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11/10 SS-Sarvik The truth pg 3

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
So it has been a long time since i have posted on IF and probably first time I have posted on the PV2 forum, however though I love vik and my heart broke when he found sar's papers I have started to have a change of heart and on fri my heart broke for sar and so i thought i'd write a quick SS on how i would enjoy the show to play out...(it's really a OS but i dont have time to complete it tonight so have made it an SS LOL)

Anyways without further a do...

The Truth

Sarita watched Vikrant walk away. She was broken.  She didn't know what had lead Vikrant not to believe her, how could he even think such a thing of her.  She had thought that no matter what happened or what would come in their lives Vikrant was one person who would see the real her.  He would stand by her side no matter what.  That she had finally found a man who knew the real her.  But alas it seems once again that life had slapped her in the face.  She knew Vikrant was made at her, but to doubt the essential core of who she was, to even suspect she may have hurt another person and that too someone who is a part of his family showed how little Vikrant knew her.  She felt her heart breaking and didn't know what to do about it.


She walked out to the living room where the whole family stood along with the police officer.  She could careless what the dramatic police officer had to say all she wanted was for everyone to go away so she could talk to Vikrant alone. So she could ask him why he would think so little of her.  She waited painstakingly as the police went through his monologue trying to get Vikant's attention to just get a glimpse inside his eyes.  But he refused to look at her.  And with each passing moment she felt the broke pieces of her heart turn to ice.  She had thought she knew what heartbreak was when she lived with Raj and he chose to treat her like a piece of furniture for 10 years.  But what Vikrant had done to her in these past few months was much worse.  She had lost her heart and soul to him.  He had showed her what being in love felt like.  And then he had turned his back on her when she needed him the most.  Sarita finally realized everyone was looking at her, she had no idea what had happened.  She glanced once again at Vikrant and this time she was able to make eye contact, but maybe it would have been better if she hadn't.  For the hatred and disgust he projected towards her was something she had never seen.  The last piece of her heart froze.  She became numb.  She didn't notice the shocked faces of her family, the raging words of Raj, the shocked pleas of Divya, and least of all the cold hard steel of the hand cuffs placed on her hands.




Vikrant was so enraged, he didn't know who he hated more. Himself or Sarita.  Regardless of how much he hated the fact that she had conspired behind his back with Raj he had thought he had known the real Sarita.  That the woman he saw with his son was the real woman.  That he had been blind to seeing the true goodness in her because of his clouded history, but now it was all laid in front of him.  The evidence proved Sarita had stuck by the only man she had ever loved.  There were no second chances, not in life...or in love.  He had been cheated of love once before, and thus had entered this marriage out of convenience only.  To find his son a mother.  However in the process the woman he had seen laughing and cajoling his son into the world of light and happiness had stolen his heart.  He had started to believe that it wasn't him that was broken that he wasn't the one that chased women away, but that it had been his first wife that had been flawed.  That the years of her blaming him for the sham of a marriage their lives had become might not have been all his fault.  That it was because she couldn't move forward that their marriage had become a shell.  That he wasn't as cold hearted as she had led him to believe.  That he was worthy of being loved.  As Vikrant watched Sarita's eyes turn to ice and with it he felt the familiar cold rage that had occupied the place in his chest where his heart should have been come alive.  He watched the police take his wife away and he felt...everything...and yet nothing.



As Sarita sat in the cold jail cell she couldn't keep her mind from wandering back to remembering the moments she had shared with Vikrant.  But what had once caused her heart to flutter with joy now only reinforced what she had known before she had fooled herself into falling in love with Vikrant.  She was simply not meant to be loved by anyone...except...



At home Vikrant sat trying to comfort a restless Abhi.  As Abhi tossed and turned Vikrant couldn't help but feel as though his heart was doing the same thing.  Finally he got fed up he asked Vandana to keep an eye on Abhi and headed out.  He didn't know where he was going until he reached his destination.  He continued to look up and tried to keep himself from entering but he couldn't.  Finally he opened the door and walked out.  He had no idea what he was going to say and he didn't even know he had something to say until he reached her.  And as he saw her sitting in the cold concrete room staring up at the ceiling he felt his hands roll up into fists.  He wanted to grab her up and hug her close.  He felt his arms raise and before he could find his voice she glanced up.  And instead of the warm light filled eyes he had become accustomed to seeing he saw black ice staring at him.  He waited for her to address him as he had come to address himself, Mr. Suryavanshi.  But he got nothing.


Sarita looked up and saw Vikrant, she couldn't help but wonder at the timing as she thought of the fact that no one loved her and here stood the man she had thought was her real chance at love.  She had thought she had a lot of things to say to this man however as she looked at him now she could only feel one thing and that was gratefulness at the fact that he had brought the only thing that mattered to her into her life.


As Vikrant stood in front of Sarita he felt all of the things he was feeling collide inside of him at once and he didn't know which one was the right one so he defaulted to the one that was most familiar. Anger and indifference.  "Well it looks like the truth finally came out.  Too bad you couldn't hold it together long enough for you to runaway with your lover.  You should have known better than to challenge Vikrant Suryavanshi."  Sarita stared up at him in shock he wanted to clap for her ability to act so innocent, "Why are you looking at me like I've said something shocking?  All I have done is turned your game around on you.  You thought you could betray me, string me along until you were able to get what you wanted and then leave with your one true love.  Well it seems as though you got what you deserved.  You will now get to spend the rest of your life with no one but yourself."  Vikrant had nothing left to say he had spit out his venom and was about to turn and walk away when she started to speak softly.


"You're right the truth did come out." Vikrant paused and Sarita continued, "And I'm positive it is not the truth you seem to think you have come to discover.  Because I can tell you one thing there was no plan to run away."  Vikrant turned around his face flush with anger, "Oh yeah?! Then what truth is it you speak of then??".  Sarita shook her head sadly resigned, "The truth is that you never really knew who I was.  Though we started this relationship as strangers I had thought we had gotten to know each other as the days passed.  That though we had minor misunderstandings you knew who I was deep down inside.  That you had started to feel for me as I had started to feel, that you were falling..."  Vikrant felt his heart jolt, though she didn't finish the sentece he instinctively knew where she was heading. And he wanted to turn around and yell that he did feel that way, and that that is why it hurt so much when she betrayed him.  But instead he just tightened his fists until he could feel his fingernails cutting into the skin of his palms.


 She took a deep breath and continued, "And then something happened you started to pull away from me, you started to turn cold and I figured it was because you were upset at something at work, or worried about Abhi, or maybe even miffed at something I had done. And that I could wait out.  That I could brush aside. But for you to believe that I had hurt someone and not just hurt but to...k k kill."  She started to feel tears gather in her eyes but she knew she needed to finish this because she may never get to chance to say this again.  That she would never get the chance to say what lie in her heart.  "Despite all the proof in the world I would never even imagine you could hurt anyone even in the worst of your anger I would defend your innocence with every bone in me that is the faith I have in you.  However, for you to even entertain the possibility that I may have hurt someone..." She broke off, she tried to regain her breath it took a few seconds Vikrant kept his back towards her.  She finally said the only thing that mattered, the only thing she had wanted to say deep down inside, "I can forgive your doubt that I may have unknowingly hurt someone, I can forgive your doubt that I may still have feelings for people in my past, but I can not forgive you for doubting the woman I am.  For doubting the morals I hold and teach our son to uphold."  And with that Sarita turned her back on Vikrant and stared out the small window at the top of her jail cell.  Vikrant stood there silently unable to say anything.  Finally he walked away.



As the court case proceeded and Sarita was brought to the witness stand she stood their frozen. Unfeeling.  As the lawyers and police talked, and as the judge listened she felt nothing.  That was until the session ended.  As she was walked back from the court room to the car that would escort her back to her jail cell she felt something attack her knees.  She tried to ignore it, but the thing gripping her leg wouldn't let go.  She finally glanced down and saw Abhi.  She felt the first crack in the ice that surrounded her heart. She immediately dropped down to her knees and gripped on to Abhi like the lifeline he represented.  She felt her sons warm tears on her cheeks as she whispered words of reassurance.  She felt his tiny hands grip her neck, and her larger ones envelope him as close to her heart as she could.  In that moment she knew what she had started to realize last night in the cold stale jail cell.  She had to win this fight, not for herself and not for her family, but for this one little boy, for her heart...her son.  She felt the policewomen tugging at her and at the same time sensed Vikrant coming she whispered to Abhi, "I'm always with you.  Stay strong my son, Mumma is going to come home."  Sarita let the police women take her away, but her eyes did not slip from her son's eyes and there in that moment she felt the first smile of her new life.



Vikrant had sat in the front row next to Rohan and his mom as the lawyers and police brought out proof after proof of how Sarita was behind the murder of Kajal.  How she had taken revenge for her sister in law, how her 10 years of loyalty to the Jagotia family had led her to the crime.  And as the facts made sense in his head, it just didn't sit right with him deep down inside.  He couldn't place his finger on the why but something inside of him just wouldn't accept the facts as open and shut.  And as he watched the ghost of the woman who had stood before him just a few days prior he felt a deep and constant ache develop inside of him.  Sarita wasn't even trying to defend herself. His mind knew it was because she was guilty and yet the kernel of doubt developed.  The case adjourned for the day and as he walked out with his family behind Sarita and her escorts he had no idea how Abhi got away from him.  Suddenly he heard commotion and looked up and there was Abhi grabbing onto Sarita's legs.  And as he started to approach to take his son away he saw Sarita drop down to her knees and grab on to his son as if he was the only thing that mattered.  And then something happened, the shell of a woman began to come a alive and he saw the woman that had challenged him, the one that wasn't afraid of standing up to the big bad Mr. Vikrant Suryavanshi.  And as he reached to take Abhi away he saw her stand up and of all things in the world, smile as if she didn't have a care in the world.  Vikrant froze.



The next few days in court seemed to be a whole new case.  Sarita's lawyers came at the prosecution with flying punches throwing out all of their evidence on heresay and coincidence.  And each evening Abhi begged Vikrant to take him to the jail cell until finally Vikrant gave in and mother and son would talk in quiet whispers while he felt the cool draft of being left out.  He couldn't deny his son this piece of happiness and yet he couldn't help but feel angry at the lies Sarita was weaving to keep his son close only to disappear forever when she had to go to jail for the crime she had committed. Two long weeks after the death of Kajal the case came to a shocking close.  And the true killer was revealed by none other then Sarita's faithful friends Divya and Raj. They proved that the true killer had been Vandana herself as all she ever wanted was for her son Rohan to be happy and has he had moved on and was in love with Sheila she had removed the obstacle from his path.  All were shocked none more so than Vikrant.  His eyes immediately shot to the only person that mattered, Sarita.  But she didn't look at him.  Her eyes were on Divya and Raj.  He saw the joy and relief in them.  And in that moment he knew he had paid the ultimate price for doubting her.  He had lost the love a good woman, he had lost the only woman he had ever loved with his heart and soul and he had no idea how to tell his son that though his mother was free she would not be returning home with them. And it was all his fault.


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wupa Goldie

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OMG! Such beautiful piece of work, dear! Clap

Absolutely awesome! Star

I would not mind seeing this on the show. Love it! Heart

TFS, dear! Embarrassed

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ThruMyEyez-Nita IF-Dazzler

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Thanks for sharing this amazing piece and welcome to the forum!Smile

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whispa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Arps although I've stopped reading FF's I just couldn't resist this one firstly as you wrote it and secondly as I love Vikrant and Sarita's story...till he doubted her!
Looking forward to the conclusion.

And so good to 'see' you after a long time!Embarrassed

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.Tanmaya. IF-Rockerz

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Awesome  Clap Clap

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nandinidavid96 IF-Sizzlerz

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My goodness this is absolutely stunningClap

Thanks for sharing the beautiful piece of workSmile
I would love to see this happening in the show, Eijaz and Sarita will pull these scenes brilliantly. 
Keep Posting Buddy...!!

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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You are a Nikkami 
Awesome writing... You know what I am going to say so let's just say you better complete this one... 

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smartpt Groupbie

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Beautiful writing. It looks like a work of great writer. Enjoyed it very much.

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