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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Zoah enters in the Party Hall and looks at Alina who is sleeping! 

Zoah: Oh My God. ShockedShocked Alinaaa! 

Alina (getting up from her beautiful sleep): hun? What happened? I'm almost done with my project. 

Zoah: Project? Confused 

KC: Excuse me gals? What project? Weren't we planning someone special's birthday? Confused

Alina: uh? Sorry girls.. I have been studying since hours..Sleepy 

GoGreen: and what about the party? ShockedShocked

Alina: Hun? No no.. I planned. I.. did plan. 

Zoah *snatching the notebook from Ali*: Coffee with her.. DONE. 

GoGreen: Wishes and gifts DONE. 

KC: Love from Readers DONE. 

*Everyone looks at Alina*

Alina: what? 

Zoah: what did you do Madam? 

Alina: umm.. well.. I.. I did a lot. Actually.. 

KC: Let's move on. GoGreen.. turn off the lights, call the bday girl and let's start partying! 

Fariha: wait! Whose birthday? 

Alina: Uff.. typical Fariha's question! Sleepy

GoGreen: she's an amazing writer and has a huge collection of OS, SS & FFs on ArHi: Index Link. 

Zoah: she's such an amazing siggy, vms and tags maker!

KC: every birthday.. every forum is incomplete without her art work. 

Fariha: OMG.. Are you gals talking about..

Alina, Zoah, GoGreen & KC: YESS! 

Lights are turned off but when a beautiful Angel steps in, the cameras focuses on her.. the guests admire the barbie doll. 

Appy: Ali? Zoah? KC? GoGreen? What am I doing her? Is there any special occasion for the party? 

The lights turn on and the whole IF Family screams:


Appy: Oh god?! Today is my birthday?

Zoah: YESS!

Alina: and we need a reply for every damn message hun!

KC: offcourse.. when your done enjoying your bday with our Jeejaji. Wink

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Alina: Hello, everyone! And welcome to It's Coffee Time. Tonight, we have a very special guest in the house. She's a writer, a graphic designer, reader and most importantly a genuine person. Cool

Zoah: Absolutely. And guess what? It's her birthday today :D So without further ado, let's welcome on stage the birthday girl herself, Koeli aka Appy! Party

*a round of applause*

Zoah: A very warm welcome to the show, Appy! Hug

Appy: Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure. Embarrassed

Alina: Many happy returns of the day, Appy. We wish you a great year ahead. Big smile

Appy: Thank you so much, guys. Smile

Zoah: Right. So let's get right into "It's Coffee Time", shall we? Wink

Alina: Absolutely, Zoah. Smile

(Turning to Appy)

Zoah: Do you know how you got your name?

Appy: Yes, my dad gave because he loved it. Embarrassed

Alina: What is the main thing that makes you unique?

Appy: I won't say I am unique but what makes me different from others are Honesty, Hard Work and Patience.

Zoah: Impressive. What are your hobbies?

Appy: Photography, horoscope, dancing, music, IF-ing.

Zoah: What makes you a good person?

Appy: I am very kind, loving and very understanding person.

Alina: One word to describe ArHi.

Appy: Epic! Heart

Alina: What is your biggest dream?

Appy: To make hospitals for animals.

Zoah:  If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out?

Appy: My Dogs.

Alina: Describe your favorite vacation.

Appy: Sea beach.

Zoah: What is your biggest fear or worry?

Appy: I am not afraid of anything. I am too detached to be afraid off. 

Alina: If you could have any special magic, what would it be?

Appy: I would want to have people painless death with minimum suffering.

Alina: If a friend is being bullied or harassed by someone, what do you do?

Appy: depends on why he/she is bullied. If she is innocent then I would definitely stand up for her and fight.

Zoah: Can you keep secrets? Describe a time you didn't.

Appy: Yes I am known for to keep secrets. I will only disclose a secret only if I think I am in danger of getting misunderstood.

Zoah: What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Appy: I love small small things. One can impress me effortlessly. If someone gives me a rose, I am all blushy types. In India-forums, there was someone who actually wanted to treat me with movie tickets for my FF and she was after my life to take those tickets. It was pretty embarrassing but then I respect her gesture.

Alina: Describe an activity that you think is truly romantic.

Appy: Cuddling and nudging with your face. Blushing

Zoah: If you could become anyone's friend that you want, who would you choose?

Appy: I would choose anyone who is honest and easy going, does not depend on who the person is. I have good understanding with that person, I would like to become her/his friend.

Alina: If you had to pick one hero, who would it be?

Appy: My dad. Big smile

Alina: What is the one cause that you feel most passionate about?

Appy: Doing something for Animals.

Zoah: Mention one goal. When you hope to accomplish it?

Appy: Right now,  I want to be a mother of a twin. Day Dreaming

Alina: Which is your favorite song?

Appy: Pehla Nasha

Alina: When you think back to your childhood, what was the hardest part about being a kid?

Appy: My mom took away all my pain.

Zoah: Who is the one person that helped to make you who you are today?

Appy: My father of course because I am what I am because of his genes and of course my mother who brought me up single handedly after my father's death at 2 years.

Alina: Night or Day?

Appy: Night... that's when I write. LOL

Zoah: What do you do when you are driving alone in a car?

Appy: I cant drive *face palm*Ouch I would like to listen to some music.

Alina: Person whom you love the most?

Appy: Cannot choose between My hubby, Mom and my dad.

Zoah: Reflect on the characteristics of your best friend. What makes him or her so special?

Appy: My best friend is honest and that's the only criteria I have when choosing a friend.

Zoah: Would you want to know the exact day of your death?

Appy: yes, so that I can prepare my close ones.

Alina: If you could speak any language, what would it be and why?

Appy: I don't have fascination over any language but if I know something of everything, I would be happy.

Zoah: Do you play an instrument?

Appy: Yes, synthesizer.

Alina: What sport do you think you are the best at?

Appy: I give my best in every sport I play whether I play it right or wrong is irrelevant. I am good at cards and badminton.

Zoah: And last but no way the least, describe a time you fell in love.

Appy: The was the most sweetest feeling. You feel like you are into a different world.

Alina: Appy, that was brilliant! Thank you so much for being on the show with us tonight. Big smile

Appy: It's been a pleasure, so thank you for having me on the show. Hug

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 6:37am | IP Logged

Sincerely.. I never read your stories until I cam across The Charmer and His Lady. Blushing Then I started reading all your stories except Pawn. Tongue Your writing style is amazing gal. <3 It's like 'm watching a serial/film in a cinema with pop corns. Smile You're flawless and continue to write.. and update soon! Stern Smile

Appy's writing ! unfortunately I never read (( , but I know she is one of an incredible and brilliant writers around, I see her siggie dabba with loads of winning titles for all her writing, she is extremely talented Embarrassed

Well, what can I say about Appy's writing, your fictional part of your brains work really with well your those OS/SS/FF. But unfortunately I have only read few of your work but yet i can say they are amazing..

With Love, Amanda(Ammy)

I am personally a big fan of Pawn, My Prince Charming and ONS2. Your writing is different, and whenever I read a chapter, I just can't wait for the next one.

Heyyy appyyy am really sorry bt i wont b long with wish as u already knw am busy with fav story wud be the Charmer N His Lady and PAWN...Ur creatns would b those of Arshi n finally wishing a very Happy Birthday n wish u all z happiness n keep writing dearrr...N keep smiling...Be Happy :*

she is a fab writer... I really love all her works.. But my most fav is ONS 2 !!! She is so creative ... Her sigges are marvellous ... So on her bday I wish may all her dreams come true.. . keep writing on Arshi Dii !!!

i love appy s all the most i luv is one night stand 2 and my life without you.
i love the way she potray every character in her story,her story line is awesome...n amazingg
n i luv arshis vm...Smile she is hardworking n best writer ClapSmile
Many many happy returns of the dayy  apppy...i pray god fulfiles al ur wishes n desires n u get evrythng u wish in ur life. 

appy we love you so much that u r the only writer for whom we r happily w8ing for your next update even if its after months unlike other writers hehe n i can never forget your one night stand series.

Appy di you are just awesome, awesome in you, awesome in your writing..leaving so far from you but through ur stories we can feel you...keep writing ..our support will always be there beside you..just take a glance of that supports n be happy :)

Another year older, another year m damm sure gonna have some more interesting stories...from this another year older girl ;) ohk don't count the years,count the wishes n cheers :) Allah bless you...Happy Birthday :)

Appy Di, you one my fav. writers in this forums...Your writing skills are incomparable. The way you write makes it lively for the reader. I feel like a character in your stories, completely immersed in it. i love all your writing not just one or two. You are definately one of the great writers that i have come across...

and now as you are celebrating another year of your beautiful life, i wish you have a  HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And you enjoy this day to your most. May you have all the happiness in your life. and this my gifts for you...

Your an awesome writer, I love all of your stories especially one night strand 2 

Happy birthday Appy, may you live a successful and prosperous life ahead.

Don't know if you remember me, but I'm your big fan... Daisy Honey

Wish u a very happy birthday dear aapi diBig smileBig smileBig smile

aapi u r the most amazing writer ,all ur stories r superbClap

i lvd  Forbidden Desire the most,its my all tym favEmbarrassed

keep writing such amazing stories  diSmile

Again wish u a very happy birthday di,god bless uSmile

Birthdays are special occassions that call for special celebrations...let us celebrate your Birthday today..!!!Big smileBig smile

I hope that today is the beginning of another wonderful year for you...SmileSmile

Have a lot of fun with your family and friends...!!!

Stay blessed and happy always wish your every dreams comes true keep smiling..SmileSmile

Enjoy your birthday cake..!!!

Appyji you are an amazing..outstanding writer...ClapClapone of my favourate..Smile

i started reading ARSHI fictions..on IF from your write ups first ever favourate fic was ONS2...and then the list go all your arshi work...keep writing...keep up the good work..let the spirit never fade away...Thumbs Up...


Birthdays are special occasions that call for special celebrations. Let us celebrate your birthday today! Happiee b'day to most wonderful and sweetest person i have come   across my lifeClap.

lets call it a party on IF didabhai  PartyDancing

aj party karne ka irada ha

meri di ka birthady hai

what the ,what the

what to say about u di u r so adorable i m following ur writings  from the starting so far i have loved each and every story of urs nd my fav stories are ONS S eries,Pawn and bonded for womb2  ur way of writing story is totally different the way u describe is just superb its like m watching smthng u r my fav writer nd i love u a lot .

 once again For your birthday, I just want to say: I hope you can see how special you are to me. Happy birthday, didabhai and Hope this special day to make some stories that you can't tell. Although ,I am looking forward to hear about them Wink.I wish u all the success and happiness in ur life hope ur all wishes come true this year like twins wali wish Smile 

Ami Tomake BhalobashiHeartHeart

atlast a tight panda hug frm me Hug .I wish i could wish u b'day in a person but alas i cnt come there but i will spend my day with happy thoughts about u.

Enjoy and party hard 

A very very happy birthday appy di..

may god bless you and give ou all the happiness you deserve...

you are one of the gem of a person i have met over I-F and you will always remain a friend for me saying best friend would be best...

apki writing ke kya kehne just love it..

love you loads...


"A birthday that is sunshine bright... A happy heart that's warm and light... A wish fulfilled, a dream come true... That's what is being wished for you!" ----- Happy Birthday to Appy.

It was lovely knowing you Appy, though virtually.LOL

Your stories will always have a special place in my heart.

You have given us so many wonderful stories where we all laughed, cried, rejoiced, and bonded over. Every time I experience the love of arnav-khushi differently through your writing.

1. One Night Stand 2: This was the first one that I read. After reading the first chapter, I was hooked and I kept reading. The most uncommon love story.

2. Unconscious Love season 1: It is the most innocent love story.

3. Unconscious Love season 2: The Most passionate love story.

4. Pawn ( bonded for the womb 3): I think it is the most critical love story. Ami janina tumi ki Bhabe eta handle korbe! But I've faith on you. 

I hope to read more works from you in future.

My best wishes for you and your family. God bless you. 


Happy Birthday, Appy!  May your days be filled with much happiness and good fortune!!  Hope you enjoy your special day with friends and family!  And I'm so very glad to be able to celebrate your birthday!  Have a blast!!

Appy, you are a fantastic and one of my most favorite writer!  Your stories are intriguing and intense!!

Some of my favorites are One Night Stand II, Bonded for the Womb, Bonded for the Womb III: Pawn, Unconscious Love II: Forbidden Desire, and many more.

APPY your stories are wonderful, you're the first writer from whom i come to about FF's of arshi.
Your all stories specially ONS2 and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 2 are so close to my heart, i love them so much.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY APPY, May you keep editing and writing and creating...
I pray you update your all stories daily, it's been too long you updated.

she is an amazing and talented writer..her each and every concept is different and worth reading..i love her all works specially one night stand 2,BFTW2,BFTW3 and other ss...

appy di wishing you a very happy birthday..many many happiness returns on this day


u r 1 year older now,

1 year smarter now,

1 year bigger now,


now u r 1 year closer to all your wishes.

Happy Birthday to you di...

this one is for you di...


first of all accept this roses

then this cute teddy bear:

Many Many happy returns of the day appy  , may your all wishes n dreams come true , have a wonderful , successful n superb year ahead , may god shower his choicest blessings on you , may your all wishes will be fulfilled , god bless you with lots of happiness , happy birthday HugHugHugwe r blessed to hv you , stay blessed Embarrassed

small gift from my side hope u will like it

*Check below*

Happy Birthday Appy :)

I hope the year past has given you fabulous memories to hold and cherish, but also given you things and moments you have learned about that has made you the person you were a year ago to the person you are now. Smile

Inshallah for the coming new year for you, tones of baskets full of happiness, creativity, humbleness, wisdom and warm hugs and of course love are sent to you. I hope the baskets don't come to you all at once, but I hope they are evenly spread throughout your coming year so you are always happy.Big smile

Best of wishes



Happy Birthday my sweet paro di...Clap

wish u a gr8 happy birthday...

always be happy ...You get everything in your life...

I love ur  writings and your creations u know it very well...

Tumi jano di ame tomake kotto Valobashi...

Heart  u di...always remember me..ur lil sis .. Akorshi...

i'm very glad when i come

to know about your birthday...:)

Your parents surely proud of you.

it's great moments when you

celebrate your birthday with your close ones.

So, my dear It's my genuine

pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday!


i have read all ur ffs and i m really die hard fan of urs

may u live long..

it was pleasure for me to be the part of this thread..LOL

Today must be your birthday

Because the sun is shinning bright..

The clouds that are usually hiding it

are now nowhere in sight..

The birds are singing joyfully as

they go happily on their nest..

It's as if Mother Nature herself

knew this was a very special day

Every year it's has been this way
since the day of your sweet birth..
Happy Birthday Appy di..
Many many happy returns of the day..Big smile

Thnx for entertaining us with your wonderful stories.. You are such an amazing writer.. Keep on doing this work..Hug

Small gifts from me to you on this very special day of your life.. Smile

Appy i just love all your works and love all your stories...! Heart My favs are shall we, one night stand 2 and unconcious love... you are just a fabulous writer and knows how to bring alive the characters... loved the way you portrayed khushi and arnav in pawn...! Tongue

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR...! I just really hope you have a wonderful year and life ahead...!

May god grant all your wishes come true...!

I actually loved all the stories that i have read till now, so naming only two would be absolutely wrong. Wishing her all the happiness in life and 'Happy B'day dear' from one of ur well wisher and fan.

I will like to wish Appy a very happy birthday.

I am a big fan of all her works.

My favourite will have to be the One night stand series. Pawn. The list go on.

God bless. Take care

Appy is an extraordinary versatile writer.  I love her writings a lot, though it is dark, it depicts the reality.  My favorites FFs of  hers  are One night Stand Session II,  Pawn and The charmer and his Lady.  I love reading all her FFs and looking forward for many more such great stories from her.. Happy Birthday Appy.  Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

Happy Birthday!

Hey appy :) happy bday bab ji bless u bahut sara ..u knw u r one of my fav writer.All of ur stories leave me speechless.It would take pages and pages to describe how incredibly talented u r ..Just wanted to say THNKS for writing these awesome stories ,,,luv u 

I started reading Appy Ji's amazing Fan Fiction work from her 'One Night Stand series' and my favourite one is 'Pawn'!!! She really know how to depict all emotions so beautifully, it's so unique!!!

I wish Appy Ji a big Happy Birthday and many more happy returns of the day!!!! May this next new upcoming year in your life brings you many more happiness and success!!!!! May God always keep you blessed!!!! Hope your day is filled with love!!!! May you continue to write many more beautiful stories for years to come!!!!

Wishing you all the very best!!!!
Lots of love,

Happy birthday appy di

 many more happy returns of the day

Wishing you all the happiness and happy married lifeWink

I loved all ur writings esp my life with(out) you kkgsr.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

my small gift for youSmile

To appy Di
Wish u a very happy b'day dear appy Di!
May god always bless u with loads of happiness and love in ur life...
Keep smiling always!
U are an awesome writer...i love all ur works and siggies...
My favorite ones are ONS1,ONS2,PAWN and bonded fr the womb
keep writing and long live arshi! 

Hi Appy Di,

First of all, a very happy birthday to you!Party Have a great day and hope you enjoy the cake.Tongue I love your work and have read all the stories written by you. They are totally awesome!!Star My all time fav is 'One Night Stand 1' is one of the best stories I have ever read in my life. Also the VM's and the banners that you created were superb too. The effects and colours are just WOW!! Keep up the amazing work. Would love to read more new stories and watch new VM's. Again wishing you a spectacular beautiful birthday :D

Happy Birthday!


Happy bday Appy!! 
May all ure wishes come true n may God bless u always. I hope u have a blast:D

Believe me when i say that we r lucky to have an awesome writer like u in IF!!
Literally every1 is hooked by ure stories n everytime we literally die to read an update of ures. Ure work is just superb!! N besides that ure a jell of a person;)

Once again happy bday!! May u have many many more.


Hey dear,
i am a big fan of appy di writings. She is awesome writer.
Wase to i like each and every story of her but my most favourate story one is ONE NIGHT STAND 2 and PAWN. I loved this story much.

I wish appy di 
happy birthday. May god fulfill all her dreams and wishes.

Awww Many Many Happy Returns of the day to One of the most Amazing Writers in India-forums.





1) One night stand 1n 2
2) Pawn
3) Bounded through the Womb Part 1
There was another one I forgot the name where Khushi n Arnav lived together since childhood n Arnav hayed Khushi n Khushi was getting married to Arnavs friend Samrat n Arnav was getting married to Sheetal.


Appy You are a Multi talented person what ever you do you do it with perfection . One among your talents is writing. You are a  gifted writer I have told you this many times . I love most of you work it would be very hard for me to pick one If I have to choose one among them then I would say PAWN. 

Keep rocking and have a wonderful birthday. GOD bless you. 

Appy from where shall i start off for you, you have been the most amazing writer i have ever come across in my life as i read a lot of are simply amazing..Clap Clap Clap Clap Clapeach story has its own surprise write it in a way that i crave for more.Big smile Your edits,vms to the stories especially gets goosebumps and tears the way they are made.Smile.your a phenomenal personBig smile. we haven't had much of an interaction but am really glad to be part of your world of imagination. and last but not the least...Happy birthday Appy...Hug Party Party Party Partymay each day be filled with laughter,success and love..may all your wishes come true...i really dont know how to send in attachments of gifts so sorry for that...i wish you would reach higher and higher in life with each step you take. and Any day you need me i ll be can ask for anything.i would be glad to fulfill this is the compensation for the gift am not able to send. be happy and enjoy each day..may your day be filled with smiles and surprises.
lots n lots of love

first of all wishing appy a really elated happy birth day nd a very beautiful nd joyous life aheas aa she i married
nd as far as her writing are concerned she has created such a beautiful storues of arshi on this forum nd i joined this forum cuz if her my first ever buddy here nd i love one night stand2 and unconcious love bonded fr the womb 
love u appy be happy in ur life.

all her stories are superb...she writes so well...m big fan of her...

Herewith i am wishing her a very happy birthday and a bright future with lots of lots of happiness...

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day

                              I Hope You Have A Lovely And Wonderful Day        

 I just love her 'Pawn' and 'Bonded With The Womb'
Pawn is dark,yet passionate. I just love to read it. BWTW is sumthing different. Entirely a new theme. Mindblowing story.

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day. May GOD Bless U Forever. I hope tht 1 day u wil become a famous writer across the globe.

    Appy di you are the most outstanding writer I have ever come across...I just love to read all ur stories..Infect I started reading stories in IF through ur stories...i really love One Night Stand all the parts ,,Bonded all parts,,Forbidden and many more...

What can i say about ur siggi they are superbb...u are really a vry talented person..and I m really glad I have come across with you...

Happy Birthday Appy di ...God bless u...Wish ur all dreams come u very much...

Happy Birthday Appy! May you have manny many more Smile

may all your wishes and dreams come true Party

have a bindaas day ;)


Smile History Of a Cute Girl !!!

On 22nd Nov, a cute girl was born on earth.

cucuk bird sang and peacock danced on that day.

Tigers and lions became afraid of her birth.

Angels blessed her from the Heaven

All boys tried in vain 2 win her love.

Her parents were happy and named

the girl


That Legend is now your friend... !!!!!!SmileSmile

A birthday is A million Moments, Each holding

A promise of Fulfillment of UR Dreams And

ACCOMPLISHMENTS of some special plans.

Wish you A Very HAPPY B'day.

Its a nice feeling when u knw that someone like you, someona think abt u, some1 needs u,

but it feels much better when u

know that some1 never ever frget

ur birthday."HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

Its another birthday for you.

God picked another petals on your

flower, Wishing UR flowers may bloom

for year. MANY MANY HAPPY returns

of the day... SmileSmile

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 6:38am | IP Logged

What can I say about your creations girl? They're flawless. Heart You always leave me without words..Day Dreaming From the day one.. you've improved a lot and I love each and every work by you. Your tags are amazing.. your sigs are stunning. I still remember when you made a banner for my FF. Embarrassed

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us dear. Hug Keep up the amazing work. Approve

Your creations are amazing and your creativity is truly aspiring - always leave me stunned! Keep up the amazing work Approve 

You have an amazing sense of creativity and I will pray to God that you go really far with your god gifted talent and creativity Star ..You are a wonderful friend for everyone on IF and your hard work and dedication towards IF at times really amazes me ClapClapClap ...On your birthday I will wish you all the best for your future plans and a bright career Hug...

You know I do not talk much , but I did always want to tell you, you were a revelation to me. I am in awe of your talents and creativity.. You are an artiste..from writing to Photoshopping...I am uber jealous Tongueand proud of talents god has blessed you with ..  And may he bless you with more kalakaar stuff . Hug

I do noot have to tell you, but yor DT tags dukkan itself speaks for itself. Thank you for being dependable and offer quick customer service to us creatively challenged DT ammas. Tongue LOL

Her creations, I toh love them, they are amazingly gorgeous and beautiful and most importantly her on-time deliveries, her dedication towards her work is truly very inspiring  Embarrassed

n about ur urself is a creation..still couldn't get how u can be so creative

!!...still couldn't have a pinch of ur yaa di :*

I like your edits too they are so creative...

Your creation on arshi are my fav. your banners are amazing...half of the time my wallpapers are your creations.

About VM s n creations ,well no need to say di u r the bestBig smile,lvd all ur wrksTongue.

UR siggies ,banners are so stunning and i bet no1 can ever beat u in this i hope u remember this u once made one banner for me nd i still use dat one on fb and lappy and hw to forget u r winner for many contest .

your creations are like apsara from the swarg..

they are soo beautifull and  awesome..

they are a worth to see...

love your creations...

I'm very impress by your creativities and you are so multi-talented!  Love your creations!!

your edits are just amazing, your all arshi edits are my favourite. Pakistani edits are also superb. Your all vm's are best. Love them.

Your sigs and VM's are awesome too... i just loved them... Heart

About her creations i would say they all are truly outstanding.

One more to the crown is your talents is making banners , siggis , VM .

Then her vms, i wil give her 100 out of 100. The sync btwn the scenes ane lyrics wa7 fantastic. It is indeed a treat to watch her vms. Then coming to her edits, all of them are the bestest ever.

Appy, your creations and those tags are best things on IF, I seriously mean it, as everyone comes to you for tags so by now you should you are good make everyone always turns to you including me. 

With Love, Amanda(Ammy)

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Wish you a really really happy birthday Appy. Hug I always search for words on birthdays. LOL Wish you a really happy life ahead with lots of happiness and success. May god bless you always. 

Thanks for being there always for me. Hug and continue to be the Jaan and I'll continue loving you. Smile

Happy Birthday Appy Hug

May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you loads of success and happiness into you life! 

Have a blast! Party hard Party


Happy Wala Birthday Appy . Embarrassed You are one of the sweetest and most amazing , hardworking creative person I've had the fortune to get to know on IF .Though I knew you from IPK & FF forum (Miss.popular LOL) ..I am glad we got to know each other on SaraswatiChandra forum.

God bless you with good health , wealth , luck  & serenity. Party hard with family & friends .


Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Appy  Hug
May you have all the happiness, success, prosperity, friendship, love, peace and health in life. May all your dreams be fulfilled, may all your wishes come true <3 <3 
Appy, all I can say about her is, she is an amazing girl, very lovely, extremely talented, her creations and writings are amazing, she is a night owl LOL  and another thing I donno how she manages to take 36 hours out of 24 hours, meaning very efficient and energetic Wink 

Appy. stay with your family and loved ones, meaning no IF and FB on your birthday :P and have a wonderful birthday and with loads of fun and tons of cake Embarrassed 
Once again a very Happy Birthday HugHug


I guess I don't have to tell you how important you are for me!! 
I don't even have words for what you are to me, and you know that!
And that is the best part...I never had to explain or justify any of my actions, and we have been through some tough times. And you stood by me like a rock!! 

For all those difficult times, when I never had to ask you to be with me and to all those happy times, when we just worked together and never had to say a word of thanks!!

And to all those coming times, when this would remain the same, Appy!! 

I guess it is time I said Happy birthday and may you have the wonderful life, just as wonderful as you yourself are!!
*ahem* am making a surprise for you too...Not ofcourse of your standard...but then Mera toh aisa hi hoga...And as you will have to waitLOL
till then enjoy the budday gifts by othersEmbarrassed

Appy many many happy reutrns of the day dear .. May your every single wish come true today and may god bless  u with lots of  happiness love and success in your life and may you continue to climb greater heights of success in your life and career HugHugHug...Enjoy this spl day to the fullestParty...

I m not really a siggy maker , so the only gift I can give u is lots and lots of love and wishes for u in the form of this chocolate cake and flowersEmbarrassed

And in return I demand a Amir-dhoom spl siggy from u haan WinkLOLBlushing

Happy Birthday Appy! Hug I hope you have a wonderful day filled with loads of love and happiness (and of course, sugar and gifts). You're one of the most understanding and cooperative members I've gotten to know and it's a pleasure to have become friends you. Stay the cheerful, modest, and talented person you are.


I wish you a very happy birthday dear Appy. I wish you all the very best for your future. Do update more of your stories, they keep me goingEmbarrassed. Love you sweetheartHug

Happy birthday Appy Hug Hope you have a lovely day hun and may all your dreams and wishes come true Hug

Appy, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Dear.

On your birthday and always may you always be blessed with everything you desire in this life.

With Love,


One of the talented writers and creative out there on IF to come across. 

Hope you have an amazing birthday. Enjoy yourself

Happy birthday

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 April 2011
Posts: 10667

Posted: 07 November 2013 at 6:40am | IP Logged

*Coming SoonEmbarrassed*

*Coming SoonEmbarrassed*

ArShi OS:ArShi Ki kahani Appy Ki Jubanai(Appy Di Birthday OS)22nd Nov

Gifts from IF's Family

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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 6:41am | IP Logged

Layout & Editing: Alina & Saraa

Introduction: Alina

Coffee with Koeli: Zoah

About Appy's writing: karmachamaleon

Main Banners + dividers: Nabila (18shabbo) 

Name Tags: Fariha Baji (OnlyHope) & Saraa Aapi i.e. DeviatedTesoro. 

Gifts from IF Family by ..shruti.. , .Tanya. & LazilyAnounymous

Special Thanks to Fariha Baji, GoGreen and Zoah for helping with the reminders. Hug

Double speacial thanks and big wala hug to my Aapi for helping me out the last minute. HugHug


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yaqeen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 7:06am | IP Logged
Welcome girls to our friend's bday planning! Hug I really wish to make her bday memorable one because she is so amazing: she always makes smile everyone with her help, support, banners and Tags. Smile
Somehow I'm feeling that she knows that I'm planning her bday! Stern Smile She knows it that I will plan. LOL

So.. It will be better if we divide the work between us! Big smile

There's an intro part where we have to write a mini-dialogue about the bday surprise using our names. Tongue

The second one.. someone of us has to go through her replies on the last MOTW Thread and select 30 questions and the replies she gave: it should be a coffee wali chit chat. Tongue Means.. something about her? 

The third one is the most hectic I guess. Stern Smile I don't know her readers so someone has to go through her entire PM List (800+ buddies) and send the pm to each for writing two liners about her writing. We can divide her buddy list between us. We HAVE to ignore newbies and I would say Groupbies too! Just count in Senior Members, Goldies, Rockerz, Sizzlers and etc. This will make our life a bit easy. LOLLOL

The fourth.. this I can do along with Zoah (if she doesn't mindTongue) as we know about the members who visit her shops and etc. 

Then there are messages, gifts.. I'll send out reminders and I was thinking to not send reminders for these to her readers or the Thread isn't going to get load. LOLLOL

So.. THIS IS MY PLAN! Any suggestions? Big smile Please feel free to suggest and I hope to know you all better.. I just spoke to Zoah trice in a blue moon I guess. ROFLROFL

Most Important: this is a secret Thread so kindly DO NOT give the link to ANYBODY. Just me, Zoah, GoGreen and KC (waiting for her reply( are allowed to comment. 

The deadline to send in wishes and everything has to be 17th November 2013 because then we have to work on the Thread and name tags. I've already asked for the Graphics so we're done with 'em too. 

Please suggest title for the readers and creative person sections: my mind isn't working! Tongue

Another thing we have to look at is her readers-friends: this should be her bday thread so I hope she won't have double threads. LOL 
Sign-up for whatever you want! 

Love. <3

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