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{*||IF Development Team Awards 2013-14||*}

VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 2:10am | IP Logged

Hi, Hello & Welcome Everyone to

As another year comes by, IF have seen many changes in the forum and most obviously changes in the Development Teams. Some have change of positions, we also welcomed a new Global Moderator, new Members joining the DT Family and also a few members have either bid a temporary or a forever goodbye to the Development Team.

So here we are, to highlight, appreciate and celebrate the effort of each individual who have helped in making IF a better place to be in. If not for them, the place would not have been as it is now.

But before that, let me introduce you to your host of the night. Its none other than Visha, Ritchelle and Ridzzi Clap

Visha : Swagat nahi karoge hamara? LOL [Dabangg music plays at the back]

Ridzzi: Hey, where is the red carpet for us?

Ritchelle: Well, because we are only the host and our kaam is only to host and announce the winners for today Star

Ridzzi: That's wow! So what is in store for us today?

Visha : We have magicians from the world of Harry Potter till the fairytale world of Disney and travelling into the world of Bollywood with some spices and last but not least, Item song performances.

Ritchelle: Overall its going to be a lot of fun and masti. Entertainment guaranteed Wink

Ridzzi: I'm so excited now Dancing But some members might be confused on who are part of the Development Team and what do they do.

Visha : Worry not, below is a brief explanation on each IF DT ladder and their job functions. Both of you read ownself as i'm lazy to read it out Tongue
Admins - the Bigg Boss who work hard and toil day and night to build and update the site, to provide us all with a platform for all serial lovers to come together. They also implement new and innovative ideas for the betterment of the forum and its members.  Global Moderators are what you call the Wardens of the forum. They're like the shepherds, who guide the entire flock of the DT members, and help out wherever help is needed. They also help in resolving many issues, both technical as well as forum related. Channel Moderators are responsible for the overall moderation of the channel they are in charge of and also in guiding the section DTs ; Moderators are members who oversee their sections, and ensure there's no friction and collision between members of the forum  They also help the Viewbies; who are around to promote healthy discussions and maintain day to day order in the forum. Coolbies and Videobies  are members who everyone are thankful to for providing Written Updates and Video Updates for members who are not able to catch their favorite show on television.

Ritchelle: Wow, that was really helpful. I'm sure it would help everyone to know what each DT member does.

Ridzzi: CryCryCry

Visha : Kya hua? Why are you crying? Shocked

Ridzzi: I'm sad that many DT's have taken Veteran Member status and i will miss working with them Ermm

Ritchelle: Really? Who have taken VM this year? I haven't been really keeping track with this Confused

Visha : Well, that's life. Some may have decided to take a break due to personal reasons and who knows if they would return back in future because this year, we also have a few DT members who have returned from their vanvas LOL

Ridzzi: Wow, that's really cool!

Ritchelle: GUYS! I can see everyone already rolling their eyes at us Stern Smile. I think we better get started 

Ridzzi: Yes! Lets start before everyone starts throwing eggs and tomatoes on us Confused

Visha : Hey,we shall save them to make delicious sandwiches to eat in between of our breaks Tongue  Jokes apart, lets move on with the night but before that, here comes a disclaimer alert!!

IMPORTANT : The winners of the Awards was voted by the fellow members of the Development Team members. Some categories are added for fun purpose and doesn't reflects the real purpose as per the name of the category. At the end of the day, we all just need a reason to be happy and celebrate and what is special than sharing and celebrating it with everyone. So do join in the celebration and do not bash/chide or leave personal remarks against any of the DT.

With that, let the celebration begins!

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 2:11am | IP Logged
 T   R   I   B   U   T   E       C   O   R   N   E   R 

Ritchelle: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Visha : *Lost* Who are you thanking here? Confused

Ritchelle: Oops, i was just practicing my Thank You speech Tongue

Ridzzi: So the people we are going to give tribute today is someone very special in India-Forums Star

Visha : Owh yes, through out your journey on IF, you must have surely bumped into them at least once. If not, you must have at least saw that name promoting environmental friendly lifestyle Tongue

Ridzzi: Environmental Friendly? How come didn't i know about it? Confused

Ritchelle: Dude, Visha meant to say that their username is in Green. Hence indicating that they are environmental friendly Wink

Visha : That's right. Just like the color of their usernames, these people are really calm, cool and ever ready to help those who needs help. And yeah, they are all over the place just like Superheroes where they appear when you need them. So don't they deserve a Thank You? Embarrassed

Visha : Our first Global Moderator have been one of the longest Global Moderator around.

Ridzzi: Longest GM? When did Shruti became a GM?

Ritchelle: Lemme guess. 2011?

Visha : Nope, Shruti became a Global Moderator in 2009 Wink

Ridzzi: That's like WOW! Shocked

Ritchelle: Can i also state another fact?

Ridzzi: What is it?

Ritchelle: Shruti also happens to be one of the DT's that many members are afraid of as they think she looks strict Tongue

Visha : That happened to me too. Even i used to initially think that she is strict but hey, she is not at all LOL

Ridzzi: Looks can be deceiving at times Geek

Ritchelle: So yeah, thank you *Shruti* for your services on India-Forums all these years and continue rocking in your role as a Global Moderator Clap

Here is a token of appreciation for you : 

Ridzzi: Our next Global Moderator just turned Green [not Incredible Hulk] this year.

Visha : But before turning Green, she have been through various Group Ladders on IF.

Ritchelle: She started her journey on IF in 2005. Wow, that's like 8 years already Shocked

Visha : But it was not long before this lovely lady joined the DT were she started off being a Coolbie Wink

Ridzzi: Oh wow! I didn't knew that Confused

Ritchelle: She was then promoted as a Channel Moderator last seen for Colors TV.

Visha : And now here she is, being our Global Moderator. Hence thank you gk_09 @ Gur for your services on India-Forums all these years and continue rocking in your role as a Global Moderator Clap

Here is a token of appreciation for you : 

Ritchelle: Okey, here comes the popular one just like me Geek

Visha : Yes, you certainly are Tongue Coming to our next Global Moderator, it would not be wrong if we say she is one of the DT majority likes.

Ridzzi: Wow, mean to say she has her own fanbase? That's cool dude!

Ritchelle: So interested to know how her journey on India Forum's started? Who knows, you could be motivated by her journey LOL

Visha : Well, her passion for Tamil shows brought her here where she started working for the Tamil Forums.

Ridzzi: She then moved to the Debate Mansion and was also popularly seen in the Suggestions/Comments forum.

Ritchelle: If that's not enough, she also spread her wings in the Chat Club and the Avatar and Signature. 

Visha : And in 2012, everyone celebrated when she was finally promoted as a Global Moderator. Did her journey inspire you yet? LOL

Ridzzi: With that, we would like to thank you Aahanaa @ Melz for your services on India-Forums all these years and continue rocking in your role as a Global Moderator Clap

Here is a token of appreciation for you : 

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.Farzi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Riddzi: Abhi na jaao chhod kar, key dil bhara nahi! Disapprove


Ritchelle: What's up yo? Why you so glum and singing such emotional songs? Confused


Riddzi: Cause I am remembering all those DT members who're not with us anymore. Disapprove Cry


Ritchelle: Wait, WHAT? ShockedShocked What do you mean?! 


Visha [whacks Ritchelle on the head]: Really Ritch?! Really? She's remembering the DT members who've decided to step down from the DT to focus on things in the real world. Sleepy


Ritchelle: OH!! Awww, that's so sad! Disapprove


Riddzi and Ritchelle: Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne! Unhappy


Visha: Okay guys, I know you're upset, but can you not ruin the mood of the party we're  hosting? Snap out of it and lets give a fitting farewell to all those who left us to move on to better prospects!




Visha: So this pretty lass started off in IF because of her love for the Zee TV shows! From Saath Phere to Maayka to Kasamh Se, she would watch and discuss it all! 


Riddzi: And soon enough, her awesomeness, dedication and hardwork was noticed by the IF DT members, and she was picked to be the DT of the XYZ Forum!


Ritchelle: After moderating forums such as Nach Baliye 5 and the ever popular Qubool Hai, this particular DT member decided to take some time off to focus on her personal life. However, that doesn't mean she's left IF!


Visha: Nuh uh! She's still around trolling away on the forum, helping out to organise NLs and other contests; and is a great asset to the forum!


Riddzi: Obviously this is none other than everyone's favorite Rosh AKA -Shayari-! We love you Rosh, and we hope to see you back soon!



Riddzi: So this particular DT member has been a huge mytho fan since the day he joined! He started off as a casual member in the Ramayan forum, discussing the intricacies and execution of the show, and was subsequently seen in other forums; however, his love for Mythology and Mytho shows never died out!


Ritchelle: Yeap! First promoted as a ABC for the XYZ forum, he soon moved on to moderating the very famous Dil Se Di Dua..Saubhagyavati Bhava, he decided to take some time off to focus more on his personal life!


Visha: But but, he's not gone! He's still around in the Mahabharat and Devon Ke Dev..Mahadev forums, posting, commenting and discussing!


Riddzi: And it is none other than .Vrish.!




Riddzi: The next person who we're talking about makes me cry Cry


Ritchelle: Why?


Visha: Cause Riddzi worked with this person for quite a while, they were good friends!

Riddzi: Yep! She joined IF for the Balika Vadhu forum, and was soon well liked there! Her intellectual discussions and comments soon moved her up the ladder and within no time, she was moderating forums such as Jeanie Aur Juju and my very own, Madhubala, Ek Ishq Ek Junoon! Big smile


Visha: But then of course, she decided to take some time off IF to focus on herself and rejuvenate, which is why she decided to take a VM! And of course, Riddzi misses her a lot!

Ritchelle: Awww Riddzi! Anyways guys, here's to swethasyam08; for being such an amazing DT member, friend and person!





Ritchelle: Phoolon ka taaron ka, sabka kehna hai! Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai! Disapprove


Riddzi: What the heck?! Ritch, why are you singing?


Visha: Cause now she is upset.


Riddzi: Errm Ritch, you have a sister? Confused


Ritchelle: Nahi rey, but this person's like one of my earliest and closest friends on the DT! She joined back in the year 2005, right on my birthday!! *coughs* And after that, everyone fell prey to her easy going and happy go lucky nature and her interesting discussions, and she was soon promoted to become a Viewbie for the Pakistani Serials Forum! As time progressed, she became a part of forums like Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, along with me!


Visha: Pshh you were a coolbie back then. Anyways, this person has been around for a while and is everyone's favorite! She may not be on the DT anymore, but is a very active member of the Bolly Curry Buzzer Team!


Ritchelle: Presenting to you, none other than the super cool member of the Cool Crew...


RiddziOnlyHope AKA Fairy!!





Riddzi: So this young lady got started on IF while discussing her favorite shows, which at that time happened to be many of the Zee shows and some other youth shows such as Millee, Kareena Kareena, etc.


Visha: Yep! She got her first promotion for the Dill Mill Gayye Forum where she was a Coolbie; and within no time, she was promoted to become a Viewbie for the XYZ forum!

Ritchelle: And again, she didn't stop climbing! She soon became a Moderator and was last moderating some of the active forums such as Celebrity Fan Clubs, ChhanChhan and others!


Visha: But of course, everyone grows up and moves on, and this young lady decided to move on and start a new life, which is why she decided to take some time off IF!


Riddzi: Yes! Let the drum roll and the trumpets blast for our beloved Sano88!


Ritchelle: And while you're at it, do congratulate her for her impending nuptials! Star 




Ritchelle: Again, this particular DT member had been around for the longest time, almost since the inception of the site itself!

Riddzi: Yep! Her love for Ekta soaps brought her in, and very soon, she was promoted to becoming a Viewbie!


Visha: Yeap! This very amazing person was last seen moderating the FF Forum, post which she decided to take time off to herself and step aside from the DT!


Ritchelle: Still haven't guessed? Kya yaar! Anywho, this one's to pari0706 AKA Pari! We love you Pari, and we wanna see you back soon!


Ritchelle: So this particular DT member has been very fond of reality shows from the very beginning!


Visha: And she still is! We still see her out and about the infamous Bigg Boss Saath 7 forum!


Riddzi: Yep yep! Initially promoted for the XYZ forum, she soon rose in ranks and became the Channel Moderator for the newbie channel Life OK!


Ritchelle: But then, personal life called her; and she decided to give IF a break to focus on herself!


Visha: Ladies and gentlemen; put your hands together for the one and only Autumn.!



Visha: This next person started came to IF to discuss about her then favorite show, Left Right Left! She then moved on to other youth shows like Miley Jab Hum Tum!


Riddzi: She was first promoted for the XYZ forum, and since then, there's been no looking back for her!


Ritchelle: She was last seen moderating the Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev forum; but decided to take some time off to focus on her personal life!


Riddzi: But that does not mean she's completely gone! Nuh uh sirree! She's been active on the Mahabharat forum, discussing the epic saga with some other like minded people!


Visha: And so, lets give it up for the wonderful Shruti AKA -ShrNi-!




Ritchelle: So this person's like the Bigg Boss of the Crazy Creatives. Big smile


Visha and Riddzi: DUDE!!! AngryAngry


Ritchelle: What?! Shocked


Riddzi: You basically gave away her identity already you dolt!


Ritchelle: What! I? Shocked Ouch Never?!


Visha: Oh shush you two! So anyways, this particular person came onto IF cause of her love for Tamil shows; and was an active member there!


Riddzi: She soon got promoted for the XYZ sections, and she kept climbing the ladder and was last seen as a Channel Moderator for all the General Sections!


Ritchelle: But of course, life comes in the middle, and this person decided to take a short break to focus on herself and her family, which is why she is now a VM Member!


Visha: But she's still loved and missed by all! With that, make some noise for our very own Radha as in MP_Radha!




Visha: So this person was a biggie on IF. When she stepped in to solve issues, you knew matters were tense


Ritchelle: Oooh yes! I still don't know her much, and I am still scared of her. Despite the fact that she's not in the DT anymore. Confused


Riddzi: Ohhh pshhh. You're scared of everything and everyone. Silly


Ritchelle: That is so NOT true!!! Geek


Visha: Shush you two! Anyways, this young lady was an admin for India Forums, till she decided to take time off to focus on her personal life! Following this, she even changed her username, making it all the more difficult for us to find her!


Ritchelle: Yeap! But she's around commenting and discussing, and she's here to stay, and possibly return soon!


Riddzi: And this is none other than our old admin Priya, also known as priya.nair!




Riddzi: Okay, now why are both of you looking like a wet cat?


Visha: Cause this person used to moderate a forum we both would work for Disapprove


Riddzi: You both worked together?! Shocked


Ritchelle: Nahi rey, different forums! But she was in our team! Ouch


Visha: Yes! A completely chilled out person, who always stood for what is right!


Ritchelle: Yes! She joined IF back in 2004, and was promoted to being a Viewbie for the Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi forum! And from there, it was no looking back! Despite a short break in the middle, she moderated active and popular forums such as Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, Qubool Hai, etc!


Riddzi: But real life beckons all, and she decided to focus more on herself! However, she's still around as an active member of the Bolly Curry Buzzers team!


Ritchelle: Put your hands together for the very cool member of the Cool Crew, Punjabi kudi Gunia AKA |Persephone|




Visha: So this particular DT member was drawn to IF because of her love for Balaji soaps!


Riddzi: And she soon rose up high on the DT ladder, and was made GM early on in the year 2007!


Ritchelle: WOW! I didn't know that! But yes, all good people need to go, and she had to leave the IF DT to focus on her personal life!


Riddzi: So here's to hetal, IF's longest and oldest GM who's now taken a sabbatical!




Riddzi: So this particular DT member came to IF because of her love for Star Plus' long running soap, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!


Visha: Yeap! She'd be around in most of the Star Plus forums; till one day, she was promoted for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as a Viewbie!

Ritchelle: But again, personal life comes first; and so this young lady decided to take some time off to herself!


Visha: So ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together like just don't care for Stuti AKA -Stutz-!




Ritchelle: So this is another Punjabi kudi who's been around for a while! Her love for shows like Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dill drew her to IF, and she was here to stay!


Visha: And being the dedicated and cool person that she was, she landed up becoming a Viewbie, and soon even rose up the ranks to become a Channel Moderator for the Sony Channel!


Riddzi: However, personal life beckoned, and she decided to take some time off! However, she's still around in the Punjabi Channel section, Avatar and Signature Shop and sections for other English shows!


Visha: Yep you heard it right! One of IF's most beloved CMs, here's to Ravs AKA -Ravjot-!

Ritchelle: So this member was introduced to IF cause of her love for K Soaps, like many of us here!


Visha: Yeap! And as time flew by, her mature and intelligent discussions got her promoted onto the IF DT!


Riddzi: Very true! Last, she was seen moderating the Qubool Hai and the Madhubala forum!


Ritchelle: But then, duty calls and life happens. She decided she wanted to take some time off IF, so she decided to step down from the DT. However, she's still around commenting and posting in various sections!


Visha: So lets hear it for the one and only Shifali, AKA *Shifali*!

Riddzi: This particular member loves Zoya and Asad. A lot. Even her username shows how much she loves them!


Ritchelle: And there are how many such people with usernames that show they're die hard Asad-Zoya fans? Ermm


Riddzi: But how many of them have Zoya's married name as their username? Big smileWink


Visha: GUYS! REALLY? Angry Stop revealing names!!


Riddzi: Whaaat? No!


Visha: Shush you! Anyways, this member came to IF quite a long time back, and she was a huge fan of shows such as Kuch Iss Tarah! Again, she was understood to be a very dedicated and mature member, and she was promoted to the Viewbie for the Diya aur Baati Hum and the Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Forum!


Ritchelle: Of course, at the end of the day, work calls. She's taken a break from her DT duties, but she's still around here and there, peeking in and discussing what she likes!


Riddzi: Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Erum AKA -ZoyaAsadKhan-!

Visha: This is almost like a cycle of life. People come in our lives, people go. And some people return back to our lives, bringing back a smile to our face Approve


Riddzi: Waah rey Vish, all philosophical huh? Clap


Ritchelle: Riddzi rey, she's referring to those VMs who have come out of hibernation and decided to rejoin the IF DT!


Riddzi: Haila!! Toh iss key liye toh party sharty banti hai, naa? DancingStar


Visha: LOOL really Riddzi? Anyway, let's take a look at those who've returned back to the IF DT!






Visha: First, we have the lovely Wafah! First promoted for the Bhagonwali forum, Wafah had been on a sort of hiatus till she recently got back with the ever active Bade Acche Lagte Hain! Welcome back Wafah!




Ritchelle: Next up is very smart and suave Ishan! One of our oldest DT members who'd taken a break, we welcome back Ishanas the DT for the Bigg Boss Saath 7 Forum!




Riddzi: This next person has also been on the DT for a long time, moderating difficult forums such as the Debate Mansion and Fan Fiction forums! After a short hiatus, he's back with Bigg Boss Saath 7 and the Debate Mansion, where he rightly belongs! A round of applause for souro!




Visha: So this person has been around for a while! She started off with forums like Pratigya, and laid low for a while, until Bigg Boss Saath 7 happened! Welcome back lilindiangurl13!




Riddzi: And finally, we have someone who's been around on IF and on the DT for years, but she'd taken some time off to herself. We're very fortunate and proud to welcome back realitybites for the Bigg Boss Saath 7 Forum!





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delightful. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 2:12am | IP Logged

I  N  D  I  A  -  F   O   R   U   M  ' S


Ridzzi: Yeah? So! What? I am here for ? ShockedConfused
1, 2, 3, 4 what are we here for? 5, 6, 7, 8. Who do we appreciate? Big smile

Ritchelle: Hello, Sahebaan Meherbaan Kadardaan Big smile *Looks at Ridzzi*
Kya hua tujhe?

Ridzzi: OMGGG! We are dancing on GHAGRA! Yeah! Come on! Star

Ritchelle giggles.
Visha: *Stopping Ridzzi* Shocked What is wrong with you ? Why are you dance like a mad? ConfusedLOL
Ritchelle? What happened? What is happening here? LOL

Ritchelle: Ridzzi is dancing for no reason. She feels we are here to perform on Ghagra ROFL

Ridzzi: But Richelle gave the start of the song Ouch
But i do know what am i here for Cool

Visha: Okay! Cool, So lets move forward? Approve

Ridzzi: So Its time for the General Category Awards for the night. Embarrassed
I shall describe the person and you shall Guess? Fine Shine? Big smile

Ritchelle: Like always, I am going to shine. I am winning in all these games. Cool WOHOO! WOOT! I am lovin' it.

Visha: Ritchelle, yeh yaad rakhna, tum kiske saath khel rahi ho. I am no less LOL

Ritchelle: Dekheinge! CoolLOL

Ridzzi: Okay, So 1st to go is Our BIGGGESSST Spammer. ShockedBig smile
Okay, So this member is a Coolbie and She LOVES CID and longs to rag new coolbies. AngryLOL

Ritchelle: There are so many Coolbies and SO many who love CID. Shocked
How are we going to get her? I myself like CID and I was a Coolbie as well, but no one ragged me then? Ouch Bigg Boss i want justice. LOL

Visha: I knowww Shocked She always gives tasks to new coolbies. She is Shrey..

Ridzzi: Yeah! Well done Vishaa! Big smileBig smile The award for IF DT's biggest SPAMMER goes to none other that KS_Shreya. Congratulations Clap

Ridzzi: Lets see who gets this one right. All the best ladies! Star
This time its for, IF DT's Hilarious Member. LOLLOL

Visha: Get it on! Big smile I will win this one too.

Ritchelle: NO! This has my name on it. I shall win it. Approve

Ridzzi: Okay, so here is some clues about her. Embarrassed
She is a Jot. She is PINK! Cool

Ritchelle: I KNOWWW! There is only 1 Jot who is Pink and every (Har) one know about this Jot LOL...urm... Confused

Ridzzi: So yeah, Go ahead Ritchelle? Confused Don't tell me you forgot her name. ShockedConfused

Ritchelle: Nah! I know. Its EveryJot! Angel Jot! Big smile

Ridzzi: Yup! The award goes to our Hilarious DT member "Angel-Jot." [Shall share your award with veerji ? I say NO! LOL]
Congratulations Jotty GIRL!

Ridzzi: Its Rocking, yaara kabhi ishq toh karooo. Cool
Its time to present IF DT's Most Rocking Member. Star

Visha: Score is 1, 1. I need to win it and so does my competitor Ritchelle LOL

Ridzzi: So this member generally is "Green Green Fairy Queen" Big smile
She is one of the sweetest and easily approachable member. Loves both RK's Star

Richelle & Visha: I know I know! Big smile

Ridzzi: Oopsie, so both of YOU? Big smile So yeah. Go ahead girls. Tongue

Richelle & Visha: Its our Aahaana! Ridzzi's Melxamma CoolStar

Ridzzi: YESSS! The award goes to one of the most Rocking DT and thats, Melxamma i.e Aahaana.
Congratulations da! Party Enna venedu? Star

Ridzzi: So Moving forward to our next one. Score is 2, 2! Big smile Kadi takkar. The award for the Most Cheekiest and Sassiest. Embarrassed

Ritchelle: I am getting this one easily. I know who is it already. ME! LOLLOLTongue

Visha: I doubt so Ritchie ShockedConfused Let Ridzzi give us the clues EmbarrassedBig smile

Ridzzi: This member loves Rahul Dravid a LOT! She has his initials in her Username.

Visha: WOHOO! I get this one! Its POO! Big smile

Ritchelle: Oh no! I was late. I knew the answer. I was day dreaming OuchLOL
Is it Winnie the Poo Shocked

Ridzzi: Ritchelle. Stern Smile The winner of this award "IF DT's most Cheekiest/Sassiest." is none other that Poo aka -RD-.
Congratulations Pooja Embarrassed

Ridzzi: So time for the next award Evil Smile

Ritchelle: Its time for i know which award. IF DT's Troublesome member Evil Smile

Visha: Owhhh! I wanna know who is this. Big smile I think its Ritchelle LOLROFL

Ritchelle: Nah! Shocked I am not troublesome. I am lovablesome! Silly

Ridzzi: So well. This member recently was promoted to Coolbie and you see her around in the Madhubala forum and she has Phoenix in her name. Cool

Ritchelle: I KNOWWW! laman Phoenix! BINGO! PhoenixSnitch? Confused

Visha: No wait. We have 2 Phoenix Coolbies and the one recently promoted is Pheonix.Xeelan Thumbs UpLOL

Ridzzi: YESS! So Visha is absolutely correct. The IF DT's Troublesome member award goes to Phoenix.Xeelan. Congratulations girl. Big smile

Ridzzi: So yeah! This time NO ONE WINS! I am the WINNER! Cool

Ritchelle & Visha: HEYYY! U CHEATER! ShockedAngry Not FAIR!

Ridzzi: Everything is fair in love and war and this is DT aWARds ROFL
Okay, so our next member is IF DT's Problem Solver.

Ritchelle & Visha: ROFLROFL Bring it on! Big smile

Ridzzi: This member was Blue [now different colour LOL] when she won the same award last year. This award was prior called as IF DT's Doraemon [Problem-Solver] and thus keeping up the momentum this member wins it ONCE AGAIN! ShockedClap

Visha: YEAH! I know this one, Only one member was Blue last year and she is NOW GREEN! Approve And that is MelMel.

Ritchelle: WOHOO! So the award for the IF DT's Problem Solver goes to none other than, Meli aka Aahaana. Congratulations and we shall always bug u with problems for u to solve. Great idea na? LOLTongue

Ridzzi: Hey YOU Visha! Vish, V, VishVish, Vishu, Vishal, ViVi, Vaishu Wink

Visha: Stern Smile Are u alright? What is this? So many pet-names for me? Blushing

Ridzzi: YES pyaari! ShockedHug *pauses* HEY YOU RITCHELLE ROFLLOL
RitchieRitch, Ritchieee, Ritch, Rittt, BP, Balam, RitchBala [sounds like RishBala na? Shocked *Kuchh toh gadbad hai. Naam kaise ek jaise sound ho sakta hai Visha? Confused Pata lagana chahiye! StarLOL*]

Visha & Ritchelle: Iss Pagal ka hum kya karein? hum kya karein? hum kya karein? [Tune of Iss dil ka mein kya karun] Stern SmileStern Smile

Ridzzi: Hmph. There was a reason for this, Basically for our next award Shocked Its for the IF DT's most Nicknamed. Tongue
So, this member is DARK pink! Cool and she is one's behna who also belongs to this DT. Also, we have an item song dedicated for her in BW Shocked

Ritchelle: I KNOOOWWW! I am sure! This is None other than my "Ek Hazaron mein Behna" Cry *Khushi ke tears*

Visha: Great! So the award for IF DT's Most Nicknamed goes to none other than, munni jo badnaam NAHI hai Big smile and that is, munnihyderabad. Congratulations. ClapClap She can also be referred to as Mun, MunMun, Munniee, Moonie, Minnie di. LOL [I guess she would've just realized how many nick-names she has been conferred with. LOL]

Ridzzi: Moving forward to our next award and that is for IF DT's most irresponsible. Shocked Oopsie Embarrassed I mean MOST responsible member.

Visha: Velli Ridzzi, Irresponsible is you, cause you said that. AngryLOL

Ridzzi: Maaf kardo EmbarrassedLOL So basically, this member has had most of the toughest forums which she took care of with great enthusiasm and did an amazing job. She is now busy sitting in the DB section. Guess who?

Ritchelle: Tanni Big smileBig smile

Ridzzi: Haww, you guessed it in a Go Shocked
So, yeah.. the award for the IF DT's Most Responsible goes to none other than LeadNitrate. Congo Tan! Clap

Ridzzi: So Now moving forward. I feeling like SMILINGGG! Big smileBig smile

Ritchelle: Really? SO SMILE! *clicks photo* LOLLOL OMG! U look damn funny.

Visha: Smile? SmileSmile U mean cheerful? Me na? ShockedTongue So this is the award for the most Cheerful DT of the forum hun? Big smile

Ridzzi: YES! Your RIGHT! This member recently changed her Username. Shocked Heart, Friendship, Dance is what she really loves! Heart

Ritchelle: She is Khushi !!!! Big smile

Visha: Khushi Ermm Moreover changed Username to -Araina- Big smile

Ridzzi: Correct guess people! Big smile I guess D3 in English gave it off? LOL IF DT's Most Cheerful Is none other than the ever happy and cheerful. Khukhu aka Khushiii aka -Araina-. CONGRATULATIONS Khushu!!! Big smileParty

Ridzzi: Time for our final award in the General awards Section. And this award is for the most friendly member of the Development Team. Hug

Ritchelle: I am sure many of us are friends with her then? LOLEmbarrassed

Visha: Owhie! I am sure i am friends with her. Big smileEmbarrassed If now, maybe spoken to her sometime atleast? Tongue

Ridzzi: Well, 1 clue and you may as well guess her. She is a very very very Saras Viewbie! LOLTongueWink

Visha & Ritchelle: SAHER!!!! ClapDancing

Ridzzi: Yes, Good Job! IF DT's Most Friendly is none other than our Saras Viewbie Saher ji -> saher_90. Congratulations saher! HugHug

Ridzzi: So these were the awards for our General Category #1. Lets move to the next the next set of awards which come under GC #2 Big smile

Ridzzi: IF is known for Teamwork, be it being a team of 2, or a team of 5+ Development Team members on one forum, teamwork plays a key role in the well-being of any Forum.

Time for some Small Riddles or Jokes? LOL

A lawyer has a brother who is a Catholic priest. The lawyer wants to be a priest as well but cannot. Why not?
-- Simple, the lawyer is a female. ROFLROFL

Tongue Lets move on, Our first category is...
IF DT's Most Laziest Forum Development Team

And the award goes to...
Jodha Akbar Development Team

Next Joke? LOL

There is a one story house. The walls are blue, the floor is pink, the stove and cupboards are red. What color are the stairs?
-- There are no stairs as it is a one story house! LOLLOL

Our next category is...
IF DT's Most Hardworking Forum Development Team

And the award goes to...
Madhubala - Ek Ishq, Ek Junnon Development Team
Qubool Hai Development Team

Time for a Crazy riddle!

What time is spelled the same forwards and backwards?
-- Noon. Big smileTongue

Our next category is...
IF DT's Most Craziest Forum Development Team

And the award goes to...
Bigg Boss Saath 7 Development Team

One Final Riddle, please? LOL

Imagine you are swimming in the ocean and a bunch of hungry sharks surround you. How do you get out alive?
-- Stop Imagining. ROFLLOL

Our next category is...
IF DT's Most Craziest Forum Development Team

And the award goes to...
Do Dil Ek...Jaan Development Team

Ridzzi: Ohh! Toh Riddles and Jokes were lovely isn't it? Okay, anyway, now I am TIRED Hosting! Sleepy Ritchelle, get me a glass of water! LOL and Visha, get me something to eat? Maybe some pizza's and chocolates?

Ritchelle: Oye! Ham nahi thake kya? Are we your servants? ShockedLOL

Visha: Aur kya? Tum jaake hamare liye laao! LOL Yeh hamara Aagya hai!

Ridzzi: Erm, you'll are such big Kaamchor's! AngryOuch

Ritchelle & Visha: We our YOU! AngryAngry

Ridzzi: Woops! Shocked Acha. I need to tell you something. *whispers* Do u know? We have some Kaamchor DT members as well? LOL

India-Forums being such a big site and so many hardworking people, we find few of them who maybe a bit kaamchor. LOL But you know what? Its not being kaamchor, but VERY COOL and Amazing.
[Special Note - This award is ONLY for fun. Please take it in good spirit. We ALL do know NO ONE is a Kaamchor in real here on IF. So please do not feel offended. Thank You!]

Ritchelle & Visha: REALLY? I wanna know who are they. But this sounds really cool. Cool

Ridzzi: First is IF DT's Kaamchor Moderator and that is: Maddy aka -Mmm-

Visha: Next is, If  we have a kaamchor Moderator, why not a Viewbie? LOL IF DT's Kaamchor Viewbie is Jaz i.e jnawaz.

Ritchelle: Next is, If we can have a kaamchor Moderator and a kaamchor Viewbie, why leave Coolbie out?? LOL IF DT's Kaamchor Coolbie is -Amanda-.

Ridzzi: With this, we end our General awards and move forward to Bollywood Awards. Star

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I  N  D  I  A  -  F  O  R  U  M  ' S

Ridzzi: NAHI NAHI NAHI ! Yeh Nahi ho sakta. Mere sanskaron ka kya? Usne meri ijjat mitti mein mila diya hai. NAHHHIII.. Yeh din dekhne se pehele, mein mar kyun nahi gayyi? Cry

Ritchelle & Visha: Kya? OMG!? What happened Ridzzi ShockedStern Smile Tu kabse kisko sanskaar deti thi? Confused

Aiiyooo! Venne Ucha velanti? Angry Dufford. Acting che! We are here to present Bollywood awards, Bool gayye, Bhotlakad.

Ritchelle: Confused *thinks* Aiyo, Poda Ridzamma! We were acting as well LOL Haina Visha?

Visha: Haan, we were doing casual acting. Whom were u acting as? Shocked Deepika? Shocked

Ridzzi: PO! Ille loose, Don't tell Deepika acts like that, like an aunty?  Shocked She would never do such a role. LOL So, lets not waste time and move ahead.

Ridzzi: Saawariyaa, Bachna-e-Haseeno, Wake up Sid, Barfi!, Besharam, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Cool

Ritchelle: Short mein bol na, Ranbir Kapoor Day Dreaming

Visha: Stop dreaming Ritchelle Shocked Ranbir Kapoor? Which DT is RK of the forum? Any idea's? LOL

Ridzzi: Clue doon? she is supercool yaar! I mean she is really so sweet and she finds my tamil really great? haina? Embarrassed

Visha: Great ya Shocking? ROFL Infact, you just gave out her name. Confused

Ritchelle: Unfortunately Ridzzi dear. LOL Chalo now do you announce or me? Tongue

Ridzzi: hmph. It was by mistake. Ouch Par koi nahi, let me announce, IF DT's Ranbir Kapoor is Jiluuu Star well known as supercool3 Party Congratulations Jilu da LOLClap

Ridzzi: So after all of you people have been introduced to Supercool Superstar RK of the forum its time to move forward to the next IF DT's BW actor and this time its, King Khan SRK! CoolStar

Ritchelle:I wanna know who is King Khan amongst our DT Big smile

Visha: Can i give some clues? Ridzzi, i actually saw your pad and know who is the winner, so can i ask for some clues, you and Ritchie answer. Tongue

Ridzzi: Cheater! Cheater! Cheater! Akeli Ritchie has to identify. LOL

Ritchelle: Mein akeli hi kaafi hoon. Bring it on! StarBig smile

Visha: So this member has another Actress of BW, who ofcourse  has worked with SRK in many films in her username and she indeed is very cute and ofcourse a BIGGG fan of SRK. Embarrassed

Ritchelle: I knowww, See, i rock! Its DeepikaP ConfusedBig smile

Visha: Who is this? ShockedLOL Is there such a member? I don't think so LOL Ritchie, I'll tell yoou, IF DT's Shah Rukh Khan is none other than CutiepieRani. Congratulations. Clap

Ritchelle: Where did this Ridzzi go? Confused Host ban gayyi ghost Shocked

Visha: I guess when u told DeepikaP, she ran to check whether Deepika is really there or no. She'll be disappointed. LOLLOLLOL

Ridzzi [In Disguise]: Krrish hamesha bure logon ko nasht karta hai.

Visha: Ridzzi Shocked Hum bure hain? Tumne yeh keh kaise liya? How bad! Ouch

I KNOWWW why she does this drama. I guess the next award is IF DT's Hrithik Roshan Big smile

Ridzzi:Absolutely correct. Hum sab mein ek krrish hai. LOLLOL
So this member is sitting in the DT list of creative forum. She is such a big fan of HR that his pet name is in her name Shocked

Visha: I knowww this one, its my punjabi kudi, Parmo!!!!! PartyDancing

Ritchelle: I guessed as much, i was just a little late in answering. hmph. LOL

Ridzzi:So, everyone do know who this award goes to even before the clues? didn't u? So well, IF DT's Hrithik Roshan is Parminder aka Parm aka Parmo aka DUGGUlicious Star Congrats jiii ClapHug

Ridzzi: Swaagat nahi karoge hamara? Confused Bigg Boss? ShockedLOL

Visha: Yes ji, Salman Dabangg Khan, Welcome LOLLOLLOL

Ritchelle: So its time for Salman Khan. WOHOO! I am very keenly waiting to watch who is this person. Star

Ridzzi: Ok, so this member works in the Bigg Boss forum and that too SHE is back after a long break and she is light and bright. Big smileBig smile

Visha: I think she is amongst Roshini, Souro, Ishan, Realitybites Big smile

Ritchelle: Absolutely correct. These all are BB7 ka DT which are back after a long break, how do we know who is it? LOLLOL
Wait Shocked You said SHE, means it has to be amongst Roshini and Lavs.

Visha: I think i got this one, its Roshini!!!!! PartyDancing since you told light and bring. Roshini means that in Hindi na? Big smile

Ritchelle: Visha, u stole my words. LOL

Yeah! Star Good Job VishVish, IF DT's Salman Khan is Shini aka lilindiangirl13 Star Congratulations!! Clap

Ridzzi: Zara Zara touch me touch me touch me. Oooh Oooh! ROFL

Ritchelle: WHAT Shocked Mashallah Mashallah! Chehra hai Mashallah! LOL

Visha: Stern SmileShocked Chikni Chameli Chhupke Aakeli Big smileLOL

Ridzzi: You know the reason for the medley? Confused I am sure you don't. Approve

Ritchelle: Next award is Kat of the Forum. Meow! LOL I am right, Always right!!! I tell you, this time i'll easily guess who is the winner. Star

Visha: Lets see Ritch, but whenever u say this, you loose ShockedShocked

Ridzzi: Shhh! This member is really EYEcatching. Thumbs Up She is very sweet and was recently promoted to Moderators position. She has been handling Katrina fans on her forum as well. LOL

Ritchelle: Visha, I know this one! HAHAHA! Its ..Eye.. Big smile

Visha: What ..Eye.. ? Its Eye in Hindi. ..Naina..! Big smileBig smile

Ritchelle: WAIT! Same thing. Hmph! You didn't give me time to speak! Pinch ROFL You just copied me because i said Eye! ConfusedLOL

Ridzzi: Chill people Star, So as said above. IF DT's Katrina Kaif is Naina aka ..Naina.. CONGRATULATIONS Naina! ClapClapEmbarrassed

*Ridzzi runs to sit among the audience*

Ritchelle: Know the reason why Ridzzi ran there? Evil Smile Visha? LOLROFL

Visha: Ofcourse ji, Its that time of the night that Ridzzi thinks she should keep quite and see us hosting and how the TRP boosts! ApproveCool

Ritchelle: VISHA! AngryShocked Are u serious? Don't you know..

Visha [interrupting]: Haan Baba, I know, she ran because its time to present the award for the Deepika of the forum.

Ritchelle: Lets see if this is in the favour of die-hard Deepika fan! LOL
Lets move straight and give the award? Tongue

Visha & Ritchelle: *Opens the pamphlet* IF DT's Deepika Padukone is... -dhak dhak, dhak dhak-
NONE OTHER THAN! Ridzamma ClapClapClap -HibiscusR-. OMG! Congratulations Ridzziieee! LOLROFL Don't tell me you  didn't accept it.

Ridzzi: Shocked I'll be truthful? Meine mera naam already dekh liya tha! Bas thoda drama ke liye i went and sat down! ROFL

Ridzzi: Lo mein aagayyi! Big smile Now this time I am here to present the next award of the BW section. You can say, the second last award?

Ritchelle: Really? Ouch Do i win any awards? I really act well na? CryLOL

Visha: ^ This acting deserves an Oscar not an IF award. Shocked

Ridzzi & Visha: ROFLROFLROFL

Ritchelle: Okay, whatever! LOL Now come on tell us who is this award on and who wins it. CoolStar

Ridzzi: Okay, so basically, Ram Chahe Leela chahe Leela chahe Ram! Embarrassed

Visha: What is this for? Shocked Deepika category over na? Confused

Ritchelle: Nahh! Its not Deepika, its Priyanka Chopra! Big smileBig smile

Ridzzi: This member is mostly a mytho lover. You'd always see her around the mytho forums and DTing those forums as well.

Visha & Ritchelle: (looking at each other) We can guess this easily. Embarrassed Its Meenaxi! Approve IF DT's Priyanka Chopra is Meenaxi that is mnx12. Party Congratulations!!! Dancing

Ridzzi: If we have one PC, why not Have another PC? Embarrassed

Visha: PC, It occupies too much space re. I would tell u to go and purchase/buy a lappy; not one more PC. LOL PLEASE! Big smile

Ritchelle: I feel, Ridzzi means something else? As in we had PC [Priyanka Chopra] So now time for Jr. PC i think? Tongue Parineeti? Big smileLOL

Ridzzi: Visha, ki hoya? LOLTongue Yes, Correct. So Parineeti of the forum is one of our Moderators. Cool She is a very senior Moderator who has been moderating challenging forums every now and then and has been moderating parineeti fans as well. EmbarrassedLOL

Ritchelle: Now i win this. Approve I knowww! Its none other than, BW forums.. Mandy, haina? Big smile

Visha: Oh No! I lost this one, it was easy. Tongue I could've won it na? LOL

Ridzzi: So yeah! IF DT's Parineeti Chopra is NONE OTHER THAN Mandy -- .Mandy. Party CONGRATULATIONS! Dancing

Ridzzi: So here is a tata from my side, over to Ritchie! Big smileEmbarrassed
I'll always be around! Lemme drool over my award. Day DreamingBlushing

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I  N  D  I  A  -  F   O   R   U   M  ' S

Ritchelle: And now, ladies and gentlemen, we come to my favorite section of the evening! Star Be prepared to enter the wonderful and magical world of Harry Potter and his friends, as we tell you some of our DT members who're like many of the wizards and witches in the Harry Potter Universe! 


Riddzi: Wait what? Harry Potter? The guy with the scar and glasses right? Confused


Visha: Oh no you didn't Riddzi! D'oh


Ritchelle: You mean to say.. You have NO idea about who Harry Potter is? You are not acquainted with the universe? Shocked


Riddzi: Erm, I'm not too fond of reading so I never really read em..but I totally watched the films yo! LOL Felton's hot! Embarrassed


Ritchelle *with a dramatic sob*: Your childhood! You missed out on so much Riddzi! So so much!! Cry


Ritchelle bursts into tears and Riddzi is flabbergasted.


Visha: You know how sensitive she is about Harry Potter! Wacko Now Ritch, its fine. Riddzi will read the books moment the awards are over. Right? *glares at Riddzi* 


Riddzi: Yeah yeah, I'll learn all the spells too! Swish and flick!! TongueBig smile


Ritchelle: Awww you guys!!! *takes out compact and sorts out make up* Now, get ready for a crazy quiz, as you learn more about JKR's magical world, as well as some of our DT members! Vish and Riddzi, ready? Big smile


Visha and Riddzi: READY, STEADY, PO! Cool


Ritchelle: So there was this one man. Everyone hated him; they thought he was a part of the enemy. He hated nearly everyone good around him, and it was only towards the end that we realised why. It was cause he was hopelessly, and irrevocably in love with one beautiful, red haired girl-


Riddzi: I know I know! Harry right? I remember, all Weasleys have red hair! Harry loved Ginny!


Ritchelle: No Riddzi, let me finish! He was hopelessly and irrevocably in love with her, but she was in love with this haughty, black haired boy. His love remained unrequited till the end, but he never ever stopped loving her. So much so, that he gave up his life, protecting her son!


Visha: Wait wait..I'm getting this! One more hint! Stern Smile


Ritchelle: Alright! He was often known as the Slimeball of Hogwarts. LOL


Visha: Severus Snape! Greasy nosed slimy haired guy! But why would anyone in our DT be like Snape?! Big smile


Ritchelle: Cause till the very end of the series, he was misunderstood to be strict and evil; when in reality, he was one of the greatest and nicest men who ever lived! Day Dreaming


Riddzi: Exactly! And the DT who's won this award, is like Severus Snape! Everyone thinks she's all mean and strict, but when you get to know her, she's just so soft and nice! Just like a coconut!


Visha: Well well then, without further ado, we need to announce who is IF DT's Severus Snape!

Ritchelle: Why none other than the beloved CM of Star Plus, *Resham*!




Ritchelle: This one's another professor at Hogwarts! She was so strict, students would  cower when she'd set her eyes on them! ConfusedOuch And oh, her Animagus was a tabby cat! 


Riddzi: Professor, female.. Wait. I know her! She was the head of Gryffindor House!! Big smile


Ritchelle: I am impressed! But then again, the head of Gryffindor house has a name, and her name is..?


Visha: Minerva McGonagall! Party


Riddzi: Wooot yes! Its her! She was the head of Gryffindor House, and was very strict! Now I wonder, who's as strict as her, here on IF? We're all loving people on the DT, aren't we?


Visha: Yeah, but there is one who does make us all cower! I swear, when I see her, my bones shiver! Confused

Riddzi: Who?! Who's she?! Shocked


Ritchelle: Really Riddzi? The CM for Colors, the very blue and slightly scary, Leviathan.!



Ritchelle: So this professor has been around for years. He's a true leader, and has always led the people to fight for the good. And the sad part is, he lost his life in the battle! Disapprove


Visha: Ritch, that's too vague. Way too many people lost their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts! Ermm

Ritchelle: Yes, but he was their leader! He had answers to everyone's questions, so much so, that he even appeared in Harry's subconscious when he'd died for some time!


Riddzi: I know this one! Its got to be Albus Dumbledore!! Dancing


Ritchelle: And you're right! The next DT is someone who has the answers to all the questions, and is always around to lead the DT and provide instructions! This Punjabi kudi recently turned eco friendly; and is the newest GM in the block!

Visha: Oooh la la, it is sadi Gurprit AKA gk_09!!



Ritchelle: So this one is a loyal one. Always stood by his friends, and never let them down. 


Visha: And there are how many such loyal people in the entire HP universe? Ermm


Riddzi: ROFL. Vish, you're too cute. Okay, so this guy was a part of the golden trio, and was red haired! The 6th in 7 siblings, and Harry's best friend! Big smile


Visha: Wait, how the heck do you know so much Riddzi? Shocked


Ritchelle: Vish, do you know the answer? TongueWink


Visha: Of course, its Ronald Weasley, but how does Riddzi know so much?! 


Riddzi: Well of course I'd wanna know the details of the character who is so similar to a very good friend of mine! Wink

Visha: Oh is that? So who's IF's Ronald Weasley?


Ritchelle: Oh well, you know. Just someone who's been around a while, is a really good friend of ours, has been loyal to IF and the DT and loves Varun Dhawan and Suhasi Dhami as much as I love Harry Potter. TongueLOL


Visha: Wait what?! Shocked


Riddzi: Really? That slow? And I thought Ritch is the dumb blonde here. Silly


Ritchelle: HEY! Angry


Riddzi: Shush you. Well Visha_Dhami, you're IF's Ronald Weasley, and we love you! Big smileStar


Visha: OMG you guys! *runs to hug Riddzi and Ritchelle* Hug





Ritchelle: So we're gonna have 3 versions of this particular character.


Riddzi: Why so?


Ritchelle: Its cause we can't be biased, and this character has so many good qualities, that we're gonna give one to a Moderator, one to a Viewbie and one to a Coolbie! Approve


Visha: Or it could also be cause this is Ritchelle's all time favorite fictional character *coughs* Geek


Ritchelle: Pshhh. I ain't biased. 


Riddzi: Can we guess the character first? Wait, since Visha knows it, I want to guess!


Ritchelle: Alrighty! So like Vish said, this one's my all time favorite fictional character! She's got bushy brown hair, she's an insufferable know-it-all, and topped her OWLs, or Ordinary Wizarding Levels! Also, she's a part of the infamous golden Trio, and goes on to become a very high ranking official at the Ministry of Magic! 


Riddzi: How on EARTH do you know so much about Hermione Granger? What, are you a walking Harry Potter Encyclopedia? Shocked


Ritchelle: Hehehe! Well that's me! Now, lets begin with the categories!



Ritchelle: So this dear mod of ours turned purple very recently! She's been around handling a lot of the forums, and she's always hardworking, prompt and strict where needs be!


Visha: Yeap! She's in charge of some of the most active forums on IF, such as Saraswatichandra, Jodha Akbar, etc; and she's a wonderful mod and a great person!


Riddzi: If you haven't guessed it yet, shame on you! Its none other than our very own -Deepzz-!



Ritchelle: We're supposed to be announcing the Viewbie here, but why don't I have this on my list? Like I have every one's awards here on my list, but I can't find who won the Viewbie! Confused


Riddzi: That's cause we have the award list! Big smile


Ritchelle: Okay! Tongue *whispers* Who's it? I need to think of stuff. Ouch


Visha: Nuh uh!! We're not telling you who won; we announcing this one! Cool


Riddzi: So ladies and gentlemen, this particular Viewbie is a complete blonde. She takes a lot of times to get the fact that we're playing tricks on her. Also, she's very very VERY talkative. And, she has a rather unhealthy obsession for the color purple! LOLLOL


Visha: Despite all this, she's very hardworking! She started off as a Coolbie, and within no time was promoted to a Viewbie, and this all shows her dedication to her work on IF! And oh, in case you still haven't guessed it, she's hopelessly obsessed with the Harry Potter series. Star


Ritchelle: OMG you guys!! Day Dreaming


Ridzzi: And of course, when you hear her username, you just wanna break out into song and dance! Dancing


Visha: So guys, pump up the music for our very own BalamPichkaariAKA Ritchelle! 



Ritchelle: So this one's a Coolbie for some of the most popular forums on IF, and she's a huge fan of Ashu-Nidhi!


Visha: And she's always around posting timely articles! Seriously, do you have a contract with IF and all other media? LOLTongue Any news, you're the first to post it! Cool


Riddzi: And clearly, her promptness shows her hardwork and dedication! Let the drums roll for our very own Armu_4eva!




Ritchelle: Youngest of 7, born in a house with many kids. Popular amongst all her peers and family, yet humble and loving. Fell for the Chosen One, yet had to sacrifice her love for the betterment of the world. The woman who loved so much, she let him go. Only cause she knew he'd be back. For her. Day Dreaming


Riddzi (whispering to Visha): Last I checked, this was the Harry Potter section? You never told me there was a Mills and Boons section? Ermm


Visha: Shush! Erm Ritch, you're being way too flowery and romantic. Easier clues?


Ritchelle: Well, does the Bat Bogey Hex remind you of anything? Big smile


Visha: Oooh my God! Of course! Ginny Weasley! 


Riddzi: Huh? Geek What?! Shocked


Ritchelle: Oh pshh! So just like Ginny Weasley, this person's super popular, very nice, and is EVERYWHERE! LOL


Riddzi: Everywhere? What do you mean?!


Ritchelle: This person's not only a member of the IF DT, but she's a Crazy Creative, a Bollycurry Buzzer, a hardworking student, loving wife, caring mother, true friend and a super popular person!


Visha: Of course, none other than the wonderful DeviatedTesoro.!




Ritchelle: Okay this one's easy. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Big smile


Riddzi: And this proves you need a shrink. D'oh


Visha: Ritch! What is wrong with you?! Shocked


Ritchelle: PSHHH. Answer. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


Visha and Riddzi: Spongebob Squarepants. Stern Smile


Ritchelle: Good! Now, who lived in a cupboard under the stairs?


Visha and Riddzi: Harry Potter. Pinch Wait. HARRY POTTER!! Big smileDancing


Ritchelle: See! Told you it would be fun! Yes, IF DT's Harry Potter! The one's who's out to save the IF from the clutches of You-Know-Who...


Visha: What the?! Shocked


Ritchelle: Imma joooking Vish! WinkLOL But any guesses?


Riddzi: I know! Its jyoti_06!!


Ritchelle: BINGO!


Edited by BalamPichkaari - 08 November 2013 at 4:31am

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

Joined: 19 February 2008
Posts: 77634

Posted: 07 November 2013 at 2:15am | IP Logged
 I   N   D   I   A       F   O   R   U   M   '   S

Visha: Ok, this set of awards are my favorites. These people never failed to set the screens on fire Wink

Ritchelle: You mean there are riots going on and they are your favorite? What's happening to you? Shocked

Ridzzi: Riots? Where? Where?

Visha: OMG! No where people! I meant to say that the upcoming awards is the Item Songs! These are the songs that makes go crazy by listening to it over again and again. Not to forget, makes us inspired by the dance steps in the song Tongue

Ridzzi: Ulala.. So you mean to say that in between of our Development Team, we have our very own Item songs/Item girls?

Ritchelle: Wow, that's interesting. So lets check out who have won these awards Cool

Visha: HOLI!!!

Ritchelle: Huh? When? Isn't Holi over?

Ridzzi: I think i know! I know!

Ritchelle: What? Ermm

Ridzzi: Its the clue for the next one right Visha?

Visha: Ai Hai! You guys are getting smarter! So what's the answer Ridzzi?

Ridzzi: Easy! Its Ritchelle's username on IF. BalamPichakari Wink Yipeee, i won! Big smile

Ritchelle: Kya, how come it didn't cross my mind? Cry

Visha: Ermmm... Guys! Its not the right answer. I just said Holi. Holi could also mean colors right? Tongue

Ridzzi: Nehiii, you just had to right? So what color is it?

Visha: Well, we see our username in this color daily. Such an easy clue na?

Ritchelle: OMG! Pinky!

Visha: Haila! Ritchelle got it right. It was performed by none other than Priyanka Chopra Wink

Ridzzi: My bad! Anyways, the DT member who won IF DT's Pinkyaward is a happy person just like her username, smileyface. So congratulations Ms Pinky LOL

Ritchelle: Guys! I'm sleepy!!

Ridzzi: What? You know right we are still in the midst of the awards? You can sleep later.

Ritchelle: Oh no, i feel like i'm going to faint!

Ridzzi: Huh, are you alright?

Visha: Ermmm.. You look perfectly fine Ritchelle Ermm

Ritchelle: Looks like no one cares about me. Me going away from here *Sings sad song*

Visha: Dude! Wait! I believe you. Come, lets go and see a doctor.

Ritchelle: OMG Visha! I am feeling fine suddenly after you mentioned about doctor. Your words certainly has magic Tongue

Ridzzi: AngryAngryAngry Nautanki!!!

Visha: Nope! The word Badmaash best suits her. Instead of 'Babli Badmaash', Priyanka should have danced for 'Ritchelle Badmaash' Angry

Ritchelle: I think everyone knows that i'm sweet and naughty LOLLOL Btw Visha, you just announced the next category Wink

Visha: I did? Shocked

Ridzzi: *Ignoring Ritchelle* So the next award is IF DT's Babli Badmaash and the person who won this award is minuu Clap

Ritchelle: I really loved this song! Seriously! He looked so hot and good looking in his suit. Hayeee... Mardala Day Dreaming

Ridzzi: Nooo.. Don't you dare look at him! He is only mine! You heard that? ONLY MINE!!!

Ritchelle: Yeah right, he is not copyrighted to you. He is only mine. How i wished if i could have danced with him in the song and he splashing champagne on me Wink

Ridzzi: You are irritating me Angry

Visha : Oh no, both of you started fighting again?

Ridzzi: He is only mine and Ritchelle is trying to steal him away from me.

Visha : Hope you both are not fighting for Varun Dhawan because he is only mine!!! Evil Smile

Ritchelle: Vishaaa! Its Ranbir Kapoor. 'Badtameez Dil' best describes my heart each time i see him Tongue

Ridzzi: I'm not going to talk to you again Ritchelle.

Ritchelle: Such a big decision? Shocked I was just joking! Well, just to irritate you and guess what? I succeed! And Ranbir is all yours. Only yours Big smile

Visha : Hope you would cool down now Ridzzi as we planned to bully you a bit before announcing our next award LOL

Ridzzi: WHATTT!!! You are part of this too? I'm gonna chase you both!! But before that, the next award is IF's DT's Badtameez Dil and it goes to Simmy who is also now known as -Misek- Clap [Runs to chase Visha & Ritchelle]

Visha: OMG, the next song is my favorite song in 2013. Since you both know me kinda well by now, lets see if you can guess it. Please don't disappoint me Confused

Ritchelle: Really? Let me guess. Your favorite song? But..  What is your Favorite song? You never told me yaar Ouch

Ridzzi: I know! I know! Ishq Wala Love. I had stalked the thread when you were made MOTW. So yeah.. Ishq Wala Love Star

Visha : My heart just broke into pieces Broken Heart*Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar naa raha *

Ridzzi: Visha re, wasn't i right? Ermm

Visha : I said my favorite song for 2013, not 2012 Cry You guys are certainly not my good girlfriends Confused

Ritchelle: I knowww! Girlfriend! Dilliwali Girlfriend! Big smile

Ridzzi: Visha! I hate yoouuu! Officially! Only if you had said the magical word 'Deepika', i would have guessed it correctly.

Ritchelle: Visha, so we are good friends forever na since i guessed it rightHug

Visha : Yes Ritchelle Wink And Ridzzi, chill. You are still my pyaari dost whether you get it right or wrong Tongue And OMG, in between all our convo, we forgot to announce the winner.

Ridzzi: Yes.. Yes.. So the winner of the IF Ki Dilliwali Girlfriend is none other than -hinz- Clap

 I   N   D   I   A       F   O   R   U   M   '   S

Visha: Long.. Long time ago.. Well, not too long back. Oh wait, i don't know how long was it. Nevermind. There lived princess which anyone could simply fall for their beauty. Just like the fairytale princess, we have our very own IF Princess. So who represents which princess? So yeah, that is what our next category of Awards are based on.  Now comes the part i know you both can easily guess. If you are not able to guess, i seriously don't know what to say Confused

Ritchelle: Seriously? Trust me.. I will be able to guess it with the first clue itself.

Ridzzi: Yeah, lets see. I'm very sure i will be the one to answer it correctly. 

Visha : So both of you not willing to give up huh.. Lets see who gets it right then LOLLOL

Ritchelle & Ridzzi: Bring it on then. We both are ready and steady Cool

Visha : Achaa.. So here comes your first clue Wink She is the most familiar Indian woman in American history, and maybe the most familiar of all Indians. So who is she, and why is she so familiar?

Ritchelle: Indian Princess? Familiar in American history? Who could it be? Confused

Ridzzi: I GOT IT! Cool Aishwarya Rai as Princess Jodha Thumbs Up

Visha : Since when was Princess Jodha a Disney Princess? Shocked

Ridzzi: So i was wrong kya? Ouch

Ritchelle: Okey.. That was hard. More clues pleaseee Cry

Visha : Only one more clue. Her name also means "Little Mischief" or the "naughty one" Tongue

Ritchelle: Me first. Me know it. It is Pocahontas Big smile

Ridzzi: Vishaaa.. Please say its wrong. I'm sure the answer is something else.

Visha : Errr.. Sorry to say but Ritchelle is right. But how did you guess it right with the second clue? Shocked

Ritchelle: Being a naughty one myself, how could i not know this? LOLLOL

Ridzzi: So this IF Dev Team's Pocahontas award goes to none other than Princess -najmeen- who resides in the Suggestion / Comments Forum Tongue

Visha : Now comes the second Princess. Let me think of a hard clue because you guys can easily guess this one.. i think.. D'oh

Ridzzi: Really? Challo, tell the clue. I really wanna get this right this time.

Ritchelle: Ridzzi bachi, i'm sure i'm gonna get this right too Tongue

Ridzzi: Is it? Lets see! Visha, faster post the clues! 

Visha : She is often rebellious and also longs to be a part of the human world. Yeah.. I just gave away a clue here. Wanting to be part of the human world Wink

Ritchelle: OMG! Which Princess is not a human? Is she a ghost or a monster? Confused

Visha : Nope, she is a beautiful looking princess but.. but.. she doesn't lives on the desert Tongue

Ridzzi: ME KNOW THE ANSWER! Its the mermaid princess! Approve

Visha : The mermaid princess has a name right? LOLLOL

Ritchelle: Ariel! Visha! I got the name right Geek

Ridzzi: Nehiii, this is cheating Cry

Visha : Ermm.. Sorry to say Ridzzi but Ritchelle said the answer correctly. So yeah.. and IF Dev Team's Ariel award goes to our lady in Purple..devashree_h Clap

Visha : Ridzzi, lets see if you can get this right this time Tongue

Ridzzi: I'm not gonna give up this time. I am really gonna get this right this time! Hmppp Stern Smile

Ritchelle: Owh yeah, lets see. I'm pretty sure i'm going to get this right too Tongue

Ridzzi: Stop your bokwaas!!! Please Visha, bring on the next one. I'm gonna prove myself this time to Ritchelle Angry

Visha : This princess is under a spell and she did what we all love to do on a weekend. Hope this strikes the clue?

Ridzzi: Hahahahahahahaha.. Heard of the last laugh? Here you go because i know this. Its Aurora. Yipee! I finally got one right! Dancing

Ritchelle: But.. But.. How did you know? I myself am still trying to guess from the clue and which Disney show is she from? Confused

Ridzzi: Firstly the clue gave away. What we all love to do on a weekend? Sleeep! And secondly, this is my most favorite Disney Princess. So how can i not get it right? Tongue

Visha : Hey, but i did not mention whether your answer is right or wrong right? Wink

Ridzzi: I have full trust and i'm very sure that i got this right Embarrassed

Visha : Lol.. Well.. You are right and the person who won IF Dev Team's Aurora award is none other than Apoorvafan. So congrats Clap


Ritchelle: So Visha, what is the next award? I can't wait to guess the next princess Big smile

Ridzzi: No matter what, i'm gonna answer this one! Tongue

Visha : Guys, i was just wondering how would we look like if we became a princess. Imagine those big castles and a Prince Charming coming to sweep us off our feet. How i wish Day Dreaming

Ritchelle: OMG! Yes Visha. Imagine a handsome looking Prince coming and saving us and take us away on his horse.

Ridzzi: Can you both like stop dreaming? Come back to reality guys and Visha, faster give us the next clue. Pleaseee!

Visha : You just had to burst our bubbles na. Okey, we have always heard of a beautiful Princess and handsome Prince falling in love. But this one is different. Its a Beautiful princess falling in love with a not so good looking guy. So who is she? Tongue

Ritchelle: Beauty and the Beast!!! Big smile

Ridzzi: Belle!

Visha : Oops, looks like Ridzzi got it right first since Ritchelle mentioned the name of the movie instead of the princess.

Ritchelle: Nooo. This is not fair Cry

Ridzzi: Everything is fair in love and war my dear LOLLOL I got my revenge. Yeahhh Dancing

Visha : So the IF DT who won is IF Dev Team's Belle award is none other than -Srusthi- who just joined the moderating team recently. So congrats Clap

Visha : The next one i believe is the easiest among all Tongue

Ritchelle: You keep saying this but its not so easy after all Confused

Ridzzi: I'm gonna trust you Visha, so bring on the clue.

Visha : Just wanted to ask both of you, what flowers do you like?

Ritchelle: How is this related to the next princess, Visha?

Visha : Nah, i'm just asking Ermm

Ridzzi: Do i still have to say? LOL Its clear on my username. Hibiscus flower. Its my favorite because it looks so beautiful.

Ritchelle: Mine is a symbol of love. So guess what is it? 

Ridzzi: What? There is a flower as a symbol of love? How come didn't anyone informed me? 

Visha : I think its Rose because you give rose when your proposing or on Valentines Day?

Ritchelle: Yeap, you got that right Visha. But what's your favorite flower?

Visha : Mine is Jasmine. I just love the fragrance of the flower and makes me feel like i'm an Arabic princess LOL

Ridzzi: Yes, true. That flower really has good smell. By the way Visha, where is the clue of the next princess? We have been talking about flowers instead. 

Visha : I had already posted the clue na Tongue

Ritchelle: Where? We have been only discussing about flowers right?

Visha : Read along the lines guys. The clue is quite obvious Wink

Ritchelle & Ridzzi : JASMINEEE

Visha : Wow, both said the right answer at the same time LOL

Ritchelle: So this person who won the award is?

Ridzzi: Me know since she lives in the same city as me, the Madhubala forum. So its none other than -Fivr- winning IF Dev Team's Jasmine Clap

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.Farzi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 2:19am | IP Logged

Riddzi: FINALLY! Phew. I, am going to down to sit. I have been standing for the past 3 hours announcing this! Dead


Ritchelle: Oh yeah? And I've been up all night doing the scripts! You're not the only one who's tired! Angry

Visha: Guys, guys STOP! Angry How much do you two quarrel? 


Ritchelle and Riddzi look down guiltily.

Visha: Anyways.. I see some of you looking all unhappy? Now, why is that so?


Ritchelle: Awww is it cause you all didn't win anything? Disapprove


Riddzi: But fikar not ji! When Ritchelle, Riddzi and Visha are here, never fear! Visha ji, bring out your secret stash! Cool


Visha: That's right guys! Here are some sigs for the ENTIRE DT to use, regardless of whether you're a Coolbie, Videobie, Viewbie, Cool Viewbie, Moderator, Channel Moderator, General Moderator, Admin etc! That's cause everyone out here has been doing a LOT of work for the DT, and we want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you! ClapStarStar


Ritchelle: Its true! IF would be nothing without you all! Big smileBig smileBig smile


Riddzi: So what's the hurry for Vish? Show us the gifts! TongueBig smile


Visha: Uff you guys! Sleepy So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of the oh so cool India Forums Development Team Members.. Here you go! Big smile

Ritchelle: Awww, aren't we just the best! Big smileBig smile


Riddzi: Of course we are the best! Is that even a question! Cool Approve


Visha: Guys? Ermm Sleepy


Ritchelle: Sorry!! Anywhoo, this particular section is a tad bit special. We're giving out some gifts to people who are not exactly on the IF Development Team!


Riddzi: Yeap! These are people who've helped us with sigs, tags and other details, so consider this to be a small thank you from the rest of us! Big smile


Visha: So instead of wasting time, lets get on with it! Ritchelle, bring them out!

Ritchelle: So here goes guys! Special thanks to Visha_Dhami-HibiscusR- and crazyvirmanian for the sigs! Hug Yep, you heard it right, VishVish and Riddzi have made some of these awesome sigs!! Embarrassed

Glitter divider











Glitter divider

Visha: And this brings us to the end of a magical and fun filled night! We sincerely hope that you've enjoyed the awards and Riddzi and Ritchelle here haven't annoyed you too much! LOLEmbarrassed


Ritchelle: HEY! Jokes apart guys, it has been an absolute pleasure on our part to come together and bring this before you, and we hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as we've enjoyed working on it! Hug


Riddzi: And with this, the three of us take your leave! Till we meet again folks! Big smile Hug

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