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~*Happy Birthday Gurprit, gk_09*~

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Posted: 06 November 2013 at 5:44pm | IP Logged

November 9, 2013.
The eco-officer of the famous Indian online portal, www.India-Forums.com has made a very important announcement in a press conference! The renowned gal who recently landed herself the 'UN Environmental Scholar' Award at the United Nations of Gurpritland Awards 2014, is all set to celebrate her birthday today!
If rumours are to be believed, Miss Global Moderator Eco-Officer, Gurprit is throwing a grand birthday bash for her friends and family tonight at exactly 7 PM in Canada. Our Canadian based media has arrived at her house and has been keeping us updated since morning! The preparations for the much awaited birthday bash have been going on since the sun has risen! There is much hustle and bustle at the acclaimed officer's residence! We now take you live to the biggest party of the year!
Gurprit, or more popularly known as 'gk_09' at India-Forums.com is a Global Moderator who joined the site on May 10, 2005.
She is often called the 'Hitler' by her BollyCurry Buzzers from the BollyCurry Team of IF.
Her friends and Royal Family believe that she is a hardworking, passionate human being.
Do you want to know more about her? No worries! The CEOs of the RavJotHersh Chronicles Media Corporation, Ravjot, Harjot and Devershi landed in Canada personally to interview Gurprit!

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 November 2013 at 5:52pm | IP Logged

*Ravjot, Harjot and Devershi walk in fixing their outfits*
Ravjot:I would just like to inform the audience that Gur is my husband. Blushing
Devershi: And Harjot (Jot) happens to be Ravjot and Gur's daughter while I am Gur's dadi-ji. Approve
Harjot: In short, we know the loser. Geek
*Gur arrives into the interview room, avoiding the people that continue to wish her happy birthday*
Gurprit:You guys better thank me for this. I'm a very busy person. *blows on nails*
Ravjot:Anywayyy, Gurprit, tell us, as the Eco-Officer of India-Forums, what do you do personally to ensure the environment remains clean and pure?
Gurprit: Simple. I clean up the garbage as in, I trash posts. *flashes a big smile*
Harjot: More like, sits around doing nothing. *rolls eyes*
Gurprit: Honestly. What is she doing here? Stern Smile I wanted a good birthday.
Devershi:Ignore her. Our second question is, what do you have to say about the environmental issues such as the never-ending spamming of the members, the rule breaking, etc?
Gurprit: YOLO, swag for life. Cool
Harjot: Ohmygoodness. I told you guys this was a waste of time. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE? Really? And she's supposed to be the what, Nobel Peace Prize winning officer? Stern Smile
Ravjot:Jot. The UN Environmental Scholar Award. What Nobel Peace Prize? Don't make the rest of us look like idiots too please. Smile
Devershi: What was the reason you became an eco-officer?
Gurprit: I believe in protecting my India-Forums portal and ensuring that it is a fun, entertaining place for everybody. Big smile Yeah, I totally rehearsed that answer. Big smile
Ravjot:Oh, is that so? We heard it was due to an officer named Sam Swarek? We've also been informed that he's filed a restraining order against you?
Gurprit: Yes well, I also believe in walking the walk if you're going to talk the walk. Sam inspired me to join the eco-police team. I might have stalked his home for a week or two, and creeped his room window at night.. But I swear that's in my job description! Stern Smile
Harjot: It's too bad half of the people on India-Forums probably don't even watch Rookie Blue so.. they're probably like, Sam Swarek who? Seriously Doggy. You should start watching stuff that people actually know about.
Devershi: *smacks Jot* Shut up! Stern Smile
Ravjot: What is your message for your fans on IF?
Gurprit: All I can say is, thank you for appreciating my service and work. Please avoid weird people like Harjot, aka the Haathi. And I love my dadi ji and wifey dearest very much. Thank you for wasting my time for so long. I would like to join my birthday bash now.


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Posted: 06 November 2013 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

A happy happy Birthday Doggy! Hug Today, you finally turn 343365 years old and of course, I am the happiest person! Big smile Why? Because you shall be getting cake and lots of other sugary wonderful stuff which I shall be stealing. *evil laugh goes here*
On this day.. I will try and be a little nice to you and tell you that.. Je t'aime. Approve 
I also decided that I'd show you my love.. so there's a whole bunch of gifts from me below in the gift section majigy thing.. Cool


Happy wala birthdayHug Hope you have an awesome dayBig smile I'd say more but I already wrote in your birthday card...which I wrote in front of your face...just like last year...ROFL I should stop doing that ROFL Omg I bet next year I'll probably end up writing my msg for your post in front of you ROFL 

But omg the card we gotROFL We should get more of themStern SmileROFL So I'm supposed to be writing my message for you but instead I'm on fb and we're bugging Hershi about the Hrithik card ROFLROFLROFL It's so weird cuz today is Jot's birthday and I'm working on her siggy and yet I'm writing a message for youROFL I'm so last min aren't I? Laziness zindabadCool

Anywayyy happy birthday once again =) You're an awesome friend and I'm so glad I got to know you. Which reminds me, our the-day-we-met-on-IF anniversary flew by and we missed itStern Smile Not that I can remember the exact date or whateverROFLOh and I still have the PM you sent me for my viewbie promotion. Remember when I accidentally cleared out my dabba and made you resend itROFLROFLROFL I so funnyLOL K...where was I? Oh yeah! You're awesomeBig smile And awesome people deserve an awesome day so I hope Gurprit day is awesome cuz you deserve itBig smile

Happy BirthdayHug

- Ravz Cool

Happy Birthday Gurprit!
My not so secret Lover <3

Congrats on being a year older! So proud of the hitler you have become today. Clap Clap So I am going to keep it short and sweet. Mail me all the cookies you get today. And all the cakes and chocolates. Please and Thank You. Embarrassed Embarrassed. I hope you have a fantabulously awesometastic birthday! Star May you get everything you wish for! Thanks for being my best bud on IF and listening to me vent all the time. You are the best and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! (Insert more sappy stuff here). Enjoy Your Burrday! (Oh Oh! Don't you just love your present from me down there in the post after this one!? It's Ok if you don't though, cause i can just get rid of your name and use it myself. Sigh. SaNdy.)

Much Love

Wish u a very very happiee buddayy Gur, Stay blessed :)
here's lil smthin; for u on ur spcl day <3

Best Wishes : Shikhu ;)

(Gifts Below)

Gur!!! It's your birthday!!! Woot! Happy happy birthday Ms. Hitler! Though in all seriousness, you're totally not a hitler and are super sweet and whatnot! There I said it! But now I'm gonna go back to my regular wish! I would tell you to have an awesome day, but I know you're already gonna have one! I would tell you eat a lot of cake and forget the gym for a day, but I'm sure your mom got it covered! I would tell you to party it up, but I know that's not gonna happen :P So I guess I'll just tell you that I love you and am really glad I know you! Have a fantastic day hun and make sure to make everyone do exactly what you want ;) Happy birthday again! 
PS: I was gonna have a siggie made for you, but then remembered that you could prolly make an even awesomer one yourself. So my laziness won out and I went to sleep ;) But if you still want one, lemme know ;)

Guru ji!


Boss ji!




Now, I could cut my birthday praise here as I'm sure my message has been received loud and clear, but apparently it is customary to write something more celebratory. So here goes nothing. Wishing you a great birthday with all your near and dear ones.

Okay, that's enough mush from me. Have a fantabulous (hush, that is a word) one!

PS: Cookies in the post, yeah?

PPS: Another day off for the kind words above?

Hey Gur,
Well i came to know your name officially because of Jot LOL

Many Many Happy Return's of the Day and i hope you liked those Siggies Embarrassed

I dont know whether you remember or not, first i interacted with you @Bani forum for PSC and that was the first PSC i won and i was awarded with your siggy. Big smile

I think you are one of the most active mods and the most patient one whom i have met LOL always there to hear out my blabbering and questions Wacko and i know sometime i go over board with my requests and pms and i am sorry for that... but never the less you have always been extremely sweet and accommodating as ever. Be like this and i am happy that you are one of the DT with whom i love to work.

I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity in haunted nights forum specially as i have learnt a lot about how to manage a forum. Interacting with you is a pleasure.

Love you and Respect you loads


Yay! It Gur's birthday again..Wink Party Time. 
As you grow a year longer I would like to take to time to wish you Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day. 
May you be blessed with all the happiness in the world and May you always be successful on your journey in life.
May your life be filled with nothing but happiness and joy and lots and lots of laughter.

On your birthday and always, May you always be happy in the years ahead.

Love Always,

Gurprit :D 
Happy Wala Birthday to You :D
May this and every birthday in your life be as special as you..! HugHeart


PS. I want a cake..a real chocolate cake :D Approve

wish ya a many more happy returns of d dayParty
may all ur wishes cum truee and hope ya hav a blastSmile


Happy Happy birthday Gur! I wish you have a wonderful year ahead and a fabulous day! May God always bless you, and keep rocking IF Cool All the very best, and may God Bless you always :)


(Gifts Below)


Gur!! Nana, right? I'll always remain confused on this LOL Many many happy returns of the day jii! Hug All the typical things people say to the birthday person on this day, imagine I've said them to you. <3 It's great starting to know you. Have fun today!! And you HAVE to give us cookies today Evil Smile Don't let Jen-Jot duo eat 'em all up Tongue


Happy bday Gur Hug may you have a great day 

- Vibha

(Gifts Below)

Happy Birthday Gurprit!

(Gifts Below)

Janam din diyan wadhaiyyan Gur! Three cheers on the birthday of an amazing head to BollyCurry!
Now are you more eligible to win Gur the Hitler Award (which you really aren't by far), or in contrast opt for Gur the Fan no.1 for DDEJ? With the recent obsession, I'll pick DDEJ. I've never seen you fangirling over any other pair/show as much as this one. Hope you have a perfect birthday on and off I-F, filled with surprises and love. Keep shining today and forever! Hug

(Gifts below)

Happy birthday Gurrr!Hug I have known you for a long time but we haven't interacted very much but from the interactions that we have had I can say that You're an amazing Mod/friend/person to be with, to talk to and always easy to approach for help and guidance!Big smile Always stay as the sweet and kind hearted person you are! Never change! We all appreciate the effort and hard work you put in for us. Thanks for always being there! I also love your sigs, you are one talented person! Keep it up!Big smile I hope you get everything in life you want/deserve! It's your day so have a blast and live it up to the fullest! No kaam shaam today!Cool Happy Birthday once again!


Happy Happy Birthday GurHugGod bless you & stay happy. May you get eternity & joy & all that you want this birthday for you.
You are a awesome friend selfless person & as always charming ever!
I still remember on how we met & how we became friends , one year ago. And our journey so far is great!. 
Many many returns of the day to you!.

Best Regards Dev.Embarrassed

Hey GurEmbarrassed
happy burthday dearuBig smile
many many returns of the dayBig smile
may u get all u evr desire forWink
may yor all dreamz come true yor wayBig smile
may u achieve all the goals in yor lyfBig smile
may this year brings more cherishing moments to uBig smile
njoy the day with gr8 enthusiasmEmbarrassed
happy burthdayEmbarrassed

here is yor giftLOL
a punjabi is gifting a punjabi to a punjabiLOL
bot saariyan japhian te pappiyanLOL
yaara a le

hope u'll like the gifts..LOL
lots of hugs n love

Gur many many happy returns of the day dear Hug..May god bless you with lots and lots of love happiness and success in life and may you continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career ...enjoy this day to the fullest Party...

You have been an amazing person to interact with on IF and your dedication towards IF as a GM is truely praiseworthy ...keep the green torch shining always Cool


I'm glad I got to know you through BC and then your CM-ship in the Colors Channel. You're one amazing person to talk to! You always know what to say and it completely inspires me to do the same - think before I talk to anyone. Embarrassed That's a good thing, definitely is. Remain the same always and be generous to us in the BC. LOL

Happy Birthday!

Here's a little something I made for you, hope you like it 

(Gifts Below)

Be awesome!

Dearest Gur aka the Hitler of News Room, and DC as well...
Why do you scare away everyone in DC???
I have no idea, and I don't care whatever (Kapil Style)

Many many happy returns of the day Gur...
I wish you the loads and loads of time to scare us buzzers around...
Honestly I have no idea why these oldies call you Hitler...
You are no way close to being that...
Plus Hitler was short, and if I have to guess, I don't think you are short... na na na na...

After that useless ranting...
I hope you keep having fun filled days in your life ahead...
Happy Birthday Gur...
May all the BC Buzzers bless youBig smile


PS - Don't know how, but I did manage to make something Blushing
Check my gift below...Cool

(Gifts Below)

Happy Birthday Gur!

(Gifts below)

Gur shur! Happy birthday!!! Aaj ke din usually hum gifts dete hain lekin main utli hoon. Mujhe tum se gifts chahiye. Evil Smile Toh get ready and go! No, no, scrap that. LOL I still want gifts but not right now. I'm just going to say Happy Birthday aur jaldi sabat karo ke tum Hitler nahi ho. LOL

- Shreya

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Gur. Here's wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love,success, joy and peace. Have lot of fun today with family and friends and Yeahh Enjoy your Birthday cakeBig smile

Ps it has been a pleasure to know you more and work together in MadhuBala Forum through India ForumsHugHave a Wonderful Day Big smile


Happiness, Joy and Prosperity Happy life, good health and peace All these are my wish for you on your birthday. Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day with family & friends. Smile


Gur, u r one of the sweetest n neutral Mods I've ever met in Forums. u have helped me in many ways n I'm really thankful for this..Embarrassed u r friendly n genuine..that's the best part of u which I like. Thanks for being there for ur friends..Hug that for anything they can ask u without any hesitation. be like that always. And wish for 100 many returns of this day. u deserve the respect dear.. HAPPY BIRTH DAY.
Birthday Cake

On this special day, I wish you all the best di Thumbs Up, all the joy you can ever have & may you be blessed abundantly 2day, 2mrrw & the days to come...! May you have fantastic birthday & many more to come.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GK.. PartyParty


I hope you are in pink of healthBig smileBig smileToday is what??ShockedLOLSomeone special's bday, I guessShockedErmmYeah! You heard it right! Its you!PartyHap Hap Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HugHugMay God bless you with loads of happiness and may the coming years go greatHave a blast and enjoy your bday like ever!!!PartyHugYou are the kindest, sweetest, loveliest person I have ever met.  I am very lucky to have a friend like youHeart  This is a poem for you:-

You are such a special friend,
Who deserves a special day,
For being who you are and
Bringing joy in every way.
You make me smile and laugh,
with everything you do,
So today I get to send
A special Birthday wish to you!Embarrassed

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!EmbarrassedWishing u 12 months of HAPPINESS
52 weeks of FUN
365 days of LAUGHTER
8760 hours of GOOD LUCK
525600 minutes of JOY
31536000 seconds of SUCCESS.

Poets - Anonymous 

Once again Happy Birthday PartyParty

Lots of Love
Hemu (phoenix)
(Gifts Below)

Happy Birthday Gurprit and May you have an awesome year ahead.

This birthday is also your first birthday being celebrated as a GM. So enjoy and have a great day.
Here is a gift for you Wink

(Gifts Below)

happy birthday gurprit

wishing you loads and lotts of love success and happiness
may all your dreams come true
have a wonderful year ahead

Dear Gur,

Wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true. I miss working with you as a Bolly Buzzer! :'( But hope you have a fabulous birthday and enjoy it to the max. Please eat extra cake on behalf of us all. You're such a sweet friend and I'm thankful to have gotten a chance to interact with you! <3 xoxox!

Much love,
Cutiepie Rani

Happy Birthday GurHug

Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Here's wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises!
I haven't interacted with you much but hopefully by your next birthday we would have interacted much more. Lol.
Here's a small birthday gift from me to you. hope u like itEmbarrassed

Best wishes

Dear Gurpz

Wishing you loads of happiness and joy on your birthday. May this bring in good health, success and prosperity.
Have lots of fun.


Love and best wishes

You are totally becoming buddhiii now , I love that .ROFL And I'm bad in this message thingy .ROFLYour wife doesnt seem to appreciate my lazyness so I'm here writing a message for you . ROFL If it was my eggjam paper , I could have filled in with some movie dialogues . But I know you are going to read this and well your wife too .So I'm not going to blabber. Well I thought I woudnt do it but I'm doing it anywayROFLROFL Well I just wanted to say . Happy burday Paro and you are awesome (Screenshot this partROFL) and I totally love you . Hug
-Your garma garam banu chai .Tongue

Happy Birthday Gur !! 

Wish you all the happiness, prosperity, success, peace, love and health in life. May all your dreams come true, may all your wishes be fulfilled.

Have a fantastic and rocking birthday with family and friends and not to forget loads of cake  !!

Love Hug


H a p p y   B i r t h d a y !

Many Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Gur! Hope you have an amazing amazing day. God Bless you with loads of love, gifts and every chance to celebrate. Party Keep Smiling! Hug

We are together kxip supports. LOL Preity lovers and what not in common. I am lucky to have a friend in you and thank you for your guidance and support. Embarrassed I shall give you your gift soonish. I promise! Approve

Love Ridz.

Happpyyy Budddaaayyy Gurrr !!Party

Have super fabulous day and an even better year ahead !! Wishing u the bestest of best on your special day & always!!HugHugHug

PS:-Birthday without a gift ? Nah not possible so here u go..Embarrassed

BUT BUT BUT I demand a return gift tooTongue..a certain someone's  sig would be perfect for that you know Embarrassed

Loads of Best Wishes & Hugzzz,


Happy Birthday Gur!

Sending you loads of hugs and warm wishes (and okay, chocolates and cookies and cakes because alliteration LOL) from my corner of the world. Hope you have a wonderful day, week, month, year, life. Yes, I am covering all my bases.

[Why do people think you're scary? Am I the only one who doesn't? LOL]

Happy birthday again.


Happy Birthday, Gur! Hug
Hope you have a great day and an even amazing year ahead <3 

PS- you're not Hitler at all!

HappyBirthdayyy Hitlerr! 

And since this is most probably going to be a global thread.. I will take this oppurtunity to say a few words about Gur..

Firstly.. she's the head of BollyCurry.. and the rest of the body consist of Hershi, Gun and Jen. But back to Gur.. she's lovingly called "Hitler" by the buzzers.. Embarrassed And she's ... anything but nice. Stern Smile She's always there watching over us, like a hawk.. 24/7 and there's no room for mistakes.. No! One mistake and you're gone..  An inside secret.. people have quit their jobs, and stopped going to  college, just to be in the team. Stern Smile Because if Gur catches you prioritizing anything else.. then  ... 


Gur is one of the sweetest bosses ever.. she's very helpful, kind, and ghayab most of the time. But we still love her.. and unlike the other heads.. uhm not taking any names.. she doesn't demand any cookies. Embarrassed Keep being the bestest head.. 

Wishing you a great birthday, have lots of fun... with laughter, smiles and happiness. I hope this birthday turns out to be a very memorable one. 

HapppyBirthday, once again! Embarrassed

Happy Birthday, Special Treasure

God gave a gift to the world when you were born"
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person's need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you've done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.

Dear Gur,

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!

Have a rocking day and a wonderful year ahead.

Wishing you good health and happiness always!!


Guprinder Jinder Pinder paaajiii Hug

I know you dont like me right now cause i just called you that but you know i love you. Approve
Have a awesome day you buddi aami! Hug may you get dentures, and walking canes, and wheelchairs, and splenda. Embarrassed

ROFL ROFL ROFL   i will see you on whatsapp with your stern faced "Rosh" Sleepy ROFL ROFL ROFL  

nah just joking. Embarrassed Have an amazing blessed, loved, and heartwarming day. and may you enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it! Embarrassed You are an amazing person and always there.. one of my true friends on IF and you know that.. Embarrassed You deserve every good things out there. Hug 
Thank you for being You. Embarrassed

Love yaaa Guruji!!!!




Gopuuu ... wishing u many many happy return of the day.

Have a blast and i hope u have a blessed year ahead.

Loads of love Preeti =)


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Happy birthday hulk and partner in crimeHug

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 3:14am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Grandma Big smile
Need your blessing on your special day Wink

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Posted: 09 November 2013 at 3:15am | IP Logged

Happy Birthday GurBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Wish you all the best in life Hug
Have a rocking day
Loads of love

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