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Arhi FF: The Matchmaker #7- New Note pg 120; 4/6

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Hi All

Here's thread 7 of 'The Matchmaker'! Thank you for all the love and support throughout, without which this story would never have reached this far. 

For those of you who are new to the story and are interested to read from the beginning: Check out FF: The Matchmaker.  

Dedication: This Part is dedicated to Chetna19, Sunitikapoor and star_fan1. You guys have been amazing and each of your feedback has been very encouraging. Thanks guys for the love and support.Hug

And thanks to each of you who liked and especially those who commented on the previous part. It is because and for you guys I write.Hug

Part 37:

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A few minutes later as their tongues and lips parted, not only she but he too was gasping for breath.


Arnav leaned forwards resting his head on her neck, breathing in her scent as he caught his breath. Khushi held on to his strong shoulders for support.


"You drive me crazy, Mrs Raizada... I am madly in love with you" he whispered in a husky voice, his face close to her ears. Khushi quivered as the magic of his words mixed with his warm breath on her neck and back, sent swirls of pleasure deep inside her. A soft smile formed on her lips while her cheeks glowed a deep hue. 'I love you too, Mr Raizada' she started to say, but the words would just not come out.


Arnav lifted his head taking a step backwards to get a good look at her.


"Khushi, Tum theek ho?" he asked looking into her warm eyes.


"Yes" she nodded looking up, her cheeks glowing.


How can someone look and taste so delicious, Arnav gazed at her smiling faintly.


"Did I rush you, Khushi?" he asked, concerned that she still hadn't said much.


"No" she blushed shy, as she looked him in his eyes.


Arnav let out a relieved sigh. He had not wanted to rush her. This is not how he had planned to kiss her. But then one thing had led to the other...and seeing her reciprocate his feelings, he had felt she was ready...


"We should get changed for bed. It's getting late"  He said taking a deep breath in.


Khushi nodded and took a step back slighting faltering in her step, only to be caught quickly by Arnav. He gazed into her eyes and was soon lost in them as **rabba ve** played in the background. A few minutes later, he steadied her straight releasing her from his grip.




Khushi quickly changed into her night clothes and lay on her side of the bed. Her lips still felt swollen, she realised as she licked the bottom one. She had checked the mirror several times earlier in the bathroom but she could not see any swelling. She blushed as memories of what had happened not long ago flashed in her head. She rolled on to her side, letting her tongue trace the inside of her mouth, where his had just been. This was nothing like she had imagined, she smiled. She couldn't explain how she felt.


Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, she turned around surprised. 'Was that the shower?' she wondered. 'He sure is taking a long time in there ', she thought to herself. A few minutes later, as Arnav stepped out  he was welcomed by a pair of curious eyes.


"Arnavji, Are you ok?" she asked concerned.


"Yes, Khushi. I am fine. Just felt like having a shower" he smiled at her.


'Since when does he shower at night before bed?' she wondered curiously completely unaware of the reality.


Wishing him good night, she turned around to her side to sleep. Although she wasn't sure if she could fall asleep tonight.

She blushed as she felt him move closer to her back, resting his hand on her hips before slipping into deep slumber.




When Khushi woke up the next morning, she noticed Arnav entering the room after his morning jog. Her heart leaped at the sight.  His face was covered with sweat and his hair all messed up. He had to be the most handsome guy on earth, Khushi sighed admiring him.


"Good Morning" Arnav smiled at her, noticing her watching him.


"Good morning" she replied softly, stealing her glance away. She quietly got up and moved over to the poolside garden to water the plants, while Arnav had his shower.




Khushi walked down to the kitchen half hour later to help with the breakfast preparations. But when she reached there, she noticed Payal had already got everything done.


"Jiji, I am sorry I am late" said Khushi


"No problems, Khushi. It happens..." she smiled  teasingly " especially after marriage"


"Nahin, nahin, Jiji. It's nothing like that" Khushi blushed. She had hoped to tease her Jiji about her recent honeymoon trip but she too had cleverly turned it around on her. Why am I falling prey to everyone's teasing these days,. Khushi wondered.


"Waise, Jiji. Forget me. You are the one who has recently returned from a honeymoon. So, how was it? I want all the details" started Khushi.


"Well Scotland was beautiful, Khushi. We spent nearly a week at Edinburgh and then the next few days at Glasgow and Aberdeen. The people were very friendly, Khushi but we struggled to understand their accent. Thankfully our tour manager helped us through. The snow was so amazing, Khushi... We also saw so many castles. Their churches ...were quite exotic too... It felt like a different world, Khushi" Payal sighed.


"Achha?" Khushi smiled at her sister in delight. "Waise Jiji, You had your honeymoon too, didn't you? Khushi teased.


"Khushi..." Payal nudged her slightly, feeling shy.


"Come on Jiji, Give me details." teased Khushi. She was silently hoping her Jiji would give her some information which might help alleviate her own anxiety.


"Chup kar Khushi." Payal patted her shoulder slightly. "You have not changed one bit" Payal blushed as she carried the bowls of food to the dining table.




After breakfast the Raizada family gathered in the living room for tea.


"It feels good to see everyone home and relaxed after a long time" smiled Anjali. It felt like a perfect Sunday, she sighed.


"Haan, bitiya" Nani agreed.


"Waise Chote, You and Khushiji haven't been for your honeymoon yet? You should take her somewhere nice too." said Anjali turning towards Arnav. Khushi's ears shot up as her heart started to race.


Nani nodded in agreement.


"We will go on our honeymoon too, Di. I just need to take care of a few things first" he replied. Khushi sighed in relief.


Anjali nodded sipping her tea. Suddenly an idea struck her. "I have an idea. With everyone home, we should do something fun" she suggested.


" Explains" said Mami with eagerness as that of a child.


"Well, we could play a game " she suggested.


"Wow, Di. That sounds like fun." Khushi quipped.


"I will be upstairs" Arnav got up closing his laptop. Khushi looked up at him displeased. Where has he changed, she sighed. Arnav though did not miss noticing her reaction.


"No, Chote. I said everyone. You stay put" Anjali ordered.


"Ok, what game?" he sat back without much protest, surprising even Anjali. Arnav had never participated in family games in years.


Khushi too was shocked but delighted. " And what's the prize?" asked Khushi excitedly. She loved games. There were no two ways about it.


After a lot of debate, it was decided that they would play charades and the only words that would be used would be of places or names of hindi movies. Each couple was pitted against each other and the last couple who stood strong will then have the partner pitted against the other. Much to everyone's surprise, Arnav won the game hands down.


"Chote, I didn't know you knew Hindi movies so well" Anjali voiced her surprise. It was not surprising to see him get all the places right, but names of hindi movies?? Really?? She wondered.


"I can't believe this" Khushi shook her head in shock.


"Now it's time for my prize, Khushi" said Arnav.


"Ok, what do you want?" Khushi asked.


"Not here, come with me" he grabbed hold of her hand walking her up the stairs.


"Arnavji, What are you doing? Everyone is seeing" Khushi complained as she followed.


"No big deal, Khushi. Let them"


'Oh DM, he is so shameless. What will everyone think! ' she mumbled, very much aware that all eyes were on them. 'And how on earth did he guess all the hindi movies right!! He does not even like them!!' she grumbled further, anxiety creeping in her not knowing what was in store next.


As soon as they entered their room, Arnav closed the door...


Arnav walked up to his cupboard and took out the neatly sealed box.


"Here" he handed it to her.


Khushi could hear her heart beating in her ears. 'How could I...! Could I...?' she wondered. The more she thought, the more nervous she became.


"Ok, I will wear it." she said almost in a whisper. "But tonight... after dark" she added. She could not believe her own self. Did she just agree to swim with him wearing just a swimsuit? she panicked.


"Ok" Arnav agreed.




Later that night as promised, Khushi wore the swimsuit Arnav had gifted her.



She stepped out of the bathroom thanking DM for the darkness that night. The sound of the water splashing as Arnav swam in the pool had her heart race in anxiety. 'O DM, Shall I turn back and change?' she wondered. As she reached the pool quietly, she glanced down feeling incredibly shy and nervous. The splashing of the water had stopped and she shuddered as she felt his gaze on her. 'Thank God, It's dark' she thought to herself.



Khushi was right. It was an unusually dark night with just a slit of the moon and a few stars illuminating the sky. But what she did not realise was that she was standing at the brightest corner of the pool. Arnav gulped silently at the sight. She looked ravishing in red, even in the dark. Her milky white skin shone in the night with a brilliant radiance, Arnav admired. She has no clue how hot she looks, he took a deep breath calming himself. His gaze slowly traveled to her face, and that's when he noticed how shy and anxious she was.


"The water is nice and warm, Khushi. Come on in" he said. Sensing her anxiety, he reminded himself to slow down.


Khushi quietly stepped into the water, feeling relieved that she could now at least hide under the water. He was right. The water was quite warm, she observed. She noticed Arnav staring at her from the other end.






"When did you learn to swim?" he asked curiously.


"When I was very young, Arnavji...My father taught me to swim. After he died, I did not swim for a long time until I went to college. The college had a swimming pool in its' campus and I would swim after classes with friends"


"Achha" he said.


Khushi became slightly conscious and almost froze as Arnav swam to where she was, resting himself next to her.


"So, what's stopping you?" he asked


Khushi turned looking at him puzzled.


"Stopping me??"


"I mean you are in the water now. What's stopping you from swimming? he teased.


Khushi looked back not knowing what to say. 'How could she tell him how her body was tingling strangely from the heat of his gaze. How every time he was close to her, strange and wonderful things happened inside her.'


"Nothing, I will" she finally said mustering some courage. She swiftly swam to the other side making an escape. Arnav continued to converse with her casually as they swam and slowly Khushi became more and more comfortable so much that she started enjoying the swim.


After an hour when they both called it a day and stepped out, they were thoroughly exhausted.




The next morning as Khushi was getting her clothes from her cupboard, she heard Arnav call out.




"Ji, Arnavji? " She turned around facing him.


"What are your thoughts about kids?" he asked.


"Kids? They are adorable, Arnavji. I love spending time with them" she replied in excitement. "Back when I used to teach..." she started, but then was soon interrupted.


"I didn't mean kids in general, Khushi. I meant our kids" he grinned.


Khushi gazed at him dumbstruck. ""


"Yes, Khushi. Our kids. Do you want them?"


This man knows how to turn it around everytime. Last night, he had made me feel so comfortable and now he has my heart racing again. DM, What should I say? Khushi prayed silently. Khushi continued to gaze at him speechless.


Not getting any response, " So, you don't want to have kids?" he asked.


"No, No, I do" she blurted.


"You do?" he teased her, a sexy smirk forming on his face.


"I mean...I mean...yes, eventually" Khushi replied feeling shy.


"Exactly how I feel, Khushi. We both are still young. What's the hurry? We can plan to have kids after 3-4 yrs. What say?"


"3-4 yrs?" She looked at him surprised.


"Do you want to have them early?"


"No, No...I mean..." She didn't know what she was saying anymore. Where did this conversation come from all of a sudden! Trust Mr Raizada to throw surprises!


Arnav opened his draw and took a tiny packet. He brought it to Khushi and handed it to her.


"What's...this?" she enquired feeling nervous and shy.


"Contraceptive pills." he informed.


Seeing her startled look, he added "I said we will have kids in 3-4 yrs. That doesn't mean, we wait that long to enjoy the lovemaking"


Khushi's jaw fell open as she blushed red. Arnav smiled at her as he proceeded out the door.


"And Khushi..., " he turned around, "If you change your mind about having kids sooner, that's ok too. But I for one want to have you all for myself ...for the next few years." he smirked before he left the room leaving a shy Khushi standing by the door.


Khushi looked at the packet she now held in her hand. Does this mean that they were soon going to...? Her heart hammered in her chest while a strange sense of heat spread inside of her. 'DM!' She prayed holding her hand on to her chest with an attempt to slow it down.


Arnav smiled as he walked towards Anjali's room to discuss her plan of opening a school.




Payal and Khushi retuned to Raizada house later that evening after spending the day at Lakshmi Nagar.


Khushi was surprised at the commotion she saw some workers checking the inside of the house and taking measurements.


"Hariprakashji, What's happening?" Khushi enquired.


"I am not sure, Khushi Memsab. Woh Arnav babua brought these men" he informed.


"Is he home?" she asked surprised. 'How come he is home so early', she wondered.


"Ji. He has just come and wanted some coffee" he said pointing to the tray he was carrying.


"I will take it" said Khushi taking the tray from him and walked up towards her room. 'Could it be...?' she wondered. She needed to find out.


She noticed Arnav sitting by the poolside on his laptop.


"Arnavji..." she called out placing the coffee on the poolside table.


Arnav looked up at her with a smile. "Those men downstairs..."


"Yes, Khushi. They are in charge of all the decorations."


"Decorations? For what?" Khushi stammered.


"For your birthday party" He informed.


"But Arnavji, What's the need for that?"


"There is, Khushi. Your birthday is special and I want to celebrate it grandly."


"But Arnavji..." Khushi started to protest.




"I thought you didn't like birthday parties." she argued.


"I don't like to celebrate my birthdays, Khushi but I continue to do so for my Mom. But your birthday, I sure want to celebrate. So, stop fussing and do me a favour. Invite all your friends. Go..."


Khushi knew there was no winning this argument especially when he was so determined. Who could she invite? Her birthday was only 2 days away and everyone would already have plans, especially her friends from the modelling world. Her friends from Lucknow would surely not be able to come either, she sighed.




Khushi opened her eyes slowly at dawn and before she knew it, she felt Arnav kiss her tenderly on her lips.


"Happy Birthday, sweetheart" he whispered, placing a bunch of fresh red roses in her hands


"Thank you, my sweetest husband." she smiled back at him, feeling a strange sense of excitement.


"What are your plans for the day?" asked Arnav.


"I am hoping to go to the temple to get DM's blessings this morning and then visit Lakshmi Nagar to get my family's blessings and then..."


"There you stop...You better get home by lunch time. Guests will start arriving by 6 for the party. And I can't have you anywhere downstairs after lunch."


"Ok, Ok. I will return soon. When will you be back from work?"


"Who said I am going to work? I will have to go out though, as I have to organise a few things for the party"


"Arnavji, why are you taking so much trouble? I will be just as happy spending the evening with all of you"


"I know, my crazy wife. But this one is from me" Arnav smiled, and gently pulled her out of the bed.


He sat her on the recliner as he knelt down placing a jewelry box in her hands.


Khushi looked at him.


"Open it"


As Khushi opened the box in front of her, her eyes lit up in joy. There lay beautiful Topaz - diamond jewelry just like the ring Varsha Aunty had gifted her.



"Arnavji, these are beautiful. Thank you" she smiled caressing his face gently.


"I thought I would complete what my Mom gave you on my birthday"


"Thank you" she said again, this time kissing him on his cheek pleasantly surprising him.


Khushi walked to bathroom with a sweet happy smile pasted on her face. Her life seemed just perfect... with the perfect man.




Khushi knew to expect a grand party that evening, especially as Arnav was throwing it. But as she walked down the stairs to the heavily decorated living room at 6, she couldn't believe what she saw. The place was full of people. And most of whom she knew. Her best friend Preethi and her husband, her other friends from Lucknow Sunitha, Preeto, Prerna, Reshma, Shilpa and even Arjun sir. Khushi blinked her eyes unable to believe all of who she was seeing. Arnavji has never even met some of them! Surely Jiji must have been part of this as well, she smiled as she realised. And on the other corner, she noticed her friends and colleagues from the modelling world...Kavi, Seema, Rine, Carol, Sooraj, Rajiv, Sahil, Pia and Farhan. And her cousins...


"Khushi..." She heard Arnav who had now reached her side.


"Arnavji, How did you...?"


"Sshh...come with me. There is someone special who has come a long way to meet you" he ushered her, while Khushi glanced at him surprised.


He walked her to a corner where a frail looking elderly man stood conversing with her parents and Buaji. Khushi froze as she stared at him. 'Was it...? No, It can't be...Can it?' she wondered. Arnav slightly nudged her forwards, and now the elderly man also looked up at her. Seeing her, his face brightened up. At that instant, she knew for sure it was him. How could she not remember his smile.


"Khushi bitiya..." he said, wiping a tear.


Khushi couldn't hold herself back any longer as she rushed into his arms.


"Kakaji" she hugged him, as Arnav smiled.


Khushi released him and looked up. "How are you?" she asked fondly holding his hands in hers.


"I am fine, Khushi bitiya. More so seeing you so happy and so loved" he smiled at her.


NK walked up to them, "Nannav, we are ready" he said. Arnav simply nodded and looked at Khushi.


"You go, Bitiya. We will catch up in a bit" Kakaji assured her.


"We have to. You are not going to disappear this time" She instructed him as she walked with Arnav towards the front.


"Thank you, Arnavji." Khushi pressed on his hands holding them tight. " How did you know? And how did you...find him?" she asked


"I recall Mom used to mention how close you were to your Kakaji...And how he loved you dearly and took very good care of you...And how after your parents died, you had cried terribly when he had left you at your Maasi's place in Lucknow ...You had wanted go along with him and live in his hut instead" Arnav said. "I knew he was special to you and I sure as hell wanted to find him again for you and I did." he smiled at her. Her eyes flooded with tears that were now threatening to pour.


"Arnavji..." she started. But before she could say anything further, She heard NK from the stage.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome! Tonight we celebrate a very special person...Khushi bhabhi... who has touched each of our lives in more ways than one. And ...who has also done the impossible! Changed my khadoos brother Nannav. I seriously don't know how you did that, Bhabhi. We all love you. Happy birthday" NK greeted Khushi with a wide smile. Khushi smiled back at him warmly.


"And now over to Nannav " NK said handing the mike to Arnav who Khushi noticed was now on stage. 'When did he get up there?' she wondered amazed.


"Well, Khushi, just this once I have to agree with what NK said. You sure have changed me. In more ways than I can tell. Thank you so much. Happy birthday, sweetheart! ". Arnav smiled at her.


Khushi blushed as she felt everyone's eyes on her.


"Khushi..." he called out, making her look up again.


"Can I have the first dance? " She heard Arnav ask.


'Of course' she beamed as she ran up to the stage to join the man of her dreams.


No sooner did she position herself next to him looking into his eyes, the music began to play..."Pehla Pehla Pyar hai...Pehli Pehli baar hai" and Arnav led her in his arms dancing away effortlessly.


When the music finally stopped, there was a deafening applause.


"Friends, Do join us on the dance floor" Arnav said on the mike before stepping down with Khushi. The stage was now occupied by a DJ and his team who played a mix of some peppy Salman Khan numbers.


"And I thought you didn't know to dance?" Khushi asked surprised.


" You thought wrong, Mrs Raizada." he smiled back.


"Looks like I did"


"Have you forgotten I have danced twice before with you?" he asked.


He was damn right, Khushi agreed in her thoughts. She recalled the other two times he had danced with her. And each time she had been shockingly surprised especially as everyone around, including Di had told her that he didn't know to dance. There surely is more to him than he lets out, she smiled.


Khushi and Arnav joined the other couples on the dance floor for a bit as everyone grooved including Anjali, NK, Payal, Akash and many of her friends.


After the dance, Khushi was made to cut an enormous chocolate cake...her favourite flavour, which she happily fed to all her loved ones. The dinner too she noticed was organised keeping in mind all her favourite dishes.


She caught up with each of her friends over dinner along with Arnav as they shared a laugh. And when she reached Kakaji, she spent a good while catching up with him.


Khushi could not remember having been so happy ever in her life.




That night as Arnav and Khushi reached their room to retire for the night after all the guests had left, Khushi felt strangely overwhelmed. The night had been nothing like she had expected.


"Arnavji..." she called out to Arnav who was latching the door shut.


"Haan Khushi" he walked up to her.


"Thank you" she said,  and the next thing she knew she burst into tears.


"Khushi...Sshh...why are you crying?" he hugged her while she buried her face into his chest.


"Sshhh" he comforted her patting her back gently.


"Thank you for everything" she cried.


"Why are you crying, Khushi? Did you not like it?"


"It was perfect, Arnavji. That's why" she cried further feeling overwhelmed.


"Khushi, you know I can't see you cry even if they are just happy tears" he comforted her.


Khushi wiped her tears and looked up at him. "I love you, Arnavji" she said staring into his eyes. A faint rabba ve played in the background as they both stared lost in each other's eyes.




As Khushi sat in her room admiring the beautiful topaz jewellery Arnav had gifted her on her birthday, her eyes shone with a strange sense of joy that she had never known before meeting him. How much she loved him! She recalled how he had celebrated her birthday taking all her likes into consideration. Arnav Singh Raizada, I am addicted to you and can't live without you. I miss you already, she sighed.


She knew with all the time he had taken off for Janmashtami and her birthday, he must be flooded with work at his office which is why she had seen very little of him the last two days. Hopefully things will ease down soon, she consoled herself. She walked up to her cupboard to place the jewelry in it...her most favourite one, she smiled.


Hearing her phone ring a familiar tune, she jumped in joy as she rushed to the phone..."Pehla Pehla Pyar hai...Pehli Pehli baar hai" it played.


"Arnavji" said an excited Khushi sitting by the bed.


"Khushi..." he hesitated on the other end.


"What happened, Arnavji? You seem dull?" she grew concerned sensing the blankness in his voice.


"Nothing Khushi. I actually will have to go away for a week or so?"


" A week?" Khushi stood up. "Where to?"


"I can't tell you where, Khushi. Atleast not now. I will tell you someday"


"Is this trip for work, Arnavji?" she asked


"No, Khushi. Something has come up which I need to attend to. Don't ask me anything more. You will know the reason one day" he said.


"Ok" she said. Although her thoughts played havoc with her mind regarding his little secret, she knew she would have to let him go...She would have to trust him.


"I will leave after work today"


"Ok, Arnavji. I will miss you terribly" she admitted.


"I will too, Khushi. And I can't tell you how much" he assured her before hanging up the phone.



 Very very eagerly waiting to hear your thoughts on the update. The more you write, the happier you make me. Big smile I am also open to suggestions and criticism at every stage. Please like and comment, if you like the chapter. If you don't like it, let me know with your comment.

If you would like to read my previous fiction, here is my index- My Arhi stories 

The credit for the videos belongs to the makers and actors and everyone involved with IPKKND. My story is inspired from theirs.

Next update will hopefully be in a week!  


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