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OS : Bad Romance. | Part 2 - Page 4 | (Page 4)

crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 3:09am | IP Logged
its awesome
loving it
unique story

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yogini64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 3:48am | IP Logged
Superb... mast likha hai...Big smile

So its quite a scenerio of relationships now-a-days ... *complicated*  Tongue

Rey feels attracted towards alisha... but wat he feels for kriya is more than that...Day Dreaming

Its just that ... he don't know to voice it out...Embarrassed

And kriya looks totally in love with him... but too sacrificing... Ouch

Gosh .. inka kya hoga...Confused

I hope alisha ke sath date ke baad hi usse akal aayegi...LOL

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shan16 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 4:17am | IP Logged OS of urs i read so far ...i njoyed it ...

You are really amazing in writing bold stuff...yeah it was just a simple n short kissing scene ..but u wrote it perfectly as if i am visualizing  the scene happening in front of doubt i can say this was a best visual treat...some credits goes to my better imagination ... ;)WinkWinkWinkWink

also i love the part when rey showed the anger ..those lines wer amazing replied by Reys...

"Truth is bitter ..girls always like it sweet ! including you ..Fine its my fault to say what i felt"

You protrayed Reys charater nycly over here..

he can sound to be notorius , pervert or jerk at times ...but he is honest ...n doesnt pretend to be sweet by lieing...

yeah me too litlle bit confused n currious ,,,,to know the kriyansh relationship status ...n waitng to read next part ...plz update soon...

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..nams.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 6:21am | IP Logged
snigs.. when i read this.. i got the feeling of the story we were discussing about.. OMG!!! u took inspiration from that isnt it?
just loved how u put everything in place.. its beautiful and amazing!!! <3 :*

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sumimita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged

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..Flame.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 8:39am | IP Logged
vl unres after next part:)

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Part 2


They were standing again on the sets which had different outlook today with the director seated opposite to the trio.

"Kria...there is a change in your character...but the storyline will remain the same...Jessica loves Stefan and he loves Katherine...your last scene would be the one we shot yesterday and we are ending it will be shown as Jessica left him and moved on while Stefan and Katherine will be united in the end", the director explained the script that were made
changes the before night with cutting the length of Jessica's character.

Rey titled his head looking at her, he himself not sure why he wasn't liking the way the director put it up.

"I am completely fine with it Sir..", Kria stuttered with a smile.

"Can I take off from now?", she asked avoiding the person next to her the utmost.

"No...stay here for today...we are not sure if we want to end in that way exactly or not", the director said.

"Fine...I will...I will just go and arrange my clothes I left out in the make-up room", she cleared and walked off.

"Stefan and Katherine...your next scene is...", she heard the director say but she closed the door blocking away the world outside.

"It was always meant to be like this...I am the odd one out", she said more to herself trancing forward. She fighted a battle with the clothes venting out her frustration while folding them.

"Jessica loved Stefan...more than Katherine...she always gave him what he still Stefan loves Katherine inspite of her rude words...she made him beg and follow like a dog and he still loves only her but never Jessica...for Jess he was the only one while for her its one among all...why things never worked between them though they cared for each other, though they kissed, hugged and awaited for each other every minute...", she questioned out aloud in the supposed to be lone room.

"Who told Stefan never loved Jessica?", the voice came startling her.

His voice.

"He loves both of them...", he said making his way and standing behind her. Her breath was hitched once again when she felt him on her side.

"One with eyes and the other with heart..", he whispered near her ear and she shuddered when his hot breath tingled her skin.

"Reyaansh the shot is ready", the director yelled from outside loud enough in decibels.

"You might be better knowing about who is who..", he stanced making her eyes wide.

"Reyaansh", the director yelled more louder this time.

She turned back facing him shreiked with the tone of the director.

"Rey...go..", she instructed him and he nodded his head in negation glancing right into her eyes.

"Pleaseee...", she stressed convincing him.

He leaned in and pecked her lips for a second before going out leaving her numb.


Kria sat back on the table lost on the same thoughts.

"Eyes and Heart...", she mumbled thinking of the way he sounded it.

She closed her eyes halting her brain from over thinking about it and got up determined.

"Whatever it is...still the fact is fact that Alisha is pole apart and he will be given no choice to choose except her because I won't be good enough to even compete in this sense...wait a second...what the hell are you thinking? Rey spoke about jessica and stefan and not he and me...",she said in a go agitated with herself.

She crushed her clothes into the bag and kept it in a corner stancing out to watch the pieces of her amusement.


She found herself smiling when he glanced at her as she walked onto the set standing beside the director.

"Reyaansh concentrate...", the director dead panned and Rey diverted his eyes back to the work he was presently in.

It was a Stefan - Katherine scene where they will be alone.

Kria didn't pay heed to the dialogues. She was busy noticing him, his eyes...the ones which can pull any girl into his world, his heartwhelming smile which can make him a day.

"Kiss...", the director guided from the place making it clear about the script and Kria turned to shoot a look at him.

She faced Reyaansh again but this time a bit different, Rey leaning in a kiss with Alisha. "Not Rey...Stefan", she reminded herself but nothing was going to her head. Her vision was blurring with the forming
moistness in her eyes, just as their lips was above to meet, a tear escaped her eye. She quickly wiped it away and zoomed out of the set leaving a baffled trio.


"Why do I feel this way? It was always them and he made it clear in the beginning but still Kria...I can't believe you are acting like a kid", she mumbled to herself hugging her knees.

She was feeling turmoil in her heart. She wanted him, his words to soothe her to relief, his arms holding her in his embrace so she can forget about everything for few minutes least.

Seconds, Minutes, Hours passed with no clue of him back home.

"Shoot would have been packed up by now", she said glaring at the watch.

She called him up and it rang but wasn't lifted. She tried again and he lifted it this time.

"I will be in a minute Alisha.", she heard as soon as the call was lifted.

"Kri...tell me...", he asked after a brief seconds.

"Where are you?", she questioned casually not wanting to jump into her self conclusions.

"Out with Alisha...she asked me out for a date on the sets...", he beamed into the phone. "infront of everyone...", he cooed. She was unsure if he was excited or she felt him to be so.

"Ummm...ok...all the best!", she replied and cut the call.

She didn't feel like crying anymore but it was heart wrenching, she was in despair. Angry only on herself maybe she was analysing the fact that it was meant to be this way.


"Ended?", he said checking out his phone when she cut the call abruptly.

He thought about it for some few good seconds
and walked to the table.

They ordered their favourites and was eating the dinner.

Rey faked a smile when Alisha placed her hand on his.


She lied down on the bed making an effort to sleep but was fondled back to the memories that place carried.

Night whispers, sweet moans, those hugs and kisses they shared on the same bed.

She was missing him on a whole, before she get carried away with his thoughts she straited to the terrace and lied down under the stars diverting her mind to anything and everything except him. All she knew was it will be a sleepless night.


They were just spending a quality time in her house on a walk.

"So...", Alisha trailed off.

"So?", Rey repeated unsure of what she was trying to say.

"I know everything...I know you liked me since the beginning", she said holding his palm in hers.

"And you purposefully treated me like it didn't bother..", he replied standing infront of her.

"You never made the move, how would I know?", she said as her eyes seduced him casting a magical spell.

"You wanted me to?", he asked unsure of where this was leading to.

Alisha nodded her head in agreement with a warm heat flushing her cheeks.

"I also know...that you want me to make the move", she confessed looking into his eyes.

She closed her eyes and leaned slowly for a kiss and her lips touched his faintly and she kissed him. He placed his hands on her shoulder and pulled her back with an uneasy feeling rising in his heart.

"What happened?", Alisha queried confused.

"Mood off...not interested", he replied plainly.

"Do you want to take rest?", she asked concernedly.

"I am fine just a bit sleepy...have to go home", he said. "Bye...", he added and vanished by the door.


"Didn't I always wanted this day to come? But why? Why am I not feeling the way I used to...", he questioned himself throughout the way to the house.

Finding an extra key in his car, he opened the door and closed it behind.

His eyes automatically travelled to the bed but he groaned when he didn't find her there and the couch was empty too. He pushed away the ill thoughts to the back of his mind.

"Kri...", he called out into the thin air but silence welcomed him.

He searched the whole house and then went up on the terrace. He sighed in relief when he saw her lying down staring at the stars.

"What are you doing here?", he asked trying to sound casual.

"When did you come?", she asked astounded.

"Date? Alisha? I thought you wouldn't turn up until the morning", she continued to pop up the words in thin seconds.

"Break please..", he adjunned lying down next to her with a little gap.

He stared at the dark sky and bright stars trying to figure out what made her do the same.

"How was your date?", she asked to break the silence.

"It sucked...", he spoke his heart out.

"I was behaving all weird", he stated feeling sick.

"Kri...she kissed me but I didn't feel like kissing her instead I pushed her away and I don't know why...", he said glancing at her at the end of the sentence.

Her heart pounded in her chest, she wasn't happy but she wasn't sad anymore either but she was scared on how the topic might lead to.

"Do you remember how we met?", she questioned diverting the topic.

He laughed at her impromptu questionarrie.

"You came to audition for the role of Jessica and by then we were already finalised leads and you were selected..", he sneered.

"But after everything was alright, I realised I have to rent an apartment in this city near to the sets and was tensed", she continued.

"I offered you to stay in my home since I was alone...", he said.

"And I wasn' ready in the first place about sharing a house with you with thoughts like what if you take an advantage when we are alone", she continued with a smile.

"I assured you that I won't touch you too and that I was interested in Alisha", he laughed.

"And I trusted you!", she stated and hitted him playfully on his arm.

"But things changed...quite alot", he scoffed gaining the seriousness in his tone.

"We became so comfortable with each other...and after many days of ignoring the sparks we felt...we let go of all the restrictions...", he spoke out glaring her.

"We became so close that...I can't even imagine a life without you now", he mumbled.

"Its really hard to resist you Kria...even now I am fighting back the urge to shut this chatter and kiss you", he confessed.

Just when she thought the air was cooling from tensed, the intensity created by flow of words.

She moaned when his lips came crashing down on hers. She couldn't help but hold onto the tie and welcome him sensual kissable lips. He kissed her roughly with his hands holding her face perfectly. His tongue dived in as she nipped her lower lip tenderly. He kissed her until they were breathless. He placed warm kisses on her face and his lips wandered down her neck while his fingers caressed her arms and then waist. He pulled back and unbuttoned her shirt stubbornly. His lips feasted her bare skin peppering love bites down her chest, she closed her eyes feeling ripples of pleasure flushing by her nerves. He fondled her curve making her sigh.

This shouldn't be happening..., was the only thought that prevailed in her mind.

When she felt his fingers tucking the only piece of fabric covering her chest, she pushed him away and sat up breathing high.

"We are crossing the lines..", she warned him and also herself.

She raked her fingers through her messed up hair closing her eyes. Her senses betrayed her completely, though it was her mind which was making her face the reality, she still wanted to travel down his world of love and romance.

His eyes penetrated into hers, they were dark and clearly said how turned on he was. All he wanted to do was crush her beneath him and make love to her listening her soothing voice moaning his name but he did the complete opposite.

"Why do you make me a different person when I am with you Kria...I would have literally forced myself if it wasn't for you in that place...but I can't do anything that hurts you...I don't know when I started caring for you...I really don't know when you became my life...when the life around me changed to you...and now I am realising that I don't want anything like I wanted it to be before...", he complained. "All I want is", he confessed cupping her face. She circled her arms around his neck and hugged him holding tight. "I love you...", she whispered. "I loved you always but was too stupid to realise", he soothed. "I don't know how to make a romantic proposal too...All I know is I love you...please stay with me forever", he beseethed looking into her eyes and she replied giving an answer for his proposal with a short kiss. He broke the kiss after his heart got contented with the little encounter. Whispering sweet nothings they slept in each others arms peacefully.


This One Shot ends here...
Hope you liked it :)

Edited by snigdha_arsha - 07 November 2013 at 2:17pm

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Nams, the adding of movie into the storyline is inspired from that work ;)

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