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Hello dear friends, here is the fourth thread on the FF The Storm.
I am so overwhelmed by the response to this story and slightly taken aback. Thank you all for all those have kept with this story :) x









































Hello friends! Here is the next part for you :)

Thank you all so so much to every single one of you that have read this work of mine, I am so lucky and blessed to have a following on this FF.

So thank you once again :)

Part 38

Afternoon slowly rolled on into evening , the clouds moving along the sky, the sun slowly bidding adeu to the day as it streaked pink rays in the blue blanket, its fiery auburn presence spreading throughout.

Khushi continued to watch the tides, hear the swish of them as they rolled on, its surface reflecting the redness of the spherical light in the sky that was slowly dying down.

She let out a heavy breath, lost in thought, allowing her mind to wander.

They had come so far-

Both of them.

Closing her eyes, she let her hands hover over the metal bar of the balcony, feeling its luke warm graze against her finger tips.

She watched as a fleet of memories rushed through her mind-

From hate-

To confusion-

To pain-

To more pain-

And then-

And then to this happiness-

Right here.

She smiled against the air as she remembered how he had told her that he loved her, how he had kissed her in the rain, holding her tight.

Slowly, she opened her eyes, finding only a fragment of the sun's light left, night dropping over the sky, her smile faltering as she remembered that there was still that individual-

That person that caused everything to hurt-

She could hear Arnav's voice from last night,

Why is it, that whenever there is happiness, pain follows it, l-like Di, she was happy, and then Ma left us- and now, s-she's smiling b-but Shyaam'

 The feel of Shyaam's slimy breath against her ear caused her to shudder as she remembered how he had imprisoned her wrists-

But, Khushi-ji I just want you to know, that I am here for you, whenever you need me'

Her eyes scrunched up as she heard the echo of his words

He was insane-

To think that she would want to be with him-

To think that she would hurt Di for him.

She took in a deep breath, her lungs taking in the fresh air, her head throbbing slightly with the pace of her thoughts.

She didn't want any more pain-

Any more hurting-

Di was going to be broken by the news of her filthy husband, and Arnav was going to be hurt by his sister's pain, but-

Per chance everything was going to be okay-

Per chance Di would see that she didn't Shyaam in her life.

"Please," Khushi whispered to the open air, finding herself pleading with God to make everything okay, like He had done in the past.

Exhaling out the growing crisp air, she turned around, stepping back inside to the warmth of their bedroom, her hands grasping hold of the door and wheeling it close.

"Khushi!" she heard Arnav's nearing voice, causing her to swiftly turn around as he stopped in front of her.

"Guess what?" he said, his lips stretched out into a smile, "I got a deal for the designs, tomorrow; I'm going to meet with a client!"

Khushi blinked slightly at him, the words registering as she let out a squeal, her arms making its way around his neck.

Taking advantage of the opportunity he lifted her by the waist and began to twirl her around, hearing her encompassing laughter, before setting her back down as he grinned down at her.

"Congratulation! I'm so happy for you," she let out, feeling the room continue to spin, holding onto his shoulders.

She knew he would get the deal-

She could feel how relieved he felt as he pulled her closer, perching his chin on the top of her head.

"They want to meet tomorrow morning," he said, as she nestled her cheek into his chest to show that she was listening, "here, in Mumbai, they're situated here and they said..." he leant back slightly to look at her, tilting his head slightly, "for me to bring my wife."

"Hm..." Khushi said, raising her eyebrows, "I guess that'd be me, right?"

"Could be," he said, shrugging his shoulders as she punched him lightly.

"Of course it's you," he said, drumming his fingers against her cheeks, bringing a tinge of blush as he continued to gaze down at her.

"I'm just going to..." she trailed away, stepping past him, only for his hand to catch ahold of hers, bringing her back.

"Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look when you smile?" He said, watch as shock fleeted across her face.

"N-no," she stammered, feeling like the room was going to spin again as he took a step towards her.

"Well you do, more than usual, and that's saying something," he breathed, bending down to place his lips against her cheek, feel them scrunch up, telling him she was smiling.

"A-arnav-ji..." she stuttered as he switched to kiss her other cheek.

"Hm?" he breathed against her, leaning back slightly as their gazes intertwined.

"S-shouldn't y-you prepare for tomorrow," she managed as he exhaled heavily.

"Yeah," he said with a sigh, deliberating for a second, before pressing his lips against her forehead, brushing his nose against hers.


"So, it's this one, this one and this one," he said, pointing at the brightly lit screen of his laptop, showing the colourful designs he was going to give to his client.

"They're amazing," Khushi said, having perched herself on the edge of the single sofa in their room, "did you draw these?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said, nodding as Khushi's eyes widened, "don't look so shocked," he joked.

"No, it's just..." she said, her eyes taking in the intricate detail of the 2D clothing, "wow," she finalised as he grinned at her, turning back to the laptop to show her more.

After a few minutes he had finished, pushing the laptop away slightly, his fingers sliding between hers as she squeezed them.

"What is the client's name?" she wondered, fiddling with their clasped hands as she looked expectantly up at him.

"Mr Rajesh Patel of Purified Beauty enterprises," he said, his eyebrows pulling together slightly, "I haven't heard of them before, but Aman said their website looks really promising."

"Well they'd have to have at least a little bit of sense to take interest in your designs," she complimented as he grinned at her.

"Thanks, Khushi," he said after a couple of minutes as she tilted her head at him, her fringe mixing with the lashes of her eyes as she looked up at him.

"Thanks for what?"

"Just thanks, for being there," he said as she smiled up at him, his fingers lifting to brush away her fringe and placing it behind her ear.

"Always," she replied, turning her head slightly to kiss his hand that was lingering on her cheek, "always."

Night had completely fallen on the sky as it spread, vanquishing and completely destroying every speckle of light to be seen, the stars nowhere to be seen.

Arnav looked down at Khushi, watch her lids smoothen over her hazel lamps as she smiled in her sleep.

Slowly, he grazed the back of his fingers against her cheek, hearing only their expulsions of breath, mixed with the sounds of their thudding heart beats.

Everything seemed so happy-

So complete, he thought to himself as his eyes lingered over Khushi, the backdrop of the golden light from the bedside lamp sending him only a half-concealed view of her.

Then why was there still that hollow feeling in his chest?

That speckle of coldness?

He closed his eyes as he heard the echo of his Di's laughter-

It was music to his ears-

Ever since he had been younger-

What if it ceased?


He was going to make sure she was okay-

He was going to be strong for her-

For her and the coming baby.

He clenched his jaw as he thought of Shyaam-

How he had told him that he didn't love Anjali-

That he was after-


Bolting open his eyes, he took in a deep breath, meeting Khushi's honey comb depths as she looked up at him.

"W-why are you still awake?" she asked, propping up on one elbow as he shook his head.

"Did I wake you?"

"No, you didn't," she said, taking in the tension of his shoulders, "what are you thinking about?"

"Nothing," he tried, only for her to take in a deep breath.

"A-are you thinking about S-shyaam?"

Looking away, he confirmed her thoughts, closing his eyes.

Shyaam had told Arnav that he actually loved Khushi-

That he was crazily in love with her-

What if-

What if he did something to her?

What if he did something to hurt both the ladies he cared about most in the world?

He could feel her hand on his cheek as he pressed more into her touch, feel his breathing quieten as she rubbed small circles into his skin.

"It'll be okay, everything will be fine," she whispered, as his arms went around her back, pulling her closer.

She watched as the tension slowly left his features, pulling him into a sleep, letting herself enter the realm of dreams in his arms.

The night stretched over the sky, the clouds coiling together in Dehli as Shyaam continued to whisper into the phone, "I want your men ready, do you understand?" he ordered.

"Who are you talking to Shyaam-ji?" Anjali chimed as she entered their room, see him quickly disconnect the call as she looked at him questioningly.

"No one, no one at all," he said, walking up to her as she let his strang response dissolve, "I have a surprise for you, Rani Saiba, you and," he bent down to place his hands on her abdomen, "you and our little doll."

Anjali warmingly placed her hands over her stomach, smiling as she felt the familiar small kick.

"What? What is it?" she asked, excitement heightening her voice.

"I have arranged for us to go Mumbai," he said gleefully, showing his teeth, "tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? But why?"

"To meet Saale saab and Khushi-ji," he whispered, licking his lips slightly as her name rolled off his tongue.


"Yes," he said, grinning widely at her, only for her face to fall slightly.

"But, you know, Chote, he won't like me travelling-"

"On the contrary Rani Saiba," Shyaam said, cutting her off, "I-I've talked to Saale Saab, he wants us both to give Khushi-ji a surprise that she'll never forget."

"T-that's great!" Anjali said, hugging him to her, "I-I'll just tell Nani-ji," she said with exhilaration rushing out their room, leaving him alone.

He couldn't help but smirk at her wake, feel it completely die down as he shut the doors behind her, his eyes darting around the room, letting out a low sneer.

Marching towards his bed he bent down, extracting the box as it scraped against the hard floor, hearing the screeching sound as it echoed throughout the room.

Looking behind his shoulder, he turned his attention back to the rectangular piece in front of him, punching in the combination, hearing the click of the lid as it opened.

His eyes glinted as he took in the view of the contents.

Slowly, he picked up the bold blackness, his fingers running over it, only to stop as he lustfully looked at the redness that was left in the box.

Grabbing it with his other hand, he looked down at the gun and the bride dress in his hand.

"Are we ready?" he questioned to the empty room, snapping his head up to sneer at the photo situated above the bed, "Rani Saiba?" he said, pointing the gun to the picture of his wife.

 Please please leave your comments! Even if you didn't enjoy the update/want to throw something at me, please write something, it will help me improve !


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Thank you friends, will try and get the next part up soon :) x

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