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Nach Baliye Season 6 Forum Rules-Read Before Posting

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 2:07am | IP Logged

Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to you all to the forum for Nach Baliye 6! We're sure everyone's going to have a great time here!



Before we begin, please take some time out to go through the global IF rules and the rules from the Avatar and Signature Shop section which are applicable forum wide. Participation Guidelines & Rules


Moderation: Not everyone on the Development Team has moderating powers. Coolbies and Videobies do NOT fall under the category of moderation as they only provide timely updates to the forum. The moderation chain is as follows: Viewbies > Moderators > Channel Moderators > Global Moderators. Your first point of contact would be the section Viewbie or Moderator as they take care of the day to day happenings in the forum. If you have any issues regarding moderation, you can escalate them to the Channel Moderators/Global Moderators, but any other issues need to be brought to the Section Development Team [Viewbies and Moderators] first. If you feel that the response by the Section DT is unsatisfactory, please address the issue through PMs to the respective DT member or to the CM/GM, but please don't argue on the post/open new posts and disrupt the atmosphere of the forum.



The Nach Baliye Development Team is as follows:


Viewbies: DeviatedTesoro.; supercool3; BalamPichkaari

Moderators: -Fivr-

Channel Moderators: *Resham*

Global Moderators: gk_09, Aahaana, *Shruti*



Insulting/Abusive Posts: Please remember to refrain from making posts that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiments of other members. Making personal attacks on members of the forum/DT is NOT acceptable in any case, and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it. Constructive Criticism is allowed and encouraged, but please refrain from bringing up past contestants/non participants of the show to prove your point. Understand that everyone has a different point of view, and if we cannot agree to everyone's point of view, let us agree to disagree peacefully. You are free to present your opinions as long as it is done in a civil and polite manner. If you do not like a particular actor/jodi/judge, feel free to criticise them within the limit, using appropriate language and intonation. There is no need to be crass and/or brutal with your words.


Now the question arises, what is the difference between Constructive Criticism and Bashing? Constructive Criticism is when a member voices his/her opinions in a civil manner, without using derogatory words and phrases to prove his/her point. He/she is also able to state [without subjugation and with complete objectivity] as to where have they derived their opinion from.


Name Calling Posts: While criticizing something, there are time when members tend to go overboard and use certain derogatory and downright offensive words which shouldn't be used for any celebrity/member/DT member. Please remember that any derogatory references, or name calling any person [celeb/member/DT member] goes against the IF CoC as well as the forum rules, and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it. That being said, we do allow pet names and jodi names for the celebs, as long as they're not offensive to anyone. Example of pet names that are allowed include Guru, Amra, AshVik, RaDhi etc. What are not allowed are names like Goo, Nautanki, Cry-Baby, etc. In simpler words, don't call others what you don't want others to call you.




Bringing Physical Attributes into Discussions: By no means whatsoever, is anyone allowed to discuss the negative physical attributes of the contestants; because more often than not, members bring in physical attributes of the actors to post negative comments about the actors, disrupting the atmosphere of the forum. That is why, any posts discussing/stating the negative physical attributes of a contestant will be closed/trashed without notice, and strict action will be taken against the members involved.


Personal Attacks/Sarcastic Comments/Assumptions: If anyone comes across a POV that they do not agree with, try to ignore the post or simply state your own POV in a polite and civil manner. IF is a discussion forum, and it is a place for everyone to post their POVs and discuss their opinions; and everyone should be able to do so without fearing that someone will be at their throats for posting a comment that differs from the opinion of the norms. Keeping this in mind, we'd like to remind you to keep all comments constructive and use a civil and polite tone to present your opinions at all times.


Also, please refrain from passing comments against a particular fangroup; comments such as "Oh fans of XYZ jodi/actor are always bashing ABC, and they expect us to sit and listen" are NOT allowed. Such comments do nothing except create animosity between the members and disrupt the atmosphere of the forum. If you do feel that certain members are acting in an unruly manner, please feel free to present your POV via PMs to the DT, and let the DT intervene and take the needed action.


Having stated all this, please remember that this rule extends to the PM service as well. By no means are you supposed to PM someone to target them/create an argument with them once a topic has been closed by the DT. This goes against the forum rules as this constitutes as targeting someone for their personal preferences. IF is a platform to discuss, and we should try and maintain a fine line between generalisation and personal attacks. This also extends to personal threats to members, as everyone wants to feel safe while presenting their opinion. Threatening members personally via PM doesn't just break the IF CoC and forum rules, but it also constitutes as cyber bullying, which is an unlawful action. Strict action will be taken against members who indulge in such activities, as these are NOT tolerated on IF.


Comparison Topics: General posts such as "ABC dances better than XYZ", "JKL have more fans than XYZ" or "XYZ are a better jodi than PQR" only serve to create unrest on the forum as fans begin to get defensive, resulting in arguments. This is why, please refrain from creating such posts on the forum. If any such posts are found, they will be closed/trashed by the DT without any questions.


Counter Posting: Refrain from making counter posts in the forum in retaliation or to defend your favorite celeb couple. If you see a post that is derogatory and you do not agree to it, please hit the Report button/PM the link to the section DT and action will be taken. There is absolutely NO need to go and create another post maligning someone else in retaliation to the original post; it only leads to more unrest in the forum. If you find anything offensive/derogatory/against the forum rules or IF CoC, please hit the Report button and let the DT intervene on your behalf.


Moral Policing: There is absolutely NO need for anyone to go about preaching on the forum. If you don't like what someone has said/written, fine. Leave your opinions in a civil manner, report the topic and LEAVE it. There is no need for you to act like the DT cause the forum actually has an active DT who WILL take action if it is deemed necessary. This also means you cannot go around telling someone that "You cannot like XYZ since you are a fan of ABC"; or "Get out of the forum". Everyone is allowed to enter forums, and no one has any right to tell anyone to get out of the forum. Any such posts or comments will result in strict action being taken against the offender.


Past Seasons/Previous Contestants: This is Nach Baliye 6. There is NO need to discuss older seasons or bring in past contestants from the previous season. Any such discussions will be closed by the DT.

No making fun of anyone's writing style: Please do not make fun of the way someone writes on the forum. None of us hold PhDs in the English language, and many of us are still learners; so it would be best if we encourage everyone and refrain from mocking anyone's writing style


Written/Video Updates: There will be a preassigned roster for Written and Video Updates, and members are to refer to the roster and follow it. Please do not post updates if you are not scheduled to do so, or post up threads asking for the update if it hasn't been posted on time. Do understand that the updaters may be living in a different time zone/may have some important work that's come up, which is why the update may be delayed by a few hours. All unofficial Written and Video updates will be trashed by the DT without a question- so please refrain from doing so.


Issues from FaceBook/Twitter/Social Media/Other forums: What happens on FB/Twitter/External Sources/Other Forums, stays there. There is NO need to bring those fights into the Nach Baliye 6 Forum. Please refer to IF's rules on Social Media before bringing in such issues. That being said, we do allow you to share tweets/FB updates from the cast/crew of the show, but please do not bring in their issues or discuss them. Tweets/updates by previous contestants can be shared ONLY if it is related to the current season of the show. A healthy discussion is what we're trying to promote. This also applies issues from other forums. If there have been issues in the forum of the show of a particular celeb, there is no need to drag those issues into the Nach forum. For more details, please refer to: External Content from Social Networking Sites


No Instigating Signatures/DPs allowed: A Signature/DP war is not allowed, so please ensure that your signatures meet the guidelines of the Avatar and Signature Shop Forum. Any signature or DP which is deemed offensive/derogatory/meant to create chaos will be removed immediately, and if the member continues to display it, his/her WL will be raised by 20% or more. Also, please remember to keep your signatures to a specific size, as large signatures cause the page to lag. Please refer to: ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines


Repeated Topics: Please look through the first 2-3 pages before you create a new topic regarding promos/SBS/SBB updates/articles etc. Chances are that someone may have already posted it. In case of multiple topics, the first topic will be kept while subsequent topics will be closed by the DT without further notice.


Organising Contests: If you have ideas to spice up the forum with contests, please contact the section DT for permission regarding the same. Do not go about hosting contests without DT permission else your contest may be cancelled.

Personal threads: Threads where you post messages such as "I'm leaving IF for a study break"; "I am going out of town cause of XYZ reason"; "I am new here please accept me" will NOT be allowed. Use the Members Intro thread, or the CCs, or the PM/Scrap services for the same. Any such threads will be closed by the DT

Posting in CAPS: Posting in all CAPS [LIKE THIS] is considered to be shouting on the internet, so please refrain from using CAPS unless you need to emphasize a point.


Multiple IDs/MIDs: Every member on IF is to own only ONE ID. Any member found to possess more than one ID (for whatever be the reason) will have his/her warning level raised by 20% and the MID will be banned. Excuses such as this is my cousin/friend/neighbor's IDs are poor excuses; and we know an MID when we see one, cause we have ways to track and identify MIDs. So spare us and yourself the drama, and don't create MIDs for any reason whatsoever.

Official Forum Threads: If members wish to open/update official forum threads such as the Creation/Picture Gallery, Help Desk, Archive Mansion etc, please take prior permission from the section DT before going ahead and opening these threads as all unauthorised threads will be closed.


Appreciation Threads: First and foremost; please remember to take permission from the section DT before opening an AT. All unauthorised ATs will be closed by the section DT. Also, ATs will only be allowed for the celeb couples; and there will be no ATs for a single celeb except for the 3 judges and the 2 hosts. For example, there can be an AT for Ritvik and Asha as a jodi, but you cannot have a separate Ritvik or a separate Asha AT. Similarly, you can have an individual AT for Karan Wahi, but you can't have a jodi AT for Karan Wahi and Ritvik Dhanjani.


Although ATs are allowed and welcomed on the forum, this should only be used to discuss the performance of the couple. Please don't discuss or bring in other shows that have no connection whatsoever to Nach Baliye 6. Furthermore, please don't use the AT as a platform to bash other couples/shows/fangroups or bring in matters from other forums/external sites etc.   If an AT is about a certain celeb/celeb couple, ensure that all discussions/appreciations stick to the celeb couple/celeb in question. There should be no need to bring in other celebs/celeb couples in your discussions on a particular AT for a particular couple/celeb. If members are seen to be breaking the AT and forum rules, their Warning Level will be raised and extreme cases may result in the AT being banned from the forum for a certain amount of time.


At the end of the day, remember that Nach Baliye 6 is a show, and the the NB6 forum is a place for all to discuss their likes/dislikes etc, and no one wants to feel unwelcomed, abused or hurt. Treat others the way you'd want to be treated. As mentioned above time and again, if you find anything offensive, always RePort, don't ReTort. The DT will intervene to take the needed action.

Editing Titles/Posts: If the DT has edited a post and/or title, you are NOT allowed to re-edit the DT's comment/edit, as that constitutes as breaching of the forum rules. Anyone found to be doing so will be severely reprimanded, and repeated offences may result in serious consequences.

Posting Pictures: All episode caps, all off screen segment caps, all event pictures etc are to be posted in the Picture Gallery. No separate threads for episode caps will be allowed, and any such threads found will be closed without notice. In case of the appearance of a particular member of the NB cast in an event; all event pics are to be posted either in the Picture Gallery or in the respective AT. No separate threads will be allowed to post those pictures. Also, all caps, WUs and links to the off screen segments are to be done in ONE thread [or the AT]; where the discussion will take place as well. Multiple threads will be closed without notice.


No Mass PMs allowed: Mass PMs to the DT are NOT entertained. If you have an issue, please PM the DT yourself and try to sort it out. No third party PMs trying to justify your stance will be entertained, whatever may be the case.


Report Button/Response Time: As you know, instigatory topics are not allowed; in a similar way, we do not appreciate the members trying to take the law in their own hands and resolve issues in an unruly manner. If anyone spots a comment/thread that breaks the forum rules/is offensive or derogatory, all you have to do is RePort, not ReTort. Hit the Report button, state what do you think is offensive about the post and let the DT take it from there. Barging in the topic, getting defensive and offensive to defend your opinion will only serve to escalate the matter; and even you may be liable for action to be taken against.


Please keep in mind that the Moderators are also members like yourself. We would also want to have the time to make posts like yourself and discuss with our friends; and we also have a personal life. Meaning, we cannot be around to babysit the forum 24/7. Please allow a reasonable time frame of 24 hours before creating a hullabaloo and/or escalating the matter to the CMs/GMs. We try to address issues and respond to PMs and Reports as soon as we can get to them, but we request you to grant us some leverage as well.

Language: Please refrain from using profanities. W*F, WTH, What The Fish, BS etc is NOT allowed; and don't think you can get away with fancy substitutes for offensive words. IF is a place for members of all ages and there may be members who are offended by such language so please keep in minds the sentiments of the members before you post.


Spamming/Chatting/Quoting: Please refrain from spamming ATs/CCs with one liners/one word/pictures just to finish the AT/CC, as this is constituted as spamming.


Also, please refrain from chatting in topics on the forum. There is a designated Chat Club Thread on the forum as well as a Chat Club Forum for those who want to chat with their friends, so please make use of that. Chatting/spamming discussion topics is NOT allowed, and action will be taken against those who indulge in it.


Also, it has been noticed that people keep quoting each other, resulting in long quotes. Not only does this look messy, but it also causes the page to lag cause, resulting in a higher loading time. Instead, use the "@" sign to address a specific member to reply to their posts/comments. Remember; Quoting someone's post in order to save it as evidence is NOT allowed. If you want to capture evidence for a pressing issue, you can take a screenshot of the comment and PM it to the section DT for necessary action to be taken. If you are found to be quoting a post simply to create unrest/instigate members, your Warning Level will be raised by 20% without a further question.

Personal Lives: While this show is about celebrity couples and their dancing skills, there is NO need to bring in aspects of their personal lives and discuss it in the forum. Topics featuring personal lives of the celebrities will be closed by the section DT.


Issues pertaining the Development Team: The DT is not allowed to disclose how do we deal with issues/problematic posts/offending members etc due to confidentiality issues, so please do not make judgements based on your own perception of what is happening, as there may be another side to the coin as well. When a topic is closed, understand that we don't just consider the opening post by the TM, but we go through the ENTIRE post, read through the replies before taking a decision of how to deal with an issue. If you have any issue with the way an issue has been handled, try and resolve it via PMs instead of commenting on the thread and/or opening new threads. If you still feel unsatisfied with the explanation offered to you, you are free to escalate the issue by taking it up to the CMs/GMs. Also, once a DT member has posted a note in a thread regarding rule breaking, please refrain from repeating the same offense and/or dragging the issue into another thread.


We, the Development Team of Nach Baliye 6 Forum, hope that you all read through the rules and adhere to it, and refrain from breaking it. Make this forum a fun place for you, and for us!

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