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OS : Bad Romance. | Part 2 - Page 4 |

Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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OS : Bad Romance.


This OS contains two parts. Next part will be updated tommorow after my exam*My last xam eepppsss*

Next Part - Page 4.


Her eyes were beautifully glistened with the mascara worked by her fingers as she stood infront of the huge mirror in the make-up room. He pushed open the door walking in with a dripping wet shirt and Kria threw a glance at the image he made.

"Someone's face is screaming happiness", she commented noticing the glow in his eyes and he grinned more wide. He straited to her still lost in world of joy hitting the shirt to the nook of the room . He placed his hands on her shoulder and swiftly turned her around facing him. "Can you imagine...", he trailed with his eyes sparkling like ever. "We were this close...", he continued closing the gap between them. "So close to a kiss..", he breathed on her lips making hers hitched. "I would have kissed her right there if the shot wasn't cut..", he spoke in ecstasy and Kria rolled her eyes at the boy who behaved as if he got his favourite candy. She shifted to her place coming straight to the mirror.

He watched her in the mirror with their eyes locking in an unison. His fingers caressed her hair tucking it away from the face and shoulder. He leaned down and placed a warm kiss there. His arm held her from behind closely and she moaned feeling his shirtless bofy radiating heat on touch. He peppered kisses down her neck, she arched holding onto his hand.

"If you are imagining that piece of shit in me then chuck off...go and romance her", she stated coldly.

She wasn't astounded when she was turned in a second crashing against his chest and his fingers sinfully gripped her hair softly. His dark eyes bored into her chocolate brown ones with his lips barely away from hers.

"And why do you think I will do that? She is herself...and you are this moment all I need is you", he spoke in his husky voice caressing her lips with his fingers and meshed his lips on hers eliciting a groan out of his passionate kiss. He bit her lip and sucked it relishing the taste of her strawberry flavour, he nipped them exploring her inside out with his tongue. His left arm travelled down her body around her waist and he lifted her off the ground and leaned her on the mirror stand without breaking the kiss. He gasped and nuzzled into her exposed creamy neck which assaulted gorgeously because of her high pony. He placed soothing kisses  down her shoulder and his arm pulled her more closer until she engulfed him in her hold. She fumbled her fingers into his night hair fusing her lips on his , pleasure taking a troll over them. He cupped her face caressing her cheeks and kissed back feverishly.

The door opened paving a way into the girl giving a minute hold to their passionate reverie. Kria pushed Rey away and stood back on her feet but was pulled back strongly into his hold again.

"Rey...alisha...", she whispered eye-ing the girl who stared at them longingly.

"As if we care...", he replied and kissed her again breathlessly amidst the soul witnessing them getting amused and left.

Kria gasped and took in a large breath when their kiss was aparted.

"You love her right?", she asked in between her labored breaths. "Baby, listen..", he said placing his arm to her side and his left hand soften on her face. "Each and every guy out here likes her...she is one of a kind...the way she flirts...her antics..her dark eyes...inviting figure", he trailed off. "Shut up...right there! Sheeshhh claimed to love her because...leave aren't different from those boys...all are same...hormonal driven souls...unbelievable!", she spatted shoving him off away from her. "Kria listen...", he said advancing towards her but she raised her palm stopping him. "I thought you loved her genuinely...but...", she stuttered but was disgusted with the meaning it formed and walked off leaving the sentence mid in air.


"Kri...", he whispered but she shot him a glare.

The director called out for the three leads to the center and explained them the scene to be shot.

The Scene will be Jessica kissing Stefan, Katherine comes and takes him away which results in Jessica left alone.

The directors enacted a rough play for the script and guided them onto the set.

Kria took her place all set for the shot and Reyaansh was the one who joined her.

"Start...", the director said with a clap.

"Jess...I love the way you look at me..", he trailed cupping her face."...your eyes depict the innoncence of your heart and the times when you are cosy around me makes me jitter...", he continued leaning in. "You are a special person in my life jess...I need you in my life", he breathed on her lips. "No one can take your place in my heart...not even her..", he confessed and she closed her eyes when she felt his lips move against hers. He took her lips slowly into his savouring the moment with delicacy.

"Steffy...", a voice boomed breaking their sweet little moment making Jessica conscious.

"Steffy...what are you still doing here? Aren't we supposed to be going out?", Katherine scoffed.

Katherine fires a glance at Jess and drags him away, the look he shares with Jessica at the last moment depicts helplessness trying to speak out many unsaid things.

After the door fluttered close, Jessica goes down slowly onto her knees broken from inside. Her fingers rub over her lips tracing the wetness that reminds her of him and her feelings of rushed emotions. She closes her eyes biting her lower lip slightly.

"I might be special but can never be the girl who will be loved by you...", she confesses and a lone tear escapes her eye.

"Cut...", the director yelled. "Fabulous job Kria..", he applauded and Kria faked a smile rubbing her eye to vanish the glycerine drop which was making her cry more. 

She opened the door to the changing room since it was the last scene of the day but before she could close, a hand stopped her and he straited in giving one of his heartwhelming smiles.

"Kri...its time you step out of your jess role", Rey said leaning against the door. "And its time for you to shut the f**k up and get out..", she snided. "It hurts...", he said dramatically placing a hand on his heart. "I thought I would have a feast eyeing you while you do your work here but...", he continued his play. "Reyaansh...get out...NOW!", she managed to throw him outside banging the door close.


"You will be sleeping on the couch today", Kria declared throwing a pillow on his face. "But whyyy?", he complained sitting to her side. "Give me one good reason to be mad at me..", he questioned and she ignored it lying down on the bed grabbing a blanket but he yanked it away.

"Truth is bitter...girls always like it sweet! including you...Fine, its my fault to say what I felt", he snapped and got off the bed making his way to the couch. "I should have lied preferrably saying I love her because she is perfect, amazing, fabulous and f**k! But I was frank enough to say I didn't find anything as such except that she is sexually appealing and attracts guys to her", he yelled venting out anger through his voice.

He flickered the lights off in a minute and hit the couch for a peaceful mind. He moved, he was restless, his mind was occupied with her thoughts about how she took the meaning of his words and understood them.

"Why is she mad at me?", he questioned himself.

He glanced at the watch, he was petting himself to sleep since few hours. The sleep which was far away from his eyes. He slept to a side to watch her and smiled when she stirred in the sleep.

"Inured(Habituated)", he whispered getting off the couch. He sat on the edge of the bed in the available place and sneeked in beside her softly lying down. He cuddled an arm around her hugging her gently and she moved cosily resting her head on his chest. He smiled and kissed her hair diving into a deep slumber.


Kria opened her eyes feeling good, a flood of relief washed over her mood. She smiled watching his sleepy face still in a daze. She hugged him sheathing herself in his arms as her mind wandered back to the thoughts that evoked the restlessness in her.

The age old days when they met each other and shared a just cordial relationship where he shared about his love for Alisha to her and their little conversation which would make her cry whenever she feels he would be snatched away from her any moment.

Reyaansh, you love Alisha right? Why don't you just go and propose her before anyone steals her away...

She already has a huge following and I would be one of them if I barge behind her. I will make her feel for me...I will make her confess...and when she does...we will be a couple.

He said with a wink.

She sensed when he woke up, he moved and cuddled her more tightly in his embrace. After few minutes of her pretendance and his way of just having her close to his heart, he made her sleep on the bed and went to the washroom.


Next Part - Page 4.

Precap - Kria's nightmare turns out true with Alisha asking out Reyaansh for a date n he goes.


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Well sabse pehle being honest mujhe iski plot ab tak samjh nahi aayi ki ye donon ki relation kya hai in actual wo samajh hi nahi aaya abhi tak !!

kuch bhi ho !! I am waiting for the next part now. 

I don't wanna develop a bad impression on rey so jaldi update kar okay!! :P

after that part I will give my full fledged comment coz tabhi mujhe poori story dhang se samjh aaayegaLOL

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Reswa. . . . .
Wil read n unres aftr part 2 is updatd. . .:-P

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Effacious IF-Dazzler

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unresss question to u..

how come u are always able to write hot parts with such a ease??? :/

you write it all..even a simple kiss soo perfectly that it makes my breathing high...

huff... 2ndly..

this OS is gonna continue..??? wohoo...

i would loveee to see it continuing... Big smile

nywaz... I just loved this part... a lottt...

and the name..haha..its completly apt to it.. "Bad Romance" ... Big smile

Kria Loves Rey.. Rey Loves Kria..but Rey is somhow attracted towards Alisha as well...

but Kria and Reyaansh share a lot more than frndshp with each other..

but.. why Kria Rey stay together???

ye zara kuch samaj nahi aaya...

all n all.. Ah-Mazing part.. Just Loved it... Big smile

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Reserve :(

Will Unres after Mid sems :'(

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sharif_lafungi IF-Sizzlerz

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Splendid work...god ! Rat ke 1:30 bje kya romance padhne ko mil rha hai...wah..!
Nyways..start is amazing nd u r unpredictable in ur skills...initially i was lyk 'hey universe ji, kuch samaj kyu nai aa rha ?' bt gradually i got a bit of it..nd as of now i guess dats enough to know...waiting patiently for d nxt part...cnt stp myself 4rm asking - wat is the equation b/w rey nd kria ? Nd i hope alisha isnt neha...

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will unress after next part..

story is grippy till end

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okay let me first rub my eyes...
i am in shock Shocked
snigdha ne itna chota OS likha Big smile.. i mean itna chota
yeh OS pakka 1 din main khatam ho jayega unlike the previous ones. LOLLOL

accha please ignore my bakwas
coming to the OS
loved kriya's character...
full on possessive mode.. and rey khule aam saying to kiss another girl Shocked

amazing yaar snighda..
superb romance.. and so well written ClapClap
class apart truly !!!

Please Please..
update this soon
i really wanna read the next part
thanks for the PM and PM me soon Embarrassed

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