Sonia, Ritch]  how can we forget that.. and I do miss our long long inbox chats.. !  and btw she writes amazing Shaayari.. if anyone isn't aware of it Wink
Have an amazingly wonderful birthday hun! , do whatever you feel like doing, have loads of yummy food ,.and spend time with family watch all your fav shows...blow lot of candles, hop on to tons of cake.. 
Once again, a very Happy Birthday !! , have a rocking birthday and an even beautiful life ahead Hug
Love !
p.s: gifts below

*Check the gifts below*

Hey Fari aapi<3
a very very happy birthday!
many many happy returns of the day and hope u have a beautiful, blissful and cheerful birthday this timeBig smile
u know when was the first time we chatted?ermm i dont remember frankly!LOL well it was definitely after joining BC! LOLBut i came to know u more after joing DC! Aww i never thought u would be such a wonderful and helpful friend...i just like being around u and ur presence is just too goodEmbarrassedi dont know why...anways all i can say is im so glad to have met u, talked to u and be ur friendApprovei always wish that u lead a happy life away from all trouble. May god grant u happiness and success in whatever u doBig smile
Happy Birthday to u and we want u to order a special cake for we buzzers...only and only for usLOLLOLLOLand usmese a vadda wala piece reserved for me...coze cake ka idea mera haiCool
acha ok ok now apko aur bohat sari messages padni hai toh ill cut short ma words...
Happy birthday once again!

*Check the gifts below*


ahem I think I am going to start calling you by variations of that. it'll drive you nuts, which will be hilarious for me. yes, if you lot haven't realised that I am crazy yet, you're all not as smart as I thought. LOL


have a great one, with lots of cake and chocolate and surrounded by the people you love and who love you.


Happy Birthday Fariha! Big smile

You have gone round the sun 24 times Shocked no small deal yaar. WinkLOL
May you keep circling the sun many more times Embarrassed
I am glad we met chashmish Cool LOL And thank you for introducing me to ZGH and humsafar LOL
reminds me ki I completed watching ZGH too and I loved it.
Beginning mein I did not like it much but baad me I loved it Embarrassed
(You have not made my humsafar sig yet Angry)
I hope you like the sig. I wanted to make it myself but I don't trust my PSing skills at all. LOL


*Check the gift below*

Saal Giraa Mubarik Ho Pari jee! Heart

Is it just me.. or did the year just pass by? I feel like it was just a few months ago, since I sent in my last b'day message for you. Ermm Anywho.. I just want to highlight an important detail.. which this thread will be uncomplete without.. and that is ... YOU ARE GETTING OLD! Big smile there.. now we can move on..

 So..  i guess now  I praise you..and tell a bunch of lies? Ermm okay let me think ... thinking ... thinking harder... Aand.. there's nothing good to say about you. Stern Smile You're annoying.. mean.. rude.. sarcastic.. evil.. incompetent.. horrid.. AND "HopeLess". Cool
JK.. You're anything but that.. or... perhaps a little? Ermm

Anywayss.. so we have a long story behind us.. actually not.. You used to be my asher.. but then you disappeard with your beloved Khirad.. and never came back. leaving me heartbroken.. Broken Heart
BUTTT... you couln't stay away for long.. so you followed me into BC (we were in the same batch, just different groups). And we didn't live happily ever after. Big smile
Okay.. now to the serious bit..

I've seen you around the forum.. here and there.. but I can't remember how we exactly got to know each other.. I think it was in a humsafar CC.. or something.. and then even in BC we didn't talk much.. but eventually we did.. and now we're here..

You're a very sweet person.. sort of.. extremely talented, be it writing, graphics, or being mean. Embarrassed
I'm lucky to be able to know you.. :) Keep being the person you are, and keep spreading love.
Wishing you a great year ahead.. or one and a half month.. Tongue May Allah bless you with a lot of happiness, success and love. Ameen.

HappyBirthday, once again!! Embarrassed

And I'm still lazyy.. so you will get your gift once Im done lazing around..! which reminds me.. Saraa is also on the waiting list. Ermm maybe i should get somethings done.. Or maybe not.

Happy birthday, Fariha! 

Here's wishing that all the dreams you dreamed, wishes you wishes and hopes you hoped all come true. Have a fab time turning twenty four and I look forward to welcoming you into twenty five...it's all downhill from there!

Before I depart, leaving you with you all these warm and fuzzy feelings, please leave your cookie delights in my basket. Thanks and have fun! 

PS: I still laugh to this day that all it took was certain pic to lessen your weird fear of me.

Happy Birthday FaruuuHug
wishing you many many happy returns of the day girlParty
May you have all the happiness and success in life
stay happy and stay blessedHug

*Check the gift below*

May you have all the joy your heart can hold,

All the smiles a day can bring,

All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you have Gods best in everything.

Wishing u a Happy Birthday Fariha  HugHeart

You are the one who made me smile even in my sad days...Embarrassed

May all ur wishes come true on this very special day !! 

keep Smiling and making others smile !! :))

Happie Birthdae! Party
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Fari ji. May this day bring health, wealth and prosperity for the rest of your life. God Bless you with loads of gifts, surprises and memories to keep in mind forever. Have an amazing Chocolaty day! LOL

Enjoy yourself and Party hard!

Happy Birthday Fari Hug Have a great day Big smile

*Check the gift below*

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Arhi <3 

Humsafar (how can i forget themEmbarrassed

And ofcourse ZGH<3

Muahhh <3






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beautiful. IF-Sizzlerz

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Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls.

Blossom from Powerpuff Girls. Big smile

Imma go with Tommy from Rugrats. Just because he was sooo gullible and cute! Blushing

Winnie the Pooh (Fari is kind and welcoming HugSmile

Smurfette. ROFLROFL

Because you are cute, funny and typical like her. Big smile

Well Ms Fariha is as sweet as honey and so squishy and huggable like a teddy bear! ROFL She is really easy to approach and be friends with so she reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. They both have the same characteristics!LOL

hmmm i would say maybe minnie mouse? LOL



i think Fariha is - scooby doo ROFL

The Older Leaf Man from Epic. LOL

for me Fairy is Strawberry Shortcake from the movie Strawberry Shortcake - Sky's  the Limit

Princess Aurora coze she is sweet, shy, calm, polite, graceful and cheerfulEmbarrassed

Is it weird that the first thing I thought of was Jerry from Tom & Jerry? I was watching it yesterday and now all I can think of is chota packet bada dhmaka for some reason. LOL

Thumper from Bambi.. He was cute.. witty.. always helping..

Minnie Mouse

I don't know Fariha much, but spoken to her a couple of times, i feel she can be TWEETY! I dunno why, but she always reminds me of Tweety! Big smile


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So, first of all, thankyou EVERYONE for sending in their wishes! It's great to see that Fariha has such amazing friends. So, thankyou! Hug

Name-tags: appy_indy-KD
Messages, Cartoon and Gifts banner: .Kriti.
Script: BalamPichkaari and DeviatedTesoro.
Stalking: -Alina.
Compilation and constant ideas: |Persephone| , lonelyshadow and Predator.

We hope you all enjoyed reading the script. Big smile

Happy Birthday, Fariha!

We love you! Hug

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This time around, I wanted to do something different AGAIN, so I came up with a couple of ideas, one even included flying to your place..but nay, that couldn't happen. LOL Here goes my idea. I'm basically going to run down the journey of our friendship and our mutual love for stuff.

Starting with, Humsafar! Isn't that how we met? Yeah, met again,. Even though the show had long ended but you guys were discussing it and viola, I was invited to the CC (no, actually it was the MOTW in the IPKKND forum where you invited me but oh well.) so those days, when you invited me to the CC (Kaamchors) and what a spectacularly spammingly amazing days those were. I think I found the best of friends in that CC. So, THANKYOU for inviting me (you and Hinna) Hug Here goes the sig for that time:

Then, we fell in love with IPKKND but actually we were in love with it, we just found out a litttle late. LOL
LOL But ArHi. And how we still talk about them (sometimes) And all those saturdays that I'd be rushing you! LOL I apologize, yo! But oh well, it's still something that I cherish because we bonded over that. Thankyou for being an amazing freak and listening to my rants every..day? Hug Here's the sig to represent that love for ArHi that is still alive:

Right after this came, the ermm..hatred? YEAH, hatred for BHBK. Make sure no one hears us but yeah, didn't we just absolutely loathe having to do the Newsletter. We took it up but every week we'd be going crazy trying to get every section to finish. And then we got it turned to bi-weekly and then monthly and even then we hated it. Why did we stick to it?! Goes beyond my thinking too! LOL But, thanks for umm..sticking with me. Yeah! Hug Make sure you use the sig below LOL:

Then ofcourse, came Zindagi Gulzar Hai. AAAHH. How we nearly cried when ZGH ended. Oh God, and the last episode and the analysis. I miss that time! How we used to sit and analyze EVERY scene in the AT and you'd be like "Guys, shush, I haven't watched it yet, I'm still at work" But Iqra, Alz and I would still destroy it for you. LOL
LOL Again, thankyou for telling me about that AT and finding for me the amazing friends I made in the face of Iqra and Alz. Hug The last episode was our favourite apart from the one where Kashaf tells Zaroon about her pregnancy, so here's a sig on just that scene:

Now, coming onto how we both stopped watching Madhubala after a certain time period. Okay, that was complete coincidence but hey, it was epic nonetheless! LOL
LOL But RishBala we still love, right? RIGHT! Not more than KiSher or Zaroon-Kashaf or ArHi but we stil love them regardless. So, thankyou for loving RishBala with me and becoming RK for me too! I love being your Biwi. Hug Since you're my RK, here's a chunna sa sig for that, k?

Oh my God! Alongside this was our passion to catch up to Punar Vivah and what a fail that was! Do you remember? LOLLOL That was hilarious how we tried and failed to catch up. Just fail in other words. But our love for AarYa shall never die, yeah? Good!

Just how, just HOW can we forget the love we had for PKDH. Or rather how I had and I forced and shoved it down your throat?! LOL
LOL Yeah, yeah, I know! You still hate me for introducing you to Adi-Pankhuri but man, you know you love them. Especially the Newsletter times! HAHAHA. Do you remember that?! Ofcourse, you would! Hug

And to all those times that you gushed over Tacker, Fawad Khan, Nakuul and Iqbal Khan, here's a little something in honour of that:
*I still don't think Tacker is THAT hot. But only because you say so, and it's your day. *hmph** Sleepy

Don't worry, I didn't forget about your "Fahad Mustafa." If I had, you could have thought then that I suck as a friend to have not remembered how much of a die-hard fan you are of this great guy! Dead  But here's something for the love YOU have for FM. Just you, k? LOL I still love you, no worries Hug

And our love for Vivaah and how it lives on and on! Forever. I have my Prem, it's time you get yours now. WinkLOL (Damn, that was sooo cheesyDead)

And to wind it all up, I think we can safely say that you love me the most-est and we talk about  just anything. But, I still think you need to talk less..like at times. You know how we rant, but you beat me at it, every single time. LOL
LOL Na'ah, remain the same, LB! Don't change, I'd kill you if you did change! And I mean it when I say that I'd physically hurt you if you change! Approve

You're the straw to my berry. You are the sponge to my bob. You're the music to my life. You're the Manvi I needed in my life. You've stuck with me through bad times and ofcourse, the good ones.


Much love,

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Res again for the gift. Not too sure of it though.

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