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#1- AsYa/KaBhi FF: AsYa's Love Story... COMPLETED !!!

Miss-Appy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
FF: AsYa's love story...

Hey guys,
I know what everybody is gonna say that i should be updating my other FF: A hope of love revelation, but had a thought, so why not sharing it ;D

This one is dedicated to -SB- urff my Vampiee Dii urff Sanika, u became a Goldie, so this one is for u, CONGRATS DII!!!!
And one request please don't stop reading it in the middle, please dont forget that its an AsYa FF even i hate ZoYaan to the core and love AsYa a bit too much ;P so please to all my dear readers, read till the end of the update before leaving it and please read the note below...


Why?? Why did it felt so wrong?? Why did it felt as if something bad is gonna happen??Today is her wedding day, and she's marrying the man she "loves", Ayaan (sorry but BEURK!). So why?? Why is she restless?? Why?? "Talking" to him last night, made her even more restless!


Last night:

Zoya was feeling very restless, she couldn't sleep in peace, she felt that she's doing something wrong by marrying Ayaan, but why??
So she decided to call him.

Zoya: hello Ayaan??

Ayaan: (breathless) h...heell...hello...

Zoya: (confused) Ayaan, why r u breathless at 11pm?? Now dont tell me that u were jogging!

Ayaan: (moaning and still breathless) mm..n..noo... I... I was my room...

Zoya looked incredusly her phone with a confused frown on her face.

Zoya: Ayaan, i am sure that u have a maid who cleans every room in the morning, so why r u cleaning yourself that too at 11pm??

Ayaan: actually...the thing is...that..yes...that i messed up my room so much that Ammi told me to clean myself or else...or else she will tell...umm..Bhaijaan! (said "Bhaijaan" bitterly)

Zoya heard how he said Bhaijaan, she always knew that Ayaan didnt like Asad, but he never told her why??

Zoya never met Asad, whenever she wanted to, Asad was on a business trip for the first 6 months she knew the Khans and the rest of the time neither she, neither he got the occasion to meet each other. And she understood that he was a businessman hence he has a busy schedule, also she didnt want to look at his picture which would be innapropriate in a sense that he is going to be her husband's brother, and even Ayaan wasnt very comfortable when Zoya would ask about meeting Asad.

But still, Zoya knows that it's wrong to judge somebody over somebody else's point of view so she never said something about and when she asked Ayaan: why does he hate Asad?? He would avoid the question and somehow change the topic...

Zoya: so... Asad reached for our mariage??

Ayaan: uhh... No... But he will be there for tomorrow...

Zoya: Ayaan, what's your problem with Asa...

Ayaan: (cut off) have to clean up... Bye.


Zoya: (thinking) nothing to's normal...u r the bride...that's why u r restless...

Zoya kept chanting this in her mind, then Zoya's friends and Zeenat came and after teasing her brought her downstairs, where everybody were mesmerized by her beauty. Asad was between mesmerized and shocked seeing her. Zoya who was all the way looking down for not falling with the lehnga looked up and had the same expression as Asad in the eyes while looking at him...

Asad:(to himself) what a tragedy man...the only girl u had a liking going to be married to your brother...

Zoya:(to herself) what is he doing here?? (Happy to see him)

FLASHBACK: Asad's pov:

1st encounter: 6 months ago:

I was coming back home earlier than usual because i had not so much work in the office and could do it from home. Even if it was just 5pm, I was so exhausted and driving mindlessly, there was not so much traffic which was a good thing, then my phone rang, i was about to answer it when i felt my ear, my bluetooth wasnt on my ear but in my glove box, searching through my glove box...finally...then i looked at the road i saw a 5 years old boy in the middle of the road, one second before i put the brake, a girl in her 20's came rushing from the other side of the road in front of my SUV and grabbed him in her arms and rolled over to the other side of the road.

I pulled the brakes and rushed outside the little boy was still in her arms.

Zoya: (to the boy) r u ok beta?? R u hurt somewhere??

The girl was looking at the little boy's body as if searching for any wounds... The little boy was in tears, scared... The girl hugged him... He was crying...

Zoya: shhh, u r ok, dont worry u r safe...

Then she realised that I was here...she turned towards me... I was mesmerized looking at her face...she was very beautiful...

Zoya: (angry) Allah Miyah, what's wrong with u??!!!!!!!!! When u dont know how to drive a car, why do u even drive?!!!!!! God forbid, if something would have happened to this boy, what would u say to his parents?!!!

I think the fact that i love kids, made me do the next thing...i was on my knees, where the boy was hugging the girl's leg, looking at me scared...

Asad: hey buddy, i am sorry... I know its my fault...and u should be angry at me, look at me i the "murgha" ("hen") position("murgha" position: i was holding my ears with my hands who were passing inside my legs)

I was happy when i saw him release the girl's leg and laughing at my the corner of my eyes... I saw that the girl was now trying very hard not to smile but finally broke into a little, cute smile...

Asad: (to the boy) so now u forgive me??

I asked with the best puppy face that even my Ammi never refused...

Boy: ok fine...

Asad: so now, can i have a hug from u, buddy? So that i am sure u forgave me...

I didnt even finished my sentence when i realised that he was already in my arms...i smiled at him, then kissed his head...the girl looked impressed...then i remembered something...i broke the hug and went to my car and came back with something behind my back to gift him...both of them looked confused, then i kneeled in front of the boy...

Asad: look what i have for my buddy...

When i showed the chocolates, he threw himself at me for another hug..i chuckled...then i saw the girl licking her lips looking at the chocolates...i couldnt help but smirk looking at her expressions...i broke the hug and open the chocolate's cover for the boy and gave him...i got up and opened the chocolate's cover for myself and started eating it...the boy saw the 3rd chocolate bar in my hands...

Boy: Bhaiya, why dont u give the chocolate to Dii??

I smirked looking at the frown and the pout on her face...

Asad: Buddy, look at your Dii's face, how much anger there is, do u really think that she will eat something sweet like chocolate?? Look at her face, it's looking like she's gonna eat me up...

Zoya: (bursted) OH REALLY?!!! Do u think that i am some kind of monster for eating u up!!!

Asad: i'm sorry, how can i forget?! You can't eat me because i'm too SWEET for u!!!

I couldnt help but burst out laughing looking at her face...she was RED...TOMATO RED...i could imagine smoke coming out of her ears...but the next thing i saw made me feel guilty...tears...i think that it was rude how i laugh on her...she was about to go but i grabbed her wrists...i felt a current but ignored it...

Asad: (guilty) i am sorry...i think it was rude how i laughed...

I left her wrist and she turned around, she looked surprised...seeing me in the "murgha" position again, holding my ear with my hand who was passing between my leg and my other hand forward with the 3rd chocolate bar, not to forget my best puppy face seemed that she was trying hard not to smile, but finally showed her cute dimples...we were staring at each other, she finally took it...and quickly swallowed it...i couldnt help but stare at her, i was just mesmerized with her antics...the Boy's voice broke my trance...

Boy: Dii, now hug Bhaiya, to say that u forgave him!

My eyes widened and she chocked hard on her swallowed chocolate...i started to rub her back...

Asad: r u ok??

She nodded, then the boy pushed her on me...i could feel her warm and soft hands on my chest, over my fast beating heart...then she broke the hug, she was looking flushed...cute...

My ringing phone broke my was Ammi...she was worried of where i was and i said that i was on my way...and hung up...

Asad: u know his parents?? I mean that we cant leave him like this...

Zoya: no, i dont know...(to the boy) Beta, how did u reach here?? Where is your Ammi??

Then a woman in tears came and took him in her arms, hugging him...

Woman: (relieved/angry) my son, Ishaan, where did u go??!!!

The Girl stepped forward...

Zoya: (angry)Allah Miyya, what's wrong with u?? U r angry at him for where he went?!!! I ask, where were U?!!!!! As a mother it is YOUR responsability to know where he is and what he is doing!!! He's just 5 YEARS OLD!!! Anything could have happened to him!!

I got guilty again...but the strange thing was the Girl was crying while shouting on the if she was in pain for the if she knew what were those moments he has been through while he wasn't with his mother... She was at the verge of breaking down...i held her arms with both of my hands...then she put her head on my chest...i signaled the mother to go, she went...i didnt know what to do...should i hug her?? But what if she misunderstand my intentions?? But she's crying!!

Finally i caressed her head, and put my arm lightly around her back...after sometime, she calmed down, then she pulled back, and wiped her tears...

Zoya: sorry i have to go...

Before i could say something she ran away, i was left confused by her reaction...

But the biggest thing was how i behaved?? I never interacted like that with a girl before?? What had gotten into me??


Asad: (thinking) That was the very 1st time encounter between us before many others...But now i'm heartbroken(sadly)

Zoya: (thinking) that day...i met him for the first time...

A beep broke her train of thoughts:


Note: i told u guys, this is not a ZoYaan FF but an AsYa FF. Please tell me if u liked it i would love to know ur response.




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Miss-Appy IF-Sizzlerz

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Zoya Farooqi:a bubbly and chirpy girl who "loves" Ayaan and wants to marry him. She knows him for 1 year. She's an orphan, but lives with her foster family, her Zeenat and Anwar. Even though she had them, even with all the love they gave her, she never felt "home", she's still craving for that and wants to get this feeling from the LOVE of her life.

Asad Ahmed Khan:a very successful businessman, he's nice and kind hearted man, but hates liars and betrayers. He never had any relationship with a girl, ueven though they are his fans. He loves kids and his younger brother Ayaan very much.

Ayaan Ahmed Khan: a young man, too flirty, hates Asad. He's carefree.

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ImSherlocked. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 2:13pm | IP Logged

Ohhh Asya love story!!!

And And and...
Ayaan and...TanveerLOL
And the Asad Zoya flashback was awesome
Oh how I just love you for this

I just loved the concept and the chapter 1 amazing
but want to know why Ayaan hates Asad??Confused
And yeah also want to know when are going to update the 2nd chapter

Much Love

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rosie08 Groupbie

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Plzzz continue x

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KulfiBai IF-Sizzlerz

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Ayaan in love with Tanveer?!

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..NIDA... Senior Member

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 2:49pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Saima-Syed IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
That was a good read...

Thank you for the PM 

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sarbrathan Goldie

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Hooked already, please update quickly.

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